Monday, September 30, 2013

Santa Monica's Social Media Week went Fab over Fashion.

By Laura Medina

Roger Berman, CEO of Rachel Zoe & Vanity Fair's Krista Smith.

All last week was Social Media Week in the heart of Santa Monica's ROC, a.k.a. "Silicon Beach."

Thousands of bloggers and online media streamers showed up in droves each and everyday, making it a smashing success.

The fashion and beauty session and guest lecturers were the most popular, to a packed, standing-room-only attendance.

The first of the fashionista media session was last Wednesday's Roger Berman (C.E.O. of Rachel Zoe) moderated by Vanity Fair’s West Coast Editor, Krista Smith.

Because Social Media Week's speakers aim for intermediate and advanced web site operators, bloggers, vloggers, and online/platform operators, the beginners learned tons that they will use in later. 

 It's a meeting of the minds among peers.  That being said, Roger Berman talked about that intermediate transition phase where he has to separate Rachel Zoe the person away from Rachel Zoe the brand.  Addressing cancellation rumors, he sat the record straight by saying they only signed for five years, no more, no less.  

During this time, he defended and explained why Rachel Zoe, the person, first gained recognition as a stylist who became a celebrity who is now transiting into a brand.  Roger spoke how Rachel sacrifice birthdays and holidays just to gain a foothold to establish herself in the stylist industry.  Building that recognition and respect is what brought Bravo to them.  He was pretty startled to have 10 cameras in their bedroom when they started doing the reality show but the key now is to build Rachel Zoe into a fashion/lifestyle corporation, especially when they're also starting their family.  The jam-packed audience was surprised when Roger told me that Rachel is a private person.

EM by Michelle Phan's Life Palettes.

Fast-forward to "Fashion Friday" at Social Media Week at ROC where the hottest vloggers and marketers discuss who's hotter, "Celebrities vs. Bloggers" and what makes each distinct.  They said that celebrities bring quick heat and attention to a brand but it's a struggle to keep that flame alive.

Bloggers may take time to warm up a brand to the public but the public who do pay attention to them, trust them more because bloggers tend have to a genuine interest; and the paying public do use them as recommendations when it comes to products.

Speaking of which, the young lady of the moment...Michelle Phan.  Her turn-out was bigger than Roger Berman.  "Fashion Friday" at the ROC during Social Media Week was the ideal time to debut her very own makeup line, EM by Michelle Phan.  Whose tag line is "EM is Love by ME."  Get it.  This is a next step from being Lancome's vlogger which is owned by L'Oreal.  It at L'Oreal's headquarters that she develope EM.  

She developed interchangeable, portable makeup/kit palettes with magnetic pot holders that one can pluck out with an end of an makeup brush.  The magnetic pot holders make it easier for someone to customize one's kit.  If you're too tired and lazy to customize, don't worry...Michelle brought out humongous, all-in-compassing Life Palettes.  Each Life Palette holds 36 refillable shades of eye, lip and cheek color.  There are 6 different Life Palettes for day, evening, events, and functions: career, night, party, beach, love, and day.

In each Life Palettes there are 4 blushes, 8 lip colors, and 24 eye colors.  You can get 4 different looks out of one Life Palettes.  Get all and your life will be complete. 

As for this jet-setting scribe, this scribe was one of the first to buy Michelle's Lip Color Mixing Palette in "Mix It Up Pink," a vibrant kit of primary rosy lip colors ranging in sheer glosses to color-impacted creamy pink that can double as a punchy pink blush.  The kit has magetic pot holders for easy re-fills and customization.  This is why this scribe picked this as her first EM kit, packs a lot of color with a lot of use in a tiny kit.

This pretty much sums Social Media Week in Santa Monica at the ROC in general.  It packed a wallop of information and developments in one week in one spot.  Nothing goes to waste here.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Olivia May of David & Olivia, Double-Threat. Singer & Actress in Showtimes' "Masters of Sex"

By Laura Medina

Keep your eyes for double-duty threat, Olivia May, the other half of the folk-rock duo, David & Olivia and one of the character actors on this soon-arriving  "Masters of Sex."

Of course, this scribe always keep the fashion, the beauty, and the style...and the art of surviving and living on the road from any angle.

