Friday, May 31, 2013

Catherine Malandrino Rebounds with Kohl's in the Fall

By Laura Medina

Catherine Malandrino is going to rise out of the ashes after closing shop nearly two years ago.

She is following in the footsteps of Narcisco Rodriguez's Istanbul Collection and Derek Lam's Rio de Janeiro Collection...Catherine is doing a limited edition collaboration for Kohl's which is emulatiing Target's winning game plan in working with fashion's hottest designers to reach the masses.

Her Kohl's collaboration was influenced by her trip home in Paris.  Recharged, she used the iconic Effiel Tower as a motif through-out her Kohl's collection.  Karl Lagerfeld, who did the same thing with H&M, told her there's nothing wrong with doing an one-off collection for a mass retailer.  This gave her the spark she needed.

"Every women in America has a French dream in her head, especially a Parisian one," she told WWD in an interview.

The 80-piece line, ranging from $36-$130, will be in Kohl stores and in late September or early October. 

Wait and behold!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Want the Definitive L.A. Look? Easy with Smashbox's "Bling Ring" Kit then Win the Kit on

By Laura Medina

The lifestyles of "Young Hollywood" may be so highly coveted that it spawn a robbery ring of aspiring teens breaking into then stealing from their idols in Sophia Coppola's crime bio movie, "The Bling Ring" lifted straight from Nancy Jo Sales' Vanity Fair exposé of the same name.

We all don't have to reach to that depth to steal from our favorite celebrities.  We can just emulate them; and Smashbox has neatly packaged what the real L.A. gal and her fave idol are both wearing right now, each and every day, into a versatile and cute black, black faux Croc Clutch that's good enough to get you into the hottest clubs, venues, and events.

"The Bling Ring" makeup artist Roz Music says she pulled most of her inspiration for the characters’ looks from real-life girls on Instagram. “I wasn’t looking for the good-girl look,” Music says. “I was purposely looking for the girls who were maybe being a little suggestive, maybe smoking something they shouldn’t be…”

What the L.A. gal and the higher leveled idol both crave are, in reality, pretty basic but bold.  
 Smashbox's "Bling Ring" Kit holds a basic bright but classic matte pink lipstick, "Be Legendary Lipstick in Electric Pink Matte"  That shade of pink lipstick in that formula is Smashbox's constant sell-out.  Since it's matte, it's dry and safe enough for oil-complexioned girls to double and dab as a matte, cream blush.    

For that extra "umph," L.A. gals slick on another instant, new classic, "O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper" for those plumped-up lips sans the collagen injection...with that extra enamel of shiny, wet gloss like a freshly washed car.

For rocking, sultry eyes, it's pretty simple too.

Just rim the eyes with a classic black "Travel-Size Eye Liner Pencil in Onyx" to emphasis those peepers then smoke them with "Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara."  The
Blue Prism Technology in the Photo Op formula brightens for a totally wide-eyed effect after nights clubbing (if you're a celebrity) or long hours acting on set (an actress) or a night breaking into their homes (The Bling Ring).  Either way, you'll appear wide-awake for that morning meeting when you're not. 

If you need a fast skincare fix on-the-go, Smashbox thoughtfully packed in their deluxe sample/travel-sized, Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  The silky, lightweight blend of vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea formula can blot out the redness and blotches from working too hard, intense networking & socializing or a long night of "borrowing."  Again, Photo Finish Foundation Primer can soften those blows from the night before. 

What is really even more awesome, the faux croc clutch doubles as...a clutch holding your cash and credit card.

What a steal...a legitimate steal!
"The Bling Ring Kit" is available right now only on

See, the "L.A. Girl" look consists of the minimal basics but amped up with cutting-edge technology with all-natural organics pushed to their limits: the classic matte but intense pink lipstick that doubles as blush (the way great-grandma used to do it), the black eyeliner stand-by, and the ramp-uped mascara that makes you look awake.  No blue eyeliner needed.  Instead of a bulky powdered compact, a potent mini-tube of botanical primer to smooth out the complexion.  All together ties everything in.

