Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lelia Shams Breaking the Mold in Style Network's "City Girl Diaries"

By Laura Medina

Ever wish there will come a show that will fill in the yearning since "Sex and the City" departed?

Wish fulfilled. The Style Network will air on Sunday, July 21 at 9/8c, five beautiful 30-something best friends are taking viewers on a high-class journey through their fast-paced New York City lives,

First thing this morning, one of the cast members, fashion designer Leila Shams chatted over the phone with a select panel of journalists, including this scribe, to discuss her own fashion line, "Lelia Shams," being a "City Girl Diaries" cast member, and doling advice to aspiring fashion designers and her unique perspective on being a designer in their media-easy/friendly/hungry world that we live in.

A veteran fashion designer for DKNY Jeans, Express, Bebe, and Buffalo Jeans who struck out on her own then got "rehabbed" by the stern Joey Zee ( creative director of Elle) on Sundance Channel's "All On The Line for only that one episode for that only one season,  this mere toe-dipping in the reality show pool made it easier for Leila to be comfortable with the longer format of the Style Network's "City Girl Diaries."

During this conference phone interview, Leila was willing to dispense lessons she learned from running her fashion design business while being on reality shows...what looks good on TV doesn't look the same on real folks. 

Her being on "All On The Line" didn't directly lead her to "City Girl Diaries" but she realized that importance of reality TV for fashion designers, emerging and established, in regards to pushing yourself out there.  Thanks to "Project Runway," "All On The Line," and "Fashion Star,"  the mainstream is taking these show much more seriously.  Paraphrasing, "Sure, when "Project Runway" first started out, nobody took Tim Gunn, Michael Kors seriously but now, they do."  Due to the rising acceptance of these reality shows, fashion designers such as John Varvatos and Michael Kors, are now household names which become brands, and that is very much to fashion designers.

Because of "All On The Line" then "City Girl Diaries," it makes it easier for Leila to attract backers and sponsors.  All this attention increased sales on her site.  It also help her learn to "tone it up for the runway then tone it down for the real people."

Making that transition from a TV guest to a full-time reality TV cast member did made Leila worry about what her first-generation parents think but so far, so good.  The show is an antidote to "The Real Housewives" franchise.  Leila called the show a "feel good show" where everything is fun and good. 

Yes, the legendary "Sex and the City" was the impetus for "City Girl Diaries;" but that is where "City Girl Diaries" left off and takes off.  None of the cast members are molded on those four archetypal characters.  More than anything, they're breaking the mold.  Remember, this is a reality show.  

Leila, "We're not Real Housewives.  We're real career women.  We're all in monogamous relationships.  Only one is dating.  We're just showing part of New York life.  It was so much fun hanging out with the girls.  A no-brainer.

"City Girl Diaries" also glimpse into each woman's livelihood and what it takes.  

Leila isn't afraid to say that there is a difference between being an artist and being a fashion designer.  She may had inherited her artist leanings from her mom but Leila isn't shy about saying a fashion designer needs to know business and a good factory to manufacture your orders.

She offers other nuggets of wisdom.  Move to New York, like she did for Parsons, to get a firm fashion education from veterans who are now teaching, i.e. go to college.  Even, she admits she was the worst student but you have to..;and you have to work hard to show your instructors then the working industry veterans that you're serious about what you're doing to make it worth their while. 

Leila can't help but notice the increased up-tick in design students due to "Project Runway."  As a veteran fashion designer, she said it was easier to gain notice starting out because, again, Leila recognized the importance of social media.  But now with so much media outlets, it gets harder to connect.  She loves Tumblr.  However, she never gives up on connecting with as much outlets as possible, "Bloggers are the new "Vogue," the new editors."

As a veteran fashion designer, Leila is insightful enough to notice the difference between New York fashion industry and Los Angeles' fashion industry.  Sure, it's great to gain your education and foothold in New York because the industry is more centralized and organized but when it comes to experimenting with new ideas, new concepts, new market, and investors, Leila can't help but show LA some respect.

