Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jones-ing for a "Downton Abbey" Fix? PBS' "Secrets of Three Iconic British Homes Revealed" Series to the Rescue

By Laura Medina

In continuation of PBS' "Secrets of Manor House," PBS starts off where it left off with it's hour-long behind-the-scenes series, "Secrets of Three Iconic British Homes Revealed" on PBS.

Smack dabbed in the middle of Summer, PBS kicks off their Summer series with "Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace" this Sunday at 8pm.

This is a long string of appetizers whetting the appetites of "Downton Abbey" fans who can't wait for the January 5th return with Paul Giamatti as Lady Cora's playboy brother,  Harold.

PBS' "Secrets of Three Iconic British Homes Revealed " series will keep them satisfied, for now, during the Summer.

The first one up is this Sunday at 8pm, again, with "Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace"otherwise known as Hampton Court.

Hampton Court is the ultimate royal pleasure palace — embodying the indulgent and grandiose kingship built by Cardinal Wolsey and developed by Henry VIII. Through its rooms, chart King Henry VIII’s decline from fit young warrior to bloated womanizer and recall the vivid stories of the ladies who became his queens.

Learn how William and Mary demolished half of the Tudor palace to replace it with an exquisite baroque structure, making Hampton Court one of the most unusual palaces in the world.

Go beneath the brick and stone of this true pleasure palace and now thriving tourist location to uncover an abundance of art and stories that bring Hampton Court alive.

Following on the footsteps of July the 4th, PBS serve their second offering for all the Princess Diana fans, learn the secrets and history of her ancestral and childhood home, Althorp, now taken care by her brother, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer. "Secrets of Althorp, the Spencers" airs on July the 7th at 8pm.

In the previews and ads, Charles wants to set the record about their childhood growing up on Althorp.  Sure, Diana's adult image was a fashionista city girl.  But growing up, he talks about them being athletic kids, swimming and playing tennis.

Nineteen generations of Spencers have presided over this grand estate for more than 500 years.

Noted for their generosity, the Spencers once came to the rescue of a distant cousin fallen on hard times: the great-great-great-grandfather of George Washington.  How fitting this episode comes on the heels of July the 4th.

The third and hopefully, not the last is "Secrets of Chatsworth", two weeks later on July 14th at 8pm.

In its 500-year history, Chatsworth has been home to some notable inhabitants, among them the 5th Duke of Devonshire, his wife, Lady Georgiana Spencer, and Lady Elizabeth Foster, who lived together in a ménage à trois.

The Edwardian tradition of British noble men marrying American heiresses was alive and well there a hundred years ago.  Duchess Louisa’s daughter-in-law, American Consuelo Yznaga del Valle, introduced American heiresses into the British aristocracy; many of these young women married British noblemen. Billy Cavendish, heir of the 10th Duke of Devonshire, wooed and wed Kathleen Kennedy, the sister of future U.S. president John F Kennedy. The marriage was short-lived, however: Billy died in action in World War II four months after they exchanged vows. Four years later, Kathleen died in a plane crash. She was buried at Chatsworth.

Ok, "Downton Abbey" fans, this scribe hopes this series satisfies your Edwardian/Early 20th Brit Aristocratic cravings until January 5th.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sequel to "The Devil Wears Prada," "Revenge Wears Prada"

By Laura Medina

Ever wondered what happened to our earnest, intrepid journalist/heroine, Andy Sachs, after she quits on her mentor/nemesis Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada" seven years ago?

This Tuesday, June 25th, we all will find out when, ex-Voguette Lauren Weisberger, returns with the sequel, "Revenge Wears Prada" from 7pm to 9pm.

At Satine, 8134 W 3RD STREET in Los Angeles, CA 90048, she will release it with a Questions & Answers session amidst Patrón Tequila and Ultimat Vodka cocktails and Root of All Food hors d'oeuvres.
At the event, the lucky guests can get their hands on signed copy of “Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns” members can purchase tickets to the event at

This pays for admission for one to the launch party for “Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns” with author Lauren Weisberger at Satine Boutique on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 from 7 – 9 PM.

A courtesy to, here's the sneak peek synopsis of "Revenge Wears Prada,"...

