Saturday, December 21, 2019

Safe as Sugar, Beet Tan Self-Tanning Lotion, as the new Evening Makeup Foundation for that Golden Globe Glow.

By Laura Medina

No, doesn't make you orange and it's not artifical.

Unlike most spray tans, you can actually breathe and inhale safely since it's made from beet sugar, can't go no more sweeter than that.

That's the spray tan version of Beet Tan.

Of course, the easier version is the at-home Beet Tan Self-Tanning Lotion.

For the face, it's like applying ordinary makeup foundation.

Dot pea-sized amounts of the tanning lotion on your forehead, nose bridge, chin and center on both cheeks, in a square diamon formation.  Then, evenly spread and cover all the face.
Then, you can add lotion or cream or spray sunscreen over the application.

For those with olive complexion, surprisingly, the tanning lotion gives a radiant glow from within.

Not too brown nor orange.

For the rest of body, especially the limbs such arms and legs, you need to well mix and blend with body lotion or moisturizer for a more natural appearance, without streaks.

With Beet Tan Self-Tanning Lotion, you glow.

The Golden Globes and Awards Season are following in the holidays' footsteps.  Now you know how your favorite celebrity glow-Beet Tan Self-Tanning Lotion, from head to toe.

In a Pinch, Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cajun Deep Fried Turkey, an Holiday Gift That Makes Everyone Happy.

By Laura Medina

When you're lucky enough to run on time and energy but you're making bank in the process, it's time to support the economy.

This little-known but growing secret is that Kentucky Fried Chicken has been making and selling Cajun Deep Fried Turkey, the whole bird, for a good few years.  

With increased stress  and expectations, this limited-edition, only-holiday menu is increasingly becoming popular as "Friendsgiving" during Thanksgiving; a great catering meal for film and TV shots during the holidays then a great last-minute potluck gift to this fast-approaching Christmas.  You'll be an hero when you're the only one who brings a real meal to a potluck dinner of side dishes.

As of 2015, KFC does not sell fried turkey on its main menu. The fast food chain sells fried turkey for pre-ordering during the Thanksgiving holiday season. 

A KFC fried turkey typically requires 24-hour advance notice, pre-payment and an appointment for pick-up. They can come pre-injected with Cajun sauce and can vary from 12 to 16 pounds. Customers can order a full meal that includes sides such as gravy, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and biscuits or just order the turkey. The number of turkeys available at a specific KFC location depends on its frying capacity.

This is another reason why Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey is such a rarity.  Not all KFC restaurants have the space and the fry machine to deep-fry the turkeys.

But once you discover a KFC that does it, it's a miracle.

The turkey itself is just $59.  With all the fixings and side dishes, it's $79.  KFC does all the work.  You can order it a day before but ideally, you can order two-weeks in advance.

With all this emphasis on work yet expectation of perfection, giving a KFC Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey is the way to be now a days.

Warning-this obvious holiday promotion will end on Christmas Day.

Once Christmas is over, no more KFC Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey until the next holiday season.

The day after Halloween, KFC Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey may return for another holiday season.

Keep your eyes out for it.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Happy Endings and a New Chapter for Ron Robinson, Reveals the Secrets Behind Ron, Wife, Sharon & Righ-Lady, Karen Meena.

By Laura Medina

Ron Robinson, the man and his stores, have been legendary.  They set the standard for a many hip and trendy boutiques to follow, copy, and live up to.

Unfortunately, like any hip and trendy stores, Ron Robinson the store, will be transiting into a purely online retailer by January 31, 2020.  That the same day that physical brick and mortar store, on Melrose, will shut down for good.

Like any good trend-forecasting retailer, they can't help but notice the slower and lighter foot traffic with increasing online sales.

They proves that being trendy knows no age.  Before they let go of their Santa Monica location, it was a wellness hub.  The early Saturday morning free yoga and pilates classes, right next to Norma Kamali athleisure while promoting up and coming healthy morning breakfast and treats.  Ron Robinson has been a young business cheerleader.

