Monday, July 21, 2008

Shizue lands in the States

London-based bag designer, Shizue Nobuta, launches her stateside debut in Beverly Hills. She already has a cult-following for her vivid, luxurious bags and purses in exotic skins and fabric among British celebrities.

Some British notables, such as Lady Victoria Hervey, showed up for support. But, Shizue is quickly gaining a following in America.

Makes perfect sense to start in Beverly Hills.

There's a humanity flip side to all these glitz and glamour. The debut party was also an on-site pet adoption from the Amanda Foundation. Adorable canines in all shapes and sizes mingle among the celebrity heavy throng.

People crowd inside the frilly and glitzy gallery as three story boutique. The windows were festooned with butterflies. Each room is decked as a jewel box turn disco. The candy-hued purses are displayed in their own jewel box like bonbons and ribbon candy.

Candance Cameron
Local celebrities show their support by posing with their favorite Shizue bags.

Alli Sims

What could be perfect moment to achieve that everyday causal Hollywood look: a big, beautiful purse and a cute little doggie, from the Amanda Fountain, to trot around.

Minx Nails, Nails for the Fast Lane

Have you ever wished you could emulate your favorite idols like Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, and Blake Lively, from head to toe? It may not be a complete facsimile but you can copy their fashionable fingernails and toes for a reasonable price in a speedy amount of time with Minx Nails.

They're nail polish stickers with pre-designed, intricated graphics that would had been time-consuming for the manicurist to draw and paint by hand. Tedious and expensive for the client to sit still and wait all day to dry.

All you have to do is pick out a design, slap it on, smooth and mold it out then trim it unlike it looks like a traditional paint job. You'll be out the door in no time flat. People will go, "Wow," when you show off your tricked-out designed nails.

For something so graphic yet so easy to use, it's surprisingly environmentally friendly but tough. The technology is derived from auto detailing but the inspiration came from chipped nail polish.

Hurried celebrities like Beyonce and Victoria enjoyed the variety of designs and the efficiency in split-second moments while racing between concerts and events.

With the inject of auto detailing technology, Minx Nails exceed beyond the traditional feminine pink and cream French manicure. It's cutting-edge technology shoots it with intense graphics and macho tattoo designs, such as naval Stars and Stripes with mermaids.
The nail enamel stickers that come with traditional tattoo designs are for the guys. Lisa Marie Presley's guitarist husband, Michael Lockwood, expresses his rock n' roll edge by accenting his look, using Minx Nails. The design variety, the shocking graphics, and the easy application to match your whims appeal to men who want something extra.
Whether you're a stressed-out career gal who needs something cute and quick for the date or a male hipster who wants an edge on his fellow hipsters, you can get groomed, stylish nails at a reasonable price within a reasonable amount of time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Just in time to the approaching film musical, "Mama Mia, and as one of the main locations in girl powered, "The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2," the Los Angeles Film Festival is here to celebrate Greece's role in films.

Luminaries from Greece and America descend on the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, celebrating the contribution of Greeks and Greek-Americans to entertainment, film and television at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.

Molly Ringwald's husband, Panio Gianopoulos, jokes she's more Greek than he is. For her, Greece will always hold a special place in her heart. Her first feature film, Tempest, was filmed there in 1982.

She returns to the teen turf but as a mother of a teenager in ABC's Family Channel's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."

"Days of Our Lives'" Thaao Penghlis mentions how Greece gave birth to the theater; and entertainment as we know it wouldn't be here if it weren't for the Greek heritage of dramas and mythology. For him, the film festival showcasing Greek-American influence in film is coming full circle, drama returning to it's roots.

