Monday, February 25, 2019

Oscar Week: First, You Prep Then You Chill at Noirtainment's Oscar Retreat with Neutrogena, DRY SODA & LEAFF WAFFLES, Finally You Party on the Big Night with Tiffany Haddish at Griot Gala Oscars 2019 at The District by Hannah An.

By Laura Medina

The week leading up to "Oscar Sunday," the Sunday when the Academy Awards are held is the finishing line to the three months long Awards Season, when the best in acting and music are recognized and rewarded for their work.

It's also Hollywood's bonafide high society/social season, where industry and nominees and winners are in the throes of getting red carpet or photogenic perfection, so they can party like it's 1999.

Oscar Week, like any awards week, starts off with a whisper of prep, a middle of pampering then ends with a bang of galas and partying.

Hannah An's The District must be unofficial Oscar Week central.  It hosted Lianne Tucker's Lianne Tucker's Pre-Oscars Event and Trunk Show where industry professionals and nominees get treated to boosted spray tans, shop for...

Everybody needs a nutritional collagen boost for bouncy, youthful skin by Beaumore Collagen Beauty Drink.

For the those who spent the entire year pale and grouty, these beauty lounges are here to help in the last-minute before hitting the red carpet and accepting that award.

More than mere appearance, Portfino Beverly Hills' Custom Airbrush Tanning with different shimmers and textures and additional skin boosters, such as anti-aging, t0 give you that extra confidence.  Shoot, more than a spray tan, their tanning is airbrushing body makeup with skincare.  This naturally tanned scribe might give them a try.

To further glide the customized spray tan, Beverly Hills cosmetic pioneer of enhancing designer makeup, Valerie Beverly Hills was there promoting her newest and latest makeup and eye patches when running the Awards Season gets to you.

Sometimes, a beauty suite or lounge gives you what you need while shooting on location, out in the elements.

Actors and cast of Noirtainment's "Marisa Romanov," were thrilled to find Neutrogena products that they can use on set and in real life.

Micaverie Amaia and Niko Sparks both can use Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15, to moisturize and protect their skin, without clogging their pores, while running errands or acting on set, while on location...

"Marisa Romanov" cast member, Ron Cobert sure can use Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 while surfing then wash it all off gently yet effectively with Neutrogena's Rainbath® Renewing Shower and Bath Gel-Pear & Green Tea.  

Being a cooking show producer and actress keeps Tysha Williams busy. She was sure as thrilled to receive  Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 to protect her complexion then Neutrogena's Rainbath® Renewing Shower and Bath Gel-Pear & Green Tea to renew and refresh.

Eli Jane and "Marisa Romanov" cast member, Lincoln Bever, were happy to add Neutrogena's Pear and Green Tea Rainbath to their bathroom basics.

Tysha Williams was overjoyed to discover Neutrogena's Smokey Kohl Eyeliner in her Noirtainment's Oscar Retreat bag.

Noirtainment's relaxing Oscar Retreat was the calm before the storm.  It was a friendly, calm before the storm were guests discover Neutrogena products they can actually use in real life, on and off the set.

They were treated to all-natural, low sugar in sophisticated, gourmet flavored DRY SODA in cucumber, lavender, and vanilla and Firefly Ridge Pinot Noir Wine.

Light, crisp Cucumber DRY SODA may had been the classic but Oscar Retreat guests discovered Lavender and Vanilla DRY SODA.  Put together, the usual Awards Week chaos dissipates.

Eli Jane and Ross Gosla toasting with DRY SODA and Firefly Ridge Pinot Noir on a chill and chilly Malibu afternoon.  No craziness here.  Just congenial camaraderie.

Pete Freeland is already pairing his Firefly Ridge Pinot Noir with his Vanilla DRY SODA.

Fred Koehler and "Marisa Romanov" creator, Miranda Spigener-Sapon chill with sparkling and soothing DRY SODA Lavender...

Lavender DRY SODA was a surprising hit flavor followed by Vanilla...

Niko Sparks guess he better hydrate and get mellow before Oscar Sunday, with Lavender DRY SODA.
You don't to sneak into an Oscar Retreat to get your DRY SODA fix.  These supermarkets carry them.

The guests at Noirtainment's Oscar Retreat were big kids in a candy store, when they nibble on LEAFF WAFFLES,, big, thick Belgian waffles on a stick, are dipped in smooth, Belgian dark, milk, and white chocolate then coated in sprinkles, marshmallow, nuts, and crushed candy.  Even the guests were asking LEAFF WAFFLES are catering their own events. 

Single Men's Boxer Briefs by Galina Sobolev is a thoughtful, practical line, debuting at the Oscar Retreat.  Sweat and moisture-wicking, breathable, lightweight, and practical with a condom pocket, Single Men's Boxer Briefs are everything that any man needs.  It's so comfortable, girlfriends and wives have been known to "borrow."

The ladies weren't left out.  They were transformed into SINGLE robes, jumpers, and dresses by SINGLE's Galina Sobolev.

Noirtainment's Oscar Retreat, everybody wins.

Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters.

Sheryl Lee Ralph.

With all these pampering and beauty lounges, obviously this all leads up to the big night itself, Oscar Sunday when the Academy Awards are handed out then movie industry parties.

The House of Rémy Martin presents XO Opulent Toast to Diversity & Inclusion at The Griot Gala Oscars After-Party, where they honored Sheryl Lee Ralph; and Tiffany Haddish just plain celebrate and party.

