Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Accessible Glamour, Trash & Luxury

By Laura Medina
Rock N' Roll Paradise
After spinning the globe as uber-stylist Patricia Fields’ buyer and assistant, fueling the craze for Hello Kitty,rushing around Manhattan running his own eveningwear line, Michael and Hushi for ten and half long years and dressing “Sex in the City,” Hushie Mortezaie decided it was time to return home to California to reboot, regroup, and renew.

In a five year breather, he returned to his first love, painting, among Los Angeles’ palm trees, beach, and sun, enough to recharge his creative batteries. Plus, it’s nice to be surrounded by family.

Launching at Fred Segal Santa Monica’s Flair Boutique, Hushie’s upscale causal wear, Trash & Luxury is the new reinterpretation of Hushie the Fashion Designer.

He wants to roll up his Manhattan years learning and soaking Late Seventies/Early Eighties Disco Glamour, fashion history, education, and experience under Patricia Fields and inject them into this fun yet sneakily educational line of retro Eighties tee-shirts, Trash & Luxury.
Wanting to keep the art of haute couture alive and reachable, Hushie, the artist, took the mundane tee-shirt then turned it into his canvas.

Actually, he retooled it the same way Coco Chanel took men’s underwear and reconstructed it into women’s ready-to-wear.
Studio 54
More tunics/mini-dresses than a plain tee, Hushie removed the jersey out of the Empress shirt and redid it into light-weight modal.

He transforms the cuff sleeves into a three-tier pagoda bell sleeves for a dressier appearance.

Paris Neon

Trash & Luxury is his vehicle, proving there are so many ways to interpret and style the everyday tee-shirt, expressing individuality and originality. It’s an affordable way to be special.
Using his Manhattan experience, he licensed Harper Bazaar’s covers as artwork, using the tee as a canvas and a messenger to preserve fashion illustration history. He doesn’t want these kids to forget.

Hushie calls his creations, “Evening Tee-Shirts.”

Buy Sell Trade

The point of fashion is that people should stand out in something is that of good quality yet is accessible without sacrificing their identity.

If there is something to be learned from Ms. Fields, fashion for Hushie is a piece of wearable art that makes people feel exceptional about who they are.

People shouldn’t get lost in the masses drowning in trends but be trend-setters themselves.

Demeter Fragrances at CVS

By Laura Medina

It was not too long, that a person has to go out of her or his way to locate unique, quality fragrances in a specialized boutique then having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Due to growing demand and the shrinking ecomony, Demeter Frangrances took its most popular scents to the public.

Today, the clean, universal, unisex, ageless scents of Pure Soap, Baby Powder, and Laundromat
are available to anyone anywhere in CVS today.
They also come in travel-friendly spray vials which are half the price of the full-sized bottles, $5.99. The full-sized bottles are $9.99, half the price of the normally $19.99 Demeter Fragrances found in boutiques.
CEO Mark Crames believes that “the world is ready for this brand.”
In addition to the universally crisp scents of Pure Soap, Baby Powder, and Laundromat, Demeter offers the sweet smells of Patchouli, Honeysuckle, and Lilac.
The clean scents in vials are great for career professionals on the go. They come in a jiffy, spritzing them on clothes as a laundry short-cut or as room refresheners.
While tween and adult girls can spritz the sweet scents for an after work/school pick me up or a quick date vitalizer.
At these prices and at CVS, Demeter is ready for everyone.
They're already hot sellers in Los Angeles where it's not only important to look good but smell good in a hurry.

African Fabrics for the Twentieth-First Century Woman

By Laura Medina
The Healing Gold Coast Corset

When partners, Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon studied then volunteering as teachers in Ghana two years ago, they were entranced with the history of Kente cloth.
After learning what each weave and color meant, patterns signal messages, and that Kente is reserved for royalty and dignitaries, they figured why not reinterpret it for the needs and wants of the twentieth-first century modern woman.
Then, donate five percent of the proceeds to the La Yahoushua Middle School where they taught in Ghana.
According to kente folklore, each weave and color imparts the wearer certain allures and strengths.
Since every woman is special in her own right, Ms. Gaston and Ms. Bissoon named their new luxury womenswear collection, Hemma, after the Ghana's Twi Language of "queen."
They want a woman to be empowered in their outfits.
Most importantly, they want the girls at La Yahoushua School to be empowered themselves.
The Gold Coast Corset above symbolizes purple for healing and yellow for vitality in black silk charmeuse.
Asante Jacket

The black in Asante Jacket represents personal growth while white stands for authenticity. Woven together, the yarns spell out compassion.

Asante Skirt
If you're a head of your firm or company, nothing signals "Quiet Power," than this Asante pencil skirt in peaceful blue and royal gold. There is nothing weak about the meaning of peace in blue.
The patterns represents power, a good way to stand your ground.

