Monday, August 30, 2010

LA Fashion's Night Out. The City shows the love to Homegrown Style.

Last year, the City of Los Angeles did not officially participate in Fashion's Night Out but influential retailer, Fred Segal, did throw out the red carpet and klieg lights for it. The prepetually trendy retailer was one of the city's first to show local but big fashion some love the city followed suit.

However, this year and in two weeks time, Friday, September Tenth, Fashion's Night Out will be celebrated nationwide event where both New York and Los Angeles are going to be shining beacons of American fashion.

For Los Angeles, more than ever, it will showcased the city's $5.7 billion dollars apparel industry from the city's 5,000 fashion lines stationed in the greater Los Angeles area, proving to the world that the City of Angels is a major industry player, $33 billion dollars regionally. It is not just a one-note industry town.

Cynthia Ruiz, heads Mayor Villaraigosa's Public Works Board but unofficially, she is his liaison for the city's fashion industry for the past four years. Due to the major figures above, the Mayor does take the local fashion industry very seriously. Sequentially, he wants the city to show some Los Angeles love to the industry.

What initially started out as a purely Manhattan collaboration between Vogue Magazine, Mayor Bloomberg's office, and QVC, has ignited a nationwide celebration where each participating city celebrates its homegrown fashion industry and talents.

Various area leads or neighborhood representatives from the city's trendiest districts, from Bohemian Cool Abbot Kinney in Venice, Westside LA's Century City Mall to paparazzi-starlet central Robertson Boulevard to downtown's Garment District to even Pasadena, are throwing a total of 300 stores and boutiques will throw happenings, events, parties, and activities on one, single night of September 10th between 6pm to 10pm.

The central hub for all these will be the Beverly Center Mall where Mayor Villaraigosa and confirmed celebrity, Will I Am of the Black Eye Peas, will commence the official opening ceremony at 5pm on Friday, September 10th.

Joining them will be the designer, Randolph Duke, MTV's Rob Dyrdrek, Sara Rue, Stephanie Rue, Stephanie Pratt, Kevan Hall, Pauley Perrette, Louis Verdad, and many more to come.

All three floors of the mall will have fashion shows.

The first three hundred shoppers/attendees will get the official Fashion's Night Out tee-shirts and free parking between 4pm and 10pm.

Vogue's West Coast editor, Lisa Love, will host Macy's "Denim Rock" fashion while Bloomingdale's will throw Men Suiting Night, and another show on Sixth Floor Center Court.

From there, the attendees can board free DASH buses that will take them to and from Abbot Kinney, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood's Melrose Avenue and West Third Street, Los Feliz, Westfield Topanga in the Valley and Downtown to the three hundred stores celebrating Fashion's Night Out.

If people spend, at least, $25 at the one of the three hundred participating retailers in any of these neighborhoods and keep the receipt, the City of Los Angeles will show the love by opening the doors to SBE's hottest nighclubs, Industry at 643 North La Cienega Boulevard and XIV on 8117 Sunset Boulevard where they can party like a fashionista/supermodel from 10:30pm into the wee hours of 2:00am.

Think of Fashion's Night Out as a really cool and fun scavenger hunt where people, locals and tourists, have the chance to explore the different styles reflecting the city's micro-cultures in these eight, wide-ranging neighborhoods that have been displayed in popular magazines, television shows, and the media through out the world.

This isn't just a mere shopping extravaganza but a showcase of the major trends that have influence the world in contemporary fashion and streetwear, proving Los Angeles is the sister major player to the more recognizable New York.

Among the twenty-two events occuring in the Melrose Avenue District will be the venerable purveyor of cool, Fred Segal, will throw a shoe party for Vivienne Westwood and Melissa, a Dan Eldon gallery, Jeff Rudes of J. Brand, New York's Jean Shop, Monrow, and Spirit Hoods will offer styling sessions. The surfing crew from Quicksilver will be there. Sjobeck crew from Malibu will have photobooth and numerous local and hip jewelry designers will be there to entertain and inform.

G-Raw Denim will hosts DJs and drinks and the RAW World Chess Challenge.

The gentlemen outfitter for the more established rocker, John Varvatos will have to be announced musical performances, Casa Nobel drinks, hors d'oeuvres and valet, an exhibit and book signing by Robert Knight. His works are available with a $300 purchase.

The art gallery/fashion boutiques, FOUR, will split itself into four gallery spaces: Casual Hipster to the beach; Trendaholic dancing away in a club; the Power Player in the office; and Haute Headliner is in the penthouse.

Tarina Tarantino and Rudy's Barbershop are doing major DJ sets. Tarina will offer makeup lessions from her current Fall line while Rudy's will give away swag bags when people spend a certain amount-keep the receipt for the nightclubs.

