Monday, January 30, 2017

SAG Beauty at Your Local Drugstore.

By Laura Medina

Accessible vamp for Kate Hudson and Maisie Williams.  Theyrocked some serious bold lips and even bolder brows on the red carpet. Recreate this trend with Palladio’s Dreamy Matte Lipstick ($7.50) in Darling Damask, and redefine your brows for that bold and beautiful look with Palladio’s Brow Definer Micro Pencil ($7) and Brow Mousse with Fibers ($8). 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, get romantic with Taraji P. Henson and Michelle Williams, in  with Palladio’s Silk FX Eye Shadow Palette ($12) in Burlesque, and pair it up with the Velvet Matte Metallic Lip Color ($8) in Lavish. Then, create that natural glow with Palladio’s I’m Glowing Creamy Stick Luminizer ($8).

Kerry Washington and Sofia Vergara were some celebs that showed off their beautiful hair with a natural, sleek look. Get your hair red carpet ready with Keratin Complex’s Infusion Keratin Replenisher ($29) that replenishes and revitalizes hair for that silky, shiny finish, and then add the Thermo-Shine Thermal Protectant Mist ($21) to smooth frizz and fly-aways, and leave a shiny finish after flat ironing your hair.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Fatburger debuts their signature "House Beer Burger" along with House Beer at their one & only "Fat Bar" in Los Angeles...Along with their Buffalo Express Under One Roof, 3150 Wilshire Blvd.

By Laura Medina

Last Thursday's Happy Hour was a special Happy Fatburger.

Yep, you all heard right.  Fatburger has a bar, Fat Bar.  The only one in Los Angeles proper.  The other one is in Las Vegas,

It was a celebration that was long over-due.  Yet, the start was so simple, that was a "why not?!" aha moment, epiphany.

Two long-time buddies, each one respected in their own fields, decided to team up for something so intrinsic, pairing burgers with beers, a classic collaboration.

Fatburger's successor, Thayer Wiederhorn and his buddy, House Beer Founder Brendan Sindell decided to pair Thayer's basic but well-done burgers with classic craft lager beer from Brendan's House Beer.

They select a lager because it's a nice middle-note of noble hops and crystal malts for a juicy, savory burger, not too thick and deep like stout nor too light and bubbly like ale.  Just right.

Speaking of new yet "why can't they think of that sooner?,"  Fatburger also debut House Beer-Battered Onion Rings to go along with their House Beer Burger and House Beer.

Don, one of Fatburger's CEOs, describe dipping onion rings into the beer batter as an art.  The beer and its yeast & hops creates chemistry magic in the wet batter; but it's the simple "dip & flick" of the wrist that separates a sensational crunchy onion ring, completely coated in crunchy, fluffy crust, from a mediocre onion ring that's too hard, too tough, too thin a crust with gaps on the surface.  There are devils in the details.

Fatburger's "House Beer Burger & House Beer" launch at their only Los Angeles' Fat Bar happened during "The Founder" movie about the start and history of McDonald's.

Unlike what Ray Kroc did to the original MacDonald Brothers, at Fatburger's LA Fat Bar location, they paid honor and respect to the African-American lady who started Fatburger, Lovie Yancey.  To this day, the family currently owning Fatburger lives by Lovie's motto,
"I don't worry about McDonald's, Burger King or Wendy's. They may be more popular, but a good hamburger sells itself, and I don't think anybody makes as good a hamburger as we do."

Not only do the current family upholds Lovie's motto, they expand on it with Fat Bar.  Once seeing then tasting it, this new Fat Bar at The Vermont,  (a mix-use apartment/condo complex at Vermont Avenue and Wilshire Blvd. for Koreatown's Millennial affluent hipsters) is giving the gastropub/gourmet burger originator, My Father's Office" a run for their money.

Partnering with House Beer and Fat Bar's amazing array of crafted beer on tap gives Fat Bar extra mileage.

