Monday, August 31, 2020

In LA County & The City of Angels, GlamSquad Can Do Outdoor Manis-Pedis

 By Laura Medina

Hmmm,..your city or county still an Corvid-19 hot bed but you're dying for basic grooming and hygiene?

Let the always mani/pedi to-go service, GlamSquad come to you.

They also blow-out and style hair and do makeovers, as well as pedicures and manicures...poolside,

They always do poolside. Pre-quarantine, they did parties and events, all outdoors.

They can do it.

My Clarins, Junior Line to Clarins and Half the Price but Packed with All-Natural Antioxidants.

 By Laura Medina

Moringa extract gently eliminates makeup and pollutants.

 Acerola seed extract, rich in vitamin C, boosts radiance.

Meadowsweet purfies.



 By Laura Medina

Ruthie Davis continues to empower women with the recent launch of the Mulan Warrior collection in celebration of Disney's "Mulan." While designing the collection, Davis mentored a group of young fashion students from the University of Delaware. Together, they created footwear that moves beyond fashion and embodies the determination and strength of Mulan, a modern warrior. The project of designing the shoe collection celebrates strong women working together through sharing ideas to bring this collection to life. Starting September 4, with Premier Access, you can watch "Mulan" before it's available to all Disney+ subscribers. Disney+ will offer Premier Access to "Mulan" for $29.99 on and select platforms. Once you have Premier Access to "Mulan," you can watch as many times as you want on any platform where Disney+ is available.

Ruthie Davis offers more than fashion and footwear, she offers a lifestyle that embodies the brand DNA that has been so carefully crafted over the years: to stand out and stand tall, to set trends yet stay timeless. As a CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) member and an AAFA's (American Apparel & Footwear Association) Designer of the Year, Davis designs footwear that is far from conventional. Every shoe is a piece of architectural art, all while staying true to the chic, modern and sporty designs that women worldwide have fallen for. Residing in New York City and President of her eponymous brand, Davis is known for being a female shoe designer who designs for and empowers all other women. 

"I feel so inspired by Mulan. She was the vehicle to bring together this group of women. If it wasn't for her, this experience wouldn't have happened," noted Davis. "We created sporty, wearable 'everyday' styles that give every woman the strength to fight day by day for what she believes in."

The footwear is both robust and energetic, with cunning and unexpected details. Shoes adorned with the mantra "Warrior" embody the fearless, inner strength of the film's protagonist. The collection is available for purchase exclusively on RuthieDavis.comThe styles retail from $398 - $898.

Ruthie Davis costume designing for Mulan & accompanying limited edition ...

Ruthie Davis costume designing for Mulan & the Accompanying Sneaker

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Cool, Zingy, Wake-up Ursa Major Face Wash

 By Laura Medina

Need that extra zing to wake up you for that Zoom meeting while quarantining?

Get that wake up "go go" with peppermint, cedar, lime, lemon, and white tea in an aloe vera and sugarcane base.

It's coffee in a face wash.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


 By Laura Medina

ABC7 Los Angeles, Southern California’s most-watched television station, teamed up with popular local muralists to create wearable works of art that can be purchased exclusively through an e-commerce partnership with Snow Commerce on Wednesday, Aug. 26, at the newly launched ABC7’s apparel shop, in efforts to raise money as part of ABC7’s Feed SoCal Campaign. The campaign is an ongoing effort to reduce food insecurities through food donations and fundraisers for Southern California regional food banks.

Local muralists’ art will be prominently displayed on 100% cotton, crew neck “Feed SoCal” shirts that will sell between $24.95 - $28.50. ABC7 will donate 100% of its proceeds from the sales of these exclusive designs to Southern California food banks.

The Feed SoCal Campaign includes the following food banks in Southern California: Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, Feeding America Riverside/San Bernardino and FOOD Share, and Ventura County’s Food Bank.

