Monday, January 30, 2012

Wooing Over Jason Wu for Target

By Laura Medina

Jason Wu Styles DJ Harley Viera-Newton for his Target Launch Party.

Celebrity fashion Manhattan...are wooed by Jason Wu's Target collection.

These girly but office-appropriate pieces are a great starter wardrobe for the newly hatched gallerina or gallery-assistant or a fashion editor's second assistant/intern.

What they are grooving is the price range. It fits comfortably within a starter's wallet.

Here are some backstage scoops...

Jason helped Harley get ready at the Target Studio. Polka-dotted prints and delicate designs popped against the all-white loft as Jason and Harley raided a rack of outfit options.

Jason Wu Styles DJ Harley Viera-Newton

Jason, how will you prep for that night’s event?
JW: I’ll work right until the last minute, and probably get ready in five minutes. It’s all about being a good host. I think it will be a lot of fun – I’m excited!

This night is sure to be memorable. Do you have a favorite fashion memory?
JW: When my mother gave me my first sewing machine when I was ten.

Harley, you’re spinning tonight. What is your ultimate pump-up song?
HVN: “Close to Me” by The Cure always works, and Frankie Valli “Oh, What a Night.”

Making a guest appearance as guest stylist, just for Jason Wu for Target, Marie Claire's fashion editor, Nina Garcia makes her picks then mixes them up for the young girls in the city...

Quintessential Jason Wu:

A playful print in posies and poppies gets toned down for more transitional wear in classic navy. Draw attention to the daisies by colorblocking with a bold Mossimo top in coral red.

The feminine frock on holiday:

I’m always impressed with Jason Wu’s ability to toe the girlish line. This dress is a perfect example: cap-sleeves, nipped-in waist, jeweled collar – with a little edge in the form of a dark, cartoonish print. Perfect when topped with a straw fedora by Mossimo

Ladylike meets biker chick:

Who says you have to be one or the other? Delicate lace gets grunge-cool when screen-printed on a tee and paired with Mossimo skinny jeans and moto boots (and a leather jacket, of course!).

Nina Garcia...

"His look is ladylike yet playful; his designs wise beyond his years, showcasing painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship and an innate knowledge of what a woman wants.

A Jason Wu look is about well-place risks: a splash of citron, an illustrative print, a delicate fabric or an asymmetrical hem. One of the reasons I’m so drawn to his young talent is because he naturally understands balance in design: not too little, never too much."

"What especially excites me about Jason Wu’s designs (and this newest collection) are their versatility: each piece brings ladylike looks to women of all ages for outfits for all occasions. Whatever your style, a Jason Wu design can be the perfect part of your unique look, whether you choose to pair your Jason Wu dress with scuffed-up boots or a buttoned cardigan. And I hope that’s what 2012 will be all about: a brave, bold, fashion-forward you."-Nina Garcia.

Here are the key pieces that really impressed Ms. Garcia and why...

Nothing stiff and starched about this look: using the shirt as a drawing board, cross Jason Wu’s ladylike pleats with punk moto boots


Asymmetry adds instant interest — and the tapered hemline is surprisingly flattering. Add a bomber and booties for now; lose the layers come spring


A ladylike skirt packs a stronger punch when worn over a bold platform and a biker jacket.


Don’t be intimidated by this ’70s throwback! Pair this wide-leg shape with a nipped-in military jacket for a look at once retro-chic and fashion-forward.

Skirt Power:

A new study shows that women are seen as more confident and that they make more money when they wear skirts, not a pantsuit, to work. You don’t need to dress like a man to be taken seriously. Instead, be 100% positively, brilliantly, passionately you. It’s like they say: you go, girl.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Actually Look Taller, Thinner, & Sexier on the Red Carpet

By Laura Medina

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior Haute Couture and Brilliance NY Age Defying Eye Serum, eyes & chest.

The Golden Globes had came and past. The Oscar nominees have been announced. The Grammys is arriving soon. The Red Carpet race is officially now on.

The starlets and the actresses are now sweating it in the gym with their trainers and fueling with their microbiotic chefs' meals to get super sleek and sexy for a storm of award shows...Screen Actors Guild and the Independent Spirit Awards...or...

They are burning and sweating off the calories skiing up in Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film Festival.

Either way, they all have to look fabulous under all that flash and glare for the whole world to see.

What to do? What to do?

Here is the way to enhance all that hard work. What it is called, "Gliding the Lily," props and serums soothing that sleek and sexy glow to amp up the wattage. Truth be told, these are really easy tips to follow for this year's holiday and New Year's Eve parties, Summer socials, and any cocktail party further down the line. What's even have the rest of the year to follow these tips than doing it in two weeks time like these stars.

Dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Jessica Wu, took tips from numerous celebrity stylists and suggests to look tall, thin, and glamorous, take a risk then dip into plunging necklines and thigh-high slits to lengthen and slim the body.

To soften the chest, ok the cleavage, and boost confidence, stylist, Emilio Uribe smoothed Charlize Theron's eyes and decollete by applying Brilliance New York Age Defying Eye Serum to the delicate but exposed chest area. This peptide enriched serum plumps up this delicate, thin skin area. This scribe loves multi-purpose beauty products. Brilliant, a double-purposing serum for the eyes and chest.

Mr. Uribe, “My all time favorite beauty product is the BNY Age Defying Eye Serum. A little secret tool for any Red Carpet Event… I also use it on the neckline area as this is where you can see the first signs of aging.”

Intimia Chest Pillow

To really get ready for Summer weddings and parties and further the down line, holiday galas, preventive is the measure.

Like any other skin, the chest area ages when the collagen breaks down then wrinkles appear. Since people tend to neglect their chest versus their face, the chest ages quicker due to the lack of sunscreen and nourishing creams and serum and constant squeezing and compression.

To tackle this problem, Irene Komsky, a San Francisco cosmetic nurse, invented this chest pillow to stop chest wrinkles in their tracks, the Intimia Chest Pillow.

She invented this pillow, not only to stop chest wrinkles but to ease the pain for women suffering from breast tenderness and post-breast and/or cardiac surgery.

With adjustable bra-like straps in the back, women of all shapes and sizes can fall asleep, toss and turn while the Intimia Chest Pillow separating the breasts, stopping new lines from forming and smoothing out any existing wrinkles.

The Intimia Chest Pillow made an appearance on The Today Show.

If you take a whole year to follow these tips: sunscreen and moisturize then pamper the chest, you will be red carpet-ready within a year.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a Super-Duper Debut of The Moods of Norway with Paul Stolper Art Gallery at LA Art Show

By Laura Medina

The infamous the Moods of Norway blue limo parked in front of the boutique where they got a parking ticket.

On January eighteenth, smacked dabbed in the middle of Los Angeles' official Art Month, the Moods of Norway debut their art collaboration with London-based art gallery owner, Paul Stolper and his cadre of generation-defining artists, such as Damien Hirst, Sex Pistol-graphic artist fame, Jamie Reid, and Gavin Turk.

Thanks to the Moods of Norway, these generation-defining artists and taste-makers will make their Los Angeles debut at the LA Art Show later that night.

This is also the first time the Moods of Norway's 1947 tractor and pitch fork, dipped in sky blue, will make its official debut at the LA Art Show...under disco lights, in the West Hall in the B Area, numbered C181.

Since Damien Hirst is Mr. Stolper's client, the Moods of Norway proudly displays Mr. Hirst's two, new latest collection, the foil-print collection of butterflies, "The Souls," and the gold-foil block print of skulls, "The Death or Glory" series, inside the boutique and the storefront.

In honor of this cross-cultural exchange that is the LA Art Show. Stefan Dahlkvist (one of the Moods of Norway trio) and Stopler sat down, inside the party limo, explaining how their collaboration come about...

Paul Stolper rocking on inside the Moods of Norway party limo.

When they met a few years ago through a Norwegian photographer, they felt a vibe good enough to do their first collaboration together when the Moods of Norway did their fashion, music, and art festival in the Norwegian countryside, "Go with the Flow" Art Festival where Paul displayed his clients' art alongside the Moods of Norway's clothes. It was a hit...and they want to continue the love at the LA Art Show.

With the Moods making in-roads in Los Angeles' fashion, music, and culture scene, they figure this will be a great introduction for Stolper in the Los Angeles art market. It is ripe for Mr. Hirst's gorgeous but dangerous foil prints in butterflies and skulls. If not bought, they'll make great fashion prints...and trends.

For Dahlkvist, this is a great place for showcase Norwegian heritage and culture in a modern and international setting...the post-modern, agricultural blue tractor under the fun-loving disco lights.

Jamie Reid's fundraising poster to save Mr. Stolper's local library. $50 at the Moods of Norway boutique.

For Stolper, it is also a fun way to raise funds for his neighborhood library that recently shut down.

By asking Jamie Reid, the man behind the Sex Pistols' graphic album covers and posters, to specially design affordable prints, costing only $50, this enables free education to the people, a very punk idea.

He said it is his purpose in Los Angeles to save his library. Both Dahlkvist and Stolper believe that decent education is international and a birthright.