For folks living out in the Valley, Westfield Topanga Mall will have 47 participating retailers. Twenty-one will hand out refreshments. Fourteen are providing gifts with purchase. Five offer percentage discount. Another five will have entertainment.

West Third Street's highlight is Hillary Rush doing a fashion show with Crumbs Cupcake, gifts with purchases from LA Made, free Miss Marissa perfume, and debuting the new RUSH REID handbag line.

Abbot Kinney's Bohemian Exchange will magicially transform into a Midsummer Night's Dream
of ethereal fashion shows and exotic processions. A festival with Elvish and Faerie dancers, performers, musicians, magicians at Ascended Living Spa while feasting on PatisseRaw and Magic Cookie Lady cookies. Guests can buy Venetian masks to join in the fantasy.

Confederacy in Los Feliz will have signings and photo-ops with celebrities, smorgasbord of designer trunk shows while imbibing in cocktails and appetizers as the DJs spin tunes. Folks will get to meet Los Feliz's artists.

The Cynthia Rowley "Shop on Wheels" Truck will land on Ninth Street in the Garment District, in front of California Mart.

These are the galaxy of fashion highlights radiating all over the City of Angels on Friday, September 10th.

There is everything for everyone. Finally, Los Angeles shows some acknowledgement and recognition and most importantly, respect to a homegrown industry is that also a fashion capital to be reckon with.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Fall 2010, Lighter Side of Lady Gaga

The next stop for Cynthia Rowley in Sunset Junction/Silver Lake on September 2.
The Cynthia Rowley Truck is setting Southern California ablaze.
Right now, this weekend, Revolve Clothing Boutique on 8452 Melrose Ave., tucked away in Taste Restaurant's parking lot.
An ideal spot for the truck to park and party with margaritas, assorted cocktails and a DJ.
It landed yesterday and it will be there today and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm then it is onto 3801 Sunset Blvd. and as one of the many highlights, it'll park right front of California Mart on Ninth Street during Los Angele's Fashion Night Out.
Like they said, Cynthia Rowley "Shop on Wheels" comes to you, wherever you are in greater Los Angeles.

Cynthia Rowley girls modeling the hottest pieces from Fall 2010 Collection.

If today at Revolve or in Sunset Junction or at Cal Mart in downtown's Garment District, you will get a taste of Ms. Rowley's current Fall 2010 collection, homage to Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters."

Her girls call this Ms. Rowley's exploration of the dark side of beauty, a break from the conventional and the predictable.

Not the monsters of Old Hollywood like Frankenstein or Dracula but more like the adorable and quirky but loveable Seasame Street monsters or characters like Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird.

Other than the current hot palette of rich purple, classic black, deep navy blue in lightweight tulle and chiffon, Rowley added trims, from these cute monsters, black lace, ostrich feathers dipped in ombre gray, blue, and black. The body, torso, and legs wrapped in deep violet grosgrain satin ribbons in camisole tops, cocktail dresses, and really cool trousers. Due to the bia-weaved nature of the grosgrain ribbons, they cannot help wrap around the curves without giving a hint of peek-a-boo cutouts on the waist, hips, and legs.

Suggestive not slutty. Tantalizing not trashy.

With Ms. Rowley delving in the "dark side," her current collection is fun and funky.

Borrowing from Lady Gaga, the rainbow-hued fringes to the neckline over a sheer black top, better to show off your dance movement.

The deep Ocean Blue grosgrain ribbon trousers and rich purple ribbon top.
Working with bias-weaved nature of the ribbons, Ms. Rowley discovered the naughty but nice peek-a-boos at the knee caps and the hips.

Giving us a light-hearted look at darkness while giving us a give at the joints for easier movement.

If the intent was a wearable version of Lady Gaga's theaterical gear, what resulted was something fun and funky, hip casual, contemporary with a serious color palette.

Seriously cool for Lower East Side/Chelsea bars and nightclubs but funky enough for West Hollywood/Hollywood hot spots.

Another highlight was the spangled and sequined bloomers, when worn, gives a graciful, draped appearance of an ultra mini-skirt. Again, a suggestion of sexiness when the construction is actually modest. Many a girl went "GaGa" over it.

The Cynthia Rowley Truck will pop over all over town, leading up to Los Angeles Fashion's Night Out. The kind folks at the Mayor's Press Conference mention it is one of the highlights during the festivities. Catch while you can!

Friday, August 27, 2010

UNVOGUE & VH1 Save the Music Foundation

By Laura Medina

This Monday, on August 30, 2010, from 8pm to 11pm at the Verlaine on 110 Rivington St., online magazine, UNVOGUE Magazine with VH1 will throw a celebrity charity event and auction for Save The Music Foundation.
The celebrities, so far, are Russell Simmons, DJ Cassidy, Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beatz, Kelly Rowland, and Shontelle.