As more people are experiencing food insecurities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC7 continues to create innovative ways to connect with Southern California communities in its efforts to give back to those in need.

“Southern California muralists are part of the makeup of heart and love for the city of Los Angeles,” said Cheryl Fair, president and general manager of KABC. “During a pandemic and a movement we’re all experiencing together, we saw a unique opportunity to display their vision in a way that would give back to the very community they illustrate.”

The first artist featured is Los Angeles-based Corie Mattie, muralist and founder of the LA Hope Dealer. Her Feed SoCal T-shirt is the first made available to purchase at the new ABC7 apparel shop. “It's really important for people to give back to the community; and I think, with art, you can really portray messages that speak to people,” Mattie said.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As more people are experiencing food insecurity due to COVID-19, 
ABC7 is teaming up with SoCal muralists to design t-shirts to help raise money f
or Southern California regional food banks.

"It's really important for people to give back to the community and I think with art, 
you can really portray messages that speak to people," artist Corie Mattie said.

This isn't the first time the Los Angeles-based artist has jumped at the opportunity 
to use her art for good. 
Mattie is also the founder of the LA Hope Dealer, a creative movement that aims 
to offer human connection and hope. She launched this movement in response 
to the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

"When this opportunity arose I knew I had to just take it cause I want to help as much as I can," 
Mattie said of her collaboration with ABC7 and Feed SoCal.

Feed SoCal: Help end hunger by donating today

Mattie walked ABC7 through her creative process in designing the t-shirt.

"I wanted to bring some innocence to the design, so I thought of my niece instantly," Mattie said.

The artist began sketching the design of her niece holding an ice cream cone with the word "hope" etched into the dessert, to portray the message that she's holding hope in her hands.

"A series of unfortunate events could literally put anyone in a place where they need help," Mattie said. "And I think that now more than ever people need help."

To purchase a t-shirt, visit ABC7's apparel shop.

Participating Muralists:


Corie MattieFeed SoCal-themed t-shirt on sale Wednesday, Aug. 26

With an East Coast mindset and an L.A. zip code, Corie Mattie brings her humility and work ethic to the glamorous lifestyle of the West Coast. She uses her personal experiences to relate to her audiences as she finds ways to communicate through wordplay and imagery. Corie looks at dark times as an opportunity to shed light on art, community and humanity in a captivating way. In spring 2020, she created the La Hope Dealer moniker and movement in response to the rise of the global coronavirus and the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. Her goal is to combat both viral and racial pandemics plaguing our world—with hope.


Jeremy Novy, Feed SoCal-themed t-shirt on sale Wednesday, Sept. 2

A California-based street artist known for his stencils of koi fish and efforts in support of gay activism and a champion of LGBTQ iconography, Novy depicts often underrepresented subjects to promote awareness and acceptance of multiplicity and modern identity. Novy stencils sociopolitical works in public spaces to democratize the process of viewing art and to beautify urban blight and unused spaces. His medium primarily consists of spray paint and a stencil which allows for speedy application and uniformity.  


KAR_PART, Feed SoCal-themed t-shirt on sale Wednesday, Sept. 9

Kar_Part is an L.A. native, mechanical engineer product-designer-turned-street artist fueled by a growing frustration with sociopolitical, economic and behavioral conditions. Kar_Part's work often examines the multitude of layers that define us as people - from the outermost flesh layer to the caricature representation of one’s personality and the core level, that which motivates or drives us.


Ruben Rojas, Feed SoCal-themed t-shirt on sale Wednesday, Sept. 16:

In 2013, Ruben Rojas traded in his suit for a paintbrush and began transforming blank walls into unique, empowering messages that today are uplifting communities and challenging the public to create new dialogues. As an artist, muralist and activist, Ruben’s mission is to ignite creativity and inspire others to see the world through the lens of love. By using the urban landscape as his canvas, Ruben encourages communities to change for the better through optimism and collaboration. These once vacant walls are now vibrant reminders that inspire those who see them to dream big, feel beautiful, live in possibility, and to love.

