Friday, July 31, 2015

America's Next Top Model's Tyra Banks & Oppo Smartphones are Changing the Game in Fashion/Beauty and Society.

Last Wednesday night at Greystone Manor nightclub in West Hollywood, Tyra Banks officially kicked off Cycle 22 with announcing a partnership with digital remote app, Oppo, since models and aspiring models like to and need to shoot selfies.  Why not make them the best selfies.

Underneath all the drama, the craziness, America's Next Top Model is the reflector of change...change in society, change in demographics, change in what is considered beautiful, and change in technology and how technology change society or how society change technology.

In this arriving Cycle 22, two significant things have happened.

One, Tyra removed the height requirements.

Second, American's Next Top Model did castings based submitted selfies, headshots and poses, and casting through social media.

Those two actions reflect current and emerging social demographics and reflect how people are using everyday technology, opening the most diverse cast of aspiring models reflected on America's Next Top Model.

Since top-notch modeling agencies and brands have been looking to and sourcing America's Next Top Model winners and contests to fulfill consumers' needs and desires, America's Next Top Model has always been proud in being a game-changer and predicting changes in business and society.  They were proud to be the one of the first mainstream shows to have a transgendered model as a sign of beauty, way before Caitlyn Jenner.

From its simple and humble beginnings, "How do you become a model," to changing and informing viewers to various ideas of beauty to catering the fashion industry's needs to being early adapters of technology, America's Next Top Model has influenced society, around the globe, unknowingly.

Ken Mok, said he, as an Asian-American and one of his producing partners, Tyra Banks, an African-American, knows that American society is changing and the fashion industry has to be adapt to those changes in society and the consumer demographics but how to discover new talent that fit those needs and get them proper training and out in the commercial spotlight?

Why produce a documentary "reality show" that films the process from beginning to end?  America's Next Top Model which spawn numerous franchises across the globe.

Ken Mok, "At first, it was educational.  Tyra wants to show people what it takes to be a model, the right way.  What it takes to have then, it turns into an aspirational show where we took average-looking girls then turn them into beautiful models then give them a career."

Ken's producing partner, Laurie, "I think it's a couple of things.  One, what we were saying 'What's great about fashion and the beauty world and technology is that, they're always changing.  Even in the thirteen years we've been on, every year there's a new trend, a new designer, new technology.  They're so interesting.  Then, we follow the experiences of the contestants that we're casting through the lenses.  So, we're telling a great story. "

"We tell them (the contestants) we want to be on the journey with you.  The fact there are new things to talk about in this world.  With beauty and social ideas, there are different models with different stories on different journeys.  A lot of them will be here tonight.  It's so interesting to see what they've gone through the show and even beyond that.  Because, they change physically.  They change outwardly.  Some have their eyes open to other possibilities."

"That's one, too, is that we have achieved.  What I like about the show, whether you become a model or not, by exposing the viewer to different types of people and to different types of beauty, we have helped changed people's idea of beauty at home."  Which Tyra has set out to do."

Ken Mok, "The industry that is always over-turning itself is the fashion industry.  Multi times a year, you know. So, we always look to the fashion world and the modeling world for inspiration for our challenges, our photo shoots and such.  So, it's quite easy for us to come up with new challenges in new directions within the frameworks of the show."

"It's also challenging since we go through twenty-two cycles; and you're doing a number of runway shows.  Every cycle how do we do that? So, we spend a lot of time, creatively, sitting in a room together, beating each other's brains in how to be creative; but, that's the challenge of the show.  Luckily, we're able to come up with fresh ideas."

In retaining fans and keeping the concept fresh,...

Ken, "Like we always said, we try to keep on the cutting edge.  In terms of fashion, in terms of what goes on in fashion world.  For example, we did a partnership with Oppo phone (app).  We talked that thirteen years ago, there was no such thing as a selfie.  Now, I have a fourteen year-old daughter, who whenever she's in the car with me, she's taking three selfies in the car.  Everybody now is a photographer.  Everybody is a professional photographer."

"So, when Oppo came to us, 'Hey, we have this phone.  It's incredibly stylish.  It's like a fashion accessory.  We have a camera in the phone that takes 64 mega pixels. It's professional grade quality and it's a great communication device.  So, it's natural to partner up with you.  We're gonna have our cast use it for photo shoots for challenges and use it to talk to each other.  It's really easy.  It's not just Oppo.  Every year, we look for that cutting edge technology to use in the show."  