When interview Olivia at a intimate gig at the artist-focused, The Hotel Cafe,  she said just coming off the set of "Masters of Sex" helps in getting all dolled up for a performance.

Since she was already made-up and dressed for that period-piece television series, it helps her save time and money in getting prepped and ready.

Particularly when you're one-half of an acoustic folk-rock duo, David & Olivia.

As an emerging band and as an emerging actress, there is a lot of survival kit behind the look.  Due to the fact, an musical act has to hit the road to every musical festival and gig, in between the rigmarole of a hot, emerging actress on a hot tv series, Olivia always carry a well-stock, well-prepped kit of makeup, skincare, and haircare (travel-sized of course) to get ready in a nanosecond as soon as they hit the stage.

Olivia gleamed her survival tip from her wiser, more experienced half, David Rosales.  As a music veteran and road hog, he learned this tip while touring on the Vans Concert have to make do with baby wipes.

Say if you are that busy and that hot and in that demand, that you're living on a well-stocked kit of baby wipes, prepped cosmetics and skincare and between acting gigs on hot tv must be doing something right.

It seems like as soon as she formed David & Olivia, things started happening as such her acting gig on "Masters of Sex."

You can catch Olivia May this Sunday night on Showtimes' "Masters of Sex" and on tour as David & Olivia,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sexy on the Sly, Be Smart and Wear Eye Glasses

By Laura Medina

Nothing bores this cultured and academic scribe more than brazen, "hit-you-in-the head" sexuality....boring...snore.

Nothing heats up this cultivated scribe, hot and bothered, than a cute boy or girl or man or woman with a knowing tilt of the head while wearing eyeglasses.  There is nothing more sexy than having the smarts to be subtle and sly.  This scribe knows it takes smarts to pick the right target than it is wasting one's precious time and energy and money hitting all the targets.

Eyeglasses act as a shield and helps the wearer in selecting the right target.

Why not style your hair to frame your eyeglasses?  There is nothing more subtly sexy than a slight brush of bangs swept across your eyeglasses.

Until Saturday, September 28th, you will receive half off your blow-out at Blo Dry Bar and 15% off your next purchase at when you download the free app.* 

Using the app's 3Dfit technology you can virtually try on hundreds of glasses (including sunnies!), and then choose one of Blo's 7 signature styles to pair with your new frames!

In honor of Social Media Week Los Angeles raging full throttle and the smoldering sexuality of Showtime's "Masters of Sex" premiering this Sunday and a weary backlash against flagrant sluttishness, true hipsters, like Alena Lehrer, are celebrating the cerebral and joining the sexy but smart bandwagon by designing, "GEEK Eyewear"

With venture capitalists and social media changing then ruling the world and the fact we all can't live without your smartphones, there is nothing hotter than being a "geek," an extraordinary "outlier" who thinks out of the box then invents stuff we can't live without. 
Geek is chic.

A self-proclaimed Geek and founder of Geek Eyewear, Alena had a vision to create a global community for people willing to share their Geek ideas, skills and passions with others.  With her love of fashion, entrepreneurial spirit and background in optometry, Geek Eyewear® was the perfect platform to employ all of her expertise into a new business venture.   “Seeing Geek Eyewear® evolve and grow over the past seven years has been the most incredible experience,” Lehrer exclaims, “ I remember growing up and feeling self-conscious when I had to wear glasses as a kid.  I am so proud to be part of a brand that embraces individuality and creative expression.”  

Alena’s passion is not only for eyewear, but for giving back to the community and others who are less-fortunate.  Geek Eyewear® supports charitable causes through their “I’m In, Give a Pair” campaign.  For every pair of glasses that Geek Eyewear® sells, they match the sale by providing a pair to persons in need.  Geek Eyewear® also supports charities like Unite for Sight, Venice Family Clinic, The Adventure Project, whose mission is to end extreme poverty through effective social ventures among others. 

Remember, it is the quality that counts, not the appearance...