These are some of the more high-profile auctions to be bid on, a visit to the set of VAMPS, a meet and greet with The Jonas Brothers and Joan Jett at a music festival.
UNVOGUE Magazine has joined forces with VH1 Save The Music Foundation in order to help restore instrumental music education in America's public schools, and raise awareness about the importance of music as part of each child's complete education.
UNVOGUE has partnered with to begin the celebrity auction of Aerial7 headphones specially autographed by some of today's leading recording artist, with one hundred percent of the proceeds going to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.
The auction will run from August 18th to September 1st, with hopes of raising ten thousand dollars for the foundation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Matte, Dry, & Refined Sunscreen, Powder, & Retinol Cloths

Matte for Men Sunscreen SPF 25 to dry up the skin.
Lee Jacobs is a married young man with a flair for fashion, working in the fashion and beauty business whose sleek bald head was burning in the Arizona sun.
Piqued and frustrated by the lack of quality sunscreen and sunblock that are too sticky, too gluey, and too thick, using his beauty industry knowledge, he concocted a batch of sunscreen that is dry to the touch without dehydrating the delicate skin of the scalp and ear lobes.
Matte for Men is for guys like him, burning and sweating underneath the desert and summer sun. Protection from the rays and a relief to the skin.
The oatmeal in the formula soaks up the sweat and oil. The ensulizole and octinoxate shields the skin from the sun. Aloe Leaf, green tea, and grape seed fortifies the skin cells with antioxidants.
Its powder dry texture on the skin was such a hit that wives, sisters, moms, and girlfriends are stealing it for themselves.
Not bad since Lee made sure it's fragrance-free and clean enough to be unisex despite the brand's name.

Regardless of the name, Man Body, both genders fell in love with his follow-up for the sweat-stricken, the corn starch, baking soda, and aloe enriched, talc-free body powder with a clean, unisex scent.
Retinol and Vitamin A enriched Complete Cleasing Cloths.
Knowing men like him are constantly in demand, Lee was looking for a complete skincare routine in one swipe. He doused his pre-moistened cleansing wipes with retinol, vitamin A, and collagen in alcohol-free tissues. Less need for carrying tubes and bottles of serum and cream, they're all in one wipe.
No wonder women fell in love with this line.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Get your Panties & Brief out of the Wad, Something Truly Refreshening from I Love My Muff

By Laura Medina

I Love My Muff Kit and Wipe in Grapefruit/Vanilla Scent.
Now, that both coasts of the country are in the throes of a muggy heat wave yet we still have to go-go. Business and events do not stop regardless of a heat wave, we both are searching for ways to stay relieved and fresh when stopping back home, or an even rarier option of dropping off at the spa club, for a quick shower and a change of clothes are not an option. More like a fantasy.
Ritz Clinging, the business woman on-the-go, feels the same way. There has to be a way easier option. Deseparate to be outspoken and honest about fulfilling a need for the professional or the active teenager who has to be groomed whenever and wherever, Ritz stepped up to the plate and started a line of convenient, all-natural personal items addressing the hygiene needs of the modern woman then the modern man-I Love My Muff.

The founder, Ritz Clinging, displaying the safe and gentle but quick wipes.

The brand name itself, she had for five years ago. In reality, the name "Muff" came from wanting to develop her own line of hand mufflers for those freezing Canadian winters. The muff were actually furry hand muffs. They didn't take off due to the high production costs; and they didn't sell so they didn't take off like she wanted.

But the name "Muff" stuck with her. It was all about thinking of the right product with the right reason for that name.

She recognized that she and other busy but health-conscious women are searching for convenient personal care items are that portable and made with cruelty-free, vegan ingredients that are safe, gentle yet effective. Then, when Ritz searched the personal care, she was dismissed by the lack of choices and availability for women like her. She took it upon herself to invent and announce to women that she has a personal hygiene line for them, women on the go, and it's there for them. Ritz proudly declared the need and what her products are for, "I Love My Muff."

By ridding of the stigma and the shame of tackling much needed personal hygiene problems, she hopes to shed light on what the modern woman needs in her busy life and that there are options for you. "I Love My Muff" takes a very take-charge, post-Feminist point-of-view on personal hygiene. By displaying the shower gel, the lotion, and the wipes in a bold,no-nonsense font in travel-sized bottles and sizes, Ritz wants to show that her products are quick yet can be discreet and easy to carry in your pockets and purses, giving women more choices to take responsiblity for their health.

Her mission is now the company's slogan, "It's No Longer a Whisper. It's a Statement!"

She noticed the majority of shower gels weren't intended for personal use. They tend to be harsh, therefore most folks rather make do without.

