Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post-Holiday Gift, Nikki Reed Sings at Timberland's Holiday Party..

By Laura Medina

As a post-holiday gift to you all, in an intimate performance before all of Los Angeles' fashionistas and stylistos flew off for the holidays to spend their time with their friends and families, Timberland gave a send-off by providing a little holiday get-together with Nikki Reed and her husband, Paul McDonald giving a rare, one-off performance in the heart of Bollare LA's showroom in Beverly Hills.

Picnic LA, http://picnicla.com/, provided the spread.


Don't feel blah or blue about missing that performance.  Let's focus on the important thing, post-holiday sales and an immediate need for durable but fashionable footwear that you can stylishly slush through the snow for the next two months, Timberland's Women's Collecton 2013.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Post-Christmas Crud, Adult Pimple Care

By Laura Medina


Shopped too much, flew a lot, drove around then drank too much, ate too much, and will again.

Now, your weary face is spotted with "Christmas Crud," adult stress pimples popping up when you don't want them, the day before New Year's Eve.

How to erase without popping them into more severe and costly acne scars.

Thanks to advance organic skincare technology, you can shrink and heal those suckers without making your face worse.

Under-the-Radar-but-keep-your-eyes-out for super-efficient and gently effective MyChelle Dermaceuticals, "Seeded in Science, Rooted in Nature," http://www.mychelle.com/.

The #1 brand of facial skin care in the natural products industry.  This scribe first discovered then fell in love with this whole but fast-acting natural skincare brand way back in 2004 with their basic fruity skincare cleansers that burst out in fruity, foamy, and rich suds that dissolves that grout and crud out your pores with fruit acids, Mother Nature's "eraser."

It took them a long time, thirteen years in the making, to expand to wholesome but quick makeup line and quick-thinking skincare treatments such as...

MyChelle Clear Skin Serum, a thin, clear and light acne lotion that forms an invisible shield that gently eats away at the pimple, on a bare skin or under makeup that goes unnoticeable to passer-bys. 

It took MyChelle thirteen years to build a reputation for making and developing products delivering fast, powerful, visible results without nasty ingredients or toxic chemicals. 

 MyChelle Clear Skin Serum heals, shields, and shrinks away those nasty pimples without damaging the surrounding skin thanks to: Retinol (Vitamin A), Totarol™ (gentle and non-irritating anti-bacterial ingredient reducing acne disturbances.), and Montmorillonite (Clay Minerals) a powerful anti-microbial, reduces oil production over time, toxin absorbing, toning, tightening, prevents future breakouts.


Want something that feels like lotion but without the heavy, pore-clogging grease and fat...that heals but seals away pimples?

OSEA's Blemish Balm gently shrinks away the pimples without drying up the surrounding skin.  It's so mild in texture that it doesn't feel like that crusty teenaged pimple cream of yore. 

Forget those adolescent acne creams and those embarrassing hills of crust on your face.  You're a grown-up now, expect better skincare products for better and quicker results.

Pimple aid for adults.

Scanner Darkly-Not! Zapping the Right Skin Tone Foundation & Skincare Complexion for You Only!

By Laura Medina


Can't catch your breathe from all that Christmas shopping and cooking and partying then New Year's Eve is already upon us..;and now, you're fretting over that perfect, sexy, sultry look in a nanosecond.

If you live in a city or town with a Sephora, consider yourself lucky.  

If you live in a city with both a Sephora and a Saks Fifth Avenue, consider yourself a jet-setter and use that opportunity.

Both have skin color and skincare scanner technology where the staff is trained to aim and zap your face with a scanner then the computer automatically analyzing and pinpoints the your own unique skin tone or skincare problems and issues then spits either a list of matching foundations, BB Creams, and CC Creams and/or a list of skincare issues then a customized list of products that tackles those spotlighted skincare problems.

