Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is a Gud time to rinse off Coachella dust & Earth Day dirt.

By Laura Medina
The Gud Collection by Burt's Bees

Ok, you got your "hippy" going on by rolling in the mud and partying in the dust at Coachella for two weekends straight.  Then, you celebrated Earth Day at the beach, coated in sand.

Now, it's time to rinse all that fun off then start anew but still conscious about being good to the planet.

Burt's Bees' hipper, trendier, and more affordable skincare line, Gud, can help you smelling like a flower...and make you feel good as one.

Going to their site,, the scent advisor can help you pick the right scent for your personality or whatever mood you're in,

Floral Cherrynova™ is pretty and flowery. Pretty without being a pushover. Here the soft scent of Japanese cherry blossoms and creamy almond milk mingle to form a cashmere twin set of g├╝dness. Use the shampoo followed by the conditioner to give your tresses a double dose of whoa.  The shampoo is crisp enough to leave your tresses nice and clean while the conditioner is light enough to be used as a leave-in conditioner if the water supply is low at the festival or the beach; or you are too plum tired to rinse it out.  Either way, your hair smells nice and natural.

The Floral Cherrynova Hand Wash pumps out a rich, foaming lather to save on water while the foam makes it luxurious and rich. Gud doesn't skimp on the pampering.

Orange Petalooza™ is an eye-opening, get your mojo going scent of blood oranges and hyacinth. It's not unusual to bust out a cartwheel when you smell it. Use the body wash in the shower and you might forgo the cuppa joe. Slather on the body lotion or spritz a cloud of this scent into the air and walk into the cloud. Feel it banish the clouds from your head.

Vanilla Flame™ is seduction in a bottle. The scent of vanilla and rice milk will conjure up an epic geisha who can body slam her fella with merely a look. Spritz a little into the air and let if drift down onto your hair and skin. Or slather on the body butter. Look in the mirror. Apparently, smokin' is permitted.

Gud is apparently for the junior set.  On the back of each Gud bottle, there is a barcode.  By scanning it, all sorts of games, deals, and discounts pop up.

Despite the fancy and fun scents, Gud is approachable at accessible prices, no higher than $7 and widely available at non-snobby stores, such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, Duane Reade, Kroger, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Wegmans, and Ulta.

After spending most of your money on room and board and festival passes then the Earth Day beach party, Gud can fit in real easy into your remaining wallet while nourishing you in wholesome ingredients and making you smell like a daisy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Girl Talk on Lifetime..."The Conversation" with Amanda de Cadenet

By Laura Medina

Amanda de Cadenet

Boy! Things are getting spicier at the Lifetime Network.  First, Jennifer Love Hewitt's "The Client List."

Now, on Thursdays at 11pm, Amanda de Cadenet's "The Conversation."

Executive produced with Demi Moore, this candid and intimate interview show profiles sexuality, body image, career and finances, relationships, love and loss, poltics, human rights, transformation, breakthrough and perseverance with the high-profile and the hottest personalities: Jane Fonda, Lady GaGa, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria, Kelly Preston, Alicia Keys, NeW York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Donna Karan, Ivanka Trump, Olivia WIlde and Gabby Sidibe.

Watch Amada and her guests go no-holds-bar on Thursday nights.


Jane Fonda, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Silverman, Zoe Saldana

5/3Be Fearless

Lady GaGa, Portia de Rossi, Rita Wilson, Lisa Bennets

5/10FACing WHAT's NEXT

Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, Kelly Preston, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


Miley Cyrus, Melissa McCarthy, Diane Von Furstenberg, Glenda Bailey

5/24Acceptance, evolution & becoming whole

Jane Fonda, Gabourey Sidibe, Eva Mendes, Yanna Kamps

5/31Breaking through to me

Olivia Wilde, Sarah Silverman, Arianna Huffington, Crystal Renn

6/7Living Deliberately

Connie Britton, Mira Sorvino, Kelly Preston, Terri Cole

6/14Parenting and perseverance

Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ivanka Trump, Joy Bryant

Happy Earth Day!