Ritz made sure she uses vegan, all-natural ingredients are gentle to be safe yet effective to be beneficial in her line. The gel is one hundred pure natural. The people who tested it said they have no issues and the lather is low which means no artificial chemicals.

The spray is a quick spritz of witch hazel.

The wipes, which happens to be a hit with both women and men, are bio-degradeable paper imparted with aloe vera. Good and gentle enough for intimate areas and the environment. She always intended the wipes to be unisex.

In fact, the product that started Ritz on her personal hygiene mission was a lotion that is gentle but effective down there but is missing from the personal care market. This is what sets her off.

As a married business woman, she wanted her products to be multi-functional, not just for one area. They wanted them to be good all-over. Also, you will get more bang for your bucks.

Essentially, it was having her husband using her lotion as after-shave cream because it made his face so soft then he and his friends stealing the wipes for cleaning their faces, arms, hands and other parts that had Ritz thinking of expanding her line into men's personal care.

The name is already lined up, "I Love My Muffler."

For that market, she thinking about bulking up the wipe packet because men use it on camping trips, sports, and just plain hand and face wipes.

Just for them, Ritz is pondering about adding a non-talc powder to soak up heavy perspiration.

She also want to work on more masculine scents that they feel comfortable with.

Ms. Clinging joked, since the line is vegan and cruelty-free, the only animals tested are beavers. So far, these human beavers are happy and clean.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Body Wash to Clean Summer's Grime Away

By Laura Medina
Ron Robinson's Apothia Hand & Body Wash in Casa

If Summer's Heat Wave has your sweat glands working over time and you're sick of being covered in sticky grime from head to toe, here are some light and quick body washes effective enough to cut through the filth. These fruity cleansers are reflective of Summer and they'll leave your body refreshed with a light scent.

A Malibu beach house in an ocean-blue pump bottle, Ron Robinson's Apothia Casa Hand & Body Wash gives you a sea foamy scent and feel thanks to its paraben and sulfate reside-free solution. Glucose, apricot kernel oil, oat and coconut oil wash away the dirt while leaving the skin smooth. The sweet almond protein, aloe vera, coconut oil, and vitamin E give moisture to dehydrated, over-heated skin. Casablanca lilies impart a light beach scent. These are all contained in a romantic and breezy light, ocean blue bottle with a soft, thick rubber opaque band for a slip-free grip in the shower, the bathroom/kitchen sink or for soaking in the tub.

You can order it at for $28 or go visit the actual Apothia boutique on Melrose and Crescent Heights in Hollywood.

Here are some other refreshingly, fruity washes if you can make it to Hollywood.

These Neutrogena Acne Washes are available in the majority of mass retailers and drugstores. They come with their own coupons or the stores offer their own coupons, discounts, and sales on these. Enough to buy one for the face and another for the body, especially if you have a tween or a teen or all both when their bodies are breaking out during the Summer. Poor things.

Both carry salicylic acid to acne, face or body. But from here on out, it is up to the teen to pick which one she or he or they like.

Obviously, girls and girls-at-heart prefer the Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser due its pink color and the sweet fruity scent of grapefruit. The added boost of vitamin C perks up the senses.

For those who prefer a more subtle scent and subdued tint or for those lucky enough to suffer from both acne and heat-induced flare-ups from sensitive skin burning from the sun, Redness Soothing Facial Cleanser eases everything with aloe vera and chamomile without drying the skin while reducing redness for a more gentle but no less effective at cutting down on both blackheads, pimples, and flare-up blemishes.

Now, you have your picks from the exquisite (save that for yourself or your boss or your mother-in-law) to the more everyday (buy these for the tween and teen in your life because they need it), there is something for everyone.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swiss Army Knife of Facial Sunscreen, COOLA Face Suncare

By Laura Medina

Now, that you erase the scars, the fine lines, the dead skin cells, and de-gunk your pores of pollutions and dirt, thanks to quick and fast acid-based scrubs, washes, and toners. You are now in the habit of feeding your skin with antioxidants and vitamins through serums and gels. You may want to protect your investment in your skin by shielding from the sun and the elements.

However, if slathering much-needed sun protection means slapping on more sticky industrial-grade grease and the gluey-texture has your pores choking for air. The people behind COOLA Sunscreen sympathizes with you.

After dealing with parents suffering from melanoma, the COOLA people felt there has to be a better solution than artifical chemicals swimming in a pool of pore-clogging grease in an unnatural lotion.

Through diligent research, they develope a cream for the face and body that is not heavy or stick but light for the body and matte for the face. This became COOLA.

They use cutting-edge but organic phyto-protectors, certified organic extracts, and age-defying antioxidants and vitamins that provide fundamental boost to your skin's natural immune system. The exclusive blends of ingredients are strong enough to help protect your skin from the sun and delicate enough to compliment your daily skin regimen, from the sensitive nature of FACE and LIPLUX, to the versatile TOTALBODY, and the demands of SPORT, every COOLA sunblock product line is formulated uniquely for different body parts, skin types, and active lifestyles.