Since Smashbox's "The Bling Ring Kit" packs in the essential so neatly, you can carry, not steal, the "L.A. Look" thru TSA directly into the party or the club with ease anywhere, anytime.

Right now, until May 28th, Smashbox is running "Smashbox The Bling Ring Sweepstakes":
§  Two tickets to L.A. premiere and after-party on Tuesday, June 4
§  Airfare (winner and guest), plus accommodations for two nights
§  $500 worth of Smashbox products and Bling Ring-themed swag 

If you miss the May 28th deadline, have no fear. 
Between June 6th to June 23rd, you have some extra time to win additional extras:
 25 ADDITIONAL WINNERS RECEIVE (enter June 6-June 23)
§  Smashbox Try It Kit sampler
§  Bling Ring-themed swag

To be in the running for all these goodies go to

Sophia Coppola's "The Bling Ring" will premiere next Tuesday, June 4th then release nationwide on June 21st! 

Bring your game face on! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Comedy Central Kicks Cancer in the Nuts then Sugar Ray Leonard Boxes Diabetes & Obesity!

By Laura Medina

On the East Coast, Summer means art festival-turned-social season.  Over on the West Coast, Summer translates into the charity parties bringing awareness and raising funds for diseases that strikes close to the heart and other body parts.

For Sugar Ray Leonard's 4th Annual "Big Fighters, Big Cause" Charity Fight Night for his
Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, juvenile diabetes punches him in the gut...

Why is Sugar Ray Leonard fighting against diabetes?

"First and foremost, I am a father, a parent..;and it (diabetes) doesn't discriminate.  It's a horrible disease.  If I can use my celebrity to make a difference, raise awareness, raise funds for research, I'm all for that."  

"My father is a diabetic. A couple of my friends' kids are diabetics.  It means a lot to me.  It hits home for me as a parent."   

To watch this one-on-one, insightful interview, watch this at

Ever the gracious host, Sugar Ray really lived up to his name.  He is really sweet.  Whenever a guest, celebrity or not, sets foot on the red carpet, Sugar Ray jumps out of the velvet rope barrier then personally greets them.  Here, he is with Los Angeles County Sheriff, Lee Baca.

When it comes to the celebrity totem pole, Sugar Ray ranks up there with Mt. Olympus of Stars, legendary.  How legendary?  Celebrities from television, movies, and the boxing world, jump question ask... whenever Sugar Ray asks for help, such as "Access Hollywood" Billy Bush.

Segrio "The Latin Snake" Mora got a hug from Sugar Ray...what a thrill!

Even though the foundation had asked him to fight for this year, Sergio decided to sit this one out this time and support those who are fighting that night and the charity.  However, he did hint he might be fighting next year but not this time around.  Wait and see folks,

 VH1's "Hit the Floor" McKinley Freeman got a jolt of fame when Sugar Ray shook his hand.

CBS' "Reckless" star, the amicable Adam Rodriguez got a kick when he found out that this scribe hails from Charleston, South Carolina where his new television is being filmed.

When asked about being and filming in Charleston, he loves it down there.  Adam can't wait get back there.  "In fact, we're going back to do more filming down there."

His favorite spot in Downtown Charleston?  A restaurant called Husk.

As for this night's charity fight, Adam is looking forward to the matches and raising some money for Sugar Ray's foundation, having a good time; and that's it.

Watch the entire red carpet interview at

On hosting his hometown hero's charity event (both Tommy Davidson and Sugar Ray are from Baltimore), Tommy Davidson, "This is easy, as long as I don't have to read a lot.  They give me little cards.  That's good."  Always the funny man.

When asked about having Sugar Ray ask you to help out his charity, Tommy gave a trivia tidbit.  He was an amateur boxer because Sugar Ray influenced him.

"I'm glad to be here.  Ray is a good friend of mine for years.  He's been an inspiration for me. Period.  We grew up in the same neighborhood, the same area; and I became an amateur boxer, all from watching Ray." 

As an amateur boxer, was Tommy going to get into the ring with Sugar Ray?

"No!  Never!  I saw Hearns do it.  He didn't do well.  Duran didn't do well.  I ain't gonna do well!"

