Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ocean Spray Mocktails, as Cocktail Bases, Whether It Be Grammys or Super Bowl Punch Bowl, Everyone can Party like a Celebrities Anytime.

By Laura Medina

Whatever is good for Grammy stars and football stars is great as a non-alcohol punch drink for everyone.

Besides, a good mocktail is a great base for real cocktails...

Simpler the better, just pour sparkling white wine in the glasses or punch bowl.

Party like a rock star.

What the Super Bowl is Really About, the Feasting & the Parties Thrown by Rolling Stone Magazine & Playboy, Like Dude.

By Laura Medina

The Super Bowl is the ultimate unofficial American holiday, when the best of the best American football come clashing for our pleasure.

Your favorite musicians and Grammy hit-makers are one of the biggest football fanatics.

Them throwing their Super Bowl bash is their way of showing their love for the game.

On Friday, February 2, 2018, Rolling Stone will host one of the hottest events during the biggest weekend in sports – Rolling Stone Live: MINNEAPOLIS, with headlining performances by Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum supergroup Migos and additional special guests to be announced. This year’s event is presented by Mercedes-Benz and produced by Talent Resources Sports, a full-service sports marketing and experiential events agency. This marks the fourth year Rolling Stone is partnering with Talent Resources Sports to produce its marquee event.
For the first time, Rolling Stone is partnering with global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, to livestream the highly anticipated performances. TIDAL X: Rolling Stone Live: MINNEAPOLIS adds to the growing list of live event programs that bring fans closer to their favorite artists. Local fans will be able to enter for a chance to attend, while fans globally will be able to tune-in.
Rolling Stone Live: MINNEAPOLIS, will be held at the International Market Square, one of the most unique venues in the city, featuring a spectacular atrium with more than 4 floors of exquisite vantage points to view the stage.
“After celebrating 50 years of Rolling Stone in 2017, we are delighted to kick off the new year with our 7th annual event during the biggest weekend in football with the hottest name in hip-hop today – Migos.  We’re thrilled that Mercedes-Benz has returned as our presenting sponsor this year in association with TIDAL to enhance this evening for our guests.” said Michael Provus, Chief Revenue Officer, Rolling Stone.
“We’re excited about continuing to evolve our event driven marketing formula at the Big Game. Providing an excellent experience for our network of athletes, celebrities and influencers, remains our priority and we are looking forward to superseding expectations for our guests for yet another year” said David Spencer, Co-Founder, Talent Resources Sports.
Mercedes-Benz will be onsite showcasing some of the brand’s newest vehicles including the highly anticipated all-new 2019 G500 alongside two of the fastest vehicles in the line-up, the Mercedes-AMG GT R and Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster. The brand will also provide transportation to the party for a number of VIP guests to ensure they arrive in style.
TIDAL’s commitment to connecting fans with their favorite musicians has spanned dozens of livestreams, thousands of ticket giveaways, and an extensive array of exclusive content – including: TIDAL X: Brooklyn, a star studded benefit concert; TIDAL X livestreams from Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, Alicia Keys and more; exclusive album premieres such as Beyoncé’s LEMONADE and Rihanna’s ANTI; unique content including 21 Savage’s 30 Days with 21 Savage, Rick Ross’ album annotations and more!

Under the helm of heir apparent, Playboy's Chief Creative Officer at Playboy Enterprises, Cooper Hefner is proving that Playboy's libertine philosophy is for everyone, women, men, straight, gay, and bisexual or pansexual.  As long everyone is a consenting adult, Playboy's Big Game Party is there to release and cater to everyone's tumescence, at the highest order, done right with Snoop Dogg.

Talent Resources Sports, a full-service sports marketing and experiential events agency, joins forces with Playboy to present the annual Big Game Weekend Party. For one-night only, an exclusive Playboy event returns to football’s biggest weekend and will make its way to Minneapolis’ downtown district on Saturday, February 3, 2018 with a special set by DJ Snoopadelic aka Snoop Dogg who will be hosting the event.

Playboy’s global brand power combined with Talent Resources Sports’ experiential expertise will transform a premier venue in the heart of the city. The venue will be beautifully designed with state of the art audio and visual technology, making it the ultimate party destination for Playboy's Big Game Weekend Party.

