Friday, July 28, 2017

Michael Kors with Tatler Magazine Harvesting a New Crop of English Roses...

By Laura Medina

Michael Kors is pleased to announce the opening of Tatler’s English Roses, a digitally led multimedia exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery that celebrates the brand’s upcoming editorial partnership with Tatler UK magazine.

Featured in the August issue of Tatler, the project highlights 26 stars on the rise, ten of whom were photographed in the Fall 2017 Michael Kors Collection: Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart, Ella Richards, Tess Ward, Lady Kitty Spencer, Aziya Aldridge-Moore, Renee Stewart, Greta Bellamacina, Clara McGregor, Laura Murray and Bee Beardsworth.  Michael Kors, Jourdan Dunn, Edie Campbell, Ella Richards, Clara McGregor, Renée Stewart, Lady Kitty Spencer, Carmen Jordá, Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart, Tess Ward, Aziya Aldridge-Moore, Idina Moncreiffe, Laura Murray, Bee Beardsworth, Greta Bellamacina, Alexandra Moncreiffe, Olivia Banks, Frankie Herbert, Georgina Bevan, Bea Fresson, DJ Henri, Veronica Chou, Tina Leung, Yoyo Cao and many more.

Tatler Magazine is the UK's version of America's Town and Country, always spotlighting their aristocracy.

Their most popular issue is the English Rose issue, a debutante's idea of nationally coming out.

They're really thrilled that Michael Kors wants to join them.

He's take on English Beauty which is the English Rose, is that they're a juxtaposition that balance themselves out, elegant but quirky.

“I’ve always been inspired by people who are curious, who are thinking about what’s next and what’s new,” said Michael Kors. “These women represent the balance of youth and sophistication, polish and ease, knowledge and curiosity, that’s necessary for life today.”

This issue debuts the new debutantes, daughters of English actors, daughters of British meritocracy, rubbing elbows of daughters of English titled nobles and landed gentry.

Rod Stewart's daughter, Renee Stewart

Ewan McGregor's daughter, Clara McGregor.

Tatler Editor Kate Reardon commented: “As the oldest magazine in the world, Tatler has long been dedicated to chronicling the most fabulous members of British high society. More than anything, we understand the special alchemy that creates an It-girl – that rare combination of beauty, charisma and timeliness which, happily, is synonymous with Michael Kors and their tradition of championing young rising stars the world over.”

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bryan Rabin Attracts All the Cool People, the Pied Piper of City of Angeles' Culturati.

By Laura Medina

If the seminal Nineties indie film, Parker Posey's "Party Girl," had gotten her marbles together, she could had become Bryan Rabin, party extraordinaire.  Image the amount of money and fame she could had generated if she translated her fun and friendly spirit into event promotions and publicity, instead of wasting away as an ill-fitted librarian, wishing for her old life back, as she watches the likes of Bryan Rabin setting the bar while setting the world on fire.

He went from being an Olympic figure skater to a club kid who sense the right timing to turned a party into promotional events that are de rigueur for publicity firms and publicists worth their salt nowadays.  Bryan amped the ante.

With an event and nightlife career spanning 25 years, Bryan Rabin client list includes the likes of Madonna, Christian Dior, Vanity Fair, Armani, W Magazine, WWD, Rick Owens, Paul Smith, Hermes, and MOCA. Adam Bravin, aka DJ Adam 12, was hand-picked as Obama’s DJ while in office and is part of musical group She Wants Revenge; his exemplary music stylings have made his nightly events as ‘must attend’ occasions for LA party-goers.  

As the originators of LA’s most infamous events from epic disco dance party Giorgio’s to AFEX which featured the best in hip hop legend, Bryan and Adam are sure not to disappoint with Sugar Sugar. Playing the best hits for all generations and bringing a high-energy crowd that is organically down for a good time, there will be something for everyone on the rooftop of Dream Hollywood every Wednesday night.  

His party-generating skills are utilized to revive stagnating hipster hotels and nightclubs that need a fresh injection of fresh blood...or giving new hotels new life as the new nightlife destinations, such as the Dream Hotel's new rooftop club, The Highlight Room...

Fashion stylist, Arienne Phillips.

MAC Senior Makeup Artist, Gregory Alt.

Groupie Pioneer and Novelist, Pamela Des Barres

Fashion Designer Julia Clancy

Siobhán Fahey of  Bananarama

If your idea of clubbing is grooving with a bunch of Manhattanite intellectuals chilling to deep beats then, all of a sudden, they're dump in an Hollywood nightclub, you got Bryan Rabin's Sugar Sugar parties for the Dream Hotel's The Highlight Room.