Asked what to do if considering relocating to LA or becoming Bi-Coastal, Leila witnesses the fashion shows and the trade shows in LA getting bigger each and every time.  Because the fashion business in New York is more established, more centralized, and more organized, New Yorkers are much more jaded by the industry.  Whereas in LA, there are people who are more fantasized and intrigued by the fashion business which means these people are more willing to spend and support designers as investors.

Being a full-time cast member on "City Girl Diaries" isn't the only thing changing Leila's life.  She's expecting to be a mom to a daughter.  

So, watch Leila juggle her fashion business, her relationships, her friendships, and her impending motherhood this Sunday night at 9pm on the Style Network.  You might watch her expanding to then developing a girls clothing line in the process.  All in a day of a life of a fashion designer.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Helena Christensen is a "Walk in Beauty" for NYDJ Denim

By Laura Medina

Not Your Daughter's Jeans was the forerunner in the highly engineered jeans specifically tailored towards to mature, fashion-conscious women who are in-demand enough to live active by stylish lives.

The founders found that "gap" then successfully fill-in and dominated it.

It took awhile but NYDJ's their first spokemodel that represent real women who withstand passing fads and fancies...Helena Christensen for their new Fall 2013 campaign, “Walk in Beauty.” 

The “Walk in Beauty” campaign is the apex of a five year re-branding effort for NYDJ that reflects a modern, ageless, and fashion-forward image of the brand. The concept of the campaign interprets the confident, euphoric, and beautiful feeling women have when they first try on NYDJ.

“With the evolution of our brand and expansion of product, this season was a perfect time to push the boundaries on our advertising and take it to the next level,” explains Edwin Lewis, Chairman and CEO of NYDJ.  We conducted a widespread search of models and actresses for this campaign, looking for the right fit,” states Lewis. “Helena rose to the top because of her incredible beauty and legendary fashion experience, and also because she is a woman of substance who embodies the self-confidence and beauty women feel when they wear NYDJ.” 

The '90’s Supermodel Era may have passed, but these timeless beauties are proving their staying power in the industry with a slew of new fashion campaigns and runway show appearances.

These '90's Supermodels represent the NYDJ customer, a stylish and experienced woman who had stand the test of time, whizzing through every whim and fad there is while staying true to herself.

Since the television commercials, a first for NYDJ, are scheduled to air on national and cable networks beginning September 9th,  Helena has the experience, the professionalism, and the comfortable of being on time while at ease filming ad campaigns, a true lady, not a wild-at-hear ingenue.

Don't worry, Helena like NYDJ women, she knows what she's doing.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Two new additions to the NARS 413 BLKR Collection, Lipstick and Nail Polish, on August the First

By Laura Medina

Yes, Chanel's Vamp started it all, the juicy plum/berry/black cherry lips.  The new foreruner to Chanel's classic red.  From, a new generation of French taste-makers have sprung in it's wake, namely Nars.

Founder and Creative Director Fran├žois Nars drew inspiration from the fast-paced city of Manhattan when this line-up and these new shades fit in seamlessly.

Come this Thursday, say "hello" to the new burgundy lips, 413 BLKR Lipstick, a deep rose brown in a full-bodied, velvety texture. 

A transfixing midnight blue 413 BLKR Nail Polish accompanies the lipstick, imparting a luster and a fresh, fashion-forward accent to complete edgy but elegant look. 

This pair will debut this Thursday, August the First at the NARS Boutiques and

"The Wonder Dress" or Cocktail Dresses & Hair & Makeup for the Cocktail Season

By Laura Medina

A high-end spirit woman representative exclaims, "The Wonder Dress" when I told her my black and blue Oxana Dress by Stretta, ( sucks you in at all the right places...your waist, your thighs...while pushes everything up where it suppose to be, your bust and your butt.

As a lifestyle scribe in demand by the fashionistas, the culturatis, and the posh gourmet foodies, this scribe can easily pull herself inside this Oxana Dress by Stretta-without unzipping-and she is ready to hit the night.

