Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Diesel's New York runway show & Fit Your Attitude Fall/Winter 2012 Styles

By Laura Medina 

Even though this recent Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2013 women’s collection is the last collection designed by Sophia Kokosalaki, it didn't prevent supermodels and celebrities from showing for Renzo Rosso's Diesel Black Gold Spring-Summer 2013 Runway Presentation at Pier 57, West 15th Street and West Side Highway on
Tuesday, September 11th 2012 on 1:00 pm.

New York's hottest had a taste for Diesel's Italian streetwear: Adrien Brody, Angela Simmons, and Petra Nemcova.   
Urban skate parks, 90’s fashion imagery and the eclectic style sensibility of creative city dwellers inspired Sophia Kokosalaki to design a collection that merges the adrenalin-driven world of skateboarding with the poise and sophistication of the contemporary art scene.

Bringing this theme to life, guests of the show enjoyed a surprise opening which included four male model skateboarders dressed in Diesel Black Gold who performed tricks on a custom built, smoke-hazed half pipe set. Female models appeared through built-in walkways below the ramps.

For this current arriving Fall/Winter 2012, which everybody is in the mood for...and hungry to buy, Steven Meisel clicked the likes of Karen Elson, Coco Rocha, and Ethan James to engaged in a creative, playful act, expressing their individuality with confidence and attitude; props swiped from a dressing up box provide the riff for each invented persona. On digital screens the incorporation of animated cinemagraphs allows each image to come alive with the slightest movement.

In an irreverent grid layout, the characters become inadvertently connected and we see an accidental social network develop. A mix of styles and identities play against each other to create a singular, defiant, ‘Diesel attitude’.

Putting it all these clips together,  Meisel created a collage of a campaign, "The Screen Test."   In a global age of instant communication, Diesel presents a campaign beyond genre conventions. Taking cues from sophisticated high fashion as well as street style, the campaign mixes codes and references without fear or rules.

It is this ‘anything goes’ attitude to fashion that underpins this provocative and playful campaign, which will come to life in Autumn Winter 2012 with a 360° media approach, which will include print and online implementations, and a strong approach on social networks.
Playing on the theme of individual attitude and how it sets the foundation of one's lifestyle and, as Diana Vreeland said, "How a woman lives in her clothes...that's what matter."

Diesel's current Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, "Fit your Attitude,"  used 5 distinctive muses with their own take on life to establish a style, fit, and cut based on each muse's vibe and attitude.

Five iconic girls. Five different denim styles to represent five attitudes converging in one city, New York where the locales and the neighborhood are the catwalks that these girls used and live in everyday.  These women, the hottest supermodels right now,
express their individual personalities and iconic styles through Diesel’s new range of denim.

Meet the 5 muses and the jeans they influenced and get to know their "real selves" a.k.a. their attitudes...

Coco Rocha embraces strength and playfulness in the brave and real, the skinny "Getlegg."


Braveness for me is running into my basement with no socks on. There are HUGE spiders down there!! On a more serious note I think it is also very brave to tell someone you love them, and mean it.  

A few years back Anna Wintour asked me to speak before a large group of designers about the pressures on models, and specifically models weight issues which has long been a taboo subject. That took more than a little bravery.

The next brave thing I'm planning to do is star in a TV show called The Face. I'll be a model mentor alongside Naomi Campbell. Being on TV is largely an unknown realm for me, so I feel it takes a good amount of bravery on my part!   THE BRAVEST LOOK EVER?

For me whenever I really get serious about something I pull my hair back into a tight pony tail. If you see me with that you know I mean business.   YOUR BRAVE SOUNDTRACK/SONG

I've always thought Bjorks "New World" from the Selmasong album epitomized bravery. Something about it is so courageous.

Theodora Richards embodies the super skinny "Grupee"s free spirit and daringness.


No consequences



Any guy with bravado    A PLACE TO BE FREE

A field full of flowers and Manhattan    TOP OF A MOUNTAIN, OPENED ARMS AND U DREAM OF…


Poppy Delevigne exudes confidence and feminine in the bootcut Bootzee. 


Self confidence is about being true to yourself and feeling happy in your own skin. It was something I really struggled with in my teens, but now I'm in my twenties, I'm beginning to see the light.   THE ITEMS THAT MAKES U FEEL CONFIDENT.

Chanel red lipstick, my boyfriend, DIESEL jeans and loud music.  
My legs, they enable me to dance like a mad thing and carry me across the world. And my freckles, because they make me feel unique.   THAT TIME U FELT SO SELF-CONFIDENT.

Making the DIESEL film. I loved playing through the streets of New York, in jeans I never wanted to take off.   A SUGGESTION FOR GIRLS TO FEEL CONFIDENT ABOUT THEMSELVES.