In the ten years since Andy Sachs walked out on Miranda Priestly and her chef boyfriend, Nate Cooper, had parted ways, her and her co-worker, Emily Charleston, had joined forces to start their own magazine, a bridal magazine for career women their age, their generation, "The Plunge."

In building up their publication, Andy and Emily have proven to be the determining dynamic duo of this era's social media/publishing world.  Andy provides the intellectual and heart of "The Plunge" feeding and supplying content as a jet-setting writer while Emily has proven herself to be an account shark, providing the magazine by promoting it through parties and securing the necessary advertising.

Andy is floating on Cloud Nine, head of the trendiest magazine, a jet-setting writer, and engaged to Manhattan's most desirable man, Max Harrison, an handsome scion of a storied media family.

It seems "too perfect."

When things go swimmingly well, Andy discovers a letter on the morning of the morning, involving her past.  This forces her to deal with "The Devil" herself...what to do?!

We guess we all have to find out when "Revenge Wears Prada" comes out tomorrow night at Satine.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wacoal's Summer Bras for Summer Tops

By Laura Medina

Okay, sexy sultry Summer is on right now...and there's nothing more distracting than a bra strap and band popping out; and you feeling awkward and consciousness about this.

What to do?

Steal this styling tips from Wacoal.

The T-Shirt Bra is the basic and foundation for those everyday comfortable but sheer Summer tees.

Believe it or not, another basic you should have is the strapless, it goes well with most everything, the off-shoulder, the tanks, the tees, halters, camisoles, and obviously, the strapless.

 Got great firm, solid shoulders and triceps to show off in a racer-backs, go T-Back.

Another basic in your drawer, the convertible, you can go criss-cross or normal strap.  Two looks in one package.

Alrighty, another bra you should have because you are going to wear it, the Sport Bra.

These are Wacoal's Top 5 Bras you can actually wear year-around.  They're an investment, not seasonal throw-aways.

Ok, Jump in Your Party Suit, Get Your Manicure On for Eater's Young Guns 2013 at LACMA

By Laura Medina

With the bounty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables bursting out all over the place, someone or a group of people have to do something with all these ripe produce.

You know what this means?  Food and Booze Season is upon us now in Los Angeles.

Just because you're chowing down, it never means you're "slumming or slobbering down."  More than anything, with the abundance of at-their-peak produce, mixologists are straining, stirring, and shaking antioxidant-rich juice and puree with top shelf liquor.  They're adding antioxidant brightness to the liquor and adding edge to the juice.

Don't worry, there is still more than enough produce to grill, stew, and steam.  There are plenty of veggies and fruits as side dishes to accompany and garnish the meat for omnivores.

This Sunday night is the first time the public can sample the food of many of these dishes and drinks from the nation's top, young culinary stars at the first ever Young Guns Eve in Los Angeles (buy tickets here)

This means jump into your party jumpsuit, top, jeans, and jacket.  It is time to sip and savor the best of the hottest and hippest culinary talent under 30, Eater Young Guns Eve this Sunday night, June 23rd, 6-9pm where the hottest and the hippest chefs battle it out and mingle with the public at LACMA's Ray & Stark Restaurant & Bar (at 5905 Wilshire, CA 90036).  You can purchase tickets at

LACMA's Ray & Stark in the courtyard.

The foodie festivities will continue onto Monday night's "Eater Young Guns Awards", still at LACMA's Ray & Stark, from 7-10pm on June 24th at LACMA on 5905 Wilshire, CA 90036.

This is when the Best Young Gun of Eater Young Guns 2013 will be awarded as the Best Young Guns of the year.

Who are these Young Guns and why are they're here?

Every year, Eater Young Guns candidates compete through three rounds of selections, beginning with a public call for nominations in February, which yielded over 2,700 nominations; then a vetting by Eater editors and the official selection committee comprised of some of the most well respected chefs and restaurateurs in the country to reduce the group to 50 semi-finalists; and finally, a second round of voting by the editorial staff to select the final class of 15.

Who are these lucky 15 young and under 30 chefs, representing the best of each city nationwide?

