Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting that Golden Globes/Grammys/Oscars Look

By Laura Medina

Rent the Runway Oscars & Golden Globes look-alikes.

The red carpet during Awards Season is nothing more than an haute couture runway offering eveningware and holiday ware for the general public.

Don't let the designer originals and one-offs...and the price range scare you off.

For a reason price and a reason time, these can be your's forever or you have on loan like these starlets while saving room in your closet and wallet while keeping your look fresh.

Inspired by Emma Stone's red-hot bowed one-shoulder number. Only have one idea for it because you have only have one occasion to wear it?

You can rent a similar number for 4 to 8 days on so you can dazzle at the party.

Rent the Runway thinks of everything. They tossed in pre-paid envelope so you can return the outfit at no additional cost. They clean and steam before they ship anything out. They will ship the outfit to wherever you are. For a moment of doubt, you pick a second choice at a discount cost. The only downer is that you cannot purchase the outfit outright. You have to wait for their bi-annual sale. Since this is a wardrobe library, you'll have to pay the full cost of the outfit if you lose or damage it. The same goes for clutches, jewelry, and other accessories. Other than that, Rent the Runway is a great option for full-charging socialites and fashionistas gallivanting about town, without folks making nasty comments about your "stale" clothes unless they're jealous. Now, go make them envy.

Aruna Seth's pumps, sandals, and silhouettes are not bargains but they are an investment.

Yes, they are footcandy but the woman herself, Aruna Seth, kindly constructed padded inner sole cushions so the woman would never think of removing her footcandy.

Since making a splash Stateside during this recent Awards Season, these crystal butterfly buckle Lynn Silver Heels instantly became a red carpet mainstay. From VH1 Fab Life at the Oscars to "The Artist" cast at the Golden Globes and numerous other award shows, her Lynn Heels in ivory, gold, and silver made multiple red carpet appearances.

If these heels make it work for all different sorts of actresses at both the Oscars and the Golden Globes, Aruna Seth shoes are jewelry for your feet. A wise closet classic.

If you want it edgy and sexy, can't go wrong the Grammys.

Aiming for the younger demographics where hip overrules chic...which makes it attainable for the majority of hot, young professionals on the prowl...on a budget.

The Kardashian Kollection Jumpsuits can't go wrong. Simple as they are sexy. Just slip on the jumpsuit...and the only jewelry you need are...

Aruna Seth's edgy but very comfy crystal band black satin Cerise wedges. Simply black satin out front but a naughty wink-wink on the heel. In addition to her Lynn Heels Set, Aruna's Cerise Line also proved to be a trend taking Hollywood by storm.

Grammys style isn't about refinement but being sly and sexy with a nod or a wink.

Whether it's investing in Aruna Seth, making a grand entrance in a Rent the Runway ballgown or grooving it in reasonably chic Kardashian jumpsuit, there is everything for everyone...and their wallet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What Happens to the Broken Hearted the Most?...They get an Oscar Nominee Consolation Care Package

By Laura Medina

The 2012 "Everyone Wins at the Oscars" Nominees Gift Bag.

After experiencing the ups and downs, the highs and lows of winning one award but not all, winning some but not the Oscar, these current crop of nominees rode a roller coaster of expectations and disappointments.

For those who did not walk off with an Oscar, there is a care package being delivered to their doorsteps right now, easing an aching heart...and exhausted nerves, the 2012 "Everyone Wins at the Oscars" Nominees Gift Bag. The Oscar version of a care package.

Needing a respite from the Tinseltown tilt-a-whirl , the "Everyone Wins at the Oscars" gift bag tosses in a trip to a Premier Tours Elephant Back Safari to Abu Camp in Botswana, represented by this cute stuffed top elephant. This total 180 degrees turn offers a much needed four nights/five days vacation for two, valued at $15,000. Yes, opulent but educational. The nominees will get the chance to watch and learn African wildlife in their natural habitat while riding these gentle giants, staying in a lush resort setting, including all meals, drinks, game viewing activities, and elephant interactions. Remember, this is the Oscars, no roughing it here.

Constant makeovers in heavy High Definition makeup, conscientious dieting and exercising and just plain anxiousness can wreack havoc on your nerves...and skin.

This $70,000 care package has top-of-the line medical and organic skincare to soothe those nerves and breakouts.

Celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Garth Fisher included a "BioMed Spa," conveniently packed in a kit so the nominees can have his clinic in their own homes or on set or on that safari.

Think of this as an investment skincare for the next rounds of red carpets and photo ops for the next Awards Season.

This scribe has personally used this gentle peach mask, giving it a test run for the past year, when picked up at another Oscar gifting suite. Through harsh winters and sticky summers, this wholesome mask is neither sticky, gluey, drying, or harsh. Eminence Peach Masque simply just soothes...and the "Twilight" cast agree so, too.

Caroline's 7-Layer Caramel Cake is a great consulation gift for those who want to cocoon and retreat from the Award Season whirlwind. This softens the blow for Oscar nominees.

Yes, the Caroline 7-Layer Caramel Cake is big for one person. It is a perfect pairing for a intimate homecoming party with a Disaronno Cocktail Package. Disaronno will gladly send a mixologist to the nominee's home and help set up a bar and cocktail for the nominee's closest 100 friends. Consulation loves company.

The eco-conscious or home-spun nominee can really appreciate Essential Safe Products' Cooking Set. Paraphasing this down-home scribe's mom, "Give them something they can use." in something they can use each and everyday, whether a whipping up an organic meal for a Disaronno Friends & Family party or just fixing a brunch for themselves.

Shaking hands on the red carpet can be a dirty business. Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer dressed their nifty sanitizers in a Swarovski-covered jelly sleeves, making them red carpet-ready to those million-and-one handshakes with fans and tv hosts. Great accessories with those haute couture gowns.

One can tell that these nominees just want to wind down after endless rounds of Hollywood's High Society Season and that emotional roller coaster of "yes," "maybe," and "the award goes to..."

Nominees, like Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Dame Helen Mirren, Ron Howard, and Jeremy Renner, love nothing more than a glass of Disaronno with a slice of Caroline's 7-Layer Caramel Cake, relaxing in their wireless, heated Thermarobes and cozy Dearfoam slippers.

(Wo)man's best friend, doggy or kitty, can soften a blow to an Oscar loss...and the $70,000 "Everyone Wins at the Oscars" Gift Bag/care package does not forget them either.

Organic Earthpawz offers a complete set to pamper the nominees' best buddies.

As you can tell, the lush but comforting "Everyone Wins at the Oscars" Gift Bag/care package isn't about glitz and glamour but pampering and nourishing weary souls and soles or giving a much-needed safari holiday away from Tinseltown's hustle and bustle.

This $50,000 consolation gift is time to go home, think of it as a spa within the privacy of one's own home, away from the glare and the flash.

Now...relax...aaaahhhhh. Another reward for all that dedication and hard work.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Oscars have Waltzed In.

By Laura Medina

Eric Roberts, Nicholas Guest, Steve Railsback, Quinton Aaron, & Austin Anderson.

As soon as the GRAMMYs wind down and the lucky industry attendees are just recovering, in come the Oscars, the granddaddy of them all.

As the most pretigious and the most regal of the major three award shows during the Awards Season, out went the glitz and the studs, in come the tulle, flounce, and lace ballgowns.

Since the Oscars revel Hollywood royalty and veterans...and also distinguished newcomers, the regal Oscars Beauty/Fashion Suites befits entertainment royalty.

Acting legend and legacy, Julia Roberts' big brother, and Emma Roberts' dad, Eric Roberts tried and sample the environmentally soothing and vitamins A, C and E, wheat proteins, marine collagen and amino acids-enriched Continuous Lift Serum by Victoria Principal Skincare relieves
the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eyes while nourishing the overall face, neck, and chest area.

Then, he smooth his lips with collagen and soy protein-packed LipSmart Balm Salve. It works osmotically when Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Phytokine stimulate Hyaluronan. An important component of connective tissues, Hyaluronan draws in moisture from the surrounding air and binds it to itself, reinforcing the connective tissue which improves volume and elasticity. a mixture of two specific lipid types, Glycolipids and Ceramide-3, forms Hydrophobic Sphingolipid Complex, retains the moisture. Tribehenin, a smoothing lubricant and humectant, locks and seals in the moisture.

Now, we know how Eric Roberts keeps his lips soft and smooth with this all-ages, unisex lip salve.

The Judith Leiber of the West Coast, Timmy Woods last year carved a Black Swan with diamonds and rubies for Nathalie Portman's "Black Swan"nomination.