By Laura Medina

The Acqualillies synchronized swimmers

It was a wholesome family day on the beach...celebrities with their tykes and the beach was part of the Annenberg Community Beach House directly off the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California.

This was a fine reason to celebrate the launch of an ecological children's book, "Last Night I Swam with a Mermaid by Kimberly and Michael Muller.

In partnership with Jacques Cousteau's grandson, Philippe Cousteau Jr. and his environmental charity, EarthEcho International whose mission is to “empower youth to take action that protects and restores our water planet,” attendees use this as great excuse to enjoy a day at the beach with family.

Starting left to right on upper row: Anthony Kiedis, Johnny Knoxville, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Ione Skye.

Botton row, left to right: Balthazar Getty, Ian Somerhalder,  Soleil Moon Frye, and Julie Bowen.

Michelle Trachtenberg, left; Ian Somerhalder, middle; and Devon Aoki, right, model the typical Earth Day at the Beach look which surprisingly isn't as low and dirty as Coachella's.

Michelle and Devon were quite demur in lacy maxi dresses covered up by either a jean jacket or a cardigan, topped off by huge sunglasses or/and huge sunhat.

Ian worn a straw fedora with a small brim clad in chambray, cotton, and denim.

Philippe Cousteau continued the chambray and denim combination with Ashlan Gorse and her khaki cuffed shorts.

Jason Bateman and family.
Earth Day is still family day.  Celebrities' and non-celebrities' families enjoyed arts and crafts, potting your mini garden in jars, gluing seashells onto picture frames, a fossil dig hosted by Shark Angels,  a treasure hunt hosted by Philippe Cousteau, and Sheswai mermaid manicures for the big girls. 

Renee & Jeremy children's folk band, Music Galloway drum circle, Samantha Sheldon and Ben Lee, Los Angeles Ladies Choir, DJ Justin Warfield (She Wants Revenge) entertained poolside.

Ironically, the kids didn't care the adult celebrities among their midst.  They went crazy when Hannah the Mermaid and a pirate showed up.  Both big and small kids got a kick having their photos taken with them.

It was foggy and gray day at the beach.  The Element Emerald Collection's shawl collar sweater looks pretty cozy for the Earth Day Beach party guests.

This puffer may not look "green" but it lives to EarthEcho's mission in saving the oceans.  The shell and the filling are made from recycled plastic bottles.  Green and weatherproof for the soul and the body.

Now, you got the entertaining ideas and some style tips for your own next Earth Day party. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coachella...21st Century Haute Hippy Haven

By Laura Medina

Snoop Dogg played host to one of many satellite parties.

Coachella grows by leaps and bounds each and every year. Even receiving jealous responses from urbane Manhattan.  Multiple, well-regarded music festivals, such as the Southeast regionally-dominated, Bonnaroo, cite Coachella as inspiration for their own region.

But there is one and only one Coachella.  It is more than an outdoor concert huge enough to be split into two weekend.  The second half is this weekend and coincides with Earth Day, fitting for the environmentally-awared festival.

From the get-go, Coachella has always incorporated interactive installation art and sculptures.  Some of them were from the Burning Man Festival.  They provide entertainment and eye candy for attendees walking through Indio, California's Empire Polo Club vast field.  They even have a ferris wheel.  From this cultural sideline of an art fair, offshoots of luxury and fashion satellite but major parties have sprung up like gourmet mushrooms.

The French has a name for these chic bohemians, "Babakul."  Their definition for haute hippies.  Let these haute hippies prove to you all there is more to Coachella style than cut-off Daisy Dukes and tanks.

Camilla Belle at the third annual Neon Carnival during the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on April 14. She dispels the notion that Coachella is a down-and-dirty "hippie" festival.  Since Coachella launches the festival/party season,  she proves you can wear all white (remember, this is in the desert) without the stuffy connotations.  She accessorized her look with Lia Sophia's Gloss ring in white and the Technicolor Stretch Bracelet in white and the Attached Stretch Bracelet.  Her ensemble goes beyond the cliched crochet and beaded bracelets.

