Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Thanks to Shiseido's WASO x Chef Sophia Roe, You Can Wear & Infuse Your Skin with Juice & Tonics, Instead of Drinking Them.

By Laura Medina

Shiseido partnered with women’s fashion & beauty magazine, Cosmopolitan, for The WASO Food Truck Tour. The truck parked at Sephora locations in Glendale's Americana at Brand then Old Town Pasadena, to celebrate the recent product launch of WASO, Shiseido’s skincare line inspired by the holistic and natural Japanese food tradition of Washoku.

With Cosmopolitan Magazine, clean vegan chef, Sophia Roe helped developed Shiseido's WASO line, using organic ingredients, fruits, and vegetables she always uses in her dishes.

Knowing the age-old cosmeceutical properties of fruits and vegetables, Sophia used her knowledge in incorporating cosmeceutical from juices and tonics to externally purify and fortify the skin, externally, as well as internally.

At the WASO Juice Truck tour stops, passer-bys were grated by jars of Sophia's carrot, orange, and ginger juices, that are also the very same ingredients in WASO's skincare products.

In this Glazed Carrot recipe video, the carrots are used in...
Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream
Color-Smart Day Moisturizer

Then, she uses loquats that is also in...
Color-Smart Day Moisturizer Oil-Free
Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free
The same honey she uses in the glaze, is the same honey used in...
Very moisturizing yet not pore-clogging Quick Gentle Cleanser...

The Shiso she crushes as herb, is in as a detoxifying ingredient in...
Purifying Peel Off Mask

For bedtime, Sophia does a classic three-steps system.  First, she cleanses while moisturizes with oil-free honey-based Quick Gentle Cleanser.  The second step is the carrot-based Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream then finishes the third and final step with ...
Yuzu-based Beauty Sleeping Mask.

Cosmeceutical at its best, Superfoods for super skin.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

VH1's "Love & Listings" Spotlights LA's Hottest & Freshest Real Estate Talents & Trends with A-List Celebrities Clients with Taylor Schwartz.

By Laura Medina

Taylor Schwartz's dad told her either go to college or get a job, she got her real estate license at 18, instead.

While earning a living as a very young real estate agent, she uses her wages to support herself through college.  Chutzpah!

She never thought her decision to become a real estate agent at 18, would get her a role in VH1's "Love & Listings," airing Mondays at 10pm.

As a Gen-Zer catering to the housings whims to Millennial A-list clients housing wants and needs, Taylor breaks down LA's housing trends, smart and sharp young lady...

She's not worried the established Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers.  According to her, Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers had already bought their homes and properties and building equities. 

Obviously, what gets Taylor busy and on the go, are Millennials building their nests.

The most common housing trend that Millennials want is MidCentury Modern that is warmed with farm house aesthetic.

Taylor reinforces what is already known among long-term residents and natives, Millennials want that farm house MidCentury Modern nestled among the hills bordering LA proper and the Valley, the view and the fresh mountain air.

Taylor's housing trend is no better exhibited than the location for VH1's "Love and Listings" premiere party location, an hill top MidCentury Modern with a darn good kitchen, that doubles as single family then good enough for STK catering to cook and grill on for this party.

Can't go wrong with a classic and chic cheese, cold cuts, and dried fruit board.

A kitchen good enough for a STK chef to grill BBQ Shrimp and make "help-yourself Mac n' Cheese."

The party settled down "Love and Listings" finally aired on the big screen, poolside.

This is the new Hollywood trend.

Monday, July 29, 2019

A Novel Way in How to Summer, Brunching Party with Chef Dominique Ansel & Lillet at The Grove Los Angeles.

By Laura Medina

The biggest brunch, so far, was thrown by Lillet Aperitif and proudly hosted and held at The Grove.

This francophile brunching is a refreshing way to celebrate peak Summer, after y'all are done sweating over the sweltering July the 4th BBQ a month ago.

This French way of picnicking is fulfilling, as it is civilized, way to take advantage of Summer's heatwave, take it slow, pace yourself, savor each and every course, and enjoy fruits and vegetables and ingredients at their seasonal peak.

If you want to wear your White Summer finest without getting sloshing drunk and fill your fete and dying to use silverware utensils and your best manners beyond finger-picking your bbq dripping in messy bbq sauce, let Lillet Aperitif guide you in how to Summer, post July the 4th and just right before Labor Day, where you can flash out your Summer White wardrobe, sans mess.

