Monday, February 22, 2010

Pampering & Styling Your Hair During Winter

By Laura Medina

Odile Gilbert spritzing and misting a model's hair with Moroccan Oil
People's skin and hair must be hurting right now, especially up and down the East Coast, dealing with the dipping temperature, the snow, the dry air, and the damp rain if it's not snowing.
It's only the snowflakes retaining their beauty now a days because our skin and hair shafts are flaking; and that's not a pretty sight.
Believe or not, thousands of miles away from the snow, a collective of Berber women (Morocco's indigenous people), out in rural Morocco, are offering us relief in the belief of sustaining their own livelihood and culture.

For eons, these women have been harvesting, roasting, and grinding away argan oil for food and beauty aid. It's Morocco's version of the olive oil.

Now, argan oil is becoming known for it's restorative properties, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, is used for massage, facials and as an ingredient in anti-aging creams. Loaded with natural tocopherols (vitamin E), rich in phenols and phenolic acid, rich in carotenes, rich in squalene, rich in essential fatty acids, 80% unsaturated fatty acids[3] and depending on extraction method more resistant to oxidation than olive oil.

Argan oil soothes psoriasis and other skin diseases. It also heals and seals hair follicles and the scalp. Ideal for the quick and heavy-duty styling that runway models have to endure while being spritzed, sprayed, tugged, and brushed by fashion's top hair stylists, under fashion's most stressful time-fashion week.

Fashion's top woman hair stylist, Odile Gilbert, likes the idea that you can both coat, soothe, and prep the hair and the face while infusing the strands with staying power.

To mirror this dance between tailored precision and soft, sloping curves, and to evoke a feeling of ethereal airiness, stylist Odile Gilbert fashions a voluminous hairstyle that revels in the organic, chaotic nature of mussed curls. "It's all about volume -- tons of volume -- and a round, fluid shape. This look is very feminine." says Gilbert, adding "It's not feminine-frilly; rather it's femininity with a modern twist."

First, take one to two-inch sections, and mist on new Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray to increase holding power, enhance the coil of each curl and provide protection against heat-styling.
Then, Apply Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream and curl each section from roots to ends using a 1/2" curling iron. Gently release the barrel and allow each curl to fall like a spiral.
After curls cool, run Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream through the curls as you gently separate them with your fingers. (Tip: When used as a finishing product, Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream not only adds a sensual definition without crispiness, it also gives silky shine and soft hold while eliminating unwanted frizz.

Mega-watt Power Hair without the stiffness of alchol-based mousse or spray
Flip head upside-down, fluff the curls, and spray with Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray for lasting, touchable hold. Then, Finally, arrange curls to ensure the perfect amount of airy texture, and finish with another mist of Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray to seal in the style while increasing hair's shine.
For curly and wavy-hair people, you can achieve this romantic runway look with Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream is an argan-oil infused leave-in styling cream for beautiful, bouncy, naturally-shiny curls. Repeated use provides extraordinary shine, hold and protection. Rub, finger-comb then move on in life.
Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray provides natural looking hold, brushable memory, and enhances the condition of hair for a fluffier look and feel.
Models at Caroline Herrera show waiting their turn.

Orlando Pita, using Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream for highlighting smooth elegance for a natural ease, texture and flow, creates beautiful, fine-textured low twisted chignons with touches of delicate long strings of intricate seed-beads swept throughout strands of the hair.

“We used argan-oil infused Hydrating Styling Cream to prime the hair and give it a natural-looking, frizz-free texture with a soft hold,” noted Pita. “The beads were designed to blend subtly through the hair; appearing almost as if they’re embedded in the strands themselves.”

Pita plays with texture and keeps the look relaxed and piece-y, without stiffness or tight structure (Tip: Rather than using a brush to blow-dry strands, Pita mussed hair with his fingers as he blow-dried to enhance the tresses’ natural separation and create further definition.)

First prep the hair for blow-drying using argan-oil infused Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to give silky shine and soft hold while eliminating unwanted frizz.

