Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Amazon's Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Cube with Alexa, Make for a Complete Home.

By Laura Medina

It's all fun and games for Amazon's Fire TV Stick & Cube pop-up park, smacked dab in Century City Mall's atrium.

Can't think of a better way to fully demonstrate the full range and versatility of Amazon's Fire TV Stick put together with it's Fire TV Cube, and what it can do with Alexa, digital home assistant.

Based on Amazon's Fire TV stick's most popular requests, the demo house is named "Eleanor's House" from NBC's ethics hit, "The Good Place."

With a chalkboard full of Ethics 101, a "professor" lectures and demonstrates how good and how well-rounded and multi-purpose Fire TV stick and Cube are together, with home assistant, Alexa.

The Fire Cube better organizes and coordinates requests and controls between Fire TV stick and Alexa.

You can even ask Alexa to change the ambient lighting.

More than vegging out of the tv, Fire Cube and Alexa displays your important shopping list...

You can be busy, lazy, and curious then ask Alexa for your local neighborhood restaurants, cafes, bars, and frozen yogurt place.

If you can decide to stay inside, if the weather is troublesome...

Or, you can get the party started, once you shop all the frozen treats, changed the mood lighting, then put on the soundtrack with lyric graphics...

While waiting to get inside "The Good Place/Eleanor's House" or done with it, big kids and little kids can ride the mini merry-a go-round.

Folks and families can spread out to the larger Backyard Cinema Club lounge and watch cartoons, shows, and movies.

Yes, it's all fun and games, bean bag toss, slot games, relaxing, snacking; and it all leads to the Amazon Store.

Amazon's Fire TV Stick and Cube with Alexa's pop-up park is for all the big and small kids.

Monday, November 19, 2018

All Together Now, Ron Robinson's 40th Anniversary and There's A Do Over Second 40th Anniversary.

By Laura Medina

Being 40 years in anything, marriage or business is a big deal.

Being 40 years in retail, as the hottest, the latest, and the trendiest, that's even tougher.

Along the way, Ron Robinson, the man and the brand, experienced and collected stories that can be helpful to anyone.

To accompany the first 40th Anniversary bash in the Melrose location, Ron released a book,
"Ron Robinson, 40 Years."  It's not just about him.  It's about his employees, current and past, who helped him over the years.  As they grow together, his crew become noteworthy industry professionals that become sought-after in their own rights or moved to be influential industry movers and shakers.

What's really cool. The book is priced accordingly to 1978 prices.  Instead of paying $40 of today, you can buy the book at $19.78.

A great book for any fashionista who wants to open a boutique.

No lessons to punish you but humble anecdotes that Ron modestly encountered along the way.  It's up to you gleam.

For such an "Hollywood Guy," Ron is actually an El Paso, Texan who just followed his gut instincts, living with a Texan hospitality, stay grounded, stay modest, and treat everyone like family.  Yes, he admits, sometimes it's hard to do on some days, especially in LA but he managed.  So does, his immediate family and his work family of employees.

Ron Robinson, the boutique is more than a retail store.  It's a community center.

At his 1327 5th St. store in Santa Monica, two blocks north of 3rd St. Promenade, a Saturday 
morning starts with a morning fitness class, where LA's best instructors and inventors teach fitness.

Yoga to destress.  Mat Pilates to firm up. It always end with healthy, refreshing breakfast of snacks and juices and tonics.

His Santa Monica store also reflects lifestyle, where denim shares space with athleisure from Norma Kamali.

Later, after yoga or on Thursday nights, he host book and art gallery parties, supporting local talent.

While chilling, you'll see what makes Ron Robinson still hot, after all these years.

An interactive Lyric Box amplifier that displays lyrics and graphics to accompanying song that's playing.

A Top Brew faucet that flows coffee and tea and carbonated soda, hooked to an Ipad.

Never feel left out at Ron Robinson.

You can join the community at his second 40th Anniversary party on December 6th at 5pm at his 1327 5th St. Santa Monica store.

Join the community.

New York Magazine's "Brain Candy," Vulture Festival LA Edition: Radical Vulnerability by Nick Kroll & Jim Carrey then Clothes Make the Man from Dirty John's Eric Bana & Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald With Colleen Atwood

By Laura Medina

After chowing down on all that adorable, cheap Halloween candy and it's Fall, Angelenos are hungry for a different type of candy, brain candy.