Since they're free of paba-parabens, petroleum, and phthalate, COOLA is light enough to allow your skin to breathe and get some oxygen.

Their sun protection factor ranges from SPF 15 for their delicious lip balms through SPF 30 for their light-weight face cream at SPF 30 to their highest SPF 45 for their Sport Sunscreen.
Before, skin-conscious fanatics had to hand-pick and hand-blend vitamin A sunscreen with vitamin C sunscreen to get the total treatment of sun protection and the complete nourishment of vitamins for their skin.
Now, they can get the whole spectrum of sun protection with skin-enrichening vitamins in one jar or a tube in a silky but matte formula. One scoop or one squirt then smear until it disappears and you're done.

Their luxurious, non-greasy FACE formula won’t clog pores, and combines antioxidant ingredients like Vitamins A, C, D, and E, zinc, and a select choice of twelve certified organic skin-healing extracts.
COOLA's Face Sunscreen is transparent with a silky feel, loaded with age defying Cucumber, Rose Hip, and Comfrey for age-defying protection. While shielded from the UVA/UVB rays, those ingredients stimulate healthy tissue growth and tighten skin as they soothes and hydrate.
More skin pampering then a skin responsiblity, it'll easily become a daily routine.
Once you're hooked on this multi-purpose beauty, you'll panick if you can't get it on the plane.
Have no fear. COOLA thought of that too. Their Mineral Matte Sunblock SPF 30 comes in a TSA-approved 1.7 ounce tube. Now, you can nourish and protect wherever and whenever you go.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Betsey Johnson!

By Michelle Zimmerman

The woman, herself, Betsey Johnson.
Can't believe it! The forever young purveyor of flirty party dresses and frisky tops turned ...

68th years old, last Wednesday on August 11th.

The pink stretch limo
A huge wave of anticipation was penting up, waiting for Ms. B. to arrive at her 138 Wooster St. boutique between Prince and Houston.
The balloons were already hoisted up. Flowers bloom. The pink and white cute cupcakes and the yummy chocolate chip cookie sandwiches were ready to munch on.
Finally, Betsey showed up among guests wishing her "Happy Birthday." She returned the love by giving them hugs and kisses. Then, she sang "Happy Birthday" along with the crowd.

At the party, she made two big announcements.
The next night, she would make an appearance as guest judge on Lifetime's "Project Runway," where the challenge was constructing party dresses from party supplies. How fitting.
Then, here's the big one...On Fashion Night Out, all of her boutiques in Manhattan will be doing hair & makeup for all the shoppers and there will be tons of items on sale.
Cupcake Cafe, obviously, supplied the rosy cupcakes and the yummy chocolate chip whoopie pies.
Outside, they wrapped one side of the boutique with plain white paper where well-wishers scribble birthday wishes for Ms. B.
This is one heck of an exciting warm-up for Fashion's Night Out and New York Fashion Week.
Happy Birthday, Betsey!

Acid Wash

By Laura Medina

Arcona Raspberry Resurfacing Peel

Your pores must be suffocating from the sweat and the grime of August’s Dog Days of Summer.

These holistic scrubs, toner, and facial wash are as natural as they are efficiently high tech.
Age-old remedies revamped in new age formulations versatile for multi-use.
The pioneer of holistic skincare or actually reintroducing ancient skincare knowledge then reformulating it for the fast-paced but more stressed-out twenty-century and the twenty-first century is Arcona by chemist, Arcona Devin.

She started this line twenty-one years ago in the Valley of Los Angeles, over the hill. Even though she passed away six years ago, her all-natural philosophy revolutionized the skincare and the cosmetic industry through endorsing antioxidant, vitamins, amino acids, and enzyme foundation, improving and repairing skin problems without the use of artificial chemicals. Ironically, these fruit-based toners, scrubs, and washes are just as industrial-strength as their manufactured counterparts.

Knowing folks back then weren’t convinced that organic ingredients aren’t as efficient and effective as industrial chemicals, Arcona made them “active-oriented result.” Proving they are not passive or slow, she used and formulated fruit acids and enzymes, demonstrating they are effective and quick but better for the skin. No drying alcohol or synthetic chemicals which she saw ruined complexions, not making them better, worsening existing blemishes, or other complexion problems.

Her whole philosophy was not using moisturizers but using natural ingredients that turn over skin cells faster. Moisturizers weigh down the skin but serums that the skin automatically drink in to nourish the cells. This is where fruit enzymes and plant lipids come in.