Nobody throws a party like Playboy on what is going to be one of the biggest party weekends of the year,” said David Spencer, Founder and Co-CEO of Talent Resources Sports. “This event is a kick off to a slate of additional events we’re looking to announce with Playboy this year.”

Athletes, celebrities and exclusive VIPs will immerse themselves into the World of Playboy, complete with Playmates as the evening’s hosts and Bunny servers donning their iconic suits and accessories. Snoop Dogg will be headlining the event with additional musical acts and surprise guests to be announced. High-profile attendees at Big Game Weekend Playboy Parties in years past have included Flo Rida, 50 Cent, Alesso, Drake, Nelly, Bradley Cooper, Kanye West, Gabrielle Union, Aaron Rodgers, Jon Hamm, Aaron Paul, Tony Romo, Chris Evans, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Shaquille O’Neal, David Arquette, Evander Holyfield, Chad Jones, and Marshall Faulk.

Exclusive access, VIP tables and hospitality packages are available through Fan Hospitality.
“Fan Hospitality is thrilled to be partnering with Playboy and Talent Resources Sports to offer consumers custom packages to one of the biggest events taking place in Minneapolis. We're confident that our VIP guests will have an incredible experience the night before the Big Game," says Connor Clark, Public Relations Manager of Fan Hospitality.

For the average All-American, you wouldn't have to feel left out if you follow Levi's for NFL Fan Style is Lifestyle for Both Women & Men. http://luxurist.blogspot.com/2017/11/levis-for-nfl-fan-style-is-lifestyle.html
food buffet guide and fan fashion guide to Levi's for NFL Fan Style, http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/features/nfl
Whether it be Rolling Stone Magazine's or Playboy's Super Bowl, rest assured that there will be tons of fancy burger sliders and gallons of beer.
That's all there is to it, for Super Bowl.

Monday, January 29, 2018

It's NY's Turn. Stars Swagging & Partying Thru the Grammys...

By Laura Medina
The Grammy ingénue of 2017, Cardi B.

   Warner Music Group will roll out the red carpet in celebration of the 60th annual Grammy Awards, with a special musical performance by Cardi B and more, and celebrity guests.

WMG’s annual Grammy celebration will be held in honor of the company’s 2018 Grammy-nominated artists and songwriters, including Bruno Mars, JAY-Z, Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Cardi B, Portugal. The Man, Lil Uzi Vert, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Andra Day, Sia, Michael Bublé, Zac Brown Band, Kehlani, Gorillaz, DRAM, Kraftwerk, The War on Drugs, Ben Platt, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, Kaleo, Code Orange, Mastodon, Migos, Chris Stapleton, Brent Cobb, Randy Newman, Joyce DiDonato, Camelphat & Elderbrook, and many others.

It ain't an awards show unless these music stars are the first to try out the hippest technology, clothes, and beauty...

MCM announces first of its kind NEW collaboration between MCM x WizPak. The exclusive backpack style with its breakthrough market technology and unparalleled sound quality was created for the music elite and debuted during Grammy’s 60th Anniversary weekend in NYC.

A-listers including Grammy’s performer Miley Cyrus, Jamie Foxx,  presenter Alicia Keys,  Grammy’s Breakout Star Rapsody (only the fifth female nominee for Best Rap Album ever in the 23-year history of the category), notable artists like Cardi B,  Future and Rita Ora, as well as newcomers like hip-hop trio Migos and Lil Uzi Vert and two time nominee  6LACK. Others included  Killer Mike of Run the Jewels, and many more who got to enjoy the wearable music smart-bag. The luxury brand’s heritage Stark Visetos Backpack has been upgraded to house exclusive tech-savvy product enhancements including high quality sound from a 40w 2.1 stereo speaker system with 3D surround-sound technology built inside the backpack and removable, able to connect to any media player through wireless Bluetooth connection. This exclusive product has 3-charging ports for up to 14-hours of charge to ANY smart phone or tablet. Select images are below and attached for reference, many thanks for your consideration!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hear It, Feel It, Wear It, Hollywood is Evolving Into Stye Central.

