Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Christian Audigier's Rockin' Universe

Ed Hardy Motorcycles & an Ed Hardy Babe
by Laura Medina
March 10, 2009
At the ultra-exclusive and premiere fashion tradeshow, Christian Audigier's "When I Move, You Move," it is more of when he moves, the whole Las Vegas Strip quakes.
This goes far beyond mere rags on a rack and a cardboard box for a table like the majority of fashion tradeshows then hoping and wishing someone will buy them.
This is a magical wonderland introducing the individual to an universe of anything and everything about Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, and a launching pad of all the newest and latest brand extensions and products.
This is an eyewitness of a marketing and merchandising mastermind at work.
This is not tattoo-print tees but a lifestyle brand aiming to reach underserved demographics and incorporating the Ed Hardy brand into daily life for all sorts of budgets.
Christian and The Eurhythmics' Dave Stewart debuting the honky-tonk ditty, "Rock Fabulous"
Mr. Audigier's collaboration with numerous hip hop artists and rock stars has earned him a cred among Rock Royalty.
Christian & Dave jamming

This is not surprising since Mr. Audigier dreamt for the longest time to be a rock star then funneled his thwarted rock n' roll dreams into designing and coordinating edgy tees, jackets, and jeans for Diesel and Guess Denim before launching his own business.

Making imprompt suggestions on the spot, a freshly minted song-custom made

Which comes back full cycle. Now that Mr. Audigier earned his cred among rock stars he had always admired. He is tickled pink The Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger wears his tees.

Mr. Dave Stewart modeling his haute couture rock collection, Rock Fabulous

Recognizing his insight and knack for making everything for anyone, "Look Cool and Good," various established rock royalty have been knocking at his door for their own clothing brand extension.

Since these rock (and pop) stars are established enough to be in their late Forties and just striking Fifty, Mr. Audigier knows a gold mine when he sees one.

They, like him, need hip, edgy, trendy wares that people his age can wear without the fuddy-duddy of Middle-Age or the embarrassment of trying to wear something not sophisicated enough for their taste and experience.

Mr. Stewart modeling his own Rock Fabulous blazer with his insignia.

Out of that lucrative need, Dave Stewart teamed up with Audigier to design Rock Fabulous, a dignified but very hip clothing collection for the Rock n' Roll Gentleman or the Rock Gentry.

Expertly tailored jackets, blazers, and vests are perfectedly sewn but make allowances for shape and movement in leather and satin, with a jet beads adding that Rock n' Roll swagger.

Their teamwork is one of FIVE fresh brand extensions launched at "When I Move, You Move" Tradeshow/Event.

Breaking news, because of Dave Stewart's Rock Fabulous and both her and her daughter stealing each others' Ed Hardy tees, Madonna is going to do a line with Audigier.

Hopefully, it will do for hip, mature women what Rock Fabulous and Christian Audigier's own namesake line do for hip, urbane men.

Ed Hardy women models displaying the latest dresses with Native American Headdresses.

In between the impromptu Mr. Stewart/Mr. Audigier duet and the runway show, models and buyers and press mingle openly and freely.

This is the best to showcase the whole world of Ed Hardy and Mr. Audigier.

Ed Hardy couple entertaining on the runway.

What makes an Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier runway show stand out from a standard runway, it is more of a full-blown singing-and-dancing extravaganza. A MTV version of the Ziegfeld Follies than the monotonous stomping of New York Fashion Week.

Having the unusual talent of a showman, Mr. Audigier uses music video dancers to display the stretchability and fun of his clothes while getting the audience, of buyers and shopper, all rallied up.

Body painted couple opening the runway show.

All this excitement makes everything profitable.

Another couple dancing on the runway.

Opting out of models stomping one-by-one in a neat line, he presented models as real life couples who can party in his outfits, making them more revelent.

Front view of the lastest Ed Hardy cowl neck top.

Most of the womenswear clothes are comfortable stretch in sultry glitter, perfect for club and bar-hopping up and down the Vegas Strip.

Back view of the Ed Hardy Tattoo Rose

The more upscale womenswear are more discreet on the front while more surprising on the back.

Ed Hardy Limited Edition Smart Car in Satin White

Breaking beyong clothes, Mr. Audigier provides what is hip and smart as a lifestyle brand, Project Tattoo, a very limited series of only 100 Smart Fortwo Cars in Satin White and Satin Black, starting at $29,999 but attendees get discounts at the show.