Laura, Ken's producing partner, "One thing I like about Oppo is the entertainment value.  Our show has a high entertainment value.  It's all about fantasy but it's always been rooted into something real.  Back to Cycle 1, Tyra said it's always has to be rooted to something that she experienced and learned.  This ties to things we have to think up with.  We will always have that fantasy but we root it to something that's real."

"No matter how crazy or how wild it gets, there is always something tied to an experience or a lesson."

"Actually, the partnership with Oppo is so perfect because, part of the reality, is that these kids today, we take away their television, we make them live in this house but once they have these cell phones; and they're able to take these selfies, bringing that reality of what kids are doing everyday to blend in what we're teaching them on "Top Model."

"This whole cycle, you'll see the phone being used in various ways.  From just being social with each other, taking photos, beautifying themselves, doing different features, to what Ken said, we actually did professional photo shoots with them (on the camera).  

On using the Oppo phone, Laura, "We actually had professional photographers use the Oppo Phone on professional photo shoots."  

Laura mentioned they significantly crossed that line from causal shooting to doing professional photo shoots using Oppo Smartphone.

"It's based on fantasy but it's using what people at home can do."

Ken Mok, "We also have a cast member use the phone.  One of the cast member is deaf, hearing impaired.  So, the phone became important for him to be able to communicate with the cast members too.  So, it got used in many ways.

What to expected in the new Cycle 22,...

Ken Mok, "What to Cycle 22, boys and girls.  This was our second cycle where we did boys and girls.  In the third cycle, we did men and women.  This adds a new dimension to our show in eleven years.  We only introduce girls in the series.  Now, that we introduce guys, it completely makes the show new and fresh, creates a brand new dynamic for the show.  That's big plus for us.  Every year, we always cast in an interesting way.  Not only do you find the cast very diverse, in ethnicity and in size, their personalities and backgrounds that the cast members have, are really, really interesting.  This is the most fascinating group I ever seen."

Laura, "One thing, too, is what we talked about earlier, we changed the way we did casting this season.  So, one thing Tyra took away the height requirement; and now a days, people used to submit some kind of photo to be taken into consideration and find some people in there.  Several people have gotten onto the show because of their selfies.  They're doing poses and submitting them via the internet.  Between Oppo and doing a lot of castings through social media and taking away the height requirement, it really open up a lot of wide variety of people."

"This would make people look at them differently, as I said again.  Evolving them (the cast), looking into what new areas we can put them into the modeling industry.  Even in the fashion industry, there are a lot of campaigns right now that want the photos look like a selfie.  Something relatable because that's what their audience is kinds used to."

"So, the cycle we have is a very interesting cast and in addition to Oppo which is seen through the cycle, is used in a really unique way.  We're also back working with Next Model Management again and Nylon Magazine.  Again, they bring so much to the table.  Then, our brand prize partner is Zappos Couture.  Tony Shay is a friend of Tyra's.  Zappo Couture is re-branding their luxury line.  The winner of this cycle will be the face of the new luxury line, Zappo Couture, adding a new element as well."

"We're still crazy, high-fashion photo shoots as well but it's hard to fit all in an hour-long show.  We're still editing this as well."

After thirteen years and twenty-two cycles, Ken Mok always revert back to the show's roots and purpose,...

"I'm Asian-American.  Tyra is African-American.  From the beginning, we always wanted to make a social impact to redefine what beauty is.  When we first started the show, I think if you saw the fashion show, out in the modeling world, it was very homogenous.  You know, white, beautiful, blonde types of gals.  Don't see a lot of people of color in there.  You know, the only two people of color in that type of business, in that time, were Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks and nobody else.  And in terms of size, it was always 5'10, 5'11; a certain weight; and there was no diversity in the terms of that."

So, Tyra and I were really determined to help redefine beauty.  That beauty comes from all shapes, sizes, and color.  That our cast, from day one, is always very diverse.  Fully half of our cast, if not more, are Latina, African-American, Asian, different sexual orientation.  Trans-gendered, Everything.  We always push the envelope there.  While we think we kinda change the discussion a little.  We kinda move the ball.  I think the fashion world is kinda different now a days than it was back then.  I think we would like to take credit for that and help change people's perception."