To the very end, Ron Robinson has always been about lifestyle and socio-graphic changes then responding and meeting changing society's needs and wants.

Trends come from technology, as in stretch weave and knits covered in sequins, easy and comfortable glam. Now a days, nobody should suffer for fashion.  Even as the physical boutique is fading away, technology still drives Ron Robinson online, for anyone, anywhere, and anytime.  Here, Ron's wife, Sharon wearing Norma Kamali Single Breast Jacket,,:

Overlapping Sequin High Shoulder Single Breasted Jacket is a festive alternate to a classic Single Breasted Jacket. Gently curved to flatter and tailored to perfection with notched lapels, a sharp padded shoulder and velcro closure, this jacket is covered in sequins with raw, clean cut edges making it a wrinkle free and travel friendly piece!
  • Slim fit
  • All over sequins
  • Front velcro closure
  • Welt pockets
  • Notched lapels
  • Extra padded shoulder pads
  • Chest pocket

Sharon Robinson, is the brains to Ron's heart.

Whereas, Karen Meena, Vice-President of buying and Merchandising, is his right-hand lady. 

Two months before Ron's "Happy Endings" holiday party, the trio did a Questions & Answers seminar, where Karen made a very rare appearance.

During the Q&A, they let it all out, like Ron's book, "RON ROBINSON xxxx YEARS"

This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to go into retail, online or physical brick and mortar.

During their Q&A, behind the appearance of being fresh and new or on the cusp or on the cutting edge, Ron and Sharon look for experience in hiring their employees.

Karen said she run her own store before she joined Ron.

Sharon was a head buyer for a corporate department store before Ron hooked her, by saying she's tough enough and smart to help run his then-emerging store then further sweeten the deal by saying, she has a definite say in running his business.

Sharon even decides if they do a cocktail or an event, in this age of social media.

These are the women behind the throne.

If you read the book, it's a down to earth, honest, literally an open book of what it is really like running a constantly hot and hip, trendy boutique, like being robbed at gun point.

Even after dealing with all sorts of envy and robbery, Ron is still a sweet guy who still yearns for his Texas hometown Split Pea Soup.

Well, once his son, Max, carries his business online, Ron may rediscover his Split Pea Soup.

At the Happy Endings shindig, Ron lets it be known that his business is financially healthy. 
It's not going out of business.  Of course, his freebie Saturday morning fitness classes were an hit.

It's that, after fifty-two years of doing and experiencing and witness everything in the upscale, fashion-forward business, with an open-mind and eyes, he and Sharon want to explore and experience new things, new places, and new people.  Once the business is in Max's good hands, Ron and Sharon are ready for new chapters.

Good news fashion newbies, Karen will be doing consulting.

As for this small-town Southern scribe, I'm honored to be considered a quasi-family friend or the neighborhood cat that never left.  It took me 30 years, from reading about him in them Hollywood magazines to actually doing yoga and cocktailing with the man and his family.  In the 10 years, Ron has proved to be somewhat of a Santa Claus because of his heart.

He shall be missed, an one of a kind.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

LiveXLive's Holiday Showcasing Rising Music Stars.

Awards Season, which is around the corner right after the holidays, is for more established performers.  

Actually, the holiday season is a right time to debut fresh talent, what a way to celebrate the New Year.

What used to be MTV's domain thirty years ago, music networks such as has taken over, broadcasting live concerts, festivals, and intimate sets over streaming anywhere and anytime.

At their holiday showcase, Live x Live's industry concert are fresh pickings.

In only a few months with one song, Live x Live debut a full set by vintage funk/soul, Kyle Lux and his Gen-Z band funking out that bass and organ keyboards.  Kyle is so fresh, he's still in and continuing his University of Southern California Trojan education.

Speaking of continuing, the Electric Oranges are carrying Prince's sensuality/sexuality torch in freedom of expression and free speech but in Millennial/Gen-Z Emo.  You can also hear and see it as a maturation of Emo.