This year, she sculptured two special pieces in honor of Meryl Streep in "The Iron Lady" with a traditional rectangle "Union Jack" clutch and a lip clutch, all in her trademark bedazzlement.

Astrid of "Heaven on Heels" Stiletto Cuffs saves you money and makes your existing pumps an investment. If stuck with your basic black pumps...and a need to stretch it out with ten ballgowns, five cocktail jumpsuits, and 20 party tunics, these interchangeable cuffs can max out your pumps' appearance without you blowing out your wallet. Simply priced at $20 a pair, these cobblestone/scruff-proof heel savers can keep it whimsy for the Golden Globes, rocking at the GRAMMys then elegant at the Oscars. Stiletto Cuffs gives your shoe shelf a lot of mileage.

The Oscars is when the ballgowns and spectular eveningwear strut in. Veteran character actress, Teresa Ganzel models celebrity gown designer, Shekhar Rahate's Oscar Collection of Gowns in the suite. Last year multiple stars wore Rahate to the Oscars . Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wax figures by Madame Tussauds Hollywood, and mannequins model appropriate eveningwear.

The Recording Academy, the organization behind the GRAMMYs, believe it or not soldier on by throwing their own beauty and fashion bash for the Oscars.

Instead of the usual rockers and rappers, retro singers croon Frank Sintara and Johnny Mercer, such as "Moon River." People swung, jiggerbugged, and fox trotted. This pretty much sets up the mood for the Oscars-tradition and elegance.

Underneath its posh appearance, Awards Season is actually a glamorous 2 to 3 months marathon of congratulations and gratitude...and socializing...and networking.

Attendees need red carpet durability and vitamin-enriching makeup and skincare to heal, seal, and protect the skin from countless rounds of galas and drinks.

Affordable and healthy makeup brands, Ferro Cosmetics and Pixi Cosmetics cater to Awards Season weary faces.

Ferro Cosmetics is one of those rare, healthy organic mineral, multi-purpose makeup that falls in a teenager's budget which means anyone can afford them.

The bigger and more available Pixi Cosmetics debut its latest emergency makeup kits to fit inside those titsy-bitsy clutches and evening purses, the Tinker Bell-inspired, Fairy Face Palette, and Fake Awake Kit.

Don't be fooled by it's tiny and girly exterior, Fairy Face punches a wallop of 5 eye colours, 3-colour blush palette, 5 lip creams + duo eye applicator, blush brush, duo lip applicator, in universal rose and plum shades. As a part of the PixiGlow Collection, it'll debut in Target stores next week.

The more utilitarian switchblade of makeup kit, Fake Awake Kit is a power nap in a slim, purse-friendly kit: 2 concealers, 1 cream highlighter, 1 brightening cream, 1 peachy cheek & eye awakening powder, 1 nude setting powder, 1 glowy pale pink lip gloss and 1 strawberry red lip & cheek stain. This flesh-tone friendly and vitamin C riched makeup can swipe on easily with a snooze.

Pixi Fairy Kit, PixiGlow Collection, and the Fake Awake Kit will debut next week at Target stores but already available online at

Oscar-worthy makeup at everyday prices, not bad at all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

GRAMMYs Beauty & Gifting Suites Wrap-Up

By Laura Medina

The Oscars are dawning on us but leaving these yummy GRAMMYs Beauty and Gifting Suites and Lounges would be heart-breaking.

Since the GRAMMYs occured a week to two days before Valentine's Day, this is the Recording Academy's way of showing its love to the musicians for all their hard work, dedication, touring, recording, and rehearsing.

Since the Awards Season gifting and beauty suites are the launching pads for some luxurious products and brands, you too can buy the same stuff these performers are using to prep and pamper before hitting the stage and the afterparties for your own holidays and parties.

The unspoken secret is that a multitude of gifting suites are tied to charity organizations.

On the day of the GRAMMYs, AJ Crimson of Kissable Couture and Ja'Maal Buster, the Eye Lash Guru, along with the best women DJs, loved their for Black Girls Rock!, a non-profit organization aiming to build young women's and girls' self-esteem.

Far Left, AJ Crimson of Kissable. Far Right, Ja'Maal Buster, Eye Lash Guru. Right, Kissable Couture.