When the lead reporter conducting this rare interview, commented Tyra did this all by herself, Ken Mok agreed,...

Ken Mok, Tyra's producing partner, "I agree." 

Taking this scribe's question that fashion reflects change in society, what are the changes occuring now in the industry and society?

Laura, producing partner, "It is changing.  I think that the fashion industry is reflecting our culture changing.  The one thing that I was thinking was that I find interesting is that Caitlyn Jenner and transgender.  The one thing I love about that show is that we had Isis on the show several years ago, the first transgendered contestant; and we had another one a couple of cycles ago.  Yes, we had our crazy cat-fights and drama but the cast was so accepting that we (the producers) never expected that.  Those personalities accepting one another.  People have seen on the show and evolved.  As we worked with partners that are looking for models for their grand prizes, Next Model Management, even they've been telling us that the audience wants people that they can relate to all different types.  It's not no longer...what Tyra wanted to change is that if you don't have a certain look, you're not beautiful.  You can't achieve what you want.  Today, different people all want to relate to different types of beauty.  I really seen in the last few years, just even working with our partners in the professional beauty and modeling industry, they tell us 'We're looking for that. We're craving for that differentiation.  Their clients are as well.  I feel like we're ahead of that trend; and it's nice because it helps us keep evolving too because every year when we're casting, is this viable? Because, we make sure that people we cast in our show will have a viable career;  and what's been wonderful is that the answer has always been "yes."

Laura, producing partner, "All people are welcomed to join this industry."




Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spray-On Nozzle for Cooling, Hydrating Relief During the Dog Days of Summer, Kate Somerville's Dermal Quench Liquid Lifts.

By Laura Medina
 An impending humidity and heat wave is going to hit the East Coast this weekend;  Back to School shopping happens during the Dog Days of Summer; and the last month of Summer, August is bursting with outdoor music and food festivals.  How to keep your cool while saving your skin.

With these awesome spray-on Dermal Quench nozzles from Kate Somerville, that cools the skin while pampering it.

Toners don't have to strip anymore.

Kate Somerville's Dermal Quench Nozzle Line is a cooling relief to sticky, sweaty, humidity.  

The cool blast of oxygen with a mist of either oil-free Hyaluronic Acid that hot, dry thirsty skin drinks in like a glass of cool water or Salicylic Acid and Natural Oat Extract to cut through the grease and mattifying the skin for a polish look, not a melting look.

Since kids and their parents are shopping for stuffy Fall clothes and heavy Fall makeup for the upcoming school year, the kids will be happy to know spraying Dermal Quench Clear Anti-Acne Treatment Spray is handy.  You can pull it out anywhere, spray it on in a breeze when it gets too sticky, too sweaty or when you need to prep your face before applying heavy makeup.  Regardless, it feels good on your face while cooling it off.

Dermal Quench Clear Anti-Acne uses a special Hydrafill™ Complex: Infusing skin with PFC-oxygen carriers, fast-penetrating hyaluronic acid, and rare botanical extracts to discourage acne-causing bacteria, provide deep, long-lasting hydration, and boost radiance, without heavy, pore-clogging oils that will only my acne and acne-scar worse.  

No tween, teen, or even adult, needs that additional stress, repeating a bad cycle.

 As for their parents, adults, and those with dry, sensitive skin burning dry underneath the noon UV rays, you all aren't left out.

Kate Somerville came out with the same cooling nozzle technology for dry, sensitive skin or mature skin that doesn't want to be choking on heavy oils and grease.  They still want to breathe; but dry, mature needs pampering too.

 PFC-Oxygen Carriers: Draw and lock in oxygen with an oxygen magnet; relax facial muscles to dramatically smooth and soften skin.
-Hyaluronic Acid: Provides fast-penetrating, long-lasting moisture while improving the look of elasticity, firmness, and texture.
-Botanical Extracts: Instantly create a healthy-looking glow, revealing a more youthful complexion. 

This doesn't cut through and erase non-existent grease.  This Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Advanced sprays a cooling mist that drench the face in oil-free yet skin plumping ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid and Botanical Extracts.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nars has more new stuff for Fall 2015, new 413 BLKR Blush added to 413 BLKR Collection.

