Wednesday, May 28, 2014

COOLA's New Stuff, at Ulta, Cools Down the UV Rays During the Days then Cools You Down at Night.

By Laura Medina

Just before the Beauty Balms and the Color-Correction Creams cropped up on the horizon, this skincare-loving scribe just fell in love with COOLA Sunscreen.

All in one tube, you can get your antioxidants, vitamin C, Evening Primrose, Omega-3 and Gamma-Linolenic Acid, and Plankton Extract in an universal skin-toned tint.  Today, the COOLA folks call their Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint Sunscreen, "the all-natural BB Cream."  Their Mineral Face SPF 20 Tint Rose Sunscreen, packed with Organic Acai Oil - high in Omegas-3/6/9, Vitamins B1/2/3, plus antioxidant Vitamins C and E, Organic Sunflower Seed Extract, Linseed Oil, containing Alpha-Linolenic Acids, and phyto-protector Plankton Extract rejuvenating while Cucumber Extract calming skin, is their "all-natural CC Cream."

This is how this scribe has been saving face before the marketplace blast of conventional BB and CC Creams and during Summer, while the UV rays were beating on her.

Since this Southern Belle scribe still remembers her Charleston, South Carolina.  Today's COOLA launch with Ulta means her Charleston Spoleto Socialites can easily reach for the scented Citrus Mimosa Mineral Sport SPF 35 Sunscreen, the PLUMERIA MOISTURIZING BODY SPF 30 Sunscreen, and MANGO MOISTURIZING SPORT SPF 45 Sunscreen, your top-shelf sunscreen protect and all-natural perfume in one.  Great for jetting from yacht party in Charleston Harbor to the Bahamas.

Yes, we all been "bad, lazy, and naughty" a.k.a. forgetful, lazy, and suntanning.

So COOLA came to the rescue with their new "post-sunburn recovery" line, COOLA Environmental Repair Plus.

These light-weight, fat-free cooling and calming serum, gel, and lotion nourishes the damaged skin cells as they calm down the burn and heat.  Great at night, before you go hit the sack or crash your friend's sofa at the beach house.

Calm Glow Eye Gel tackles those "crinkles" or "crow's feet" that sneak up where your sunglasses fail to shield.  The Rose Flower Water hydrates, soothes, calms, and balances the delicate eye area.  Rye Seed Extract, A natural skin protectant that improves elasticity, reduces fine lines and promotes collagen production.  Black Currant Extract, a nourishing antioxidant that reduces inflammation and replenishes stressed skin.  Linseed Extract, A soothing anti-inflammatory that restores skin and shields it from irritants.   

Fresh Relief Face Serum, this lightweight serum is your stealthy defense against aging.  This watery, refreshing serum is lightweight yet potent because it jumps on the seaweed/algae bandwagon, hydrating without oil or fat.  Wakame, Japanese Seaweed is a skin protectant with a natural UVA shield that combats exhaust, smoke, heavy metals and free radicals.  The Alfalfa Extract is a renewing skin conditioner that promotes collagen production, improves elasticity and fights wrinkles.

There's more to agave than tequila and agave sweetner.  It's one of the main ingredients in Radical Recovery™ After-Sun Lotion.  Agave is a soothing vitamin and antimicrobial-rich skin rejuvenator that offers natural protection from the elements.  With the addition of trusty ole Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Extract, and Sunflower Oil.

These are what this scribe will be packing for Summer's art festivals, soirees, and White Parties.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Finally! MAC's Dives into Waterproof Makeup, Alluring Aquatic for Sweaty, Sultry Summer

By Laura Medina

Yesterday, the Friday before Memorial Day, the real springboard for Summer, hot, sticky, sweaty, and sultry Summer...MAC debuted it's very first, long-awaited waterproof cosmetics collection, Alluring Aquatic at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, California, with help from interpretive dancers and a gymnast, above, being the "merman."

Everytime MAC releases a new collection, they say their newest and freshest lines reflect trends; and trends reflect life changes and what society is experiencing and desire, shining on one's needs and desires as she or he personally grows; and MAC is here to fulfill that.  

As in, makeup that doesn't melt in the heat and humidity...

The first thing this scribe asked M·A·C Senior Artist John Stapleton, "What took them (MAC) so long?"

Knowing that fans and people have been clamoring for this for the longest time,  John, "Yeah, right?!  Everyone asked for it for years."

Here John Stapleton explained how the development cosmetic process delayed the production and introduction of MAC's very first waterproof makeup line...

"We have the waterproof eyebrow.  We have the waterproof mascaras.  We, at MAC, wait for the technology to be right."   

"We don’t want to rush it because the one thing you about MAC artists, is that if they don’t stand behind their products, they wouldn’t use it."

"They want to use the best quality products.  They want to use something they know how to work with.  So, the truth is that our product development team always say, “Whenever we do a prototype of something, we sent it out to the artists to test.  They  have the most stringent feedback on stuff.  If something doesn’t hit high marks, it just doesn’t go.”

“So, a lot of times, you know, I think technology has now lent way to more advance waterproofing products.  So, we go with it, you know.”  

"But, it’s wonderful for the Summer time, too."

"It’s a different twist this Summer by doing shimmers that aren’t so bright.  Like we done in the past, we done a lot of pops of color which is great against tanned skin but that wound happening later in Summer."