Sold online at and in over 1,000 boutiques across the US, Geek Eyewear® offers a wide variety of frames in over 40 different styles.  Online, consumers have the option of ordering prescription glasses, sunglasses or tinted glasses or “fashion frames” without a prescription.  The fashion frames, are clear lenses, ideal for the stylish consumer who wants to look smart and fashionable.  Unique to Geek Eyewear is the quality of their frames, which are all 100% ophthalmic quality – the same quality used by eye doctors!   Consumers also have the option to purchase Geek Eyewear’s quality frames online and take them to an optical lab or favorite eye care shop to have their prescriptive lenses installed.

This commitment to quality has been a core value of the brand since Geek Eyewear® debuted in 2005.  While the quality is on par with or superior to luxury brands, Geek Eyewear’s glasses are affordable with most frames retailing for under $100.  Plastic frames are handmade from acetate, which most luxury brands use.  Metal frames are made from upgraded materials such as stainless steel.  Geek Eyewear also offers options like polycarbonate lenses that are lighter and stronger and sunglasses that are available in a wide variety of colors. 

In addition to amazing eyewear at affordable prices, perks for online purchasers are free Fed Ex Ground shipping in the continental US and a complimentary gift package with every purchase.  The gift package includes a super cool Geek Eyewear® case, a custom micro-fiber cleaning cloth, a spray bottle of specially formulated lens cleaner and upgraded CR-39 lenses for ready-to-wear fashion lenses.   Fashion glasses and sunglasses are shipped in just 1 business day and prescription frames are filled and shipped in 2-5 business days.  

Now, quit being passe, put on a pair of glasses, read then watch Showtimes' "Masters of Sex" to learn how to be really sexy.

It is far better to "fire and ice" than a blatant bore.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Catherine Malandrino for Kohl's DesigNation-the Full Collection-hits this Friday the 27th

By Laura Medina

Olivia Palermo in Catherine Malandrino Cutout Shift Dress.  Maria Menounos in a Catherine Malandrino Godet Dress.  Kristin Chenoweth and Louise Roe are both wearing Catherine Malandrino Printed Blouse.

These lucky celebrities, not only do they get primped, plucked, plumped, fitted, and gifted at this week's Emmy Gifting, Styling, and Beauty suites and lounges, they are the first to try out Catherine Malandrino's new DesigNation Collection for Kohl's.

This "Parisian for the Masses" Collection will hit Kohl's stores this Friday the 27th.  Expect this to be the sleeper hit to Target's massive Philip Lim Limited Designer Edition blockbuster.  Yes, this will be in every Kohl's store but not the entire collection.  They'll carry some of the items.  The online store will carry the full collection,

"My Catherine Malandrino for DesigNation collection launches exclusively in Kohl's stores nationwide and on this fall," said Catherine Malandrino.

"My decision to partner with Kohl's was based on my goal of making my designs more accessible.  This collaboration allows me to reach a broader audience of women with affordably priced fashion."

"The city of Paris is my muse for the DesigNation collection."  I wanted to share that inspiration with women across the county so they can be transported to Paris through clothing that helps transport their look into a beautiful Parisian style.  I chose iconic elements and prints that evoke the sights and sounds of Paris to my DesigNation collection to bring the romance of the City of Light to everyday life.  My DesigNation collection for Kohl's is a timeless, chic and easy to wear line that brings Parisian style to American women," said Catherine Malandrino.  This collaboration has given me the opportunity to create a very wearable and affordable collection with the perfect blend of romance and chic Parisian style." 

"I'm very excited to partner with Kohl's and bring my designs to every woman who wants to add a chic and feminine look to their wardrobe at an incredible value," said Catherine Malandrino.

As we all know, Fall means Fashion.

One Night Only-Tarte Cosmetics' "Beauty Without Boundaries" Collection on QVC on September 24th for One Night Only!

By Laura Medina

For one night only, one night only, QVC will be debuting and selling Tarte Cosmetics' "Beauty Without Boundaries" 8-Piece Collection.

Right now, you can get a head start by typing in the code, #:A239235 on

Here's the television schedule for this Tuesday only to catch the demonstration of Tarte's breakthrough products...

The nifty and luxurious double-ended bamboo brush can be used for both their 12 Hour Primer BB Cream with SPF 30 and powder or gel blush.  

The flat brush end can be used for a smooth, even application for the BB Cream and a soft glow of blush.

The round brush end fits inside the upper eye for even foundation coverage or for a sheer wash of eye color on upper lids and contour for sculptured cheekbones.