Both Mr. Davidson and this scribe agree it's far better to join up later and get some drinks.

Want to actually watch this funny interview go down, go to

Four nights previously, Comedy Central joined the Cancer Support Community in kicking cancer in the nuts at the Santa Monica Airport Museum.

Comedy Central's Development and Original Programming Executive and testicular cancer survivor, Jack Herrguth was there being honored with the 2nd Annual GILDA award at the Fresh Canvas Party, the yearly benefit evening for the Cancer Support Community.

Jack said if it weren't for his doctor helping him in his treatments and the Cancer Support Community giving him and his family emotional support, he wouldn't know how to cope with his cancer.

Funny, Gilda Radner was his comic idol growing up as a kid of Seventies.  When he first heard of Gilda's diagnosis then eventual death from ovarian cancer as a kid, he couldn't comprehend it but sensed it was bad.  

What's even funnier, Jack came to realized and sympathize with Gilda even further as an adult when he was struck with a male form of reproductive cancer, testicular cancer seven years ago.

Unlike his idol, Jack's cancer went into remission six years ago, added two more kids to his family, and now, he's being honored with award named after his dear idol, The Gilda.

Just like Sugar, but on another planet called Comedy Central, Jack asked for help from his roster of comedians he groomed.  They returned the love by raising awareness for cancer support and research and for Jack in helping him when he was the one who needed the help the most.  

It wasn't just a night of comedians mocking cancer.  It was also a night when prominent artists donated their art work to raise additional funds for cancer research.

Billy Zane not only donated some of his latest Cubic Abstract figure sketches for auction but he was there because some of his family and friends were personally affected by cancer.  The Cancer Support Community helped them too,

Susan Blakely came out because she was inspired after reading Gilda Radner's biography.  She was so in awe with her that Susan had to come and support the charity that first helped Gilda cope with her cancer until the very end,

Sure, the West Coast Social Season during Summer may not be as culturally glitzy as their East Coast counterparts but it shows its heart by thanking those who helped them and their love ones to live long enough to enjoy their real social season, the Awards Season during Winter, and hopefully more in the future.

But as for now, they want to tackle health issues that hit home then return the love to those who are battling it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Max Out Your Memorial/Graduation Wardrobe Deep into Summer. Beach by Day. Summer Soirees by Night

By Laura Medina

This scribe has not forgotten her roots.  

This scribe does remember and know that formal graduation in the Deep South coincides with the official springboard of the upscale Summer Social Season, a.k.a. "The White Party" Season where the real "coming out" happens when one graduates out of the bongs and the beer kegs of college then leap into learning how to sip champagne while nibbling on brie as one selects the proper party buddy for life, otherwise known as "soul mate."  The art festivals welling up are fertile grounds for all sorts of adults to socialize.  This is where you make your real entrance into the world.

However, you're (or your parent or parents) still saddle with student loans and a college-sized budget but you're ready to make your mark in the real adult world...during the sticky, sultry, and sweaty Summer.  What to do?  How to keep your cool?

Have no fear, this scribe has options and solutions that keep you cool while cooling your wallet.  

If you're going to pay top dollar for a top outfit, make sure you're going to max out its usage, not your credit card.  David's Bridal Studio in Style INT83707, Price: $99.00 Short Charmeuse Dress with Ruched Waist and Pockets may be tipping the limit but it's an investment because it's appropriate for Summer's White Parties that transition with ease from a formal Southern graduation and it comes with pockets for your smartphone and a nifty cream lip/cheek tint compact.  Wear it somewhere during any time of the year then jazz it up with rhinestone or pearl costume jewelry, people will think you're smashing.  Again, a cute white in satin makes it evening wear, not strictly Summer wear.  It's about time to bust out of the "preppy college girl" cliche and move onto bright lights, city lights.

David's Bridal is expanding with their demographics, making your dresses multi-purpose once you pay top dollars for it.  It's only fair.

Style 141702140, Sleeveless Short Organza Floral Cut Out Dress for $179.00 doubles as a bride maid/cocktail dress.

Style 875379, Chiffon One Shoulder Draped Beaded Dress for $99.00 is sexy enough for Hollywood's high social season, the industry-fueled Awards Season.

