Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yoga wear so Divine that it doesn't look like it.

By Laura Medina

The evolution in organic clothing and yogawear. It's not just for the studio anymore.

The stylish draping and the contemporary urban edge is hip enough for the streets or...

slinking around the house or the pool.
Either way, Divine is lush enough to wear everyday from house to school to anywhere during the day.
Quit thinking of it as yogawear but as contemporary wear flexible for life.

Have a Dreamy Summer

By Laura Medina

Ashley Tinsdale

Hollywood's starlets leaped onto Summer's Dreamy clothes. "High School Musical's" Ashley Tinsdale is a $179 distsressed tie-dyed Claire Dress.

Audrina Partridge

Audrina Partridge romps around in $161 belted stretch cotton, cuffed jumper.

Kristin Chenoweth is elegant in $105 short bubble cocktail dress.

Chris Noth in John Lobb

By Laura Medina

Chris Noth with his wife.
Chris Noth a.k.a. "Mr. Big" isn't left out in "Sex and the City" runway.

He wore British footwear, John Lobb loafer, on this recent Tuesday night's premiere.

The guys weren't forgotten that night.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming to you Soon, "Sex in the City 2" jewelry, tees, and sneak peeks!

By Laura Medina

The Miriam Haskell Goddess Statement Necklace available thru Beg, Borrow, or Steal.

A party go-er takes a sea salt, dark chocolate caramel.

Saturday, May 22nd, at Ron Robinson/Fred Segal is the second launch and the official West Coast launch of the exclusive but approachable and adorable "Sex in the City" charms and necklaces by Dogeared Jewels and Gifts.

Delectable bonbons in nougats, caramels, and the creamiest and crunchiest fudge aren't the only eye candies in today's launch party. There were plenty of eye candy treatments to whet your appetite for the arriving sequel, "Sex in the City 2" movie.

This party not only celebrates this particular jewelry line but also all things Carrie Bradshaw and what she represents the mighty combo of feminine and fierce female empowerment and womanly freedom of expression. Assouline's "Barbie" book profiles Barbie Dolls influenced by the series. This is also the official debut of Candace Bushnell's pre-sequel, "The Carrie Bradshaw Diaries" of the teenaged, Midwestern Carrie dreaming of the Big Apple of what she will become. However, the most important hints are the subtle sneak peeks of the sly, sexy fashions that the women can get away in the modest Middle East in the upcoming "Sex in the City 2." Read on.
The "Carrie" quote.

With HBO giving carte blanche, Dogeared Jewels and Gifts have full range with the iconic television series (not the approaching sequel yet!) in building this charm and necklace line.

With a purse-friendly prices for established and emerging Carrie Bradshaws, $60 for silver and $68 for gold-covered jewels, Dogeared liberally took quotes from the series to test your "Sex in the City" knowledge, turning this in a quirky and cute Trivia Pursuit.

The "Miranda" quote.

If you match the quote to a character, you'll find your inner Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie.

Mentioned memorably by Carrie's assistant in the first movie, Beg, Borrow, or Steal, has the actual jewelry, bags, and accessories in the sequel that you can actually have your hands on as the same moment as the movie.

Beg, Borrow, or Steal lists weekly and monthly rentals for each piece.

Samantha's Gucci Interlocking shades are at a very reasonable price of $20 per a week or $58 a month.

If you're still a "Carrie Bradshaw in-the-making" or in high school with Eighties glam, you can get away with a more casual approach in tee-shirts celebrating the movie, as in Carrie's "Hello Lover!"

The most startling surprises were the merchandising celebrating the sequel but the photos lining Ron Robinson/Fred Segal's party.
The staff wittingly decorated the store with exclusive photos of the naughty but winking nod to Middle Eastern modesty with Samantha's white leather perforated hijab and thick sweater with cleavage popping out. Charlotte wears an All-American cowboy and Samantha swaddled in robes shielding the ladies from the whipping sands. Sultry Sahara styles indeed!
Expect head scarves and turbans adore and popping concealments for a hot, sizzling Summer!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stretch and Pull, It's all in the Finger Tips,Raquel Allegra

By Laura Medina

Fall Collection

While at Barneys Beverly Hills, a Northern California girl from Berkley, California, decided to revisit her hippie, eco-friendly childhood skills out of boredome and started to pick, pull, and stretch worn-out cotton-polyster tees into something so fragile, so cob web, so lacey and so instrinct, that people can't believe it's all in the finger tips.