Be yourself and laugh a lot. Nothing is better than being you.  

Kasia Smutniak interprets the chic and sexy woman by wearing the high waist Highkee. 

Tali Lennox shows spontaniety and independence boasting the Faithlegg style.


To follow your head, your heart, and depend on only yourself to make your decisions and not give a damn about how others may judge you.  


A vintage hat, and a nice pair of knickers.  


When I was a baby I would follow my sister everywhere and do anything she told me, until I hit 4, went to nursery, realised I was own person, and started defiantly saying to my sister all the time "I am myself Lola!".   THE SONG THAT MAKES U LET GO


Get to know the 5 muses living their lives at and 

  See, Diesel's Fall/Winter 2012 Denim Collection has a jean for every personality.

Chat with bareMinerals' Head Lady, Leslie Blodgett

By Laura Medina

If you want further advice on how to get red carpet polish while being healthy and light about it...

Join the founder of bareMinerals, Leslie Blodgett and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Fiona Stiles LIVE on Facebook as they show you how to get Red Carpet Ready and introduce you to the new bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation on Thursday, September 27th at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT live on Facebook (

Email your beauty questions to before the show. We may just answer your questions on air for a chance to win prizes!

To RSVP and watch it live tomorrow at 12 noon West Coast time or 3pm East Coast Time, go to

Tune-in and join the conversation at #bareMineralslive.  

Backstage and After-Party Makeup for the Emmys

By Laura Medina

With high definition television everywhere and 360 degree camera surrounding you, your pleats and ruching and hair and makeup must be flawless.

Dinar Air Brush Makeup did the essential, quickie backstage makeup and touch-ups, especially on that hot, sweltering, but very sunny Sunday.

The 20-strong makeup team sprayed on smooth-as-glass droplets of foundation on “The Red Hots” and triplet violinists “Alizma.” for the Emmys' after-party, “A Romantic Rhapsody in Red.”

To match the Valentine-themed party, Dina Ousley hand dyed and created more than ten dramatic 1960s style hair motifs.  Each hairpiece mimicked rose petals and perfectly highlighted the explosion of red in the venue.

As a friend says, "It's all about the details." For Dinar Air Brush Makeup by Dina Ousley, it's all about the touch-ups.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How the Stars Celebrate Leading Up to the Emmys

By Laura Medina

Lloyd Klein's Hotties on Ducatis at Lure Nightclub.

In the two nights leading up to the main event, The Emmys, celebrities from the television screen and the movie screen got caught up in the excitiment and celebrate among the numerous events dotting the Hollywood landscape.

Hitting a flock of birds with one stone, rising actor/singer and Lloyd Klein menswear model, Mohammad Molaei, the star of the Lloyd Klein-produced feature, “Success Driven,”  used his 24th birthday party at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood, to premiere both the movie and his his new single “Anyone.”

Celebrities came out in full force for this occasion: Bai Ling, Janice Dickinson, Annalyne McCord, and the birthday boy himself, Mohammad Molaei. 

Guests were treated to Chaka Khan appearing on stage, singing "Happy Birthday" to the special guest of honor then Mohammad the Birthday Boy returned the favor by kissing her, "Thank You."

It didn't end here folks.  The birthday party offically began with a screening of the "Success Driven" trailer.  The screen lifted, revealing "Hotties on Ducatis," models presenting Lloyd Klein's latest Spring 2013 sportswear collection for LKLA (Lloyd Klein Los Angeles) in sleek vignettes appropriately featuring the best of Ducati bikes.

This was a special night for Lloyd Klein.  First, it is his multi-talented male model's birthday.  Mainly, it is a foray into many new paths for Mr. Klein.  It is his debut, as well, as a film producer, dipping his toes into Hollywood.  Second, this occasion is his foray into, literally, fast-forward contemporary/sportswear where a woman can always use and wear a sleek moto jacket or/and a cozy white fur jacket.  A direction for this haute couture, red carpet designer.

The Ducati motorcycles came from the courtesy of Beverly Hills Ducati.

Apparently, Bai Ling is the new "It Girl" around town.

She was next spotted at Sue Wong's Conga Room runway show the next night, modeling one of Ms. Wong's creations on the red carpet.

This was a 180 degree flip from the previous "hot and heavy in Hollywood" party.

Since this was Sue Wong, regardless where the runway show is shown, her presence always make sure the atmosphere, the guests, and environment are refined and gracious.

Out of all the trendiest places, Ms. Wong set in a "Downton Abbey" presence.  The audience of admirers and fans and fashion editors were well-behaved as models glide down the runway, modeling Edwardian gown and Twenties Flapper-inspired cocktail dresses.