By Laura Medina

In honor of the Grammys, and that this year's Grammys are in New York, instead of Los Angeles as they usually are, Hollywood jump early and threw fashion-meets-music celebrations a week ahead.

With Millennials and emerging Gen-Z dominating the youth-driven music industry/technology, doing traditional ad campaigns ain't enough.  The best way to hook them kids is through experience and what's a better way than throw parties so they can actually listen to the speakers and feel those bass thumps.

During the weekend of January 19th and the 20th, Sony did #LostInMusic, the Los Angeles edition.  Headlined by Khalid and Sofia Richie, the much-anticipated event kicked off the second installment of Lost in Music, a campaign aimed to deliver new music experiences to fans utilizing Sony’s latest technologies. The event was headlined by GRAMMY nominated pop prodigy, Khalid and featured epic performances by London On Da Track and H.E.R.

With her friends, or clique, British vegan fashion designer, Stella McCartney said she started showing her collections here more frequently in Hollywood since all her friends are moving and living here.  Second, with it's fertile soil and ideal sunny climate and ocean breeze mists, the freshest produce is close by, available, and cheap for a vegan ethos, and third, she is Sir Paul McCartney is her dad.  So, she has a soft spot for Hollywood' rock n' roll history.  This is why she threw her fashion party at SIR Recording Studio.

In fact, her legendary father, Sir Paul McCartney out-shone his daughter's fashion party because everyone went crazy over him, fellow Beatle Ringo Starr, and fellow musician Beck then St. Vincent.

After rocking with the rock stars, then guests paid attention to Stella McCartney's double party of re-launching her Peony Fragrance and her Fall 2018 Collection that was treated as an after-thought...

As you fashionistas, especially you Hollywood Fashionistas have already knew, Stella McCartney started this pattern two years ago, when she threw her first Hollywood fashion party with her A-list friends as lifestyle advertisement when she took over Amoeba Records, Hollywood Hipster central, targeting her Millennial audience who live in that neighborhood...

When it comes to the fashion/apparel industry, yes...Los Angeles is where trends sprout fresh like the produce it grows but the taste is for more the Pretty Young Things that populate West Hollywood and Hollywood.  But among the more experienced, the better educated, and the more established, Hollywood trends is more of something to be sampled and sprinkled among the more timeless brands from Manhattan and Paris, than subsisting on it.

Hollywood is best sampled and snacked on, food wise and fashion wise.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jess Ponce's "Everyday Celebrity" Guiding You Thru Life.

By Laura Medina

"Not everybody is gonna like you"..."Being liked is not enough.  People need a compelling reason to continue listening to you."

Media coach and entertainment industry veteran, Jess Ponce begun his book with him being humiliated by a bunch of eight-grade mean girls, as a seven-years old boy.

The turning point is his beginning in his life-long journey as a media coach, "Our bad experiences or stories can lift people up or tear them down or lead us to new audiences, markets, and frontiers."

With him being mocked for the way he spoke as a kid, it was that moment Ponce learned he had to find creative ways to speak and present myself, "I decided to use my words to help me never be a victim again."

Jess Ponce, the media coach works with who you are.  He's not going to make you into something that you're not and never were.  Not everybody likes what you have to offer.  Forget them.  Leave them.

As for the "haters" cropping up on social media, he recommended lean in onto people who wants your information and values.  Don't chase those who don't share or not interest in what you have to offer.

How you approach hater situations?  How you respond to criticisms?  Turning lemons into lemonade or even better, Lemon Drop cocktail, Jess suggests using negative feedback to help you be better or improve but all these changes have to be natural and fun or else, it's miserable and it's fake.  

Jess Ponce always recommend be natural, use your true self as the basis.  Again, if people, aka "the haters" don't like it, forget them then leave them behind.

When you use social media or any type of new technology, you're vulnerable to criticism.  It's all about how you handle challenges or change.  "Do you have a game plan?"  Challenge or change can be purposeful.  It forces you to realize there is a gap to be filled, a need to be met, and new methods to problems, such as Jess being mocked for the way he spoke as boy.  He realized there are new ways to speak and talk then he learned to be a communication and media expert.

In finding your audience or market, you will reach them because, eventually, they will reach out to you.  Finding your audience is a part of natural progress.