Stolper, "We deserve a free and decent education. Jamie Reid did all the artwork for the Sex Pistols. That's why it so super-duper of him to do this print for us. It's so great to jump on the tractor wagon let us seize that beautiful window space on Robertson to highlight the Jamie Reid again."

That being said inside the Moods' party limo, the city issued a parking ticket...another cross-cultural exchange.

Whether you purchase a Damien Hirst at the LA Art Show or donate a couple of dollars for a limited-edition Jamie Reid poster to save Paul's local library, you will be participating in a cultural crossroad that is the LA Art Show.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pre-primp, During, & Post-Recovery Party Skincare

By Laura Medina

Now that the marathon season of partying has officially begun, with the Golden Globes setting it off, the most of the attendees are now recovering from nights...and afternoons...of socializing and partying...and it have not stopped yet.

There is the Grammys Awards then the big one, The Oscars.

These state-of-the art skincare brands are here to rescue folks from "skin hangover" and get them ready for the next rounds of socializing and networking...or just plain having fun.

The rose-infused VBeaute is making a splash here for the jet-setting actors and actresses running around with jet-lagged skin, needing instant skin recovery that they can stash in their messenger bags and purses as they circle around town, making the rounds of luncheons, benefits, and award shows.

A big hit at one of the most prestigious Golden Globe gifting suites in Beverly Hills, VBeaute is the modern woman's...or modern man's skincare. As a busy executive by day and stylish socialite at night, Julie Macklowe used the most advance botanical technology by injecting the beautiful but durable Swiss Alpine Rose for a lightweight, effective, and multi-purpose skincare.

Using herself as a guinea pig and product tester, Ms. Macklowe actually slided her chic silver travel kit through numerous TSA check points without trouble; and she introduced a fair and friendly customized restocking system when you can refill on what you need and want. You can have as many mini-tubes of creams or scrubs in the kit.

For the truly time-pressed and budget-squeezed, the Eye Never Nourishing Eye Cream perks up your peepers, as well add a rosy glow on your lips as a matte lip cream. The Buying Time Everyday Cream brightens your weary eyelids while it refreshes your face. Both are matte and moisturizing, no oil slicks or drying. As a mom/business woman/socialite, Ms. Macklowe knows the importance of multi-tasking.

Another discovery at a Golden Globes "spa" suite is actually a spa and Beverly Hills standby, Kerstin Florian.

Keeping their faces flawless under the bright, warm Southern California sun, Kerstin Florian Serum C+ Infusion brightens up the face after long nights of partying while fading sun spots and building the point that people can never guess you were up all night before...or a couple of nights.

A new comer to the arsenal of luxurious but speedy skincare is Sella Skincare. This indulgent but quick line debut at the TASTY Awards, knowing attendees will need it for another round of socializing.

Idebenone-based, this antioxidant skincare eases over the wrinkles and crinkles around the eyes for a fresh and plump appearance. The facial cream and serum quickly corrects the bad habits of smoking and drinking from the night before.

If the fashion and the makeup in Awards Season set the standard for the Summer Social Season and the partying Holiday Season later in the year, these soothing but durable skincare set the standard for primping and post-recovery for a "skin hangover."

They will give off an appearance of wide and awake skin when your head is not.

The new survival party kits.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How the Stars Really Do It, Updos & Makeovers Studios & Salons

By Laura Medina

Makeup/Over Beauty Studio, Blushington on Sunset Plaza.

Are you envious enough of those stars' gorgeous looks? Dying to know how your favorite actress get that immaculate hair and flawless makeup? Just plain frustrated that you spent all this money and you don't get that same result?

Pssst, the secret is out...celebrities and starlets...and actors...go to these accessible, open-to-the public salons and studios that just specialize in blow-outs, updos, and makeup applications. Each service costs no more than $35, adding up to under $100. What's even better, they pamper you silly while they do all the work, so you do not have to fret for that party or that gala...or being under the mega-watt glare of an awards show.

On 8591 Sunset Boulevard, at Sunset Plaza, conveniently parked next to Dry Bar with three hours free parking, Blushington is already the go-to makeup studio for Emma Roberts and Jamie Lynn Sigler. Boy, it was bustling with Golden Globe attendees-celebrities and publicists-getting all fixed up for the start of Hollywood's High Society Season. Yes, East Coast. Awards Season is the West Coast's Society Season and the Golden Globes kicked it off last night.

At Blushington, they have a menu/lookbook of makeup looks, ranging from pretty, girl-next door for everyday to smoldering to the cutting edge off the runway. These professional, industry makeup artists use brands, such as Stila and Kevin Aucoin, to create these looks. While patting your makeup, you will learn new tips along the way. But, if you are too tired and lazy, each application session is only $35 flat fee. If you do like the products, they are for sale but the vibe is pressure-free. No need to buy, just apply.