This was good timing on Ms. Wong's part. This was the Friday before the Emmys where television actors and actresses grab the chance to get all dolled up, to honor their own.

For those actresses, Ms. Wong's Friday night runway was a great way to shop, in the last minute, before the main event.

This is how Hollywood actually celebrates the Emmys.

Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Dress like You're at the Emmys, 2012 Edition

 By Laura Medina
A little birdie on yesterday's red carpet at the Nokia Theater, was chirpping away, "lot of reds and a lot of oranges."

Sure, everyone is talking about Sofia Vergara's green sequinned mermaid gown but this little birdie noticed other trends as well.

Sunset colors that graduated from orange to deep merlot.

The sweltering Indian Summer, people are experiencing in Los Angeles, pushed Spring forward in playful prints.

You can't go wrong the classic combo of black and white, so fitting for established women and elegant young ladies.

White is marching off the marriage aisle and onto the red carpet as a refreshing alternative to black.

Now, that you know the main style and color trends, let this scribe show you the way in how to fit into these gowns, without starvation and where to get the same looks for less...

To slide into Kerry Washington's, (of ABC's "Scandal") Vivian Westwood gown, try Wacoal's iPant Anti-Celulite Long Leg Shaper, $60 S-2XL, Cappuccino, Black and Natural Nude on

These actresses, starlets, celebrities or what-nots, are real women with extremely busy lives.  They are like us.  For such an intense event under intense atmosphere, they need help like us.

If the reassuring black gives you the confidence, like it does for Amy Pohler, you can feel better, that Wacoal's Control Freak Apple Hi-Waist Brief makes anyone one size smaller.

For that extra lift, Wacoal especially engineered the Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Full Figure Bra for those who are naturally blessed and need the extra support.

Now for the total look, once you slip on Wacoal's Sensational Smoothing Hi-Waist Shape Brief, $48

S- 2XL, Black and Natural Nude, you can get the copy, Turquoise Sequin Fitted Halter Open Back Long Dress; $338 at

If you're bottom-heavy, there's hope.  Wacoal's Control Freak Pear Brief, $38 S-2XL, Cappuccino, Black and Natural Nude from can give you the inital confidence then you'll get additional in this Aqua Ruched & Ruffled Chiffon Fitted Mermaid Couture Gown; $1198 from

Now, that you got the general trends idea and the secret in how to wearing them and where to get them.

You'll be ready for the holiday balls and galas.

Primping & Pampering for the Emmys, 2012 style

By Laura Medina

Ok, it is time to take you behind the curtains then show you what it takes to get ready for the Emmys and any awards show...

First and foremost, you need to get your nails done.

The heads of Essie Nail Polish, had flown straight from New York and London Fashion Week...directly to the posh and intimate bungalows of the Beverly Hills Hotel (a.k.a. "The Pink Palace") to primp and polish Emmy/television industry people's nails in the latest shades and designs coming from the runways of New York and London.

Nothing beats a Essie Emmy Brunch with a manicure and fresh fruit juices and pastries which you're refueled and revitalized to hit...

Photo Credit: Angela Weiss / WireImage

Adrienne Maloof's Softcup Emmy Beauty Lounge on her grand estate up in the exclusive estates of Beverly Park, up in the Beverly Hills.

Always, a sharp business woman, Adrienne opened the gates to her grand estate on the same day she put her $26 million dollar mansion on the market, just in time for Emmys Weekend.

Photo Credit: Angela Weiss / WireImage

This "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and her co-horts, Kim and Kyle Richards, enjoyed experiencing the important, last-minute skincare pampering, fabulous eyelash primping from Ja'maal Buster, and a light, all-natural but protective makeover from Colorscience.

Guests snacked on healthy fare of Yoplaits' new Greek Yogurt, vegan chinese chicken salad, and "Angels on Horsebacks," nuts stuffed inside apricots wrapped in bacon. Delish!

Celebrity guests started the Emmy Weekend early on Thursday at the Eco Emmy Lounge.

Sustainable film and television producer Debbie Durkin successfully hosted her 6th Annual Eco-Emmys Celebrity Chateau celebrating the 2012 Emmys while promoting green values and giving back. Guests made donations to charity partners Guard A Heart and Yes Beat Liver Tumors and were pampered and gifted at the breathtaking historic Pickford Mansion in Hancock Park. Guard A Heart, presented by AVIIR Laboratories provided an artist showcase featuring live acoustic performances by Ryan Boone, Jenni Alpert, Zach Callison, Zhavea, Ralph Dudley, The Almighty Grind, With Our Words, Inc. (WOW) youth poetry collective, Sarah Agajanian, Natalie Gelman, CEEJ, John Fullwood and Of Verona.