Believed it or not, preppy outfitter, Lacoste, has joined the fashionable fray and threw their own version of a Summer/White/Pool party.  Again, "Glee"s Lea Michele proves you can be clean and minimal in white.  Elijah Woods hits the festival circuit again.  Even a New York fashion stalwart, as in Alexander Wang, needs a much needed sunny and warm break.  Lacoste's Pool/Coachella party was a great to try your Lacoste nautical-striped bikini and trunks.

Levi's was determined not to be left out.  Coachella Headliner, Snoop Dogg played host to Levi's Haus party, feting fellow perfomers, Florence and the Machine. 

Fashion brands provided the ring of alternative festivals and fetes toasting Coachella.

Gerard Butler hang with Julius the Monkey at the Paul Frank mural. Celebrities' graffitti doodling will be auction off for The Art of Elysium charity at Gen Art's MUSE party.

Tom Cruise's son, Conner, and Paris Hilton partied with Dutch DJ, Afrojack. Conner and Afrojack's performance artist crew were outfitted in special, California Christiania Republic Kryoman Jumpsuits with special glow-in-the-dark dots.. 

Ke$ha at the pool.

Now that Coachella the Music Festival has grown into cultural/style octopus.  Numerous boutique hotels has sprung up.

The Saguaro Hotel hosted the third day of their “Desert Weekender” pool parties with DJ sets from Tokimonsta, Nosaj Thing who performed an exclusive eclectic DJ set, Penguin Prison, Oliver, Jason Bentley, Garth Trinidad, Raul Campos, Aaron Byrd, Valida and Dan Wilcox.“Desert Weekender” is presented by FLAUNT Magazine, HELLO STRANGER, dubFrequency and KCRW.

Alternative mainstay, KCRW even offered up their star DJs to kick-off the festival: Jason Bentley, Garth Trinidad, and Raul Campos. 

Bromance hosted pool party while Black Banditz gave free tattoos to the guests, like French electronic duo, Justice, getting their free tattoos.

Bravo's newest stars, "The Shahs of Sunset" like Anita Gohari, enjoyed the perks with their new-found fame, relaxing pool side with the electronica's hottest DJs: A-Trak, Busy P, Brodinski, Pipes, Louisahh, and Rick Rude. 

The guests later enjoyed dinner, hosted by Lexus, at Food Network's Iron Chef', Jose Garces's newest restaurant, Tinto.  Chef Jose Garces will provide an exquisite sampling menu for guests after they enjoy the Herradura Tequila reception that kick’s off the evening’s festivities. Gifting sponsors include: M·A·C Cosmetics and Herradura Tequila. The Lexus private dinner is presented by FLAUNT Magazine, HELLO STRANGER, dubFrequency and JT OUTDOOR.

Not to be out-done or be forgotten, Gen Art threw a dome of a party...literally, it's a party dome.  Artists, Kevin Llewelyn and Alexandra Nechita curated a geodesic dome for The Art of Elysium and CIROC Vodka.  

Gen Art's MUSE party, was an arts and cultural beacon, showcasing art installations, neon HEAVEN artwork by fine artist Anthony James, on behalf of the charity, with an interactive photo booth and feature film, and workshops where celebrities: Alia Shawkat, Bryan Greenberg, Chord Overstreet, Danny Masterson, Emma Roberts, Gerard Butler, Jamie Chung, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jessica Szohr, Jessica Stroup, Ke$ha, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Penn Badgley, Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss,  and Zoe Kravitz decorated their own HoodieBuddies and painted by numbers on the Paul Frank mural. All to be auctioned off for THE ART OF ELYSIUM CHARITY.  Attendees biked around, viewing stellar pieces of artwork from Russell Young. 

Fun, fetes, food, and fashion...Coachella is more than "The Great Unwashed" gone dirty hippy.  It's maturing and growing up into haute hip.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wilson Phillips Dedicated to Still Holding On

By Laura Medina

Left, Wendy Wilson. Middle, Chynna Phillips & Right, Carnie Wilson.