By Laura Medina

 Only available at NARS boutique and and also arriving on August the First, NARS Cosmetics introduces 413 BLKR Blush Duo the latest addition to the exclusive NARS 413 BLKR Collection.  With a sparkling pink sand and cherry blossom pink, this dynamic duo creates a full range of sophisticated cheek looks. Apply the left side on its own for a soft highlight, sweep the right side across cheeks for a pop of pink or layer them for a natural flush.  

Named for the brand’s first flagship address in New York City’s West Village neighborhood, Founder and Creative Director François Nars draws inspiration from the fast-paced city when creating the 413 BLKR Collection
 (L) Sparkling pink sand with gold and silver shimmer (R) Cherry blossom pink with a hint of gold shimmer  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rocco DiSpirito hosted Sherry Lansing's California Spirit 30 Healthy & Delish Foodie Feast for American Cancer Society.

By Laura Medina

 Rocco DiSpirito & Chef Thomas Keller

Ask anyone, especially women about men, to some extent men about women...the way to the heart is through the stomach.

Sherry Lansing's thirty-years old cancer benefit, California Spirit 30, thirty years running, is the Hollywood Entertainment Industry showing their love to those who had suffered and died from cancer and themselves who had experienced and survived cancer, in all it's painful forms, to transform their lives, such as Rocco DiSpirito.
 Allison Janney.

There were clothing sales, silent bids on some cool souvenirs (Sony Studios hosted the site), and good ole fashion rapid-fire auction.

Allison Janney won a Movie Night with Sherry Lansing and her director husband for $9,000.

As a cancer survivor and still a chef and currently, Healthy Food Coach on ABC’s hit series Extreme Weight Loss and is the founder of an innovative food delivery service (, told an heart-felt story of how a regular physical check-up of a life & death situation turned his life around.

He drastically changed with the ingredients he cooks with and how he cooks, "Cook Your Butt Off,"
Cook Your Butt Off!
Cook Your Butt Off!

Still a chef, Rocco knows deprivation fails and using fake ingredients only make health problems worse.

So, he and fellow chefs join in the fight against cancer with a real-food foodie fair benefit that highlights healthy eating with seafood low in calories or flavorful meats that are real and in portion-control with plenty of grains and vegetables.

Mind you, Los Angeles chefs are no fools living in Lala Land.

They're very much conscientious that California is in an industry-busting drought; and that they're at a very big cancer benefit that aims to counteract bad food and bad health habits.

A tall order but these chefs are super enough to be resourceful in cooking healthy meals during a drought....

The elusive chef, Thomas Keller was a cheerleader, welcoming everyone for raw oyster and shrimp buffet.  This seafood-scrafing scribe filled up on low-calorie Island Creek MA Oysters, Penn Cove Mussels, Coromandel NZ Oysters, Sweet Shrimp, White Albacore Tuna, all freely catered by Thomas Keller's upscale French-Californian-American Bouchon.

The glorious seafood continues with the classic Lobster two different versions from two different restaurants, Knuckle + Claw and Catch & Release.  They garnered the longest line, obviously simple.

Catch & Release, Chef Jason DeNicola on cooking up healthy, yummy dishes during a drought...

On feeding at a cancer benefit with a lot of hungry industry folks...

"This fall? I mean our lobster rolls are our signature item. We make the parker house rolls everyday in house on thirty minute intervals so the bread is that fresh. It’s literally made every thirty minutes. I have the Maine Lobster flown in every single day uh it lands every morning at 11:00 and comes straight to the restaurant. Lobsters are fabricated by 3:00 so you’re getting the freshest lobster you can possibly imagine so, imagine a lobster killed at 3:00 in the afternoon and a roll made at 5:00 in the afternoon. So I mean it’s as fresh as fresh, it’s as close to Maine as you’re going to get."

"We’re actually, funny enough in the middle of summer, with it being in California, we actually sell brussel sprouts. Brussel Sprouts are not an overly watered nutrient needed dish so that’s one that we could probably not live with out. And also continue to use since it’s not an overly water absorbent dish or vegetable."

"Our healthiest dish? At lunch we have a kale salad with a coriander yogurt dressing served with Olive Oil poached salmon."
 Knuckle & Claw, Chef Chloe Dahl & Chef Nikki Booth: 

On cooking during a drought... 

