Monday, December 28, 2015

Skiing Style

By Laura Medina

 Dashing Through the Snow Sweater

Now that we got your skincare needs covered, let's focus on "hitting the slopes" style.

Among the film-making/movie elites, they already have Sundance Film Festival dancing in their industry heads.

This is where skiing sensibility meets slope style.  Online fashion boutique/styling site, Golden Tote got you covered.
"Dashing Through the Snow Sweater" is more Nordic than one-hit Christmas which stretches your style and budget way beyond the holidays and well into the rest of Winter.  Just a double-duty alpine sweater that you can wear both during the holidays and Sundance Film Festival and the rest of Winter.

This ain't your tacky Christmas sweater.  Pun intended, it's "cool" enough to wear way beyond Christmas.

This fair isle sweater will have you wishing for snow days! Ribbed neckline, cuffs, hem.
  • Fabric content: 100% acrylic
  • Care instructions: Hand wash cold with like colors, do not bleach, do not twist, lay flat to dry.

24-Karat Cardi

What if you meet an hottie on the slope at the ski resort? For a Winter hot cocoa hook-up or an Hot Toddy with an hot Tod, sling over this 24-Karat Cardi on Golden Tote.

This open draped cardigan features a bright gold metallic woven throughout for a standout look. Open cardigan.
  • Fabric content: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
  • Care instructions: Hand wash cold


White Haute Poncho 

Pashmina scarves may the thing for today's Preppies and Sloan Rangers but they're also what today's elegant "grandmas" wear.

For the hot, young ladies, they're going poncho.  Instead of wrapping then unwrapping yourself like a mummy, sling on a poncho for slope shopping and socializing.

This ombre poncho looks great over an LBD or even thrown on over a coat for an added layer of warmth.

  • Fabric content: 100% acrylic
    • Care instructions: Machine wash cold, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron low heat, do not dry clean.

Leave it to Golden Tote to do all your skiing shopping and styling.  Just put in what you're doing, planning, need, and want, they'll figure that out and toss in some extra surprises that coordinate well to round out your skiing wardrobe.



Skiing Beauty, the 2015/2016 Edition...So Far.

By Laura Medina

Attempting to find moisturizing skincare that doesn't clog the pores when you have naturally oily skin is pretty darn tough.

Especially, when you're trying to stay fit while taking advantage of the natural season...skiing in a Winter, you can burn off that excess holiday calories is a job unto itself.

This is where lightweight skincare, to comfort and soothe the visage and skin as a part of Winter Fitness,  is a feat.  Burning calories while looking good and feeling good, during the holidays...good job!

While fighting chapping face in blustery winds, 100% Australian Jojoba Oil isn't your usual heavy, congesting oil.  It doesn't just sit on the top layer of the dermis and choke the pores.  At first, it feels typical oily but as it soaks into the skin, it leaves an oil-less, softness on the face, without the heavy slickness that most oils leave behind.

It's a good all-round moisturizer for spot-on dabs or all-over the face and body.

Another oil-free moisturizer tough enough to battle winter dryness is Oxygenetix Oxgenating Moisturizer.

It's a whipped lotion that uses Ceravitae Complex, a patent-pending formula proven
to increase oxygen uptake, stimulate skin cell production and help promote the healing process following most cosmetic procedures.

This scribes uses this at night, whether going out to an evening holiday party or an holiday ice rink.

Hitting the slopes during the day, while battling UVA rays can be taxing on the visage.

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation is a breakthrough foundation to cover, help heal and minimize - even eliminate - procedural scars. Designed for doctors, Breathable foundation covers and treats a wide variety of skin problems: skin injuries, wounds, rashes, cracked, dry skin, acne scars, rosacea and other skin conditions. On post-surgical scars, patients are re-assured and impressed that after care includes safely camouflaging any evidence of surgery. "Ceravitae", the super charged oxygen complex in Breathable foundation, proliferates collagen cell and connective tissue growth in aging or wounded skin.

In other words, Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation is a great makeup to wear while skiing or shopping through the snow.  It heals, not just smothers, the skin while allowing it to breathe.  Soothing and softening the face without suffocating oils or fats.

Can't forget the fly-away, frizzy hair.

Coconut Shea Styling Elixir by EDEN Body Works, conditions while styling the strands, making it easier to soothe and style in cold, dry weather conditions.

Not oily, heavy, or slick like good fashion coconut oil (that freezes solid in the cold), Coconut Shea Styling Elixir by EDEN Body Works is a light-weight lotion that you can add to soaking wet hair to condition then style while blow-drying; or you can add more to further moisturize and soothe away frizzy, dry hair through-out the day or night.