As women-and men mature, they tend to use increasingly heavy moisturizers, choking the skin. Most aren’t aware of using active-oriented ingredients to renew and strengthen the cells. After years of slathering on heavy moisturizers, they weigh down the skin, blocking the pores, blocking the penetration of vitamins and essential oils to feed the cells.
Since the average moisturizer chokes the pores, the skin isn’t feed or breathing, the pores get clogged with gunk, oxidizing into blackheads or pimples and they get larger. If the dead skin cells build up, a dry, ashy, and bumpy complexion appears.

Her Raspberry Resurfacing Peel resurfaces, hydrate, and oxygenate the skin for better circulation and repair sun damage and irregular pigmentation while smoothing fine lines and tightening pores.

Arcona Cranberry Gommage

The Cranberry Gommage or Scrub decongests the pores with cranberry and raspberry enzymes while the cranberry kills the bacteria and fortifies the skin with antioxidants.

Arcona Raspberry Clarifying Pads

The raspberry enzymes further dissolve pores and residual grime.

Arcona Magic White Ice

The Magic White Ice is a gel hydrating the skin with even more cranberry complex, clearing out the pores while imparting hyaluronic acid into the skin while killing the bacteria causing acne.

Belli Acne Clearing Facial Wash

There is another acid that is strong enough to clean up the skin so effectively that most regard this as sans toner, alcohol-free, yet it is so gentle, it is meant for pregnant women, lactic acid.

Belli Acne Clearing Facial Wash is an exfoliating wash; rich in powerful pore-cleansing ingredients that leaves skin clear and refined, without over-drying. If used as a mask for the five minutes, the skin is left so smooth and refined, people swear you are using toner when you're not. In other words, it's effective enough that most don't use toner.

Lactic acid is naturally found in the body. Safe enough for expecting mothers. Strong enough for stressed out, non-expected women. Simple enough for fast scrub. Sleath enough as an intense facial mask eating up the dirt and dead skin cells.

Clientele Pumpkin Facial Scrub
Clientele Pumpkin Facial Scrub brings an extra flush thanks to the cinnamon while the pumpkin acids, like most acids, eat away at the dead cells and oil.
Now, you can take care of your skin without drying it out or clogging it up.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban Republic's Peter Rhima Calling the Shots

By Laura Medina
"Behind the Video Lookbook Shoot"

Peter Rhima, Urban Republic's Creative Director calling the shots.

Fortunate enough to gain full, all-day access of Urban Republic's video and still Fall 2010 Lookbook for this month's PROJECT, Las Vega's premium fashion tradeshow, this article is the behind-the-scenes of the lookbook, the company's own documentary of the shoot (this scribe included) and most importantly,what it takes to do a top-shelf production.

The day started early. The morning alone was building and decorating the set from scratch in a desirable studio/loft apartment in the newly cleaned-up Toy Factory of Downtown Los Angeles. Downtown studio real estate a Manhattanite photographer would kill for. Another production was filming a movie outside. The loft neighborhood was buzzing with action but the hip residents treated this as a typical day in 'hood.

Stylists primped and dressed the models. The models fixed last minute details. Mr. Rhima greeted and welcomed the local culturati-your's included-the Beautiful People who really add something to the mix, not just in attitude; but each and every one of us are photographers or photojournalists participating in this rare moment in time.

Urban Republic's Brand Manager, Enrico Moses, wanted to add something and not make this a typical studio shoot with still photographs.

He knows there are colonies of intellectuals and artists and designers in the City of Angels dotted here, there, and everywhere. The problem is pulling them together like Manhattan did back in the day or what Brooklyn does now.

By using this shoot, Mr. Moses and Mr. Rhima are available to pool the coolest talents they know collectively, proving that Los Angeles does has its league of the culturally aware and innovative.

They are attempting to revive Andy Warhol's Factory days of the mid-Sixities, where Mr. Warhol would invite his closest and hippest friends to relax and hang out during photography shoots while they later collaborate on ideas they generated while the session was going on.

For this session, Mr. Moses and Mr. Rhima are trying to bring back the ethos of the Factory but for the new century with a new generation.

As Creative Director, Mr. Rhima, like Andy Warhol, was the ringmaster as well as the host.

He was directing the cinematographer, the photographer, and the models seamlessly.

Their own documentary of the shoot is an extra bonus as an electronic lookbook and press kit but also an historical archive of how the brand is growing and developing.

The shots that are going to be included in the Fall 2010 Lookbook for PROJECT Las Vegas.

It wasn't all business. In between the takes, the crew and models kid around with props or fan themselves under the hot lights, patiently waiting their turn.