The 8-piece collection is jam-packed with innovations, dual-sided concealer brush with bamboo handle can be used with their first-on-the market BB concealer.

This scribe was most impressed with eyeballs-safe "Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Eye Liner" for tear-free inner lid tinting where you can line your inner eyelid for bigger eyes.

As far as all-natural mascaras go, you can't go wrong with "Lights, Camera, Flashes" Statement Mascara.  The faux-snakeskin embossed wand is showstopping enough but the mascara formula is as lush as it is durable without being irritating.

The scribe has been test-driving both the "Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Eye Liner" with "Lights, Camera, Flashes" Statement Mascara together for a month.  No tears. No fears.  The eyes appear bold and smokey sans the red eyes and tears.  These eye products are the stand-outs in this collection.

The ripe, flesh-tone pink Lipsurgence in Awakening rounds out this basic but potent makeup kit packaged in a vibrant Amazonian-weaved pouch.

This scribe has vouched for Tarte as Back-to-School friendly, healthy makeup that doesn't melt on you during the dog days of Summer but you can learn more about the properties and this "Beauty Without Boundaries" Fall 2013 Kit on QVC this Tuesday the 24th.

Emmy Week Sneak Peeks at the Gifting, Style, & Beauty Suites with the Man of the Week-R.J. Mitte of "Breaking Bad."

By Laura Medina

"Breaking Bad" star, R.J. Mitte at Bellafortuna Luxury Gifting Suite, left then GBK Gifting Suite, right.

What grew from the simple and kind practice of getting nominees and hosts camera-ready and prepped in one week flat has grown in one of television's biggest social week of the year (other than the Golden Globes in January), where today's television stars can get primped and styled with the best and most efficient products for television's idea of its "Oscars," The Emmy Awards this Sunday night.

There is nothing hotter than a television going down in a blaze of glory, such as the "Breaking Bad" finale in one week, just in time to prove its worth for the Emmy Awards.

The Man of the Week, Emmy Week, is R.J. Mitte, who plays the physical disabled but mentally-sharp son of the nerd-gone-bad ass Walter White.  R.J. was running the gifting suite and beauty lounge circuit, hopping from one fabulous suite to another.  He as at the Bellafortuna's Luxury Gifting Suite at the Montage of Beverly Hills, the first official day of Emmy Week, selecting health and wellness items such as "Bed of Nails" neck and back mat, "Strive for Fitness" Personal Training package.  Five days later, he was at GBK Luxury Gifting Lounge, searching for healthy snacks and fitness meal packages from "No Think Diet" Meal Plans.

Joining R.J. Mitte at the first Emmy Gifting Suite by Bellafortuna at the Montage Hotel were: "Access Hollywood's" Shaun Robinson, Christina Milan with Kim Vo, and effervescent host of LX.TV, Ali Fedotowsky.

Numerous beauty treatments, cosmetics, and haircare companies were there to help get Emmy folks ready.  Clutch and purse companies were there to provide accessories for the red carpet.

Just because it's "Emmy" ready and quality, it doesn't mean it is out-of-reach.  Vera Moore Cosmetics and Skincare were on hand at Bellafortuna Emmy Gifting Suite handing out nifty but necessary mini-makeup kits for last-minute touch-ups on the red carpet.  If you go to Walgreens' flagship mega-drugstore, Vera Moore Cosmetics is located in the LOOK Boutique, along side Boots No. 7 inside Walgreens' version of its own Sephora...for the masses at "for-the-people" prices and access.  Red Carpet beauty for everyday and the everyone.

Not all and every gifting and beauty suites are alike.  DPA has an distinctive "European/French" attitude since it is founded and operated by a French woman, translating into bringing what is the best and hottest from France and Europe to television stars, such as the cast of "Mad Men."

Gifting suites are also style suites where the best and hottest fashion and jewelry come to stars, such as stretch, lightweight lamb leather dresses, tunics, and shirts from Parisian leather couture designer, Pascal Piveteau; and deceptively naughty flesh-tone lined cocktails with black lace overlay by Canadian Joseph Ribkoff,

Gifting and Beauty Suites and Lounges not only reward and honor actors' dedication and hard work, they make great Mothers' Day rewards for their lifelong support of their children's endeavor.  Here is Rich Sommer ("Mad Men's" Harry Crane) with his mom enjoy DPA's rooftop terrace suite on a bright, warm, sunny Beverly Hills day.