Fall Collection

First, buyers at Barneys caught it then Maxfield wanted it. She took vintage, old tees then repurpose them into something ethereal. Through her own technique and sense of placing, her creations like they are mixed-media stitched from mismatched fabrics but they're not. Still one of the same garment but manipulated into asymetrical shapes and lace. They are still great sellers at her old workplace, Barneys but demand grew so much that Raquel has to start her own company.

Interestedly, eco-minded or just plain sly, she would go through bundles and barrels of used-up prisoner tees at the Los Angeles Correctional Center. Once the prisoners have stretched and broken the uniform tees, they would throw them out as soon they get a fresh supply of tee-shirts.

For Raquel, it's a goldmine of already and naturally worn fabric that has already been pulled into softness and comfort without being chemically-treated. Since prisoner tees are rotated on a schedule, she used to collect them on a seasonally basis then machine-wash them before she works her magic on them, transforming them into delicate, cobweb lace.

Fall Collection
Well, the demand has out grown the seasonal prison tee-shirt replacements and disposal, forcing Allegra to outsource fabrications to her own standards. She also add on five more people and taught them her secret craft to help her catch up with the growing fan base.
Since the creations are diaphaous as they are mystical and comfy, plus she loves layering, Allegra added underpinnings for concealment, jersey lace bandeau bralettes and tanks.

This gave her the chance to expand and experiment with leather triangle bikini bras and tops and shift dresses in lightweight deerskin, and slip dresses with lace hem. She always meant her line to layer everything on top of each other.
With funds and freedom from a prosperous business, Raquel is able to develope two lines: lower price, The Basics and high end line is her own namesake, Raquel Allegra.
The high end line is the push and pull and stretch asymmetrical tees into tunics and scarves. Collection fabrics also include cashmere, leather, washed silk and lace for fall 2010.
Spring Collection is about flesh tones.and hand dyed prints ( tie-dye) not your typical pattern. For fall 2010, print is brushstroke and a burnout called devore.
Then for Fall Collection: deep brown, gray, aubergine, black, she always designs in neutrals.
Since color scheme is muted, you layer various components from the Spring and Fall collections and no longer be a prisoner of fashion or the seasons.
However, her people suggest you hand wash these fine creations for upkeep.

Catherine Malandrino, Womanly Forte

By Laura Medina

A capsule of Catherine Malandrino's Sudanese & Saharan Collections.
Catherine is all about muliebrity, the unique strength of womanhood, of being a grown woman. It proves that you don’t have to be infantile girlish into order to be feminine.
A strong woman. Catherine reaches out to you as an individual. Through draping and detailing, each piece is art and great to put on. Each woman is an individual. Each piece drives you to be an inspirational woman.

Whenever a woman wears a Catherine Malandrino outfit, people do compliment which infuses confidence in a woman. Not only do men compliment the wearer but women also compliments with admiration. Based on experience, every time you go out wearing a Catherine Malandrino outfit, you are guaranteed to receive a compliment. It drives you to be inspirational day-to-day.Catherine’s clothes complement. They don’t compete. No bickering. Fellowship through admiration. As a designer, she’s not competitive. She competes within herself. She has love for what she does. She stays strong to her vision, not attempting to steal or copy everybody else. Her integrity to stay true to who she is and what she is, women find this very inspiring. She knows who she is and loves who she is.

A sampling of her Peruvian & Polynesian Collections for this Spring/Summer.

It’s all about being that strong woman.

When it comes to her training and learning in draping from working at Emanuel Ugaro and studying Madame Vionnet, her tailoring innovations ten years ago, the chunky bejeweled bib necklines/necklaces, intricate peek-a-boo cut-outs, and the tastefully yet sensual deep necklines with figure-enhancing draping may be de rigueur today among LA’s trendy designers. But, she sparked it then made them her trademark. Sticking true to luxury.

The best way to describe Catherine, is she's a Parisian woman who soaked American's vitality and freedom. More than a love of Americana. More of a feeling. Based on NY’s energy with Paris’ sensuality.

By using NY’s creativity, energy, and America’s freedom while sticking true to her Parisian roots, this gives her the confidence to do what she does without fear-“I’m here and I’m gonna do what I do best.”