While blow-drying each section, lightly mist new argan-oil infused Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray over hair to lend increased holding power. (Tip: Another coat of Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray “lends even more texture and helps provide grip when pinning the chignon into place,” said Pita.) The argan-oil infused hair spray holds a style while maintaining hair’s healthy condition.

Sectioning off the very front of the hair from ear to ear, place the beaded headband on the part and pull the front section back over the band, interweaving its beaded strands with the natural hair.
Gently twist the hair and beads back into a knot, and twist under. Finish with a light misting of Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray for healthy-looking and lasting hold.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream is an argan-oil infused leave in styling cream formulated to eliminate frizz, condition and hydrate, while adding definition and brilliant shine to all hair types. It provides soft hold and creates an ideal texture for styling.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray provides natural looking hold, brushable memory, and enhances the condition of hair.

Hollywood, of course, jumped on the argan oil bandwagon, especially since it's holistic and double-duty while supporting a cause.
For the actress, Holly Hunter, stylist Enzo Angileri created the look, was inspired by the glamorous metallic sheen of her gown.
Enzo choose Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for its weightless, natural silky-looking shine.
He created a rich texture emphasizedby intense waves, smoothness, and shine. "I wanted her to look glamorous andgoddess-like," said Angileri, "and the hair had to look luminous."
"Holly's hair and color is beautiful," said Angileri, "and I wanted to bringout its deep gold and honey tones for the cameras. Shine was everything in this look since these amazing highlights wouldn't be at all visible in hairthat was not shiny enough to reflect the light -- especially on camera and in photos.
Angileri first enriched, smoothed and defined the texture of her hair with argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream applied before blow drying."This gave me a great start because the hair immediately looked moisturized and healthy, and had the hold to be styled," said Angileri. I blow dried it without a brush, and the shine and texture I achieved with this product alone was incredible."
Next Angileri used a small 3/4-inch curling iron all over the head to create relaxed natural looking waves.
Afterwards, he asked her to share her hair upside down, then sprayed Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray throughout the strands. "I didn't use hairspray because I wanted the look to be as soft as possible and to be free to fall sensuously forward on her face."
Thanks to argan oil, not only can you look and be healthy and glamourous with ease, you are helping a group of women and their heritage.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Founding Your Fashion Library

By Laura Medina

Ever pondered about teaching yourself about fashion history for your next collection?

Empty of ideas? Tired of nagging the local library about rare fashion books about designers that librarian doesn't know or care about?

Premiere publishing house, Assouline, is releasing two coffeetable books that go way beyond eye candy but provide meaty history and references for any designer.

"Pierre Cardin: 60 Years of Innovation" by Jean-Pascal Hesse, who holds a degree in history, has been director of communications at the Cardin fashion house for close to 15 years, profiles the geometric motifs, asymmetry, oversized buttons and collars, hooped dresses, vinyl inserts—Cardin is an original in every sense of the word.

ASSOULINE is delighted to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Masion Cardin, with the publication of a commemorative retrospective of the work of its founder, fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

Born in 1922 in San Biagio di Callalta, near Venice, Pierre Cardin immigrated to Paris in 1924. After working briefly with Elsa Schiaparelli, Cardin joined Dior in 1946 and opened his own couture house in 1950. He was a pioneer from the start, creating a design-based, architectural fashion with a futurist sensibility. Cardin also had an avant-garde understanding of fashion’s relationship to new audiences, presenting his collections to large crowds. He was the first to demonstrate that fashion can be both a creative process and a business—and that one man can excel as both a businessman and an artist.

This volume is a tribute to this extraordinarily innovative and iconoclastic designer, taking a primarily visual perspective, highlighting Pierre Cardin’s contributions to the world of couture, fashion, and perfume, reflecting his spirit and energy as well as the brand’s international presence.

For those die-hard Alligator fans in Charleston, SC, bemoaning the loss of Lacoste sponsoring the city's Family Cup.

Y'all will always have Rene Lacoste in your house or foyer or living room, thanks to Olivier Margot, sports journalist and editor and tennis historian.

It's not about the history of the Lacoste but a style and lifestyle guide in how to be really "preppy" or living the "country club life." Most significantly, how spiffy causal sportswear came about, from the man who started it all, from court to street.

