Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sweet Sugar Skin-Saviors for Cold, Dry Climates & Seasons or When You Scarred & Got a Boo Boo.

By Laura Medina

No matter how hard you try or how careful you are, stuff happens.  The same can be said about skincare.

Yes, the majority of skincare does the usually moisturizing and wrinkle-nourishing.  But, what about the blemishes, the light, minor scarring that one gets during the holidays, chopping, cutting, and burning?

It's this time of the year, we demand more out of your moisturizers.

Here are the new crop of moisturizers who go beyond the call of duty and worth indulging as an investment.

After getting banged up in a hideous car wreck, Andy Hnilo lived to survive to realized the skin is the largest defensive and protective organ literally holding our sack of organs together.

He took the masculine approach.  He went to Home Depot and bought industrialized equipment, then made his apartment into his first skincare lab.

This is where his “Alitura” Skincare was born.  Alitura is Latin for “feeding and nourishing.”  

This scribe was lucky to take his Alitura Moisturizer on Winter Holiday and dabbed it on holiday-inflicted scar "boo-boo."

It does more than soften the skin.  It heals and seals.  It softens, lightens, and evens out a scar, making it heal within the surrounding healthier skin.  To the point, that most folks don't even notice it,  It's not greasy or oily, doesn't block or suffocate the pores.  Which means, it wears well underneath makeup foundation while it heals the boo-boo.  In other words, as it heals, the scar fades away, soft, even, flat, and fades into the healthier surrounding skin, fading away the dark scar pigments.  It either fills and nourished the deep scars or evens out and smooth the raised scars.  You can the effects nightly, if you use it everyday and night.

Bringing together the best of nature and science, Andy's team selected the hive products of organically managed bees from the beautiful islands of Hawaii as they condition and heal the skin better than most botanicals. They have formulated a unique bioactive base that provides a therapeutic effect on your skin cells, healing damaged skin tissue as well as slowing the aging process.
The Alitura Moisturizer uniquely blends organic botanicals like Sea Buckthorn and German Blue Chamomile with organic extracts like Wilelaiki raw honey and bee propolis that awaken your skin cells, refresh your complexion, and promote new cell growth.
Through meticulous research and a passion to develop healthful, high-quality natural skin care products, Alitura Moisturizer is an innovative product that is rich, nourishing, and leaves your skin and your soul glowing bright. 
The price ain't bad either, considering the pump bottle is packed with fittingly, the Christmas Berry Honey, for anti-septic yet moisturizing and healing properties.
Sugar has gotten a bad rap or reputation.  Honey has always been known as a cosmetic that heals and seals, the proto-NuSkin Gel.  Now it's being re-discovered for it's cosmetic skincare benefits.  In fact, honey-skincare for Winter is the hottest trend, that does't clog the pores which means no zits and no zit pits.
Mirai Clinical Skin Balancing Sugar Oil has... 
  • Sugar oil (squalene) is nature’s oil that is closest to our skin’s. As such, sugar oil helps the skin improve its own moisture and oil balance naturally, instead of just adding ingredients on the outside.
  • Sugar oil helps protects your skin from sun damage and dryness as a natural moisture barrier.
  • Their sugar oil is highly pure, having gone thru an extensive purification process in Japan. Due to its highly stable purity, their sugar oil can help protect from sun damage, unlike generic face oils.
For you dry skin traditonalists, yes Mirai Clinical Skin Balancing Sugar Oil is a traditional oil you squirt out of the pump bottle.  However, a pimple has yet to erupt while Mirai Sugar Oil also heals and seals the scar and the boo-boo.

Both Alitura's The Moisturizer and Mirai Clinical Skin Balancing Sugar Oil are both reasonably priced under $100.

Astrologer Susan Miller Forecasts 2018 with Fresh Beauty's Zodiac Soap.

By Laura Medina
Famed Astrologer & Mathematician, Susan Miller.

