Monday, February 28, 2011

Target's Greatest Hits Reissued

By Laura Medina

It's been five years since Target took a risk and plucked the emerging designers off the vine. Some fresh from design school. Others on the horizon, ready to take off. Then, asked them to design a limited-edition capsule for their GO International Designer Collective.

There was a lot of hope and wishing and hand-wringing for reasonably price but stylish edition became an insider's secret, building up a devoted cult-following that have fashionistas panting with anticipation.

To celebrate these five years of cult hits and instant vintage treasures, Target culled through the data and the archives and brought back the biggest hits from each collection.

They selected the biggest hits, accumulating into a sizeable 34 dress collection that is going to hit March 13th. Like any other limited edition collection, it's seasonal, disappearing by April 10th.

They may be reissued hits but they're on point on what is current right now.

Another reason why they are re-released, to great fan fare, Target's GO International Designer Collective has proven to provide classic dresses, coats, and tops that had proven to be instant vintage finds that had reached hundreds and thousands of dollars on the vintage resale circuit, long after the collection has been off the market.

Think of this reissue as a redo, a second chance to grab proven classics that can be worn again and again for those special occasions.

With prolifteration of blush on the red carpet and the whispers from Los Angeles' top stylists, blush isn't shying away from Spring any time soon.

The folks at Target must had figured that because they included, in their greatest hits collection, a Rodarte peach-blush satin number that is ripe for the red carpet.

Rodarte is behind "Black Swan"s rhinestone-festooned black feathered bustier, tutu, and headdress.

Another uncanny inclusion is Erin Fetherston's rocking cute Bunny Print Dress, in time for Easter. This was way before her guest collaboration on Juicy Couture's Holiday Collection.

With Spring, comes flowers and florals. This is much to be expected. Before he became a household name outfitting First Lady Michelle Obama, Thakoon Panichgul developed line for Target two years ago in 2009.
This Thakoon gathered dress in bold cyber floral print is still fresh today as it was two years ago.

Recent releases, such as Tucker, to the earliest contributors, Jovovich-Hawk, there are a bounty of floral tunics and dresses to flower a closest, from prim and proper to hippy-bohemian.
Of course, there is always the crisp and classic Black and White. From fragile swiss dots tulle overlays to bold graphics on a sheath dress, there's a dress for everybody.
Now, take advantage of this redo before this disappears as well.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Year for Milly by Michelle Smith

By Laura Medina

Milly by Michelle Smith Fall 2011 Collection swoon under Seventies Parisian Disco Fever.

It was rich in velvet and felt in hot hues, such as golden rod yellow and feverish red.

Pouty lipstick prints made ladylike shirtdresses smoldering.

But, you do not have to wait until Fall to wear Milly.

Milly must be on an empowering movement when it became "Gossip Girl" Blair Waldroff's prefered power ensemble-with mismatching shoes.

Regardless, Ms. Waldroff power-suited herself in the Daisy Tee in Ecru with the concentric circles and the Colette Sheath Dress in powerfully polished but fashion-forward shimmering Winter White. She pretty much banished the Baby Booomer rayon shoulder pad power suit.

You can still get lighthearted and fun with Milly for Spring...and it's portable and accessibe for under $100, her "Pretty in Print" limited edition for Clinique.

The pink and brown eyeshadow palette and warm pink blush in a cute, embossed compact is clutch-sized friendly.

The universal skin tone friendly compact, the go-with-any skin tone watermelon pink blush, the lipgloss in Milly Pink and the High Impact Mascara in Black are the pops of color essentials in a cheery, breezy Milly Print Pouch.

The pouch print is from her signature print collection. She found inspiration from a vintage Sixities couture print then reworked it in her signature Milly print.

The flexible, no-fail skin tone friendly palette is influenced also by Michelle Smith's print and color palette.
Both Ms. Smith and Clinique's makeup artist, Kayleen McAdams, agree women want a pop of color in welcoming Spring. Something light and bright.
Ms. McAdams suggests sweeping the ivory eyeshadow from brow bone to lash, all over the eyelids. Brush the whole eyelids with the pink eyeshadow then add depth with the shimmering brown eyeshadow in the creases and the outer corners. Use the rich, matte brown shadow to rim both the upper and lower eyelids.
Ms. McAdams' favorite piece from the palette is the Precious Posy pink blush, a warm pink that heats up winter-weary cheekbones. All you have to do is smile and swoop it on the apple cheeks.
To finish a wholesome, warmed-up look, slick on the mauvey but light Milly Pink for a sweet smile.
It's going to be year-around of Milly by Michelle Smith.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Target is Toasting Up to Spring 2011

By Laura Medina

Spring is gradually thawing in certain parts of the country.

