Friday, January 29, 2010

Glamorous Inside and Out, Kristi Yamaguchi

By Laura Medina

Kristi Yamaguchi in "2008 Dancing with the Stars"
Just around the corner in two quick weeks, it's going to be the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, right in the middle of flu season.
When the world's top winter atheletes least need it.
Skating in, is Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympian and 1992 Gold Medalist in Women's Figure Skating, reporting about the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics games as a special correspondent for The Today Show and Universal Sports.
Which means, in between packing and doing her homework on the new crop of Winter Olympians, she was considerate enough to take time out of her hectic schedule to discuss how taking care of the inside can really affect the outside.

Kristi winning "2008 Dancing with the Stars"

Her mother, who was a medical secretary, really instilled in Kristi, to operate at peak performance she had to have her flu shots if she wants to compete constantly at top competition level.

Without worrying about getting sick, not only did Kristi focused on her jumps and spins, she looked her best doing them, giving her the edge to win the Gold Medal in Women's Figuring Skating at the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics.
"I have to give credit where credit is due and that is, to my mother. My mother started taking me to get my flu shot when I was training for the Olympics and one of my friends caught influenza and unfortunately wasn’t able to compete because of it. My mother wanted to do everything she could to keep me healthy, especially during competition season, and has inspired me to do the same! That’s why I make sure my entire family is vaccinated against this potentially life-threatening disease every year."
Now, as both an athlete and a mom, their family's health is the utmost importance to her.
This is why she is the spokesperson for the American Lung Association’s "Faces of Influenza."
Witnessing how serious influenza can stricken a person's lungs and how it can strike anyone at anytime, Kristi wants to point out how a simple shot can keep people strong and healthy throughout the whole year.
Once a person takes care of the inside, she can focus on the fun stuff-the outside.
As the spokeswoman for OPI Nail Polish

There is more to Kristi's fitness routine than vaccination shots and physical fitness.
As a busy figure skater, she realized the importance of a polished appearance while performing at your optimal best, without the flu's runny nose, coughing, and raging fever.
Now, as a even busier role of sports correspondent, mom, and skater, Kristi finds the ease of OPI's NIC STICKS a quick way to dress up while on the road or on the run while saving the traditional bottle of OPI's nail polish during the off season.
OPI Nail's slogan, "Respect Yourself, Respect the World," connects to her philosophy,
"By getting a flu shot, you are not only protecting yourself from influenza, but you are also protecting those around you by helping to prevent spreading the virus to those who might be at risk for developing serious complications from influenza."
Being health conscious and physically clean are the foundation that gives any person the chance to build upon a glamourous look.
As for what her nails are going to wear for the Olympics, for Kristi, it's a no brainer...
"Oh that’s an easy question. I already know that I’m going to wear Nicole by OPI “Keep It Real” and “I Pink I Love You” – two of my favorite shades!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dakota Fanning is Rocking it as a Runaway

Dakota Fanning at Sundance Film Festival promoting "The Runaways"

If you still envision Dakota Fanning as this cherubic moppet, recalibrate your perception.

She is going to be sweet sixteen next month and ready to kick her child actor image goodbye.

In the biopic, "The Runaways," it's a true lifestory of the influential, bad-ass, Seventies all-girl rock band, "The Runaways."

Based on Joan Jett's life and executive produced by her, she and "The Runaways" are the template for all-female rock musicians and bands, punk or rock. The forerunners to "bad girls gone wrong" The Donnas and any women rockers. They were the teenaged version of the women's liberation gone amok and proud of it.

It's also a story of destructive excess as the teen rockers age out of their teenage years.

Nothing proves this story as "New Moon" alumni, Kirsten Stewart as Joan Jett and no longer innocent Dakota as heavily glossed and blushed Cherie Currie in garter-belts and corsets, locking in a full-on kiss.

Dakota wasn't in lingerie at Sundance premiere for this movie but she's no longer in pinafores.

She is goth rocker chic in ACNE's "Supreme" black tiered cotton dress.