Make like a jet-setter where you effortlessly not decant or pack cumbersome, tiny vials or bottles, zip through TSA like Flynn then have your array of matching foundation and skincare at your disposal at Sephora and IOMA at Saks Fifth Avenue.

It's one thing to have a crammed closet with nothing to wear.  It's another having shoe boxes or a crowded dresser with a rainbow of makeup foundation that kinda-sorta match your complexion then you work yourself into a frenzy trying to mix and match.

Forget that frustration, march on over to your nearest Sephora and have associate kindly point and zap points on your face to match the right skin tone in their Pantone Color IQ Computerized Library.  After collecting and analyzing the different spots on your face, Sephora's Pantone Color IQ Computerized Library System will spit a list of matching makeup foundations in various formulas for various needs from straight-up foundations to sunscreen to BB Creams to CC Creams.

Now, you have the right foundation for New Year's Eve.


Ask any modeling agent and makeup artist and photographer, there needs to be a smooth canvas for the makeup work and to illuminate.

Since we all already trashed our skin due to the cold, dry air, with too many fatty food then we all going to trash it further with sipping champagne and cocktails to ring in the New Year,...again, take thee to Sephora then ask to have your face analyze at its Sephora Skincare iQ System, a databank that tackles your own unique skincare problems then lists the specific products that tackle those problems based on your own individual skin condition.

Less stress, the clearer the skin.


A full-fleged Saks Fifth Avenue, you say...even better.

Saks Fifth Avenue is the only department store in the United States to carry Paris' most tech skincare system, IOMA, the computerized, customized skincare system invented by a mobile phone technology engineer, Jean Michel Karam.

Looking and knowing that people, mostly women, have bathroom counters cluttered with mismatching skincare products that tout the newest and latest but not the right ones, then also knowing that the majority of men with skincare problems are down-right confused with the array of skincare choices, like that engineer that he is, Jean Michel invented a skincare scanner that narrows down with what you need that is customized and individually fitted to your own skincare issues.

Don't worry, the IOMA Sphere he invented is harmless.  Just dip your face into the global scanner, have it analyze your face, pinpoint your skincare issues then watch print out a list of IOMA products customized to your own skincare concerns that is uniquely your own...and no one else's.  Sorry, your husband can't borrow from you.

What's really cool about IOMA Skincare,  it is not just products.  It is a computerized database that universally stores your customized skincare items, specifically tailored to you, anywhere in the world, wherever there's an IOMA counter.  Here, it's Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and Beverly Hills.  Over in England, it is Harrod's of London.

In other words, you don't have to decant your skincare into tiny bottles or jars.  You'll never argue with TSA over the amount and size of your skincare, much less watch them being confiscated.  You'll just zip right through TSA and Customs without a care in the world then drive directly to either Saks or Harrod's and walk on over to IOMA's counter then they'll pack your customized skincare based on your personalized skincare database, that was recorded earlier at a previous IOMA counter, for you to pick up and go.

Effortless Beauty.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Jewelry, Chic enough to pass through TSA...and Keeps You Calm.

By Laura Medina


Have family/holiday commitments and dashed dreams stressed you out?  Does traveling, jostling through the airport, being body-searched by TSA, and flying next to a smelly, chubby passenger set your nerves on edge?  Really need your perfume and fragrance spray but TSA confiscated them out of "passenger safety?"
Have no fear.  The veteran and world-wise jet-setting wife of actor Dustin Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman experienced and encounter every beauty emergency there is in all four corners of the globe, visiting her busy husband on set in far-flung locations.

She first started Lisa Hoffman Beauty providing sample/travel-sized cleansers and lotions after being exhausted decanting her cleansers and moisturizers into travel tube and jars.  Once she conquered that category, Lisa noticed that it's tough to bring along your favorite fragrances and scents once TSA gets a hold of them and discovering your favorite bottles of perfume are smashed due to rough handling, is not fun at all.