This is how you look good while skiing.  If you feel good and feel comfortable, you'll look good and be confident.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Not Your Mom's Shapewear, Jewel Toned Shapewear for the Holidays.

Wilmington, North Carolina-born and a modern Southern belle, a Gen-Xer who used to design bras and lingerie for Maidenform, Rachel McCrary seeks to to design hip, cool, comfortable lingerie with better structure with that extra dose of flair, enough attitude to make "shapewear as outerwear, shapewear as atheleisure," taking "innerwear as outerwear" to the next level for today's Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers who want to the most use out of their lingerie.  After twenty, break-necking years consulting and designing for numerous brands and companies, Rachael founded "Jewel Toned" to fit a niche market, fun, sexy, but comfortable shapewear and underwear for those out-growing American Apparel.

Designing for young ladies and dynamic women who are just like her, Rachael designed key pieces that do double-duty as shapewear-as-outerwear, simple but great pieces that are stylish enough to wear as dresses, skirts, and tops.  It's a "meant to be seen shaping slip"; on it's own, layered as part of an outfit, or instead of traditional shapewear.

With her "The Major Mini Dress" in Black, this is Rachael's take on the classic "LBD," a well-constructed but comfortable slip dress that you can instantly dress up in jewelry and heels; and nobody notices that you're wearing shapewear.

The Major Mini Dress is designed to be comfy and supportive, smoothing your silhouette without compressing you down too much– it's the first body positive shapewear minidress.  It comes with: removable, adjustable straps; removable foam cups; and a built-in bra.  Not bad for $44.

With the ease of the Nineties' slip dress and the comfort of a tank dress but with way better structure and shaping...and none of grandma's corset choking...Jewel Toned's Contour Hourglass Dress is Rachael's answer to the fabulously shaping but constricting body con dresses.

This body-con shaper comfortably creates an hourglass shape. Flattering and versatile, it can be worn as a layering piece or instead of traditional shapewear. This minidress is designed to smooth your silhouette without compressing you down to a smaller size. A little shorter than the Major Mini Shaper, so this product is great for petites.

Taking note today's woman is fueling the atheleisure market where streetwear becomes sportswear and sportswear is actually becoming sportswear, Jewel Toned designed these hip mesh bike shorts for "from the gym to the street."

Let's face it, it's New Year's Eve, post-Christmas/Thanksgiving gorging.  Now, that everybody is ready to rock-post holiday gorging-we could all use some hip but comfortable shapewear.  Not only does Jewel Toned Rockin Bodysuit comes in handy for New Year's Eve but it doubles as a quick Playboy Bunny Suit for Halloween, like this scribe did.

Notice that Rockin Bodysuit is the most expensive at $59 and the slip dresses are in the reasonably middle-range of $44 to $45.

Jewel Toned does have bralettes for real women with real bodies at $24 and their panties, whether they be thongs, bikini, or hipsters, are a solid $12.

Jewel Toned is for today's dynamic, young women who want structure without the constrictions.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Year's Eve Feast Where Everybody Knows Your Name...2016 Version...North Hollywood's Federal Bar.

By Laura Medina
 Crispy Buffalo Cauliflowers

Back in the Eighties, it was "Cheers," a bar so friendly that "everybody knows your name."

Back in the Nineties, it was "Central Perk" in "Friends," a coffee cafe that doubles as Gen-X hipster's living room.

Now, it's the Aughts and the 2010's where the bars and the cafes grow up into gastropubs ( in these DUI-times, we need something decent to soak up the booze) and toda'sy hipsters are educated and conscientious foodies.  This is where North Hollywood's The Federal Fits the bill.

Under Chef Grant Wagemaker, The Federal Bar still retains the historical friendliness from "Cheers."  They proudly keep and maintain the original copper stamped tiles when it was North Hollywood's first bank.  But under his culinary guidance, he pushed it into the twenty-first century by offering decent foodie fare for both vegans and carnivores and pescetarians, who dine exclusively on seafood.

For this well-rounded foodie, the Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower was a pleasant and fun appetizer and alternative to the usual suspects of buffalo wings.  The fun crunch and fiery pepper are still there but applied to healthy cauliflower.  Fun enough for other diners to snatch out of the basket and munch without a second thought to share and share alike.  Order a big basket, you'll make new friends that way. 

