Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Haircare for Oscar's Established Set Among Industry Insiders.

By Laura Medina

Oscar Awards Night is the night of one hundred movie stars.

What you don't see is that Oscar Night is the night of thousands of film and movie industry insiders, as well.

All those movie stars hired and got their style and beauty squads, leaving nothing for their agents, managers, publicists, and very intellectual below-line crew members who made the rest of the movies look nice, like production/set designers and costume designers who sweat, making the stars look good earlier, filming the movies that they all got nominated for.  They don't have a style squad.

The Behind-the-Scene crew and Above-Line industry players have to make do on their own.

TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott's Color & Lift With Thickening Fibersis formulated to match your hair color to instantly and temporarily cover the appearance of unwanted gray hair. The proprietary blend of Vitamin E and Mica along with other ingredients gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. This product is designed so that you can quickly and easily apply the powder to your scalp for maximum gray hair and thinning spot coverage.
The innovative applicator features a unique brush design that allows you to dispense powder on the hair and scalp to distribute it consistently and evenly wherever desired. Toss Color and Lift in your purse or tote to refresh your look anytime, anywhere. Simply just dab and go!
Plus you can now instantly refill the brush with the included refill component.
With hair color, now being increasingly like makeup, this makes for easier application in accessible forms, done in minutes, not hours in a soaking, wet head, waiting for the dye to set in.

Born from the idea of the Color & Lift Root Color Powder brush, the Color & Lift To Go Precision Hair Liner gives you the same formula to match your hair color and temporarily cover gray hairs, thinning areas or growing-in roots and extends the time between salon color treatments. Its precision sponge applicator tip allows for quick and easy application.
Designed to be the perfect size to easily throw into your bag for days when you’re on the go, it also has a revolutionary design that keeps all the color powder in place and mess-free.
It's the liner of powdered hair color, where a little spot and dot, goes a long way.  Small enough to toss inside your clutch then dot and line in the restroom during commercial break.
All another powder hair color that's like makeup is Style Edit's Root Touch-Up.  It's a solid hair color powder in a compact, like a foundation compact.
With a brush, you can brush this over emerging roots; or with an eyeshadow brush, you can brush this powdered hair color over eyebrows to make them fuller and more youthful.
Hair color as makeup, makes everything easier.
Since all the hairdressers, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists are already for big Oscar Sunday, the majority of Baby Boomer industry insiders have yet to feel comfortable with hair & makeup stylists-come-to-you apps, such as GlamSquad and PRIV, these established industry insiders have get used to DIY ClassiCurl Curlers to give themselves that full-volume blow-out.

Big hair for the movie industry's biggest night.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Accessible & Chic Hollywood Hotel's Oscar Viewing Party, Hollywood Hotel's Hollywood Hospitality.

By Laura Medina

Now that the Winter Olympic's celebration of nit and grit is over, it's time to clean up and celebrate the global influence of film and Hollywood heritage and local Los Angeles pride on how they all amped up glamour and fantasy through the decades.  It's Oscar Week, y'all!

Less than five miles from the Dolby Theater that will play host to the Academy Awards, Hollywood Hotel continues its reputation as ‘where the action begins in Hollywood’ by hosting an Academy Awards Viewing Party to introduce its new Route 66 Bar + Lounge to the local community and hotel guests.

In the heart of Hollywood, real Hollywood, the Hollywood Hotel celebrates the global scale of the neighborhood's local industry with a viewing party and an Oscar package.

This is Hollywood's idea of hospitality, sharing the local specialty with the world.

Hollywood Hotel to host Red Carpet Oscar Viewing Party at all-new Route 66 Bar + Lounge, featuring exclusive prizes, cocktail specials and swag bags, giving visitor that unique Hollywood taste and experience that they can tell the folks back home.

The Route 66 Academy Awards Viewing Party & Travel Package will include the following for visitors, overnight guests and locals seeking a lively way to celebrate Hollywood’s most anticipated night of the year at the closest Hollywood hotel to Route 66:

·               Special cocktails themed to match the glamour of Tinseltown’s hottest awards show and the 2018 Oscar-nominated films

·           Prizes for the two attendees with the most posts to social media channels using #hollywoodhotel66 (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) during the event, including a complimentary overnight stay at Hollywood Hotel for the first-place winner and $50 credit toward the second-place winner’s bar tab on that night.