Style 460572, Organza Baby Doll Dress with Rhinestone Detail for $139.00 is just pure fun for White Parties.

For this Memorial Day weekend what to wear to the beach, the resort,...the pool?  There are everything for everyone.

If you're more of the down-home beach girl who loves nothing more than sand in her feet...and sand everywhere else and you get your all-natural highlights from the salt air, the sea, and the burning sun, these low-key cut-offs and post-beach boots are for you.

If you're more of the Resort/Country Club a.k.a. "Nouveau Prep" or the "Evolved Prep," this dressy but comfortable ensemble can carry you from resort to cruise to jet-setting to the Bahamas or Ibiza in one carry-on.

If you out-grown the "beer-on-the beach babe" phase and you're done with the "resort socialite" thing and you love nothing more than shielding yourself from sun stroke then these lounge wardrobe is for you, light weight and comfortable.
Regardless, how you're enjoying Memorial Day, lay low, slow down, and savor it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Perez Hilton Presents Hi Fashion at Bootsy Bellows

By Laura Medina

Stuck in the middle of Bootsy Bellows, the now elusive Carmen Electra. On the right, party host Perez Hilton.

What the general public doesn't know is that gossip monger-done-good Perez Hilton shows the love and pays it forward when he discovers a musical artist he that likes.

He's a music patron who helps rise emerging talent up onto the mainstream stage.  Perez launched Lady Gaga into pop culture's consciousness when he hired her to perform at one of his parties in Las Vegas...and look at her now.

Now a days, Perez is passing on his patronage to a new stage of emerging musical performers among a exclusive, close-knit set of friends, who ranged from the everyday folks to a rare attendance by Carmen Electra.

Contradictory to his image, Perez opened his party with an intimate acoustic set by a reflective Wynter Gordon.

Then, he finishes the toast by a set from the proudly quirky, energetic, satirical retro-'80's electro-pop/dance duo, Hi Fashion.

Recent Los Angeleno transplants from New York, they can't help but gush in how quickly they risen in the LA electro-pop/dance scene.

Rick Gradone, not too long ago, was gushing by how much he and pop buddy-in-crime,
Jen DM, have now in rehearsal space in their Far-East LA apartment, something they could never do or afford in New York.  They finally have a true dance troupe.

But for them to all of a sudden perform in the court of Perez Hilton, the ultimate Hollywood insider, at the ultimate Hollywood insider burlesque/supper/night club, David Arquette's Bootsy Bellows (lovingly named after David's mother's stripper days), their rise is meteoric for Rick, a professional makeup/hairstylist by day then "Hi Fashion" at night.

As ex-Manhattanites and fashion industry-insiders for years, Jen and Rick have enough working knowledge and gossip to satirize reigning queens of dance pop.  Perez was grooving when Hi Fashion satirize sub-culture copping Madonna in Hi Fashion's routines.

Even their love and working knowledge of the fashion industry decided their moniker, "Hi Fashion."  They found the ironic humor in the name of a low-budget, value-oriented clothing chain selling rock-bottom basics calling itself “Hi-Fashion $5.99”when they landed in eastern Hollywood/Downtown/LA.

Their satirization of dance pop comes from their nostalgic affection for
C+C Music Factory, clubland/dance pop divas, and early Nineties MTV videos.  Them performing as Hi Fashion is nothing more than showing their love, carrying on the tradition of intimate club performance, and basically having light-hearted fun.

They never imagine their night-time, sideline gig would morph into a real music duo, much have them land in the court of Perez Hilton.  

But, there they were on a Thursday night, a true insider's night, paying homage to early Nineties dance-pop with Perez paying homage back to them.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Leaping Beyond Esty, Fashion Digital LA

By Laura Medina

If Lucky FABB (Fashion And Beauty Bloggers) Conferences New York and Los Angeles were the splashier style gabfest and blogging bonding over start-ups and celebrity launches then, Fashion Digital Los Angeles is the interactive think tank for established fashion brands looking for how-tos in improvements and expansion.  It's the "TED" Conference for premium fashion brands.