At the start of the summer, ABC 7 announced its partnership with ESPN LA 710 and the Southern California regional food banks to host the 9th Annual Feed SoCal Friday. The merchandise site is an exclusive partnership with Snow Commerce to provide ABC7-branded merchandise to viewers and followers in an effort to raise much-needed funds for community initiatives and nonprofit partners. When the Feed SoCal campaign concludes at the end of September, the proceeds from all future sales of the shirts will continue to be distributed to KABC’s Southern California food bank partners.


To purchase merchandise visit To view more stories of the critical need for food during the COVID-19 crisis and ways to donate, viewers are encouraged to tune in every Friday until Sept. 11, 2020, to ABC7’s 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. newscasts. Visit to donate to the food bank of your choice. 


About KABC Los Angeles

ABC7 Los Angeles is Southern California’s No. 1 local news and information source. ABC7 is a leader in digital and social audience engagements and was the first station in the Los Angeles market to regularly broadcast news in high definition and also the first local television station in the United States to surpass 3 million Facebook followers. The station’s offices and studio are located in Glendale, California.






LaVanila Deodorants for All 4 Seasons.

 By Laura Medina

Enduring the sweaty, smelly dog days of Summer, especially when you're making do with outdoor fitness, dining, an haircut, and even a mani-pedi, we gotta keep those sweat glands in check.

LaVanila Elements Deodorants got you covered for all four seasons.

Let's start with the grounding, soothing, straight-up Vanilla + Earth for Balance.   Soft and woody blend of patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla inspires concentration and focus., year around.

This floral pairing of violet, rose, and vanilla is perfect for the budding artist or brainstorming session.  Vanilla + Air thinks out of of the box inspiration.  Feels good during budding Spring.

This warm and exotic blend of red ginger, wild orange, and soft vanilla ignites your inner power and energy.  Something to warm you up during Winter.

Cooling and calming blend of jasmine, chamomile, and vanilla will help you find you inner Namaste.  Something we all need now during August.

Apple TV's "Beastie Boys Story" Looks Back & Pandora Playback Goes Deep With K. Camp.

 By Laura Medina

The surviving members of the Beastie Boys can't help but look back with Apple TV's original movie.

In this clip, they talk about the long-running joke about a recurring ring.

It's more of an homage.

Pandora Playback isn't your usual virtual concert set.

It's a personalized, first-person in-depth interview about what it means to be musician, the difference between Hollywood's music industry and maintaining one's cultural and musical roots and the music industry.  K Camp also talks about balancing the "CEO Stuff" and being an artist.  Right now, it can be done and it's flowing.  He also talks the importance of flying under the radar.  As long the business is thriving, the music is creative, touring, and evolving, it's just a word.  

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Brad Goreski "Face Up to Rosacea" with Dr. Shereene Idriss, While "Brad and Gary Go To" on HBO Max and "Glamsquad Showdown" on E!

 By Laura Medina

During quarantine, it couldn't be no better time for celebrity fashion expert, Brad Goreski, to take the time to chat about his two upcoming tv shows, HBO Max's new travel and culinary show, "Brad and Gary Go To," and E!'s "Glamsquad Showdown" while being the face of "Face Up to Rosacea" campaign,, teaming up with dermatologist, Dr. Shereene Idriss.

Whether he's globe-trotting with his husband Gary Janetti, on their HBO Max's "Brad and Gary Go To" or co-hosting with NeNe Leakes on E!'s "Glamsquad Showdown" or doing his usual red carpet duties, Brad's appearance is always one of his top priorities. He wants people to know that he has rosacea; and he knows there are many people out there who have to deal with the painful and disfiguring flare-ups and blemishes. He and Dr. Idriss will tell you how to deal.  If Brad can do it on camera, from Hollywood to anywhere in the world, he can, does, and will it then offer you help, tips, advice, and support, with Dr. Idriss, on the "Face Up to Rosacea."

