Friday, March 31, 2017

Enthusiastic, Energetic "Magic Giant" Got Feet A' Stomping Rising the Roof at The Sayers Club, with Wolf LA's Chef Marcel Whipping Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & Sorbet, Where Music & Food Party!

By Laura Medina

This scribe apologizes for the lack of videos and photos due to the dark and mysterious environs of the music club/speakeasy of the Sayers Club, in the depths of Hollywood.

But the heart and enthusiasm was contagious, emitting from the positive, ecstatic Magic Giant, punk rock-meets-roots/folk/blue-grass power trio, following in the spiritual, "positive love" footsteps of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

A power folk trio that rocks to emit acceptance as love, where toward the end of their Sayer Club set, they encourage the music industry insider audience to hug each other, because we all need it in this political charged year.

This scribe spoke with one of their management.  The management asked the band what do they want the most at their Sayer Club set.  They said they want Chef Marcel Vignero, from Wolf LA, to whip them up some of his liquid nitrogen ice cream, made from scratch.

Squeezed literally into a corner, with nothing but a rolling cart and his sous chef, Chef Marcel whisked up two bowls of Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream and Blood Orange Sorbet, while pouring liquid nitrogen from a kettle. 

It was a miracle, from a mere kettle, a simple whisk, and an ordinary steel mixing bowl, Magic Giant and the guests enjoyed, what this scribe describes as one of the best ice creams, a creamy carrier of Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream, then as a second-runner up and one heck of a palette-cleanser, creamy Blood Orange Sorbet.

According to Magic Giant, fresh made from scratch, liquid nitrogen ice cream is dinner.

Sure, Magic Giant bashed and banged with the fervor of a punk rock band, but the "group love" was saved at the end.

Towards the end, the band jumped off the stage then leaped right in the middle of the club, among the audience, and then did their encore. An impromptu group circle where everyone joins into the harmony.

Good vibes for all.

Magic Giant's "power folk" reminds this scribe of what Coachella used to be, a new generation of hippies and free, flowing love and acceptance, before it grew and morphed into a corporate branding bash for Bourgeois Bohemians and Corporate Yuppies unleashing their "gypset" fantasies.

It's good timing and vibrations that are in synced, for the impending Coachella season, adult Easter.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Victoria Beckham's Garden Party with Target...with Jessica Alba, Mara Rooney, & Zoe Saldana.

By Laura Medina

The day has come, another Target soiree.

This time, just in time to for the West Coast launch for Victoria Beckham for Target collection.

She and they...and a mermaid took over a Bel Air mansion with a pop-up shop, English hard candies hanging off tree branches, and a crafting table.

The West Coast socialites are A-List actresses: Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, and Mara Rooney, Camilla Belle, and Jordana Brewster...

Victoria Beckham's "Dream Afternoon Tea" party was a dream English Garden Cocktail party on steroids, talking about humongous topiary...

Since it's very ladylike, the afternoon tea was very portion-controlled finger sandwiches and English hard candies, that fit neatly into kids' and ladies' fingers and hands, and a plenty of refreshing tea cocktails to hydrate. No mega-portions here...

All enjoying getting on the preemptive jump on shopping Victoria's collection before it hits the masses next Sunday, on April the 9th...

Ain't a pop-up shop unless there are cash registers...

For those who missed out entirely on Target's Lilly Pultizer Collection that sold out in a nanosecond, because you were too busy and too buzzed partying during Coachella, don't feel bad.

Victoria Beckham's Target Collection is a juicy burst of orange and lemon-y marigold. 

Retro Floral Tie Waist Romper and the Orange Scallop Tie Waist Romper are sassy and airy enough to go party in the desert during Coachella or stay around longer, when you want to hang on among the preppier natives of Palm Springs.  Remember, Palm Springs is home to Mid-Century Modern Style, popularized by "Mad Men."

Speaking of the Pop Floral swatch,, it's reminiscent of Lilly Pultizer's quasi-psychedelic, preppy paisley splashes.  It's form following function. Lilly used that pattern to hide orange spills on her shift dresses and tunics, while she was still running her freshly-squeezed juice stand.

Victoria's Pop Floral swatch comes in handy, when you spill cocktails and juices at Coachella and the following Summer soirees.

Victoria Beckham x Target is a soupcon or a pop of juicy citrus when you're thirsty for it, the most.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The World's Most Expensive Lip Art, $26K, Celebrates Smashbox's Launch of Their Be Legendary Liquid Metal & Liquid Pigment Glosses.

By Laura Medina

There hasn't been a Sephora x Smashbox party in two years, since graphic designer Donald Robertson designed a red lipstick and the tube for them, two years.

So, having Sephora and Smashbox throw a party, together, is always a big deal.

This time, they celebrate the launch of their new Be Legendary Liquid Lip Metal, in metallic automobile blue (Iced Out) and grey, and Be Legendary Liquid Pigment Lip Glosses by having their lip editor-in-chief, "lip artist"/makeup-artist, Vlada Haggarty, paint and glue $26,ooo worth of gold leaf, diamond studs, and bits of gold and diamond chain jewelry onto a model's lips.

With Max Factor heir, Smashbox co-founder, and professional commercial photographer, Davis Factor, Davis Factor "acting" as a fashion photographer and Vlada "acting" as a makeup-artist, this is a very convenient "performance art."

The display case with gold leaf, the diamond studs, and bits and pieces of real gold and diamond jewelry and chains.

There were other attractions, too.

Painting the Be Legendary Liquid Pigment Gloss, then gluing the gold leaf, then painstakingly, minute by minute, studs of diamonds, take long for the party guests.

When guests play darts with a multi-colored balloons, they won a tube of Be Legendary Gloss, matching the balloon they popped.  This scribe won a tube of grey liquid lip gloss...

while munching on a fresh cloud of just-spun organic cotton candy....

During the launch party, it's dessert first, then dinner later...

Thanks to Slammin' II Sliders Truck, guests and the makeup artists dined on cute beef sliders nestled in fluffy Hawaiian burger buns and fries equally nestled in plastic cups of ketchup, paired with rose champagne and an open bar.

Of course, there's a DJ...

The lip model wasn't the only one getting the Be Legendary Liquid Lip treatment.

The guests were the first people to physically try the new Be Legendary Liquid Metal and Liquid Pigment Lip Glosses.

The finishing treatments were cheaper and more accessible. The staff makeup artists tapped layers of glitter and sequin over the liquid lip glosses for a holographic effect, popularized by Vlad Haggarty.

Here's the step-by-step instructional Instagram video in prepping my face, using Smashbox's products.

The Sephora x Smashbox's debut party for Smashbox's Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lip and Pigment Lip Gloss proved that lip art is the new "tattoo."  It's painless, easier, more accessible and switchable, and just as "simply bold" with a swipe or a tap. 

Lip coloring is the new crafting art, using the Be Legendary Liquid Lips as a sticky base to stick plastic baubles and glitter for a 3-D holographic effect.  FX for lips.

Which this much 3-D holographic effects on the lips, everywhere else on the face is bare and natural, as in seen in this Instagram video.  Face as a blank but well-prepped canvas.

Lip art is for everyone.