Fashion Digital Los Angeles, as usual, is the follow-up off-shoot of the original New York counter-part.  Scott Silverman, of and Scott Silverman Associates, was overwhelmed by the need of New York-based fashion brands hungry for advice, he decided to take his marketing and e-commerce conference on the road and landed in West Hollywood's prestigious Director's Guild of America on the Sunset Strip last Thursday.

The concentration of "name fashion design companies" was overwhelming at both locations in New York and Los Angeles.

As mentioned before, this is a "TED" conference for fashion designers who need to iron out the kinks in their online ordering and payments, fraud, bumping up their sites, and growing into new sales territories.

It wasn't all about clothes.  "Name" beauty brands were scattered about asking the same questions but more about using tutorial videos in teaching customers in how to apply the products and promoting them, of course.

Guess' Michael Relich talked about tariffs, import and export customs, and catering to local customs to grow your business internationally.

Dave Cook (Vice President of TheFind) and Jennifer Grasso (Director of Product of ModCloth) discussed about how to take your fashion design online store/boutique beyond

Lubov Azria, (Chief Creative Officer of BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP and Max's wife) provided the warmth and inspiration from immigrating from the Soviet-era Ukraine "with little or no choice" to growing her husband's company into a luxurious fast and high fashion brand by fulfilling with it "with inspirational clothes, accessories, and items that women like her used to dream about in the Ukraine."  She's the new and latest American Dream materialized..;and oh yeah, she's pretty sweet too.

Annie Georgia Greenberg, New York Editor of Refinery29 moderated Lubov's Question and Answer session.

The lobby of the DGA was filled with photographic technology advances that fashion entrepreneurs need to bump up their online businesses. debut their unique 360 rotating platform with a reasonably-paced treadmill catwalk.  Better to catch on video on how the dress swing and flow.  Far better to watch how the outfit moves with the body.  Better the move.  Better the flow.  Better the sales.

Lucky FABB entices the fashionista techie into these conferences but Fashion Digital LA consolidates the bonding into a practical symposium for designers and companies hunting for that next big leap forward.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sweet. Bold. Simple...Smashbox for Spring & Summer 2013

By Laura Medina

It's about high time this time of the year this scribe either hits the road or fly the friendly (or not-so-friendly) skies to hit the approaching Summer socials and soirees in the sweltering, sticky heat...aaahhh Summer!

All this traveling and socializing also means packaging light as your wardrobe.  Think about it, you want your makeup to be bright and bold and light and refreshing as your Summer wardrobe.  Like your schmoozing wardrobe, it must pack into one bag (thanks TSA) in your carry-on or tote bag yet packs a wallop of multiple function and benefits.

These pretty potent cosmetics are the latest developments from Smashbox.

The base and literally, your foundation should be Smashbox's CC (Color Correcting) Cream .  The newest evolution of their award-winning BB (Beauty Balm) Cream for the best quality in the most array of skin shades, Smashbox's CC Cream packs a wallop of coverage plus skincare.

If beauty experts describe BB Cream as foundation with skincare, they describe CC Cream as skincare with a tint of color.

Smashbox's CC Cream provides the full coverage of a foundation but coats the face in prime and sunscreen SPF 30 for a soft suede-like complexion while its lightweight formula fades dark spots, sun spots, and acne-scar marks.  The Barley Extract, Wheat Germ Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Apple Fruit Extract, and
Cucumber Fruit Extract tackle the "face dots and zit pits" as they gently and refreshingly moisturize the face.  What a relief during the Summer in all that humidity and sun.

Once you built your CC Cream base, you can build with a simple stroke of Smashbox's Love Me Paint Pen Eye Liner, a big fat marker of an eyeliner customed-designed by graffiti artist, Curtis Kulig.

Sans layers of eye shadow and mascara, a simple but bold swipe of cat eye-like eyeliner is quick and long-lasting eye makeup.

Using this old Jazz Age Flapper trick (before there was powdered, compact blush)...dab some Smashbox's Mega Tint Long Wear Lip Color on your cheeks then swipe once for a bright but light layer of lip color or swipe more for a more intense color.

