Monday, April 27, 2020

"The New", a Noir/Sci-fi Series By Miranda Spigener-Sapon, “Which side will you choose?"

By Laura Medina

Its a sci-fi series produced by M3 Literary Management and in association with Noirtainment,  created and developed it for TV.   

Its a sci-fi series set in a post-apocalyptic/dystopian world   The last Black-Ops CIA agent on earth, Jerry along with his old friend Michael, played by Andrew Flores (known for co-starring on the hit USA series Queen of the South) are tasked in delivering a package to a mysterious group of entities known only as The OL. Jerry, played by Bernard Robichaud (known for playing Cyrus on the hit Netflix Original Series Trailer Park Boys and recurring in the SyFy series Haven) is reluctant to do this task, but he wants to find his missing daughter Erin (played by Lindsay Foster. This Mini-series had to halt principal photography due to the COVID19 Pandemic and is set to resume production once its cleared and the pilot will debut sometime in 2021.  

Bernard Robichaud on Jerry “ A Special Agent with a mission, and nothing will get in the way of that, his daughters love, while trying to save the World from a mysterious totalitarian life force. He calls him, “a  Special Agent with a mission, and nothing will get in the way of that, his daughters love, while trying to save the World from a mysterious totalitarian life force.”

Miranda Spigener-Sapon, calls him, "a hardened highly trained black ops cia spook." 

Andrew Flores on Michael “ Micheal is a happy go lucky type of guy.  He comes off being a tough badass but in reality , he is sensitive and kind, and the type to walk little old ladies cross the street." 

Miranda calls him, "a former college friend of jerry who joins him in the task." 

Lindsay Foster’s quote on preparing to play Erin, Jerry’s missing daughter “Erin is smart and fiercely independent, like her father, who after her mother passed came back into the picture. Although they don’t show it, they have an unconditional love and appreciation each other; however, Jerry’s over protective tendencies clash with Erin’s desire for freedom. This need for autonomy during unstable, dystopian times results in her disappearance, maybe she should have listened to her father and stayed home after all."

On describing Erin, Miranda hints of what might be coming, "Erin, Jerry’s 19/20 year old daughter who after an innocent night with her best friend turned out missing  (Michaels daughter who turned up dead) and Erin's love interest Cameron (also missing)."

According to Miranda Spigener-Sapon, the creator behind "The New," she calls " It’s sci-fi noir in the vein of David Lynch's Lost Highway meets "Total Recall" (the reboot 2012 version) with elements of "Black Mirror." 

"The series is called the new with the pilot titled the task episode 2 is the climatic titled “level 99” and the third  is titled “welcome to wherever you are”

Laurie Foxx, an actor in the bi-polar drama, "Lifelines," also wrote and composed the music for "The New."

Monday, April 20, 2020

DIY Beauty, from Groceries,by Lifestyle/ Travel/ On-Camera Expert Influencer Lindsay Myers

By Laura Medina

Since you're lucky enough to either get a free box of groceries from the food bank or just have enough money to shop for the basics, you can stretch out your groceries while saving money on skincare.

For the past decade, using pantry staples has been a steady ecological and green trade as DIY spa treatments, at home, for pennies has been a consider a "green trend."  Now, it's a quarantine hobby and necessity when spas and salons are "nonessentials" shut-downs to stop the spread of CORVID-19 virus.

With using the basic pantry shelf stables of sugar, olive oil, salt, baking soda, honey, avocado, tea, yeast, eggs,and plastic wrap, you can "spa" inside the comforts of your own home, for pennies.

Don't throw away, go "spa-ing."

Lindsay Myers, “People assume that you need a ton of money to experience everything life has to offer. I have made it my mission to prove them wrong.” 

"I am no expert on how to do everything. But I have gotten pretty good at making whatever I have at home work for about anything. If this time period has taught us anything it is a self confidence that we CAN do things for ourselves and have the ability to do them. Of course it is nice to go get that mani and pedi or that facial. Who doesn't love getting pampered? But with this lock down we have had to figure it out ourselves, and I think we are doing just fine! Its always a great feeling to know that you can do it all if you have to! Here are some of my favorite DIY projects that I have picked up over the past month." 