Slowly rolling out for Spring 2011, Target brings easy casual for the whole family and for everyone.

Converse's collegiate-meets-rock n' roll Women and Men lines are great in-between season pieces. All for under $100. Teens and college students can afford to build up their closets without the hurt.

The women's billowy Miriam Top on Pink Plaid topped with Marissa White Jacket is jaunty enough for early Spring/late Winter. Perfect for dashing between classes, projects, internships, and shopping.

The men's line is campus-to-beach. The hoodie provides warmth in the cold sea breezes while the board shorts say "Surf's up!"

Merona is the more elegant contemporary line where fashionable pieces can be had for under $20.

The colorblock shift dress in two-tone blue has its finger on the pulse for military-inspired yet mid-Sixities Mod. Put together, it's fresh for Spring 2011 for $39.99.

The black & white striped cardigan on black & white polka dot dress pops out at $55 for the whole outfit.

The curvy woman is no longer the "forgotten woman."

Actually, the Pure Energy line is the most ready for Spring.

The flower-print red empire waist top with ruffled collar, on the left; and the kimono-neck in daintyy but poppy black and white prints for $17.99, offer the most fun in Target's Spring 2011 Line-up.

These are just warming up for Target's next upcoming Greatest Hits Collection around the corner.

Expect More...soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh! Oh! What to wear on Oscar Night!

By Laura Medina

Haute couture designers may get the standing ovation at the end of their shows.
But, the real test is the Oscar's red carpet.
They will see which design, which gown,...let's face it, if their house or brand will make, not just one but a couple of appearances on the red carpet.
They know when a gown makes that defining moment when an actress hoists that statuette in the air in their gowns; it will launch droves of shoppers and waves of knock-offs that will forever define fashion of that era.
Trust this scribe...the world's most influential editors will be ensconced at home or hotel like everyone else, watching on the sofa, the red carpet and the acceptance speech.

Here are the trends you will be catching on Sunday's red carpet.

The first one, on the left, is an instant buy. A little "young" for the world's most prestigious award show but a great, flirty, year-around, seasonless go-to Little Black Dress. This short number is sassy enough for the Golden Globes and fun enough for the GRAMMY. This is why it's the first-if you see it, get it.

Glamour does need an injection of color, especially hot, sultry pink for the arrival of Spring which transition into hot, sexy Summer. As classic as it may be, that does get predictable with a sea of black. A shot of color never hurts. Think of it as blush and lipstick for the body, it'll warm up the skin tone.

Oscar night is Cinderella night for the starlets. They have every right to go "Princess" and be frilly such as this creamy number with the ruffle train. Debutantes may have to pay notice in watching Sunday's red carpet.

Oscar night is ok and encouraged to go glitz-with taste. This golden medallion on smokey grey crepe silk is an unexpected but elegant stunner. Very mysterious but stunning-in an Angelina Jolie way.

Expect more fabulous finds during this Oscar Week.

A Black Swan Baby Party for Natalie Portman's Baby

By Laura Medina

Left, Handbag designer, Timmy Woods. Middle, Kristie Swanson. Right, Amyn the Jeweler.

Any week leading up to a major awards show, fretting over hair, makeup, and what to wear, is stress enough for the participants to break out from acne to heat rash...and nervousness and anxiety attacks under the spotlight don't help.

Clever luxury providers and haute couture designers are smart enough to help arrivals and nominees in guiding them in the right hair, the right makeup, and the proper gown while pampering their stressed out skin, muscles, and nerves in pop-up but private message and facial spas in getting them ready for the big night.

Speaking of big night, someone has to fix their nails.

This is why and how gifting suites and style lounges emerge, making everything easy by catering to the nominees' beauty and grooming needs under one roof, rather having them driving all over town crazy.