This was the "epiphany" moment.  Realizing there's a neglected gap in the beauty market, Lisa set to form a more practical but no less stylish category, travel-worthy "fragrance jewelry."

 Like they say, necessary is a mother of invention.  An ingenious innovation where solid beads of perfume (an ancient form of fragrances) are stored in filigree pendants or lockets.  The scents are gradually released over time, providing a stable scent for those need a quick but subtle whiff to calm one's nerves or make sitting next to a smelly person bearable.

They come in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  She has the Gold and Black Collection and the Swarovski Pearl Collection.  If you fell in love with a specific fragrance bead, don't fret.  The refillable fragrance beads come in this adorable jar, fitting a vanity/dressing table.  The beads come in six different scents.


Lisa collaborated with Tom Binns for a different take on her fragrance jewelry line, more architectural, more fashion-forward, more amphoric-literally.

He designed amphoric pendants molded on bracelets and the amphoric necklace pendants are literally perforated vassels holding fragrance beads, steadily sending a scented trace for a fast sniff..;and nobody will notice.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty's Fragrance Jewelry line is available at New Beauty at Fred Segal Santa Monica and Beverly Wilshire gift shop, and Home Shopping Network and on her site, http://www.lisahoffmanbeauty.com/shop/fragrance-jewelry.

Now, go buy something for yourself...for a change!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Day After Christmas, Sold on SOLD Design Lab

By Laura Medina

Coveting those super-sleek color block skinny jeans, white jeans elongating by black piping and trim?

Want that motorcycle/motocross edge without the cliche motorcycle jacket, but instead aiming for that more sophisticated, cross-stitched quilted but slenderizing black leather jeans to juxtaposing with that cozy, chunky cable-knit white sweater of the season?

Pretty in Punk
This fall, forget girly and get rocking. Go ahead, channel Sid Vicious and let your inner rebel yell.
Black tripunto leather inserts combined with SOLD’s sleek superior fit let the world know that this is one trend you were born to rock. For a grungier feel try a pair of super skinnies with a laser etched hound’s-tooth pattern and add some zig to your zag. Let your inner rocker out to play with a burgundy pair of SOHO’s featuring a functional zipper to help you unleash your inner beast.

The Tuxedo Pants morphed and evolve in SOLD Design Lab.

For a graphic take on a tuxedo pant try a monochromatic SOHO Super Skinny with a bold ruby waist. Feeling extreme? Try a pair of black skinnies with white perforated leather inserts and make a statement without uttering a word. If your looking for a bright way to wear the trend SOLD has you covered with a ruby red menswear inspired bottom with brown and tan accents.

Army Chic
This isn't baggy, saggy cargo pants of yore.

It gotten a nip, a tuck, then liposuction into slender and sleeker and sexier and hipper trousers.
Think love is a battlefield? Have no fear; SOLD Design Lab is here with the perfect piece for you to wage war in.
SOLD’s taupe skinnies with black leather inserts hug your form to perfection and salute every curve. Instead of blending in, show you’re in charge with a pair of SOHO jeans in chocolate camouflage. Not sure what your day holds? SOLD’s dark gray skinny is armed with plenty of pockets to handle any situation that comes your way.

Shimmering take on neutrals, tan and hide and leopard prints...
Gray Scale
Neutral pieces are a perennial staple in any wardrobe. This season gray takes center stage and stars as the monochromatic shade for fall.
Create a sleek sophisticated streamlined silhouette with SOLD’s Skinns and stand out while blending in. Show off your softer side with a shimmery skinny in a doe vintage frost. Feeling feisty? Simply don a SOHO Super Skinny in leopard and take a walk on the wild side.
Every true fashionista knows the best time to build up your wardrobe is the day after Christmas at the coolest boutiques, say Fred Segal that carries SOLD Design Lab.
Can't think of a more opportune time to really stock up and max out those Fall/Winter fashion, well into January, February, and March.