It's a Manhattan formula of cultural innovators, "movers & shakers,"  than movie factory star, not that there's anything wrong with it.  Cuba Gooding Jr. were among the guests celebrating the opening of Sugar Sugar.

There also a Manhattan ingredient of it-girls, celebutantes and debutantes.

The folks considered "celebrities" were fashionistas, such as fashion designer, the turbaned Julia Clancy, MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist, Gregory Alt, fashion stylist Arienne Phillips, and writers and cultural figures, Pamela Des Barres.

But don't worry, Sugar Sugar opening party was chunk full of Hollywood star, incognito, who just want to let their hair down and let the other celebrities take over the spotlight:
Lisa Edelstein (Actress), Sara Gilbert (Actress), Linda Perry (Grammy Nominated Musician), Sasha Grey (Actress), Wolk Morais (Fashion Designer), Sky Nellor (Actress), Trish Summerville (Emmy-Nominated Costume Designer, Westworld), Perry Meek (Emmy nominated Costume Designer, Lady Gaga),  Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama), Arianne Phillips (Oscar Nominated Costume Designer), Greg Gorman (Photographer), Pamela Des Barres (World-Famous Groupie), Michael Schmidt (Emmy-Winning Costume Designer), Andrew Macpherson (Photographer), Ian Nelson (Actor, Freakshow), Rose Apodaca (A+R), and Nancy Steiner (Twin Peaks Costume Designer).

VH1's Black Ink Chicago Crew Season 3 Premiere at Tinhorn Flats.

By Laura Medina

Mathematics major to singular woman tattoo artist among all-guy Black Ink Chicago Crew, Kat Tat is leading the charge into Los Angeles, by simply following her celebrities, such as:  San Francisco's Aldon Smith of the Oakland Raiders, the Denver Broncos' – Shane Ray, which appeared on ESPN, New England Patriots' – Jamie CollinsJaksonville Jaguars' – Sergio Brown, Chicago Rapper – King Louie, and sold an original painting titled ‘Kissing Girls’ to Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

This is what the premiere episode of Season 3 of VH1's "Black Ink Crew, Chicago," is all about, expanding the business, expanding potential, expanding horizons.

VH1 celebrated the premiere of Season 3 with a bash at Hollywood's Tinhorn Flats, across the street from Hollywood and Highland.

Fitting, perhaps a new Black Ink Crew?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Budweiser's Budland, It's Take on Coachella or Canchella for the Young Millennials or Emerging Gen-Z Taking Their First Brew Sip.

By Laura Medina

As Gen-Xers then elder Millennials moved onto more "sophisticated" beers, wine, and spirits, Budweiser is appealing to the next young drinkers coming up...Gen-Z, Gen-X's kids, whose older kids are enter college.  Ideal starter drink.

Raised by Gen-X parents and influenced by established Millennials, Gen-Z is more thoughtful about authenticity, local sourcing, and "being real," Budweiser is pulling back the curtain and revealing their twelve breweries through-out the United States.  Then, Budweiser celebrate each local brewery by spotlighting what is great about each locale.

Budweiser is going on tour this Summer only!

They're going to throw parties and festivals at each where their factories are located, spotlight what makes each town and city unique.

11 states will see their namesake on Budweiser bottles and cans as part of the brand’s latest evolution of its iconic summer packaging. Available today through the end of September, Budweiser’s newest look celebrates the local states Budweiser and its breweries call home.
Since 1876, Budweiser has been proudly brewed across America and its new state packaging pays tribute to the 12 breweries that relentlessly produce America’s No. 1 full-flavored classic lager. The packaging will be specific to California (featuring two Budweiser breweries), Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.

“Our new state bottles and cans celebrate the homes of our breweries and the communities that support them,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president, Budweiser. “Since 1876, Budweiser has been proudly brewed across America, and this summer, we’re inviting local consumers to raise a cold one with us.”

On shelves from July to September 2017, 11 different states will enjoy their own custom packaging, each featuring custom copy changes as inspired by each local backdrop, including:
  • “Budweiser” on cans and bottles being replaced with each state name
  • The center medallion “AB” monogram updated with  state initials
  • “King of Beers” swapped to include  each individual state motto
  • “Anheuser-Busch Inc.” replaced with each state nickname
To continue the celebration of its local breweries throughout the summer, Budweiser will also:
  • Host brewery open houses – inviting homegrown communities to experience the brand firsthand alongside local food, music and custom swag. The famed Budweiser Clydesdales will also be making appearances at each brewery open house throughout the summer.
  • Air unique radio spots in each market, written by local Budweiser brew masters and/or the brewery’s general managers
  • Present its first-ever “Budland” festival bringing together the best of LA’s local music artists, fashion and food
To RSVP to a Budweiser brewery open house event near you, please visit For more information on Budweiser’s brewery market packaging, visit Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Los Angeles got lucky because they're lucky to have two Budweiser factories within greater Los Angeles.