One of the first Oscar "Beauty Suites," is the 15th Annual Roger Neal Style Hollywood Academy Award Beauty Suite in Beverly Hills. As the premiere and fore-runner of pampering lounges, Roger Neal Beauty Suite is a time-honored Oscar tradition.

Timmy Woods' "Black Swan" Handbag.
Since being glamourous and fashionable are also time-honored traditions in award seasons' beauty/style suites, they have to move on with the times and celebrate one of the best films nominated-the most fabulous one in the running-"Black Swan."
Speaking of good timing, Ms. Portman is nominated and pregnant, expecting at any moment.
In honor of her good fortunes, the glamour providers/vendors gathered under Mr. Neal's Beauty Suite and assemble an impromptu "Black Swan" themed baby shower for her.
As proxy, ballerina, Nady and principle dancer, Golden Koscuik of Masterpiece Dance Theatre, stand-in for Ms. Portman in accepting a black lacquered and red rhinestone-encrusted Black Swan evening clutch from former ballerina and handbag designer, Timmy Woods.
Obviously inspired by the movie, the Swan clutch is in black lacquer and red rhinestone from Nina Sayer's manic drive for perfection.
It will be worn by a star on Oscar night then auction off with half of the proceeds benefitting the Masterpiece Dance Theatre and the other half donating to mental health organizations.
Another Hollywood institution honors Ms. Portman and her impending motherhood, ninety-years old bakery, Hansen Bakery baked not one but two cakes for this special unveiling.
The first one is for the movie, this swan cake, above, trimmed in gems. It's just as chic and delicate as the title character.

The world's most expensive baby safety pin & teddy bear pendant.

But, they saved the best for last.

The showstopping finale was Ms. Portman's multi-tiered baby cake, topped by the world's most expensive baby safety pin and teddy bear pendant.

Celebrities-in-the-know jeweler, Amyn the Jeweler of Jewelry on 7th, especially tooled and encrusted the safety pin and pendant in diamonds.

The dangling Teddy Bear Pendant is as tiny as a thumb nail. The tummy is encrusted in chocolate diamonds while the rest of the body is covered in white diamonds, as is the safety pin.

Ms. Portman is going to be one lucky mama.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tracey Reese goes Bold & Deep

By Laura Medina

The usually demure lady designer, Tracey Reese, has detoured for Fall 2011 into deep terrorities then went bold with patterns and prints.

The Seventies, specifically Seventies Paris, current runs through Ms. Reese's Fall 2011 Collection, too.

The mannish-Yves Saint Laurent of the liberated Seventies marched on in strong window-paned checkered pants suits or bold black and white swirls maxi-tunics belted with bohemian tooled leather belts.

Ms. Reese's take on Seventies Parisian chic is wearable and accessible with interchangeable pieces.

A fur-trimmed sweater, pussy-bowed blouse and slimming sailor trousers, on the left.

On the right, the embroidered ivory silk, off-shoulder peasant blouse over the utilitarian black leggings. Everything in these photos are interchangeable with ease. Maxing out your wardrobe with two outfits. Done deal.

Ms. Reese has not abandoned her ladylike ways.
The prim and proper swiss dot made itself known in several pieces, from the black tulle wrap top through the shimmy shift dress with ruffles to a delicate overlay in gray.
Tracey Reese has gone bolder and richer, with a touch of Seventies sex appeal.

Rebecca Taylor does Disco Gypset

By Laura Medina

One of the sketches for Rebecca Taylor Fall 2011.
New York Fashion Week designers have moved on from the late Sixities Hippiness to the more luxe and more lavishly louche of the jet-setting bohemians who treasure the private reserve of a remote island one day then jetting off to a Parisian disco the next night.
Much has been said about "Rustic Americana" stomping the catwalk during last week's New York Fashion Week but overlooked but prominent trends have stride in: the Seventies, Disco, and Paris. Specifically, Paris during the Seventies, Yves Saint Laurent and infamous photographer and Helmut Newton's lady-in-waiting, Guy Bourdin.
Another overlooked influence, based on the prolifteration of fur cropped jackets and flowy bohemian dresses and blouses in whimsical prints-Hollywood's power stylist, Rachel Zoe.