With the vampire flick, "New Moon," and the bad-ass bio pic, "The Runaways" under her belt, Ms. Fanning is ready to shed off her child actor skin.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guy Gear for Anyone in Inclement Weather

By Laura Medina
Nick Verreos, celebrity fashion expert, with models showing off the best foul weather gear.
Can't think of a better time to pinpoint key trends in men's Fall and Winter wear than when it's gray, cold, and rainy.
Quilted or lightly padded lining in plaid, examplified by Mr. Verreos above, adds that extra dash of flash to otherwise drab outside and more importantly, keeps you insulated in the cold.

Military/Aviator Outer Tailoring

Since military fabric and tailoring is, first and foremost, function and protection over style, it's the most predominate and most enduring classic that never goes out of fashion.

Those military tailors never intended their rainproof fabrics and shoulder straps/epaulets to be stylish and timeless details in men's and unisex construction for outerwear but they're still there from the aviator jacket, above, to the classic trench coat.

What an unexpected detailing, the shoulder strap.

It's orginally meant to be a "shoulder belt" to hold and carry guns, swords, and backpacks. Now, it denotes a classic, reliable flair that both genders can wear for ages and now, can be used to keep your totes and purses in place.

The water-resistant and weather-proof nylon and treated cotton in heavy-duty weave are the foundation of any outerwear garment. They're the modern day shield against whipping winds, crunchy snow, and pounding rain.

Built to last.

Layering over existing clothes

Since functionality trumps over frivolity, there's way to layer existing garments without looking like a schlump.

Take the cues from the British "Towne to Country" set and pair button-down, light-weight knitted vests over button-down shirts or even long-sleeved tees, all under a military jacket
for an effortless look for a whole lot less money.

Plaid is where it's at.

If you really want to go All-American Preppy, quit the stereotypical Eighties Preppy Handbook and dump the cliche Southern Plantation Owner in Stripes or in all white and go retro.

As in vintage Fifties Eisenhower Republican, again a "Mad Men" reference. Mainstream fifties men's sportswear meets Greaser-in plaid-only on one item-not head to toe or all-over.

Knits as Jackets

Over your dumpy hoodie? Sick of your peeling off your cableknit pullover sweater on and off?

It's, again, Fifties College Varsity "Big Man On Campus" sweater meets early twentieth-first hoodie that you can zip in and out with ease.

Cardigan as innerwear

To reiterate, you can take your button-down sweater, aka, cardigan over button-shirt and under your jacket.

As long it's light-weight, not bulky knits or knots, and the jacket is cut and sewn along a princess seam for that English Tailored Look, not only are you warm. You'll appear you lost five pounds after the holidays.

That's how you really survive the foul elements. You look good doing it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to be slick like Rick for the Golden Globes

By Laura Medina

Golden Globe 2010 host, Ricky Gervais in Ted Baker's "RELEASE" Suit

This fashion chronciler and numerous others of this particular ink has been harping about the women on the red carpet.
But, what about the guys?
Unless you're a nonchalant cowboy like Mickey Rouke, the gentlemen of the Golden Globes are just as stylish but way more subtle.
They're so discreet, that your male significant other can don their outfits for Valentine's Day and beyond that nobody would notice it's lifted directly from Ricky Gervais or it's two years from now.
It was a great honor for British contemporary wear, Ted Baker, to dress Mr. Gervais for his big step up in Hollywood.
And in return, Mr. Gervais was totally awed that Ted Baker especially went of their way to specially design a suit for him then named it in his honor, the "Slick Rick Party Suit from Ted Baker Fall 10 collection. The other name for it is "RELEASE." The suit came from their Endurance Range.
Aptly named, since Golden Globe night is the first night of torrential rain currently hitting the City of Angels.
With hard partying during an intense rainfall, a man may need something slick and durable for awards show or a rainy date.
It's crease resistant because the fabric is high performance fabrication and the weave retains it's shape.
The tailoring is efficient by saving on excess fabric for a more effective shape and cut.
The inner detailing has a sculptured facing, sometimes known as a ‘piano facing’ because it resembles the top of a grand piano. The folks at Ted Baker calls this, "extravagant" because they are cutting the fabric into an elaborate shape, reducing leftover fabric.
Making the RELEASE Suit more "Slick Rick," are the distinctive, environmental, but way tougher Corrozo nut buttons. Indigenous to Ecuador, these are stronger than the traditional horn buttons.
Compared to equally sharply tailored suits using more traditional but less efficient fabric or organically incorrect buttons, Ted Baker suits come in a more reasonable price range but especially built, in and out, for the twentieth-first century man.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting your fashion fix from "Les Habillees" by Sundance Channel

By Laura Medina

Karl Lagerfeld Show during Paris Fashion Week
Wish those so-called “fashion/style experts” would stop quipping “what’s hot” and “what’s not.”
Yearn for something fun but deep?