 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail

Another way North Hollywood's Federal Bar is upping the ante on the Nineties' coffee cafes, is by replacing the ubiquitous lattes and frappes with today's hipsters penchant for adult twists on childhood favorites, such as the cereal-favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail, think of it as a White Russian with Cinnamon schnapps.


But reserve your New Year's Eve with friendly foodies this fast-approaching New Year's Eve at North Hollywood's Federal Bar.

It is only this night that they roll out superb hearty but gourmet dishes that will warm the cockles of your heart on a cold, winter night.

Here's Chef Grant's take on the other San Francisco treat, "Chip In-O" or Cioppino.  His cioppino is a robust seafood stew of plump prawns and juicy mussels swimming in a healthy tomato broth with a hefty garlic bread slice, ready to dunking. 

 Truffle Mushroom agnolotti

Italy's answer to dumplings yet daintier than hefty raviolis but still plump with flavor, Chef Grant infused his agnolotti with the all-mighty truffle and mushroom, slather with butter sauce.  An heart-warming alternative to tomato sauce, stereotypical fare.

Shaved with chunks of Parmesan cheese, the Caesar Salad is a palate-cleanser.

 Chocolate Drizzle Pumpkin Cheesecake Tart

Chef Grant saved the best for last...dessert!  Not just one mere dessert but a parade of four tarts meant to be shared with a date.

In season and resourceful, Chef Grant did a pumpkin mousse tart, a texture whipped and rich enough to resemble cheesecake but just barely, resting on a thick, crumbly cookie dough crust, drizzle with dark chocolate.

Don't worry you cheesecake freaks, Chef Grant did a traditional strawberry cheesecake, a good ole-fashion, rich sour cheesecake, topped with a strawberry, nestled in Chef Grant's signature cookie dough crust, again meant to be shared among two people, a date.
 Butter Cake

For those who crave a spin on the traditional, Chef Grant's Butter Cake isn't really a plain ole yellow cake but a buttery pound cake nestled in a cookie dough tart crust, where you get the best of two worlds, a buttery, moist vanilla cake  baked in a cookie cup...a huge cookie cup.

But this scribe's fave is the awesome combo of Peanut Butter & Chocolate Mousse Tart.  As a proud chocolohic, this scribe enjoy savoring every spoonful of All-American Peanut Butter & Chocolate whipped into a rich, smooth mousse, again nestled in Chef Grant's trademake cookie crust.  This scribe wants this "meant-for-two" tart for herself.

Now that Christmas is finite, it's time to book that New Year Eve's feast...then think about that diet later.  

Thursday, December 24, 2015

What The Arriviste Wishes for Christmas & Wants for the New Year, Jenn-Air Built-In Coffee System.

By Laura Medina

If you think having a Keurig coffee pod coffee maker is cutting-edge; and you assume installing a Top Brewer with the app is ahead of the curve (It's Like Having Starbucks/Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf inside your Kitchen Counter Top, Top Brewer Coffee Faucet., then you haven't seen the latest and newest in coffee-brewing. 

Unlike the Top Brewer, which has to been custom-built and designed and installed right into your kitchen counter, Jenn-Air takes "the barista in the kitchen" further.  They made it into a box that you can slide in and out like any microwave or toaster oven but still packed in the same top-shelf, multiple features.

Unlike most of the Keurig coffee pods, Jenn-Air Built Coffee System-and Top Brewer-enables you to use whole coffee beans.  It stores whole coffee beans to roast, grind, brew, then froth up cappuccinos, extract espressos, and brew straight-up coffee fresh from scratch.

Your built-in coffee system does it all – from storing coffee beans, to grinding the beans before brewing, to discarding the coffee-grounds puck into the grounds compartment – letting you enjoy barista-style coffee drinks with ease.

Hot Water Dispenser brews tea and preparse hot chocolate or any other drink that requires hot water.

Ground Coffee Compatibility
Enjoy the versatility of brewing coffee, espresso and cappuccinos using pre-ground coffee rather than whole beans if desired.

Whole-Bean Coffee Grinder Professional-style metal burrs help ensure reliability, optimal grinding performance, and exceptional coffee, espresso and cappuccino flavor.

Adjustable Grinder Settings
Occasional adjusting for perfect coffee-bean grinding is as effortless as turning the coarseness adjustment knob.
Adjustable Coffee Strength
Satisfy everyone's coffee-strength preferences by choosing from extra mild to extra strong.

Dual Dispensing Spouts
Dispense barista-style coffee or espresso for two with just one brewing.