Crafty draping, plunging necklines in matte jersey knits or the billowy halter top with the bibb, bejeweled necklace/line may be the tried and true Los Angeles style today but when Catherine expanded to trend birth spot of West Hollywood Plaza almost ten years ago, through her extensive Parisan couture training and adjusting to LA's sunnier and warmier but active climate and more feminitely glamourous culture, she was the first. Folks had never seen before. Now, it's the standard bearer of Hollywood Casual Glam.

It’s suggestive and sensual but not revealing. From the top couturiers, she learned the skill of artful concealment. Embracing a woman’s femininity. Not androgynous. Even with menswear-inspired garments, there is still a degree of being pretty. It’s all about women, finding what they love, and expressing their individuality. She wants to make sure her pieces are well-made enough that a woman can just slip on a fabulous piece then run off living her life without worrying about it.

You don’t need a lot of accessories to dress up her pieces because the details speak for themselves.

What’s nice about Catherine is her consistency. People have a need for that. With her, you’re guaranteed draping but she has the flair to tweak it with a fresh twist for each new line.

You own it. You have it. You wear it. Can wear in many multiple ways. Not restrictive. Ready for the bar. Ready for the red carpet.

Her bi-coastal clients obviously travel a lot. When you know you’re going to be at 3 different places all at once, it’s nice knowing you can just pull out a dress or a top and knowing it will work regardless of where you are.

Before launching her own company, Catherine used to work for Diane Von Furstenberg, the pioneer of the modern woman style. One compliments the other. Where women add their own personal flair. Great designers begat great designers.Classic, sophisticated lifestyle designer. It’s very empowering to have women designers that have successful names, they make a difference. Women who can interpret any lifestyle can become

Madonna wore this Sudanese Leather Biker Jacket.

Learning your history is not a bad thing. When she does bejeweling, it’s Byzantine. In draping, she uses chiffon and voile on a bias.

There’s a way to take something from the past then showcase it in a very modern way because Catherine is for the modern woman.

How you start determines how you finish, building that foundation.

You study your history then modernize it and it makes for one heck of a terrific dress.

Whenever she travels, it’s always an inspiration. Her Spring Line is inspired by different tribes.

She used the rituals and the beauty standards from each of the cultures she absorbs then incorporate them into her collections.

The Condo Leather Raglan 3/4 Black Jacket can be mistaken for Baroque but actually it's Sudanese, the skillful ripping and punching came from the tribal piercing and body scarification from Sudanese Clans. Madonna wore this.

Since she recently opened a second LA boutique on La Cienga Avenue, she's working on LA. Catherine designs for the LA girl, a sophisticated, strong lady. Designs for Beyonce, Madonna, Venus Williams, and Eva Longeria Parker.

The LA woman loves taking on Catherine’s worn-leather jackets, pair it with jeans then making it her own. Not tied down to one complete head-to-toe look. Mixing it up with her own personality. Again, it returns to showcasing a woman’s own individuality and style.

Baddulla Flower Long Dress in Nu and Lapis.

Since Catherine is evolving into designing for the modern, fashion-forward woman living in hot environments, her clothes translate well for the modern Southern woman who dashes from work to bar to soiree.

Her vibrant Peruvian Collections are great for romping around town whereas her Polyesian Collection is great for lounging around poolside or slinking at the garden party day or evening.

Catherine Malandrino proves a woman doesn't have to forgo her feminine to be powerful and her clothes are mullable for the womanly globe-trotter.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Moods of Norway, the Monty Python of Fashion

By Laura Medina

The Moods of Norway's Current Spring Collection, Summer In Norway.

Stefan Dahlkvist, Simen Stallnacke, and Peder Borresen on one of theire super duper tractor.
Stefan Dahlkvist, Simen, and Peder Borresen, the trio calls themselves the “Moods of Norway,” first obviously, they’re Norwegians and second, their clothes fit all sorts of feelings and expressions and time, smart serious suits for serious moods, cheery dress suits for awesome disco moments, and light-hearted fares for easy-going days.

Don’t be fooled by their adorable goofball personas. Behind every detail and quirk, is a history lesson and trivia about Norway, well because they’re Norwegians.

LA Fashion Snob aka Heather Petrey appropriately attired.
The day they opened their store and the day they celebrated their first anniversary is also Norwegian Constitution Day, Norway’s version of Independence Day from Sweden. Of course, they can’t go without waffles, topped with rich sour cream and strawberry jam and beer and champagne.