Here are some of them.  The 10 contestants, who came from all over the country to chop and dice and sear for two nights at LACMA:

  - Mitch Lienhard, Grace, Chicago
- Matt Lackey, Flyte, Nashville
- Jason Wang, Xi'an Famous Foods, NYC
- Jessica Largey, Manresa, Los Gatos, CA
- Jeremy Hoffman, Restaurant Eve, Alexandria, VA
- Mike Brown, Travail / Pig Ate My Pizza, Robbinsdale, MN
- Ryan Lachaine, Underbelly, Houston
- Hourie Sahakian, Short Cakes, Los Angeles
Hosting the event will be Kris Morningstar of Ray's and Stark Bar and Jason Fullilove of Patina Catering at LACMA.
Each Young Gun class member receives an official winner's patch, a limited edition bottle of champagne and a lifetime of bragging rights.
As a former "Charlestonian" who dresses up to get messed up, keep your eyes out for Brooks Reitz,  the General Manager of The Ordinary.  He represent the best of Charleston's young culinary talent in L.A. 

Chef Sean Brock thinks he has the ability to be a future Danny Meyer, saying, "You know when you meet someone and you just smile because you're like 'Holy shit you're going to do some things in your life.' You can just see it in his face. He's going to spend his life working his ass off." 
If you want to read on, read on at

For those who want a taste to remember this event or for those who can only dream about it.

One of the sponsors, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE East, provides these tasty, sophisticated libations to refresh and cleanse th e palate that you can recreate at home.

These BOMBAY SAPPHIRE East drinks are great to sip and cool down after a long, hot day.

Sapphire East G&T Reimagined (shown)
1.5 oz. Bombay Sapphire East Gin
3 oz. Tonic Water (preferably Fever Tree brand for best taste)
Garnished with: black peppercorns, cinnamon stick, lemon wheel, lime wheel
Directions: Build in a glass over ice, stir, and garnish with lemongrass stalk, black peppercorns, lemon wheel, and lime wheel (mix in with the liquid rather than on top).
"Far East Side" 
2oz. Bombay East
Muddle Banana Pepper
Muddled Cucumbers
1 oz. Lemon Juice
1 oz. Agave in the raw syrup
Cucumber and Mint Garnish
Cracked Pepper

These BOMBAY SAPPHIRE East drinks are some of the cocktails going to be sipped during the two nights of Eater Young Guns event.

So, get your manis and pedis on. Pick out your sassiest and chicest cami and jeans and jump into that's the Food & Booze Festival Season here in LA!

J. Lo's Chic is Easier...and Friendlier Than You Think and It Had All of Hollywood Awwwing.

By Laura Medina

Yes, running around town at all hours, night and day, can be an exhausting endeavor.

What makes it even more exhausting...trying to find that ultimate get-up that can carry from media elegant breakfast to lovely luncheon to all-out glam slam at night without skipping a beat.

Who are we kidding?  This "driving-back and forth-from home to work to event" just to change 3 times a day to be socially appropriate, while cutting through traffic, is not going to cut it.

To save time, gas, and money, Jennifer Lopez (one heck of an ultimate multi-tasking business woman) has come up with a solution, the timeless sleek and slimming Solid Wide-Leg Jumpsuit,  Her Solid Wide-Leg Jumpsuit gives you, your time, money, and wardrobe mileage.

Well-tailored to give it shape in a figure-friendly polyester/spandex stretch jersey construction, Jennifer Lopez Solid Wide-Leg Jumpsuit is easy to get in and get out, thanks to the elastic waistband for a custom fit and the easy to reach 2-snap back keyhole closure...and again, the stretch but snap-back-to-it polyester/spandex stretch jersey.

Since Jennifer Lopez designed easy chic pieces for curvy women on-the-go like herself, the 32-in. inseam wide-leg, cut from hip to hem, balances your proportions.

 For women who want extra mileage out of their wardrobe,  her wide-leg jumpsuit is very travel-friendly.

The crewneck collar has a gold-toned necklace already sewn-in and the polyester/spandex fabric makes it to travel anywhere.  You can roll it up in a ball, when called for a last-minute trip, tossed it in your carry-on, zip through TSA, unroll it wrinkle-free and you're ready to roll with the necklace already sewn-in. 