Charity Partners include Guard A Heart and Beat Liver Tumors. Guard A Heart is dedicated to bringing heart disease prevention and awareness to the forefront of our lives and offered their TruRisk 5 year heart assessment tests. 100% of the money that they raise goes to the cause, not their operations. Beat Liver Tumors raises awareness about cancers of the liver, deLIVERing lots of Hope!

Guests included Emmy winner Stacey Tookey (“So You Think You Can Dance”), Raphael Sbarge (“Once Upon a Time), GG and Omid (“Shahs of Sunet”), Carolyn Hennesy (“True Blood”), Jamar Rogers (“The Voice” finalist), Kearran Giovanni (“Major Crimes”), Tiffany Hines (“Bones”), Kelly Hyland (“Dance Moms”), Matthew Fahey and Nikki DeLoach (“Awkward”), Richard Portnow (“Hitchcock”), Jake Busey, Keith David (“Cloud Atlas”), David Rodriquez (heavyweight boxer), Erin Murphy (“Bewitched”), Gramma Funk (Grammy nominated singer), Alice Amter (“The Big Bang Theory”), and Frank Stallone among others.

But, they saved the best for night.

Birchbox teamed up with the Art of Elysium, a charity where musicians and actors volunteer their time in teaching severly ill children the arts and developing their talents, skills, and self-esteem.  Of course, Hollywood's hottest and brightest are going rock it all out for these kids.

Hollywood turned out tonight to celebrate The Art of Elysium's 4th Annual Pre-Emmy GENESIS event in partnership with Birchbox & CÎROC Vodka. GENESIS is a celebration of emerging talent who are involved with the organization, bringing artists, creative thinkers, influencers and social leaders together in support of The Art of Elysium's programs and mission.

Party-goers enjoyed live art installations from David Arquette, Pete Black, Scott Dickson, Steve Earle, Tim Johnson, Tamar Levine, Lauren Over and Gregory Siff, musical performances from WildCat! WildCat!, Family, The Child and DJ's Chris Holmes, Alex Merrell and Bizzy, fashion, passed hors d'oeuvres and food trucks, photo booth, beauty products from and specialty cocktails by CÎROC. The event celebrated each of the disciplines: Fine Arts, Fashion, Film/Theatre/Media and Music from the artists who dedicate their time to the children. The event was produced by Yifat Oren & Associates.

There are times that one realizes, once she or he gets in the swing of things...that pampering lounges and an awesome kick-off party are the real way to go in Hollywood.

Now, it is time to close the curtain.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Revlon's Spring 2013 NYFW Makeup Guide

 by Laura Medina

The pearlescent lips and those smudgy but vivid eyes by Revlon's Gucci Westman provide a wearable and affordable trend for Spring 2013.

For J. Mendel, Gucci described the look,...

“I wanted to create a look that is universally beautiful, that any girl would want to wear.” says Westman. “Because the collection has so many bold and bright colors and patterns, I kept it pretty simple and fresh.  I started with a muted brown shadow on the eyes, lined the inner rim, then added mascara to both the top and bottom lashes to make the eyes pop.  A warm flush of peach on the cheeks and a simple glossy lip rounded out the look.”
For a classic meets modern look, celebrity manicurist, Jin Soon Choi chose a timeless nude color for the hands and paired it with something more unexpected and fun on the toes.  Choi used bright red, purple and pink on the toes, depending on the model. 

Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer in Bronzed and Chic, $12.99

Revlon Baby Stick for Lips and Cheeks in Tahitian from The Spring/Summer ’13 Collection by Gucci Westman (worn on cheeks), price TBD (available May 2013)

Revlon ColorStay 16H Eye Shadow Palette in Addictive, $7.49

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Brown, $7.99

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Black, $7.49


Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Bellini, $7.49


Revlon Nail Enamel in Trade Winds from The Spring/Summer ’13 Collection by Gucci Westman (worn on fingernails), price TBD (available May 2013)
Revlon Nail Enamel in Angelic, Fearless or Impulsive depending on the model (worn on toenails) , $4.99

For Giulietta’s Spring/Summer 2013 presentation,...

“The designer was envisioning a mermaid with an eccentric twist,” says Westman.  “I wanted it to look as if the girls had just emerged from the sea.   I focused on creating a dewy glow then added a striking brown eye and glossy bronzed lips to complete the look.”
Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup in corresponding shades depending on model skintone, $9.99 (available January 2013)
Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette in Natural, $12.99
Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Not Just Nudes, $6.50
Revlon PhotoReady Primer and Shadow in Metropolitan and Graffiti, $9.99 (available January 2013)
Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Brown, $7.99
Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara, $8.99
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum, $7.49
Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Bronze Shimmer, $7.49
Revlon ColorStay Nail in Enamel in Seashell from The Spring/Summer ’13 Collection by Gucci Westman, $7.99