Here's Lindsay's "spa-ing" at home recipes...

1. Natural Lip Scrub- I sometimes grab a pack of sugar and quickly exfoliate if I am in a time crunch. and need to apply some lipstick. But this is my new favorite natural way to get my lips super smooth!
1 TSP of Brown Sugar
1 TSP of White Sugar
1 TSP of Honey
1/2 TSP of Olive Oil  
Directions: Just mix all the above in a small container. You can store and keep this for a while, but trust me after about 20 seconds your lips will feel amazing. 

2. Bath Salts- I love a good bath, who doesn't! This is really easy to make and a great way to unwind and get some self care. 
Coarse Salt
Epsom Salt
Baking Soda 
Essential oil
Directions: Just take 6 part coarse sea salt and 3 part epsom salt,1 part baking soda, and just a few drops of essential oil of your choice. That is it! This combo helps sooth the muscles, helps with skin irritation, and softens the skin. 

3. Ombre Nail Manicure-I never go really big or bold with my manicures. But i have the time to figure out how to do it myself, why not! 
2 different nail polish colors, and clear top coat
Any sponge (you just need a little bit, cut off a section from a larger sponge)
Plastic wrap
Directions: Paint your nails with the lightest color. Let it dry. On the plastic pour our a little of each color right beside each other so they touch. Take the toothpick and swirl/blend just at the area where the two colors meet. Next take your sponge and dab it directly over this mixture and then dab the sponge directly on your nail. Keep going on all the nails. If you want to go back over the nails to make the color stronger just make sure the first coat is dry first. Finish with clear top coat. 

4.Hair Mask- It is SO easy to make simple hair mask with everyday things in our kitchen. Why don't we do it more? Maybe now we will!
2 hair mask options:
1. All hair types:
Directions: Simply scoop out half an avocado and mix it with a tbsp honey and apply to hair. Leave this on for 20 mins. Rinse in the shower. 
2. Dry Hair Mask:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Directions: Mix 2 eggs with 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and apply to hair. Leave this on for 20 mins. Rinse in shower. 

5. Facial: I have grown to love my facials, but they are expensive and right now we just can't get them. Why not learn how to do it yourself?
Chamomile Tea
Nutritional Yeast
Directions: Brew one cup of the tea with 2 tea bags. Let cool. Stir together 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tsp of nutritional yeast. Add just enough of the tea to the bowl to make a paste. You want to be able to spread it on your face, but not be watery. Let sit for 20 mins. This is calm and restore your skin. 

Here's your grocery list of beauty, thanks Lindsay Myers.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Beat Cabin Fever & Still Stay Safe with At-Home Work-outs: Peloton, Ballroom Burn, & #FITNESSFRIDAY with Super Bowl Champion, Daniel Wilcox and Fitness Expert, Denzel Jones #QuarantineFitness.

By Laura Medina

Going stir-crazy with ramped up energy that you stored up during this month-long quarantine?  Now got energy and fat to burn?

Since gyms and studios are banned from becoming viral outbreaks of CORVID-19, aren't you wishing for days of yore, those huge Eighties McMansions with a room dedicated to your own full home gym, where I can burn hours and fat in your own home; and you can sweat in and clean your detoxifying sweat; and that sweat is your own responsibility, not contracting someone else's nor hoping someone else would mop up that sweat?

Let's leap forward to 2020, where you can have your own complete gym on a Peloton Bike...

This scribe was lucky to join a PyeongChang Winter 2018 Olympics NBC televised work-out, hosted by NBC's Today Show's Natalie Morales and crew.

There's even a Peloton treadmill.

An elevated Soul Cycle bike, the console televises various work-outs beyond biking.  

With the Peloton app, you can get a televised instructor-led full-body work-out, safely in home, without you sweating on others or anyone sweating on you.

Live Daily Classes, Feel the infectious energy of the studio in live daily classes, televised on the tv screen, whether it's on the bike, treadmill, or on tv.