The night being, LuckyRice LA 2013 kindly sponsored by Bombay Sapphire Gin and East.  This black and blue Oxana dress literally fits the Singapore-rushing-forward Asian/Fusion Food theme of Bombay Blue against a black ground, like this Bombay Sapphire waitress with this scribe.  We match!  The other women foodies were asking this scribe what type of dress this Oxana by Stretta Dress, where to get it, and were either jealous or admiring that this dress is sucks in the the excess proportions yet is comfortable enough to accommodate the nibbling of gourmet hor d' oeuvres and the sipping of deliciously refreshing Summer Suck-Down cocktails, generously supplied by Bombay Sapphire Gin, of course.

For the Angeleno Magazine's 11th Annual Live & Dine Food Festival, this Jennifer Lopez color block dress in the classic, never fail combo of black and white was also an "easy pull," as in it is also a pull on over then you're ready to hit the swell cocktail circuit.

A good outfit is like a good architecture.  The clothes provide the foundation but you need the accessories to embellish it.  Whether you do both jewelry or hair and makeup, you can do both or be tastefully chic by doing one or the other.

This scribe prefer "Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge" approach, a good dress with a glossy head of hair and a touch of lively makeup.

For the LuckyRice LA Asian Food Festival, in honoring of the Bombay Sapphire Gin East sponsors, I matched my nails to my Oxana Stretta black and blue dress to the Bombay Sapphire black and blue theme.  This is Essie's Sleek Sticks, their new manicure stickers that come in seasonal, limited-edition textures and designs.  "Show Me Your Stuff" Nail Stickers ( of black filigree against a blue backgrounds matches the Oxana Stretta Dress effortlessly.  This scribe knocked out her manicure in 5 minutes flat on both hands, great for last-minute invites, refresh your polish, clubbing it while waiting in line or an emergency TV appearance on-air or online.  The female foodies were awing over this nails and were amazed this scribe peeled and go in a wink.  For a cocktail party, you need a "cocktail fingers."

This scribe started by efficiently smoothing and curling her blow-out with this revolutionary new hot air brush that this scribe cannot live without, John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Salon Shape Hot Air Brush (  Prepping and conditioning beforehand with Alterna Caviar CC Cream 10-In-1 Complete Correction a.k.a. "CC Cream for the hair,"  this scribe flips on the "Hot" setting on the John Frieda® Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ( then started effortlessly brushing and drying simultaneously soaked tresses into smooth, glassy tresses by sealing the conditioner while brushing them smoothly.  Towards the ends of the tresses, this scribe twirl a section of hair around the hot air brush.  Blasting the hot air from the inside to the outside of the brush wand, this sets and releases bouncy, springy curls.  Nifty eh?!

Okay, onto the face.  For an equally smooth-as-glass appearance, this scribe swipe on Smashbox's Liquid Halo HD Foundation SPF 15 ( for that "photoshop" radiant glow.  This foundation utilizes 100 percent Liquid Light Technology for a totally natural, radiant finish. The microscopic, gel-covered pigments mimic photo filters to blur imperfections. This HD formula completely evens out skin, but is undetectable to the naked eye. This oil-free foundation works with all undertones and builds from sheer to medium coverage.No caking here.

Sephora Collection's very own MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Trio in Sassy, ( contours and highlights cheekbones then flush them with hot pink for color.

Since the cocktail season uses the best of produce bounty during the sweatiest days and nights of Summer, it's a must to bring out your eyes in water-proof eyeliners.

For this brown-eyed scribe, she rims her eyes in Sephora Collection's Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof eyeliners ( in black-purple "Tango Night" and plum "Love Affair" for depth and dimension.

For melt-free lips, Tarte's Glamazon™ Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick moisturizes and comforts those smackers like gloss without the drippiness or the stickiness (  The nutrient and antioxidant-enriched Amazonian clay provides the melt-proof durability while the maracuja oil and olive esters moisturize the lips.

Caboodles has grown up.  No longer that '80's pastel New Wave plastic fishing tackle box.  It matured along with its demographic, from makeup-infatuated teens to on-the-go fashionistas.  Their makeup kits are built sturdy like their traditional cases but in stain-proof, soft nylon in stylish textures and patterns.  The interiors are just as sensible as their processors but with more sensible ruched interior pockets holding your smart phone, foundation bottle/tube, brush, pen, eyeliners, and lipstick.  The interior mesh zip pocket is for your wallet or compact.  The two exterior zippered pockets are also handy for smartphones, business cards, mints, and festival/concert tickets.