Comfort Meets Style for Shopping in Ecco Sculpture 75 Bootie. This Boot is Made for Walking & Strutting.

By Laura Medina
Ecco Sculptured 75 Bootie, http://global.ecco.com/en/collection/ladies/heels/sculptured+75-242663-01001?data=&id=242663-01070

Are your poor feet turning into mush, trudging through the snow while lifting and carrying tons of late-minute Christmas gifts and groceries?

Are your aching arches turning you into a grouchy Scrooge, not a beaming angel?

Let's flip that frown upside into a smile, if not from relief, with help from Ecco's highly-constructed but chic Sculptured 75 Booties.

 ECCO’s Sculptured 75 Collection; the collection is a fusion of comfort and style; elegant minimalistic shapes, rich, dark shades of leather – and all-day comfort in 75 mm. heels.

Sculpted heel boot with mid-cut zip and strap detail. Foot position elevated by 75mm heel and non-metal shank. Zip ensures snug fit, while strap enhances visual appeal. Textile lining maintains desired humidity and temperature. Rich leather uppers are lightweight for comfort during extended wear.

All-day comfort meets all-day style

Meet the ECCO Sculptured 75: A high heel that merges the sophistication of your favorite high heels with the comfort of your best walking shoes. Designed to feel as good as it looks, allowing you to breeze through all of life’s events feeling elegant, confident – and, most importantly, comfortable.

The ECCO Sculptured 75 takes the sacrifice out of wearing heels: No more having to ask "how long can I suffer wearing these?" No more bringing extra pairs of comfortable shoes for a night out. Combining the qualities of a sneaker and the beauty of a 75mm contemporary high heel, the ECCO Sculptured 75 just leaves you looking good and feeling great.

This scribe stomped around Manhattan and the wobbly streets and sidewalks with arch support, taking the load off the soles.

While regular Manhattanites were slugging it in comfy but slopping beach booties, this scribe was strutting in style without pain.

Ecco Sculpture 75 Boots are made for walking and strutting.

Hot & Sweaty or Dry & Freezing, Myo Essentials are Ready to Fly...or Drive.

By Laura Medina

MyoEssential Travel Kit, http://myotone.com/product/pre-order-myoessential-try-kit/#.UriNEMW6SuJ

From the gritty streets of Manhattan to the still humid Charleston Christmas, Myo Essentials' all-natural meets high tech adapts and tackles various skin issues in different climates, all in the same travel and ingredients and formulas.

Whether it be a travel/sample-sized or full-sized bathroom counter bottles and jars, Myo Essentials can erase the grout off your face then nourish it with advanced, all-natural serum and moisturizer.

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 5oz, http://myotone.com/product/exfoliating-cleanser-5oz/#.UriSxsW6SuI

This nourishing acid foam of grapefruit oil, alpha and beta hydroxyl acids of bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, lemon, and willow bark extracts gently slough off the dead skin cells while it softens the healthy,  new skin.

Borage Leaf Foaming Cleanser 5 oz, http://myotone.com/product/borage-leaf-foaming-cleanser-5-oz/#.UriUMcW6SuI

This comforting,  cleansing milk of ginger, and lavender essential oil, borage leaf,  chamomile, cucumber and aloe vera to calm and soothe the skin, while vitamin E, sodium PCS and cocoa butter are included to pamper dehydrated and irritated skin from trudging through the snow and skiing on the slopes.

 Ginseng Mineral Toner 5oz, http://myotone.com/product/ginseng-mineral-toner-5oz/#.UriVmcW6SuI

This ginger-based toner acts more as a revitalizing mist, waking up fatigued skin on long, weary flights and driving.  Chamomile and Geranium soothes and warms the skin.  