Then, for extra dimension, slick on the pretty powerful pink, Smashbox's LOVE ME LIP ENHANCING GLOSS in Adore Me, a FUCHSIA PINK gloss over your lips for extra, sultry and moisturizing sheen, appropriate for Summer's heat.

All 4 makeup items...they can easily pack in your clutch for that quick and fun jaunt, whether you stash them in your glove compartment or your carry-on.  Smashbox got you covered.

Brad Goreski Upgrades Summer Basics at Old Navy

By Laura Medina

Rachel Zoe's prodigy has grown his own pair of wings and landed in Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade's Old Navy store to help customers and fans upgrade and reboot or over-haul their existing staling Summer wardrobe from Old Navy's current cool collection of navy and white cotton, ranging from snap-to-shape tank tops to crispy white denim.

Before meeting the public, Brad had to film his Summer fashion/styling segment for E! News, which either has already been aired or is going to be aired later tonight.

Folks watched behind one of the two dessert buffets.

Once all is said and done for E! News, Brad quickly jumped into what he learned under the tutelage of Ms. Zoe, knowing how to upgrade/reboot a wardrobe and refresh an image in fixed circumstances, whether it's styling A-listed actress the day before the awards show to styling the real person set on a real life budget.  Polished under the assistant pressure cooker, Brad does this with an aplomb.

Here are the real-life girls/real Old Navy employees proudly modeling the Brad Goreski-styled wardrobe, built entirely from the brand's current Summer Collection.

Customers and fans were happy to know that dessert was dinner, an array of mini whoopie pies.  The mini coconut whoopie pies was a coconut macaroon pie; and the mini doughnut whoopie pie was filled with nut and apricot jam, sandwiching blueberry frosting.

Folks sipped non-alcohol but still refreshing blueberry-white cranberry juice.  Those really hit the stop during Los Angele's very early heat wave.

Next up, an exercise and health piece trying to get back into shape for the next, arriving round of Summer Soirees, concerts, and parties.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5th Annual On The Go Beauty's Mother’s Day Event Knows How to Pamper Your Mom

By Laura Medina

With access to an approaching warm, sunny Summer weather and thebreezy rooftop deck of the Thompson Hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills,  celebrities such as: Christina Milian and her daughter, Nicole Murphy, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, and "1st LXTV" Ali Fedotowsky treated themselves and their moms to...

rejuvenating and soothing skincare and haircare from Olay and Joico Haircare then Stila Cosmetics brighten their day with makeovers.  Folks sipped Owl's Brew light and refreshing tea-based cocktails under the sunny climate.

Guests and their moms relaxed in the Thompson Hotel's poolside canopy-draped cabanas while stylists revamped and braided their tresses, painted henna tattoos, buffed manicures, dabbed makeup, and cleaned the brows.

This is how moms wanted to be treated after all those years.  This beauty retreat is just another form of "thank yous" and gratitude.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fast Flapper Style from The Great Gatsby

By Laura Medina

How appropriately timed, Sue Wong's birthday was approximately two weeks ahead of "The Great Gatsby" movie release.  Her birthday party/fashion presentation was a Roarin' Twenties Flapper showcase.

Her long gowns in bia-cut silk reminisce Daisy Buchanan's gown when she arrived at one of Jay Gatsby's parties for the first time, when Jay was trying to woo her away from her husband, Tom Buchanan then Tom chased after classic screen goddess, Marlene Dietrich.

Fortunately, those shenanigans never occur at Ms. Wong's soirees but her birthday celebrations was a jolly time to be had with all.

Flotilla of stars showed up for her, obviously wearing her now "roarin' hot" flapper dresses and gowns at the exuberant, rollicking Jazz Age soiree...
Master Romio Shrestha, film actor Thomas Jane (“The Mist”, “The Punisher” and HBO’s “Hung”), Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh Grammer, (Frazier, Cheers), Ryan McPartlin (NBC’s “Chuck”) with wife actress Danielle Kirlin, Malana Lea (“Olympus Has Fallen”), Lauren Mayhew (Showtime’s “Dexter”), pop girl band Blush, Erin Cahill (ABC’s “Red Widow”), Bethany Joy Lenz (CW’s “One Tree Hill”), Jen Lilley (NBC’s “Days of Our Lives”), Helene Cardona (CW’s “Nikita”), model Natasha Salley (wife of former Los Angeles Laker John Salley), casts from Bravo’s various “Real Housewives” reality shows  and “Shahs of Sunset”, among many other actresses, models and socialites. Renowned Israeli opera singer Michael Peer serenaded Sue and her guests.