This means Los Angeles got their own Budweiser festival, Budland.  It's like a "Made In America" do over or Budweiser's version of Coachella...but aimed at emerging Gen-Z with Gen-Z budget.

City of Angels is rich in creativity. Angeleno artists built an Andy Warhol-sque Budweiser Box installation, stamped with the Budweiser logo, that is a huge view master box of hanging Budweiser bottles with the California label.

Located in the Downtown LA's farthest reaches, Werkartz is a former factory turned art studio turned ultra affordable event venue.

Budweiser isn't just supporting local artists.  They also support local fashion and streetwear designers who need the hands up.  They return the favor in designing hip Budweiser clothes as limited edition souvenirs, so Gen-Z can wear Budweiser...

Liana did Budweiser with a Juicy Couture twist, stamping and embroidering the Budweiser name on velour hoodies and tee-shirts for the luxurious Gen-Z girl.  

Mind you, these pop-up Budweiser designer clothes only existed during Budland Festival for one weekend.  Pop! They're gone!

Collector items if you were smart enough to buy one.  Nice fabric. Nice tailoring.

Burger Lords truck became the Budweiser Burger Truck, selling cheeseburgers and fries with Budweiser fanny packs.

But, let's jump to what really matters.  The very young, very talented Gen-Z and Millennials Hip-Hop artists who either really love Budweiser or really need Budweiser.  Budland showcases local L.A. talent in all its forms...

A$AP Rocky likes Budweiser then lends support to young Hip-Hop artists...

Gen-Z rocks, too.

If Coachella is for the Gen-X establishment with their gourmet fetes and pampering lounges, Budland is for the up-coming Gen-Z with Gen-Z wallets.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chivas Whiskey's Idea of Shark Tank, the Nicer, Kinder Chivas' Venture, the Final Pitch for a Greater Good with Halle Berry, Javier Bardem, Josh Gad, & Don Cheadle.

By Laura Medina

While liquor brands throw parties and fetes to advertise and connect with their target audiences, which this scribe doesn't mind, Chivas Regal Whiskey amps the ante.

Chivas does its own version of "Shark Tank," but for the social good.

Folks who have an idea that can help the society for the better, ranging from physical therapy to sustainable crops to save energy while saving the planet are the ideal candidates for Chivas Venture.

"We're looking for exceptional startups that use business innovatively to transform communities and solve global challenges. Social businesses that are creating a better future. Whatever it is, if it's brilliant and can create real, positive change then we want to hear from you."

"Each application will be reviewed and the very best from each of the participating countries will be selected to take part in national finals. You will have the chance to pitch to a panel of business experts who will offer advice and decide which finalist has the most promise to continue to the global finals."

"If you are successful at the national final, you will head to The Venture's Accelerator Week; an intensive five days of learning, where finalists will receive world-class mentorship and support in preparation for the high stakes pitch in July. The week will involve expert trainers and inspirational mentors recruited by the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.
Find out what happened at Oxford University during The Venture Accelerator Week 2016."

"After the Accelerator Week, you will have the chance to inspire the public to vote for your startup in order to receive funding. During the voting period, we will allocate $250,000 of the $1Million fund by giving people the chance to vote for their favourite startup."

Last Thursday night's event was the Final Pitch, where the finalists have to "pitch" or sell their ideas to a group of judges, that includes celebrity, Halle Berry.

The previous celebrity judges were Eva Longoria and Adrian Grenier.  This year's celebrity judge is Halle Berry.  Chivas Whiskey's brand ambassador, Javier Bardem, sat in the audience, along with Don Cheadle.

Josh Gad hosted the contest.

Peetachai Dejkraisak's Siam Organic, receiving $400,000...

“I am so happy and grateful - this will have a massive impact. We have extremely limited resources, so to have funding like this from the Chivas Venture is just incredible. It will fast-track our project by 3 or 4 years – and save me a lot of grey hair and sleepless nights!”

Siam Organics...

"Transforming farmers' lives, one grain at a time..."

"We’re working with small-scale farmers to grow Jasberry rice, a new variety of non-GMO (genetically modified) whole grain rice that is extremely high in antioxidants – three times higher than blueberries. It has a beautiful purple colour and tastes delicious!
Currently Thailand’s 17 million rice farmers have the highest costs and lowest yields of all countries in Southeast Asia. They earn an average of just 40 cents a day, six times below the poverty line."