Unlike Sang Yoon's selective and strategic opening and operating of his My Father's Office and his way more expensive ingredients and just as restrictions of no ketchup or mayonnaise, Fatburger's Fat Bar is a gastropub for everyone.  They wouldn't look down their noses at you if you dip your Fat Fries or House Beer Battered Onion Rings into a ketchup/mayo combo.  Shoot, you can even have your pick of cocktails, which are gourmet yet fun from their Happy Hour menu...

What Fatburger fans only know, and this is what separates the plebes from the fans, is that Fatburger also owns Buffalo's Express where the buffalo wings' and the chicken strips' dipping sauces are as deep in flavor as they are wide-spread in varieties.  Something to thing about for the upcoming Super Bowl...

 Fatburger's Fat Bar has flat screen TVs galore...

For those purist who feel more comfortable munching on their burgers and fries...and onion rings in a more traditional fast food setting, don't worry.

The Vermont's Fatburger/Fat Bar is evenly split into equal halves of the bar and the restaurant.  But even in the restaurant, there are flat screen TVs and a high-tech, customizable soft drink machine...

But let's real here, it's the Fat Bar that brings everyone in.

Fatburger's House Beer collaboration, their signature House Beer Burger & House Beer-Battered Onion Rings then combing their Buffalo Express at their Fat Bar, at The Vermont, 3150 Wilshire Blvd., shows to the general public that basic food can be good food for everyone at a basic budget, without skimping on quality, in a quality setting in a friendly atmosphere.

Fat Bar is for everyone at 3150 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010. (213) 415-1743
It's open until 2 AM.  Based on the existing Yelp reviews, the locals love it.

It's a great place to take care of you and your buddies during the Super Bowl with House Beer Burgers, House Beer Lagers, House Beer Battered Onion Rings and Buffalo Wings,.. hint, hint

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kicking the "Granola" Image to the Curb, All-Natural Beauty is Glam and Luxurious.

By Laura Medina

For those who think beauty is frivolous, shallow, and superficial, you all have another thing coming.

Set foot at today's organic/all-natural beauty convention or expo, there is a lot of science incorporating internal wellness being connected to the external appearance, where the external is the reflection of the internal.  Ask Gwyneth Paltrow...or Angela Lindvall, the supermodel who dumped modeling for greater goods as a wellness advocate.

Busting the mold that models are ditzy and vapid, Angela led a deep, meaning lecture on her journey from being a dirty tomboy from Missouri, where her mom went from being a medical technologist and massage therapist, to being one of hundreds of lonely but adventurous teenaged models roaming the Big Apple.

Angela isn't afraid to state that taking older teens, between the ages of 15 to 18, out of school to model is wrong.

She was honest to say that the day she became pregnant was the day she switched back to what her mom was doing organic living and coaching, using chemistry and biology.

After Angela's lecture, a troupe of leading organic beauty entrepreneurs tossing around chemistry terminology like nobody else, "phthalates," "parabens."

What happens when these wellness/beauty/health advocates put thoughts and words into action?

The Indio Beauty Expo, where organic/all-natural is both glamorous, luxurious,...and a classic.

Yes, there is a Lauren B. She is for real.  Actually, she's a mani/pedi-loving niece of Philip B., yes, that luxurious hair and body brand.  He's for real, too.

Truth be told, they're a niece and uncle team.

Obviously, he came first with his hair and body brand.  She followed in his footsteps, learning the business along the way, but her passion are nails.

Lauren B. took her uncle's approach that natural can be luxurious and classy then translated to nails.

She didn't end there.  Lauren B. wants her all-natural nail polishes and hand creams to be both luxurious and practical for the glam women who live glamorous yet busy lives.

Her nail polishes are all-natural as they are fast-drying, hint, hint.  Whole Foods usually carry her nail care line.

Way before this scribe was scribing about style in any ways possible and just before blogging, Julie Hewett Cosmetics was just released at the dearly departed Palmetto on Montana.