NASQAD that changed Norway from farm to industrialized.
Even dropping by their one and only US boutique, every little d├ęcor showcases Norwegian culture. The dressing room doors, built like traditional farm doors have heart-shaped video screens running old films of Norwegian farm life. The odd squiggles on the jeans’ back pockets is actual NASQAD of Norway when oil was discovered in 1963, changing it from an agriculture country to urban that hasn’t forgotten its farming roots and the Moods does let you know it.

They have a gold tractor showcasing that.
The Moods further cultural enrichment by inviting fellow Norwegians, the 4 chefs of “The Flying Culinary Circus,” the food version of the Moods. If the Moods export Norwegian culture and history through fashion then The Flying Culinary Circus does it through food. Each chef is an expert in vegetables, meat, seafood, and soups.

Camp Freddy's Billy Morrison and Matt Sorrum.

Dropping by to celebrate Norwegian Constitution Day and the Mood’s first anniversary on 113 South Robertson Boulevard are “Camp Freddy’s” Billy Morrison and Matt Sorrum.
Matt, “Bringing color to Hollywood!”

In a one year of a nanosecond, the Moods outfit Hollywood’s rock royalty from Camp Freddy’s Dave Navarro, Matt Sorrum, Billy Morrison, and Donovan Leitch, The Eagles of Death Metal, ZZ Top, The All American Rejects, and Gwen Stefani. They love rock n' roll as much as they love waffles.

The Moods basically call their clothes, “Happy clothes for Happy People" with their suits in hot pink satin, adorably goofy plaid and brocade.

On an freakishly cold, gray, and rainy day in May, they brought on the cheer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nick Verreos kicks off "Sex in the City 2" at Macy's

Our Fab fashion correspondent and "Project Runway" alum, Nick Verreos is one of the first to light the launch to "Sex in the City 2" by hosting an event at San Francisco's Macy's Union Square this Thursday, May 20th.

According to him, they'll throw a fete honoring the ultimate Gal Pal flick with free gifts, fashion tips, fun & more! Nick, himself, will be walking through closets full of affordable luxury while you enjoy refreshments, music, mini manicures, makeup tips from Benefit and sampling the fragrance .

If you're ever in SF or heading up there, don't forget to politely RSVP to get your name on the list:

Here's is the info:
Macy’s Union Square
Impulse Department, Level 3
Thursday, May 20th 6:00 pm
RSVP: 1-800-786-2665

Then, Mr. Verreo will spin around to San Jose to showcase the upcoming trends in swimwear for Summer at San Jose's Macy's Valley Fair for an afternoon of Hot Trends, Beach Body Tips and Timeless Swimwear and a FAB fashion show worthy of a Miss Universe Swimsuit Competition!
We will look back into decades of design as bathing beauties model the Heritage Collection, modern recreations of classic swimsuits by Jantzen over the past 100 years.
This swimwear collection is near and dear to his heart. It's the first he designed a beachwear line for a special cause, Nick Verreos/Nikolaki Swimsuit for Equality CA.
His vibrant personality is just a shine to his daft drafting skills which came in handy in designing swimwear which he added, "not easy by the way!"
Let him burn his brain cells while you take it easy by simply dropping by and say "Hi" at
Here's the Info:
Macy's Valley Fair
Swim Department, Level 2
Saturday, May 22 2pm
Call (4o8) 248-3333 for more info.
As a fashion/pattern-making instructor, Nick suggests this is a far more enjoyable way to soak California and Swimwear history by celebrating 100 Years of Jantzen.
What a way to start off Summer, Nick, "Sex in the City 2" and "Jantzen."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Camper By Camper Benefit for the Circle V Ranch Camp

Diana Bianchini, Camper By Camper Chair
The black tie benefit dinner at the Beverly Hills' Four Seasons Hotel was studded with glittering celebrities, such as : Tom Bergeron of "Dancing with the Stars," the classic Susan Blakely of "Southland," and "Project Runway 7" Mila Hermanovski, "NCIS" Pauley Perrette, and a stunning parade of beautiful people.
It's not just about beautiful people, the glamourous gowns and tuxs, and this writer does admit, the scrumptious three-course dinner, topped by the most gourmet s'mores on the planet (and learning there is such a thing as a soda glass as there is a water glass, not the bottle type) but the orbs of beautiful hearts glowing on the red carpet.

This is glamour with a mission, raising funds to send needy kids to camp and repairing it.