"Since this is the beginning of Summer, we’re offering bronzers and colors that are easier to work into your wardrobe.”

This is where John unknowing get philosophical on personal growth, adaption, evolution, and maturity and something better suited at whatever stage a person is in life currently.

“The hard part is, too of course, because we introduce these and when they go away, you know, people want to cry about it.”

He commented that things do stay constant in life, “However, there are a lot of things in the line-up that stay.  Like, the new brow products, the waterproof brow products, they’re gonna stay in the line-up.  Some of the pencils are too.”

John explained the reason behind MAC the company's staying power through the decades and the new waterproof collection,..

“Also, what I love about the company is that what they do, they’ll take things, like nail polishes or even, lipsticks and they base it on trends on what is happening; and trends need to change.”

“I understand when people say ,’Oh my God, that’s my color.’   I also think you gotta go out there and try something different.”   You know, it’s so much more easier to change your lipstick and eyeshadow than go buy a new purse or a new pair of shoes because it’s expensive.”

“I always think it’s wonderful to add something new to your wardrobe.” 
“When it comes to makeup, there’s always new technology; and you want to try what’s coming out every so often, instead of sticking to your usuals.” 

“Also, we mature.  Maybe, what worked for you five years ago, isn’t quite working for you anymore and it’s an interesting time to revamp the face.” 

For most people, the face then the body then the clothes then the accessories falling into place, reflect personal growth and what direction that person is heading, as in it's Summer and we need cool makeup that doesn't melt in timeless colors that isn't seasonally-limiting.

What strike this scribe the most was the Alluring Aquatic Collection doesn't have the obligatory punchy orange and yellow-popsicle tones that most can't wear beyond Summer.

The rich plums, the cherry pinks, and the subtle mauves in Alluring Aquatic's waterproof lipsticks and blushes are suitable to wear year-around, well into Fall and Winter and more universally adaptable.

Even the standard Summer frost is refined into a shimmer, not so glitzy as one expects from a Summer makeup.

“Take a look, one thing I love are the blushes, the shimmer in them which is the sure fire way to make a woman look younger.  It adds fullness  to the cheeks which makes you look younger.  Anytime, you have that glow, you look younger.” 

The Radiant Orchid Trend…
“You see a lot of those (plum, berry, mauve) in clothing.  When you look at the clothings on the racks, you a lot of those brushed metals, pastel metallics.  There’s a lot of that in wardrobe.  Sometimes, a lot of people would coordinate with that or again, if they can’t buy the outfit, they throw a little tribute to the outfit by throwing a little eyeshadow on the eyelid or lips of the season.”

What about lipgloss or what MAC calls, "LipGlass?"  Is Alluring Aquatic's LipGlasses waterproof for the pool and beach and waterpark?

“Lipglosses, in general, because they’re made from Jojoba Oil, oil and water don’t mix.  If you submerge your head underwater, the lipgloss would stay fresh.  Technically, it doesn’t have a waterproof claim, swimming for hours in ocean, coming out.   Anytime you use anything with naturally derived oil which is Jojoba Oil, it will resist water.  Use it sparing, the more you put more, the more risk of ruining it.”

This scribe told John that this scribe is from Charleston, South Carolina and it's high society is happening as we spoke, Spoleto USA when the country's and the world's top dance, cabaret, concerts, and singers perform then the state's and the South's best parties blast "party bright" well into the night.  This is the time when Charleston's celebunates need MAC's Alluring Aquatic, high-performance, sweatproof makeup that's actually glamorous for the events.

John Stapleton knows his friend, the graphic artist/DJ, Shepard Fairey is being honored in our hometown's Spoleto USA's festival as headliner.

John loves Charleston, the perfect market for Alluring Aquatic...

“I love South Carolina.  I stayed in Edisto.  It’s beautiful.  I was there for a wedding.  I absolutely love it. I know Shepard.  I went to a wedding and it was at Shepard’s parents’ house.  My friend works with Shepard.  He’s in a museum right now. ”

Since my Charleston readers need glamorous makeup for glamorous galas and events, that will stay up running from one performance to the after-party, John suggested this...

“I always say, if you really want it to stay on, try a primer underneath it too.  We make a really great primer called ‘Prep & Primp Skin’ ;and we also make “Skin Refine Zone” I use myself on the T-Zone, prevents me from getting oily.  It’s in a little tube.  You use very sparingly, smaller than a pea and put it in the center of the face then blend it out, and it’ll keep your makeup on. ” 


Soon, this scribe has to dash off because all those wonderful MAC people told this scribe that there's a special art performance.  Their own version of Spoleto USA.

On a mirrored 12 ft. cube/stage, a troupe of interpretive dancers and a male gymnast played a school of mermaids and the "merman" did gymnastics on the uneven parallel bars.

It's Alluring Aquatic in action,

Mind you, John Stapleton and his army of MAC artists and the mermaids and the merman will still be at Hollywood & Highland this Memorial Day Week.

Here's this weekend's schedule:

Dive Into M·A·C Alluring Aquatic
Friday, May 23 : 1 – 9 p.m. 
Saturday, May 24: 1 – 9 p.m.
Sunday, May 25: 12 – 8 p.m.

M·A·C Hollywood & Highland
6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Parking: Available in main H&H structure
Dive into Summer, makeup safe!