Thaao Penghlis and writer/actor Alex Lyras
Alex Lyras

Sakis Rouvas, Greece's biggest pop star

Greek All-Stars
Prominent Greek-Americans and Greeks in entertainment display their pride and heritage on Opening Night.
To kick off the festival, the uber-Greek film that pretty much solidified the Greek image, for better or for worse, is the all-time classic, Zorba The Greek, starring the odd couple of the exorbitant jubilant Greek sailor, Zorba, and a repressed English writer, affectionally played by Alan Bates.
This refurnished edition premieres on the first night of the four days event.
There was a heart-felt tribute to John Cassavetes among the historical documentaries and new movies showcasing current-day Greece.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fashion-Forward Nails

If you’re “cash-rich but time-poor,” as in you go directly from gym to office to dinner or god forbid, an event, you need something or perhaps, a quickie service that will spice up your look without taking up too much time or space.

You have the perfect outfit and the jewelry are easily accessible but what about your dodgy nails?

Need that brief moment to relax and reflect then readjust?

Minx Nails and holistic manicurist, Naja Rickette, are here to soothe and polish your inside as well as your outside-even though it’s a quickie. But, she’ll get you ready for your date and event!

At her salon, Extremedys 2012, that stays open until 8pm, Naja will transitions you from the office to the date in no time without damaging your well-being. Think of them as a softer, soothing version of a Quickie Lube oil change, where in a short matter of time, you, not your car, is restored and polished in a short amount of time inside a warm cottage, not a garage.

Plop into one of her computerized barcoloungers, for a programmable massage, ranging from shoulder to lower back to full massage, Naja will start soothes and smoothing your nails to prep for the “Minx-acure.”

Instead of dealing with toxic fumes and messy wet nail polish, this speedy nail polish of a sticker, with details already designed on them, saves you from a tedious drying time and irritating chemical odors.
Using her culinary school background and cosmetology training, Naja gives you undivided attention to your nails using all-natural oils and lotions. She believes if it’s good and safe enough to eat then, it’s nourishing and beneficial for your skin and cuticles. Her salon isn’t the usually industrial, mechanical nail salon with a lot of steel and plastic but a cozy living room with big, soft massage bacroloungers kneading the stress out of your neck and back. Naja firmly believes that spas and salons are modern day hospitals where people give back to themselves once or twice a month.
For her, organic cosmetology isn’t a trendy gimmick but an extension of a healthy lifestyle where pampering using holistic ingredients is just as essential as flossing your teeth. While treating you, she’ll tell you honestly that she’s using orange oil and lotion to soften your cuticles and skin.
Even with a nail polish sticker, Naja is more “nail artisan,” or as she calls herself, “Hand and Foot Restorer,” adjusts and positions each nail design precisely. Her buffing and massages aren’t routine buffing and exfoliating but reflexology, pressing and releasing pressure points while gentle heating Minx polish stickers pliable and moldable. This is more than a “slap and dash.”
Doing “nail artistry” in a cozy, homeopathic setting, the reflexology continues while Naja smoothes and irons out the kinks and wrinkles from the Minx Nail strips, further trimming and shaping them until they look like regular wet polishes. For her, it’s nothing more than a freedom of expression. After a lifetime of donning Catholic school and chef uniforms and straining under the rigors of both environments, Naja was dying to burst out and express herself in clothes, hair, and makeup. What a perfect place to express herself visually and her organic beauty philosophy than a salon where she can truly be herself.
Don’t get this impression that Naja Rickette is this hippy-dippy flake who suffers fools gladly.
Due to her strict Catholic school education and culinary school discipline, she’ll respect a customer who arrives on time. By doing so, she can offer a full, relaxing treatment without sacrificing quality and attention. Naja doesn’t believe in doing a sloppy job so, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter, Riley Keough, treated themselves to Naja’s strict but caring Minx-acures.

If you can’t dedicate a whole weekend or a whole week but need that manicure and/or pedicure within one hour flat, ask Naja at her hand and foot spa, Extremedys 2012 on 8001 Santa Monica Blvd., on the corner of Laurel Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd. for the efficient but soothing Minx-acure.