Because of the polyester/spandex black jersey, it's really easy to care for as long you as hand wash it, wash it in gentle cycle with a gentle fabric cleanser or dry clean it.

If you want a more "serious" appearance during the day, just toss on a blazer over it so you can toss it away for a cocktail party at night.

This scribe has test-driven J. Lo's Wide-Leg Jumpsuit from a DSW Shoe Event for lunch then drove it straight to an evening's red carpet, interviewing celebrities.

Let this hurried scribe tell you this...Jennifer Lopez' Wide-Leg Jumpsuit did not fail.

"Desperate Housewive" Marcia Cross ooohed and awwwed over this simply sleek and elegant jumpsuit.  Imagine her face when this scribe told her it's a Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's.

Lance Bass to Greg Louganis and a whole range of gay celebrities were impressed by this same Jennifer Lopez simple chic Wide-Leg Jumpsuit.

Jennifer Lopez's Wide-Leg Jumpsuit had all of Hollywood ooohing and awwwing,

Her jumpsuit can jump-start your day then power you through the night like a high-powered, low-maintenance diva that you are.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Behind the Scenes with DSW Shoes Fall TV Ad & a Top Secret Shoe Event

 By Laura Medina

It's a wrap! DSW Shoes executives & Marcia Cross.

As much as they try, most Los Angeles-based fashion designers and brands can't snag airy studio space for their shows and events because they always get bumped off by the more important and essential television series, game/talk shows, and movies feeding the studios.

However, if they're DSW Shoes and they need a space to shoot their prime-time television commercial for their new, upcoming Fall 2013 Campaign...shoot, Sony Studios gave them a spot on the lot...for a few days and nights.

Truth be told, the top secret shoe event, the day after the last shoot, was a television advertisement wrap party.  

Instead of just tossing away the dream shoe closet set and those awesome shoes away in the trash (that will hit their stores in August), why not throw a wrap party?

The guests, such as Marcia Cross (“Desperate Housewives”) and Claire Holt (“The Vampire Diaries”), helped clear out the props of fresh Fall footwear of pumps, boots, and sneaker wedges.

Sprinkles catered the shoe-decorated cupcakes.  Drybar freshened up the stresses.  Since they're here any why, Spa On Location rubbed out the knots out of the guests' bodies.  Kleur painted nail art.  Each service made good use of the livingroom/bedroom and the walked-in shoe closet sets.  Guests helped clear out the shoe props.

It was a best of both worlds.  DSW Shoes had their guests helped carry away the extra props of shoes.  The guests walked away with their pick of shoes.  The elegant black-and-white set was extended just for one more day.

Nothing was wasted away.

Now, only if Sony Studios had a fashion and makeup tv commerical shoot...Just a thought.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lance Bass hosting the Liberty Awards; 2 Weeks before the Supreme Court's Decision on Marriage Equality

By Laura Medina

On being asked to host LAMBDA's Liberty Awards (the West Coast edition), Lance Bass took this as an honor and a step forward in long journey...

"Before I came out and while in 'N Sync, only my family and my closest friend knew.  For me to be a host for the Liberty Awards means I want to be a good role model."

This is how the gay and straight guests and winners feel about attending and being honored at LAMBDA's Liberty Awards, celebrating the social progress that the gay community had made while spotlighting the continuing needs for civil rights and equality for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

It was also a rare night when today's young gay stars can meet their gay role models growing up.  Lance was psyched to meet his gay role model growing up, Greg Louganis..

Watch Greg Louganis' interview on

To be at the Liberty Awards...

"I think it's a really great opportunity to let our voices to be heard and to recognize some people who are doing wonderful things in the world."

Greg's thoughts on being at Whole Foods Grammy Party then the Liberty Awards, regarding environmentalism and gay rights, "It's all inter-related.  Whether it be the environment, whether it be the sustainability, whether it be equality, it's all about humanity and survival and love."

On overall progress, the gay right movements to just diving, "Everything evolves.  It's all about constant motion.  I think I kinda started people on that path, doing the back 3 1/2, the reserve 3 1/2 and all that sort of thing but it just continue on; and it's great seeing all these young kids doing what they're doing.  Better to witness it than perform it."        