·           Uber credit for guests who book an overnight stay and register with The Guestbook.

·           Oscar-themed décor and goodie bags, from a red-carpet greeting and floor-to-ceiling décor to take-home items for every guest to remember the evening
                        Guests can book an overnight stay at Hollywood Hotel’s website and are also invited to enter to win an overnight stay with complimentary cocktails via a contest hosted on Hollywood Hotel’s Facebook page. Additional entries can be gained through engagement with the hotel’s Instagram and Twitter pages.

The Academy Awards Viewing Party will take place on Sunday, March 4, from 5:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Advance reservations for the Route 66 Bar + Lounge Academy Awards Viewing Party can be made at https://www.yelp.com/reservations/route-66-bar-and-lounge-hollywood-los-angeles?from_reserve_now=1. Reservations encouraged but not required. Reservations for an overnight stay at Hollywood Hotel can be made at www.hollywoodhotel.net.  

Those interested in participating in the social media contest that will each provide an overnight stay for two*, two seats at the Academy Awards Viewing Party and one specialty cocktail per person, can enter via the following:
1.          Follow the hotel’s Facebook page where the contest will be primarily hosted, with bonus entries given for following the Instagram and/or Twitter pages. Contest announcements and details will be shared on all pages.

2.         Participate in the Facebook contest by following the page and commenting on the contest post per post instructions by February 26. Additional entries granted for following and commenting on the hotel’s Instagram and Twitter pages. 

*Based on hotel availability. Can be redeemed at any time between March 2018 through March 2021.
Two winners will be selected at random from qualifying entries and will be contacted to select their preferred date and room type. Each package can accommodate up to two guests total. 

Contest Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.  

TO BOOK:   Advance reservations for the Route 66 Bar + Lounge Academy Awards Viewing Party can be made at https://www.yelp.com/reservations/route-66-bar-and-lounge-hollywood-los-angeles?from_reserve_now=1. Reservations encouraged but not required. Rates for Hollywood Hotel overnight stays on Sunday, March 4, start at $315 per night for two guests and can be booked at the following link: http://www.hollywoodhotel.net. Note that an Uber credit based on stay length can redeemed to those who sign up for The Guestbook during the booking process.

Those interested in being entered into the contest should follow the hotel’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Two winners will be selected.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Towards the Finishing Line, Winter Olympic Grooming Aids.

By Laura Medina

Here are some dabs and do's to polish up during the Winter Olympics.  Like mentioned many times before, good enough for the extreme Winter Olympians, great for us mere mortals.

If those who never like the smell of the original Yu Be Cream, they came out with a new flavor/smell, Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream Tube w/ Chamomile Extract.

Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream with Chamomile Extract is a concentrated moisturizer with a uniquely high glycerin content achieved through a special manufacturing process in Japan. Based on the original “Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream” (invented in 1957 by pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari) we have carefully removed the camphor and parabens while still keeping the powerful hydrating qualities everyone has come to expect from Yu-Be. You will find this new “Advanced Formula” to be highly effective for extremely dry skin anywhere on the body from head to toe, including the face and lips.
– Powerful moisturizing properties fight rough, dry or extremely dry skin areas anywhere on the body including: hands, feet,
cuticles, callused skin, face and lips.
– Concentrated glycerin acts as a humectant to attract and retain moisture in dry skin for maximum hydration.
– Formula absorbs quickly and stays locked in to help replenish lost moisture… “A little dab of Yu-Be goes a long way”.
It's Paraben Free, Unscented (NO CAMPHOR), Alcohol Free, Artificial Fragrance Free, Petrolatum / Mineral Oil Free, and Free of Animal-Derived Ingredients.
That annoying flaky, chapped lip, especially you're on tv and you have way more important things to worry about.  But, it's those little things that build up.
The woman who started the lip scrub movement, is around long enough to provide multiple flavors, that keep your puckers soft and smooth as you scrub away.
If life is a bed of roses, then Trilogy is it.  This rose-based skincare line is meant for dry, sensitive skin in cold places.
Winter Olympics skincare round-up.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Beasting with the Best, Spinning on Peloton with NBC's Today Show's Natalie Morales and the Rest of the Today Show Cast & Crew at PyeongChang Winter 2018 Olympics.

