Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Have a Full & Uplifting Holiday with Victoria's Secret and Wacoal Bras

By Laura Medina

On November 29th, the day before the airing of the Victoria's Secret Runway Show on CBS, South Coast Plaza displays the $2.5 Million Fantasy Treasure Bra. It is their Gorgeous Push-Up Bra embroidered with 3400 precious gems of white and yellow diamonds, pearls, cirtrines, and aquamarines, set in 18 karat white and yellow gold.

A mermaid inspiration, the centerpiece tassel adorned with two exquisite white diamonds, over 8 carats each, and two yellow 14 carats diamonds. Overall, the bra features 142 carats of diamonds.

Due to the intricate engineering of the scallop bra, they have to inspect 10,000 stones worldwide for the right color, size, and shape. It took master craftsmen, of London Jewelers, 500 hours to chisel the gems.

Following in Gisele Bundchen's, Heidi Klum's, Adriana Lima's, Marisa Miller's, and Claudia Shiffer's footsteps, Miranda Kerr is one of the latest Angels to have the honor to model a multi-million dollar, gem-encrusted bra that Victoria's Secret presents every year.

Before the official airing of the fashion show, Victoria's Secret throw an exclusive viewing party at the Segerstorm Center for the Arts in Orange County.

Miranda Kerr and two of her fellow Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Lily Aldridge, hosted the viewing party, coated in violet French macaroons, rock candy, red velvet cake pops, and strawberry popcorn.

The Fantasy Treasure Bra is one of the highlights in the company's Christmas Dreams and Fantasies Catalogue.

Wacoal Bras.

If all these glitz is bedazzling you silly, let a bra consultant from Wacoal guide you in what to search for in a bra.

When it comes to underwire bras, make sure the wire falls on the intersection of where the breast matter meets the rib cage. Make sure the wire is not too short, that it will poke into the breast itself or make sure the wire is not too long that it will stick out for a loose, awkward fit.

When that wire properly cups those breasts, that bra will be uplifting as it is comfortable.

If the bra fits, there is no need to that extra tug of the strap....

and it not necessary to crush your rib cage in a size too small band.

With proper wire support, strap placement, and the correct band size, your breasts can rise and lift with each breathe.

Now, isn't how it suppose to be.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank Franklin + Gower for Giving Us a New Holiday Tradition...Customized Blazers

By Laura Medina

The Franklin + Gower Atelier has opened in the heart of Hollywood.

What has been an online-only operation for two years, the founder, Christopher "Paco" McCauley, realized he needed to open Franklin + Gower headquarters into an atelier to better fit customers' needs for customized blazers, sassy shorts, and swim trunks.

In addition to snappy clothes made with traditional preference for quality fabric and built with respect for crafted construction and modern fit, he want to bring back quality service in order to deliver quality clothes.

By giving customers a personalized, hands-on experience, McCauley is not only bringing East Coast Prep heritage for quality fabrication with West Coast dashing casual hipness, he is giving customers the hands-on experience of English tradition tailoring of personalized fittings and customerization by adding and mixing collar and cuff linings, lapels, trims, and pipings.

At 6671 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1510 in Los Angeles, this is where American heritage (The McCauleys have been in the apparel business since the American Revolution War) and bespoken fittings meet modern-day Californian contemporary sportswear.

To experience couture sportswear, one has to call (866) 323-0213 or (323) 308-1141 for an appointment first, once it is set, you are set.

Paco McCauley modeling lightweight, corduroy russet orange "Own the Room" Blazer from the men's line. His look crosses over from office to outdoor.

Paco's wife, Sally Horchow, is the model of the new and true Modern-Day Preppy Lady, a sharp purple "Look at Me" Blazer, simply accessorized with a pocket scarf. The ladies' jackets have a more tailored tuxedo construction to skim over a woman's more shapely torso with shorter 3/4 quarter sleeves to better fit a woman's shorter arms for an ease of movement and comfort.

Katie Holmes is the latest celebrity to join Franklin + Gower's growing legion of celebrity fans, whether it's Robery Downey, Jr. trotting around in trousers with customized piping to Katie jaunting around town in this jaunty red corduroy blazer, Franklin + Gower is the pioneer of "Haute Hollywood," where Hollywood Hip meets Bespoken Tailoring with East Coast quality.

Customers can sip from the Tiki Bar/Changing Room while trying on samples and prototypes to get a general idea of what she or he is looking for in an outfit.

From there, a stylist can jot the basic construction style then go over with her or him swatches of shell, lining, lapel, and collar linings, cuffs, trims, and piping choices for any size and body shape.

Before they know it, they can have a one-of-a-kind blazer that is unique her or his own.

The ladies samples/prototype rack of tuxedo blazers and shorts is on the left side of the atelier...

while the gentlemen's sample/prototype rack of jackets, trousers, polo shirts, and swim trunks are on the left side.