The participants cannot emphasize the importance of taking them out of the city and giving them a fresh perspective, there's an alternative to better themselves. That life doesn't have to be what they're growing up in but fresh air and a different scenery can do wonders to a kid's future.

The ever chic, Diana Bianchini, the Camper By Camper chair, went to camp last year with her eleven-year old son, to personally see what the camp has to offer and mostly importantly, what it needs.

She added that this fundraiser is here to one, sponsor a kid and second, fix the facilities.

A former Project Angel Food colleague and friend told her about it. Of course, Diana said "yes."

"Really easy to say “Yes.” I really like to help out kids right here in the LA community. A real sweet, simple idea. It can be really life-changing for them. Get them out of the city or a bad home environment, getting them beyond the city block. "

All of the money they raise that night, goes directly to the kids since it costs $300 to send one to camp and 98% of them need sponsors. 1200 children had benefit from the program.

Mila Hermanovski of "Project Runway 7"
Tom Bergeron of "Dancing with the Stars"

Asking how he got involved, Tom Bergeron said it was through "NCIS" Pauley Perrette, which leads to...

"NCIS" Pauley Perrette

the spunky and sparky Pauley Perrette.

Through the same Project Angel Food pipeline, she got involved with Camper By Camper but with added backstory.

She went to camp all through her childhood and is immensely grateful for that. Now, she wants to give back.

"I’m so grateful I was able to go to camp growing up. I can’t imagine not going to camp."

"All I do in my free time are charities. So when I hear about a good one, I get really excited."

During the dinner itself, Pauley couldn't believe that she went from being a broke bartender with a mohawk in Manhattan to being this awesome actress with a heart. It was a very touching moment. A little bit of trivia, she volunteers at a Hollywood soup kitchen every Sunday and knows everyone on the sidewalk by name.

"Sober House" manager and star and former super model, Jennifer Gimenez

Jennifer Gimenez can pose like nobody else-and she's the one who brings it all home to remind folks what the mission is all about.

Wisely joking, "I’ve been modeling since I was 13 to 24. I know how to model better than I know how to wipe my butt."

Being at the fundraiser has a more meaningful mission for her, "I think it’s a great charity and brings so many kids together. Allows them to have a future and have fun. Grow up together and unite together."

If she only went to camp when she was a kid, it could had been different.

"I think this is so much better than Sober House. These kids have yet to open themselves to drugs and alcohol...I’ve never been to camp. Therefore, I am a recovering drug addict and I didn’t go to camp."

She felt taking these kids out of a bad family situation, putting them in the fresh air and nature, gives them a new and better perspective to improve their lives. That what they endure at home doesn't have to be their future. Jennifer believes going to camp changes a kid's outlook for the better.

Feel Good. Be Good. Buy Makeup to Help the Homeless

Tuesday night on May 25th is a special night at Westfield Century City Mall's Sephora.

When you dash into Sephora for that quick pick-me-up of a lipgloss or your skin needs some serious quenching from a lotion, you may unintentionally help the neediest of society.

10% of each purchase that night will go directly to Cardinal Manning Center to assist the homeless on Los Angeles' Skid Row.

This charity event will not go unnoticed. Century City's Sephora will return the love for your very cute self-love by throwing an adorable bash of a DJ, cocktails, and food from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Now, get over your guilt and pick up a gloss, a cream, a lotion, a bottle of perfume, and perhaps, a dizzying array of sunscreen you will need for Summer to actually help someone get off the streets.

RVSP to or call (310) 288-0077 to get on the list and get in and help out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Other Side of William Rast, Trace Ayala

By Laura Medina

Justin Timberlake's business partner in William Rast, Trace Ayala.
At a recent store event, this reporter was lucky to chat with the man who's Justin Timberlake's fashion business partner-in-crime, Trace Ayala.
We nonchalantly talked about how they started the brand, his sewing background, and doing a little something for Nashville.
Mr. Ayala pretty much describes William Rast as Tennessee Southern Heritage meets Hollywood Style. He represents the more laid-back, low-key but still great quality of being a denim guy while Justin likes wearing suits and slacks.
"I think it’s the perfect combination of Justin and I. He likes to dress up a little more, in suits and slacks. And, I’m a denim guy. I feel like we’re right down the middle. Tennessee Southern Heritage with Hollywood Style. It’s a little bit of Tennesse and a little bit of Hollywood."
This inquistive photojournalist kindly joked about his Pro Bass Fishing Cap as being the next Trucker Cap. We laughed about that. Despite being one of Los Angeles' most desirable brands, Mr. Ayala hasn't forgotten his roots.
"It’s my favorite store. I’m a big hunter and fisherman. I spend a lot of time there."