Coffee/Espresso Brewing
Brew barista-style coffee or pull shots of espresso with perfect crema at any time, brewed to the strength and size of you or your guests' preferences.

Cappuccino Option Enjoy coffeehouse-style cappuccinos – complete with light or thick froth and perfectly tailored to your strength and size preferences – without leaving home.

Touch-Activated Control Panel Intuitive controls guide you effortlessly through the built-in coffee system's menu choices.

Dual Boiler
Two boilers help ensure an ideal coffee and espresso brewing temperature for perfect extraction and flavor.
Frothing System with Integrated Milk Container Brew coffeehouse-style cappuccinos and lattes, complete with light or thick froth, with this easy-to-use frothing system featuring a one-button cleaning process.

Serving Size Customization Match your guests' serving-size preferences, from small shots of espresso to large mugs of coffee.

Temperature Customization
Meet your guests' coffee, espresso and cappuccino temperature preferences by selecting from three temperature levels.

Coffee Measuring Scoop
Hidden away in a convenient built-in compartment, this scoop ensures consistent measuring should you choose to use pre-ground coffee rather than whole beans.
Water Reservoir With this easy-to-fill water reservoir, no plumbing is required during installation – letting you locate the built-in coffee system in any area of your home.

LED Lighting
Built-in LED lighting provides clear visibility and a refined appearance in any home.

Auto-Start Mode
Your built-in coffee system is ready for brewing the moment you are when you select this mode, which ensures the system is turned on and pre-heated at the time of your choosing.

Concealed Storage Trays
Hidden, easy-to-access storage is the ideal place to store bags of coffee beans or other coffee-related items.

Auto-Off Mode
Ensure that your built-in coffee system is on only when needed by selecting this mode, which turns the system off when not in use.

Cup Tray with Integrated Drip Tray Designed to catch drips and hold cups while brewing, this easy-to-remove tray adds to the built-in coffee system's ease of cleaning.

Descaling Mode
It's easy to keep your built-in coffee system performing optimally with this simple-to-use maintenance mode.

Easy-Access Component Bay
Accessing the internal components for cleaning is as easy as opening the door located at the front of the built-in coffee system.
Multi-Lingual LCD Display Select from 16 language choices for your coffee system's LCD display.

Pre-Heat Rinse Function
Preheat the coffee system's brewing unit or even your coffee cup so you and your guests can enjoy coffee drinks at an ideal temperature.

Statistics Function
It's easy to keep track of your built-in coffee system's usage statistics with this convenient function.

Time of Day Clock
A digital clock is conveniently located in the built-in coffee system's LCD display.

Water Hardness Setting
Use the included water hardness test strip to easily adjust your built-in coffee system for optimal performance.

"Fill Tank" Alert
With this alert, you'll always know when the water reservoir needs to be refilled without removing it to check the water level.

"Fill Beans Container" Alert
Ensure that your whole-bean coffee container is always filled and ready for grinding.
Removable Brewing Unit Maintaining your built-in coffee system is simple with this removable, easy-to-access and easy-to-clean brewing unit.
 Automatic Brewed Grounds Collection After brewing, coffee grounds are automatically compressed into a puck and emptied into a brewed grounds compartment for easy, neat, environmental-sound cleaning.

A Starbucks or a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf compartment that you can slide in and out with neat, easy cleaning, that's this scribe's Christmas wish for 2015.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Slipping Thru the TSA During the Holidays

By Laura Medina

Dreading the long lines at TSA screening?

This glam pro at flying has been putting these new items through their pacing recently for the holidays.

Friendly to the wallet, the required one quart ziplock plastic bags, and the environment (waste not, want not), just like the name said, Stowaway Cosmetics is about stash and dash for the real modern woman who needs decent makeup that cuts on space, waste, and expenses.  Stowaway Cosmetics is about half the size, half the price.

The stuff women use the most, the cheek and lip cream and the lipstick can be slip into your jean pockets without thought.  Making zipping through security screenings easier.

Hassled by zipping and unzipping or tying then untying shoes.  Wanting something more hip than flip-flops.

Native Shoes are slip-on sneakers with adjustable elastic tie bands for a better fit without the struggle.

At TSA screening, you can slip them off then on in a seamless move.

Olivia and Joy's Zap Zoom Tote is a better take on the '90's nylon Prada backpack purse.

It's a roomy tote in lightweight, sturdy, waterproof nylon in sexy smoky plum with beautiful rose gold zipper.

The tote has two handy zippered outside pockets for a smartphone  and Stowaway Cosmetics.  The two large zippered outside compartments are fitted for passport and other documents you need handy.