After 17 years later, this scribe has a reason to wear Julie Hewett, rich in healing Camellia Oil and rich in pigmentation.

Julie Hewett may had brought back vintage Hollywood Glamour, at the same time as Dita von Teese, but there's function behind the look.

Julie Hewett's pots of Cheekies for both cheeks and lips are just right for both moisturizing dry cheeks and chap lips during winter, while adding a radiant flush to make you look alive.

Her secret is 100% Organic Camellia Oil. It moisturizes, softens wrinkles, improves complexion, heals scars, and protects your skin from harsh external elements such as UV rays. Camellia Oil is a natural anti-oxidant containing vitamins, A,B,C,E, K & P with minerals, P, Za, Ca, Fe, Mn, and Mg. It also helps prevent sunburn, freckles, age spots and wrinkles as it contains natural sun protection.

She was both retro glam and all-natural before it become mainstream.

Thanks to chemical and extraction technology, it's easier now to be naturally beautiful while being functionally, daily beautiful.

Organic beauty isn't "granola" anymore.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Younger" Young At Heart Style for Rising Empowered Women, Thanks to Galina Sobolev, Dalia McPhee & Amanda Uprichard for Women Who Paid Their Dues.

By Laura Medina

Both Single Dress by Galina Sobolev.

After sacrificing style, preference, and fun fashion for draconian office decorum slaving away as somebody's assistant, once established, the newly established power women finally earned the money and the freedom to dress how they want to dress.

These ladies know it's time they set their sight on style because the red carpet is clamoring for them, after all these years toiling away in the backdrop.

These select insightful designers know that.  This is why they specifically set up shop to tailor, drape, and design fashion-forward clothes for forward women...with real money.

Single by Galina Sobolev (now on works, socializes, plays, and watch in West Hollywood, observing the rising established power women then listens to how they have nothing to wear.

Galina Sobolev solves that.

She designs and engineers figure-flattering contemporary fashion in advanced fabrics that wraps and warps along a woman's God-given curves, rather than fights against it that one finds in fast-fashion targeted at the Junior market.

This scribe wore her black-piped, keyhole-warp top, in white, at Moby's music festival, modeling Kat Von D.'s lipsticks...

Galina's royal blue keyhole, warp jumpsuit was so nice, that this scribe wore it twice, from a chef's cooking demonstration to an organic beauty conference then to an awards show...

Another fashion designer setting her sights on the rising power woman is Delia McPhee and her gowns and dresses in "magical crepe."

Delia's creations may appear "skinny," but don't allow good construction and tailoring fool you.  Let Delia McPhee fool them.

Her creations are sewn in "magical crepe" that gives, hugs, and moves with and along a woman's natural curves, without constricting them or working against the curves.  By boosting and highlighting what is naturally good about a woman's figure, a natural figure looks better with ease, not awkwardness.

She knows that it's the rising showrunner women and women producers who needs high-fashion cocktail attire and eveningwear that fits their lifestyles and new rank in life.
Another real-world contemporary woman constructing contemporary clothing for fast-forward, fashion-forward women is the unsung Amanda Uprichard.

If "Sex and the City" was alive and a well today, Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing and incorporating Amanda Uprichard pieces.

Contemporary clothing isn't mutually exclusive to today's minus size 0 juniors and tweens.  Real quality contemporary clothes in quality fabric and in tailoring cost money.  Today's rising power women have cold, hard cash with money to burn...and few outlets catering to them...

This is where Galina Sobolev, Delia McPhee, and Amanda Uprichard come in...

This scribe first discovered Amanda Uprichard at the II Brunettes in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina (Charleston's answer to Los Angeles to Downtown Charleston's Manhattan).  This scribe was quite taken by the fabrication and styling then impressed by the fit and comfort accommodating the bust then the fit at the waist then freedom at the hips.  It was like discovering Juice Couture for grown women with money.

This scribe has been a fan of Amanda Uprichard ever since.