By Laura Medina

Winter 2018 Olympics special.  We all know that these Olympians are at their top physical peak to qualify at the games.

But, what the tv hosts and crew?  How do they stay in shape?

Thanks to virtual reality, NBC's Today Show's Natalie Morales and crew are sweating, staying warm and fit, thanks to interactive spinning and training Peloton sponsoring NBC's Winter Olympics.  Not only is it convenient for the tv hosts and correspondents and crew, it's a good message that spinning/biking is not a sunny-only sport or fitness.  With Peloton, you can still continue to spin inside the warmth of your own home, whenever you want, according to your schedule, at anytime.

"Cabin Fever" and "hygge-ing" are no excuses for getting soft and flabby.  As for packing on the pounds for warmth, muscle will always weigh more than fat and muscle always burn fat for fuel; and spinning will always keep you warm, if not sweaty.

For "Today Show" fans, spinning with your favorite Today Show hosts, is a great fitness motivator.

This lucky scribe was spinning, live, with Natalie Morales, breaking and busting a sweat, for warmth, during a 45-minute work0ut session.  A Winter Olympic treat.

NBC Olympics and Peloton, the in-home fitness and technology company, are live streaming indoor cycling classes from NBC Olympics’ broadcast studio in PyeongChang, South Korea, during the XXIII Olympic Winter Games. Peloton members across the country will have the unique opportunity to access classes streamed live from South Korea, for the first time. Peloton will host four classes during the Games, which will mark its first-ever broadcast outside its NYC studios, and will give its members the opportunity to ride alongside NBCUniversal talent and retired Olympians.

NBC Olympics is partnering with Peloton to provide its user with spinning classes streamed live from NBC Olympics' primetime studio in PyeongChang, South Korea, during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Peloton will host four classes throughout the Games, which will mark its first-ever remote stream, and will feature NBCUniversal talent and Olympians.
Building on a fan base that people's favorite morning show celebrities and Olympians are just like everybody else, Peloton will host four classes during the Games, which will mark its first-ever broadcast outside its NYC studios, and will give its members the opportunity to ride alongside NBCUniversal talent and retired Olympians.
NBC personnel are likely to appear as well. Among the potential helpers: NBC News’ Willie Geist and Dylan Dreyer, and former Olympians Scott Hamilton and Ato Bolden.
It's the company's largest marketing push in its six-year-history, a campaign that will include TV commercials during the Winter Olympics, live-streamed classes from South Korea and new brand messaging. Rather than focusing on its product, home stationary bikes that live-stream classes to an attached screen, Peloton's new theme of "Better Is in Us" is meant to elevate the brand and what it can do for customers.
"It was important to us for people to understand what Peloton is," says Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, senior VP and head of brand marketing. Many people know Peloton's bike and classes by now, according to Blodgett. "We did want to show an emotional story as well."
"We're excited to work with Peloton on this unique immersive experience for riders to train in the glow of our magnificent broadcast studio in PyeongChang," said Gary Zenkel, President, NBC Olympics. "We look forward to sharing the energy and adrenaline from our PyeongChang broadcast center with Peloton's active and enthusiastic ever-growing subscriber base."