This is a book about savoir vivre and savoir faire, about how to live (in Lacoste) and how to be. It is a catalogue that has never been more deserving of the name, a catalogue raisonné in which everything is modestly and elegantly on display.

This book illuminates the contemporary relevance of the legacy of René Lacoste, who, in his glory days at the end of the Roaring Twenties, was the best tennis player in the world. A conqueror, an innovator, a designer, he always displayed a certain flair. And those qualities endure. A story about fluidity, softness, comfort, the sun and the sea, endurance. A story about what Christophe Lemaire calls a “democratic luxuriousness,” perhaps a luxuriousness of detail. A story about a sensation, a light, a color, a texture, a pattern, the freedom of a body in motion and at rest. A story about the Club collection, the Sport collection, the women’s collections; about windowpane check, contrast piping, stretch knit polo shirts: “a world of design with a human dimension.”

This book is the story (or one story) of a culture that gives voice to many personal stories—the story of a transgenerational and transcultural cult brand; of a laughing crocodile beloved by children; of a breath, an emotion, a moment to be savored; of well-being; of vitality. The story of everything we’ve done and of everything we have yet to do, all thanks to a single pensée, a single thought, that inspires expression in every form.

With Pierre Cardin at one end of the fashion spectrum and Lacoste at the other, these will make a great foundation for any fashionista.

Sugar-Coated Winter

By Laura Medina

Crystal-encrusted Rodarte Fall 2010

I am certain many of my readers are whining about the below-average cold and cussing beyond reason regarding the blizzard (this writer included).

However, snow crystals do have inherent beauty of their own that no human can duplicate. No snow flake is alike.

Fitting then, that with the blizzard, New York Fashion Week designers decided to be gracious about the situation and take it in stride. Using the snow as inspiration and a reason to indulge, the fashion industry's top influential designers incorporated Swarovski diamante and starry crystal pearls to showcase the elegant feminity of Winter, finding beauty in the adversity of a harsh climate.

Nobody exemplify Winter Wonderland than the sisters of Rodarte. Creamy white coated in crystals in floaty satin and chiffon...

“Fall 2010 explores the idea of sleepwalking. The idea of a dream state, or in-between state,
guided the development of the collection. Swarovski crystal is used to help illuminate the
collection by creating dappled moonlight throughout the show.”
- Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Rodarte

Phillip Lim's candy-colored confections rolled in sugary crystals.

“For Fall, I was thinking about the tension between Disco and Punk, and a woman who is classic but has a penchant for Baroque adornment. We’ve used shades like ‘Jonquil’ and ‘Dorado’ in very modern insets and collars where the sparkle is veiled in chiffon. Swarovski’s modern approach to creating crystals in the most inspiring colors and shapes was the starting point to enhancing the idea of elegant rebellion in a youthful and unexpected way.” - Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection marks the designer’s second collaboration with Swarovski.

Peter Som's Sugar Plum Fall 2010 Collection

Let's admit it, fake or real, you need shearling and fur to keep you warm. Peter Som rolled out his plummy collection in shearling then iced it in frosty shades of purple then sprinkled crystals on top of them. A more tasteful way to celebrate the holidays other than the typical garish colors of red, green, and white...

"Working with Swarovski is always a thrill - The opportunity to incorporate Swarovski
Crystallized Elements into the collection brings a heightened level of shimmer
that only Swarovski cvan do." - Peter Som

Fall/Winter 2010 marks Peter Som's fourth collaboration with Swarovski.

Alexander Wang nocturnal collection

Up in the northern hemisphere, particularly in the Nordic countries, it's 24/7 nocturnal darkness.

Alexander Wang dipped his collection in inky black then using crystals to subtly play up the trompe l'oeil by slyly winking at crystals...

“Swarovski crystal pearls are taken out of their ‘ladylike’ context, and are transformed into graphic patterns and bold accessories.”
- Alexander Wang

Bling-bling maybe passe but it evolves into something much subdued and softer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target, Parisian Chic at All-American Prices

By Laura Medina

$199 Leather Motto Crop Jacket in Brown/Red, $24.99 Tattoo Mesh Leggings, $19.99 Lingerie Tank, $24.99 Necklace Tank

Hitting Target stores on Sunday, March 7th, Jean Paul Gaultier launches Spring 2010 with this exclusive collaboration for Target.

