Friday, March 30, 2012

Suits are Springing Up for Spring

By Laura Medina

The key Spring/Summer trends lineup.

Bloomingdale's Kevin Harter, the Vice President of Men's & Home Fashion Direction, gave a quick and easy Cliff Notes of Spring and Summer Fashion that the everyday man can understand and use.

Simply stating, thanks to "Mad Men" or a backlash against the overly-tattooed tee-shirt, "Guys are dressing up."

At Century City's Bloomingdale's, Mr. Harter simply lined up the highlights of the current Men's Fashion for Spring that will translate easily into Summer without a beat.

Concise, straight-to-the point, but no less entertaining, Mr. Harter pointed out what every man already has in his wardrobe, or should have in his wardrobe...the All-American classic, the Navy Blazer, a man's idea of the Little Black Dress, a reliable that can be built upon.

This isn't the typical Navy Blazer in heavy wool for Fall and Winter.  It is redone and revamped for Spring in a lighter Tropical wool, in a crisp texture, that is easier to wear in the warmer weather.

To reboot this wardrobe foundation, he suggests gearing it up by mixing it with patterns and prints to make it pop.

Mr. Harter, "Blazers are really hot right now. So, every guy has a Navy Blazer or should have a Navy Blazer.  We’re telling ya’ to mix it up with  color,…have a little fun with your blazer."

Noticing men are starting to add more accessories to get more mileage out of their blazer...and saving money, he suggests adding on a pocket square, cuff links, or whimsical colors to drive your Navy Blazer forward.

What appears to be the traditional Summer outfit of a seersucker jacket and Nantucket Red trousers...April's Fool Day!

Up close, Mr. Harter, pointed out is a fine linen Aqua Vita jacket with red Paige denim, a preppy take on guys pairing their blazers with jeans.

He calls this ensemble, the "fresh and casual" look, sprucing up your basic tee and jeans by topping them off in a breathable linen jacket then reworking either the traditional Nantucket Red trousers or the basic blue jeans by mashing them all up into Nantucket Red jeans by Paige Premium Denim.

Harter also quoted that this outfit is a twist on the preppy look.  This outfit is inspired by the Fifties thriller and movie, "The Talented Mr. Ripley," the jet-setting prepster soaking up the "La Dolce Vita" in Italy, Americana with an European flair set in the Fifties.

Cannot leave the comfort of khaki?  No need to worry.  Mr. Harter understands, "I love guys dressing up but for a more casual look."  Suits never mean uptight or formal, just leaner, meaner, and sleeker.

 The Khaki Suit for Spring is done in cotton, lighter fiber in a light color, guys can relate to that.  Dressing it up with a pair of saddle shoes is the continuation of the Fifties trend.

Loving the saddle shoes for Spring, he adds that Cole Haan did a terrific Spring shoe collection with five or four color ways with these shoes.

See, Mr. Harter proves that easing into Spring and Summer need not be stuffy or stiff.  It is all above rebooting the classics into different, lighter fabrics then driving more mileage out of the basics with accessories, such as pocket squares and wacky socks.

Bascially, just have fun with your suit.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An English Garden in Bloomingdale's, Ted Baker for Women

By Laura Medina

Ted Baker for Women outpost lands in Century City's Bloomingdale's.

After the chills and the drafty, wet weather, you can feel the sun on your face and smell the flowers blooming...Spring is here!

So is "Mad Men." Still have the taste for classic, modern style? Does the neon color-blocking leaves you blocked out? Want classy clothes with a panache of color?

Ted Baker delves back into its English tradition of gardening to bring out a vibrant Spring color palette and garden motif for patterns for its women's Spring collection.

Ted Baker for Women at Bloomingdale's in Century City, California is blooming with traditional, not staid, bold floral prints on Grecian maxi dresses and sheath dresses.

Bold floral colors, such as peony and fuchsia, stand in for the trendy neon revival while body-drapping pleats and billowy ruffles resemble blossoming petals and unfurling flourishes of leaves.

The sheath dress may be the iconic dress of mid-Twentieth Century America, but it is the English who took it then run away with it then refined it for the Twentieth-First Century.

The English brand of Ted Baker may have kept the basic building block of the sleek sheath dress but injected it with their humorous take on whimsy and their pride of individual eccentricity then retweak it for today's modern lady who is looking for something classy but witty.