In an intimate year-end lecture and Questions & Answers cocktail party, Susan Miller went out of her way, doing her annual astrology cocktail in a rare Los Angeles appearance.  A departure from her usual New York sit-down.

Los Angelenos sat raptured during Susan's rare Hollywood appearance.

Right now, the celestial favorite is Scorpio.  Remember, everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their charts.  So, you wouldn't feel left out of good vibes and fortunes.  The planet of good fortune, Jupiter, is locked in Scorpio for a year, until November 18th, 2018.

For those searching for the light, at the end of the tunnel, Pisceses and Virgos have been hit by some sort of financial hits and hurts this year.  Once 2018 arrives, the financial burden will be lifted then a rainbow will rise.

For the long-suffering, constantly put-upon, industrious Capricorns, take advantage of the one-day, rare occurrence of 6 planets lining up in this steadfast sign.  Imagine the investment of good luck.  Finally!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Vegas Baby! Lady Gaga is Doing a Two Years Residency at the Park Theater for $75 Million!

By Laura Medina

Calling you outer and inner monsters, creatives, artsy-fartsies, theather geeks, and outliners, the one who does the best and kicks ass doing it, is calling Las Vegas home for two years.

Lady Gaga is going to do a two-years residency at MGM Resort's The Park Theater.

Proving she's a sure-fire hit-maker, Lady Gaga will join the ranks of legends, such as Cher, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, and Elton John, nesting on the Vegas Strip.

Six-time GRAMMY Award-winner, Golden Globe Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee superstar entertainer Lady Gaga will bring her one-of-a-kind talent and creativity to the stage at Park Theater at Park MGM in Las Vegas beginning in December 2018.  

On the heels of a year that included a stunning Super Bowl performance and a wildly celebrated sold-out tour, Lady Gaga’s energy and raw talent will forever change the Las Vegas entertainment landscape. 

With a show designed specifically for this intimate venue, Lady Gaga will launch a two-year, multi-date love affair with Las Vegas, starting December 2018.  Think of it as a Christmas gift to her admirers and fans.

For all her avant-garde performance art and costumes, Las Vegas' mid-twentieth century "Mad Men/Rat Pack" history holds dear to her heart.

Lady Gaga said, “It’s the land of Elvis, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, Elton John, Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli. It has been a life-long dream of mine to play Las Vegas. I am humbled to be a part of a historical line-up of performers, and to have the honor of creating a new show unlike anything Vegas has ever seen before. I’ll tell you exactly what I told my MGM and Park Theater partners - you can count on this performer always for one thing…I’ll leave my heart on the stage every single night. Thank you to my fans for always believing in me. Meet me in Las Vegas baby, we did it!”

Bill Hornbuckle, President of MGM Resorts International said, “Our announcement today of Lady Gaga joining an amazing lineup of talent at Park Theater is monumental for Lady Gaga fans, MGM Resorts and the Park MGM brand. We have all been wowed by Lady Gaga’s raw talent, but the passion, commitment and creativity she is prepared to bring to this engagement will truly be transformational…Las Vegas, get ready to become the Entertainment Capital of the Universe.”

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sharing is Caring, The Federal Bar's New Year Eve's Bidding Farewell to 2017 Dinner Feast.

By Laura Medina

After having a year that ripped us apart, the holidays transiting from the old to the new, is going to embrace us together.

Let's start on the New Year's Eve dinner feast at the welcoming The Federal Bar, in both North Hollywood and Long Beach, with heart-warming, comforting, but no less quality comfort food meant for sharing, sharing is caring.

Let's start out with the traditional, salad.  Not just one salad but a duo of salads.

Wedge Caesar of baby romaine, crispy onion strings, pecorino romano, and roasted garlic Caesar dressing.

If fresh is your thing, The Federal Bar got that too, in the Baby Beet Salad, packed with antioxidants.

The salads warms us to the main event, the meaty entrées.  Let's get this party started.  This is when the real feasting begins.

Les Classics dominated the feast.

Herb Roasted Chicken started the feasting....

Collagen-enriching Wild Salmon accompanied the surf n' turf...