Twenty years has passed since Wilson Phillips released a new recording. 

Since then, they married, raised their families, and endured tabloid scandals, family dramas, health issues.  Carnie Wilson is upfront and honest about her struggle with weight control over the decades.

Not only are they stronger and wiser now, Wilson Phillips is ready to make their comeback.          

Michells Phillips of the "Mamas & the Papas" and "Knots Landing" star...& Chynna's mom.

While this was the lauch of Loehmann's first-ever in-store/ cross-promotional series of performances to promote Loehmann’s spring/summer fashions in adjacent of Wilson Phillips' latest release "Dedicated" and their new reality show on the TV Guide Network, this was still very much a family affair.

It was touching when Chynna Phillips asked her mother, Michelle Phillips, to join her onstage.

Carnie Wilson arrived in tow with her children and her mother.  Her husband, Rob Bonfiglio, joined the women as their one and only band.  His guitar playing was a simple adornment to this powerhouse of harmony.  Simple but strong.

There may be family support, but it was no way exclusive.  Them joining Loehmann's by throwing a free concert, last Sunday, is their way of giving back to their loyal fans.

As moms and wives, they were thrilled hooking up with Loehmann's.  They thanked the company for outfitting them in these awesome dresses, loving their shoes.

Carnie joked having the stage set so close to the shoes and purses was a dangerous idea for her.

Yesterday's afternoon concert was a testament to gratitude.

They gave a lot of credit to the movie, "Bridesmaids."  The ladies recounted a story where the movie's producers simply asked them to do a cameo, through their managers.  They had no idea they were to be the movie's finale and highlight.

Because of that, their songs shot straight up iTunes.  Wilson Phillips figured it is about time they make a comeback.  Their newest release, "Dedicated," paid homage to their Southern California musical heritage.  It is their take on their families' classic hits, such as "California Dreaming," (Chynna joked, "Where's the Flute?"), "Dedicated to the One I Love," and "In My Room."  Of course, they tossed in their hit, "Still Holding On."

Wilson Phillips blowing kisses to their fans during autograph signing.

To further support their comeback, they used this opportunity to announce their new reality series on the TV Guide Network, "Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On."

The brain child behind this cross-promotional campaign for Loehmann's, TV Guide Network, and Wilson Phillips is HIP GENIUS, a cross-marketing and branding powerhouse.

"Still Holding On," obviously, shows them who they are now.  In last night's episode, Chynna and her kids move in with Carnie and her family, as the fun and craziness ensue.

Basically, Wilson Phillips is just happy for the support from Loehmann's, TV Guide Network, HIP GENIUS,  and most importantly, their fans for this new stage in their lives.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Keds Resort Clothing Collection Gives a Thumbs Up for Spring 2012

By Laura Medina

Coolers, fresh oysters, lamb meatballs, & Keds' classic sneakers.

Keds celebrated their second collaboration with Opening Ceremony for their second go-around for their expansion into apparel by toasting Spring with a New England-styled oyster roast at the hip but comforting Eveleigh restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.
Stephanie Brocoum, the Vice President of Marketing, modeling the snappy Bedford Stripe Varsity Blazer to dress up her basic black tank or tee and new closet staple, crisp white jeans.

Look closely-this scribe did-it is not your usual dots nor this season's trendy birds, but Keds' new Thumbs-Up print on dresses and sneakers.

Keds' witty twist on the Americana classic doesn't stop at the optimistic Thumbs-Up print.  They took their sneakers then dipped them in metallic finishes of cream, blue, and rose gold to sparkle for evening or the approaching White Parties in the Summer.

Do these recharged classics got you craving for more?  You can get the shimmering sneakers on right now.  As for the blazer and the Thumbs-Up Dress and the rest of their new Resort/Spring 2012 Collection, you will have to hold tight until April 25th when they hit the Opening Ceremony stores and online at

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Teaser Taste of Coachella and the Upcoming Festival Season

By Laura Medina

Van Jones, Rain Phoenix, & Edward Norton.