If you don't find what you're searching for at Ted Baker for Women at Bloomingdale's in Century City, Hunter MacDonald, the concession manager, is more than happy to send you to the main boutique on Robertson Boulevard as a destination point, to fully soak in the Ted Baker experience.

Traditional elegance never means stale at Ted Baker.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dry Bar, Blow Outs for the People & Taking Off

By Laura Medina

Manhattan Beach opening of Dry Bar.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the opening of Dry Bar in Manhattan Beach, California-south of Los Angeles International Airport-Dry Bar's founder and president, Alli Webb took time out to explain how Dry Bar came about, her latest Manhattan Beach salon, and what's next, on a Winter rainy day.

Dry Bar's founder & President...& mom of 2, Alli Webb.

Having used Dry Bar's expertise in updos for formal occasions, it was a rare treat to personally meet the woman behind the brand.

On this rainy, gray day, two curly-haired women (her and this scribe) discuss the importance of looking glossed and instilling confidence-no matter the weather-through quick but quality service at a straight-forward price.

Alli Webb on fulfilling a yearning market void, "I’m a curly-haired girl and I wanted…I was always looking for a place to go and there never existed one. I’m a long-time hair stylist for fifteen years. I can do my own hair but I prefer to have someone else do this. So, this is how it came to be."

As a veteran hair stylist and mom, she was dismayed by the huge gap of high-end salons trying to sweet-talk a customer into a hair cut she does not want; and the low-end discount chains where experience, quality and service is sacrifice for a very low price, only to leave disappointed.

"I felt like there were two bad choices out there. The high-end salon where you’re paying $60 or $70, god knows how much for a blow-out, at variable pricing. Then, there’s the discount chains where you don’t know what you’re getting or what you’re paying; and the experience is off."

She sensed a yearning gap, "I felt like there wasn’t anything in the market-missing niche, a void-like there’s a big hole in the market. I wanted to create a place that is fun to go to, beautiful, all about the experience, treating people right and making them feel wonderful, and getting a really great blowout at a really great price."

This thought, that was always in the back of her mind, formed the foundation for Dry Bar.

It is when she became a mom, the idea took shape...

A "blow out bar" with sweet and healthy snacks and refreshments while being serviced.

"Several years ago, I started a mobile blow dry business before Dry Bar. I have two little kids and I started…I just wanted a reason to get out of the house and talk to other adults. So, I started this mobile blow dry business, blowing out all my mommy friends; and before I knew it, demand went through the roof. I thought “I knew I needed to start a place where these women can come to me. That’s where in Brentwood first opened which meant to be my first…and only location. That’s my baby."

From a simple transition of an idea, kids, wanting to get of the house, and quit driving all over the place, Dry Bar was born.

The styling "Dry Bar" for blow outs & updos. The simple wash & rinse bar in the back.

Through out her years fixing people's hair, Ms. Webb witness dramatic transformations first-hand by simply smoothing, curling, and pinning...without chopping off their manes. Improving on what they already have but making it better with slight tweaks. She and her growing team make the everyday women look and feel like supermodels or celebrities or both.

Alli calls it the "Pantene Moment,"..."Hair is so important. I always felt like that. Hair is the first thing people see. The way your hair looks instills a lot of confidence in you. We see that in our clients all the time. They walk in a certain way then they walk out in a Pantene moment. They’re staring at themselves and they’re bouncing to the front. It’s a really great moment.

So, we’re doing a lot for women’s confidence and happiness as well."

This is when she and her team know they did their job. The job satisfaction is overwhelming.

Basically, Dry Bar gives the everyday woman the Hollywood celebrity treatment at a reasonable price with nothing weird or sneaky practices.

"There’s that pressure that comes along. That’s one thing our clients love. We are not trying to talk you into a haircut or a color. You’re coming in, getting your hair blown out, you feel great then you leave and that’s it. There’s no pressure from a stylist saying, “You need a haircut today.”

Upfront and fair, Alli Webb does say Dry Bar does charges slightly more for complicate, fancy updos for formal events, "We do charge more for updos because they do take quite a big longer. That’s the only thing we charge more for. Any type of blow out, whether we use a flat iron or a blow dryer or a curling iron or anything is $35 dollars. We do charge more for updos which we call “Uptinis.”

"There is a considerable more time invested into that ("Uptinis") but everything else thing is $35. It’s a flat $35. No matter what. We never charge you more on hair type or texture or anything like that."