Prime Rib classic standard, accompanied by sides of...

classic meat and potatoes of Yukon Gold Potato Puree...

What The Federal Bar excels at,is roasting and barbecuing cauliflower.  This cauliflower based-roasted vegetables of crispy Brussels sprouts and grilled creamed corn, pairs well with the Wild Salmon and the Herb Roasted Chicken.  This even sides well with Prime Rib.  An all-around good side dish.

You can, even, order mac n' cheese, broiled and crunchy on top.

No dinner or meal is complete without dessert, dessert.

The vegan, gluten-free Vegan Brownie Sundae with equally vegan peanut
butter ice cream and caramelized banana slices was so wholesome, that should double as breakfast.

Here's another dessert option to the chocoholic, a vanilla Salted Caramel Pots De Crème
with spicy almond biscotti.
2016 Ios by Georgos Dry Rosé – Unoaked goes well with everything, from Beets & Bibbs salad to Prime Rib, Herb Roasted Chicken Breast to Wild Salmon to chocolate to salted caramel vanilla.  "Frose Rose!"

This scribe has a thing for gastropubs, a friendly, approachable atmosphere matched with equally quality food.  Friendliness and good food aren't mutual exclusively.  Pairing good food with good people is a good formula to making new friends for the new year while reconnecting with the old.

Cheers to 2018!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The all-star Hellcat Saints and Jane's Addiction blew a kiss to Rhonda's Kiss Benefit Concert.

By Laura Medina

Rhonda's Kiss Benefit Concert was a Nineties all-star blast.

Era-defining and alternative rock luminaries, Jane's Addiction and the Hellcat Saints' all-stars of "Alice in Chain" Jerry Cantrell and "The Cult" Billy Duffy and "Weezer" members rock out their classic songs and their hearts for Rhonda's Kiss, a cancer charity that helps cancer make financial ends met,

Drea De Matteo is a rocker.

"He's Just Not Into You" and "Sex and the City" writer, Greg Behrendt hosted the concert...

The opening band was the Hellcat Saints, rocking each member's classic songs that define a generation....

Billy Duffy did The Cult's hit, "Love Removal"...

Guest lead singer, Jerry Cantrell sang his Alice in Chains' grunge hit, "Man in the Box."

Of course, everybody came out for legendary alternative rockers, Jane's Addiction.

They did all their classic Nineties alternative hit songs:


They saved the real fundraising towards the very end, right before their last, final song, "Jane Says."
It was a guitar autographed by Perry Farrell, Jerry Cantrell, and Billy Duffy.  It was auctioned off at thousands of dollars. Simple, that was it.
Jane's Addiction ended the night with a touching, acoustic version of "Jane Says."
May you have a rockin' Christmas around the Christmas tree.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Slater's 50/50 Welcomes the Ladies with NFL Brunch and Cocktails, Artisan Fruit Beers, and a Bloody Mary Bar where Nobody is Left Out and Welcomes Some Good Guys.

By Laura Medina

From watching what people order and eat, operating a mobile hot dog stand to one heck of a sports gastropub that welcomes anyone, Scott Slater has discovered a magical formula that expanded from Southern California to Dallas, where it's an hit.

His Slater's 50/50 gastropub restaurant started from mixing a burger patty that's 50% beef and 50% bacon.  His Original 50/50 started a mini empire that's 50% sports with 32 tvs everywhere at all angles and a well-managed restaurant chain that bacon has built.

Scott hit at the right moment at the right time, when down-home economical bacon became a magical ingredient during the 2008 Economic melt-down.  From his Original 50/50 Burger, he invented all sorts of magical things out of bacon as decent meat and that sweet/savory umami flavor power...


The magical secret is that bacon is sprinkled as flavor, not just the main meat or as another main meat competing against the other main meat.  It enhances the flavor, not dominate, a good team player.

If you want something good quality but simple chic because you had a rough week or you party-ed hard all last night, here's a good, light but nourishing hangover cure...