On Sun., Feb. 24, 2019, from 8 pm to 1 am the 2nd annual Griot Gala Toast to Diversity & Inclusion After Party took place at The District by Hannah An, Crustacean restaurant group’s latest concept. Six hundred guests gathered to honor and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of today’s top entertainers, influencers and industry greats who represent today's diversity, inclusion and the world becoming ONE. Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a global nonprofit organization providing cutting-edge medicine, advocacy to over 1 million people in 43 countries and largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the U.S, served as the charity partner onboard. Famous faces to grace the event and it’s purple carpet included Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip), Craig DiFranca + Brian Distance (Green Book), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Dreamgirls), Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy), Shervin Roovenpur (Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset), Chaz Dean (celebrity hair stylist), Vanessa Williams (Soul Food), Jayk Gavagher (VEEP), Billie Lee (Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules), Angie Everhart (Supermodel), Brock O’Hurn (Boo! A Madea Halloween), Al B Sure (R&B Artist), Rolanda Watts (Rolanda), David Dobrovik (YouTuber), Miyavi (Unbroken), Cisco Reyes (All Eyez on Me), Camille James + Chantelle Albers (VICE), Kris D. Lofton (HBO Ballers), Mirai Nagasu (US Olympic Figure Skater Medalist), Renee Lawles (The Haves & Have Nots), The cast of Skin, Antonique Smith (Notorious), Porscha Coleman (TV personality), Dr. Chris Donaghue (Love Line), Steve Longi (Oscar-winning director), Kimberley Elise (Diary of a Mad Black Woman), Lunelle Campbell (comedian), and Mitchell Marchand (2019 Oscars writer).  Highlights from the evening incorporated Griot Gala co-founders Dionne Miller and Reid Johnson honoring Tony Award-winning and acclaimed veteran of film and television, Sheryl Lee Ralph with The Trailblazer Award. "Sheryl Lee Ralph is a trailblazer in the worlds of entertainment and activism. She represents the foundation of what the Griot Gala stands for and to honor her was a dream come true for her organization," stated Miller.

Together, Rémy Martin and the  Griot Gala honor and celebrate accomplishments of today's top entertainers, influencers, and industry greats representing modern diversity, inclusion, and contribution.

Sheryl Lee Ralph
Tiffany Haddish
Hosted by and catered by Hannah An's The District,, guests have come to expect...
Hannah's Homemade Noodles.  Hannah An's The District Homemade Noodles are the new classics, right up the league with Wolfgang Puck's Chicken Pot Pie...
Fresh Spring Rolls are the second favorite...
Inside the real VIP Lounge, the VIP Lounge featured “Opulence Revealed,” a multi-sensory and interactive tasting experience for exclusive celebrities and industry members. Guests sampled Rémy Martin’s XO sophisticated flavors paired with fragrant fruits such as grapes, pear, dried apricots, and figs; spices like cinnamon, dried saffron, and stem ginger; or earthy characters like walnuts, hazelnuts, cheese, and chocolates — where taste buds hung upon every note. Premium producer of non-toxic, essential oils, Young Living created an aromatherapy oasis of diffused oils that streamed throughout the air of the VIP lounge as well. Full body massage chairs further heightened the senses to promote relaxation for those trying to unwind from the excitement of the 91st Academy Awards. Opulence Lounge furnishings were provided by Vitality Furniture, committed to traditional and contemporary values that create quality relationships and classic environments.

The District tray-passed modern Vietnamese fare of crab, candy walnut prawns, lobster & crab wontons, tuna poke on rice crisps, spring rolls, noodle station, chocolate mousse cake, pineapple bread pudding, mango cheesecake and assorted macaroons for guests to devour. Annette BibbyOliver of Dream House MGB and Dwight Eubanks (Real Housewives of Atlanta) spearheaded event production and design

Since Remy Martin threw the Oscar After-Party, The District infused fresh strawberries in Remy Martin Cognac then dip them in milk and white chocolate.

The District's next door neighbor, Lady M Café,,
helped out with the dessert bar, Mille Crepes bites in green tea matcha, mocha, lemon, and chocolate.

Starting with the Golden Globes, in the first week of January, following in the footsteps of the holiday, people have been woozing and schmoozing, partying, and negotiating, and posing for the entire Winter, right through Grammy Week to the finishing line of the Oscars.  They weren't immune to colds and flus.  Remy Martin's The Bohemian and The Favourite, their take on Hot Toddy, were a welcome relief to everybody's weary immune system.

Speaking of weary immune systems, Kush Boys, a leader in California's cannabis footprint, spotlighted a Kush Boys Lifestyle Lounge with curated cannabis treats by Cal Farms, Lucid Mood, Try Chemistry, Papa & Barkley, Mellow, Foria Wellness, Apple Dabs, Neptune Sticks and Main Express. While DJ/Model MAAD kept the dance floor hot, signature Remy Martin cocktails, 1738, Botanist Gin, Cointreau, Mount Gay Rum and Moreno champagne glasses overflowed.

No Oscars event would be complete without gift bags. Griot Gala Remy XO VIPs received Bella Spirit and Wen bath, body and hair products by Chaz Dean, Young Living essential oil kits, AHF, Blings by Marium, Feather Lite Aesthetics/Mari Abdulian medical spa certificates, Paragon Cleaners, and Mixed Chicks multi-racial, non-sticky, lightweight curly hair products totaling three-thousand dollars.

Cheers to Awards Season.