For those who are all thumbs, Dry Bar fixing your updo is a great stress-reliever.

A rainy day do,' glossy & smooth on top then bouncy & wavy on the bottom, "Kate Middleton."

On opening in Manhattan Beach, California and expanding, Alli Webb is one sharp and insightful cookie.

"We have a lot demand from this area. You know, this center is so great, the co-tenants, Whole Foods, our customer is here and we know that. We’ve been getting a lot of requests to come down to this area."

With the influence of "Mad Men" and "Pan Am," women wanting to be more glossy stepping on board, and stepping off the plane then getting ready for that event within an hour,..

"It’s so close to the airport. I cannot tell you how many women are telling me, “I’m off to the airport now.” Yeah-that’s the great part of it. It’s so centrally located. There are such great shops here. They do their grocery shopping. They get their hair blown out. They can shop. They can go have lunch. So, it’s just the perfect location. I’m really happy to be here. "

The next step for Dry Bar,...

"We already have two shops open up already in NY. We’re opening more. We’re opening in the Upper West Side, Upper East, Tribeca…we have a lot of plans to be in NY. We’re expanding more and opening more here in the LA area. Another 10 to 12 in 2012."

Despite the sudden growth spurt and surging popularity, just knowing she can give the everyday woman a "Pantene Moment" is enough but Ms. Webb isn't above giving credit to her expanding team to help her accomplish all this...

"I have a lot of help. I can’t take all of the credit."

What was a simple fix to fill in an growing salon industry gap, just knowing Dry Bar can make women look and feel like Hollywood celebrities and supermodels by simply fixing their hair, at a fair price in an upbeat setting with a friendly, straightforward mentality, really makes Alli Webb's day.

Whether it was her first salon in Brentwood or growing as it is now, this is truly professional accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

Mission Accomplish.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shapes of Things to Come, Body Mapping by Bodymetrics

By Laura Medina

Step right in...the Bodymetric Mapping Pod for 4 days only.

Does shopping for denim with it's daunting array of cuts, fits, and finishes makes you dizzy?

Do compromising with a pair of ill-fitting jeans because it is in your "size" compromises your self-esteem?

Step right in Bodymetric's Mapping Pod and you'll find the right shape of denim that matches your body shape, not size, and saves you time, energy, and confidence.

The West Coast debut of the Bodymetrics Mapping Pod's revoluntionary scanning technology made the morning news on Los Angeles' Fox 11 news, first thing in the morning.

With its Mod-ish "Star Trek" inspired interior and foot prints for positioning, Bodymetrics makes locating the right pair of jeans fun. Baby Boomers and Sci-Fi fans cannot help but think, "Beam me up, Scotty." It can't teleport you to a new planet; but it can the best-fitting jeans for your shape, not size, in their library of various denim brands.

Bodymetrics' "Body Mapping."

After decades of "vanity sizing," Bodymetrics clear the clutter of confusion by categorizing people based on body shapes, not sizes.

They are interested in shapes. Their belief is that people come in shapes, not sizes.

Respecting body shapes, Bodymetrics classify body shapes into 3 different types of gems:

The Emerald is the slim and slender body shape, not a whole lot of difference between hip, waist, and torso.

The Sapphire is where the widest measurement is in the abdomen and hips.

The Rudy is the Marilyn-sque, curvaceous hourglass shape. Wide shoulders and torso. Narrow waist then back to a wide hip measurement.

The sensors are no different from the cameras in laptops and not as invasive as the TSA's body scanners. Nope, Bodymetrics do not scan through your underwear; but their sensors do pick up 100 body measurements of contours and curves for a 3-D figure of your body. They shine light on the body then the reflections record the body’s dimension into a 3-D outline of the body…and nothing more. This takes all of 5 seconds.

The Bodymetrics Stylists.

Once mapped, you create a secure account for your 3-D model then Bodymetrics store your account with your 3-D model into their database.

The database automatically opens a catalog of jeans that best fit your body shape. However, this is where a Bodymetrics stylist takes from there.

If you want a specific pair of jeans for a specific function or reason, office-appropriate wide leg denim or dazzling white jeans for night, based on your body shape, the Bodymetrics stylist will locate that ideal pair of jeans.

Bodymetrics take the trauma and drama out of denim-hunting.