On-Demand Library, Conquer your goals on your time with hundreds of on-demand classes. All at your Convenience, whenever you want it or need it.

Diverse Class Types, Find fresh workouts from running, strength, bootcamp, walking and stretching.

Varied Class Lengths, Show up for yourself on your schedule with classes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes.

With these many choices, a family of three, at least can find a Peloton work-out that's right for their age and fitness.

Peloton is a wise investment.

You can get your "Dancing With the Stars" work-out by publicist-turned-ballroom dancer and instructor, Steve Valentine,

Social distancing doesn't mean social disengagement. It’s time to get up and get moving - all from the comfort of your own home. 

Join us for their first-ever Fitness Workout lead by former Baltimore Ravens and Super Bowl XXXVII champion, Daniel Wilcox along with fitness expert Denzel Jones, owner of Finao Fit in Atlanta, GA. Together, they'll get people's blood pumping, work up a sweat, and give muscles some much-needed movement. Grab a towel, get your water bottle and let's go!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday, April 10, 2020

Women & Men, eSalon is Here for You, Advanced Box Hair Color With Expert Colorists on Staff & on Call, (866) 550-2424 Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm PT or Saturday, 9am-5pm PT if your matter is urgent

By Laura Medina

This portion of this article is a re-post from a previous article, Summer Hair Issue 2018: SERO-Vital, eSalon then Bumble + Bumble.
today's current update on dealing with CORVID-19 updates and how to self-dye at-home, with guided expert advice, over phone and mail-in step-instruction list.

In response to DIY hair-coloring during the age of quarantine, don't worry.  The expert hair colorists are at fully staffed, either at eSalon headquarters, or at home, ready to answer and guide you through each and every step of self-coloring...

We're open and shipping your custom color as always. Our colorists are working remotely and are available to chat one-on-one, to give you the support you need to color at home. 

It's simple! First, you create a profile and tell them all about your hair history and ultimate color goal—add a pic of your current look to go the extra mile. Second, a personal colorist crafts your color factoring in everything from your features to your hair type. Last, your Color Set will ship to your door along with step-by-step personalized instructions and everything you need to color at home.
They’re a full-service custom hair color brand, which means they create your individual hair color formula from scratch right here in our HQ. It’s eSalon hair color made for you and only you.

Their extensive team of professional, licensed colorists hail from critically-acclaimed salons and beauty institutes. They individually review your profile, craft your color, and are available to call when you need extra guidance. Plus, they don't just say goodbye after your color ships. They stick by your side throughout your color journey— checking in, offering guidance, and making sure you're tickled (insert color here).
Need to speak to them directly? Give us a call at (866) 550-2424 Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm PT or Sat, 9am-5pm PT

Every eSalon hair color order includes Personalized Instructions unique to your custom color. They include a detailed explanation of how to apply your color at home and are selected specifically by your colorist to achieve your current color goal. That means they may change from order to order, so it's super important to read them carefully before applying your color. Common missteps such as leaving the color on longer than instructed or washing the color out before it has fully processed can result in a look you might not have been going for. So read 'em, read 'em, read 'em—every time you color.

At their headquarters/factory/salon in El Segundo, directly below LAX, the hairstylist staff go over your wants and desire over a questions and answer while checking out your hair texture and health.
From there, they download your hair color preference into the on-site hair dye lab, dispensing your own personalized hair dye with your hair dye recipe, store on a barcode with your own name.

eSalon is Coded in color.

Their engineers and coders turned color into a language. Shade variations and pigments become characters and symbols that are sent to our on-demand color dispenser. Because to mass-make custom color, we had to make a custom machine. It individually fills each bottle with exact drops of pigments and has created over 165,000 unique combinations so far. See how our technology works »
Hair color is part art and part science. Their technology gives us them the ability to bring the two together in a way never seen before. Some call it the future of hair color, we call it Polly Chrome.

Reimagining color.