The Caboodle tote bag this scribe carried her makeup-touch-ups, wallet, and phone is "Envy" It Bag (
This is how you groove your way through the cocktail season during the dog days of Summer with smooth hair, polished skin, and melt-proof, natural makeup with a minimal of sweat. 

Sip Up!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pink Lipstick for Everyone, Every Complexion, Every Mood

By Laura Medina

There are times when you just want the perfect or appropriate pink lipstick.  With that mentality, pink lipstick is becoming the new "classic" as much as the mandatory red lipstick. Fatigued with hunting and searching among various makeup brands and companies when you just want the right pink lipstick that compliments your complexion, your mood?

Pink Holiday Lipstick is here to help.  Just focusing on providing 21 numerous shades of pink lipstick, Pink Holiday Lipsticks' smooth and creamy formula uses hydrating conditioners and soft waxes to deeply moisturize lips, while micronized pigments provide exceptional color density and long lasting wear. Lips are perfectly and evenly saturated with intense color, and look plump, soft, and youthful for hours. 

The color range from Italian Riviera's fiery fuchsia to Palm Beach’s pale soft glow.  Each and in-between, Pink Holiday all-pink lipstick line offers everyday wearability, brilliant color, and lush moisture so women of all backgrounds can enjoy their own specifically flattering, modern version of a classic.

If you go to Henri Bendel,,, you find: Amalfi Dreaming, Bermuda House, Bride to Be, Capri Flowers, Champagne Toast, Forever My Darling, Honeymoon in Rome, Love in Portofino, Lunch at the 21, Marry Me, Meeting His Family, Nantucket Summer, Palm Beach Junket, Pink Flamingo Club, Rialto Romance, Seaside Splendor, Shopping in Paris, Sunday Brunch, Taormina Nights, Wedding Day, Weekend in Como.

Consider the pink lipstick the new makeup staple.

Party Animals, Both the Animals & the Human Kinds, Hanging at LA Zoo's "Roaring Nights"

By Laura Medina

On the third and last night of LA Zoo's "Roaring Nights," the zoo's three-parts carnival-meets-zoo that runs every Thursday night for the past three weeks, was a nice break from the usual seen-and-be-seen scene for Los Angeles' culturati, faded by dive bars, superficial night clubs, and jaded glamorized industry parties.

This "thinking out of the box" concept was a great breather from the blase scenster scene.

Not saying this is clean, wholesome fun for the kiddies.  In conjunction with KCRW, this 18 years old and up night-time only event had beer and wine bars dotting the landscape; and well-known gourmet food trucks, such as the Grilled Cheese Truck, Coolhaus, Komodo Truck, and Crepe'n Around catered to grown-up palates, beyond the juvenile fare of hot dogs, burgers, and soda.  For every hundred feet, there is a food truck fueling party animals, the big adult human kind.

To further prove this wasn't a kiddie affair, the LA Zoo's "Roaring Night" has proven to be a romantic hit among pairs of couples who evolved from the city's usual single-bar jungle scene.

With even more adult fare of emerging indie-rock bands hand-picked by KCRW and blue-note comedians training under the edgy tutelage of the Improv Comedy Troupe, "Roaring Nights" is for "big kids," not for tots.

Normally, most human beings have little kids' heart, so guests got a kick riding the lighted, blinking carousel rocking to DJ Morningstar, who got the after-hours carnival throbbing with beats.

The band, No, hit the stage, directly in front of the Elephant exhibit, party-ing pachyderms. The koalas in the Australia section were also party animals, along with the perpetually chic black-necked swans.  Hollywood "snakes" mingled with real reptilians at the Lizard Lair.  The adult kids and the lovey-dovey couples love browsing and photographing the party animals grooving to the tunes.  Mind you, the exhibits opened at night were the animals okay with night-time activities.  The furry, big cats were asleep and their enclosure were blocked off and guarded by security and zoo staff.