Don't wait! Bodymetrics Mapping Pod will only be at Bloomingdale's Century City for a mere 4 days for Denim Days, March 15th until the 18th.

A great solution for those last minute, party denim for Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Monday, March 12, 2012

One Size Smaller & Smoother Skin

By Laura Medina

Not Your Daughter's Jeans' tailoring & style guide...not Mommy Jeans.

Not Your Daughter's Jeans, or NYDJ, really instigated the fit-control designer denim market for Missy aka "The Forgotten Woman", the 35 years old to 45 years old woman and the 50+ demographic.

Lisa Sandel-Rudes, a garmento's daughter who grew up in the denim business, was dismissed by the lack of tailoring and style for women her age, who are demographically large and affluentally powerful, "The curvy crowd was out of luck,..."There were no jeans for the woman — except baggy, dumpy-looking things..." ("Not Your Daughter's Jeans is all about the baby boomers;" Leslie Earnest, Los Angeles Times, May 19, 2007 at 12:00 AM).

Spotting the neglect of the trend-aware Baby Boomer market, the lack of sizing availablity in the fashion-forward denim segment and the lack of style and tailoring for the growing Plus size among the younger market, NYJD jumped right in and built an unique and profitable "Tummy Tuck Jeans" market for fashion-forward Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Plus-sized Gen-Y and Teen markets.

NYDJ's Designer Director, Deanna Herron, "Our demographics has expanded to, capturing more of the 35 to 45 years old. We also have a 50+ customer. We’re also bringing a younger customer because we’re bringing in more fashion-forward styles and tailoring and color. Whether it’s fit or leggings, prints, and some really beautiful washes."

Being a garmento family that they are, the Rudes aka "NYDJ," invented "Tummy Tuck Technology,"Lift Tuck Technology," a built-in hidden panel, patented criss-cross stitching; and on each side of the panel, sewn-in side seams and front.

With the stretch denim, the front panel flattens the tummy, smoothing out the hips and lifting up the butt.

Ms. Herrons said the end results makes you a full size smaller as it pulls you in.

Their Missy and Plus-size customers really love their Skinny/Leggings jeans, especially with the additional slimming effect of a knee-high boot.

Ms. Herrons, "We’re also updating our classic customer. We’re giving her more options. Our customer loves all our fashions. They love prints a lot. They like the skinny leg. They love color. With NYDJ skinnies ,they can still be in fashion and be flattering... The biggest opportunities is to give the customer more fashion. She wants to wear what everybody else is wearing so we want to provide her with prints, color, fits, and washes. This is what we can provide her in this current line."

Wacoal's ControlFreak Shapewear for Apple Bottoms...& Pear Bottoms, too.

To literally reinforce one's shape, Wacoal can add extra security with their new ControlFreak Shapewear.

Wacoal's dealing with real women's everyday concerns and knows not all women's bodies are alike. Through exhaustive research, they realized most either fall into Apples or Pears.

ControlFreak Shapewear for Apples is proportionately designed for fuller waist and hips. The strategically placed panels to smooth and comfortably shape tummy. The rear panels lift for support and shaping to balance proportion of Apple body. A gentle leg opening for comfort.

Pear bodies can get relief and reinforcements are proportionately designed for a smaller waist and fuller hips and rear. It accommodates fuller rear and hips unlike any other shapewear. Fuller thighs have relaxed leg openings.

Apple and Pear ControlFreaks use panels to smooth tummy and hips. Wacoal sewn a cute red apple on the panties to tell women it's an Apple and a green Pear to tell folks it's for Pear bodies.

Wacoal's iPant Long Leg Shapers to battle cellulite.

Being one size smaller not enough? What the added benefit of smoother rear and thighs?

Wacoal enlisted Novarel Slim technology in one of their latest shapewear. Novarel Slim are nylon microfibers embedded with microcapsules of caffeine to promote fat destruction; vitamin E to slow down aging; ceramides to restore and maintain the skin’s smoothness; and retinol and aloe vera to moisturize and increase the firmness of the skin.

It's pretty durable technology. These iPant Shapers, with skincare microfibers, can last through 100 washes. To experience the full effect, you have to wear them for 8 hours for 7 days in a 28 days period, like any other lingerie.

Women who gave it a go reported improved appearance, a reduction in thigh measurement and that their clothes felt less tight.