Ms. Zoe must be the subconscious muse of Fall 2011 since her signature ensemble of fur and Seventies silks were sighted on the runways for numerous designers.
Her style is the most accesible since finding a fur jacket or coat, preferably a faux one, is the key piece that ties the whole outfit together.

Ms. Taylor's smokey tone reflects another trend to richer, deeper, and decadent palette of luscious plums and chocolates.
She said she was inspired by the Parisian night clubs in the Seventies, dark discos illuminated by the disco ball's twinkle.

Rich, smoldering shearling, beading over delicate printed dresses, and glimmering lurex sweaters and knits.
Another inspiration is an equally Seventies-and current concept-recycling.
Ms. Taylor incorporated remaining fabrics from her previous collections then assembles them into a chic patchwork. Less hippy. More Gypset.

Don't be surprised if some these luxe jet-set boho outfits crop up in "Gossip Girl" especially for Brooklyn Bohemian Vanessa or resident vixen, Michelle Trachtenberg, who sat at Ms. Taylor's show.
Speaking of the Gypset, Ms. Serena van der Woodsen can pull off one of those patchwork tunics-alone-with aplomb.

Friday, February 18, 2011

GRAMMY Gift Round-Up

By Laura Medina

Ok folks, this is the GRAMMY Gifting round up.

The first one up is the official GRAMMY Gifting Lounge where vendors assemble products and inventions that singers and performers can actually use rehearsing and/or warming up before the big, live performance.

Ok, most of the stuff is cool enough to use everyday.

Cee-Lo Green, above, gravitate towards Case Mate, where fellow musicans had their cases customized for anything, from Cee-Lo's notebook/laptop to Ipad and Iphone with Do-It-Yourself technology where they had their images or logos printed on the cases.

The Case Mate was the busiest stand under the gifting tents.

Another popular booth was the Morrocan Oil Haircare table where performers are provided with a haircare package in a cute sky blue and white vinyl suitcase. This is where the latest Morrocan Hair product made its debut, helping the musicans get ready for the red carpet...Glimmer Shine Spray where the nominees' hair can glisten and shine and be frizz-free under the popping flashes.

AJ Crimson & singer, Estelle.
The real blast before the bang was Uptown Magazine/AJ Crimson of Kissable Couture's GRAMMY Beauty Lounge.
The last hours leading to the big awards ceremony can be stress-inducing.
Being the gentleman that he is, Mr. Crimson and Uptown Magazine defuse the pressure then help getting the ladies and gentlemen relax then get primp and prompt for the big event and slamming afterparties.
The best of specialists in hairstyling, beauty, manicure, and message therapy were all gathered in a chic but intimate lounge where attendees begin their afternoon with tea, coffee, and mimosas.
The beauty treatment starts with a sleep-inducing back and hand message. Thank god for the coffee. It continues onto the manicure where both ladies and gentlemen get poshed and polished then onto Ja'Maal Buster, the Eyelash Guru to the stars, efficiently and gently gluing the most glamorous eyelashes. Then, the ladies move onto makeup, kindly provided by Kissable Couture and made up by the man himself, Mr. Crimson, and his staff. Finally, the attendees get their coif pouf by a hairstylist.
Now, the GRAMMY Awards is one of the big society events as it is an award of achievement. The process of getting professional done is as big as any social event since attendees ask each other which party which one is going to after the show.
Do not feel like you missed out on the guest list. The glamour of the GRAMMY still lingers on at Ron Robinson where they just added the new GRAMMY tee-shirt line, reasonably priced at $48.
You don't have to be a rockstar to feel special. You can have some of the GRAMMY with you.
Now, this the current round-up of the GRAMMY Gifting and Primping suite.
Wait next year for more goodies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine and Oscar Tips for Your Lips

By Laura Medina

Keisha Whitaker, one-half of the duo, Kissable Couture Cosmetics.

Wife of acclaimed actor, Forest Whitaker, and soccer mom of three kids, Keisha Whitaker is the face and the half of the duo of Kissable Couture, with her business partner and makeup artist, AJ Crimson.

With husband, Forest, friends, and the kids showing up for moral support, Ms. Whitaker wore Chris Lipgloss for her Ron Robinson Apothia appearance today.