As man who encountered legends, working on talk shows and news shows, Jess encountered, influenced, and learn from legends from all walks of life, from Rosa Parks and Oprah.

As a man who worked with civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, Jess learned that hardship can open new opportunities. 

In his book, "Everyday Celebrity," Jess Ponce provides a roadmap to be a celebrity from wherever you are in the country or the world.

It has nothing to do with popularity.  It has to do with "Celebrity Quotient" or "CQ" and "Unique Value Proposition" or "UVP."

"CQ" focuses on qualities that makes "you."

"UVP" focuses on what you have to offer or contribute to the world.

"CQ" plus "UVP," you add up to a conversation that might cause a movement, that might change society for the worse or for the better.

As a native, life-long Californian,  that's more lasting, more meaningful, and way more important than being "popular."

Speaking from his Los Angeles home, Jess Ponce commented, "This is still Hollywood, where everyone is desperate for attention.  Not everybody is gonna like you. Your brand, persona, and information will reach the right audience."  Desperation is when you try to please everyone, constantly changing, always adapting but not loving it, not having fun.

Not that Jess is against change, personal evolution, or maturity or personal growth.

In his "Everyday Celebrity," Jess says that your "Celebrity Quotient" can change.  As you grow, you may tweak it because your personal brand has evolved.  As you experience new wonders and growth, your voice will also evolve, shape, morph, and build upon.  See change, whether it be personal or technical, as a new chapter in a book called life, new chances and a new version.

This is where personal experience and knowledge meets technology, social media, and YouTube...and personal change.

In using social media, Jess said you need to have clear intentions.  Clarity is what you want to communicate to the world.  You're the media to the world.

For the long-time industry veterans snipping at young whippersnappers lacking years of experience but fueling on being inventive, creative, and having fun to the point of being wild, as a TV talk show and news show veteran encountering then embracing new technology to better spread while archiving significant events, moments, and historical figures, Jess said this to veterans who fear learning and embracing new social media technology, "Good Luck."

He explained that these industry veterans see new technology as a burden and they're falling behind.

Other than failing to embrace new technology and social media to reach new markets and audiences who can benefit from experienced knowledge,  those veterans who fail to embrace the new technology, their experience and knowledge will be lost to time.

Jess commented on why experienced industry veterans fear of change and refusing to have fun with new technology, much less embrace it, "That's when you're at your most vulnerable, change.  It's fear."  He further discussed how they need to use new technology and new social media to not only spread their knowledge but also to preserve it for future generation who might learn from it.

He suggests to industry veterans, see and use the new social media technology as any other tool for new chances.  On advising on their fear of change, such as new technology, he commented it's like doing an oral report, you're vulnerable.  Embrace a new media that works for you.  It'll open you to a new arena.  

With any growth or maturity, Jess knows from experience, that every time you morph and evolve that you will leave certain people behind but you'll gain new audience or/and expand market as you expand your horizons.

To further encourage industry veterans to use new social media technology, Jess said that, "You are the expert.  Use the new technology to reinforce and spread your wisdom to new markets, audience, and new chances."

Social media are nothing more than tool to communicate.

Commenting on the other end of the social media, especially YouTube, Jess said that's it's okay if you are naturally edgy, witty, and self-deprecating or creative and innovative.  In fact, he said YouTube is great for Do-It-Yourself tutorials that anyone, from anywhere, can learn at anytime.  But if it's all about antics, he did warn about the tipping point where he did suggest that the audience has responsibility to how far they push their social media stars, especially on YouTube.

As like anyone else watching YouTube stars crash and burn or watching traditional acting celebrities crash and burn, what Jess call "trainwrecks," he advised that these social media stars are content creators.  Then he further advised, that as a celebrity in any form, whether they're trying to make it or are making it on YouTube or doing it on a reality show or doing it the old-fashion way as an actor, "You are under the microscope."

Watching very young YouTube celebrities who haven't reach their full potential yet because
they crash and burn so quickly, Jess sees the direct connection and influence that viewers have on their social media/YouTube stars because "likes" or rating are so quick and interaction is so direct.  Since social media/YouTube viewers directly interact with their celebrities, than say traditional movie and TV celebrities, it is Jess who says that it is the viewers who have to take responsibility for how they like and encourage their YouTube celebrities, especially their behavior and actions.