With the holiday shopping madness fast approaching, save yourself the headache and use Franklin + Gower's 15% discount towards the end of November and give a new family heirloom that future generations will be fighting over, a soon-to-be cool closet classic.

Why regift the novelty Christmas sweater that will spend eons being passed over, when you can start a new holiday tradition of giving friends and family...and yourself a well-tailored Franklin + Gower Blazer that can be worn year-around and beyond.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Just an All-Around Good Guy

By Laura Medina

Rocco Leo Gaglioti, The trifecta host of "Fashion News Live," "VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey," & "Miss Deaf International"


"Fashion News Live" host and creator and "VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey," host, Rocco Leo Gaglioti on a blind date with a Taiwanese lady.

Both exchange a pleasant conversation and sipping champagne from flute glasses.

She reaches toward her itchy ankle.

Extending his hand, he offers to scratch it for her.

Offended, she tosses her glass of champagne in his face.

"Plenty of Fishes" episode from VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey, Season Three.

The lesson learned in the episode of "Plenty of Fishes," in Season Three of VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey? Champagne burns.

Photo, on right, by Andrea Hanks.

This is one of numerous projects; Rocco Leo Gaglioti is juggling, in addition to hosting and producing "Fashion News Live" and "Miss Deaf International" Beauty Pageant.

In developing storylines for each and every episodes of Comcast's VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey, Executive Producer and Creative Director, Marc Scarpa and host/tour guide, Mr. Gaglioti, will get together and brainstorm twenty-four ideas then narrow them down into a manageable set of twelve storylines. One storyline sets the theme for one episode. A set of twelve plots represents a season for Comcast's VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey.

When Mr. Scarpa came on board to produce Comcast's local, insider travel show, VidBlogger Nation, utilizing social media, he was hunting for hosts/local goodwill ambassadors that will take the viewer deeper into more intimate, cultural settings in a particular locale. Each VidBlogger host showcases the uniqueness of each locale, whether it is a state, a region, or a city, spread out across the nation.

In searching for the appropriate host for VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey, Scarpa approached Gaglioti about being the host/guide for the Garden State. Despite being born in Winter Park, Florida, Gaglioti spent this childhood summers and vacations in New Jersey with his extended family. Both want this show to be the antidote to "The Jersey Shore." Redeeming the state in a good light, they want to showcase the full spectrum of the state, from the mountains to the local farmer.

They also use cultural events and unique settings to put the glamorous Gaglioti in a different light, away from the flash and dash of "Fashion News Live." This is Rocco being Rocco, set in various quirky situations that happens all the time in the normal life of the Garden State, from doing yard work for "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"s Kim G. to hunting for pumpkins on a farm.

In the "Plenty of Fishes" episode, utilizing Comcast's OnDemand Dating, Gaglioti goes on a series of blind dates. In the face of having champagne burning his eyeballs, he eventually continues onto a second date with another woman in the following episode.

In another episode, his most nerve-wrecking one, he did stand-up in a local comedy club and endured being heckled, a comedian's necessary evil.

This is where Gaglioti proves he is a good guy.

He knows, from his career trajectory as a model to TV host and producer, being out there then interviewing celebrities or putting himself in all sorts of situations...on television. It is not easy as it looks.

Photo by Andrea Hanks.

Gaglioti always goes out of his way to make everyone comfortable, in front of the camera and behind it. He is consistently conscious about being in somebody else's shoes.

He constantly repeats, doing a television show is a team effort, crediting his crew for making him look good and making the shows look easy. None of his shows are a one man show. He needs his team. He really gives credits to his camera operator/video editor/associate producer, Juliana Shadlen. He wouldn't be where he is without her.

"She works with me on everything I work on. Doing these shows is a group effort."

"It is my team that built me into a brand. If it weren't for my first show, "Fashion News Live," Comcast and Marc Scarpa wouldn't be asking me to host VidBlogger Nation."

As a favor, Gaglioti returned to the runway for Polish designer, Eva Minge during this past recent New York Fashion Week. Even though, he retired the runway almost a decade ago, after strutting the catwalk for Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Despite, being asked the day before...without time to train, he went ahead anyway, opened then closed the show. "I'm a giver."

As another form of giving back, Gaglioti co-produces and hosts the Miss Deaf International Beauty Pageant. In two years running, they already live streamed to an audience of 40,000 viewers worldwide.

As a son of a deaf woman, he knows first-hand the demoralization and the degradation of being handicapped and being a woman.

With his mother as the president of the organization and his brother co-executive producing,
they are using the show as a platform to empower deaf women, not just recognizing their physical beauty but for their inner beauty, boosting their self-esteem through classes developing their talents, skills, and education. Subsequently, they return home as role models.