Imagine that, one size smaller with Not Your Daughter's Jeans and smoother skin with Wacoal's iPants or ControlFreak.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Complete Beauty-Sue Devitt's iO Beauty & Eye Intensifier Pencils

By Laura Medina

Sue Devitt's new skincare line, iO Beauty Moisture Concentrate.

This scribe has spent the entire Awards Season test-driving the most exotic and expensive facial creams, serums, and lotions.

Surging directly into Los Angeles Fashion Week, her skin is a wreck and needs constant and efficient but affordable pampering.

For years, she has to rely on this high-tech, organic face gel from Switzerland that is only available in one-off, upscale Beverly Hills boutiques to keep her skin soft and moist and oil-free...but it was a pain on the wallet. Ouch!

Then, something more available and comparable came along, Sue Devitt's iO Beauty Moisture Concentrate to protect and nourish.

The same light fruity texture and fragrance. It imparts the same moisturizing but grease-free luminous glow derived from wild Australian blackberry, goji berry, mangosteen, and a├žai.

No wonder it radiates a healthy a more reasonable price of $32 on

Now that the skin is plump, nutured, and nourished, The Arriviste can create multitude of looks with Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier Pencils.

You can get a lot of mileage from these nubby and chubby eye pencils moonlighting as eyeshadow, in rich shades with a glint of sparkle, striking as an intense eyeliner or smudged as velvety eyeshadows, with the precise sponge applicator at the other end.

Getting Emma Stone's sexy and easy cat eyes...take Sue Devitt's black Pointe Noire Eye Intensifier Pencil, sharpened into a point, line the rims of both the upper and lower eyelids. On the upper eyelids, take the eye liner out to a sharp angle towards the temple. These simple yet bold cat eyes, with pink lipgloss, is impromptu and last-minute, great for on-the-go party look.

For Frieda Pinto's more subtle but smoky eyes, combine bronze eyeshadow with the same black Pointe Noire Eye Intensifier Pencil.

Instead of a sudden swoop, soften the liner by holding a flat eyeshadow brush then feathering the liner upwards. Using the same brush in gentle, little strokes, feather the liner on the lower eyelids outward towards the temple.

Just two products from Sue Devitt, smearing iO Beauty Moisture Concentrate all over her face then either swooping Cat Eyes on the upper lid or rimming the entire eyes then feathering it for a softer look, with just the black Pointe Noire Eye Intensifier Pencil, The Arriviste is ready for Los Angeles Fashion Week's party circuit...and still have enough dough for gas and valet parking.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Goody Gifting Suites...the Oscars 2012 Edition

By Laura Medina

Screenwriter, Jim Rash, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey, & Penelope Ann Miller.

Ok, this is the last and final round-up of Awards Season Gifting Suites, goody gifts to make you camera-ready prepped and consolation gifts to the also-runs who needs post-awards pampering.

Numerous charities have benefit from being supported by these exclusive gifting lounges.

Honored guests left with an array of unique gifts and helped contribute to GBK’s ongoing efforts to raise funds and awareness for charity. This year’s GBK Lounge raised over $91,000.00 for charitable causes through monetary donations and GBK’s own signature “Celebrity Experience” auctions.

The Worldteam Foundation by Rick and Sue Clark started the Worldteam Foundation in 2006 to combat human trafficking, starting with Thailand and the United States; HollyRod Foundation,The HollyRod Foundation by actress Holly Robinson Peete and her retired NFL quarterback husband, Rodney Peete, is dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with autism and Parkinson’s disease; Drawing Hope International, "Pushing the limits of art, compassion, and healing." Drawing Hope International uses visual art to join sexual assault survivors from every state in the US and 150 other countries into a healing community which supports survivors to connect with their own strength, see their beauty and embrace their freedom and lastly; The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation - The mission is to raise funds for research and awareness towards a cure for Juvenile diabetes.

Weary nominees riding the Awards Season circuit love the premium down pillow from My Pillow - "Guaranteed the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own.” Many of the stars in attendance instantly recognized this premium brand and were thrilled to receive their pillow including world champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard who commented “After all the fights I’ve had, I’m really looking forward to sleeping with My Pillow.”