Alias, this recent past Thursday night the 25th was the closing night of this night-time series. One can only hope LA Zoo's "Roaring Nights" carnival will return next year.  A hipster can wish.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get Glow-ing at Blushington Tomorrow Night from 6pm until 8pm

Come tomorrow at Blushington at Sunset Plaza (free parking behind the salon/boutique and across the street) for a "Get Glowing" for Summer tune-up.

Between 6pm until 8pm this Thursday night, refresh on Blue Print Juice, get exercise tips from the experts at Physique 57. After gleaming exercise tips, unknot with hand and chair massages from the amazing Ciel Spa staff of the SLS hotel while Blushington staff touches you up with their "Get Glowing" Summer Makeover.

All at Blushington 8591 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood tomorrow night, Thursday the 25th from 6pm until 8pm.

“Banana Republic Issa Collection in 3 Weeks!”

By Laura Medina

As soon as it hits the press back in Spring of this year, right smack dabbed in the middle of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy, people have been asking, "Is the blue dress part of the Issa for Banana Republic Collection?"  The answer is out like the royal prince.  Yes, that blue wrap dress that Kate made iconic is part of the upcoming Issa for Banana Republic Collection in three weeks, on August the 8th at select Banana Republic retail locations worldwide and online.
Issa for Banana Republic isn't a directly copy of Issa's own solid jewel-toned satin silk wrap dresses and halter gowns.  Remember, Banana Republic is an American store that outfitted Glided Aged explorers with jungle-worthy safari clothes heading for a hunting and exploring trip in Africa.

This limited edition collaboration between Issa of London and Americana Banana Republic celebrates "the safari roots of Banana Republic’s heritage and the spirit of an exotic journey."

The company's globe-trotting roots formed the mentality of today's jet-setting customer...

“We were immediately inspired by Banana Republic’s heritage of safari adventures when we dreamt up this collection together,” says Banana Republic Creative Director and Executive Vice President of Design, Simon Kneen. “Issa London’s effortlessly chic style complements our global Banana Republic consumer who is on the go and needs to transition her look seamlessly from day to night.”

The August 8th release reflects the timing of their customer, who seeking transitional wear that is chic and globally appropriate that can be packed and rolled into a carry-on in a jiff.  Banana Republic further elaborates on this.., 

"The Banana Republic Issa London Collection marries the iconic Banana Republic covetable sense of effortless modernity with Issa’s feminine shapes and use of signature prints. The collection infuses romantic colors with elegant draping, creating a desirable style that easily transitions from summer to fall."  In other words, great from Beverly  Hills to Manhattan to London and everywhere in between.

Speaking of honoring and respecting "the safari roots of Banana Republic’s heritage and the spirit of an exotic journey," the "polka dots" are actually leopard prints done up in ocean blue and African sun rise and sunset.  The stripes are a riff on zebra stripes, the African dyes, sunsets, and native patterns.

The nearly 40-piece collection includes apparel and accessories in Issa London’s signature figure flattering silhouettes that are bold, yet tastefully refined. Exotic prints of zebra and leopard are infused with neutral and jewel-tone hues, creating a well-balanced collection. Covetable women’s pieces range from zebra print kimono-sleeved dresses, to bold, rich pebbled leather envelope clutches. Jewelry includes statement gold chain necklaces and bracelets as well as leather wrapped bangles. Apparel includes petites and will range in price from $69.50 (sweater) - $150.00 (dress); jewelry and accessory pieces range from $39.50 (bangle) - $150.00 (tote).

Think of this Issa limited edition collection for Banana Republic as the American Collection.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 Tools in 1, John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush

By Laura Medina

As a thick, wavy maned scribe on-the-go, this scribe has fallen under the spell of drive-thru blow-outs and updos at this new wave of blow-out salon bars.

However, as the number of swank events increased, the wallet has decreased as the mane requires more blow-outs than the wallet can allow.  Inversely, as the events multipled, time and scheduling decreased.

For awhile, this scribe has no choice but to go in because no one is a multiple-armed octopus where a person can blow-dry, rolled, and brush simultaneously.

What a scribe on-the-go to do?  Discover a hot new hair styling tool that is 3 tools in one, John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Salon Shape Hot Air Brush.