"We’ve created the Jasberry brand to help farmers unlock the global market for healthy organic products. We provide them with training on internationally-certified organic farming methods, and empower them to increase their earnings by 14 times. Many farmers have been able to pay off their debts, and their children can now come back to work in the organic farms knowing that it is a viable and sustainable occupation for them."

During intermission, before announcing the winner, Chivas showcased rising funk/soul/jazz trumpeter, Spencer Ludwig and the Aces...

You all probably heard of his song, "Diggy" on a Target Fall TV ad campaign...

He was the headlining entertainment for the following fete...

Remember, whenever a liquor or beverage company throws an event, always expect food to be around.  That's good,, everyone skipped dinner for this contest; second, we all need food to soak up the alcohol.

Of course, it's a whiskey event where you blend your own customized whiskey, like mixing your own perfume.

These lighted-up drink coasters are a great party idea.

Rare Black Rice for everyone and anyone on the vegan buffet.

The seafood buffet...

The Taco Bar...

Here's a party idea that anyone can do, especially in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

You can layer ceviche and sushi or raw, preserved seafood and rice into clear plastic cups or plastic wine glasses for an elegant way to serve and display sushi or ceviche....

When an "adult" liquor company is throwing the fete, expect tons of gourmet, good food, such as this surf and turf pairing, lobster rolls and cheeseburger sliders with a poached salmon, drowned with chocolate-whiskey rice milk cocktail.

Chivas Venture Final Pitch was a magical intersection where good intentions meet good music with good food.

Can't beat that.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sephora's Super Healthy, Super Juicy Skincare Superfoods Natural & Organic Brands Party with Kora Organics' Miranda Kerr.

By Laura Medina

During City of Angeles' heat wave, Sephora saw this fitting to spotlight their leading light of all-natural and organic beauty, external and internal, while seeing fit this is a good time to announce their of Victoria's Secrets' Angel, Miranda Kerr's Australian Kora Organic Skincare.  Sephora will be the only North American retailer of Miranda's Australian Kora Organic Skincare.

You'll be completely "sexy" or at least, sultry in the heat, if you wear Victoria's Secret lingerie then apply her Noni Oil on your skin then sip her KORA Organics Noni Glow Skinfood Dietary Supplement Powder-mix in with your iced tea, favorite juice beverage, or soda at least-to get their inner glow.

Not only was she beautiful outside, she was warm and friendly with her fans and admirers while promoting her new step in life, a beauty and skincare innovator.

During the hot and crowded party, Miranda was sprinkling her KORA Organics Noni Glow Skinfood Dietary Supplement Powder,, into her iced tea in-between greeting fans as a tea break.

There are other luminaries other than Miranda Kerr.

Leading the all-natural charge is Alina Roytherg, the lady behind Fresh Beauty, who started using Russian home remedies, made them luxurious and fancy, and now applies food-based ingredients to an upscale lifestyle empire.  She told me she's wearing her Poppy tinted Lip Balm as her lip and cheek color, like she always told me,

Flanked besides her, on both sides, are the next generation of green beauty, two dudes, a pair of cousins continuing their grandma's mission, of course from San Francisco.  

Age Discrimination-Accept It?!  Youth to the People by Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes, believe that good, clean skincare that nourishes, heal, and improves the skin while benefiting one's health is for everyone.  Damn discrimination of any kind!

This all-around, unisex, unigender, skincare for anyone, regardless of background, uses their grandma's pioneering botanical recipes.  A skincare veteran for thirty years, she literally wrote the book, the initial Esthetics curriculum for the California State Board of Cosmetology.

Her grandsons took her formulas then revamped for the next generation,

Their utilitarian, transparent approach to beauty for all sorts, is as clean and wholesome as their ingredients.  Plus, their prices are within reach for anyone.

Another farm to beauty brand is the mystical Tata Harper. Since made in small batches, yes...there is sticker shock but it's ingredients are straight-forward wholesome as they're highly effective.

For all you honey lovers out there, including this scribe, Farmacy does all the work for you, whipping honey into all sorts of creams, lotions, balms, and sunscreen.

Can't forget the other supermodel skincare, Josie Maran Argan Oil brand.  She wasn't there physically but she was there in spirit for her fans.

Since their natural beauty purveyors prove wearing spinach and vegetables and herbs and spices isn't icky but fun, refreshing, and elegant, Mom and Pop Shop Popsicle Truck prove eating your veggies and fruits can be fun and delicious, like having popsicles as a salad dinner.

Their Weekend at Abuelas is a breakfast popsicle, cinnamon Mexican Chocolate mixed with oat milk.

Sephora's Superfood Skincare party proves that healthy can be fun and glamourous,