Veteran fashion commenter and journalist, Mademoiselle Agnes, with her little buddy, Parisian/LA Bad Boy designer, Jeremy Scott, takes the viewer on a wild whirlwind fashion tour of New York, Paris, and Milan.

Zany but deep, Mlle. Agnes jokes about idiosyncrasies that are always in the fashion industry, dashing from one show to another.

However, designers open their brains and hearts to her, expressing their concerns and the importance of sticking to your guns and how their thoughts come true, whether it be backstage or in the sanctuary of their own ateliers.

The real fun happens when she challenges the French Cultural Minister of not supporting native, young French designers then watching her taking it upon herself, discovering and interviewing the current fresh blood of French fashion-and the lack of recognition and support while the fashion houses-turned-conglomerates dominate the field.

Marc Jacobs show during Paris Fashion Week

The introduction episode of this 6-part series has Mlle. Agnes overwhelm by New York’s generosity to their young talent in design and media shooting up the ranks. During her interview with CFDA, Diane Von Furstenburg explains the importance of funding young American talent.

Then, she returns to Paris.

Although complaining about the old horses of French fashion, Mlle. Agnes can’t help but have fun at fashion’s expense. Toying around backstage, with a hot male model and an even hotter male designer flashing their 6-pack abs; or irking Marc Jacobs when he’s going to get married or catching Cher in Vegas over the weekend.

With equal parts seriousness mixed with spicy and zany sprinkles, “Les Habillees” will have you craving for more fashion.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sculptural Spring and Summer, LA Market Week 2010

By Laura Medina
Swimsuit as armor, Anahi Blue bathing suit
Despite running the gamut from swimwear to contemporary to streetwear, there is one theme running the course-architectural and sculptural.
Sloppy Spring, this isn't. Expect a sharp Summer.

Althea Harper's Geometric Block Jersey Mini Dress
Project Runway alumni, Althea Harper launched her line at LA Market Week on January 16th, debuting her forte in sporty contemporary wear with an athletic streak running through the collection in racing blocks.

Geometric details in cocktail wear
Camelia Skikos revisited André Courrèges and Pierre Cardin for Mod straps and bonding.

Dustie Doll Clothing rocks.
Sold in Fred Segal and profiled in Nylon and People Magazines, Dustie Doll upholds LA's reputation for Bad Girl Rocker Style.

Jazmine Whitley's Li Cari

Jazmine Whitley of Li Cari brings back prim and proper satins in vivid primary colors and delicate prints.

RisSa puff out extreme shoulder puffs and strict tailoring in airy chiffon and structural satin.

Soft Focus Makeup for Spring/Summer 2010

By Laura Medina

Prepping the skin for the cosmetics and foundation
One of the perks having backstage access and covering behind-the-scenes of a fashion show is that the makeup artists and hair stylists casually drop simple but key trends for the upcoming Spring and Summer makeup for this year.

The gloss of the all-natural sweat or "glow" has slide off in favor for not necessairily cakey, heavy dry makeup of the Ninties.

But thanks to advanced gel and serum technology, there is a dewy, not gloppy, patted texture to Spring/Summer's makeup.

Bright cheeky cheeks are subdued into contoured blush and cheeks that highlight sculputral shape of the cheekbones.

However, forget the heavy powdered bronzer that you can ski through. Opt instead for the latest in opaque but light gel but matte bronzers or foundation that is one shade deeper than your skin tone.

Sweeping contours into the eyelid crease
The eyes are, again, soft with a more toned-down glacial, not glitter, effect.
Think ethereal fairy, not roller disco queen.