Do what this scribe did, after driving 13.5 miles through Southern California's wild fires burning up the freeways, just to go to work, refreshing on a vitamin-rich Virgin Mary then nosh on simple chic real protein on Slater's 50/50's Bacon Flight of: Sriracha Bacon, Rosemary Turkey Bacon, BBQ Bacon and Classic Bacon, just to get yourself back on your feet.

Ladies, the Bloody Maries with the simple chick trio of Bacon Flight is a darn paleo brunch and so are the innovative, creative, but good Bacon cocktails that you all well earned and deserved, Bacon Mary, bacon-washed vodka in Bloody Michael's handcrafted mix and Bacon Old-Fashioned bacon-washed bourbon, maple syrup, and whiskey bitters.

Ladies, there are plenty of options and chances for you to catch plenty of men while having plenty of you all, especially that women are as much NFL fans as the dudes, catch them with both...

Sunday morning, for brunch, Slater's 50/50 sets up a gourmet "help yourself" Bloody Mary Brunch Buffet, a sportier option to the overly sweet, exclusively girly cupcakes afternoon tea, devoid of really nice hunky guys, who are not douchebags.  They're just sporty...

And women are equally sporty and loyal to their NFL teams.  Even if you don't want guys, you and NFL-loyal girlfriends can have your own NFL Bloody Mary Buffet Brunch...and your own portion-controlled "Shared" menu of:

Slater's Vampire Dip of Three Cheese Blend, roasted garlic, artichoke, fried pita, fresh veggies, all for dipping in a sourdough bread bowl.

Think of it as a "Girls' Sport Day Out," guys will like you all better, as friendlier and something to share.  NFL Sunday Brunch brings everyone together.

You all Sporty Girls can bond over Buffalo Lime Wings, Thai Sriracha Wings, and that decadent, girly sweet and manly meaty Maple Bourbon Bacon Wings, yum...

Slater's 50/50 is a darn good gastropub where everybody bonds and everything is share, share alike.

Ladies, ever wonder, pondering, where to deck out in your NFL Fanstyle gear,  Levi's for NFL Fan Style is Lifestyle for Both Women & Men., Slater's 50/50 is the place to do it, ain't nothing wrong with that.

With a wall of craft beer on tap, ladies, you all can order refreshing fruit beer as a cocktail alternative, in addition to cocktails,

Ladies, if you still have that sweet tooth craving but you're craving protein, that's the magical power of bacon.  It tastes good as candy and dessert, as it does protein savory.


Desiring and craving something crunchy, light, sweet, but still packs some much-needed protein?  Slater's 50/50 got you covered with their Bacon Bunuelos where they sprinkle candied bacon bits over crispy flour tortillas dusted with cinnamon sugar then drizzled with salted caramel sauce.  Yum, something simple but stylishly crunchy and light. Just right.

Gentlemen, want to woo the ladies, other than ordering them Bacon Bunuelos, you'll impress them if you order them the piece de resistance ...

The Ultimate S'More Shake.

It's a piece de resistance because it's actually a work of edible art that takes time to roast and assemble the roast marshmallow skewers and roast and assemble the s'more then decorate with whipped cream and chocolate syrup decorative drizzle...then whipping up the milkshake.  It's a prelude to a date or for something to accompany that ring.

Maple Bacon Brownie Milkshake

If you still enjoy the active single, no problem.  Slater's 50/50's Maple Bacon Brownie Milkshake is a paleo version of a protein shake to you can pack and go and sip.

Yes, Slater's 50/50 is the house that bacon built but bacon is a flavor, not just meat.  It comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes, from the main event meat to supporting player to just a sprinkle as a flavor enhancer.  It's not an heart attack on a plate. You can order and control any way you want.

Whoever steps into Slater's 50/50, whenever, is welcomed from a sporty girls' NFL noon out to football fanatics to football families who need a break out of the kitchen to dads teaching the fine art of football to the next generation, Slater's 50/50 gives the gastropub experience to everyone.