Just because the prices are accessible, this doesn't mean his Gallic whimsical twist with sharp Parisian tailoring is water-down.

$29.99 Pinstripe Vest with $34.99 Pinstripe Skirt, $19.99 Eye Tee and $24.99 Tattoo Mesh Leggings

Notorious for his rebellious and innovative designs, Jean Paul Gaultier has long been known as the enfant terrible of fashion. At the age of 18, with no formal training, he was hired as a design assistant for Pierre Cardin after sending his promising sketches to the designer in the mail. Six years later, Gaultier launched his first womenswear collection in Paris with accolades. His celebrated craftsmanship and forward-thinking designs have made him a fashion icon around
the world ever since. In 2000, the CFDA presented Gaultier with the prestigious International Award and three years later he became the designer for French luxury house Hermès.
$59.99 Yellow Halter Dress with $26.99 Tattoo Mesh Tee

Now, women everywhere can add a piece of Gaultier’s skillful design to their wardrobe at attainable prices. “My collection for Target draws inspiration from iconic American fashion, fusing menswear influences with classic feminine glamour,” says Gaultier. “I am delighted to be working with Target and to have the ability to offer my work to women across America.

$49.99 Sailor Cardigan with $17.99 Floral Boy Short

Not only are Jean Paul Gaultier for Target is accessible but practical. The mainstays of the collections are sheer mesh long-sleeve tee shirts and leggings in convincing classical tattoo prints. The quality of the prints are so realistic that they can trick the average, everyday person thinking you spent the whole day and evening and a fortune being "inked." When, in fact, all you have to do is run to Target, drop a mere $26.99 for the tattoo tee and measly $24.99 for the matching tattoo leggings and you can be the trendiest chick on the block tonight (or at school) then revert back to normal at the office (or at home).

Despite for all its fierce fabulousness, the foundation of the collection are classic and solid tailoring, as in the timeless halter dress, the floral sun dress, and a three-piece pinstripe suit, complete with a long, blazer, a vest, and office-appropriate cuffed shorts.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target is as fresh as the season. It'll be around until April 11th.

Collector item pieces at affordable prices. Tres Chic!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet & Simple Valentine Gifts for both girls and boys

By Laura Medina

Dalia McPhee's Laser-cut Hearts Dress
Dalia McPhee's adorable laser-cut Hearts Dress, simply named "3306," is a spot-on choice for the girls to kick-off Valentine's Day. Something sweet. Something flirty. Something girly but not slutty. What's even better, Ms. McPhee's creations for the red carpet, the prom, the ball, and the gala, for both celebrities and the average female, are within the reach for anywhere between $500 to $1,000.
But what about the guys? The men in your life who doesn't golf, want something stylish, sexy, and mucho but not staid Dad preppy, doesn't wear a tie or got way too much ties to speak of but stuff that is awesome, kick-ass, and functional. Functional enough to use everyday to remember you by.

Shanghai Tang USB Drive

For guys who automatically gag on the thought of anything pink, anything girly, anything Valentine, here's something that has nothing to do with those.

Think Eastern. Think Asian.

This year on February 14th is when China celebrates their New Year-the Chinese New Year. With each New Year, it brings a new animal that determines the destiny of those born during that year and influences events during that time period.

The Year of the Tiger-yes, the savage cat-is going to rip fluffy-waffy Valentine's to shred. This He-Cat is going to rip the frilly frippery to shreds-what a relief!

Forget chocolates. Dump the colognes. No more ties or stuff your man you'll know will never, ever, use.

Bring on the loot.

China's premier luxury brand, Shanghai Tang reveres the virility, the passion, and the excitement of the Tiger in this sleek silver gear, trimmed in good luck, hot red.

Women, men are shaper than you give them credit for when it comes to cool gifts.

For an easy start, surprise the sexy, cool techie with Tiger USB Jump Drive. Every time he plugs this in, he'll thank you each time. Easier said than done.