In addition to the ginger revitalizing and conditioning the skin, Bee Pollen Extract heals and soothes along with Hydrolyzed Collagen, to maintain elasticity.   Sodium PCA (NaPCA) – A natural moisturizing component that softens the skin and helps it attract and retain moisture. Hydrolyzed Muccopolysaccharides – bio-active extract effective in hydrating and softening the skin. Present in living cells where they bind water and mineral salts.  Good ole Witch Hazel cleans and refreshes along side ginger. 


Restorative Marine Moisturizer 2 oz, http://myotone.com/product/restorative-marine-moisturizer-2-oz/#.UriYyMW6SuI

 If your skin is cracking and you can't pony up the $$$ for La Mer Creme, for one-tenth the price, you can slather the same heavenly, buttery rich cream brewing in the same red marine algae that reduces fine lines while boosting up the collagen, firmness, and hydration. This makes for a great eye cream. Ginseng Extract is beneficial in this moisturizer for revitalizing and conditioning the skin. Used for thousands of years and touted as a prolonger of life and cure for literally all human ailments, not to mention being the cornerstone of a multimillion dollar ginseng trade.  Rose Hip Extract - Extremely rich source of Vitamin C, containing ten times the amount contained in oranges. Rose Hips also contain Vitamin A, B, B2, E, K, and P as well as iron and copper compounds.

  Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel 0.34 oz, http://myotone.com/product/refreshing-anti-puff-eye-gel-0-34-oz/#.Urid5cW6SuI

Everybody, even infants, get those weary, crinkly, worn-out, puffy peepers from flying long-distances, cramped up like sardines, sucking in the same stale air, and not sleeping then waking up in strange and alien time zones.

When we really need to wake up without the dehydrating caffeine. 

Safely secured by a lock-and-twist cap, you can pump an adequate amount of serum through the roller ball in the Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel Pen.  Though not included in the travel kit, this makes a great addition to Myo Essentials Travel Kit or for your purse and laptop tote bag.

TSA and pocketbook friendly, this Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel Pen carries enough serum not just to soothe and calm tired eyes but to refresh the entire face.  The roller ball massages the whole face as well, waking up weary faces anywhere and any time.

This lightweight cooling gel can be used with other moisturizers or sun protection formulas. The product is a combination of essential oils that reduce puffy eyes.

It has a tad bit of  Matrxyl, a powerhouse of a peptide.  Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone decreases capillary permeability (reducing redness from capillary) Dipeptide -2 (reduces water retention), topped with Anti Puffing Essential Oils: Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil Cupressus Sempervirens Oil . Lavandula Hybrida (Lavander) Oil ANTIOXIDANTS - Co QlO , and Japanese Green Tea fight free radicals that damage skin causing anti effects. 

Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel Pen is the stand-out star out of Myo Essentials Travel Kit.  It's a pretty potent pen, compacted with medical-quality formula paired with tried-and-true essential oils, proven over time.

With Myo Essentials Travel Kit, you can pack a wallop of skincare in a tiny kit with enough room to stock it full with your makeup.

Myo Essential Travel Kit is ready to stash and go.




Drop Dead Gorgeous Gifts for Christmas, the Ice You Want and Desire & Swatch Grows Up.

By Laura Medina

 Emily Rossum wearing Tiffany's Atlas Necklace.

There are two hot or "haute" trends in the jewelry business, thanks to Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby."

The party-harty atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties and the Swinging Flapper and the Industrial Growth of the United States.

When Manhattan and American found their footings, so did Tiffany & Co.'s came of age at the same time.  They celebrated their success by installing a lean, mean, Industrial Age/Art Deco statue of Atlas at the entrance of their main headquarters.

Aptly named after their statue at the main entrance, Tiffany & Co.'s "Atlas" Collection may be spartan but no less opulent.

With strategic gem placement, not all over the place bling, Tiffany & Co.'s "Atlas" Collection is Young Hollywood's current choice of good taste, discreet approach of lean and mean luxury, more about the material than over-board decorating.