Still to this day Amanda Uprichard has grown and morph along with her core "Sex and the City" women, from struggling, wandering girls to established ladies who jet-set.

Being established and being empowered never means you lost your femininity.

Quite the opposite, you finally gained the freedom to dress however you want to dress (damn everyone else).  You have the reason to dress up in fantasy gowns.  Most importantly, you have the money to financially support the fashion industry.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Hyaluronic Acid Movement is Growing, the Oil Alternative.

By Laura Medina

Still an oil phobic?  Don't worry, here's a light-weight moisturizer that doesn't clog pores or form erupting pimples with popping acne scars, Hyaluronic Acid.

Borghese Acqua Ristorativo Hydrating Concentrate ($92 at This night time formula is infused with a botanically-derived Cell Leaf Culture and two marine-derivatives which work in tandem with the Hyaluronic Acid to attract and bind moisture leaving skin softened and supple.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced® Intensive Renewal Serum ($62 at This vegan-certified, collagen-supporting day time formula is infused with concentrated antioxidants, botanicals and peptides that work synergistically to protect the skin’s surface from future signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid provides hydration that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Borghese Esfoliante Delicato Gentle Cleanser and Exfoliant ($27 at The Ultra-mild cleanser accelerates surface cell turnover with a natural Jojoba exfoliant that does away with dull skin to reveal a soft, smooth and re- texturized appearance. Hyaluronic acid provides an antioxidant defense against environmental assaults resulting in a luminous and altogether fresh appearance.

Scrubbing pore-clogging crud doesn't have to be harsh.

Owl's Brew Easiest Hot Toddy and Hot Cocktails for Blizzards & Rain Storms.

By Laura Medina

During Winter, whether it be a snow day or a rain storm week, we all need an "adult" alcoholic drink that's authentically seasonally appropriate for the rest of the Winter Season.

Not in a mood for bubbly, icy champagne? Don't worry, no one is either.

Owl's Brew is here for a rescue.

The problem with any cocktail is that they're delicious because it involves a multitude of expensive liquors, juices, and tons of techniques that busy, stressed people don't have the space and time for it and lack the mixing skills, when all they want is a cocktail that warms the soul...and kill cold and flu germs at the same time.

Always wondered about the mythical, Colonial Americana Hot Toddy, without hitting the history texts.  The same ones you avoided in school; but you need them now.

There's Owl's Brew's Hot Toddy recipe with their Salted Caramel Toddy.  With exception of the liquor of your choice, everything is already mixed in in the bottle...

Fireside Toddy
  • Brew: Salted Caramel Toddy
  • Booze: Whiskey
  • Other: Holiday
2 parts Salted Caramel Toddy
1 part Whiskey
Heat the Owl’s Brew and whiskey in a saucepan or in microwave until desired temperature
Serve in a heat safe mug
Garnish with Apple Slice and Cinnamon Stick

Brandy Bird

  • Brew: Salted Caramel Toddy
  • Booze: Brandy
  • Other: Holiday
2 parts Salted Caramel Toddy
1 Brandy
Combine ingredients and heat, but do not boil. Pour into heat safe glass.

Here's another mythical cocktail that, seems that Americans just can't handle but yearn now...

Instead of ten shopping trips for ten ingredients at ten different stores, just buy Owl's Brew's Mulling Spices to cut out the guess work...

Winter Wine

  • Brew: Mulling Spices
  • Booze: Red Wine
  • Other: Holiday
1 part Mulling Spices
1 part Red Wine
Combine ingredients and heat, but do not boil. Pour into heat safe glass.
*Or enjoy chilled! Just shake with ice and strain into a wine glass.

Now, all you have to do is found a jug of Owl's Brew.  Pour yourself a mug.  Nuke in a microwave then add a dash of liquor.

A hot cocktail to warm your spirit.

Friday, January 20, 2017

WGN America's "Outsiders" returns Tuesday, January 24th with brand new Season 2...with Astronaut/Actor, Pete Freeland

By Laura Medina

WGN America has a good sense of humor about itself.