As part of the electronic/video press kit, Mr. Rhima sat down to discuss about the history of Urban Republic, what is it all about, and where it is going.
Doing an on-camera interview is not as easy as it looks but Mr. Rhima keeps his cool throughout.
Photographer Mark Sacro goofing around between takes then he and his assistant congratulating on the "martini shot" of the day. Photographer/Model, Derek Pratt chatting with fellow photographer.
As the day wears onto evening and the models were done posing, the folks are ready for that last shoot of the day-the martini shot. Some goofed around. Some took time to get know each other, after hanging out and working together for a whole day.
On that very last model shot, photographer, Mark Sacro and his assistant toasted with nice, cold beer for a job well done.
However, this isn't the end of the story. The electronic/video lookbook is going to take it out on the streets this Saturday, August fourteenth, in Downtown Los Angeles, from 9:30am to 3:30pm. For this shoot, the models will be posing in a urban, obviously downtown setting emphasizing the functional but global aesthetics of Urban Republic's jet-setting city dweller.
The story continues...

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Cynthia Rowley Boutique on Wheels Rolls into So Cal

By Laura Medina

A Cynthia Rowley young lady, Amelia Porchia, Merchandising Manager, in grommet bucket hat.

What started as a novel and easy way for Cynthia Rowley to bring her resortwear to the people on the streets of Manhattan, has grown into a full-blown tour of America.

Building upon the food truck craze sweeping the country, Ms. Rowley and her crew decided to hit the road to showcase the classics and the latest in her collection in a truck. Why spend so time and money renting or building a spot and decorating it then having people drive out of their way, only to find there is no parking, when it is so much more simpler to redo a truck and way more fun to hit the great, wide-open roads of America then finding out what people really want.

By coming to the folks and participating in great events, this is a great way to learn what shoppers want and what the brand has to offer.

Cynthia Rowley's limited edition Surfwear collection with Roxy.

Can't think of a better time for the Cynthia Rowley Truck to roll into girly but sporty Southern California, the home of the stylish surfer girls.

What started in late May in New York, it was little more than two months in the making for the truck to make its first California stop, Newport Beach,at the chic shopping center by the sea, Fashion Island.

This was the ideal locale to debut the female-friendly and functional but oh so cute neoprene surfwear in color-blocked pastels. As an avid surfer girl herself, Ms. Rowley felt there something lacking in the female surfwear market. The ordinary two-pieces weren't durable enough for craving the waves and whatever is available were wetsuits made for men's physiques cut down to women's sizes and devoided of any style.

She filled in the niche with neoprene bandeaus with matching and interchangeable boyshorts. The wetsuit had its sleeves and legs chopped off then stretched into a mini-sheath dress/tunic that can be worn over any ole swimsuit/bikini or her bandeaus and boyshorts.

In fact, hitting Southern California was something she had in the back of her mind since she started the "shop on wheels," can't think of a better place to debut her very limited surfwear collection.

Even though it's a collaboration with Roxy, the surfwear isn't not available in each and all Roxy stores. Save for a few and select stores such as: Colette in Paris, Quiksilver in Tokyo, David
Jones in Sydney and 10 Corso Como in Milan, the Cynthia Rowley Truck is the only spot where people are welcomed to come in, touch, feel, try them on then purchase them for that dip in the waves across the street.

Shoes for the beach and the streets.

She even included neoprene ballet slippers among her shoe collection that can be rolled up and toss in her drawstring bag for that quick jaunt across the sand for a fast smoothie sip or snack attack.

Midnight Blue Ostrich Feathers for the upcoming Fall 2010 Collection.

This isn't all about surfwear. Cynthia Rowley thinks about a young lady's all encompassing lifestyle.

The truck is also a great way to get up close and personal with what's coming up next for Fall 2010 before it hits the stores and also find some soon-to-be vintage jackets and dresses from er previous collections. Again, each and all available for purchase.

Amelia and deep hue dresses in Cynthia Rowley's signature grosgrain ribbon.

The classic Cynthia Rowley stand-bys of cocktail dresses and tops, sewn entirely in grosgrain ribbons, are definitely inside the truck, all in various shades of purple which is a hot color for Fall 2010, ranging from beachy lilac, eggplant, and burgundy. Deep enough for Fall but sweet construction that is light-hearted enough for Spring and Summer, they're already set for being closet classics.

Fashion Island Shoppers checking out the Boutique on Wheels.

If last Saturday's curious but positive shoppers' reaction was any indiction, the curiosity factor is building when the truck rolls into Santa Monica, next Friday, at Fred Segal Fun on 500 Broadway. They will be there this Friday, August 13th to Sunday, August 15th, from 1pm to 5pm . Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck welcomes them this Friday, from 1pm to 3pm.

So, for all the Los Angelenos surfer chicks who want a chic and hip wardrobe for the beach and beyond (her cocktail dresses make great bridemaids' dresses that will probably last longer than the marriage itself), grab some free, available parking, an ice sandwich, and check out the great gear for girls who shred both the waves and bars.