So this technology we speak of—how do they do it? They wish we could say it’s simple, but it actually took years of research, expert development, and fine-tuning. Like most hair color companies, they start with the basics, aka the color wheel. It informs how they use “harmonious color schemes,” “pure color,” and things like shade, tone, and tint to lay down the groundwork for their color formula. But they're not the kind of company that settles for “what’s always worked.” They wanted to make it even better, so they took a step into the future by customizing each hair color bottle we create. And that’s where the science and technology comes in.
To pull this off, they built two totally unique components that together disrupt the whole hair color industry. First, they created dual patented software that enables us to create unique color formula IDs. Then something else comes into play. The star of the show. The tour de force. Our do-it-all, label-making, color-dispensing, bottle-capping, watch-out-world machine—Polly Chrome. 
Their hairstylists are color editors...
You know the drill: you tell them about your hair history and color goal, then they run with it to craft your custom shade. They do it by using or Color Editor, which is able to tweak your color with a level of customization unseen in the industry. Think of it this way, your colorist is the artist and the Color Editor is their paint brush. But instead of hand-mixing dye and eyeballing tones, their colorists are trained to create color virtually. How?  Their engineers and coders turned color into a language. Shade variations and pigments become characters and symbols that makeup your color formula ID. 
In person at their salon locations, of course, it's easy for the stylists to personally analyze your hair for the right formula.
But, don't you know that eSalon first came out as a online and phone at-home hair dye company?
Take a photo, email it to customer care then...
Using the Color Editor, your colorist references your photo and the info in your Color Profile to determine your base color. Then, they can formulate less that ¼ shade difference in things like “tone,”“warmth,” or “vibrancy,” all while factoring in your hair history and grays. It’s how they meet your exact specifications, to make your color completely unique to you.

Each major hair color, tone, and shade are stored in their own individual vat while the enhancers of blue and yellow are stored in smaller vats, not different from crafting beer brews and wine.
Polly Chrome vats and bar code dispenser.
So how does your custom color go from numbers to, well, hair color? Here’s where it gets really good. They built a mixing machine named Polly Chrome, which means “many colors.” Polly speaks their language. It does communicate with their Color Editor by taking your formula ID and putting it into action. Here’s how it works: First, your personal colorist creates your formula ID using our Color Editor then hits “send.” It passes over to Polly, who prints that formula ID, your name, and the date on a label. That label gets placed onto an empty color bottle and travels down a conveyer belt to the dispenser. A little scanner reads your label and triggers the precise amount of varied pigments and toner to be dispensed into your bottle, down to a single drop. In fact, Polly is capable of dispensing over 2.2 octooctogintillion pigment variations (yup, that's a real number), all drawing from vats of color that have been custom formulated by our experts right here, on site. Each pigment dispensed is actually measured by weight (instead of volume like most places) on a high-grade medical scale (because we’re fancy). Then, your bottle is capped, packaged, and sent to its home—or apartment, or office, or wherever your hair desires.
A different kind of machine. 
Polly may move each bottle effortlessly and with ease, but it’s actually a very complex machine. To create it, we had to push the boundaries of manufacturing. Most industrial machines are made to produce just a few colors in high volumes. That’s why most color companies offer a range of 15-30 premade, premixed shades. But Polly is faced with the challenge of making each bottle from scratch, every single time, almost like a printer. Prior to Polly, they couldn’t find machinery that could pull something that bold off, so they designed the machine ourselves from the bottom up. From the labeler, to the bottle capper, to the pipes that distribute exact amounts of color, they mean it when we say there’s nothing else like Polly Chrome.
Salon brings the salon dye job to your own home or bathroom.

Don't worry about being confused, your own kit comes with an illustrated instruction list, showing you how to section your hair and how to apply. Your kit comes with your own sticker to stick your instruction list onto your mirror.

Based on your personalized preference, it even lists how long you allow the dye to settle in.

Most important step, is after sectioning off your hair, you need to smear stain guard lotion all along your hair line to stop the dye from bleeding into your eyes.

You pour then mix your own dye formula into the developer squeeze bottle than squirt along the roots and strands.

After your own customized minutes for dye to settle in, wash it out with their Classic Shampoo and Conditioner...

If you're lucky enough to get your hair dye at their headquarters' salon, you can get your hair washed in their massage chairs.