What's a better way than aligning itself with a beauty pampering event helping the ladies of rock in getting ready for the GRAMMYs?

Does getting that Glamazon Look intimidate you because you don't know what to buy and how to put them on?

These are why beauty and style suites exist. They are here to support and teach you some really great tips.

If your fingers are too clumsy and your eyelids too scared about gluing on lush lashes, Ja'Maal Buster is here to the rescue.

Rock and R&B divas fell in love with his precise, easy, and never fussy eye lash applicator clips.

As a recent newbie to the Award Season show and parties...and galas...and festivals, this scribe found Ja'Maal Buster's Eye Lash Placement a quickie god-send.

Simply take the eye lash clips. Hold the false eye lashes in the clips. Apply the eye lash glue (it must be skin-friendly eye lash glue) to the rim of the false lashes. Close your eye. Gently place the lashes directly right above your natural lashes with the applicator clip precisely and easily putting the lashes in the right place.

Now, your eyes look lush and sexy without the tears and drama or the smear.

Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood also doled out the goods to Malin Ackerman, Billy from ZZ Top, and Sally Kirkland.

Literally across the street from the official GRAMMY Gifting Lounge, 98.7 KIIS FM also showed its love and respect during rehearsal break to young emerging talent inside the ESPN Zone! at L.A. Live/The Staples Center.

Their feet rested easy but still looked cute with comfy but cute JellyPop pumps and flats...

Actress Jazzlyn Marae fell in love with all the styles saying “These shoes are all so adorable – I love them all!”

Haley Reinhart of American Idol stopped by the table and was eager to see what Jellypop had to offer. She took a couple of styles away with her saying “These are perfect and so cute!”

“I want them all!” said Jessie Malakouti of Jessie and the Boy Toys when she stopped by the Jellypop table

Performers aren't ready unless they have accessories, bling to dazzle onstage.

Joe King from The Fray snagged two of the Guy & Eva Jane necklaces stating “I love these for my daughters!”

Claudia Lee from the CW’s Hart of Dixie commented on how much she enjoyed the “the simple elegance of the line.”

Heather Dubrow from the Real Housewives of Orange County immediately flew to the table! She loved the necklaces and said the “line is absolutely beautiful and affordable!”

This is the ultimate wrap-up of the GRAMMYs Beauty/Style/Gifting suites and lounges, which were fitting, considering they were just in time for Valentine's Day.

They sure know how to take care of the ladies...and gents.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Official GRAMMY Gifting Lounge

By Laura Medina

Ok Go busting a move at the GRAMMY Gifting Lounge's "Just Dance3" Suite.
Everyone who was lucky enough to join in the GRAMMY festivities are now taking a rest on Valentine's Day.

Truth be told, this is this scribe's Valentine for you, the readers.

Here are the exclusive shots and preview of some really innovative products and merchandise being enjoyed by music's hottest stars.

LL Cool J

Performers use the lounge as a place to take a break from rehearsals and be pampered as vendors demostrate their newest wares to them and the media.

Actors also enjoyed the services at the lounge. Here is Jane Seymour being one of the lucky firsts to experience a Red Carpet Manicure.

She might had enjoyed the GRAMMY only 24-karat gold gel polish.

Don't worry, Red Carpet Manicure will be available to anyone in drugstores. This gel-based manicure is taken out of the salons and into homes pretty soon. It made its official debut at the GRAMMY Gift Lounge.

The biggest hit among rockers and stars was the Pepsi Bar where musicians, like Carolina Liars here, enjoyed sipping custom-mixed Pepsi cocktails mixed with flavored syrups, such as red velvet cupcake, espresso, key lime, and the more tried-and-true cherry vanilla.

The tumbler isn't bad either. Press the button underneath, the bottom lights up and blinks as well.

The GRAMMY Gifting Lounge has always offer the best and most innovative stuff fitting a jet-setting musician or actor.

Celebrities fell in love with Butterfly Twists ballet flats, especially the ones in black leather with studs, such as Pauley Perrette.

Jimmy Jam posing with Field Candy's posh tents.

E Street bandmate and actor, Steven van Zandt does the same with Field Candy.

Esperanza Spalding shopping for a potential wardrobe.

Glen Campbell really enjoying the newest and latest Gibson gear.

MC Lyte pondering what she might be wearing for the GRAMMYs.

It was not entirely musicians and singers having a blast underneath the tent.