She was always a big lipgloss girl. Bonne Bell lipgloss was her favorite growing up.

Confronted with an array of lipglosses that were too sticky, smelled odd, did not have enough color staying power, or did not have lip-smacking durability, she and her makeup artist buddy, AJ Crimson have to solve these set of problems. Plus, the colors in her lipgloss line has to be suitable for all skin tones.

Kissable Couture was whipped up four years ago and it became a beauty insider's mainstay.

They focus on the quality, not the star-power of Keisha's role as Forest Whitaker's wife, of the product. The pigment was opaque enough to impart color, durable enough to stay on, moisturizing enough for one or two swipes, yet the gloss was light and not sticky.

AJ Crimson, one-half of Kissable Couture and makeup artist.

After establishing itself as a premiere lipgloss brand, they felt it was the right time to gradually expand and diversify with a eyeshadow palette and a set of blushes.

Keisha will tell you, first and foremost, she is a soccer mom. She was late arriving to her own store appearance because she just finished traveling with a sinus irritation and got done shopping for Valentine's decoration.

As a busy mom, all she needs a swipe of a gloss and a sweep of blush she can dot on her cheeks, nose, and forehead. She also said the blush will be brick of shimmery tones that can also be used as eyeshadow. That is all a busy mom needs, a lipgloss and blush/eyeshadow.

Her business partner, Mr. Crimson, is not a busy mom. Therefore, he can elaborate more on the which Kissable Couture gloss will on the red carpet of the Oscars, which one will be the lipgloss of the season, and trend of Spring and Summer.

One gloss that will transition elegantly from Valentine's Day to Oscar's red carpet is the red rose of Fantasies, the collection's reddest gloss. The reference to Valentine's is obvious but Mr. Crimson explains why Fantasies will make appearance on Oscar.

The Academy Awards, aka The Oscars, is the most conservative and the most formal of the tent pole award shows. The classic red of Fantasies fits that bill but the formula is meant to keep moist and durable under the glare of cameras and hours of acceptance speeches followed by a circuit of parties.

Once the Awards Season finishes up with the Oscars, Spring has finally commenced which means floral colors.

Mr. Crimson forecast Peony as the color of the season.

He also picks Hyacinth as the alternative to Peony for Spring and Summer.

Fitting, since they were inspired by Keisha's trip to France with her friends and family.

Watching the flowers bloom gave her the idea to her latest additon, Le Fleur.

However, stay tuned to the upcoming eyeshadow palettes and blushes.

Grammy Nominees Using the latest and newest in Skincare Technology

By Laura Medina

The talent and celebrities are not the only stars making their appearances at the official 2011 Grammy Gifting Suite at the Staples Center.

The nominees are receiving then using the latest and the most innovative technology in skincare.

Singers are human beings too. They get sinus infections and irritations and sore throats, just like everyone else-except, they get right before their performances, right before they hit the stage, right before they are aired live on television.

The people behind MyPurMist say it has been traditional for singers to ease up and clean their vocal cords by hovering over a steaming tea pot or dunking themselves in a hot bath so the steam vapors can disinfect and warm up their throats while loosening up the phlegm dragging down their vocal cords.

Now, these MyPurMist folks came up with a better contraption-the MyPurMist, a handheld/stand-up tube with a switchable nozzle, one is a face mask to disinfect and warm up the sinuses and vocal cords. The next nozzle will be screw-on facial brush that you can scrub with gentle steam.

The people behind the technology say the vocal cords are made up of the same tissue as the sinuses. In other words, if your sinuses are messed up, so are your vocal cords. The mucus build-up are what drag the cords down. If you are a Grammy-nominated singer going to sing live, this spells trouble.

MyPurMist is the neater and easier method to cleaning up the interior gunk in your respiratory system. You don't have to pour in a gallon of water, just a small amount to get the job done.

A few minutes of breathing in and breathing out the steam is all it takes. Even a mere mortal can speak clearly with ease because the steam clears away the mucus while warming up the vocal cords. You will sound eloquently like a newscaster.