Alright, let's face it, we're in the hottest month of the year, the dog days of August.  Can't wait to hydrate with a refreshing and relaxing simple cocktails that can easily be switch up with either Lillet Blanc or/and Lillet Rose with the basic recipe of:

Fever Tree Tonic, Cucumber, Strawberry, Mint, and Edible Flowers, see using what is available, cheap, bountiful, and seasonally fresh.

Since it's brunch, lets feast by warming up on noshing sweet Brioche Braid Bread Loaf, dusted in crunchy pearl sugar but the loaf itself is sans sugar as it is fluff and airy. 

Oh, don't forget the classic crunchy, flaky croissant.

Use the Summer heat to soften butter that you can spoon and spread it or puree over-abundance of fresh berries into a spread.

Remember, brunching is all about indulging, taking usual breakfast then making them dessert, dark, rich Dark Chocolate Banana Bread, using ripe, peak bananas then studding them with antioxidant dark chocolate chips.

Yes, that is a block of authentic honey in honeycomb contained in real beeswax.

For decoration and advantage of being healthy, do a fresh berries display for vibrant display and for easy scooping.

Don't forget your vegetables, you can store and display seasonal fresh vegetables and edible flowers to get your fiber and vitamins in a ice bucket, in a flower pot.

Simple chic is done with a twist.  Bacon au Poivre, thick-cut bacon, like steak, glazed with smoked honey, sprinkle with black pepper, spicy sweet meat...mmmmm….To make it less "greasy" or "fattening," hang bacon on a mini clothing line.

This brunch has pretty classic and easy main meals to cook.

Chef Dominique's Soft Scrambled Eggs: silky soft scrambled eggs with crème fraiche, shallots, and chives.

They served it in a big bowl that forces people to practice civility, thoughtfulness, and consideration by making people politely pass the bowl then politely scooping heaps of this soft, silky scrambled eggs onto their plates.

This is why people now a days, like White Summer Brunching, this is an excuse to dress up chicly and practice thoughtfulness while getting properly fed.

Soft, silky Crème Fraiche Scrambled Eggs accompany the chilled, Butter-Roasted Lobster Tail, roasted in garlic and lemon then chilled, as protein enriched sauce.

Due to the rising noon day heat, they replaced the hearty, hot Marble Potatoes with a sweet treat that you can take home for dinner dessert or tomorrow's breakfast, the newest and latest for August, a lemon-raspberry cronut.  It doesn't have to be humongous, it can be just you, a couple or a select group of friends, even your own family finally settling down and practicing common courtesy over a meal.
This is the another way to Summer, thanks to Chef Dominique Ansel & Lillet Aperitif. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ain't Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll at PROPEL CO:LABS Fitness Festival with Charli XCX and Lucy Hale and Ciara is the new Jane Fonda for Millenials and Gen-Yers.

By Laura Medina

Leave the eating disorders and the cheap, bad fad diets to the newbies and wanna-bes.

Established A-list stars shared and led their intense work-out routines at the Coachella of Fitness Festivals, PROPEL CO: LABS Fitness Festival this past weekend, on the first day of heatwaves, at The Barker Hanger.

Kindly thrown by PROPEL Water, health conscious Millennials, Gen-Yers, and established Gen-Xers sweated and detox the bad stuff of drugs and alcohol from the usual clubs and mainstream festivals then re-used the thumps, the bumps, throbs, and the beats of dance music to get their groove while the hottest stars, literally, show their exercise moves to fans.  

Building then expanding on the "Coachella" economy and formula, this is an extension of a music festival. Except they detox the bad stuff of junk food and junk beverages and of course, the drugs then replaced the lousy dance steps with choreographed dance rountines, with live concerts from A-list singers and artists.  That's what PROPEL CO: LABS Fitness Festival did with Ludacris and Nicole Winhoffer of NW™ Method Dance Cardio ( for the first PROPEL CO: LABS Fitness Festival last year.

This year's headliner is Ciara with her and her NFL husband's trainer.

There's not better than fans working out with their favorite celebrities.  Those celebrities loved that they're healthy influence for once.


To keep the stamina of globe-trotting DJ and singer, Charli XCX shared her fitness secrets with her modelFIT instructor. 

This is first music mash-up workout of the festival, was a mere warm-up to butt-burning, firming up afternoon.  Your fat cells are on fire!

Sculpt and burn with modelFIT as Charli XCX sets the stage with the first music mash-up workout of the festival, this is the kickoff of kickoffs. 