This isn't your average fashion and beauty tidbit but 99% fundraising concert does offer a teaser of what Coachella's lineup will be and what type of musical acts will be performing and what type of celebrities will be hanging out.

Come to think of the 99% concert as the cleaned up, washed up, and grown-up version of Coachella for one night only.

The star wattage for this fundraiser was blinding...

Elijah Woods

The real Jason Alexander is way hipper than George Constanza...and less anxious-ridden.

The tale of how 99% got the rising hot band and Coachella headliners, Fitz & the Tantrums for free and in the last minute.  Laura Dawn, the Creative Director of, asked them then they appeared.  On the left, is Fitz and the band rehearsing and warming up as soon as the day art fair shut down.  On the right, they're the opening act for Jack Black's Tenacious D with his buddy, Kyle and the real headliner, Moby.

Fitz & the Tantrums warmed up the stage, getting the politically-minded ready for Jack Black's simple and sparse duo of him and Kyle, Tenacious D.  A lot of pryo-technics wasn't required for this set.  Jack's energy kept it rolling onto...

the Moby.  He simply said there was a technical problem and may not continue.  Then, he apologized saying they fixed the problem then Zen-like, starting spinning the decks, whipping up the serious crowd into a frenzy.  As a dance master of electronica, he doesn't need a lot of personality to bring down the house.

Can't forget this and what this concert at night and art fair by day is for...Occupy Movement and the 99%.  This was summed up when Shepard Fairey did his riff on the original photograph, "Sarah," taken at one of the Occupy Movement.  These art work brought it home.

Tying It All Up for Coachella

By Laura Medina

The "Coachella Look" by Intermix

Already booked your teepee?  Kit out your SUV or your vintage VW Bus?  Reserved your hotel room because you cannot bear the idea of "roughing it out" on the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California?  Lucky enough to swing that last-minute invite from a friend of a friend of a friend but don't have a clue of what to wear and where and how to shower?

Here is The Arriviste's last minute tip sheet or cheat sheet in getting ready for Coachella that you can jam into a large tote bag or satchel then zip on over there.

Other than the good ole standby of cut-off jeans...ok, "Daisy Dukes (cut extra short if high-waisted like the original '70's Daisy Dukes or cut low if a worn-out low rise) with any ole blouse or top thrown on, the Maxi Dress is a stand-by.  Other than the tank top, it's the bed rock of the Coachella Look where you can layer upon layer or cover up that bikini for lunch or souvenir shopping.

Camilla Bell is modeling Milly's Milly pre-spring 2012 Moonlight Dance Dress in Cotton Inc.'s newest "Fabric of Our Lives" ad campaign.  You can get it at

Left, The Glam Rock.  Middle, Boho Chic. Right, Haute Hippie.

There are going to be three dominant "looks" at Coachella.

The first one is the obvious one, "The Glam Rock."  It's the most streetwise and common sense, just walk off the curb onto the field.  The burnt-out tank.  The graphic tee and the stretchy skinny jeans with studded leather gear. This is the easiest look to pull out of your drawer and closet.  No shopping required-unless you want to.

The fringe belt makes the predictable Boho Chic ensemble of cut-off jeans/ string bikini chic.

To be "babakul" or Haute Hippie, the maxi dress has to be your "white dress" in eyelet lace with ruffle trims.  Basically, it's Boho Chic in nicer material and finishes.  It's the ladylike counterpart to the sexy tomboy Glam Rocker.

 Don't get all sunny-eyed about "sunny California."

It gets hot and sweaty during the day then the temperature plunges into the sixties, the fifites then below. 

You need a lightweight, comfortable jacket to wrap yourself in.