Brad wants other rosacea sufferers to feel comfortable in their own skin.

That they're not alone.

Right before the pandemic then the quarantine, Brad and his husband, Gary, managed to film the first two episodes of their new travel and culinary and culture show, "Brad and Gary Go To," profiling Rio and Bueno Aires, for HBO Max.

Asking how transiting from fashion (which is still very size conscious) to food, Brad said he had no problem expanding his horizons.  His new travel is a "perfect storm" in a very positive way.  Using his fashion connections, he and Gary explore new food and real street style, spotlighting local fashion designers in each locale. Of course during quarantine, Brad said he cannot help but become a really good cook, supplemented with his travels.  He added, that's how he met his husband, while traveling through Greece.

For millions of rosacea sufferers itching to travel, like Brad, Dr. Idriss suggest buying and using 2 to 3 skincare (one of them must be sunscreen) meant for sensitive skin.

If being "the face" for "Face Up to Rosacea" and hosting a new travel show aren't busy enough, he's also co-hosting a style competition show, E!'s "Glamsquad Showdown" with NeNe Leakes.  A beauty competition series that celebrates the best celebrity “glam squads” in the business.   each week two celebrity friends or co-stars’ elite teams of hair stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe consultants take center stage to compete and showcase their skills in front of an interactive live-studio audience. The two glam squads pull makeover subjects out of the audience as they go head-to-head in two raucous makeover challenges in hopes of earning ultimate beauty bragging rights and prize money for charity.

Expect more "Brad Goreski" in the near future.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Bye to Blisters, Hush Puppies.

 By Laura Medina

 The Bennet, a new men’s shoe crafted from stretchy leathers that form to your foot for superior comfort. It’s available in three classic styles: Bennet Wingtip Oxford, Bennet Plain Toe Oxford, Bennet Plain Toe Slip-On.

 Men’s Bennet

You can now say “Bye-Bye, Blisters,” the new Hush Puppies Bennet is ready for all day wear. The Bennet provides 360° comfort around the foot, while providing next-level cushioning and support underneath the foot. With technology like the PerfectFit Stretch System, the Bennet hugs your foot for instant flexibility and comfort. Available in a handful of neutral, easy to style colors, they're sure to be your go-to shoe all season long. 

You can wear them day to night and avoid blisters as they don’t even need to be broken in, a huge pain point (literally) I know we can all relate to with a new pair of shoes. Designed with a PerfectFit stretch system, the Bennet provides 360-degree comfort that hugs the foot for instant-flexibility and comfort all-day.


More standout features include:

  • Bounce™ technology footbed provides energy rebound with every step and retains its cushioning for all-day comfort. With this technology, every shoe retains 97% of its footbed cushioning after 250,000 steps
  • Soft, five-pod outsole provides superior underfoot support and cushioning
  • Made with fewer irritating seams
  • Flexible outer cage locks in its five-pod outsole for all-day stability

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Jaw-Dropping True Crime Series LOVE FRAUD, By Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady, Premieres Aug. 30 on Showtime

 By Laura Medina

The Twisty, Stranger-Than-Fiction Tale of 
Lies, Cons, Marriage, and Revenge

Directed by Academy Award® Nominated Filmmakers 
Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady (JESUS CAMP, ONE OF US)

Four-Part Docuseries Premieres on Showtime Starting August 30

Bigamy. Identity theft. Fraud. For the last 20 years Richard Scott Smith has used the internet and his dubious charms to prey upon unsuspecting women in search of love -- conning them out of their money and their dignity. But now his victims have banded together determined to seek sweet revenge.