They all gee and gaw then bookmarked which dress and which gown they want from
her “The Great Gatsby”-inspired Fall 2013 Collection presentation where models graciously model her creations, dotted among locations in her at her palatial home, The Cedars. 

When asked a week later at Britweek's Finale party, the Downton Abbey Vintage Party, about her designs being all the rage now because of "The Great Gatsby," Sue always thought her fashion and style were always "hot" because she always celebrate and honor classic "Olde Hollywood glamour" from the Twenties and the Thirties; and the style exude from those silver screen goddesses.  Whatever current infatuation the general public has for Flapper Fashion due to "The Great Gatsby," it has always been Sue Wong's signature style, regardless if it's in or out.  Sincerely, she got a hoot when she spotted knock-offs at the Downton Abbey Vintage party,, and

"The Great Gatsby" movie launch followed nipping at the heels of The Met's "Punk, From Chaos to Couture" Costume Ball.

At StyleHaus' own "The Great Gatsby" cocktail party, the jewelry line, Jared Jamin meld punk meets the Flapper look because that's how today's Flapper is today. Besides, the real Flappers of the Twenties were about flaunting emancipated the women's movement, the car, living fast and moving fast, embracing the hottest technology;..ok, they flipped a middle finger at the stuffy Victorians.

Punk was the same way, flipping the finger at the prevailing mainstream.  Why not combine the both?  StyleHaus guests did.  Sexy, slinky sequin gowns and cocktails dresses swung strands of pearls.  Studded and spiked headbands mixed with black and silver pearl baubles.

If you can't figure how to incorporate a flapper dress or gown in your closet or you don't have the rail-thin Flapper figure, don't fret. The accessories are always "accessible" and much easier to keep as heirlooms.  Jared Jamin's Silver Spiked Headstrong headband,, in handsewn lucite, glass, and spiked studs, fast-forward the Flapper into the 21st Century.

No look is complete unless you iced the cake with icing, as in you need the makeup style and hair do to finish the look.

Since makeup was associated with the liberated Flapper, those women were hot about makeup and the new packaging technology for mirrored compacts and bullet-shaped lipsticks that are now de rigeur in the drugstore aisle.

Instead of heaving around heavy metal powder compacts like great-granny, do what the Flappers dreamt about portable, quality makeup she can touch up in the convertible like Daisy Buchanan.

Following Jouer Cosmetic's guide, the background face is a pearly complexion dabbed with a color of deep, rich wine then smoldering the eyes in smoky black or brown.

In the 20’s the Bob was racy and daring hairstyle beloved of flappers & starlets, such as Louise Brooks and the heroine Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel .However its elegant proportions have stood the test of time and The Bob is still fashionable today as it was in 1920.

Spotted at a host of recent catwalk shows (including Anna Sui), the flapper-style bob hairdo is set to make an even bigger comeback in 2013. Chic and stylish, the bob is a hairstyle that’s suitable for everyone. 

Hot Hair has a range of ready-to-wear wigs which are perfect for unleashing your inner flapper. Their exclusive inspired range includes three stunning, ready-to-wear bobs which are designed with exclusive features such as lace fronts to ensure all day comfort and maximum style power. Perfect for banishing bad hair days and for parties and special occasions.  The wigs are easy to care for and pre-styled to hold their shape all day long, leaving you with hair that’ll look freshly styled and coloured, wear after wear
Unleash your inner 1920’s flapper at Twitter: @hothair_online

If you want true historical style inspirations and how shocking it was to bob your hair and breeze around in knee-length, bedazzled, fringed chemise, go to and learned how liberating it is to walk and ride the trolley car unescorted.