Since Blushington removes the klutz out of makeup application for under $50 and it is open to the public, actors do pop in for a "natural and smooth look" to be camera-ready for that audition and on-camera a last minute in a protected, salon atmosphere. They will smooth over the cracks and divets, making him camera-ready in a snap.

Next door to Blushington, at 8595 Sunset Boulevard, is the hair version...Dry Bar.

In fact, my Blushington makeup artist, a.k.a. "Makeup Whisper," Michelle asked me did I had my updo at Dry Bar, also $35 for a service, whether it is a bubbly blow-out, sleek ponytail, or regal updo.

No cuts. No color. Just straight up hair styling. They, too, offer a menu of various hair styles. They also take out the klutz out of your hands and do the twisting, the pinning, and the roll and you don't have to.

Less stress.

Other hair salons are jumping on the blow-out bandwagon.

Carlton Hair now offers special, limited-edition coupons for updos for $24.50 but take advantage soon because they'll expire soon.

What happens when you add up one updo session with one makeup application?

For under $100, klutz-free, an average Jane is red carpet/awards show ready...without the fret and stress...all done in a relaxing environment.

Remember, these salons are open year-around. Never be afraid to pop in right before your party and let the professionals fix you up.

Easy Glam.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Michelle Phan's Red Carpet Makeup Trends

By Laura Medina

YouTube Cosmetic Sensation and Lancome Spokesperson, Michelle Phan.

Making a South California appearance at Glendale's Sephora, Michelle Phan predicts what makeup trends will hit the red carpet for the upcoming Awards Season.

Having designed Lancome's limited edition Glamour Eyes Makeup Kit, she included purple which was seen everywhere on last year's red carpet for the majority of people.

For this time, she suggested using the shimmering gun metal silver shadow in this compact because the camera flashes ask for something reflective and glittering for under the intense glare of the strobe lights.

Another Lancome team member, Chris, knows of another red carpet trend using the whole kit. Here is what he might do for the People's Choice Awards the ...

Again, he said that the flashing cameras and the intense spotlight demand the "popping of the eyes" where the whole eyes and the upper eye lids flash out to meet the flash. This is similar to the past Fall trend of Seventies' Ziggy Stardust of popping glitter in the middle of the eye lid to make it pop out.

After covering the entire upper eye lid then rimming the lower eye lid with primer to make the eye shadow stick to the skin, Chris sweep the whole upper eye lid, from brow to lash line, with the peach/pink shadow from Ms. Phan's Glamour Kit as a base.

He added depth in the crease by swishing back and forth the taupe shadow for a natural depth.

This is where he adds on the glitz. From crease to upper lash line, Chris covers the whole upper eye lid with the shimmering gun metal silver shadow for that pop.

Then, he pulls in the focus by dabbing on a "V" at the outer corners of the upper eye lids, using the purple.

To polish the whole effect off, he used the liquid eyeliner with the felt tip and the mascara, all included in the kit, to refine the intensity.

With Michelle Phan's easy and complete Glamour Eyes Kit, do not be surprised to see these looks at the red carpets for the upcoming award shows.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Golden Globe 2012 Preview

By Laura Medina

Ananya Fantasy Kaftan Gown & Cocktail Tunic/Dress.

The party season may be over for the majority of people with the snow storms approaching.

But, here in sunny, warm Hollywood, the entertainment industry is gearing up for the Awards Season, the industry's high society season.

It is also the time when nominees and thespians start shopping and picking their gowns, hair, and makeup for all these galas and soirees and those televised award shows.

The Arriviste had the privilege back in November to gain a sneak peek of what the nominees and guests may wear within a week on the Golden Globes on January 15th or the Grammys in February.

Since it is still poolside weather and the climate is easy, London designer, Ananya provides the right amount of ease and glitz with her glimmering sequin kaftans doubling as late-afternoon "twilight" gowns that speed directly into night.

A favorite of Kate Moss, Kylie, Madonna, and Kiera Knightley, this is new Brit Cool style or Brit Ease where Indian culture meets Hollywood glam, making it approachable for Spring and Summer Eveningwear.

You get the point already.

It is not Awards Season or Hollywood High Society Season unless someone tosses in some spangle.

Think Holiday glitter refined into sexy and sleeker silhouettes...or incorporating it into unexpected in garden wear gone glam.

These prim and proper sheath dresses get dipped in sequins, with a slash of chiffon, by Alexia Admor and Blue Tassel.

The fabrications may be fierce but the price tag is friendly, ranging under $200.

Expect more red carpet fashion and style soon.

Time for this scribe to prep the outfit and primp that hair and makeup.