"Lemons. Definitely lemons, citrus, fruits all the way. Nothing like that lemony taste, it makes everything better. Especially with seafood, lemon on seafood is a match made in heaven." 

As women chef duo, they know the important of being really healthy, well-fed yet low-calorie...

"You know any roll, you can get a collard green wrap to go with it which takes that bread component away. And lobster is really low in calories, it’s high in cholesterol but the chemical that turns the lobster red is actually good for your heart so it balances each other out. So a lobster roll from Knuckle and Claw in a collard green wrap is under 150 calories. And it’s a full meal for you. And you can even get a bag of chips from us to go along with that collard green wrap because that’s gluten free; all of our chips are gluten free. Oh! And we have a coleslaw, we have a Dijon slaw that’s also low in calories but I think the lobster collard green wraps is more interesting than coleslaw."
What's up for Fall?

"Oh man I think our favorite dish is going to be that Lobster Pot Pie. We used to live in New York and growing up on the vineyard it’s just the only thing to have in the winter when it’s cold out. It’s delicious, it’s homey, it’s creamy, it reminds you of fall and makes you happy that the seasons are coming. And you can put your favorite vegetables in there, you can make it spicy or you can make it sweet. You can do so much because lobster is so versatile."

Wholesome and generously-portioned Lemonade served up a hefty helping of grains and vegetables:
Moroccan couscous, Washington cherries, French feta pistachio.White nectarine, persian cucumber, english pea, watercress, mint. sesame ginger braised duck rainbow chard, cashew, pineapple, coriander. pickled nopales, jicama, peppers, blue corn tortilla, corn, lime.

Asking what's up for Fall? 

 Lemonade Restaurant Group, Chef Alan Jackson: 

" Why Fall? Fall Dish, uhmmm. Persimmons, I love persimmons with arugula and blue cheese and sherry. So when fall comes around the persimmons are beautiful."

Dealing with drought...
"Which is the one I couldn’t live without? That’s a problem we probably serve 65 vegetables and herbs throughout our whole restaurant but the one that I couldn’t do without, that I like the least would be parsnips."

His cleanest dish is...
"The watermelon radish with seared tuna and ponzu."

The healthy low-calorie and protein-rich swimming in vegetable antioxidants trend continues with Tavern's Thai Inspired Carrot Broth with Coconut Black Rice, Sambal and Diver Scallop.

Tavern, Chef de Cuisine Amy Deadrick: 

"The Short Ribs we do" for Fall...

Cooking during a drought...

"Oh my god! Citrus for sure. It’s not really a vegetable but I can’t live with out citrus."

 "We do a sprouted grain, we’re sprouting farro and we’re mixing it with a yellow confit tomato and a bunch of vegetables on top with a little salsa verde" as Tavern's healthiest dish.

What's really innovative is pairing sweet fruit with savory meat such as Barrel & Ashes' Smoked Beef Brisket and Watermelon Salad.

Barrel & Ashes, Chef de Cuisine Michael Kahikina...

Is really resourceful while dealing both Summer and drought while concocting fresh, healthy dishes...

"I would say, maybe, what’s the one thing we can’t live with out? Watermelon?
Hard to find! All of our salads are beat salads. We have a smoked beat salad with strawberries and arugula, pistachio. It’s pretty healthy."

What's up for Fall?  

"I mean obviously our smoked meats are the number one thing we do. Our Frito pie is really amazing. It’s kind of like warm and, everything that we do at Barrel and Ashes is really kind of comfort foodie and you know down to earth"


Yes, there were old-fashion beef and pork but they were the best quality (less reliant on additional fat) and in portion-control. Better to savor...Spacca's Porcini Rubbed Short Ribs with Salsa Verde and Scallions.Simple but low-fat BBQ marinade and grilling.

 chi SPACCA, Chef Ryan DeNicola: 

 On dealing with drought...

"Tomatoes. Tomatoes is something especially since we’re an Italian Restaurant so tomatoes is something we use in every part of our restaurant whether it’s the pizzeria mozta or whether it’s the tomato salad, the speaky spacca, or whether it’s the caprese salad at Osteria. And something that really worries us with the drought, you know, produce is what makes California what it is. We wouldn’t have all these great restaurants here if it weren’t for the great produce we have here and if the drought continues it would be something that we would really lose. You know we would lose a lot of that produce. And especially you can tell a major difference when you buy products from outside California when their inside. Not just the actual quality of produce themselves but you can tell it’s older, you have to ship it in, it’s inefficient. It’s sad to me that’s what worries me the most and tomatoes use a lot of water. So, if it was something that didn’t use quite as much water, tomatoes need water and that worries me."