In addition, Peloton aired a commercial spot in NBC's coverage of the PyeongChang Opening Ceremony, launching a brand-new marketing campaign completely inspired by its members. NBC's primetime coverage of the Winter Olympics begins February 8, 2018.
Robin Arzon, VP, Fitnessing Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton, will guide riders as they tap into energy and excitement of the Olympics for a run group workout in an unprecedented setting without ever having to leave home. Arzon will be joined by a revolving list of special guests for the classes, which will be available daily Feb. 16-19 at 6 a.m. ET, and will also be available on-demand.
“We are thrilled to bring the prestige and adrenaline of NBC’s Olympic broadcast operation to our members and allow them to connect with the excitement in PyeongChang in a completely unique way. Partnering with NBC to stream live classes from PyeongChang, led by our inimitable Master Instructor Robin Arzon, is a historic event for Peloton that our members are going to love,” said William Lynch, President, Peloton.
“I think it could break the world record for live-streaming participation,” said Lynch.  Peloton is buying a run of advertising during NBCU’s Olympics broadcasts as part of the deal. NBCU is a minority investor in Peloton.
Robin gets everybody pumping through spinning at high speed on intensity, to reflect up and down hills of mountain biking.
Don't forget, this is spinning.  That means everyone on a Peloton must and have to pump dumbbell weights, pumping and curling bicep curls, tricep lifts, shoulder presses, and pectoral chest flies, all the while still biking at high speed on heavy intensity.
That fact that you're exercising with your favorite celebrity and she or he is burning as much as you are, at the same time, regardless of time zone, prove that Peloton is for anyone at any time.
Celebrity or not, people like the convenience of having a spinning class or studio in the privacy or warmth of their own home, whenever they want.
This is not your grandma's Eighties workout video cassette.
Spinning with your favorite star, live. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jack Daniel's Pop Up General Store was the Unofficial Store as the Official Liquor Sponsor of the NBA All-Stars Weekend, Keeps It Wet.

By Laura Medina

As the official liquor sponsor of the NBA All-Stars Weekend, Jack Daniel's Whiskey General Store pop-up shop was a refreshing rest stop among the exciting, fun-filled "Valentine's for Guys" weekend.

Southern Hospitality, or what Los Angelenos call thoughtfulness, abounds.

Since it opens from 11am to 5pm, there were cheap $1 breakfast pastries and treats to keep you fueled, bouncing from one event or party to the other.

Of course, Jack Daniel's Whiskey brought down-home Tennessee hospitality to Downtown Los Angeles, saving everyone a trip.

Jack Daniel's General Store brought the South's and Kentucky's heritage of craftsmanship, Southern and Blue Ridge Mountain resourcefulness, such as recycling leftover whiskey mash into scented candles...

and recycle old whiskey barrels into high-end furniture...

They were also generous with souvenirs...

They run a raffle on these limited edition Jack Daniel's Nike sneakers...

Since all of the General Store is merchandise as souvenir, folks anywhere can wear Jack Daniel's embossed high-end baseball caps that were customized at the store.

They even bought an old-fashioned barbershop for gents...

They were even wowed by the cakes made with Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Anniversary Cake, Pumpkin Cake, then loafs of Jack Daniel's Whiskey Loaf Cakes in chocolate, vanilla, and pecan.  They're rare and only found at their real general store in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Here's a recipe to make your own...

1 box dark chocolate cake mix
4 eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 cup Jack Daniel's Whiskey
1/2 cup black coffee
1/4 cup broken pecan pieces
1 very ripe banana
1 stick butter, softened

Preheat oven to 350°F.In the bowl of an electric mixer combine all together, except the pecan pieces. Mix on medium-high 1-2 minutes until ribbon like consistency is achieved (do not overmix or cake will be tough).
Spray a Bundt cake pan with Pam to coat lightly.
Put pieces of nuts in the bottom. When cake mix is mixed well, pour batter into the pan, level off in center, and bake 45-50 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center is nearly clean.

Since they're bringing Lynchburg, TN, heritage to LA, Jack Daniel's brought their distillery on tour, a mini-sniff and smell, educating shoppers in how whiskey is made, consisting of three grains.  Corn to sweeten.  Rye for spice.  Barley to break down and speed up the fermentation.  Smart people that they are, they re-sell their used up whiskey barrels to Scotland to age scotch because of the flavor those used up oak barrels impart...

As a reward, they gave people a Jack Daniel's Whiskey Chocolate Truffle, here's the recipe to make your own...

Chocolate Truffle
11 oz (310g) dark chocolate
1/2 cup (120g) heavy cream
1/4 cup (55g) Jack Daniel's Whiskey
1/3 cup (40g) unsweetened (dutch-processed) cocoa powder (to roll your truffles in)
1/2 cup salted caramel (recipe below)

The live bluegrass band on stage, got everybody in the mood for some whiskey...

Now that everyone is thirsty ,sipping the free sweet lemonade and sweet iced tea, them nice Jack Daniel's Whiskey ambassadors randomly gave people free drinks to the real stuff...

Simplicity is well-made.