Snuggle up in Hoodie Buddie's stylish wrap hoodies with sewn-in head phones that you jack up in your pockets while huddling amongst the masses for warmth.  This drapey style goes coordinates with whatever style you picked from above.
If the thought of being the "great unwashed" makes your skin crawl.  Don't fret.  Burt's Bees just harvested a new crop of fruity, light-hearted skincare line, Gud.  Pronounced "good" as in good for your head, body, and hands.  In fitting of Coachella's organic, youthful vibe, the parabens-free, phthalates-free, or petrochemical-free Gud comes in natural, not coying, fruity scents.  The Floral Cherrynova Hand Wash foams a fun, rich lather, saving water...comes in handy when there's no water or a little trickle of water.  The Orange Petalooza™ Natural Softening Conditioner is light enough to double as a leave-in conditioner.  The accompanying Orange Petalooza Natural Body Wash does double duty as soap to wash off the grime and perfume to disguise the sweat from rocking out.

Another option is packing Malin+Goetz's potent and portable 1 oz. Essential Kit travel kit.  Each and everything comes in one ounce squeeze bottles, holding their best-selling Grapefruit Face Cleanser,  oil-free, residue-free and anti-oxidant Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, and Vitamin b5 Body Moisturizer,  Bergamot Body Cleanser, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner.  

Now that you scrubbed the grime off, it's time to slather on the sun protect from the burning rays.

Drugstore classics, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen shields your upper dermas without the stickiness.  With an ultra-light, non-shiny finish, this fast-absorbing, waterproof, and non-oily formula is enriched with anti-oxidants to help skin fight the harm caused by environmental damage.  Water-resistant,
Sweat-resistant, PABA-free, and Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), this drugstore basic is a good festival basic.  

Need both your tan and makeup foundation?  Get rid of both the wrinkles and the pale skin...the travel bulk with Neutrogena MicroMist® Airbrush Sunless Tan.  Spray it on both the face and body, from head to toe. Oil-free, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), dries in 5 minutes, and available in skin-friendly Deep Tint and Medium Tint, for that sun-kissed look sans the sun burn.

What to do for makeup?  Veteran New York makeup artist Kjaer Weis came up with her ingenious versatile line where the compact is the mirror and her organic cream blushes and lip tints can stand-in for each other.  Creamy blush as a matted lipstick.  Lip tint as blush tint. Tired of the same ole blush and tint?  Just pop it out from the bottom then click in with new shades in magnetic inserts.

You got your Glam Rock tank, Boho Chic cut-off jeans and blouse, Haute Hippie Maxi Dress, your skincare in a kit, sunscreen as foundation and your all-in-one blush and tint in mirrored compacts. Yep, you're ready to hit Coachella.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Power-Driving Your Beauty, Sue Devitt's iO Beauty Booster.

By Laura Medina

Jill of All Trades, Sue Devitt's iO Beauty Booster.

This frantic fashion and beauty scribe needed a pick-me-up running around doing the Awards Season and LA Fashion Week circuit, circling the great, big city of Los Angeles from three to four different points all over.  A wonder potion is in need.  Hauling a heavy bag of makeup and protein bars is no longer an option.

A beauty industry insider felt the same way.  After doing rounds of applying and fixing makeup on the world's most beautiful supermodels and Hollywood's most glamorous actresses, Sue Devitt and her A-List clients reached the same conclusion;..they're road-weary, jet-lagged and need a Swiss Army Knife of a nutritional supplement that can bump up their vitamin-intake easily while adding radiance on top and save space in their carry-on.

Teaming up with Tanya Zuckerbrot, Miss Universe Pageant nutritionist/dietitian and 'The F-Factor Diet" author, her and Sue Devitt came up with this innovative, nifty little serum that doubles as a digestible liquid antioxidant/vitamin supplement and a topical serum all in one, saving you room in your tote you can make room for other stuff.

Sue knew that true physical beauty comes from a healthy body.  Healthy skin, which is the perfect canvas for makeup artists, is reflection of a healthy body.  They decided to call their new skincare line, iO Beauty, short for "Inside Out" Beauty. For that space-saver that one can sip in and slip on, Sue and Tanya came up a digestible and applicable vitamin-enriched serum, the iO Beauty Booster.

Curious, this scribe tried out this beauty elixir while racing from one show to one event to one cocktail party to another.