The Gold Coast Corset

This corset is for celebrating. The green brings good fortunes while yellow keeps you hopping from one gala to another. Mix them together, you will get luxury.

If you want to impart certain powers, you get their collections on Cindy's and Edna's site,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Boyfriend Shirt

By Laura Medina
The Boyfriend Shirt in Dylan in Light Blue
Ever admire your dad's, your brother's, or your boyfriend's/husband's button-down shirts enough to steal it?
Want to copy the allure of a Fifties' screen goddess wearing a man's shirt or desire to wear "Man Men's" Don Draper's sex appeal on your back?
Maybe, you always appreciate the clean, classic lines of menswear and wish you could adapt them to your wardrobe.
But, only to be disappointed when they don't fit right. Too tight in certain spots while too baggy in other places. Oh, the sleeves are too long and the cuffs too wide.
Instead of being seductive, you look sloppy because they were never meant to be worn on a woman's curvy figure but a man's straight physique. Bummer.
Jess Zaino, co-host of Style Network’s "Modern Girls Guide to Life", felt the same way.
She paired up with Scott Evan Wasserberger, a third-generation tailor whose clients includes the members of the cast from "The Sopranos."
They both share the same point-of-view that women should also have this closet classic with the same impeccable fabrication, buttons, and seams but construction with a better fit that flows along a woman's sinuous torso, waist, and hips.

The Boyfriend Shirt in Joseph in Pink

They feel women deserve the same respect men get from tailored shirts.

Using the same cool, crisp 100% Italian cotton broadcloth from the stocks of Dormeuil, Loro Piana, and Thomas Mason fabrics, Jess and Scott finish up the detailing with Mother of Pearls buttons on the placket.

They kept the accents of a classic man's work shirt with softer tailoring, spread collar with stay packets, double button barrel wide cuff with machine angled edge, and single needle, super small stitching.

The Boyfriend Shirt in David in White

The Boyfriend Shirt are named according to color and accents.

The construction is basically the same except the pink shirt is named, "Joseph" while the white shirt is named, "David."

The "Dylan" has the special distinction of having white cuffs and collar sewn onto a blue shirt.

The Boyfriend Shirt is not "tomboy cool."

But, Jess and Scott took something androgynous then made it uniquely feminine seductive.

Now, here's something you can take from boardroom to bedroom without stealing from his closet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Urban Femininity, Rebecca Taylor, NY Fashion Week Spring 2010

By Laura Medina
Drape Collar, Slouch Shoulder, Puff Sleeve Coat
The Rebecca Taylor girl works, lives and plays in the city. It's a jaunty mix of flirty flounce and tossing on her father's/brother's/boyfriend's/husband's blazer but redone in softer satins and in
soothing pastels.
Slate Blue Satin Blazer
Our girl likes to wear her boyfriend’s blazers and super soft cashmere athletic inspired sweaters thrown over top tiny leather skirts.
Electric Blue Sweater

Spring 2010 encompasses playful use of colors, prints and textures. The palette is intense with shades of big apple reds, shocking pinks, electric blues, and retro jades contrasted with desert tans and soft, peachy oranges.

White Drawstring Peasant Blouse

Sharper than seasons past, strong shoulders and a new, waisted silhouette enhance the look our girl wantonly craves.

Navy, Puff Shoulder Blazer with White Polka Dots

Towering printed sandals and architectural structured stretch dresses are softened with femme corset-inspired bustiers and flippy, fun, pull on printed skirts.

The pairing of slouchy but structured Boyfriend Blazers over existing flouncy, floral sundresses is economical and easily accessible tranisition from the Spring 2009 to Spring 2010.

Fierce Optimism, Tracy Reese, NY Fashion Week Spring 2010

By Laura Medina
Pierre Bonnard-inspired vivid print Jacket
Swayed by late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century, French painter, Pierre Bonnard, Tracy
calls her latest Spring 2010 Collection, fiercely optimistic and romantically edgy.
Aggressively Positive sets the tone for Spring 2010, a will to over look the gloom and doom and hunt for Spring's renewal and energy to move forward.
Prints range from happy graphics to dappled florals.
Tiger-Striped Dress, Photo by Frazer Harrison
Body conscious silhouettes bring fresh energy, while relaxed styles are draped, ruched and wistfully romantic.

Black Polka Dots Chiffon Overlay Dress, Photo by Frazer Harrison

A circular theme emerges in prints and embroideries.

Iridescent Sheath Dress, Photo by Frazer Harrison

Sheer styles glimmer with iridescence. Draped jersey styles offer an easy, accessible glamour.

While flirty, carefree feminine, expressed in pouf skirts and circle dresses are Ms. Reese's calling card, the new infusion of rich, vivid palette of Orientalism adds deep to the collection.