Each car has numbered plaque.

They all are decked out with leather seats with Ed Hardy tattoo embroidered suede inserts, a touch screen AM/FM/CD/DVD player, built-in Garmin Naviagion, Bluetooth wireless, iPod interface, three-months trail Sirius satellite radio service.

The exterior paint job is tricked out in customized seven-layer Ed Hardy tattoo satin paint scheme, wheels cap by the Ed Hardy "Tiger."

The engine is a chrome tip exhaust system by Doug Thorley Headers grinding out 6hp and 14ft. lbs. torque performance increase. The wheels are upgraded to Koko Kuture Spline 17' x 6.5" front 17" x 7" rear in Satin Black and Brushed Silver.

Ed Hardy Chardonnay. Yes, Virginia, Christian has his own line of wine and spirits.

If your mind is whirling from learning 5 different clothing brand spin-offs, the fashion show, and the tricked-out cars, you can ease up by sipping Mr. Audigier's wines.

Yep, you heard right. They are called Ed Hardy Wines in Chardonnay, Merlot, and Rose, which is obviously fruity.

This wine trio spearheads a line of Ed Hardy vodka and champagne, befitting a man who also owns his own nightclub at Treasure Island.

More on that later.

A suave model in a Christian Audigier Tuxedo Jacket.

Models party and mingle with the buyers and press after their runway show.

Another model in a Black Audigier Tuxedo Blazer.

What a best way to actually display your numerous lines.

Actually, the big news of the day, in addition to Dave Stewart debuting his own dignified rock n' roll clothing brand, is Christian Audigier finally launching his own namesake line, obviously Christian Audigier Est. 1958.

Close-up of the Rock Fabulous Insignia

For the longest time, Mr. Christian has been designing and marketing to a far-younger culture.

He longs to be part to that vibe. However, even he admits he is too "mature" and too French to wear stuff that belongs on an American teenager's body.

Now, this is his chance to show what he is really made of.

A suave, cosmopolitian man of the world who knows how to rock and needs the wardrobe to do it.

A line comprising of white or black satin tuxedo jackets. Either his name is bedazzled in an arc, just below the shoulder blade, in jet black beading or drawn out in cursive on a lapel.

All the Young Dudes in their finest bowler hats.

Due to the immense popularity of the dapper "Mad Men" in suits and Justin Timberlake's William Rast urging young gentlemen to dress up and the hot chicks loving it, Christian Audigier Est. 1958, Dave Stewart's Rock Fabulous, and the more Francophile, SMET by France's answer to Elvis Presley, Johnny Hallyday, men ranging from their twenties to beyond are yearing for smart but attire that evokes suave sexiness of the Rat Pack and the natty edginess of British Edwardian Dandyism.

One of the male models simply said it the best, "It's Clockwork Orange."

As a form of "Thank You," Dave Stewart threw a free concert of "The Eurhythmics" Greatest Hits.

The concert finale was Audigier and his whole crew jumping on stage, rocking out with Mr. Stewart.
Always the impresario, the concert ended with Audigier singing two country-western songs he co-wrote with Stewart, "My American Dream" and the homage to Stewart, "Rock Fabulous."

Christian finally becomes the rock star he always dreamt of, way back in his childhood in France.

Christian standing on the patio of his own nightclub at Treasure Island Resort/Casino.

The fete traveled from Caesar's Palace to the lagoon overlooking the Sirens' Cove at Treasure Island where Christian's, again, own namesake nightclub is located.

Actually, it is the best spot in town. Walking out to the patio, the party go-er is treated to an exclusive nook, getting a up close and personal and full-frontal view of the entire Pirate Show, away from the tourist hordes.

Christian arrived ten minutes after the show. Wearing his own bedazzled tux with jeans, he can actually wear his own clothes. This is the American Dream personified.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Soignee Birds of New York, Day & Night

Terexov Blue Leather Shift Dress
By Laura Medina
March 9, 2009
As the final leg of the New Guard Trio, Terexov's Alexander Terkhov paid homage to the sirens of Alfred Hitchcock: Kim Novak, Tippi Hedren, and Grace Kelly, night time Manhattan and Piet Mondrian.
His blue leather shift dress echoes Eva Marie Saint in "North by Northwest."