Beauty and health is a sought after category by celebrities who have demanding daily schedules and seek the latest and most effective products in the market. Some of the great beauty and health gifts present at the event included: RevitaLash ADVANCED featuring their newly formulated RevitaLash ADVANCED eyelash conditioner, Hair by RevitaLash, and RevitaLash Mascara and Perfect Primer; KiwiFox providing a jar of Aqua Surge Age Defying Moisturizer and Shimmering Vitamin O2 Body Spray; AMBE, a revolutionary skin care system showcasing two of their most celebrated products, Vitamin Veil and All-In-One Night Cream; TEI Spa Essentials - Limited edition sonic spatula, facial mask and clutch; thinkThin gifting a wellness package filled with thinkThin nutrition bars and swag and a special golden ticket for a year's supply of thinkThin protein bars to keep them fueled through auditions and travel; and lastly Vani-T - Gifting a gorgeous selection of chemical-free luxurious beauty products including minerals, tanning, bodywear, and teeth whitening.

For the celebrities who have it all, GBK delivered more novelties, exclusive gifts and the latest must-haves including: Tkaro - Red Dot Award winning Tkaro, a transportable glass bottle with protective stainless steel cover: the glass you take with you; The Artisan Group, an elite collective of over 700 small-business entrepreneurs, showcased a broad spectrum of hand crafted gifts and charming little luxuries; Max Mirani - 2-in-1 cabin-size suitcases; and Staree by IZEA. Staree, the premier celebrity-only platform that allows its users to monetize their updates, photos, and videos while maintaining full control of their content, was on site gifting 8GB iPod Touch preloaded with the Staree application.

Lumeria Maui, a luxury retreat, offered a Luxury Educational Retreat offering classes & programs in yoga, water activities, metaphysical studies, horticulture and Hawaiian history and culture. A 180 degrees flip from Los Angeles' and New York's go-go culture.

GBK’s celebrity guests fueled and indulged in many treats like - Designer Caramel Apples; Bread Basket Cake Company offering creamy rich dark chocolate red velvet truffles and a gift certificate for an 8 in custom cake; and Obsessive Confection Disorder showcasing an assortment of the finest vegan confections. Treats without the guilt.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Janie Bryant Springs her Second "Mad Men" Collection for Banana Republic

By Laura Medina

Mad MenCostume Designer Janie Bryant and Banana Republic Creative Director Simon Kneen

Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper, “Mad Men), what a young lady, was kind enough to open her home (actually, her parents' home) in Hancock Park to graciously host Janie Bryant's second "Mad Men" Collection for Banana Republic, the night before the official release in the stores.

Back by popular demand, renewed due to consumer positive response of the first "Mad Men" capsule when it debuted in August 2011, Banana Republic's second "Mad Men" Collection for Spring. This "Mad Men" Spring Collection takes its cues from the country club scenes from the television series, echoing society/Hollywood photographer, Slim Aarons' "Once Upon a Time" coffee table book...and mid-century American style bible.

Janie Bryant, Kiernan Shipka, Amy Smart of "Shameless" & Simon Kneen

Kieran Shipka, "I think I love working with Janie. What I think what she does with Banana Republic, really reflects on the show but gives it (the Mad Men Collection for Banana Republic) a modern twist.

Wearing the "Mad Men" sheath dress in white lace (one of the prominent Spring fabric in the collection), Ms. Shipka added her own personal panache by pinning a square rhinestone shoe brooch as a brooch and a bracelet from this latest "Mad Men" Collection.

Raving as a "Mad Men" devotee, "Shameless' Amy Smart wore head-to-toe Spring "Mad Men" Collection, the sheath dress in the vivid floral prints with the latest accessories.

This is Ms. Smart's fashion sense, "What you're naturally drawn to."

She drawn to the collection's vibrant color palette and the sheath dresses' fitted silhouette.

Her favorite characters: Joan for making her hourglass figure feminine in fitted cuts. Betty for her more flared and nipped construction, paraphasing, "Betty rocks her fashion." But Ms. Smart's hearttrob, resident bad boy, Jon Hamm/Don Draper for his sexiness and coolness, despite being manipulative.

Amy loves how the show's storylines pushes the limits.

As for the Lady of Honor, Janie Bryant said designing a second "Mad Men" Collection for Banana Republic is much more exciting.

"I’m just so happy people are so exciting. The sheath is the staple piece of the 60’s. Still revelant for women of today. Most flattering. Modern fabric. Modern detail. Modern customer."