By disguising their identities and only allowing their day jobs to give clues-one of them is Drake's engineer while the other is Adele's vocal coach or an Artist & Representation executive moonlighting as a singer.

Through smoke and mirrors, audience have to focus on the music and message but the electricity is very much on display.

Emo grows up.

Fresh talent for the new year.

Alison Thornton, of USA Network's "Dare Me," is an All-Natural Girl.

By Laura Medina

When this scribe saw Alison Thornton, one of the USA Network's stars in their cheerleading drama, "Dare Me," she was one of the presenters at the CineFashion Awards Show.

Alison had no idea it was this big a deal, until she received that gorgeous gown for that night.  It was a big deal for her since she's all-natural girl from Vancouver, British Columbia who likes to hike. 

She's a rising actress, playing the ambitious high school freshman cheerleader in USA Network's "Dare Me," based on Megan Abbott's novel, "Dare Me." Based on the novel, "Dare Me" focus on the competitive nature and world of high school cheerleading.

Alison said, sure there is something dark about it. While researching her character, Tacy Cassidy, Alison learned that cheerleading is the only way these kids can earn a scholarship to college.

In a way, American high school cheerleading reminds her of her competitive dancing days, the sparkle, the makeup, and the drive.

When this scribe mentioned there are a new spate of movies dealing with mental health, Alison also mentioned she just acted in this independent movie, "Mental Health" that will be released next year.

In between movies, she likes to find nature among greater Los Angeles.

She likes nothing more, than hiking in the hills and in Malibu.

Since it's the midst of the holiday season, of course, Alison is returning home for the holidays.

For someone who wants to visit her hometown, Vancouver, Alison asks which season they want to visit.

During Winter, nothing beats Whistler for skiing.  For Spring and Summer, you can simply kayak and camp and there are no bugs and mosquitoes.

For the holidays, it takes a local insider, like Alison, to catch Vancouver's German Christmas Parade.

Taika Waititi, the star and the director of "JoJo Rabbit," is Alison's favorite director of her favorite movie.

She mentioned, later on in her career, she would like to direct, "Would it be nice to give directions, instead of taking directions."

Alison is on a meaningful trajectory.

BabyPhat is Back! BabyPhat x Forever 21.

By Laura Medina

Kimora and Ming hosted a killer party, the Forever 21 x Baby Phat collaboration launch.  She celebrates the collaboration at LA’s Avenue nightclub late Tuesday night (12/3). The collection officially launches Dec 12th

Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughter, Ming, were hands on when they celebrated the relaunch of their BabyPhat with Forever 21 at Avenue nightclub. Luchini Pizzeria served eggrolls and mini burger sliders.  Doja Cat was the headlining performer.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

CineFashion Awards is a Warm-Up to the Golden Globes. Foster children are the Real Holiday Trend.

By Laura Medina

Foster children are the continuous trend this holiday season, rightfully so.
From last night's Legacy Foundation Gala for supporting foster kids into adulthood, through college aid to CineFashion Awards finale, spotlighting foster children needing parents.  Beneath the glam and glitter, it's about deserving children.  This is why CineFashion Awards saved the best for last, with hip-hop artist, Doug E. Fresh.

Still, don't forget this is an awards show for film fanatics who are fashionistas.

"House of Cardin" documentary swept the awards for: Best Fashion Feature Film and Best Director in a Feature Film. 

"10 Hours in a Motel Room" won Best Costume Design.

"Nouvelle Vouge" won Best Fashion Film.

Sisters Sledge won an award, presented by their idol, Chaka Kahn.  The international Asian-Euro audience got on up on their feet, when Sisters Sledge sang their timeless hit, "We Are Family."

CineFashion Awards saved another for the finale, Doug E. Fresh jamming and pumping with a troupe of foster children, waiting for adoption.

After doing his classic hip-hop hits, he and the kids were pump-fisting to Eighties hair-metal Bon Jovi and Journey.

For a sea of sequins and beadings, CineFashion Awards is more inclusive than most towns' society events, especially spotlight unwanted children who deserve more than most.