They know how they fill their airwaves, during the daytime, with "Cops" reruns then save their fresh tv series for primetime.

In a nifty crossover for their audience, WGN America is doing then airing "Cops" spoof promotional ads for their new, hot series, "Outsiders," with the second season premiering Tuesday, January 24th at 9pm,  Astronaut/Actor/Renaissance Man, Pete Freeland stars in this crossover "Cops" spoof/ad as Sheriff  Thomas Gray of the city/township of Blackburg, Kentucky.

For those wondering where the heck is WGN America is located, please go to  Type in your zip code, it'll pull up the local channel for WGN America in your neighborhood.  For 90049, they're:

AT&T U-verse TV - Los Angeles - Digital

  • Channel 180
  • Channel 1180
  • Frontier Fios Pomona - Pomona - Digital

    • Channel 68
    • Channel 568
  • Time Warner Cable City of Los Angeles - Eagle Rock - Digital

    • Channel 126
  • Time Warner Cable East San Fernando - San Fernando - Digital

    • Channel 126
  • Time Warner Cable Sherman Oaks - Westchester - Digital

    • Channel 25
    • Channel 126
  • Time Warner Cable - Santa Monica - Digital

    • Channel 126
  • DIRECTV Los Angeles

    • Channel 307

    • Channel 307
  • DISH Los Angeles

    • Channel 239
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 9446
  • DISH Network

    • Channel 239
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 9446

  • For those in Charleston, South Carolina:

    Charter Communications - Hickory - Digital - Hickory - Digital

    • Channel 736
    • Channel 82
  • Comcast Charleston / No. Charleston - North Charleston - Digital - North Charleston - Digital

    • Channel 437
    • Channel 71
  • WOW Charleston - Charleston - Digital - Charleston - Digital

    • Channel 910
    • Channel 105
  • DIRECTV Charleston SC

    • Channel 307

    • Channel 307
  • DISH Charleston

    • Channel 9446
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 239
  • DISH Network

    • Channel 239
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 9446

  • The previous Wednesday night, WGN America with Ok! and Star Magazines, screen the first episode of the "Outsiders" second season.

    In keeping with the spirit of the Appalachian locale, mentality, and food, snack bags of beef jerky and popcorn were there to snack on.  However since the screening is in Beverly Hills, there is cupcake galore.

    Also keeping in with the "spirit" of the Appalachian heritage, WGN's "Outsiders" teamed up with Ole Smoky Moonshine for a special edition Ole Smoky Moonshine.

    It's infused with ginger and ginseng, and housed in a commemorative mason jar.

    Ole Smoky Outsiders Farrell Shine is inspired by the ‘Farrell wine’ featured in the show – which tells the story of the Farrell clan and their struggle for power and control in the hills of Appalachia, Kentucky – and contains similar ingredients.

    “The Farrell Clan is steeped in tradition, and moonshine is certainly a significant part of their family ritual,” said WGN America’s EVP of marketing and promotions, Brian Dollenmayer.
    “Ole Smoky serves as the perfect collaborator for us as we continue to generate excitement with fans everywhere for the upcoming second season of ‘Outsiders’.”

    The collaboration includes a limited edition moonshine SKU, TV spots, digital media, and in-store POS.

    In addition, fans will have the chance to win a trip to Tennessee with three guests by entering the ‘C’mon Live Like An Outsider’ sweepstakes.

    The group will be flown to Gatlinburg where they will learn how to make moonshine at Ole Smoky’s distillery, and enjoy outdoor activities such as ATV riding, fishing, and hunting.

    “There is a tremendous connection between the Outsiders and Ole Smoky’s fan base,” said Meg Bruno, VP of marketing, Ole Smoky.

    “Creating a co-branded 360° campaign with the team at WGN America seemed like a natural fit for our company.”

    Ole Smoky’s Outsiders Farrell Shine will be available from January 24 in conjunction with the second season premiere of Outsiders. The campaign will run until April 30.