Even though this second "Mad Men" Collection represents Spring in the fresh, brighter color in floral prints in crisp, lighter fabrics, this still represents the tv series and that era in whole.

"It was incredible to see the extraordinary reaction to the first Banana Republic 'Mad Men' capsule. I couldn't wait to work with Simon and his team to help inspire the new spring collection," says Bryant. "Drawing inspiration from some of my favorite spring pieces from the series, we've given fans the tools to create their own looks, just like their favority 'Mad Men' characters-taking you from the office to country club and everywhere in between."

Ms. Bryant, "Fashion represent culture...Our culture has been casual for the last few years. I am so proud that I influenced people to wear tailored clothing and dress up again. Inspiring and educating people in dressing up again. The Sixties' silhouette is still revelant and translatable. The sheath dress is iconic of American fashion. I'm fanatical about research. I love watching old movies, period magazine, newspaper, vintage catalog. I love fabric stores. People love their favorite character. For me, it’s the variety. My favorite character changes with each episode."

The entire Spring "Mad Men" Collection out in display with Banana Republic's Creative Director Simon Kneen.

Ms. Bryant loves Banana Republic's Creative Director, Simon Kneen. They both love menswear, the details of 1960's. "We have creative communications between us."

“It’s been a fantastic experience working with Janie again on this new spring capsule,” says Simon Kneen, creative director, Banana Republic. “We continually find fresh ways to re-imagine stylish work wear for our customers,” says Kneen. “Spring delivers a whole new palette and gave us an excuse to draw from different scenes and wardrobe from the show as inspiration. Janie’s perspective was invaluable in helping us create a collection that is both chic and modern, while remaining true to the aesthetic of the 1960s era.”

Paraphasing Mr. Kneen, "Hitting the stores today. Everyone loves the collections. Fall was all about going to the office, wearing a suit, the dark colors, the heavy fabrics. Spring is all about fresh fabric, pastel colors. Very iconic. The pieces and the outfits in the collection respect the characters. Each dress has a character behind it. Usually, it is movies that influence fashion. It is very rare a tv show influence fashion. TV really hasn't. Matt's writing...Janie's design pushes fashion."

The hot pink dress influenced by Betty Draper and fitted sheath dresses inspired by Joan.

Upon entering the launch party in the Shipka's foyer, guests are greeted by models dressed in the collection, staged in tableaus and subtly reflecting various "Mad Men" characters serving as inspiration for their particular look. Bryant and Kneen offered individual walk-throughs of the collection to the guests.

Throughout the cocktail, the party theme was mid-century Hollywood Classic. Dewars Whiskey was the main ingredient in the "Mad Men" cocktails, setting the mid-Sixties tone. The uniquely Hollywood touch was a duo of cartoon artists sketching party guests as mid-Sixties' caricatures cartoons. The outfit and the bodies were pre-drawn but the guests' head were sketched on later. They were "Mad Men"ed.

Spring’s Banana Republic Mad Men collection was inspired by the elevated country club scenes from the series, bringing a fresh twist of stylish of modernity to the ‘Mad Men’ aesthetic.

Returning for a fifth season March 25, 2012, Spring’s Banana Republic Mad Men collection delivers a modern-meets-polished take on the panache of the 1960’s era, set through the Banana Republic lens of must-have versatile work wear with style.

It embodies the fashion tenants of the era – including polished sportswear and chic essentials – with a fresh, country club-inspired twist.

The menswear collection features dapper dressing separates, including bright polos, bold checked woven shirts, argyle vests, and a sporty spring-weight navy blazer – sharp for the board room or the club lounge. Dapper daytime dressing looks for men include a bright polos, bold checked woven shirts, argyle vests, a luxe, spring-weight navy blazer.

The women’s collection offers ladylike pieces in brights and bolds, like sophisticated dresses in graphic florals and solids including a cap-sleeve dress with reversible waist sash in lush cream and a cheery pink nip-waist dress, cardigans and feminine lace shell blouses and chic coral cropped capris. Accents of versatile statement jewelry accessorize the looks perfectly from desk to dinner. Bright and bold meets ladylike demure with sophisticated dresses in graphic florals and solids including a cap-sleeve dress with reversible waist sash in lush cream and a cheery pink nip-waist, cardigans and feminine lace shell blouses, chic coral cropped capris. Accents of statement jewelry accessorize the looks perfectly.

Just in time for Don Draper's tee time at the country club.