New York Magazine sense that.  Due to popular demand and there's a growing number of New Yorkers moving to "the New York of the West Coast,"  New York Magazine has transport their "culture vulture" festival, Vulture Festival LA, to the LA.  They made the historical Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, https://www.thehollywoodroosevelt.com/, their hub, in the heart of Hollywood.

For y'alls information, there are real born & raised Los Angelenos who are more ravenous for brain candy than East Coaster/New Yorkers, who take intellectual discussions and culture for granted.

Out of the around-the-clock, jam-packed schedule, there are two reoccurring themes: Radical Vulnerability by "Big Mouth" Nick Kroll and the emerging legend, Jim Carrey.  The other theme is "Clothes Make the Man," how costumes verbally express the characters' sub-conscious and their reality in the socio-economic level or status.

Executive Producer and playing the title, gold-digging, serial killer, character, Eric Bana admitted he was deeply disappointed when he saw his "Dirty John" costume wardrobe for the first time.

As much as he said that he, as an actor, has to study the behavior to enable to act, Eric realized how much important that Dirty John's clothes were worn-out, shabby, out of fashion, and very limited in scope and variety.  All those down-trodden qualities in Dirty John's clothes were the only things that fully reveal who he was really was, a down & out gigolo who kills once funds are depleted or if someone gets in his way.  Hence, the title character's nickname and Bravo's first scripted true-crime drama, "Dirty John," http://www.bravotv.com/dirty-john

Vulture Festival audience were in on the joke with Eric Bana, while watching the premiere episode.  Dirty John's shabby clothes and poor man behavior were a sharp contrast to his victim/Sugar Mama's wealthy cougar's clothes, decked out in head to toe Michael Kors.

Yes, clothes make a man in Bravo's "Dirty John," http://www.bravotv.com/dirty-john

Paraphasing Janie Bryant, fashion is a psychology of a character and the representation of a time, an era, a decade, and advancement in technology.

This couldn't be more true for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald's costume designer, the highly esteemed Colleen Atwood.

From saying Hogwart's school uniforms are Medieval cloaks and robes, since that was when the school was founded to how the jackets were elongated into coats to serve as armor; and the fabrics have to be light-weight for them to move their arms and legs freely.

Johnny Depp's Gellert Grindelwald was a rock star wizard wearing traditional leather lederhosen with very tall leather black boots.  That's how he move so freely with ease.

Again, clothes make the man.

Clothes may not take main stage for "Jim Carrey, in Conversation with Jerry Saltz," http://vulturefestival.com/event-page/jim-carey-conversation-jerry-saltz/ but Jim's New York-sque all in black punk rock attire, black motorcycle jacket with black t-shirt and jeans bespoke where he is in life, right now, he's now an highly acclaimed artist with an edge.

Yes, it may be dark but he's crazy like a fox.

During his discussion about him being a painter and sculptor, he uses his demons, not dumping them, for his painting and sculpture inspirations and ideas.  So, he's putting them to good use.

Jerry Saltz called this, Radical Vulnerability.  Yes, it's open and honest enough to make some uncomfortable but Jim needs to express who he is now.

He knew his painting has become serious enough that he was cooking his meals on his painting.  Consuming yes but it's a sign this is what Jim should take seriously.

In "I Needed Color," https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2yVYtV7mPg, Jim express to his loyal fans and new found audience of what he's been doing lately.  As an open book (he also wrote a book), Jim lets viewers in on his painting and sculpturing process in his foundry/art studio.

Once he switched to becoming an illustrator, cartoonist, painter, and sculptor, Jim realized he has bigger and deeper political and sociological issues that need to be addressed because he cares for this country and African-Americans that gave his first break in his comedic acting career.

As he mentioned, if it means "losing your audience," so be it.  He found a new audience and he still has die-hard fans that still follow him, regardless what path he takes.

At the end of the discussion, the culturati swarmed him, like a rock star.

Speaking of Radical Vulnerability, Big Mouth Table Read wth Nick Kroll voicing 25 characters in his adolescent/tween/puberty comedic Netflix cartoon, "Big Mouth, expresses that adults and kids are not alone in development, physically or emotionally.

As the discussion dives deeper, Nick Kroll works with his women writer peers in how females too have the same desires and awkwardness as much as their male peers.

They constantly consult with Planned Parenthood to know what real tweens and teens feel and go thru.

For an adolescent cartoon that most deem male-oriented, Big Mouth is heavily dependent on professional women doctors and professors to fully explore adolescent development from both boys' and girls' point of view.

With Radical Vulnerability, you're not alone at Vulture Festival.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Black Friday Beauty 20% Off, Clarins & NARS.