The John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush is the best one in a reasonably-priced range in a new league of hair styling tools, the Hot Air Brush.

The Hot Air Brush is a round brush, blow-dryer, and curling iron in one that you can twirl in one hand in the privacy of your own room in your own abode.  It eliminates the time and the need of an hair stylist wanding a brush and clipping a curling iron in one hand and blasting a bulky blow-dryer in another hand.

If you just want a smooth but wavy "glossy possy" head of hair each and every time while saving money and space at your convenience,  John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush is the one for you.     

With these new league of Beauty Balm for Hair and Color Correcting Cream for Hair, you'll save even more time, money, and space while getting the maximum in achieving a glossy head of hair with polished body.

This scribe was lucky enough to be one of the first in the market to test-drive
John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush then also, one of the first to test-drive the even rarier BB Cream and CC Cream for hair, KeratinPerfect Hair BB 3-in-1 Multi-Action Hair Balm ( and the more widely available, Alterna Caviar CC Cream 10-In-1 Complete Correction ( at Sephora.

After stepping out of the shower or bath, coat your tresses with BB Hair Cream or CC Hair Cream to nourish them first.  Based on studying hair stylists twirling strands of hair for years,  divide your hair into sections for easier styling, rolling, and drying then twirl them firmly but lightly around the hot air brush.

Once you wand your section of hair around the hot air brush, John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush comes with three settings to dry and style: Cool, Hot, and Warm.

Since it's the dog days of Summer and you want a less frizzy cotton ball of hair, this scribe blasts the setting at Cool for relief.  Sure, it takes longer to set in the glossy waves but your hair will thank you.  While setting shape as it dries, the Cool air gently dries as it shapes your strands, making for a smoother appearance.

Pressed for time or it's Winter, you can cut down time and speed up the heat by switching to Warm and Hot Setting.  It dries hotter and quicker, you can twirl your tresses for a shorter amount of time so you wouldn't burn it or you can get tighter, springy curls in a shorter amount of time.

If you want a head of hair as smooth and polished like glass, mimic your hair stylist's moves by lightly wrapping your sections of hair around the hot air brush then quickly but gently unroll and brush as it dries the hair at the same time.  Then, repeat with another section of hair.  Do the whole head like this until it is all polish and smooth around the crown then glossy and bouncy waves at the bottom.

As you can tell, the hot air brush is best suited for those with chin-length bobs, long bobs, and Kate Middleton's long hair who need a fast blow-out in one arm.

This thick maned, long-haired scribe treats the hot air brush as a round brush with a built-in blow-dryer, coming within from the barrel wand.  For more spiral curls, this scribe flips the switch up to Warm or Hot for a quick blast of hot air to set in the curls, like a curling iron.

After being acquainted with John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush for a number of weeks, it is now one of hair's new best buddies, alongside the BB Hair Cream and CC Hair Cream.

As someone who gets introduces to all sorts of inventions and products, John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush has completely revolutionizes this scribe's beauty routine, just as Beauty Balms and Color Correction Creams.

It takes a lot to impress this scribe.

NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation August 1st then September 1st.

By Laura Medina
To Watch the Behind-the-Scenes of Radiant Cream Compact Foundation in action,

First, it was Beauty Balms for tender, dry skin who needs tender loving care with protection.  Then, Color Correcting Creams for damaged skin who needs treatment and repair while being repaired by coverage.  These new generation of foundations are friends with actual benefits.

Next upcoming trend for this Fall is the foundation in a nifty compact for these new BB and CC Cream addicts on the go, especially if they're traveling for New York Fashion Weeks and the following Fashion Weeks or for the even luckier few who need that extra oomph of touch-ups during Emmy Week.

Just in time for NARS new Radiant Cream Compact Foundation in an extremely extensive collection of 20 shades. To exemplify the diversity of skin tones and shades, three of the hottest models, Mina Cvetkovic, Nairoby Matos, and Dinara Chetryova, display the full range and texture of the Radiant Cream Compact Foundation

This lightweight formula combines the supple feel of a cream compact with the weightless coverage of a liquid foundation. It is portable, buildable, and sets in seconds; the formula also features our Advanced Emulsion Technology, allowing for a wet or dry application. 