The interior has spacious inner main compartment with a padded side for a tablet.

 Olivia and Joy's Zap Zoom Tote is the updated nylon tote.

Performing an impromptu strip at TSA isn't cool for you or for the TSA security but you really want to look really effortlessly cool, "jet-set chic."

Maison Mere Cashmere's Open Cardigan Jacket makes you travel-worthy stylish and profession and warm without the bulk but still with the warmth, the comfort, and the softness of cashmere.

Thank you knitwear technology for knitting a sleek, stretchable blazer while turning a cardigan into a blazer.

Thank you, Maison Mere Cashmere.

This is how glam pro travelers jet set without skipping a beat or holding up the line. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jewelry You Can Use & Calm You Down, BitterSweet Hair Tie Bracelets & Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelets.

By Laura Medina

Stressing out on travel plans? Frustrated with the TSA? Bashing out your head for what to give?

Don't freak out in the last minute, these handy bracelets will make your life a tad easier, perhaps calm you down..;and that's the greatest gift of all.  Be considerate enough to lessen the load, so your love ones or yourself can actually enjoy the holidays.

Trying to burn calories at the gym or dashing about shopping for gifts and ingredients?

Make things easier by something so simple that's it's sensible.

BitterSweet Hair Tie Bracelets was born out of love...Actually, it was born from considerate observations.  The founder's husband love her long, lush hair but noticed it was becoming a hassle in exercising or running daily errands.  She had to make do with using her plain ole hair tie as a ratty bracelet for sheer convenience.

He did better then won her heart.  He molded and designed a decent, classy bangle that doubles as hair tie holder.

That's how BitterSweet Bracelets were born. Starting out at an affordable $45 to no more than $85, BitterSweet Bracelets can snap up for you and all your girlfriends.

Again, what was born as sheer convenience, Lisa Hoffman transformed her travel-sample skincare company to a solid perfume beads that can snake through TSA screenings without problems.

The scented beads calm your nerves while traveling.

The beads are discreetly housed in engraved basket baubles on semi-precious stone bracelets on a stretch band.

Lisa calls her fragrance bracelets as "perfume without the bottles."

She knows about aromatherapy in flight to calm your nerves.  She's Dustin Hoffman's wife.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time to Party, Death by Unga Bunga & Sultan of the Disco.

By Laura Medina

"Cultures Collide" music festival was a three-ring circus of a music festival but the logistical placement at the very spacious lot of Traix French Restaurant (one of Los Angeles' earliest French restaurants) and a church, both on a roomy parking lot...with restaurant valet service, it was one of the best managed music party festival.

Spacious  Traix Restaurant has a banquet hall and a lounge bar and a roomy dining room where networking and deals can be made.

It was in the lounge bar that two bands stood out.

Norwegian band, Death by Unga Bunga chanted the holiday-appropriate "Lady Fondue," an ode to cheesy dipping sauce and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.

Following them was the Korean funk band, Sultan of the Disco.  They would had made Niles Rodger proud, heavy on the funk and down on the beat.  They already party-rock  Glastonbury Music Festival.

These bands can get your calories burning.

Shoes & Sneakers for the Holidays, Meghan Cleary for Nordstorm & Adidas.

By Laura Medina

Since no Los Angeles fashion blogger were put up in Miami for Art Basel Miami, Adidas was kind enough to bring their A$AP photo exhibit to Los Angeles.

For the lucky early birds, Adidas passed out the good will by passing out their limited-edition A$AP edition Adidas for his documentary/ad for Adidas.

Earlier that same day, shoe expert Meghan Cleary of "Meghan Says," debut her collection with Nordstorm at Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood.

These are not mere looks.  A lot of 3D sole support and comfort technology has been put into designing stylish but very comfortable ballet flats and pumps for the busy fahionista, such as Meghan herself.  Inner sole support, padded cushions for the balls of your heels and toes, and roomy square toes, makes sure you can dash from catwalk to street to cocktail parties sans pain but packed with a lot of sensible styles.

Shoes are what are in for Christmas, especially when you're still shopping for gifts then hitting the major Day-After-Christmas sales.

Smart Shoes.

It Ain't Christmas Unless There's Celebrities..;and They Have Books: Cindy Crawford, Brian Grazer, Pam Anderson, Tony Goldwyn, & Kiehl's.

By Laura Medina

Brooks Brothers of Beverly Hills threw a Christmas Crafting Castle immediately after Thanksgiving, for St. Jude's charity.