A William Rast devotee.
Growing up learning how to sew as Justin's childhood buddy, Trace used the sewing skills his mother taught him to build the brand as it is known today.
"For me, I grew up sewing and designing and making patterns. I grew up in Tennessee. My mother was a huge, huge sewer. She made up patterns. She pretty much made all my clothes I wore growing up. I would sit up all night, lying down on the floor, listening to the sewing machine going off at night. So, I wanted to learn how to sew. I learned how to sew when I was really young. "
This built the foundation for integrity of William Rast's construction but the concept for the brand was actually born when Justin's entertainment career took off...

"Then when Justin went on tour with *NSYNC , I would make clothes for him to wear on stage. Styling him then he went out with Brittany Spears. So, Brittany loves the stuff. Then, I started making all her stuff she wore. Kinda making all their clothes is where I started."

Trace sewing and styling Justin pretty launch the idea for their own brand-but with heart-felt respect for their roots while taking it forward to new audiences.

"Originally, we always wanted to do a brand since the*NSYNC days. An opportunity arose. We link up with a great denim guy. We initially started as a denim line. Now, we come full-circle as a lifestyle brand."

As for a name that fits their philosophy for keeping it real as a Southern Heritage/Americana brand as it is modern and fashion-forward for our times, they settled on William Rast.

"When we were naming the brand, we wanted something that meant something to the two of us, William Rast. William is his (Justin’s) grandfather’s first name; and Rast is my grandfather’s last name."

The roots maybe Southern but the outlook is futuristic yet practical.

He describes the current collection in stores right now as "Biker Bohemian." The person he had in mind who might want to make some use of this is the "Traveling Guy/Traveling Woman" who propel the "Easy Rider" of exploring the open roads on a Harley and needs cool gear, something tough but stylish, to take her or him anywhere, anytime.

Showing his sewing background, Trace pointed the details making the collection, "A lot of leather with patches. Leather with outer stitching. Distressed flannels." He calls this the "New Americana."

Nashville, Tennessee Flood Relief at the bar.

Due to Mother Nature, they set up an impromptu flood relief at the bar to help Nashville's flood victims. Trace and this writer both felt slightly guilty for being in sunny, dry California while we both know the folks back home are dealing with losing their home, or at least dealing with water-damaged belongings.
"Nashville is our home. I think over 700 homes are now gone which I think is insane."
He and Justin may think of something to help. This little get-together was kind enough to ask people at the bar to donate something for the Nashville Flood Relief.
Still hasn't forgotten his roots.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Original Penguin for the new Summer Set

By Laura Medina

The New Smart Set for Summer.

Thanks to the young sophisicated socialites of the CW's guilty pleasure, "Gossip Girl and AMC'S "Mad Men," they made natty sexy and revamping long dormant brands such as Original Penguin of retro-stylishness.

Under Perry Ellis, they brushed off dusty, olde grandpa then refreshed it for the new rising class of the twenty-first century leisure set, harking back to or a yearning for gentility and polite frivolity with urbane polish, sprinkled with cosmopolitian twinkle.

This is the new party wear and resort wear for the new elite, educated, mulit-cultured set, Les Preps Nouvelle," who wisely wear resort wear for those Summer parties at the beach or on the yacht.

A chambray oxford in timeless button-down shirt.

The preppy stand-by, short-sleeved madras plaid shirt with short sleeves goes gangsta with a bibb choker in rhinestone. Move on from Punk Prep to Hip-Hop/Gangsta Prep.

Epitomized by "Gossip Girl'" rakish bad boy, Chuck Bass, preppiness does have a jaunty knack for mixing the unlikeliest of combos then making it dashingly hip as in topping a pullover sweater over a madras shirt with matching bermuda shorts for those surprisingly chilly Spring nights out on the boat. The solid pink sweater breaks the fashion gaffe of the matchy-match of plaid overboard.
This is what separates prep from dork. A prepster knows her or his fabric weight and color blocking and breaking. Head to toe lightweight knit and weight ties everything together for Spring/Summer as does heavy weight everything unifies a Winter Look.