Foster children are the real holiday trend.

Tommy Davidson

Tommy Davidson

Alison Thornton, Up & Coming

Stuffed Crepes making fresh dinner & dessert crepes was a big hit among CineFashion international audience.

Doug E Fresh & Foster Kids are the holiday trend.

Doug E. Fresh with foster kids. Foster kids are the real trend.

Douge E. Fresh throws down the house, with foster children. That's the theme, foster kids.

Doug E. Fresh shows the love for his International Fan Base

Doug E. Fresh Finale for CineFashion Awards

Chaka Kahn Presents CineFashion Award to Sisters Sledge

Sisters Sledge, Disco for the Holidays

Sisters Sledge has an huge Euro fan base

Sisters Sledge, Junior High Done Upscale

Sisters Sledge, Eighties Divas

Monday, December 9, 2019

Marie Westwood Magazine with Mario Lopez and Legacy Charitable Foundation with CeCe Peniston Kick Off the Holiday Season.

By Laura Medina

Yes, Hollywood does and loves celebrating the holidays, more than most expected.  To really pissed off the plebeians, Hollywood takes decades of glamour and expertise in production design and choreography then amp it up, to everybody's jealous.  Can't help it, if they do it for a living and as family legacy.

To make it worse, Hollywood legacies and today's hottie stars (who remembers what it's like to start out with nothing) really give it back during the holidays.

The holiday season got launched at Hollywood socialite, fashion designer, and historian, Sue Wong's historical Los Feliz mansion, the inspiration for "Sunset Blvd." and former Jimi Hendrix crash pad and Johnny Depp's former home.

Thanks to Marie Westwood Magazine and their cover boy, Mario Lopez, Sue Wong's holiday was roaring like a Roaring Twenties soiree.

Of course, it's Sue Wong's world because it is her home.  She staged a runway show in a middle of her numerous guests.  It's a runway show of her signature Edwardian gowns and Flapper cocktail dresses, beaded in contemporary stretch weave.

The holidays roll onto The Legacy Charitable Foundation's 5th Annual Holiday Masquerade Ball with Cece Peniston belting out her heart and soul for foster kids.

If you prefer the naughty hide & seek glamour of Halloween and you missed out on the first time, think of  The Legacy Charitable Foundation's 5th Annual Holiday Masquerade Ball as do-over, Halloween for Christmas.  Halloween for a good cause. Way better than a tacky Christmas sweater party; and it does not mock nor disrespect the good-hearted spirit.

This the reason why CeCe Peniston agrees to belting out her dance club and now, health club hits.  She believes if you give heart and soul, you'll get heart and soul in return.  Okay, guests turns out for her, as the headliner.

Legacy Charitable Foundation's 5th Annual Holiday Masquerade Ball. Legacy Charitable Foundation formally known as the SLIG Charitable Foundation, celebrates its 5th Annual Fundraising Gala themed "A Masquerade Ball” in support of Echoes Of Hope helping children, youth, and young adults in need by alleviating barriers and helping them reach their full potential. 

The Legacy Charitable Foundation’s mission is to compassionately commit to assist our surrounding community at large by promoting social welfare and supporting other non-profit organization with emphasis on enriching and improving health research — such as Alzheimer’s and cancer; organizations that assist the homeless, support disabled and/or sick youth, foster youth, education, financial literacy, low income family living residences, and overall well-being of all people that are in need of hope. We not only love to create awareness, however especially raise funds to bridge the gap between those in need and support the programs to help them strive. 

But, the real treat was a surprise flare bartending.

Guests were awing the daring-dos of highly skilled and trained bartenders using Molotov cocktails as fireworks and fire-breathing without setting the place on fire.

Wow! What a treat. Thank god for video uploads and downloads.

When Hollywood celebrates the holidays, they do it with style; they do it big and literally set it on fire.  There's a lot of wattage in Hollywood in the two weeks leading up to Christmas...then everybody takes a breather, before the New Year and the Golden Globes.