LOVE FRAUD is a 4-part limited documentary series that follows (in real time) a con-man who is on the loose and the dynamic women determined to put him behind bars. Oscar-nominated directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady take viewers on a bizarre, engrossing ride through the twisted mind of a criminal and the chaos he leaves in his wake. LOVE FRAUD premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival on Day One, marking the first time an episodic series was programmed on opening day in festival history.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Serena DC's "Dream Life" premiering August 9th

 By Laura Medina

In today’s world, an escape from reality would do us all some good. For the perfect way to escape, look no further than Serena DC’s Dream Life, premiering on FYI network on August 9.  

Dream Life makes the most of Serena’s many talents, and puts her dating expertise to work. Throughout the show, Serena, alongside a star-studded cast, will transport you to Hollywood, and help you find out what it’s like to live a Dream Life. 

Dream Life follows Serena and Amber as they launch their new business, "The Love Academy." Viewers get a look behind the scenes of Hollywood Disclosure, which features a star-studded guest list including Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid and Corey Feldman. Join host Serena as she visits celebrities in their homes, diving deep into their private lives.

This season follows Serena, her business partner Amber and her team of LA hustlers as they set up their new business and bring the talk show, "Hollywood Disclosure" to life.  It's a race against the clock as Serena & Amber try to move to Los Angeles,  create content for The Love Academy, close deals, organize a launch party and on top of it all, make sure that Serena films all of the interviews for her talk show with celebrities including Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid and Corey Feldman.

The show follows Serena & Amber as they set up their new business, and takes a behind the scenes look at the celebrity interview show "Hollywood Disclosure", hosted by Serena and featuring a star studded celebrity guest list including Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid and Corey Feldman.

Join Serena as she visits celebrities in their homes and delving deep into their private lives and follow the lives of Serena, Amber, Chris, Shawn, Erika, Alyssa & Xavier as they navigate the twists and turns of dating, friendship and the Hollywood hustle in LA .

Keep up with the lives of Serena, Amber, Chris, Shawn, Erika and Xavier as they navigate the twists and turns of dating, friendship and the Hollywood hustle in LA.

Serena currently works as Executive Producer and star of Dream Life. She is the go-to girl in the media when it comes to advice on dating and relationships.

In Dream Life, Serena moves from Melbourne to Los Angeles to open the world's first online dating school and launch her new, gossip-filled celebrity talk show, Hollywood Disclosure!

Dream Life premieres August 9 on FYI and Hulu.

Paying Tribute to Esther Williams, Aqualillies Virtual Water Ballet, Out of the Heat & Stars in Beyonce's "Black Is King"

 By Laura Medina

An Aqualillies synchronised swimming show is not to be missed.

Their performances used to be an exclusive live show that only occurs in LA, NY, Miami, Canada, Europe, and Australia but not all over those places.

With everything going virtual, now everyone can enjoy them...

Join them on August 8th for our annual celebration in honor of silver screen star Esther Williams on her birthday.  This year, we will be doing a livestream event featuring homages to Esther, some of our favorite Aqualillies performances, and interviews with our performers around the globe. 
Mark your calendars, and we hope you can tune in!

STARTING AT 2:00pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Aqualillies are always on trend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Watch A Live Q&A With Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson's Son, TONIGHT At 7:00pCT/8:00pET/5:00p PT On Gibson TV (Here) Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real ‘Naked Garden’ Out Now via Fantasy Records

By Laura Medina

NASHVILLE, TN (August 4, 2020) By leveraging its iconic past and leaning into an innovative future, Gibson has set the stage for the next era of shaping sound for present and future with instruments that nurture new players across generations and genres of music. Gibson and Lukas Nelson have announced today, they’ll release the first-ever Gibson USA Lukas Nelson ’56 Les Paul Junior. Later tonight, tune-in to watch a Live Q&A with Lukas Nelson about his musical history and songwriting at 7:00pm CT on Gibson TV (Here). Lukas will answer questions from fans and share a special announcement from his studio in Los Angeles, tonight at 7:00pm CT/5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET, all on Gibson TV (Here).