Watch Rex Lee's interview on

Rex Lee (of Entourage & Suburgatory), "I'm really excited.  I'm proud of the progress that we made.  I think there is more to be done.  We shouldn't be resting on our laurels.  Of course, I'm thrilled that we of the efforts that we tried to make." 

On the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality in two weeks,..

"I'm sort of on pins and needles about it.  Obviously, I wanted the decision to go a certain way; and I hope it does.  If it doesn't, it will sort of a disappointment, hanging tight and seeing what happens." 

 Grant Bowler's interview

"Liz & Dick" and SyFy's "Defiance" Grant Bowler sits on LAMBDA Liberty Awards' Honorary Committee.

On being at the Liberty Awards, as an Australian actor, as the Marriage Equality Decision will come will down in two weeks in American,..

"The thing, in the United States, it's unique around the world.  It's a big pendulum that swings very slowly.  Whether it be two weeks, two months, two years, the thing about this country is that the will of the people will always prevail."  

Watch Grant Show's take on the decision on

Grant Show (of the original "Melrose Place) on attending the Liberty Awards, "I'm proud to be here.  I'm glad to be here, shows how many of us support the rights of our fellow citizens."

On the Supreme Court decision, "The Supreme Court doesn't give a rat's ass about what I have to say about the decision.  What I do think is that as more of us stand up as individuals, stand on the side of right.  Eventually, it will go through; and it's gonna go through.  It's gonna.  How long it's gonna take?  The more we gang on the side of right, it will happen."

No wonder this scribe had a crush on Jake Hanson a.k.a. Grant Show.  Grant is no-b.s. and a deep and honest straight-shooter.

To hear Prince Poppycock's take,

Being at the Liberty Awards as John Quale (an astute son of a Washington, D.C. lawyer), Prince Poppycock's alter-ego gave an heart-felt explanation on why he's honored to be here,..

"I'm excited.  I'm often not get invited to events like this so I'm very pleased because I am very vocal about being an openly gay man; and on my time on television, I never hidden anything.  I think it is a testimony to how far America has come but concerning how far I came in the competition (America Got Talent), I felt it was never used against me in that time.  Since I've been on that show and my time in Hollywood, I had a lot of meetings.  I faced a lot of discrimination for perhaps for being too visible gay in my career and in my art.  For me, it means perhaps, one day...we'll have more events like this.  One day, it means a twelve year-old will not be stuck home, watching the Talking Heads on tv, debate his right to even exist; and it breaks my heart.  So many kids out there have thoughts of suicide, do harm because of who they are is a national debate and that's not fair to any kid growing up.  We need to move past this as a non-issue.  Just let them be who they are." 

 Dan Bucatinsky's passionate partcipation in the Liberty Awards,

"Scandal" Dan Bucatinsky on being a presenter at the Liberty Awards,..

"I am thrilled to here!  I am thrilled to be here to support the LAMBDA Legal, being able to present a Liberty Award.  The whole organization is so important; and I feel honored.  I also feel it's a very personal thing for me.  As a gay man, as a married man, as a man with two children, any kind of support that I can give to an organization that is fighting for my own freedom is okay by me!"  
Jai Rodriguez at

On his progression from "Queer Eye at the Straight Guy" to last night's Liberty Awards,..

"Ten years has passed by.  So, since Queer Eye ten year anniversary this year... it was only on the air for three years...For me, my career started as an actor on Broadway.  I'm so happy to return to my roots.  On series (ABC's Malibu Country), it's a wonderful thing.  But, being an entertainer encompasses all of it where it was all so entertaining and to be part of an all-gay cast on network television-ever-it was a really exceptional experience.  It's nice to know it lives on in Netflick for all you who missed it. It was really fun."

On the impending Marriage Equality decision,...

"There are a lot of very important things on the table right now.  Organizations like LAMBDA Legal that have been around for forty years this year.  It is the longest running LGBT organizations at the time when it wasn't popular, standing up for our rights.  You really have to give this organization credit, not just for their work on marriage equality but for bullying, supporting the HIV-AIDS Community and making sure they have equal rights.  They really have the community's back and that's really special."  