Just give her a call at (323) 848-8094 and she’ll help a busy career girl ease out of her cubicle then help her get ready for an event in no time flat.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Juicy Couture Boutique Opening on Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hey-Ya! Charleston, SC is going to have it's very own Juicy Couture Boutique. It's going to open on Thursday, November 6, 2008!
A public relations staff member called me directly this morning from the Juicy Couture Headquarter-that, yes-Charleston will have its own legitimate Juicy Couture Boutique. Confirmed for November 6th, she said it's going to be on King St. She can't say where exactly on King St. but it's going to be on King St.
I reassured her that their boutique is in good company of Saks Fifth Avenue and Gucci.
Just in time to give your love ones or let your let your love ones know what you really, really, want for Christmas or Chanukah.
Despite their love for the light-hearted, fluffy, and sweet, Gela Nash-Taylor (wife to Duran Duran's bassist, John Taylor. He's in charge of design for their menswear line and the British Aristo mood in their stores and ad campaigns), and Pamela Skist-Levy are experienced garmentos (they're the first to make and sell maternity jeans) who know the holiday season is the ripe moment to launch a store.
Mine you, these photos aren't exactly what Juicy Couture has in mind for the Charleston location on King St.
They're the best examples of Juicy's taste of luxury spiced with humor.
Due to the founders' personal touch, they want to make sure the interior design and decoration reflects that city's personality and attitude. But, don't worry. The interior decoration mainstay are huge crystal jars of hard candy and lollipops and the air is scented with cookies and macaroons.
With Charleston finally getting it's own Juicy, having the boutique will prove to all Charlestonians that is more to Juicy Couture than it's classic, now much copied and mocked, princess-line tailored velour tracksuits.
Once Liz Clairborne paid millions for it, Juicy now has a much more tailored, prim, but no less luxurious line called, "Couture Couture." These young ladylike, prim suits and dresses fit those Park Avenue princess from "Gossip Girls" and can give Marc by Marc Jacobs a run for his money. Some of their upscale items make it into the Resort Collection.
With their embroided cotton and silk tunics and babydoll tops on sale now, Juicy has established wool boucle, tweed, and plaid with fake fur trim and fake fur jackets and coats to accompany their soft corduroy blazers and jeans in rich, deep colors of chocolate and plum for Fall and Winter.
For you, young, hip Charlestoon girls out there-you no longer have to trek and spend hundreds of dollar to drive to Atlanta nor do you have to put up with meager offerings of one-off Juicy rejects from local retailers.
You are getting the fresh and the best from these Juicy Couture girls.

As they say in L.A., "May you have a Juicy Day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Angelic Shoes for All Seasons

With those nice set of purses and satchels, you need some pumps for Summer and boots for Fall to complete your look.

Tom Ponce, Gwen Stefani’s former designer for her L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lover’s collections, has stepped out on his own, offering his own line of comfortable but equally sexy and stylish footwear, Velvet Angels.

His type of woman fits Beijo’s mold of an energetic, fashion-forward woman on the fast-track. Alluring but practical, all-business when necessary yet sexy when she wants to be, this is Tom’s woman. A confident woman with attitude, who knows quality when she sees it.

Don’t let those high heels and vampish details trick you. Each Velvet Angels shoe is completely padded inside. Thanks to his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California and his background in designing Corvettes and Cadillacs, he manages to construct a line of shoes that are not only ergonomically sound but alluringly tempting.

Following in the great Salvatore Ferragamo’s footsteps, it takes real astuteness to transfer human anatomy and technical design from designing car seats to molding one’s sole without sacrificing great style.

Mary Weiland, Velvet Revolvder’s Scott Weiland’s wife attests to Tom’s insight.

“They’re very, very sexy, very modern and very hip, but they have a streamline that you would find only in a really amazing jet or a really amazing car,” she said. “The way they hug your foot is really sexy. He doesn’t leave a detail untouched.”

Carrying over his coy designs from L.A.M.B., Tom fills a Summer shoe closet with Forties’ inspired platform pumps with open toe in creamy white leather with a maroon buckle strap. For cornering those cobblestone streets, you can maneuver in his practical but no less adorable ballet flats also in cream.