$65 Tiger Bookmark

For the foxy, metaphysical intellectual hiding behind his glasses, nothing warms him up than this exquiste silver, tiger-engraved bookmark for his leather-bound library.

Chinese New Year Greeting Card and
Limited Edition Tiger Scarf

If he's an urbane dapper dandy, nothing tickles his he-man heart than this luxurious Tiger Scarf.

For something cute and smart yet Valentine's sneaky, a card celebrating the Year of the Tiger in hot red, let's him know you're thinking of him without the sickening cupids and hearts.

Antidotes to Valentines, your man will love you for this.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pretty Woman by Barbara Orbison

By Laura Medina

A roller ball of essential oils and full-sized bottles of "Pretty Woman" by Barbara Orbison
Nothing says "Valentine," than the late, great Roy Orbison crooning "Pretty Woman."
Nothing is more fitting for Valentine's Day than a bottle of perfume.
This one comes with a really sweet backstory of everlasting love and history.
Barbara Orbison, Roy's wife

Barbara Orbison, Roy's wife and widow, believes, since she was thirteen years old, that a woman should leave a little bit of herself, a scent of her own fragrance, her own identity trailing behind. This also adds a sheer veil of mystique.

It was this mystique that she had hand blended herself, until now, that people have been bugging her for twenty-two years, from walking on the street to the Grammy's.

Since she made it from scratch, Barbara couldn't tell them what it is and where to buy it; so people thought she was stand-offish, until now.

She drove folks even crazier when the movie, "Pretty Woman," came out and didn't feel like it was the right time and the right reason to release a fragrance.

Working with chemists and perfumiers and waiting for the right technology and moment, Barbara sensed now is the right time to launch "Pretty Woman," a homage to her husband, the late, great rock n' roll ballader, Roy Orbison and her German family of fashionistas dealing in high fashion.

Roy and Barbara Orbison at the very start of their romance.

It's a blend of her aunt's floral, her uncle's amber, and her mother's darker scents that swirled into the perfume she knows today.

Perhaps, it was those scents that lead Roy to her, across a disco, when she was a seventeen years old model and he was touring England. They been together until his death in 1988.

Over time, she managed to keep the swirl of bergamot, stargazer lily, red rose, carnation, amber, patchouli, vanilla, and atlas cedar stable through current molecular technology.

Knowing and studying perfume science, she acknowledges that an individual's skin cells can affect perfume, making the perfume unique to that person's chemistry.

Regardless, it's romance in a bottle.

Shanna Moakler's SMOAK Cosmetics

By Laura Medina

Shanna Moakler with her own blush brush

Growing up, Shanna Moakler's mom told her twelve years-old daughter to start taking care of her face while her daughter watched her mom putting on makeup.

Shanna holding a tube of mineral sheer tint

Then, the twelve years-old grew up to win the Miss USA crown, went on to become a celebrity and a model. Now, Shanna Moakler is dabbling with her own professional-grade yet gentle cosmetic line.

Shanna dispense makeup advice for the novice, the intermediary, and the advanced.

As a thirty-five years-old mother of three, Shanna created a highly effective, edited line of professionally-graded yet organic makeup that eases problems with products that are easy to pick and use.

Oh, don't forget-fun to play with and wear.

A customer enjoying Shanna bringing out her cheekbones.

As a busy mother, she prefers the clean, wholesome look with an emphasis on a clean, healthy skin that she finds easy to achieve and wear.

All a woman needs is a good foundation/moisturizer, mascara, healthy cheeks, and rosy lips.

Shanna's mineral tint foundation provides coverage, moisturizer, and sun protection. A three-in-one.

For a more polished appearance with ease, she suggests using her Photo Finish Mineral Foundation with a brush attached to the cap for a smoother look.

Bringing out a woman's cheekbones with a glow, she suggests using two shades in two different textures from her mineral blush line.

Contour the cheekbones in mineral matte blush in a slightly darker shade then highlight the apples of the cheeks in shimmering mineral satin blush.