Their healthiest dish...

"The healthiest dish would be our ranzino. It’s al plancha, which is on a flat top, we do olive oil, salt and pepper and we put it on the plancha and we finish it with herb salad of tarragon, chervil, parsley, dill, olive oil and grilled lemon. It’s our healthiest dishes by far but it’s one of my favorite dishes."

What's up for Fall?

"Alright so we do, so we have two things. We have a polenta with an egg. So we do chesaraise egg. It’s a poached egg with polenta and hazelnut béchamel. It’s basically; the egg gets cooked in the bottom of the bowl with polenta on top of it with and hazelnut béchamel on top. It’s one of my favorite things. The second thing is depending on how late into fall is it, a creamed corn that we do is delicious. It’s basically corn that has been shucked on micro plane. Actually it’s a special instrument though that shucks it while actually cutting it so it creams it while getting all the liquid out of it while actually shucking the corn and we take olive oil, a little bit of butter and salt and pepper and that’s it. The ingredients don’t actually show how delicious the dish is. You know, it’s a much better dish when you eat it then when you hear it. But only in California is corn a fall dish. In must places it’s a summer dish but California we have it for a long time."

Better than economical bacon, Redbird's Grilled Pork Chop with Apricot Mostardo & Hazelnuts.

On Neal Fraser on dealing with drought...

"I don’t really know; that’s a good question. I think the drought affects everything. It’s hard to say one specific ingredient that I love and I think they’re all in the same kind of boat."

 His healthiest dish...

"The healthiest dish that we serve? Would have to be the Thai snapper crudo."

 What's up for Fall?

"Grilled something something Porkchop with apricots and hazelnuts." This is the dish he grilled for California Spirit 30 cancer benefit.

Everybody were so relieved that ICDC sent regular but healthy and low in sugar donuts.  The batter itself is sugar and spices and herbs free, making it a multi-purpose batter that can be used in savory pate de choux.  The sugar and sweetness only came from the Vanilla Cream Cheese/Salt and Pepper Carame/Mayan Chocolate glazes.

Even, the beer was healthy.

One of the Dr. Jekyll's founding partner beer buddies is a personal trainer/bodybuilder with typical men taste for forthy beer, wondering why can't brewers put healthy antioxidants in beer.

By brewing in: acai berry, raspberry ketone, grapefruit, green tea, green coffee bean, and maqui berry, Dr. Jekyll's American Kolsch is light and fruit enough to add berry puree as a refreshing Summer Shandy cocktail.

Remember, it's July.  It's Summer and it's Food and Booze Season when people need fruity drinks to hydrate and we're adults.

Julian Cox Drink concocted: Greenbar slowhand white whiskey, Greenbar organic tru vanilla vodka, Cherry heering & cherry bitters, and Lemon. 

As a mixologist/bartender, he always thinking about the drought, how to whet parched patrons...

"Lemons or limes. Yeah citrus is definitely the most important thing for what we do." 

 Yes, you can drink healthy as an adult, not like a kid...

"I think most of the light spirits are a really, really safe bet. Vodka, gin, rum, and tequila mixed with a neutral mixer is the healthiest and the lightest. I know that’s not very interesting but that’s probably the healthiest. But in that spirit, if you add something like fresh herbs or peppers, either spicy or not spicy peppers, or even like cucumbers, something like that, that’s really nice and light keep it really fresh. Also there are great sweeteners out there like Stivia and agave nectar that are really low on the bicimix index, natural and healthy."

What he's shaking for Fall?

"In the fall I like to do cocktails like sours. Like sour based cocktails. The old school style, the sour is usually made by citrus, particularly lemon juice, simple syrup, and then I love to incorporate egg white because that’s the natural, that’s the way it used to be made. In the fall you have all these great flavors, you have clove, you have cinnamon and all spice, all these kind of baking spice flavors so I always like to incorporate those into drinks with apples or things of that nature that kind of give you that fall feeling."


Continuing the antioxidant to the very finish, guests sipped then took home a bottle of Malibu Wine so they, too, can get their antioxidants.