On thinking about being at the Liberty Awards,..

"Twelve years ago, I was just a gay baby.  I didn't know we had full rights.  I didn't even have my first real boyfriend yet."

How far you came Jai.

 Wilson Cruz interview,

"My So-Called Life" Wilson Cruz is more optimistic about the Marriage Equality decision,..

"It can less than two weeks.  We've been given a few dates.  It could come down today, today.  I feel like the closer we get to the end of the month when San Francisco's, New York's LGBT Pride Weeks happen, the better the news is.  I was relieved that the news did not come down today.  It's incredible.  I call them "revolutionary times;" and it's all about everyone rolling up their sleeves and pants and working together.  That's all there is."  

Yes, Hollywood's rising gay stars...most of them...had shown up in full force in support for LAMBDA and the effort in advancing their causes and achieving their rights.

However, during the awards dinner of stuffed chicken breast and truffle risotto, the LAMBDA attorneys reminded folks the fight ain't over.  There are many battles to battle until the playing field is on an equal footing for everyone.

It'll be interesting to interview these men again, a year later, when the Supreme Court does make its decision.



Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Dads Really Want Gift Guide, Including Cocktails & Cupcakes

By Laura Medina

Father's Day is hurrying up this Sunday.

For those in the lucky Los Angeles area, you can treat him to the free annual Father’s Day tradition in Beverly Hills, the 2013 RODEO DRIVE CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE, the free upscale car show that takes all of Rodeo Drive, from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Avenue.  

Two years, it was a sexy lineup of sultry Ferrais, cute Fiats, throbbing Ducatis, and sexy Bugattis.  A year ago, it was a heartfelt fleet of Aston Martins, Jaguars, and Mini Coopers...and a lot of motorcycles.

This year is an ode to the mid-20th Century "Mad Men" era, "The Jet Age."  According to
"In celebration of Learjet’s 50th anniversary, Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance will welcome the revolutionary Learjet 85 aircraft as the first aircraft to ever appear on the famous street."

If this gets your DILF into a "Don Draper" mood, you can treat him to the Art of Shaving Salon or give him stuff he actually needs, good electric shavers, lotions to soothe his burning face, some hair paste to tame his cowlick, and some really good shirts, jeans, and messenger bag to kit him out.  Stuff so cool, he doesn't need a tie, no...not another tie!..

The headlining photo, Panasonic Arc IV® ES8243A Wet/Dry Men’s Electric Shaver...
This electric shaver offers remarkable shaving on the first pass. Equipped with a Quadruple Arc Foil and four cutting blades, the cutting surface of this shaver offers a better shave with each stroke. The blades are powered by Panasonic's linear motor, which operates at an amazingly fast rate so even the thickest beards or no match for this shaver.

Panasonic Arc V ES-LV81 Men’s Electric Shaver
Designed with 30-degree-angle Nanotech™ blades and Lift-Tech™ outer foils to cut hair at its base, this shaver provides accurate precision every time. Along with the Multi-Flex™ pivoting head, the shaver glides uniformly along the contours of the face covering the chin, jaw line and sideburns while providing maximum comfort.

Nothing gets a guy or a DILF to get grooming than hearing David Beckham's favorite hair grooming line, Hanz de Fuko, an organic hair products is a favorite of super chic dad David Beckham.  GQ just named it in their Style Bible as a must-have and Esquire featured how the conditioner also works great as a shaving cream!

Got a dad with sensitive skin?  All a guys wants is a good, age-appropriate skin.  A skincare routine to glide over the ingrown beard bumps and heal the nicks.  Here's Aveeno shopping chart for skincare confused.  Actually, it's pretty darn basic, the classic 3-step:

AVEENO® Men’s Face Wash
·         The ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat formula works to cleanse, moisturize and soothe dry sensitive skin
·         Gently cleanses  and exfoliates with invigorating beads
·         Smoothes the surface of the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells to create the perfect canvas for a close shave
·         When used with warm water, the wash helps soften  facial hair, preparing skin for a better shaving experience,  helping prevent nicks and cuts. 