Shanna developed three varieties of mascara. Hypoallergenic sensitive mascara for contact wearers such as herself. High Definition mascara for blending adhesive lashes with natural lashes; and Volume mascara is the most durable one, won't smudge off.
Since her collection is mineral based, it's gentle enough for a nap but protective enough with Sun Protection Factor.
Then, Shanna tops off the healthy look with either her coconut-flavored lip gloss or/and lip tint for a potent but pretty pout.
Now, you can appear deceptively wholesome while running a hectic schedule.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Postponed to Wednesday, February 10, Betty, Brian, and the Blooming Onion

By Laura Medina

Georgina Goodman pumps

Due to programming rescheduling, Brian's acting and Fall 2010 Collection debut has been pushed back to February 10th, same Wednesday, same time, 10pm.

Brian's acting and his Fall 2010 Collection Debut

As details come to light, Brian is playing the role of a young fashion designer discovered by Betty Suarez.

The Blooming Onions
If you hang around towards the very end of tonight's episode, "Ugly Betty" always shows teasers to give clues to what will happen next week.
Other than racks of Brian's Fall 2010 Collection and fried roses of onions, it involves the Queens restaurant and a fire.
Next week's episode is called, "Smokin' Hot."
If you want to see his collection live in person, Brian Reyes will be headlining New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, February 17th at 7pm on the Promenade at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brian Reyes debuts his Fall 2010 Collection on "Ugly Betty" tomorrow night!

By Laura Medina

A scene from tomorrow night's show
More spoiler alert-and this is only getting better! This mere photograph says it all-what Wednesday night's plotline will be.
Brian is using this episode to officially debut his newest and latest Fall 2010 Collection, one week before officially showing at New York Fashion Week. This shows how much he and his fans love the tv series; and "Ugly Betty" returns the love.
This writer's (and an "Ugly Betty" fan) deductive hunch senses that our heroine and guest star have saved the day during fashion week.
This above photo displayed an impromptu fashion show where Betty organizes the Brian Reyes' show at the Queens restaurant during dinner, rescuing the day in the last minute. Witness the convenience of Brian (America Ferrera's real-life buddy) munching on his meal, in front row (just like the very last Betty Johnson show but with blooming onions instead of frosted cupcakes) as his models sashay down the aisle-turned-runway among diners.
This episode is very important. Why? That dress and those clothes are the same garments will appear in this arriving New York Fall 2010 Fashion Week, one to two weeks away.
This show beats fashion week in one week and brings Brian's newest and latest collection to you the viewer and the masses, a week in advance.

Keep your eyes out for that blooming onion

If you can't travel to the impending New York Fashion Week and want to know what's going to be hot for Fall 2010, watch tomorrow night's "Ugly Betty" with Brian Reyes and think: chic but sassy cocktail wear in earthy tones in satin, ostrich feathers (fake ones preferably), and blooming onions.

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Ugly Betty" Alert! Brian Reyes and a Blooming Onion save the Day!!!

By Laura Medina

The Infamous "Blooming Onion"
Spoiler Alert!
New York designer and America Ferrera's, a.k.a. Betty Suarez, fashion pal, Brian Reyes was kind enough to make this rare guest appearance as himself for the show's hilarious fashion week episode, titled "The Blooming Onion."
Based on exclusive conversation and scoop, Mr. Reyes' people told The Arriviste about plotline-and this is the only thing they can say.
As usual, our heroine has to save the day, her boss, and the magazine.
While doing so, she bumps into Brian innocently lunching on a blooming onion.

Brian's shots of the Brooklyn set

Of course, he's glad to help and Betty, together with Brian, rescues another day at Mode Magazine. And, that's the only thing his people will say.

Cast and Crew

These are behind-the-scene shots of the "Ugly Betty" cast and crew filming at a restaurant in Queens, New York.

Since he and his staff are long-time loyal fans of the show when it was the Spanish, "Betty La Fea," ;and Mr. Reyes is Ms. Ferrera's friend, he was more than thrilled to jumped in and spend a couple of weeks filming his first prime time television experience.

You can watch his acting debut this Wednesday night at 10pm on ABC and keep your eye out for the "Blooming Onion!"