Indeed, you can round your wardrobe right now with Beijo’s handbags and totes. Especially, these glamorous Catty high heel sandals with a gold-chain strap in deep eggplant/brown go exceptionally well with Beijo’s “It’s A Cinch” satchel for that rich Boho Luxe look with an embellished pair of jeans.
If you want to swing an all-White Summer Soiree, these pair of Old Hollywood platform pumps in creamy white will bring out your inner pinup starlet, just like Ferragamo’s customer, Marilyn Monroe.
You can rock the Eighties in this peek-toe, ankle boots in Peepshow. Ashley Simpson, Mena Suvari, Mandy Moore, and “E’s” Catt Sadler are rocking the Summer in these sassy but sweet boots. A refreshing departure from Spring/Summer sweet, demure trend. Come on, let your bad girl show.
As a peek-a-boo to Fall, Tom expands on the luxury rocker theme with knee-high boots in buckles and straps in soft, malleable suede and leather that wear well into an elegant patina. Depending on who’s your superwoman, you can as sleath as Angelina Jolie in these croc-embossed “Assassin” boots

or you swashbuckle your way in this Emma Peel-like suede “Dirty, Sexy, Angel” boots.

You can reach for those foot candy at his website,

Cruelty-Free Purses for a Care-Free Lifestyle

For any woman on the go, from corporate boardroom to a date or just hanging with the girls, who lives in a cute but small, single studio apartment, a single mom has the bags to carry you from day to night.

Made out of special but durable polyvinyl that gives Beijo Bags their chic pearlescent shimmer, designer Susan Handley epitomizes the hectic career woman lifestyle-with a baby son to boot.
In fact, it was her son that lends the line its namesake. When his second word was “beijo”-Portuguese for “kiss”, as in “beijo Mama beijo”-Susan knew she was onto something.

Living the mantra form follows fashion, Susan started a line of bags for the busy career woman-single, married, with kids or not, these fashionable clutches, totes, and purses multi-task.
With a pearlescent finish, there’s an uniform look that wouldn’t look out of place and provide a woman a necessary collection of day, evening, and luggage.

“The Gateway” doubles as a doctor’s bag-cum-briefcase Monday to Friday that you can immediately pack and stash away as a weekend getaway luggage for that impulsive road trip or as an elegant but tough carry-on for flying.

The Gateway

Another multitasker in disguise is The Impressive, a large square purse with a round metal handle. It’s sleek and stylish enough for “Get Smart’s” Agent 99 and “The Avenger’s “Emma Peel. A true form follows function. It’s modish enough on the outside to fool people that it’s a simple purse but inside-watch out! The interior is spacious enough for a middle compartment for a laptop with interior outside segments and pockets for a Blackberry, cell, ipod, a Nars Multiple Stick, pepper spray, and a gloss. All neatly carried in a nifty purse that would never be mistaken for a masculine, cumbersome messenger bag. This purse is so well put together that an executive can cunning move from boardroom to bar without missing a beat that her date and buddies would never know she’s carrying her whole gear with her.

The Impressive

For a more relaxing Bohemian air, there’s “It’s A Cinch” satchel with a drawstring closure. It’s soft and roomy for a grab-and-go while running errands while it’s sweet enough for a shopping trip with refreshments with the girls.

"It's A Cinch" Satchel

During this trying, economic times, you can follow designer Susan Handley’s path and throw a purse and bag bash where you can showcase and sell her line amid tapas and cocktails. A fun way to earn some extra cash among friends and family.

Whatever your lifestyle, there’s a Beijo Bag for you.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rock The Vote-And Let’s Party!!!!

Nothing could be more patriotic than the right and the freedom to vote then celebrating it in any way we want to. It’s fashionable, especially this holiday during this election year, to cast our ballot for whomever we want. There’s more to fashion than frippery and finery. Most designers are intellectuals with a conscious-and a heart.