Style Suites are great places to discover the latest in jewelry, fashion, and beauty trends.  At PR Lab's Emmy Jewelry Style Suite where Emmy nominees and guests borrow jewelry for the ceremony and parties, MovieStyle host, Michael O' Connor assisted them as he tells intrepid fashion and style reporters what's raging on the red carpet.

With cross-culturization on the runways, the freshest trend in jewelry is cultural-crossroad Turkish, Middle-Eastern, and Indian jewelry, specifically "Mongol Jewelry" from India.  In India, the back of the jewelry touching the skin is just as important as the exterior.   The backside of the jewelry should impart fortune and protection onto the wearer.

Which leads to another jewelry trend...spirituality.  This really important during any Awards Show Week, jewelry to lend moral support, good luck, and shielding the wearers from envious people.

Like this scribe mentions numerous times, beauty suites and lounges are the best places to discover the newest and latest in makeup, like Marc Jacobs Beauty landing at HBO's Beauty and Gifting Suite.

This scribe was the one of the lucky firsts to give Marc Jacobs Beauty's buoyancy gel technology.  Instead of coating the skin and clogging the pores in oils and creams, coconut water extracts plump up the lips, the lids, and the skin sans oil in fun, festive colors.

The pleasant, sudden nomination of a "Cinderella Effect" can be nerve-racking, the last-minute exercise and primping for actors who normally don't care about stuff like that, now do.

To take the edge off, the Four Seasons of Beverly Hills' The Spa is smoothing out the nerves and imperfection right up to the the big night.

Yesterday, the day before the Emmys, was the last day of beauty and style suites.  Stars dashing towards the finishing line in getting primped and pomped.

GBK has healthy snacks and meal packages to get Emmy host, Neil Patrick Harris, fit and ready for tonight's gig.  Stars such as: Penny Marshall, Harry Hamlin, Matt LeBlanc, Alfre Woodard, Jason Isaacs, Chris Noth, Dennis Quaid, Ed O' Neill, Camille Grammer, and Chuy were thrilled as much as this scribe discovering the coolest beauty tools like BARBAR 2600 Titanium Ionic Flat Iron.  The ladies were relieved to spot imPress Press On Manicures in the last minute.  The guys-and the ladies were fueling on fat-free Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine Hommus, so packed with flavor, people really don't miss the fat.

Real fruit chews, Lovely Candy & Co. had the big kids happily snacking on all-natural fruit chews made with real bits of dried fruits mixed with milk and brown rice syrup, think of it as fruit chews for grown-ups,

"Once Upon a Time" Meghan Ory is just like R.J. Mitte, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tony Shalhoub, Jane Lynch, Jeremy Irons, Jason Isaacs, Jared Harris, Malin Akerman and other

stars, part-time New Mexico residents and fans of New Mexico-based Cocopotamus Chocolate, a husband-and-wife chocolatier duo specializing in gluten-free, all-natural chocolate and caramel truffles with aromatic bouquet of cherry, hazelnut, and strawberry-fragrance notes derived from the cocoa beans themselves,

It's not all healthy indulgences.  The much-needed "No Think Diet" Meal Plan offers four different cuisines to keep the stars mentally-sane and fulfilled while staying fit,

Rachelle Begley, Jr., Hollywood's greenest wife, had a fun and fit time at 7th Annual Eco Emmys "Empowering Women" Pre-Emmy Two-Day Party at the Pickford Mansion in historical Hancock Park.

Her and fellow guests snacked on Organic Oasis' vegan cashew milk ice cream (the lemon ice cream was divine) and cooled down with Coco Libre Organic Coconut Water (which also quench thirsty stars at DPA Emmy Gifting Suite two days ago) while checking out the curve-friendly belted dresses and gowns by Fashion Axiom, LLC.

Now that everyone in Hollywood from the journalists to the nominees are polished and fit for tonight's Emmy Awards, we all have to wait until January for the rest of Award Shows Season to start with a whole new slew of beauty, gifting, and style suites to discover and enjoy.

'Til Next Year.