Shaping the lips
Don't let the lips go chapped in favor of matte lips.
There are new sets of glosses that still cushion the lips in comfortably moisture but not so gloppy. Actually, they're liquid lipsticks with less intensed gloss.
There are also lip stains that can soften the lips while imparting a subtle tint in an array of colors.

Getting the hair ready
The hair stylists hinted a no fuss, slicked back, low ponytail or enchancing natural waves for low maintenance hair.
Face of the moment

Add up all the key points and what you'll have is a light but sweat-free face.

It's matte without the heavy powder or foundation.

The focus is on the cheeks where champagne highlights and flesh-toned blush and bronzer build the cheekbones.

The lips aren't so shiny or bright but soft and creamy in soft rose or peach.

It's ladylike makeup without choking on heavy powder or greasy, cakey foundation.

Prim and proper makeup with high technology molecules, makeup for the new decade.

The Countdown to the Runway

By Laura Medina
Jazmin Whitley dressing one of the models
There's more to a fashion show than the glitz, the glam, and the chaos.
This is a documentary of prepping a fashion show, the count down before the event.
There is more to it than a party.

Li Cari's Jazmin Whitley goes over minute details, knowing each and every little component can make or break an outfit.

It's not just the hair stylists fixing do's.

The designer has final say on the appearance so don't be surprised if a designer fusses over hair and makeup, switching a clip or a pin. Above, Jazmin fixes a red bow that matches the dress.

Part of a fashion designer's job right before the show is adjusting, pinning, and fitting the models, making them look flawless before they set foot on the runway.

The final run-through, complementing the whole look, does the hair swing with that outfit?

Great Anticipation
It's not only the designer breaking a sweat, some models anticipate the final steps, the walk while steeling their nerves in front of an audience of buyers, press, photographers, and fashionista fans.

Yes, models do eat and need to eat
While designers, stylists, and other models fret, some models chill and fuel up on lean protein and healthy sandwich wraps and snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables, giving them the stamina to stomp the walkway and change in-and-out in a nanosecond.

To make it better, nothing is settled until the last second.
For better presentation, stylists and designers swap and switch polaroids for an improved line-up.

The calm before the storm

Sometimes, prepping for a show is like the military, "hurry up and wait."
Once the hair and makeup are fixed, the outfits adjusted, and the designer and stylists finally agree on what's right, the models causally chat for support and camaderie.

Post Golden Globes Glows

Marion Cotillard & Penelope Cruz
Michael O’Connor, one of America’s leading voices on style, jewelry and accessories and has become the “go-to” resource for editors and producers seeking information on current trends and celebrity style.
Predicting what's going to be "hot" on Sunday's red carpet, he guessed that Marion Cotillard would be of the one actresses appearing in an one shoulder style and/or sleeveless gowns where they can pinpoint one area for focused glamour to create drama.
Michael commented longer soft hair is beautiful on Penelope's face shape.

Mr. O'Connor was spot-on in predicting what Emily Blunt is going to wear and how she'll style her makeup.
Michael commented the best color for her is pink, perfect for Emily’s skin. He also guessed correctly on her red carpet makeup, her eyes look best when highlighted in a cat’s eye or smoky eye style – something very dramatic.
As for her total outfit, he perfectly predicted this with Emily's strapless gown, plenty of stacked bracelets when highlighting a wrist.
This is what he has to say about Ms. Blunt's look, five days before the Golden Globes, "Youthful Emily Blunt could rock this look beautifully while keeping her ears and neckline simple."
So spot-on!
His prediction for Sandra Bullock's appearance is this... "Sandra’s strong jawline is best suited to softer hairstyles."

Another sharp guesswork from Michael is Julianne Moore, "Purple or black create a striking combination with her hair color."

For her hair and makeup, he was right on again, "Simple make-up and softer casual hair keep her youthful."