You can even ask them to host your next soiree, event, or party. All you have to do is ask. They're very receptive towards that.

You can track its next stop on

This reinstates what the tour is all about, they bring the shop to you.

Meet Juicy Couture's new designer, Erin Fetherston

By Laura Medina

Juicy Couture's new girl, Erin Fetherston.

In a rare in-store appearance, Juicy Couture debut its newly-appointed designer to further the brand onward-Erin Fetherston.

Autographing copies of her Holiday 2010 Collection sketch.

For her being brought on board as the new designer behind Juicy Couture, she feels it is her purpose to evolve the brand, not revolutionize it.

Ms. Fetherston autographing her sketch for this scribe.

What the shopper see currently in the stores is the last collection helmed by the original Juicy Couture girls, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash Taylor.

Ms. Fetherston's collection will not debut until this November.

Ms. Fetherston's Holiday 2010 sketch specially autographed for this writer.

At each stop during her tour, Erin signed copies of her sketch for her Holiday 2010 Collection which is a sneak peek of what will come up as Juicy Couture, the next generation.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Desperately Seeking Madonna's & Lola's Material Girl Launch with Taylor Momsen

By Michelle Zimmerman, NY Correspondent
Edited by Laura Medina, Editor In Chief
Macy's Pink Carpet and Cupcakes for Material Girl's Launch.

There has been hoopla and alarms about Eighties style and fashion making the return to fashion.

But leave it to the original Material Girl aka Madonna to do it right, then have her daughter retool it to the new crop of Material Girls with twentieth-first century attitude and have hip and cool "Gossip Girl"s Taylor Momsen to be the embodiment of the new Material Girl Collection, exclusively at Macy's.

Even if it weren't for the star and her offspring or Taylor, the smart styling at even wiser pricing have fans and fashionistas lining up for miles and miles at the ground central of a nationwide launch, at Herald Square in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

There were off-shoots of the Material Girl Collection launches dotting here and there at various Macy's, such at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa and Glendale Galleria in California but there is the one and only main launch-Herald Square.

The crowd frenzy was so intense that the first 200 shoppers attack and grab the "Early Eighties New Wave meets Hollywood Sequinned Glamour" shorts, tops, dresses, bandeaus, and leggings like limited run candy.

Boy, Madonna and Lola did not disappoint.

The "Material Girl's" Ensembles. Ms. Zimmerman bought the dress, lower right.

This editor-in-chief remembers when Madonna's "Material Girl" gear were rare thift store, vintage finds and too risque for the junior high set when it first appeared some twenty-five years ago; and the Eighties tween girls had to made do with black rubber bangles because they were the only Madonna accessory accessible and affordable, back in those days.

Now, the daughters of the Eighties Junior High Set have the privilege of dressing up in downtown gear at wholesome surburban prices that have their mothers nodding approvally. Gee, those mothers wish they had this when the original Material Girl Look first came around.

The reporter, Ms. Michelle Zimmerman, was bowed over by the cute graphics, prints, trims, and construction. She was even more impressed by the cuter price points. The black-and-white striped dress punch up with bold florals at $15 won her over. The outfit in the center picture is another outfit Ms. Zimmerman recommends, pretty haute couture streetwear.

Madonna knows whom she's catering to, the tween and teen sets who want a complete look with interchangeable pieces for under $100. In other words, girls like Lourdes.

Material Girl gives Target's Limited Edition Designer Series a run for their money.

The shoppers are just happy they can find some eye-arresting items in a decent department store atmosphere, this isn't a mass, economic big box setting.

Making the event even sweeter, Macy's offered receive a free bandeau top from the“Material Girl” collection and a $10 gift card valid only on August 3 for the first 200 customers, who waited in the early hours, perhaps the night before, for the 10 am official opening.

Can't forget. This is prime Back-To-School shopping season when mothers force their kids to shop. Madonna, that sharp woman, is a mama who wants her kid to look sharp when they return to school.

Madonna impersonators, Camille Terry and Elaine Chez, lend a "Desperately Seeking Susan" flair to the festivities and Madonna models served platters of "Material Girl" cupcakes to sugar-happy shoppers.
Shoppers are encouraged to arrive dressed in their Madonna best at Macy’s between 10 AM and 11 AM for a chance to win a t-shirt signed by Madonna.

Proving this is the one and only main launch, later that afternoon as a gift to fans and shoppers, Macy's treated them to a super-exclusive, unique debut of "Material Girl" muse, Taylor Momsen concert showcasing her singing and music, making this event even more special.
As an extra bonus, shoppers who make a $50 “Material Girl” purchase will had the opportunity to meet and have their photo taken with Ms. Taylor.
Ms. Zimmerman hinted of another Material Girl event next month in September...Stay tuned to The Arriviste for that....