AVEENO® Men’s Shave Gel
·         ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat  formula helps prevent razor bumps, nicks and cuts
·         After testing, 94% of men felt they received a closer shave with less irritation
·         Contains Vitamin E and Aloe to protect and soothe skin while shaving  

AVEENO® Men’sAfter-Shave Lotion
·         Instantly calms and soothes easily irritated skin from shaving
·         Formulated with humectants and glycerin to infuse moisture in the top two layers of skin
·         Contains petrolatum that forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss and ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat to soothe minor skin irritation post-shave.

Dads are searching for a cool dress shirt that actually keeps them cool, as in air out the sweat during Summer such as these dress shirts from "Life After Denim,"

Want him to graduate from Uggs yet keep the soft, wooly soles?  Staheekum Slippers are the cooler version of Uggs, elegant enough for as a pair of driving mocs,

Hip loafers and dock shoes...Venettini on got some cool black leather dock shoes and loafers.

Puma is the activewear-turned-lifestyle sneaker, one of the first "fashion sneakers" if your Dad wants some dash to his wear.

Puma is also good when he transition into the gym with his Puma active/gym wear so he can make some room for those Georgetown Cupcakes.

Got a "cool" dad who really wants to keep his cool during the Dog Days of Summer?  He can really keep his cool and you can make yourself cool when you, the kid (regardless of age) can buy him a pair of 20Jeans for...get this...$20! Yes, for $20, you can buy him a pair of 20Jeans.  Since bypass the retailer then gives you the true manufacturing price, ok the "wholesale" price,  you with your weekly allowance can keep him in stylish basic year-around by buying him 20Jeans a month or a week.  This the "gift that keeps on giving" that he truly shop for him without busting the bank. How cool is that?

If your dad has peculiar tastes then give him an investment, like this Ted Baker Canvas Messenger Bag, a quality item to balance his 20Jeans that come in urbane grey, basic blue, and preppy reds.

What?! Your dad can't wear jeans to work, no matter how colorful?  For $30 a pair (ok, they cost $10 extra), 20Jeans does skinny chinos from posh Summer Whites to city steel grey to Preppy Hipster Red.  20Jeans gives you the reason after you miss Father's Day.

Ok, he got the electric shaver, the shaving kit, and the wardrobe, how about a drinking tour of Regent St. in London? Why not!?

The Regent Street Cocktail safari launched in April. Offering the best of the street’s mixers and shakers, this safari is certainly one for the diary. Peppered along Regent Street and the surrounding area are a range of restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels, each with their own signature cocktails. This year, Regent Street is giving you the chance to sample them all in succession. Shoppers are invited to each of the participating restaurants and bars to sample the very best of their cocktails. Small plates of gastronomic delights will also accompany your cocktail selection at each venue. That is of course, if you aren’t interested in a liquid lunch…

Taking part in the 2013 Regent Street Cocktail Safari are Aubaine, MASH, Bar Américain at Brasserie Zédel, aqua, Gaucho, The Living Room W1, Piccolino, Sartoria, Courthouse Doubletree by Hilton, Le Méridien Piccadilly, Dirty Martini and Inamo. *Remember to call up and book your safari in advance to avoid disappointment!

Plan your route…

Start at MASH on Brewer Street to try their movie themed cocktails, the American Psycho and the American Beauty. Bar Américain at Brasserie Zédel will be serving Salt Beef Bagels, Hot Dogs and Slider Sandwiches alongside their signature Chrysler Cocktail, with a Cognac base. Go to aqua for their Iron Lotus and Guatemalan Spirit cocktails to complement their Spanish tapas.
Gaucho have created their own Regent Street Cocktail including Smirnoff black with Aperol and a saffron infusion. The Living Room, W1 are launching their brand new Bar Sliders menu, a new concept, with their Regent Street punch. Next try out the authentic Italian plates at the Cicchetti bar in Piccolino before heading across to Aubaine for a French Martini. Sartoria have designed 3 cocktails to embrace the West End spirit including a Regent Street special, made with lychee juice, whereas Courthouse Double Tree by Hilton have created the Regent Street Cosmojito.
At Le Méridien Piccadilly you can try the mini tasting menu with three mini food plates and three tasting cocktails. If you’re a sushi fan then Inamo is offering a sushi selection with their signature spicy cocktail the Inamo, with chilli syrup. If you’re looking for a martini, head to the experts at Dirty Martini to try their Tropical Pear Martini, Mango & Chilli Martini, or signature Dirty Martini.