    The basis for "Outsiders" came from the most boring of conversations.  The creator/writer/producer, Peter Mattei's friend was talking about mountain top mining where it's easier for a company to shave off the top than it is digging deep into the mountain.

    Due to colonial immigration of the Scot-Irish during the formation of the United States, these Scot-Irish families settled and made these isolated mountains their home.  From there, among the isolated mountains, they grew into "clans" and formed their own culture, their own laws, then, forget dialect, their own language.

    Growing and forming in isolated environment, this separation from mainstream society, eventually, causes clashes between the working class "townies" down the hill and the isolated clan, the fictional Farrells.  This is the formation of the general tension.

    What sparks then further fuels the flames is the discovery of coal in the Farrell Clan's land and a dying coal-mining town yearning for more coal-mining jobs.  That is the town's heritage and culture.

    It's fighting for keeping the pre-Industrial Scot-Irish hunting and gathering versus a coal-mining town that does nothing but coal-mining.

    What keeps this drama "a drama," from a comedy is that the creator/producer, Peter Mattei doesn't do broad, generalizing strokes of the clans whose ancestors first settle this land.  He treats their isolated, clannish mountain culture with history and respect. These are not "hillbillies" or a joke to be point and laugh at.

    The fictional Appalchian family clan, The Farrells, kept their Scottish/Celtic warrior martial art skills and their holistic wisdom, and to some extent, their Gaelic/Celtic Druid religious belief and rituals.  The Farrells' steadhold on their ancient Celtic/Gaelic ways, further intensified by the Appalachian Mountains' isolation, only increased their distrust of the mainstream "townies." Which, in return, only increases ignorance and fear by the "townies;" who are also clinging onto their own culture tied to economics and jobs.

    Not all of "Outsiders" Farrell Clan are so afraid of the outside, mainstream world.  Hasil, played by Kyle Gallner, is a young Farrell bursting with curiosity then fell in love with a townie, who's African-American.  This obviously changes both their paths.

    Another Farrell who knows there's a bigger world out there is Asa Farrell, the rightful heir to the Farrell Clan throne.

    Restless and curious ten years ago, Asa (Joe Anderson) traveled to the West Coast where he learned in the real world, that money and cooperating with the authorities do matter, especially for family business prosperity.  Something that the cashless Farrell Clan doesn't understand.  Treated like a stranger upon his return, with his new family. Asa's worldly knowledge may or may not save the Farrell Clan.

    Peter Mattei made sure there are strong, dominant women characters in "Outsiders."

    Gwin, played by Gillian Alexy, is an Appalachian Lady MacBeth, a woman who marries for power.  She literally marry the old man, while fanning the flames with his son, who's the same age as her.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum is Haylie Grimes, the mining company executive determined to shave off the mountain top for more coal, more jobs.  She's the one who's really running the town of Blackburg.

    According to Peter Mattie, what really drives the series, overall, is what the characters truly desire in life and how about they do, attaining it.  This is what makes the show compelling as it earns intellectual cultural respect among the growing viewership.

    A character who does good for good things makes for a boring story.

    What most call conflicts is what the writers/producers, Peter Tolan and Peter Mattei say drives a good story and fleshes out characters, preventing them from becoming one-liner, cliché jokes.

    A many character in "Outsiders" have to be ornery in order to carry out good deeds, like David Morse's  Big Foster, aka Foster Farrell the 6th, a "Appalachian Mountain King Lear."  Steadfast to the ancient ways, Big Foster doesn't give a shit about what's popular, specially when it comes from the outside world.  He's about doing whatever it takes to protect his large, insular family and their way of life then yield to sell out.  His steadfastness may his disappearance but he's among good people...

    If prestige is what you seek, WGN America's "Outsiders" is execute produced by Paul Giamatti.

    WGN America's "Outsiders" is a mountain saga set in the present day and how an isolated extended family deal with changing times.