Lukas Nelson knows all about legacies, indeed he’s been hard at work carving his own for most of his young, but extremely eventful life. This customized Gibson Les Paul Junior is inspired by Lukas Nelson’s own 1956 Junior.

“The beauty of this guitar is that it is very versatile with the sound. In fact, I can get a lot of different tones just from the P90 and the way that I attack the strings and through the intonation and the vibrato that I give,” says Lukas Nelson. “If I hit it lighter, it doesn’t break up as much. If I get into it, it gets a lot of grit and dirt and breaks up. It’s a versatile tone, which I’m pretty grateful for. Frankly, Gibson has been nothing but incredible to us -to me-since I’ve met them. And this guitar has taken me on a long journey. It’s taken me to some amazing places, and I hope that a lot of other people get the same opportunity with their version of my guitar.”

With his primary focus as the front man of Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real over the release of six studio albums, four Eps and world tours, Lukas and the band have evolved into an emergent and vital force in American music. In song after song, on stage after stage, Lukas and POTR have sharpened the edges of their singular sound, one that nods to their influences while also pushing forward into uncharted territory. The never-ending road also beckons with additional projects, Lukas and his band POTR’s frequent performances as Neil Young’s band and of course, performances alongside his father in Willie Nelson & Family.

Lukas and Gibson’s Luthiers worked closely to develop his Lukas Nelson ’56 Les Paul Junior. Several prototypes were road tested by Lukas on tour over this past year and the end result is Lukas’s vision. Based off his beloved 1956 Les Paul Junior which has been his main guitar for several years, the Lukas Nelson ’56 Les Paul Junior is rooted in tradition with some modern enhancements. Like his original, the single cutaway slab Mahogany body, and neck are crafted of genuine Mahogany for its resonant tonal characteristics and moderate weight. The fat 50's-style neck profile feels smooth and comfortable while providing rigidity and sustain. It features a Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays and medium jumbo frets for a vintage feel with modern playability. Finished in a deluxe satin Vintage Sunburst, this shade was developed to capture the same vintage patina of his original. The single, dog-ear P-90 pickup features Alnico III magnets and is voiced to replicate the tonal response that Lukas requires. The single volume and tone controls have gold speed knobs (as used in 1956) and are hand-wired featuring an orange drop capacitor and original spec 500k vintage audio taper pots. The aged nickel-plated hardware includes Vintage Deluxe strip style tuners w/ white buttons like the originals but feature a higher gear ratio for improved performance. The 50’s style wraparound bridge provides the same look and solid resonance as the original, but it is made with a stealthy compensation contour to improve intonation accuracy. The new Gibson USA Lukas Nelson ’56 Les Paul Junior will officially be available worldwide at all Authorized Gibson Dealers in August 2020.

Earlier this year, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real released Naked Garden via Fantasy RecordsA companion to the group’s highly acclaimed 2019 LP, Turn Off The News (Build A Garden), this 15-track collection captures the joyful spirit and creative intensity of POTR’s ‘News with previously unreleased songs and alternate cuts that came out of those sessions at Shangri-La and Village Studios. Wide-ranging in scope and minimalist production Naked Garden embodies the band’s shared spiritual connection and consummate musical chemistry. Guitarist/vocalist Lukas Nelson and his band, Promise of the Real which is rounded out by bassist Corey McCormick, drummer Anthony LoGerfo, percussionist Tato Melgar and multi-instrumentalist Logan Metz, teamed with John Alagia to produce Naked Garden. A few of the album’s many highlights includes the studio version of fan favorite “Entirely Different Stars,” the plaintive romance of “Movie In My Mind,” a rough, early-stage version of “Bad Case,” and Lukas’s unearthly falsetto on the classic country waltz, “The Way You Say Goodbye.” Listen to the lead track, a supercharged, alternate version of “Civilized Hell” HERE and watch the trailer for Naked Garden HERE.