In a round-about-way, it goes back to what Jess commented earlier, being desperate in trying please everyone when you know, deep inside, it's wrong.

Because the majority of YouTube celebrities and viewers are very young, since social media technology has always been a part of their life,  the viewers have to acknowledge how far they push their favorite celebrities' behavior on YouTube reality/travel/culture shows.  When viewers know the content or the celebrity is heading in a direction that they don't like,  Jess suggest don't add fuel to the fire by not fueling the views or ratings.  Both the YouTube celebrities and their fans have to realize it is the fans steering them and fueling them.

It all returns to you being the content creator and what you have to bring to the table, what you have to offer to the world.

The conversations we bring to the table can tear down or build it up.

According to Jess Ponce, using our knowledge and conversations to build something up can bring on movements.  Use them to build society up.  That's how people can become real celebrities.

But if you need a road map to how use your qualities in how to become a celebrity, read Jess Ponce's guide to life, "Everyday Celebrity." https://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Celebrity-Personal-Branding-Hollywood/dp/0998562300/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1516727974&sr=1-1&keywords=Jess+Ponce%27s+Everyday+Celebrity

Monday, January 22, 2018

"Winter is Here," Hibernate & Hygge with HBO's Game of Thrones' Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season on Blu-ray™ and DVD Fan Fest Screening Weekend.

By Laura Medina

If the "Game of Thrones" doesn't get you geeking out on Medieval English Dark Ages, than nothing will.

As a thank you to all the die-hard, loyal fans, HBO threw a "Game of Thrones" fan festival week at L.A. Live Regal Cinema, just in time for the Season 7 DVD and Blu-Ray release.  Alright, it's also a teaser bait for the very last, finale season for the violent yet enduring fantasy series, based on England's feudal history and how the English aristocracy can about...with dragons and frozen zombies.

"Game of Thrones" came in, seven years ago (2011), where the last Harry Potter movie left off.  It picked up off the steam of Harry Potter, picking up the first generation Harry Potter fans as they grew up into young adults in their early to mid-twenties.  In other words, "Game of Thrones" built on Harry Potter's English mythology but tossed in a lot of sex and violence (using the English civil wars history) for tense flavoring.

The map of the fictional Westeros, is based on England, Scotland, and if Ireland physically joined then George R.R. Martin stretched it into the size of South America in his epic fantasy series 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' which HBO based their hit TV series on.

HBO turned L.A Live Regal Theater's second floor into a mini Game of Thrones pop-up museum where fans ooohed and aaahhhhed over the props and cheerily sat in the Swords Thrones and Daenerys Targaryen's throne...

HBO also put a gallery of the series' beloved characters with their most famous quotes...
There's the beloved Jon Snow with the dragon eggs, the crown, and the dagger.
The gallery also includes the series' swords...
Literally, next to the gallery, arounding off the corner is the gateway to the screening of "Game of Thrones"  “Spoils of War” Episode from Season 7 and their version of a Cliff Note, the animated cartoon back history of "Game of Thrones," the Blu-rayTM and DVD exclusive bonus feature, Conquest and Rebellion, a 45-minute animated story of the turbulent events that shaped Westeros that can only be found for a limited time on the Season 7 Blu-rayTM and DVD set.
The first thing that greets you, when you reach the third floor screening theater is a concession dedicated to giving free snacks and drinks to the special invited fans...
Sodas served in special, limited edition, collector's reusable sippy cups and one bucket of popcorn per a fan.
In lucky 13 Theater, fans settled in, with our free drinks and popcorn, to Episode "Spoils of War" from Season 7.  As precursor, the screening started with the animated backstory history of how the fiefdoms and kingdoms in the "Game of Thrones" came about, in the cool
comic book cartoon (adult cartoon),  "Conquest and Rebellion."
This is where the fan fest screening leaves off...
If you want to see the fan fest experience, you just to buy the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 DVD and Blu-Ray sets, where you get "Spoils of War" episode and the "Conquest and Rebellion" cartoon back history Cliff Notes with voice-over commentaries from the leading stars.