None of this, whether it be "VidBlogger Nation: New Jersey" or "Miss Deaf International," would had happened, if it were not for his first baby, "Fashion News Live." If it were not for his first online television show, Marc Scarpa would not have approached him to host "VidBlogger Nation:New Jersey."

Being tagged, "Staple of New York Fashion Week" by Getty Images; Gaglioti lists the distinctiveness of each fashion weeks he covers...

Fast paced New York Fashion Week may be the Holy Grail of fashion weeks with A-List celebrities from fashion and Hollywood but Miami Fashion Week is more laid-back. Fashion shows starting in the afternoon and the atmosphere is hot and sexy.

Paris Fashion Week is risque and very European.

Milan Fashion Week, surprisingly, is where a lot of New York designers have their textiles and clothes made. The style there is flashier.

Los Angeles Fashion Week is for the upstart, risk-taking designers. A smaller market but new things are bubbling up.

Rocco in Peru.

Peru Fashion Week is the most startling. How the designers incorporate their culture and heritage into their textiles and tailoring, it brought his associate producer, Ms. Shadlen, to tears.

Speaking of New York, Gaglioti covered the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, airing on CBS on November 29th at 10pm. Ruffling through all that pink and joking, "Lingerie-the most expensive piece of clothing for the least amount of time wearing.," he always interview CEO, Sharen J. Turney. "They always put on a good show."

Having run the gamut from modeling to hosting television shows, they all have one thing in common; Gaglioti constantly putting himself out there. What advice would he give to someone aspiring to be a media personality or celebrity?

"Good one. My advice...because when you put yourself out there...make sure you are really ready. I've been called 'f*ggot.' I've been called every name in the book." He is one of the very few heterosexual males in a very feminine industry. "Your taste in style has nothing to do with your sexual preference."

"It is easier to be mean. Apollonia Kotero (of Prince's "Purple Rain" fame) told me this very early in my career, 'Gaglioti, you can't read every comment. You can't respond to every comment because people are just plain jealous. Just focus on your work and move on.' People love to rag because you put yourself out there. Don't get caught up in it.' Focus on the good and the fun stuff-who wants to be miserable?"

He reminds people that it takes a team, a crew of people to make him, actually everything to look good. He cannot do this all by himself.

What keeps him going, regardless of envious people or having accolades, such as Gen Lux Magazine tagging him, "The Next Ryan Seacrest," are his team and fans worldwide...and the chance to do some good in the world, discovering fashion talent, showing a state in a good light, or enabling deaf women.

As Gaglioti mentions, why be miserable when you can focus on the good stuff?!"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Move over October, it's time for Movember

By Laura Medina

Banana Republic's Leather Jackets-Bomber & Blazer.

With October aka "Women's Health Care/Breast Cancer" Month and Halloween passing on, it is time for the guys, specifically, Men's Health Care Month..."Movember."

Banana Republic arrived just in time to attire the natty gents for Autumn.

Shot at Medlock Ames Winery in Healdsburg, California, the breathtaking environment set the ideal scene for a season that’s beloved for its simple pleasures—changing leaves, abundant harvest, and cinematic landscapes. Placing versatile signatures against the season’s soulful backdrop, the result is a new crop of polished, tactile separates tailor-made for the modern hero.

The foundation is the layering of necktie, button-down shirt, and pullover or v-neck sweater. A new white shirt is the reset button for your wardrobe. It's the most essential of the essentials and few things look better right out of the package. This Fall, as always, Banana Republic offers a range of white shirts to choose from. Soft washed textured white for him. The pattern that the Scottish call tartan and American call plaid has become the most classic item to incorporate into the your menswear look. Whether it's a touch of plaid with a tie or making a bigger statement with a shirt, it's just that simple jolt of pattern and color that can freshen up your Fall look.

Chunky camel sweaters and iconic camel peacoat coat for the gents.

For Fall, Banana Republic's Creative Director, Simon Kneen did variations on the tried-and-true blazer. There's the Safari Blazer and there's a blazer with a shawl lapel. A tweak here and there.

Tweed is a trend that will never leave us. Men can wear it as a blazer, separate pants, together or wear with a plaid shirt or herringbones-it goes with just about everything. Women will be swooning over our tweed wide legged cuff pants-paired with our range of harvest colored cable sweaters to add that pop of color to your Fall wardrobe.

For most gents, it is far simpler and more subtle to accesorize with shoes.

Sperry Topsiders teamed with All-American Penfield for a tweed-worthy collaboration.

High tops, sneakers, and deck shoes in cozy herringbone and camoflauge loafers for the "Prep-neck," Southern preppies who are proud of their Southern heritage by marrying their love for classic shoes and hunting-mixing fashion with functionality.

Very manly.