This quadruple bang for your buck packs a wallop in its one ounce bottle.

iO Beauty Booster's intended uses are pretty obvious.  For the outside, on the skin, it helps maximize your everyday facial cream or lotion by adding antioxidants by mixing this multi-use serum into your cream and lotion.  Just add two drops of the antioxidant serum to lessen free radicals, age spots and wrinkles.  Making your routine facial cream or lotion more antioxidant-strong drives more mileage out of them and your wallet.  No more seperate antioxidant creams and lotions clogging up the bathroom drawer.

Since Tanya, the dietian half of the duo, knows that true beauty comes from within.  She developed this serum to be a sugar-free and sticky residue-free liquid vitamin supplement that you can drip two drops under your tongue. This is the "Inside" aspect.

This beauty scribe discovered other benefits of this non-sticky but delicious Acai, Goji Berry, Mangosteen and Wild Australian Blackberries vitamin serum.

It makes for an impromptu brain booster after suffering from a hangover by simply adding a few drops to a glass of mineral water.  In a nick of time, a few squirts of iO Beauty Booster bumps up the vitamin quota in your cocktail.  Pills begone.

When pushed for time, iO Beauty Booster's deep and rich berry hue makes for a great plum lip and cheek tint. The sticky-free texture makes it easy to blend and the direct topical application on the skin makes for easier vitamin absorption into the skin, adding extra vitamin-enriched radiance.

Two more "Inside-Out" usages, a vitamin supplement for your drink and a seductive purple tint for your lips and cheeks.

Ms. Devitt's and Ms. Zuckerbrot's unwittingly came up with a Jill of All Trades exilir, a beauty booster-vitamin-hangover supplement-makeup in one.

A busy woman's idea of a Swiss Army Knife...all in one little bottle.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Damone Roberts' & Alan Mruvka's LookBag, Delivering Happiness to Your Home

By Laura Medina

LookBag's &'s Damone Roberts & Alan Mruvka.

If the ordinary beauty online stores leave you clueless, the everyday beauty and skincare samples tend to be a waste, and those massive beauty emporiums get you lost, here are two gentlemen to the rescue.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a personalized bag of beauty samples tailored to you, delivered to your doorsteps, just for you?

The LookBag has arrived.

After founding E! Entertainment Network then watching it grow into the fastest-growing television network in broadcast history, Alan Mruvka noticed something.

The viewing audience was overwhelming female.  Catering to them, he added on the trendy beauty segments with the step-by-step tutorials and "what you're wearing" red carpet news segments that never fails to draw in viewers.

Realizing he did all he can with E! Network, Mr. Mruvka sold it off ten years ago but he never forgets what he learned.  The women audience drove and still drives his baby.

"People don’t realize this. E! is a women’s network; and women make all the purchasing decision in the household.  Women, last year in this country alone, spent over a $4 Trillion dollars.  E-Commerce did over $200 Billion in 2011." 

"Beauty and shoes are the two things in the bull’s eye for the female demographic.  So, I figured what can I do to appeal to the female demographic to put online?"

"Even on the red carpet, “whose shoes are you’re wearing.”…E! doesn’t even make money on that. They’re promoting the designer."

For Alan, this was the next step after E!, "So, we started the Beauty Network.  Beauty, as you know, is such a big business that no one else is aggregating the whole industry and be willing to form a beauty network online.   That will actually sell product and have beauty programming, tutorials, how-to, video,…that’s sort of what we’re doing…aggregating the whole industry."

To fill in the missing link between promoting the product to how to get it then how to use it, he wants to make it easier for fans to reach and copy their favorite celebrity looks...

"The idea is to show what the celebrities wear and how to get that look and where and how to buy those same products.  How they get that look and sell that product.  THELOOKSTORE.COM, who’s the parent company of LookBag, we have what we call celebrity boutiques where we make deals with celebs, as many as we can, we build them a beauty sites of all their favorite products, listed in their boutiques.  If you’re a fan of somebody, you can go to their site in, see what they use then buy what they’re using."