Darryl Hannah was curious enough to drop by and see what the lounge has to offer.

Neil Patrick Harris soaking in the fun vibes.

Director and actress, Penny Marshall aka "Laverne," tries on a pair of shades to go incognito.

Chich Corea, jazz legend, makes a rare appearance.

Now, don't get all jealous. The GRAMMY Gifting Lounge is nothing more a launch of some really great products that will be soon available to the general public in a short time.

Read up more on the marvelous discoveries from the gifting suites. You'll never know. These gifts might be yours soon come the holidays.

Making that Connection, Nivea shows some love for the GRAMMYs

By Laura Medina

Professor Kory Floyd's Touch Data.

Knowing that the GRAMMYs and Valentine's Day are only two days apart, Nivea decided to show both of them some love by throwing a polite Valentine's Day luncheon/lecture on the importance of touch and skin care then throwing a smashing bash, celebrating the GRAMMYs.

According to Prof. Floyd, the number one requested touch among Americans is kissing. Here's the Nivea Balm Kissing Booth.

In his studies, Prof. Floyd of Arizona State University learned that America is starving from "skin hunger."

People touch their smartphones more often than they do in their relationships. After kissing, Americans are craving hand-holding and hugging...and suffering from the lack of touching.

With decreased touching, people are suffering from depression, weaken immune system, and increased stress. With the skin as the largest organ on the body, touch is one of the only senses that humans cannot live without.

Prof. Floyd said people will more willing to touch if people take better care of their skin condition, softer, smoother skin versus dry, flaky skin and soft, smooth lips.

After learning the findings, Nivea aims to do something about it.

Nivea table-setting for its Million Moments of Touch Movement Giveaway Campaign.

In lieu of Cupid's Day, Nivea is doing a year-long contest where they encourage more touching in relationship by doing a Million Moments of Touch Movement Giveaway, where couples can enter by hitting "Like" on the Facebook page. The winning couple enjoys a getaway for a day or a night and Nivea will take care of everything, including the babysitter.

Setting the mood for the appropriate moment to touch is also important.

This is where music literally comes into play. This is where the GRAMMYs come in.

To honor the importance of music in encouraging human contact and relationships, Nivea, along with Primary WAVE Talent Management, threw a bash for the GRAMMYs.

At the afterparty, there were bowls of Nivea lip balms and mini canisters of Nivea cream with Rihanna on the cover.

As a pre-GRAMMYs/Valentine's treat, they took Jose Andre's Bazaar Restaurant and attendees were treated to made-from-scratch grapefruit marshmallows, chocolate poprocks, cotton candy foie gras, and fresh fruit pastes.

A sweet gesture to the GRAMMYs and making it easier for Cupid...year around.

Reebok shows some love for the GRAMMYs

By Laura Medina

Veteran East Coast/New York rapper, Big Daddy Kane.

Reebok showed its love for Hip Hop, the music industry, and the GRAMMYs by throwing a Jonathan Mannion photo exhibition-slash-hip hop honoring the photographer documenting the history of hip hop and the genre itself...with some of its shoes representing the different eras of hip hop.

This hip hop party/concert/photo exhibit showcases premiere hip hop photographer, Jonathan Mannion's cover art and photos of hip hop's development and his career, starting with Jay-Z's 1996 CD cover to today's emerging stars.

Two of his subject matters, Big Daddy Kane and DJ Quik showed their love for Mannion by throwing this exclusive, industry-insider hip hop party/concert, kindly supported by Reebok.

What is really significant is that the performers examplify the growth and development of hip hop from the East Coast to the West Coast, from strictly a northern thing to a southern thing, then a strictly an urban African-American thing that transcend ethnicity and region.

Los Angeles' DJ Quik opened the concert with turn table, nightclub gymnastics with late Seventies/early Eighties grooves, courtesy to Michael Jackson.

Big Daddy Kane threw it with his vintage, Olde School hard and fast rapping. He got the crowd pumping.

Remember, it's a Reebok party and it isn't a Reebok party unless you got some Reeboks.

Each of the four collections of vintage Reeboks were paired with particular hip hop artists of that era. Here are some vintage, neon high tops.

These glossy sneaks with studs are the more recent collections.

This is Reebok's Valentine to the Grammys, how sneaks go hand-in-hand with hip hop.