Leading up the drive is Social Atelier’s Andrei Najar. He designed this retro-inspired line of “Vote” tee-shirts. Graphics influenced by ABC’s “School House Rock” back in the Seventies for all those Gen-Xers and Eighties’ New Wave neon bold fonts for Gen-Yers nostalgic for their childhood.

Nick Cannon with fan
Bloomingdales in West Hollywood, CA debut the line with nice guy, Nick Cannon. A month later, he married Mariah Carey. Who would have known!

Whenever Nick lends a hand to a charity or a social cause, he really does believe in it or else, he wouldn’t do it. He mildly suggested, maybe, registering to vote at a booth across from him-and his fans happily do. What a nice guy, he even signed a fan’s broken leg.
Nanette Lepore & Kerri Washington
“Fashion Votes” Party is a celebration and a drive for getting creative people-whether they be designers, actors, writers, or artists-get politically active in causes that affect them and the greater community directly.

It’s an election year, voter drive by a nonpartisan, nonprofit social and public advocacy group, The Creative Coalition. It was formed by respected celebrities (Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, and Christopher Reeve) who are deeply concerned about First Amendment rights, campaign reforms, violence in America, public funding for the arts and arts and literacy in public schools.
But it’s a glitz, jovial voter drive sponsored by The Creative Coalition and graciously hosted by fun and vivacious fashion designer, Nanette Lepore, held in her pink and cream cheery, cute Melrose Avenue boutique. These fete proved that politics and social awareness don’t have to be dour and somber and depressing. Having the freedom and the right to vote can be a celebration unto itself-like the 4th of July!

Mentioned earlier by Nick Cannon, most celebrities wouldn’t appear at any cause unless they truly believe in it. Attesting to the A-List wattage of stars showing for this event, there are a lot of politically astute celebrities than most people give Hollywood credit for. There’s more to littery Hollywood than Brittany, Paris, Lindsay, Haley, and Miley.

Nanette Lepore with John Paul DeJoria & Family
Established and well-respected actors, such as Ilena Douglas, Kerri Washington, Ed O’Neil, and Tom Arnold, gladly lend their celebrity radiance to The Creative Coalition’s nonpartisan causes. It’s not just actors but John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell’s co-founder, joined Nanette Lepore in getting fellow fashion and beauty professionals to get out there and vote.

Ileana Douglas

Tom Arnold

Ed O'Neil & Nanette Lepore

AnnaLynne McCord
starring in "90210"-The new
version of "Beverly Hills 90210."
AnnaLynne McCord & stylist George Blodwell

Michelle Krusiec of "What Happens in Vegas"

Kanu the Hair Cowboy styling George Blodwell's hair on the spot
Among the rocking conga/rumba band, an unexpected talent popped out of the crowd-Kanu the Hair Cowboy. Believing anyone can use a tune-up, he’ll give anyone a styling and a hair cut right on the spot. Nothing too drastic. Just a finesse there. Maybe a snip here. A flip there. Ta-Duh! An instant hair style, it’s you but more refined.
If you want to spice up your party or nightclub by making it more fashionable beyond the predictable DJ, Kanu can do haircuts for parties, soirees, events, causes, girls’ get-together afternoon teas, and personal one-on-one styling for that black cocktail dress party for. He even cut and style hair on the dance floor. Kanu can and does put in a lot of individualized work, attention, and energy into your image at the last minute. His equipment is sanitized in designer perfume

George with his polish hairstyle and Kanu

As they say, “If you’re cash rich but time poor-call Kanu the Hair Cowboy.” Group and individual rates generally start at $100. For that next event, you can reach Kanu at (213) 948-6825 or email him about your upcoming soiree at Hmm, with the sweltering heat, maybe it’s a good time to reach him for that spa/ pool party you always wanted-hhmmmmm. Or, if you need something fresh for your next fundraiser-call Kanu. Just a thought.