For those who just want to swing some brew and gobble BBQ and berry pies or some outrageous technicolor cocktails in high-fuel liqour, no fear. Original Penguin kept the Americana Classic of madras in Summer Berry colors in two fits. The Classic Fit, easier on the shoulder, relaxed through waist, is great for hanging out. With the berry madras, you can be at ease with stains.
For those dressier moments, the slender-tailored Heritage Slim Fit, slim shoulder, lean through waist is a great hybrid of dress casual. The light cotton lawn or pima cotton with a sleeker fit keeps you cool, physically and mentally.

Like Father, like son, Original Penguin does consider about the next generation coming up. Hopefully, the Junior set thinks it's fun to wear as much as Dad.

Whether it's frugality and heritage through hand-me-downs or the preppy female's desire for being taken seriously or functionality or efficient laziness, androgyny has always been a part of Preppinessism.
So does having subcategories and subcultures of Preppiness, as they migrate North, morphing into Punk Preps clad in black or discovering new found opportunities out West where the preppy female either goes Glam in Juicy Couture or Tory Burch or go Bohomenian as in toughening the country hippie in white crochet by borrowing her brother's/dad's/boyfriend's/buddy's plaid shirt.
Original Penguin has always been overlooked as a bastion of mid-Twentieth Century Americana and been overshadowed by Lacoste for preppy chic but its time has come.
Gen-Xers and Yers of the new social set are digging it back up and making its own, at reasonable price points.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rebecca Taylor's Gift to Moms Everywhere, Jurlique Intense Recovery Facial Mask and Rose Hand Cream Set

By Laura Medina

Rebecca Taylor with Jurlique Gift Set for Mother's Day.

As a treat to hurried moms everywhere like herself, New Zealander-turned-New York fashion designer and a mother of three, the ultra hip and girly Rebecca Taylor thoughtfully put together her favorite Jurlique products together in a special Mother's Day box set of stuff she can't live without: Intense Recovery Facial Mask and Rose Hand Cream.

To balance out her life as an in-demand designer and raising her family, she always turned to Jurlique products based on essential oils and natural ingredients.

Packaged in purse-friendly sized tubes, the Intense Recovery Facial Mask and the Rose Hand Cream are a mini spa on the go. You can smear on the facial mask to revive your face in ten minutes and wipe then you're ready to face the world and meetings. The hand cream is great to replenish working hands, regardless if you're a designer, artist, chef, and attorney.

The gift set isn't all utilitarian, Ms. Taylor and Jurlique impart Ms. Taylor's feminine yet modern sensibility in the fun-loving set to make it exquisite for the holiday.

The $59 gift set will be available at select Jurlique locations, the Rebecca Taylor boutique as well as and Rebecca through the month of May.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Mother's Day Gift Ideas

By Laura Medina

Saks En Rose

Written in Saks’s millennial deconstructed-script logo in large strokes of pure black on
milky white Bond No. 9 superstar flacon bottle and topped by rose pink cap, Saks En Rose arrives just in time for Mother's Day.

The top notes of Lantana Leaves, Dry Dates, and Mace tickles the nose then the body of
Orange Rose, Tuberose, and Orris whiffs open, leaving a base of Amber, Musk, and Sandalwood offering the perfume weight.

The trust-worthy apothecary, Caswell-Massey, jumped on the organic bandwagon which ironically reaches back to its 18th-Century roots.
Introducing a new assortment of Natural products to its Luxury collection, the new, Natural Hand Lotions and Hand Wash Gels will be sold at the launch of the Caswell-Massey boutique at Limelight Marketplace, 47 W. 20th Street, on May 7th.
Founded in 1752 in Newport, Rhode Island, Caswell-Massey uses only the finest natural ingredients in their wide selection of soaps, lotions, gels, fragrances and accessories – all made in America. The company’s brands also include Dr. Hunter’s Original Remedies and Lucky Tiger.
Free of parabens, pthalates, lauryl and laureth sulfates, the Luxury collection features Natural Hand Lotions ($35) and Natural Hand Wash Gels ($30) made with shea butter and Vitamin E to gently moisturize skin. The Naturals are also gluten-free and made with recyclable packaging. They are available in 5 scents: Lemon Verbena, Lavender & Violet, Oatmeal, Fresh Cut Flowers and Ocean. Each fragrance has tailored additives to soothe, condition and protect the skin such as green tea, pea protein, lemongrass and sea kelp.
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