Happiness is not frothy any more. It steels you against negativity.

Evening Swimwear, Gottex, New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

By Laura Medina
Black Jewelled Halter-Neck Evening Swimsuit with Gold/Black Pleated Evening Gown & Jewelled Headband
Gottex sailed into more sophisicated terrority after Gideon Oberson's chic but cute nautical theme a year ago.
Asymmetric Blue Sea Print Silk Crepe Dress with laminated blue swimsuit & black grosgrain belt
With the recent hiring of Molly Grad, she steers swimwear into a pleasantly, startling direction of functionality, swimwear doubling as evening wear.

Desert Beige Lame Dress with Embellished Necklace Detail

With her past jobs at Stella McCartney and Yves Saint Laurent and her recent post at Gianfranco Ferre, Mr. Grad infused Gottex with haute couture draping and more delicate fabrications.

White ruched front cut-out silk swimsuit

Caftans turn into evening gowns out of chiffon, not plain screened silks. She embellishes them with wide belts in black and gold. Straps and neck lines metamorph into necklaces.

Ms. Grad even adds couture elements to the sleek but simple bathing suit, folds and ruching as in the swimsuit above.

Swim caps because jewelled handbands.

Black Bandeau Bikini with Coral Neckline with Coral Silk Caftan

The latest development is intricate laser cuts for delicate floral cut-outs on capes and shawls.

Gottex has reached another level of elegance for the stylish woman who wants to walk from pool to cocktail party in one step.

No two sets of clothes for this casually chic lady. Swimwear and cover-ups do double duty.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you a Serena or a Blair? Anna Sui does Gossip Girl for Target

By Laura Medina
Sheer Dot Jacquard Short Sleeved Dress for $44.99
Whether you are a prim and proper Park Avenue princess like Blair Waldorf or a hip, urbane, sporty "Girl-About-Town" Serena Van der Woodsen, you plenty of looks and style to identify with from Anna Sui's "Gossip Girl" for Target.
Just in time for the "Back-To-School" season and "Gossip Girl" returning for its third season on the CW on Monday nights at 9pm, Target is reaching to all the Blairs, Serenas, Jennies, and Vanessas everywhere, releasing this exclusive, limited edition Anna Sui collection on Sunday, September 13th, the day before the official debut of "Gossip Girl" on Monday, September 14th at 9m. Right in the middle of New York Fashion Week Spring 2010, fittingly so.

Metallic Jacquard Dress in Multicolor Circles for $59.99
Due to popular demand and constant inquiries, Manhattan designer, Anna Sui decided to use the four main characters' verve: Blair, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa to represent the different boroughs and neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn then infuse each individual style and lifestyle in this four-parts collection for Target.
This affordable collections makes the "Gossip Girl" style more accessible to its legion of fans who identify and aspire to a particular "Gossip Girl" character.
The "Blair" segment consists of ornate jacquard in simple, easy to wear shift dresses that can be worn alone as mini dresses or paired with leggings or skinny jeans or trousers as chic tunics. This "Edie Sedgewick"-inspired look represents Blair Waldorf as the epitome of the Upper East Side proper, conservative but cute chic.

Black Lace Halter Dress in $69.99

If your soul yearns for the alternative Brooklyn/Lower East Side Rocker chick, then you are a Jenny. You can make do with anything available on hand then turn it into something smashing. Anna Sui reach into New York's punk heritage then turn girly lace into an edgy, sexy, but simple halter dress.

Black Leather Jacket paired with $59.99 Satin Stripe Shift Dress

Funny, a "Jenny" girl can easily transition into the free-wheeling Upper East Side socialite, Serena Van der Woodsen, the Park Avenue Princess who rebels against her own neighborhood's stodginess. With black and gray dominating the "Serena" capsule, you can mix Jenny's punk rock attitude with Serena's laid-back panache.

$29.99 Plaid Vest with $34.99 Cropped Pants with Lace Sleeve Tee $29.99

Blake Lively, the actress playing Serena, describes her character's style as "Urban Equestrian." A mix of the Californian Bohemian Vibe with the urban toughness of New York.

You can easily rock Serena's and Jenny's warbrobe together for your own unique take on the Upper East Side look.

$44.99 Ottoman Puff Vest and $44.99 Geo-Mixed Empire Dress

If the island of Manhattan is not your thing, you can mimic Brooklyn's alternative artsy queen, Vanessa. Her color palette of brown, orange, and white and her ethnic patterns suggest a more realistic representation of the greater boroughs of New York, a commingling of immigrants and first-generation Americans swirled together into a tasty blend that is a whole lot spicer than the Upper East Side's Creme de la Creme.

See, you can dress just like your favorite "Gossip Girl" from Anna Sui, the ultimate New York designer at reasonable prices in top notch fabrics and details, from the accessible Target.