Terexov Art Deco Night Cityscape Halter Dress
His Art Deco Night Cityscape prints displays a romance with Manhattan at night. The geometric buildings are reminiscent of Piet Mondrian.

Black Silk Chiffon Sleeveless Gown with Bird Applique
The plumage of bird applique are a fresh alternative to jewelry and outlandish sewn-in beads and baubles.
Again, he is paying respect to Hitchcock, as in Tippi Hedren in "The Birds."

Terexov Art Deco Night Cityscape Goddess Dress

Mr. Terexov shows a flip of romance. He removed the girly pastels then replaced it with a more mature, deeper side of it, a urbane idea of romance.

Sergio Davila, Harkens Back to the Past

By Laura Medina

Sergio Davila is another of the young guards leading the charge of the fresh talent flooding New York Fashion Week.

Curiously, these upstarts are surprisingly conservative in style and presentation.

It is not the usual cool, modern, minimalism at the turn of the twentith-first century.

But, the turn of the twentith century that inspires Mr. Davila.

He relies on his Italian ancestors, who emigrated to Peru in the Twenties before he, himself, settled in the United States.

Early Twentith-Century sportswear, precursor to today's activewear, forms the basis of his collections.

Silk/Cotton blend knits are constant mainstays.

Mr. Davila's pullovers, tunics, hoodies and white canvas trousers very rarely veer away from Twenties' country club tenniswear.

He used the flapper dress as the foundation for his womenswear.

Unlike most young designers, Mr. Davila puts some thought into weather, heat, and humidity.

He included silk and of course, always use silk/cottons knits to stretch and wick the sweat away.

His considerate classicism makes him a fashion "true and pure,"

Fit and Polish

Monarchy Collection Olive Wool Melton Multi Zip Tail Coat, Pin Tuck Blouse with Distressed Jeans
By Laura Medina
This past, recent New York Fashion Week Fall 2009, there was a changing of the guards.
Old stalwarts of the past thirty to twenty-five years, such as Calvin Klein and Betsey Johnson, have been sweeped aside to the margins or relegated to their show rooms doing simple presentations.
Think of the current economic situation as a financial exfoliation, scrubbing away the hubris and debris, getting rid of the old growth forest.
In their place, are these young sprouts taking their place, beginning anew.

Monarchy Collection One Shoulder Black Jersey Draped Dress
Landing the plum spot, headlining Valentine's Day, was Los Angeles homeboy done good, Eric Kim of Monarchy Collection.
After trudging the catwalks of Los Angeles Fashion Week and toiling away in the obscurity of Las Vegas' tradeshow, PROJECT and MAGIC, Mr. Kim's discipline to craftsmanship and dedication to detail was rewarded with honor and respect among Manhattan's most judgemental fashion critics.
Monarchy Collection High Collard Bib Blouse, Tunnel Collar Tuxedo Jackt, & Tuxedo Stripe Skinny Pants.

Conscious that he is stepping onto one of the world's fashion capital's stage, Mr. Kim drew inspiration from "Mad Men", the prime and proper Betty Draper and her equestrian hobby as the foundation for his New York debut.

The gloomy gothic from his last Los Angeles Fashion Week show has been refined into a serious color palette and strict tailoring and fabrications.

Monarchy Collection Khaki High Collar Trench Coat

Unlike most Los Angeleno designers, Mr. Kim was insightful enough to analyze and adopt to an East Coast audience and a New York Winter.

He still keeps the ease and comfort of jersey knits for his dresses and cowl-neck, hooded sweaters. He presented the high-waisted jean as the current jodhpurs.

However, his capes became more coat-like and his jackets transformed into blazers.

The rugged leather was replaced by melton wool.

Monarchy Collection Olive Double Layer Draped Cape & Ivory Jersey Hooded Dress

His current collection also drew from Anglophilia and that Mod Sixities' television series, "The Avengers," offering strong, sleek womenswear and dapper young gentlemen in Savile Row tailored suits in plaid, topped by bowler hats.

Mr. Kim's New York debut was a smashing success, earning roaring claps and approving nods from the world's toughest and most jaded fashion audience.

Paraphasing a pleasantly surprised fashion critic, "This is the best menswear collection I've seen in a long time."

Mr. Kim's newfound dandyism busts menswear into a new direction, away from the Nineties' black leather blazer for men.

Not only that, he's leading the charge of a fresh crop of young talent taking over the fashion universe in a midst of an economic upheaval of a New World Order.