Another state-of-art skincare technology Grammy nominees will be using for the red carpet-and their close-ups is directly from Japan-Plosion Carbonated Mist Care Portable Spray and Airbrush.
While the average Jane-and Joe are just getting used to airbrushed makeup foundation, blush, and eyeshadow, cosmetic scientists came up with something better for your skin-airbrush moisturizer.
As in traditional airbrushing, there is a motorized pump that spray fine mists from a small jar, through a nozzle.
Instead of paint or makeup, it is liquid lotion of pure nano collagen and hyaluronic acid nano-molecules for easier absorption into the skin. For cleaner delivery, it is better to spray with an even coating than smearing it into the palms of your hands.
For those on the go-like these Grammy nominees-Plosion graciously thought of a portable spray with refillable cartridges filled with the same collagen and hyaluronic acid lotions for a quick spritz and touch-up.
These are some of the secrets to getting red carpet ready-best and latest in skincare technology.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What the Stars will be Wearing on Sunday Night's Grammys

By Laura Medina

Mike Vensel's current collection.
If Manhattan's blistering cold and snow thunders are preventing you from glimpsing the coolest collections from the hottest designers.
Don't despair. This is what Awards Season is all about, your favorite celebrities and entertainment modeling the latest cutting-edge creations on the red carpet, all within the cozy confines of your tv/Ipad in your living room-with a warm mug of hot cocoa and a big bowl of popcorn.
This arriving Grammy Awards are going to showcase two of the hottest designers to emerge on the scene.
One is going to show during New York Fashion Week, Mike Vensel.
He took "The Black Swan" concept of the feathered tutu/mini skirt then stretch it into a classic but cozily sexy cocktail, shift, Little Black Dress downed in marabou feathers. Spring chick gone goth.
His halter maxi dresses drape and flows along a woman's curves. Something to pack for that quick trip to Santa Barbara or Miami. They come in solid black and nautical black and white stripes.

Katy Perry in Ema Savahl.

Another designer to keep your eyes out for is Miami-based Ema Savahl.

You have and will see her body-modeling thermal applique dresses and gowns at the Grammy.

Katy Perry worn her creations last year, above photo.

This is not your run-of-the-mill acrylic paint. It is a special type of paint that allows the wearer's thermal heat loosens, tightens, and models along a person's contour. It is called Luminar. It pushes and holds where it is needed and loosens when you need to breathe and move.

E!'s Giuliana Rancic wore this Ema Savanhl gown to this recent SAG Awards.

Look beyond the surface and you saw an elegant construction of corset bras and support wear for security and shaping. This lovely gown is made from silk jersey nets, which figures predominantly in Ms. Savanhl's line.

Here's a game you all can play at home. While watching the Grammy's red carpet, can you spot which one of these three dresses on Sunday tonight's telecast?

The only clue offered is this...the actress who already picked the dress was recently voted "Best Dressed" at the SAG Awards.

Think, think, think....

More Grammy sneak peeks to come!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pennyroyal Silver, Appreciating Something for What It Is

By Laura Medina

According to Pennyroyal Silver founder and jewelry designer and ex-music industry professional, Tim Foster, it all started with one little penny stamped with his birthday. What made it even more special for his then-girlfriend (now wife) that it was imperfect.

"It was very flawed. It had tool marks. It had obviously a hand-made look."

From a neglected penny he found on the ground then hammered a hole in it and turned into pendant, rough-hewn but hand-crafted jewelry line sprouted into Pennyroyal Silver.

As the aesthetic of the brand, it does have imperfections. Mr. Foster did this on purpose for that real hand-crafted appearance and feel.

He made sure the consistency of being real, being authentic, and being meaningful is passed onto each every pendant or piece he makes by hand in the back of his workshop.

At first, his rock n' roll background and songs set the designs for his pendants.

He was more than happy to let fellow musicians to jump on board two years ago and design their own insignias for Mr. Foster's Signature Line. With further refined brainstorming, they both agree why not align their jewelry piece with their favorite charity cause.

MusiCares were the first beneficiaries from Mr. Foster's inital Signature Line collaboration with Jack Black. Since then, Jewel designed a rain drop pendant for Project Clean Water. Miranda Lambert designed one for a pet rescue society she started.