A staple fitness studio across the coasts in NYC and LA, modelFIT was founded on an entirely unique approach to mindful and dynamic movement. Focusing on grounded and intentional moves backed by science, their techniques are all about building graceful strength and confident presence.  

This was the warm-up calisthenics of shoulder rolls and arm lifts and get those legs and hips jumping!

The real hump was Lucy Hale with her Aussie Training Mate Bondi Burn Trainer.  Yes, this is the real training fitness routine with her training for the curvy and firm Lucy Hale.

Training Mate's Bondi Burn is the most traditional with planking and extreme push-ups with arm extensions and leg lifts and butt curls, side lungs with jumping jacks.  It's sexier version of basic militrary calisthenics.

Whomever can do the longest plank, gets a selfie with Lucy Hale.  Good motivation.

Bondi-Burn meets Lucy Hale to lead the HIIT of the summer.
Lucy Hale shred right there, along with the audience, as she hits the stage with her real life trainer and founder of Training Mate. A leader in the fitness community, his signature upper-body workout combining whole body strength training and cardio will help you achieve the highest level of tone.  Another gradual warm-up to the headliner, the new Jane Fonda, Ciara and her trainer, Decker Davis.

Hear this out, Ciara is a fitness buff to stay in shape and give high energy, heart-stopping shows.

She did a live concert so fellow SoulCycle fans can bike and pump iron to, Rev Up with Ciara at Sound By SoulCycle Then Recovery with RCVR By Lululemon.

Ready to level up your fitness? Ciara, the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, producer, model and actress, is bringing her workout to Propel Co:Labs this year. Just for you. She's taking the stage with her trainer, Decker Davis, to show you exactly what it takes to work out like Ciara. 

Now, she's leading a TruFusion concert-class with her trainer, Decker Davis and a TruFusion instructor.  Since this is the headliner, this finale was an heart-stopping and heart-thumping finale. Glutes a burning, buns of steel, not dough.

Ciara effortlessly glided between heart-jumping, heart-thumping exercise/dance front-back-side lunges, getting all sides of the glutes and thighs working and lifting 360 degrees.

Her concert mash-up was so dyanamic that half of the audience, quit exercising and shot photos and videos as souvenirs.   Wouldn't blame them.

The specialized push-ups with arm stretches became longer and harder.

Ciara combined her stage dance moves with advanced calisthenics, she's the new Jane Fonda that legions of fans will follow and copy.

After two and an half hours of lunges, planks, lifts, rolls, thing squeezes, and calisthenics, audience will have limbs and butts of steel for a week.

Yes, it's Propel Water's festival/fitness carnival on LA's first heatwave.  A ideal time to guzzle down their new Electrolyte flavors in: Grape, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach, Watermelon, Berry, and Kiwi Strawberry.  They also debut their new Vitamin Boost with electrolytes in Peach, Strawberry Raspberry, and Apple Pear to thirsty and dehydrated fitness festival goers.

PROPEL CO:LABS Fitness Festival provided an adult-Instagram friendly jungle gym for the free-flying gymnasts to do flips and twists.  This is opportune time and place to fly your freak flag because you need to be flexible, agile, strong, and daring to fly a freak flag.

At the jungle gym, they provide massage foam rollers to massage those sore muscles.

If getting your groove on means slow down, pace yourself, then breathe, don't worry about being an outcast.

There are outlying mini tents and a meditation room to realign your spirit, soul, and mind to recalibrate into the present.

PROPEL CO:LABS Fitness Festival proves there is more to fitness than anorexic, skinny-fat, superficiality and shallowness.  They prove that people need fuel, hydrating, clean fuel.

Yes, they collaborated with The Butcher's Daughter on an exclusive line of smoothies using PROPEL's new electrolyte and Vitamin Boost waters as bases.

Following other festivals with their specific concerns in mind with fitness, they hair braiding station, massage, and facial massage station to rub and press that wrinkle-causing stress out of your system and the heat.

It's the little things, the details, that make or break a festival.

Since people hate hauling their heavy yoga mats and bags and heavy stuff are a safety hazard, PROPEL CO:LABS Fitness Festival kindly offer lockers with phone and power bank chargers to fuel social media.

PROPEL towels are everywhere to soak up the sweat and wipe it up off the mats and equipment.

They got some cool toiletries to freshen up and smear UV protection on.

PROPEL CO:LABS Fitness Festival is another form riffing off the Coachella Economy and it's an healthy one.