With the Beauty Network, again, it will demonstrate for you how to use those products to copy your favority celebrity's look.

It's a synergy of beauty where you locate and obtain then get schooled in these beauty products.
Alan confesses he is not an expert on the beauty business...that is not his background.  He is gifted with the knack of a programmer and an entrepreneur.

That is why he brought on people, like Damone Roberts, on,  encircling himself with experts.  There is no shame in that. 

"It’s all about coming up with a good idea then persuading that idea and surrounding yourself with experts then working, working, keeping it going."
Through years of producing and programming fashion and beauty segments for E!, Alan knew Damone is the right person for and 

How to Get a LookBag.

As a world-reowned beauty expert, Damone Roberts has first-hand experience in applying makeup on various celebrities using numerous top-of-the line products and brands.

He thinks making exclusive Hollywood-industry makeup accessible to fans is a marvelous next step in the beauty business.  Damone is that trusted expert that Alan needs.

Damone Roberts, "I was looking for way for the everyday woman to try out these fabulous products that I discovered then bring them to her, making these discoveries accessible."

Then he explains how the LookBag system works. 

First, you decide which $10 monthly subscription you want.  It can be as short as one month only for $10; or you can extend it to two or three or so on.  Each month costing only $10.  The most you can pay is $120 for one year subscription. 

After signing up, you fill out a personalize questionnaire describing your features.  Then, a LookBag beauty expert fills out the bag with the appropriate products that best fit your description. 

Using his knowledge in brand selection, Damone and his staff are personally involved in selecting the most appropriate products based your questionnaire, “I will definitely be involved myself.  I have my own products especially.  Stuff from Kim Vo, God, we have so much brands out there. We have Captiva Eyeliner.  We have lip glosses, lipsticks, mascaras; we have a lot of good things.  For example, in this past month’s LookBag, I included my Bing Bing Highlighter-that usually retails at $20 by itself…I also tossed in Captive eyeliner.  You have lip glosses, you have skin soap. You have all that for $20. It’s pretty darn good.

They will ship it out with goodies worth way more than the mere $10 monthly fee to your home.  Damone, "We’ll send her samples. She’ll try them out for a few weeks, two to three weeks. If she likes them, she can buy the full-sized product at a discounted price, 20% off the full retail price."

“Say you go into a Sephora.  There are so many things in there, it’s a little overwhelming.  Also, it’s kinda nice to have something delivered to your door-a gift every month.  You can try, not just once. Not some little, titsy-bitsy thing, ripped it off then throw away.  No, we’ll give a reasonable sized sample that will give you enough time to try it long enough to see if you like it or not. If you like it, you order the full sized version at 20% off.”

When asked if this is extension of the Damone Roberts Brand, he thinks so...

"I think so. There are a lot of things going on in the world today.   People don’t have time today. They’re mothers, they’re lawyers, they’re doctors. They’re accountants.  They’re interviewers. There are so much going on today.  It’s kinda hard to organize things.  A concept to have things personalized to you and have them ship to you directly for you to try.  This is where the future is going.  It is literally a gift every month."
Knowing busy professionals are working moms who need to look good, he knows they need to feel good as well, "The thing about working moms is that they’re always taking care of everybody else, except themselves.  They really don’t do anything for themselves. 

He knows the same E! celebrity fan is also the same busy mom,..."If you’re in an airplane, -god forbid the plane should fall- you know how they say to put your mask first before you put on that mask on anyone else. You need to take care of yourself first before you take care of somebody else, to be there for them...You gotta take care of yourself first, before your kids, before your husband..."

Think of LookBag as a gift for yourself, a monthly treat where you can play with the hottest makeup and skincare from Hollywood.  About gifting, Damone will definitely change it up for the holidays, such as Mother's Day, Christmas, and etc.

Based on their industry wisdom of fans watching far, far away and mothers gobbling up E! as their nightly treat, Damone Roberts and Alan Mruvka think you all are worth it.

Alan, "I’m glad I’m bringing happiness into people’s lives."  Damone, "I think that you’re worth it."