The biggest and recently retired piece were actually two pendants that Adam Lambert designed for both MusiCares and DonorChoose. They used Mr. Lambert's tattoo as one of the insignias. For DonorChoose, a donor can pick a school project in any city of her or his choice, buy a pendant then Pennyroyal Silver's Signature Line will donate a profit to fund that school project. They raised $32,000 for MusiCares and $100,000 for DonorChoose.

As of now, Mr. Foster doesn't have an artist on roster for the Signature Line but it is still in continuation. He plans to attract two or three musican-collaborations every year, "Keeping that as the cause as a reason for doing anything."

The reason there is not a musican lined up is that he is expanding on his next line...

One influenced by his current travels and expansion beyond the necklace pendants, specifically Paris.

Mr. Foster does not go for the obvious or the most apparent or the cliches.

This deep thinker goes to the more subtle, the more significant things in a locale.

Above, is his keyhole ring, meaty enough for the man in a person's life, was inspired by 19th-century door at a boutique hotel on a little side street worn bare by the history of humanity.

"So now, I'm taking inspiration from travel and different places; and I'm designing a whole new collection. A bunch of new stuff that's stepping beyond music..."

"You feel the history of a product," this is why, regardless of inspiration, Mr. Foster wants to keep the rough-hewn texture of his pieces intact. This is his version of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese style concept of taking something is intrinsicaly flawed or left imperfect by nature, leaving it as is then cherishing and appreciating that imperfection that makes that object unique, personal, and one of a kind.

Plus, keeping his piece rough-hewn means he wants to feel the experience imbedded into the piece. Keeping it "historically flawed," means for him, keeping the memory of those who had touched and passed it on, is a way to keep connection intact.

"It's rough but you appreciate the flaws...I try not to have finishing anxiety over the pieces. They look very, very imperfect when I start craving them down to where you get to the point of you have to stop. You kinda know when it is. You don't want to take out too many wrinkles out."

As for Valentine's Day and heart strings, Tim Foster's gift to his wife, now hangs in his office out back, reminding him of its sweet, intimate, and humble origins.

For your Valentine's Day, he does bespoken designs and pieces too. He told me women have emailed him, at, photos of their tattoos then asked him to turn them into insignias onto pendants so they give them to their significant others, a meaning that only couples know among themselves.

It went from individual love to love of charity and concepts bigger than self.

"The romantic idea behind the penny is so much more my style than what Valentine's Day is.
I actually don't buy chocolate and flowers for my wife. What I do for my wife has a lot more thought behind it."

Laughing, Mr. Foster joked, "In fact, after personally hammering a penny into a necklace, if I went out and bought her chocolate and flowers, she would be insulted-"What? You're too busy? You don't have to make me jewelry anymore?"

He simply reminded it is all about the thought and effort you put in it that makes special.

Speaking of keeping the history of human connection intact, Mr. Foster just happened to bring along a heart-shaped pendant with a keyhole then decided to pass it onto this scribe as a form of good luck for Valentine's Day.

Apparently content with where he and his company is heading,...whether it evolves into a big company or a small outfit doing special, little things, he doesn't care. As long as he is happy
with it, he will continue regardless how it grows, as long it is real and organic.

You can pick up something real and authentic at Ron Robinson Menswear on Melrose and Crescent Heights in West Hollywood.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Clothes, a Show, & a trip to Vegas, Can't get any better with H&M

By Laura Medina

Join H&M on "Love Fashion Twitter" @HMUSA on Twitter and win an all expense-paid Las Vegas trip on H&M for Valentine's Day.

February 11th, H&M is going to send one lucky re-tweeter and a guest on all expenses paid Valentine's Day weekend trip to their luxurious three-stories tall store at Ceaser's Forum at Ceaser's Palace in Las Vegas, Neveda.

Plain simple just tweet until your thumbs fall off. The more you tweet, the more you will win.

Retweet your latest tweet at www.twitter/com/hmusa containing the hash tag #HM LoveFashion and agree to H&M's privacy policy and usage terms,

Tomorrow, H&M is going to pick the winner. Then on February 11th, they are to send off the lucky couple to all expense-paid round trip to Las Vegas, a two night stay at Ceaser's Palace, two tickets to Cirque du Soleil's "The Beatles' Love" Show, and two $250 gift cards to buy new outfits at H&M's Forum Shop.

Viva La Vegas.