The Atlas® Collection

Bold, clean designs distinguish the Atlas® collection and capture the essence of Tiffany chic. Sleek, elongated Roman numerals are incorporated into each graphic piece for jewelry that is at once modern and timeless, representing the Art Deco of the Machine Age. 

Another "haute" trend running through Tiffany is actually visiting their own archives, "Jazz Age Glamour," under the Ziegfeld Collection.  Conducting research, Baz Luhrmann's wife, Catherine Martin mined Tiffany's vaults to accurately get the proper jewelry that "The Great Gatsby" characters would had actually buy and wear.  Men such as Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby would had shop and bought jewelry for Daisy at Tiffany at that time when the Art Deco jewelry was seen as fresh, new, and innovative, not antique and retro as we see now.


Black Oynx and pearls were popular at that time and reappears again for this holidays.

 Tiffany interprets a design inspired by the blue of pristine pools surrounded by
sparkling moonlight. Seven color-saturated aquamarines are evenly spaced in linear formation, with round brilliant diamonds. The stones are individually set on a level plane, creating a smooth transition from the emerald-cut aquamarines to the brilliant-cut diamonds. Borders of black onyx are set with equal precision, suggesting the crisp contrast of velvet ribbons.  Bracelet in platinum. From Ti any & Co. New Collections 2013.

Because of the dance, "The Charleston," the tassel chain necklaces and dangling drop earrings move with the dance.

Tiers of round and pear-shaped diamonds fi nish with elegant lengths of
perfectly matched and beautifully articulated stones. The fluid strands refl ect the delicate strokes rendered in the designer’s sketch.  Ti any jewelers carefully integrate the exquisitely faceted stones, accenting the strands with marquise diamonds that shimmer with every
turn of the head. From Tiffany & Co. New Collections 2013.

 The swinging tassel construction will strut into next Spring/Summer in turquoise, Tiffany's
SCHLUMBERGER TASSELS NECKLACE. Following designer Jean Schlumberger’s original sketch, Tiffany artisans arrange lustrous turquoise stones in a linear pattern to highlight shades that evoke the tranquil sea surrounding his Caribbean retreat. With every
movement, 661 platinum-set diamonds—linking the rows of turquoise and forming
tassels lashed with 18 karat gold ‘ropes’—intensify their sparkle, refl ecting
the beauty and fl exibility of Schlumberger’s exquisite jewels.


 If the cost and price of a Tiffany makes you break out in a cold sweat, don't fret.

Swatch has grown up with it's initial core demographic, from junior high to Young Professional.

They want functional and fashion-forward.  Plus, these generation is in a market for decent watches that double as jewelry, bracelet as watch bands, something that coordinates with the surrounding accessories and the outfit. 

Swatch's Annes Follies 2013 Collection is just as Jazz Age elegant but still at affordable junior high prices.  At prices under $100, you can wear these mature Swatch watches as functional bangles. 

This scribe's favorite is the aptly named, "Prohibition," a Swatch watch on a strand of white pearls on a stretch band to easy pulling on and off at a moment's notice.


Swatch's "Prohibition" is a timeless but limited edition classic, a ladylike watch for the modern woman.

For your last-ditch shopping for Christmas, you have your options.  The high-end family heirloom of Tiffany and/or the soon-to-be vintage grown-up Swatch.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spa in a Box, a Christmas Gift for Others & Yourself!

By Laura Medina

Hard up for last-minute Christmas gifts?  Is everybody stressing out because, one-everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut-off or busting their heads open because trying to figure what a person needs and wants is frustrating?  Dying for a relaxing soak in the tub?  Praying for an aroma therapeutic shower, raining essential droplets?  Or, are your lips and hands are running chap and dry cooking, baking, and shopping, begging for instant relief?

For one-stop, last-minute gifts that feel and smell luxurious, at a reasonable price, go for Philosophy.

With its numerous offerings that are appropriate for the Holiday Season, Philosophy has the flavorful, gourmet scents that bring back memories of home and freshly-baked goodies. 