A free car show on Rodeo or a drinking tour of modern-real day London, you have no excuse to give him a tie.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bobi, the Celebrities' real favorite Everyday Wear

By Laura Medina

Sure, we may gee-gawk and ogle haute couture celebrities pose on the red carpet but what do celebrities actually wear off-duty?

A steady stream of them are happily in bobi, a comfortable contemporary knit-wear of fashion-forward tees, tunics, dress, and tops that keep Young Hollywood hip without being ostentatious about it, like Anna Sophia Robb and Gilles Marini.

 What really gets this scribe is bobi equates style plus basics.  The basics don't have to be dull and sloppy; and style doesn't have to be in your face about it.  When met, bobi's knit tunics, tops, and dresses are quick and easy classics that you can stash in your carry-on at the last minute, such as this cowl tunic.

Have that favorite v-neck tee you will always remember because it fits, it moves with you then it disappeared off the face of the earth?

Have no fear, bobi's Kara Lusardi is here for the rescue with celebrites' classic basic, the pocket V-Neck Tee.

Basic knit wear never means staid.  Kara added flounce trim to the light blue asymmetrical dress (left) then punched up resortwear backup, the halter maxi dress in slushy orange and mod brown stripes (middle).

bobi's Fall 2013 continues the blue trend in curve-friendly cowl neck tees and tunics.  Knitwear, thanks to current technology, transforms into structured but comfortable "sweater" blazers that moves with the body.

Male celebrities have envied their female counterparts in grooving about in the ease of bobi's knitwear.  Now, Cisco Adler has a say in bobi's new emerging mens knitwear line, bobi's Men.  Of course, those lucky male celebrities were the first to get them.  The mens line has proven to be such a hit in Europe that Bobi's Men will launch in Fall 2014.
The high demand for men’s has encouraged bobi to launch a limited edition collection earlier, for Fall’13/Spring’14 titled bobi Collaborative with Cisco Adler.  Th is line will be available exclusively, in the US for two seasons.  

 This collection will feature the high end, cutt ing edge, haute fitt ing t-shirts Bobi Men’s is famous for, as well as branch out into a full knit men’s collection, with a variety of texture, fabrics and washes.   This collection is for the metropolitan man who is sophisticated, edgy and individual, much like the women.  The vibe is Johnny Deep meets young James Dean with traditional knit garments roughed up with rock and roll flare.

bobi designer Kara Lusardi chose Cisco for this collaboration for two reasons.
“He is my model customer and he is a talented artist. Cisco and I met through his wife bobi model Barbara Adler.  He became a fan of the brand and we had talked multiple times about doing a line together.  I like the idea of side projects and collaborating to express a variety of ideas.  I love being around other talented artists and I think by working with Cisco, I will feel inspired to push my ideas and enhance the men’s line.  I like his point of view, taste level and fresh ideas.  He is very involved in the whole design process.  I am doing this project while we have the chance before the bobi Men’s line hits the US in Fall 2014.  Th e Bobi Collaborative with Cisco Adler collection will be available exclusively in the USA featuring bobi Men’s best sellers, celebrity favorites, and fashion forward cu ing edge styles with hot fits.  Bobi will use this as a chance to prelaunch and test the USA market, while Cisco makes his mark as a designer collaborating with myself on this project.  He hopes to continue on with his own clothing line and open his own stores.”
bobi collaborative with Cisco Adler will be available in boutiques nationwide in Spring 2013.  Cisco will be making appearances and doing performances at select stores carrying the line alongside his “ALOHA” tour.

So forget the bedazzled, bling-ringed out tattoo graphic tees and get with it and get hip with bobi's cool and subdued tees, tunics, and dresses.

After being in low-key business for seven years, bobi is bubbling up.