Ariel Winters, Ashley Tinsdale, Yara Shahdid, Tony Goldwyn, and Camilla Belle joined in the sugar cookie decorating table, holiday cards embellishment, and drove right into the gourmet hot cocoa bar. 

Ron Robinson of Santa Monica was celebrity book central.

The fashionistas, stylistas, and the culturati lined up patiently for Cindy Crawford, to autograph her bio and advice coffee table book, "Becoming Cindy."

It was beauty meets brain when Ron Howard's producing partner, Brian Grazer autographed his producing secret book, "A Curious Mind, The Secret to a Bigger Life." 

If dynamic duo of Cindy Crawford and Brian Grazer kicked off the Christmas season, then...

Pam Anderson's "Raw" book signing warmed up Thanksgiving-vegan style.

Her numerous European and Japanese fans lined up for blocks and wrapped around the block, waiting for Pam to sign their own Christmas souvenir from the tv icon.

It ain't a Kiehl's party unless there's stalwarts Teddy Sears and the Discovery Channel's Grant Reynolds.

Kiehl's "Manmade" male skincare manual benefited Project Angelfood, which they are long-time patrons and donators.

The Blind Barber, the barbershop-met-bar, pour pitchers of Moscow Mules and four choices of grilled cheese sandwiches, the same sandwich you'll have at their Brooklyn and Culver City outposts.

Stars shine bright during the holidays. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Foodie Fitness & Fitness Fashion for the Holidays, Aerial Air Fitness, Mighty Pilates, & Lanston Sport Activewear.

By Laura Medina

The holidays is when everyone is a foodie or dreams of being a foodie where sugar plums dancing in their heads.

For actual foodies, most are cultured.  Cultured enough to yearn to catch a Rockette Christmas show or a Cirque du Soliel show with acrobats and contortionists.  This is where foodies dream for flying through the air as aerialists.

Give gifts aplenty that are actually good...good enough to be selfish for you and thoughtful for others...and give them a gift of fun fitness.

If thoughts of flying aerialists are flying through your head, give a gift of AIR Fitness where they elevate yoga poses into a new atmosphere.

Once you find your center in those industrial strong swings, stretching out in full position at all angles adds a new dimension to your fitness.  Plus, it's darn swinging around like a big kid, spinning a spinning top.

Let it all hang out.

Since we're all busy, stressed out adults who need to let it hang all out, why can't we do it stylishly and sensibly?

Lanston Sport Activewear is another gym-to-streetwear jumping on the atheleisure market.  Who would had thought that hip gym clothes would be the fashion of the future?

Don't let the hip, casual appearance and ease of Lanston Sport fool you.  There are a lot of chemical and knitting technology in atheleisure.

The Double Layer Tank for extra bust support, the cooling from the mesh combo leggings and mesh sweatshirt, paired with high-tech black leather leggings, this is real futuristic fashion, straight-from-the gym-to-the street run errands then having a life.

Like Lululemon's upper-arm Kit and Ace (high tech cashmere clothing), Lanston Sport takes the same fast sweat-evaporating, comfy stretch knits then stretch them into dressier tunics, wraps, and pullover sweaters and tees...and toss in some sexy but comfy knit dresses to simply switch you from work-out to nights out.

If your fitness dreams are more grounded but you really to burn and firm those extra calories and you prefer to get your warmth from exercise, Mighty Pilates,

This isn't your grandma mat pilates or even, your mom's very strict and methodical reformer pilates.

Think of Mighty Pilates as a fun and light-hearted reformer pilates, an in-between transition between basic, boring mat pilates and the more intense, go-for-the burn Lagree Pilates.

If you huffed and puffed all you can on the mat but you ain't ready for the efficient but long, slow burn of Lagree Pilates, then Mighty Pilates is an happy medium for foodies who like to have fun while working up a sweat.

Mighty Pilates has the best-trained and most well-rounded pilates instructors.

They'll teach you how to run and jump on a reformer without breaking your neck.  They take those monotonous weight-lifting routines then add a swing to them on the reformer, giving a light but effective jolt to long-dormant muscles.

Just in time for Awards Season, post-holiday weight gain, Mighty Pilates will starting doing TRX with Tracy camp to rev up those foodie fat into muscle fuel, getting you ready for the red carpet.

Whichever fitness approach you pick, both Aerial Air (especially) and Mighty Pilates will have you dancing and jumping with joy...and it doesn't feel like exercise.

This is how foodies deal with all that glorious food and the fortune to enjoy them year-around, fun foodie fitness during the day so we can celebrate at night.