It's not just the apparent scent to that coats the nerves.  Philosophy's medical-grade formulas coupled with down-to-earth practicality in its multi-purpose bath products.  An all-in-one shower gel doubling as bubble bath.  Its rich shampoo playing both fields as conditioner.  With delicious scents matching with its comforting yet super-effective medical formulas,  Philosophy soothes the senses and the skin.

If you want it straight up and pull it straight out of the pocket and pocketbook, you can't go wrong with Philosophy's "The Holiday Handbook," a box set of three tubes of hand lotions, in homey, classic gourmet scents of Gingerbread Cookies, Homemade Honey Buns, and Cranberry Medley, not bad for the dashboard.

How thoughtful!  For a mere $1, Philosophy offers a nifty gift bag in candy cane stripes with a box, so all you have to do is plop your bottles, tubes, and boxes in there then you're ready to go.


Need some serious aromatherapy, without burning the whole house down in flames or slandering yourself in lotions and potions don't take the edge off enough?

Can't spring for a spa treatment because you're drowning in gift obligations?  Does a bathroom renovation into a home spa is a pipe dream?

Shower therapy in a box is here, Essio, http://essioshower.com/

For $45,  the Essio starter kit comes with an attachment that you can pump essential oils directly into the shower stream to rain a relaxing blend of water and essential oils.

The starter kits comes with three basic essential oils to tackle your nervy stress of the day and night...
"Clear," to find focus and concentration to start anew, combining pure French lavender, the finest Italian bergamot and the exotic fragrance of ylang-ylang, this blend revitalizes the mind and body leaving one fundamentally refreshed and pure.  "Clear" cleans out the cobwebs out of your brain, starting the day anew.

"Unwind," to soothe and relax the mind, body and soul.  This delightful, restorative blend combines an uplifting overlay of citrus with a veneer of spice and floral tones creating lightness and peace and promoting instant stress relief.  A great way to shower away all that holiday stress.

"Passion," warms up radiance and sensuality, great for an holiday party.  Mysterious, exciting and intricate, this synergistic blend of mandarin orange, lavender true and rose maroc create a sensual aroma that excites and arouses the mind and senses for a good karma for next year.

Essio is simple and easy to install. It simply clips on to the shower pipe, and can be extended to fit over virtually any shower head. No tools are required. Pods twist easily into place and create aroma once tilted into the water stream. 

The aroma intensity can be controlled simply by tilting the cartridge up while showering. Each pod lasts for about 3 - 4 showers, each approximately 5 - 7 minutes long. Replacement of pods is simple and straightforward.

Because of its straightforward technology and simple yet elegant design, Essio offers an affordable alternative to other forms of aromatherapy such as steam showers or saunas, which often are only available by attending a spa. Essio brings the spa home to you.

Essio's pod attachment is interchangeable to fit and customize according to your mood...at that moment.

Kids...little kids and big kids called spouses getting on your nerves, sprinkle "Wisdom" for finding your inner awareness and peace.  Uplifting and inspiring, the ancient undertones of bergamot and frankincense are expertly blended to help achieve a sustained concentration and enhanced alertness.

Just plain sick, meaning you're actually sick from "Christmas Cold" and your sinuses, nose, and chest are clogged up.  Use what aromatherapy is originally meant for, clearing away that pesky mucus away while sanitizing those airways.  Use "Breathe" to clear your sinuses while indulging in total purity of the mind.  This refreshing aromatic blend of peppermint and eucalyptus relaxes your sinuses and lungs while soothing and stimulating your entire body.

Dying for deep sleep?  Yearning for REM...without the pills?  The aptly named, "Night," drifts you into a deep and restful sleep.  This calming blend features light tones of orange blossom with slightly woody undertones and very faint florals woven with lavender to woo you to sleep and release your tensions.

For that last-minute surge in late-minute Christmas panic shopping, give what big kids need and want right now....a spa in a box.