Radiant Creamy Compact Foundation will be available at Sephora and, as well as at NARS flagship boutiques and on beginning August 1. It lands on NARS counters at department and specialty stores on September 1.

Expect a new slew of high-achieving foundation compacts to follow.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Not L.A. Sloppy...L.A. Calculated Cool According to Kelly Cutrone, People's Revolution's Bi-Coastal CEO & CW's "America's Next Top Model"

By Laura Medina

The tough but kind Kelly Cutrone-People's Revolution's founder & CEO, star of Bravo's "Kell on Earth," and the current judge on CW's "America's Next Top Model," was stoic and considerate enough to take the time to do conduct a rare, conference phone interview with a round table of fashion journalists, despite spending the first thing this morning (prior to this interview) dealing with the estate of her first husband, who died the night before.

She saw this rare window of time to dispense candid advice and observations of how a model's hometown can make her or him unique in the standardized world of modeling...and how there is room for some.

Following in the footsteps of Miami Fashion Week, which is all about swimwear, the mostly South Floridian journalist panel asked why the majority of model contests hail from South Florida?

Basing on her wise observation and first-hand interaction, South Florida's warm climate and being away from the industry-capitals of New York and Los Angeles imbues the girls with being comfortable with one's body and having a sweet disposition. 

Due to the humidity, the heat, and the sun, one cannot help but be comfortable in one's own body and skin because one has to be scantily clad and the weather does encourage physical activities.  Being at ease with one's body does make a huge difference on the modeling set, compared to someone growing up in a colder climate, who doesn't grow up scantily clad.  Those type of girls tend to be awkward and rigid on set...and that's something Ms. Cutrone said that you do not want at all because a model has to be easy-going enough to adapt to any scenario.

Growing up away from industry-capitals of fashion/arts/culture New York and entertainment "Hollywood' Los Angeles, Florida girls tend to have a sweeter personality which makes it easier to deal with on set.

Not trying to sound mean but truthfully honest based on running a major bi-coastal fashion public relations agency, Ms. Cutrone quickly added that LA Girls are not "mean" nor is "LA Style" sloppy.

More than anything, Kelly can't help but notice that the LA Girl is the living embodiment of "Details can make it or break it."  Despite the overall casual easy appearance of tank top and jeans, she noticed that the LA Girl gets blow-outs, polished manicures and pedicures (far better to show "clean" in open-toe sandals, heels, and flip-flips), and nearly cellulite-free.  

This is why people love Kelly Cutrone.  She is not afraid to explain why, going in-depth on Los Angeles' "Calculated Cool."  The majority of models are also actors as well or they're already established actors who happened to be modeling approachable tops and jeans for their fans scouring the magazines.  Regardless, the LA Girl has to be ready, whether it is for the paparazzi or just bumping into the casting director or talent manager or agent or producer.  These girls are always "on."

With all this consciousness attention to detail, Kelly hopes that these girls will get their big break.

Sure, Kelly does say if you're over the age of 26 or 28 and a size 6, don't bother being a runway model.  Then again, she's not afraid that rail-thin runway model look terrible in a bikini.

The Floridian style journalists were relieved that a healthy curvy girl can make it as a swimwear model with a bust and a curve to full out a bikini and a bathing suit.  This scribe is cheered up when Kelly there is a room for short but cleared skin girls as beauty models.

As this former model who modeled in college while first her first Bachelor Degree, Kelly added that ages 18 to 24 is the best time to enter modeling.  Why?  Girls who enter too soon at age 14, going to go-sees with her mom, is going to be burnt-out by age 19; and industry people have seen her all too often, not fresh anymore.

Plus, college-aged people are better equipped to handle the real duties of modeling while fresh, yet will have that degree when the modeling ends.

By the way, one of the reasons why Kelly decided to join "America's Next Top Model."  She wants to dispel the myth that male models are gay.  She quickly quipped that the majority of male models are straight.

Hope and words from the wise, Kelly Cutrone.