Since whatever pops up on the red carpet does dictate evening and cocktail wear for everyone and everywhere, Michael O'Connor foretell cautious glamour or tasteful glitz.
Paraphasing accessorizing advice from "The Preppy Handbook" where it is always good taste to under accessorizing, "Get completely dressed for a party, then take off one piece of jewelry."
Michael foretells this for the Golden Globes, "With some celebrities still feeling a little cautious about the economy and being too flashy, we’re going to see some of them channel a more focused glamour. They’ll pick one area and create drama there. For example, large chandelier style earrings will be popular with those who choose to forego a necklace. "
With this parade of "grown-up glamour" where they pared down to simply chic strapless or elegantly crafted off-shoulder or one-shoulder gowns, they forgo the blitzed out bling necklaces (unless you're Julia Roberts in a casually understated shirtdress and needed chunky chains of necklaces to up the ante at night), and zeroed in on the wrist and save the diamante dazzle for that.
To further the restraint and very conscious of the best and worst-dressed lists, these celebrities really paid attention to what mattered-the dress, the fabric, the draping, the skirt tail, and the neckline and made the dress the center piece.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tease Me, Please Me by Minx Nails

By Laura Medina

Minx Nails' Tease Me Black & Silver

Toying with the idea of a dangerously cute tattoo? Or, did you run out of space and ideas?

Are you still smarting from that lasered-off, stale, old tattoo from 1995?

Want to dip your toes into the Eighties Nostalgia but survived the neon jersey shoulder pads first time around?

Do what Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, "Flaunt Magazine's" beauty editor, Donald Simlock, and other subversively sauve male executives or outlandishly macho rock stars, such as Lisa Marie's guitarist husband, Michael Lockwood do-slip on some decorative nail art from Minx Nails.

Weary of dealing chipped off nail polishes and the lack of patterned nail enamels, graphic designer, Janice Jordan and her friend, Dawn Lynch-Goodwin found this amazing film that can be imprinted with all sorts of sketches and stencils and prints.

Tease Me White & Silver
Flexible but durable, Minx Nails isn't your run-of-the mill press-on nails.
The silken but tough polymer film won over legions of hard-charging performers and musicians who rip up the stage nightly without fretting over shredding their nails.
Alexander McQueen is the latest to wave the flag for Minx Nails, where this current Tease Collection made its formally debut on his Spring/Summer 2010 Runway.

Tease Me Black and Red

Other than being stuck with an sour, old tatt, you can buff on the latest couture in a wink on a budget.

Or, flash your inner fashionista or rock star, if you're in a traditional suit in a conservative environment. Half of Minx Nails wearers are men in suits who get their toesies and pinkies glazed in All-Americana naval tattoos , such as the Stars and Stripes and the Red, White, and Blue Anchor.

Going to a Minx Nails trained salon or a technican is like to a tattoo shop. The technican gives you a booklet of patterns and art that you can select.

Unlike a tattoo parlor, the technican will have you prep in an ultra-luxe chair while giving you a soothing pedicare and/or manicure. Your nails need to be clean and prep for an even application.

Under a heat lamp, the technican skillfully glide a nail-shaped strip of whatever design you picked, craftfully trim and shape it then gently soothe and smooth away the bumps for a polish but tough veneer. Tough enough for guitar-swaggering rock musicans, the most of Minx Nails clients.

Since the tricky designs are pre-sketched onto the enamel strip, there are no time-frustrating hand dipping or painting or the sloppy results. In thirty minutes, max, your talons or thumbs (the preferred male way of displaying decorative nail art) showcase either the latest in fashion or your allegiance (again, very popular among sly dandies).

On the other hand-yes, pun very much intended-it isn't too rigid when it times to switching around patterns and trends and signias.

With Minx Nails, you can truly be on the cutting edge or subtly sly on the fly, like Minx Nails' latest, disco mirrored/grid Tease Line (the nails above) while saving your skin.

Co-founder Janice Jordan, “The Teaser line is a little more subtle, but each color has layers of metallic undertones, making it impossible to decide exactly what color you are looking at. The color just keeps teasing you depending on the angle, the light, and what you are wearing, and everyone knows we Minxes love a good tease!”

The iridescent finish, the progression of the shiny metallic colors and designs, variations of pewter and bronze, and the shimmering blue, red, green and white flashing with the silver get you ready to groove on the dance floor.

Wink your inner rock star, pop diva or fashionista flirt on your finger tips-even in the office.