Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bohemian Victorian

By Laura Medina
Cement Hearts Tie-Neck Halter
If there is an air of nostalgic romanticism blowing into Autumn, Plenty by Tracy Reese Fall 2009 carries you from late Summer to well ahead into Late Fall.

Peacock hieroglyphics fluttery dolman

The soft, ephemeral chiffon and rich but dainty prints in a lush color palette transitions effortlessly from sultry Summer into deeper, chiller Fall.

Nouveau floral jersey pin-tuck blouse

A mosiac of peacock dots shoots a dosage of vintage Edwardian Art Noveau for a soft but intellectual look.

Coal black victorian shirt

This black lace Victorian Blouse can soften a career woman’s suit.

Coal black little cardigan over a chambray distressed lace frilly "v" neck

Bohemian peasant tops in rich but vibrant palettes in artsy prints make great Back-to-School outfits that can be worn alone in August's warm weather and September's tempered climate then layered on with baroque jackets and coats and cozy cardigans as the school year progresses.

Parchment tie-neck blouse under inky black denim modified victorian jacket

The original hippies used to wear authentic Victorian and Edwardian clothes because they were plentiful and relatively cheap. Plus, it goes against the straight-laced restraint of the Fifties.

Funny, how a bunch of hippies can turn two previous uptight eras then reinterpret Victorian/Edwardian conservatism into something loose and free.

Well, Tracy Reese dipped into Haight-Ashbury then inked her current collection in charcoal black and deep, dark blue, smudged with sooty gray. Then, she drapes black lace overlays over creamy white and slate blue.

Patched plaid halter

She added a cute twist of Twenties Flapper Girl for that extra kick of playful quirkiness.

Cherry tribal triangle foulard tie-neck blouse
Because of the mixture of floaty chiffon paired with heavy velvet and the bright and light juxapositioning next to the deep and mysterious, both West Hollywood girls and SoHo girls have Plenty to wear from and they can even switch coasts back-and-forth trading outfits.
Regardless of where they’re from or where they’re going, Tracy Reese has Plenty to offer for anybody in anywhere at anytime.