By Laura Medina

Skincare first...

Beginning Thursday November 22nd at 8PM until Monday November 26th at 11:59PM, Clarins will be offering major savings and bonus deals on their iconic skincare and makeup offerings that won’t break the bank. Visit  to https://www.clarinsusa.com/view latest and greatest and see below for the brand’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings:

Buy 1, get 15% off
Buy 2, get 20% off
Buy 3 or more, get 25% off

Then makeup,..

Annual NARS Give & Take Event on narscosmetics.com begins next week! Please see below for all the details:

·         Event info: All online purchases site-wide on narscosmetics.com will be 20% off*
·         Exclusivity: Narscosmetics.com features several items that are unavailable at any other retailer - including lashes, brushes, and our cult favorite 413 BLKR collection. You can find images of our narscosmetics.com exclusives here.
·         Event start date: November 22nd at 12:00AM EST
·         Event end date: November 27th at 11:59 PM EST

This is the only time of year narscosmetics.com offers any discounts site-wide.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Friendly Fall Fashion from Kut From the Kloth debuts Eco-Friendly Premium Heritage Denim Made in USA

By Laura Medina

hosted by television host, Kristine Leahy, at The Sofitel in Beverly Hills, CA.

Launch party host, Kristine Leahy and Real Housewive of the OC...

model the freshest fall offerings at Kut from the Kloth's debut party for its eco-friendly Premium Heritage Denim line at The Sofitel in Beverly Hills, CA.

They model the easy chic Noelia Faux Fur Collar Coat,  https://www.kutfromthekloth.com/clothing/layer-on-the-outerwear-edit/noelia-faux-fur-collar-coat-19642.html, along with Kut from The Kloth's latest Premium Heritage Denim line.

When Fall is hot during the day then temperature plunges, Kut from the Kloth shows how you just slip on their Premium Heritage Denim then toss on their faux fur jackets, ready to hit the town.  Faux fur expands the creativity and lowers the cost to make it easy for everyone at any time.

During the launch party, they show y'all how you style their latest Fall 2018 offerings.

New in October, Kut from the Kloth (www.kutfromthekloth.com) is decoding denim nostalgia with the release of its vintage-inspired Premium Heritage Denim Collection. The new Premium Heritage Denim line is handcrafted right here in Los Angeles, with rich contemporary washes that capture history in the making with their ultra-comfortable cotton blends that grow more authentic with each wear.

At the launch party, they show the behind the scenes video and they have denim wash finisher demonstrating how to texturize finishes on their new Heritage Premium Denim jeans.

The Premium Heritage Denim collection features vintage throwbacks designed with laser technology, resulting in a worn look by burning the denim with lasers, an eco-friendly process. Denim lovers can choose from unique washes in a variety of your favorite Kut from the Kloth fits - including skinny, boyfriend, boot cut and flared styles - for just $108.

“In 2006 Kut from the Kloth was born. We discovered that women were looking for a clothing brand that was designed with their needs and lifestyle in mind, and for every stage of her life. They were looking for well-made, on-trend pieces designed with impeccable quality and a great fit. Today, we are excited to introduce the Premium Heritage Denim line to keep Kut’s legacy and trends at the forefront of the denim industry”, explains Kut from the Kloth’s designer, Evelyn Ober.

Quality versus quantity rings true with the Heritage line, offering long-lasting, fashionable trends that mold to the everyday woman wanting to salvage their unique lived-in styles to last a lifetime.  Every pair of denim tells a story, and the Premium Heritage Denim line wants to help women tell theirs.

Known for their innovative fabrics, flawless fits and sophisticated style, Kut from the Kloth truly does have a jean for every woman at every stage of her life. Made in the USA, with the best value and fit in mind, shop the new collection now exclusively at www.KutFromTheKloth.com and see who else is having nostalgic blues on Instagram @KutFromTheKloth.

Embodying the spirit of California, Kut from the Kloth is a vibrant, contemporary lifestyle brand.  With innovative fabrics, a flawless fit and sophisticated style, the Kut collection is designed with your busy life in mind, so you can confidently go from day to play. Our premium quality denim is as diverse as you, “kut” for your body at a great price and made with the best value and quality. We are passionate about creating exclusive LA-inspired, fashion-forward looks that are made with love just for you. #LoveLife.  Keep up with our latest fashion finds at KutFromTheKloth.com, and follow @KutFromTheKloth on Instagram to see how we #LoveLife.

Affordable, easy quality everyday wear.