Friday, March 29, 2013

How about a rare holiday that goes beyond Easter?..Happy Birthday Nestle Crunch 75th Birthday Contest!

By Laura Medina

There has been an emerging campaign to save real-life bunnies from been giving away as Easter gifts.  Parents...and kids are suffering from chocolate bunny fatigue and cheap jelly beans are being replaced by "Easter Toys," a promised do-over for those who missed Christmas.

Well, here's a bit of nostalgia that both the parent and the kid can be celebrate for almost an exact month...the Happy 75th Birthday Nestle Crunch Contest.  It's "America's Best Bakeries Face-Off," Nestle Crunch's idea of a candy throwdown.

This past Wednesday afternoon in Beverly Hills,  Sweet E’s Bake Shop hosted the birthday party/contest.  They also played host to numerous Los Angeles bakeries and an hip ice cream truck/shop, CoolHausWhen given copious supply of Nestle Crunch, they whip up some really mouth-watering confections to compete in the contest.

Since last Wednesday until Sunday, April 21st, the participating confectionery shops will sell their Nestle Crunch confections to the general public.  From there, the public will vote at, on their favorite Nestle Crunch treat.

This is a nationwide celebration and contest with Dallas', Chicago's, Houston's, San Francisco's, Boston's, Culver City's best bakeries competing in making their interpretation of the Nestle Crunch Dessert.

Actress Casey Reinhardt and owner of Casey’s Cupcakes went all out by topping her cupcakes with sparklers and candied Crunch Bars rolled and coated in edible blue glitter.

Due to its "melt-ability," the party guests had no choice but to "lunch" on CoolHaus' Nestle Crunch™ Brown Butter Candied Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches. It was an healthy choice of dairy and meat protein, calicum, and chocolate flavoroids.

Crumbs Cupcakes did their own versions of the Nestle Crunch Cupcake.  The party hosts,
Sweet E’s Bake Shop, did Nestle Crunch Bits Brownies.

Easter and Passover come each and every year.  Nestle Crunch's 75th Birthday doesn't.

So, once Passover has "passed over," and Easter is nothing but a distant pastel memory, why don't you hit the best bakeries in LA, Chicago, San Fran, and Dallas, celebrate Nestle Crunch's birthday then pick which dessert is your favorite.

This decadent holiday is a very rare treat, enjoy it while you can.  

Red Bull Searching for the Next Art Star

By Laura Medina

Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project, is a fairy godmother of street artists (what we used to call graffiti artists or "taggers").

This "Olympics of Street Art," originated in London where Red Bull invited a bunch of street artists over to this bar then all of a sudden, these artists started painting the bar's exterior.  Of course, the barkeeps got angry.  Red Bull came to the rescue, invited the artists inside and asked them to paint a mini refrigerator cooler full of Red Bull instead.  That "urban decorated" cooler was such a conservation hit at this London bar; that this gave Red Bull an idea.  Why host a chain of street art competition in particular cities where they invite the hottest and the best street artist from each city (at least two), send them over to Art Basel  Miami/SCOPE to win the United States title then send America's best street artists over to International SCOPE in Switzerland to win the world title.

Not only will these artists get worldwide recognition but a deserving mentorship from an established artist and dealers.

As for the series of "jacked-up" mini frigs or "coolers," they will not be for sale but be given to influential and the hottest bars and clubs worldwide.

Last night's coolers will be "adopted" by  The Viper Room, Rock & Reilly’s, Pink Taco Sunset Strip, Brick+Mortar, The Bungalow, Viceroy Hotel, The Craftsman, Barcopa, Akbar, La Cita, The Association, Salvage, Crocker Club, The Federal, KCRW Radio Station, Ameoba Music, The Well and Mack Sennett Studios to further promote these artists' careers.

The artists, the emerging and the established, all appeared for support and celebrating each others' efforts and work with likes of Carly Ivan Garcia, ErikOtto, Apex, Akira Beard, Studio DCL, Ian Ross, CHOR BOOGIE, Eon75, Hugh Leeman, Zio Ziegler, Kelly Allen, N8 Van Dyke, D Young V, Jet Martinez, Ryan De La Hoz, Slvstr©, Nathan Wong, Oliver Black, Tommy Noshitsky, Joshua Clements.

You seen...Hollywood does have a heart.  It isn't all about booze.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Celebrity Fragrances

By Laura Medina

In the current issue of "Allure" Magazine, they did a fair job of finding affordable celebrity fragrances that are on equal par as their way more prestigious and expensive counterparts.

This scribe did the same thing over a few months then sniff which one is appropriate for certain time, day, and night.

If you need to spritz a "girl-next-door" scent, this bright and juicy unisex fragrance, "Unbreakable Love" by Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom is the lighter, brighter, and friendlier version of an androgynous scent meant to be shared by a couple.  It is a lively  fragrance vortex for women and men. Its top notes include delicate exotic neroli and citrus freshness of bergamot, associated with floral heart and deep notes of cedar and musk.  Plus, it's a great money saver when it's made for two.  "Unbreakable Love" is meant to be "stolen" by both women and men from their partners.

It's a clean scent that is never meant to lead anyone on, just pretty and polished for a woman or polished and refreshed for a man.

Right in the middle is Halle Berry's gingerly "Closer."  The top notes of Wild Raspberry, Waterlily, and Ozonic Accord tickles the nose.  The middle notes of Fougere Accord,Violet Flowers, Mimosa, and Cedarwood leaves a warm scent.  The base notes of Vanilla Bean, Mahogony Wood, and Cashmere Musk are the building blocks of a classic, solid, warm, and deep scent.

Beyonce's "Midnight Heat," is dark and sexy, making it a great evening, party, and date fragrance. 

This smoky fruity floral gourmand's top notes send whiffs of juicy top notes of Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenian Plum.  Then, the heart notes explode into a vivid floral bouquet built upon the Purple Mokara Orchid, Queen of the Night Black Tulip and Purple Peony, leaving embers of Warm Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood in its wake.

Beyonce's "Midnight Heat," is just as smoldering as the woman herself, best saved for a night out.

This is this scribe's version of celebrities giving their fans upscale fragrances at approachable prices.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hollywood's hottest "It" Girl is an UK Fashionista, Louise Roe

By Laura Medina

Recently, this past Saturday at Bloomingdale's Westfield Mall in Century City, Louise Roe-she replaced Elle Macpherson as the current of NBC' "Fashion Star"-showed her support for luxury shoe designer Ruthie Davis whose fans are Beyonce, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Lady Gaga.  They celebrated the launch of Ruthie Davis Shoe Collection at Bloomingdale's in Century City.  As the co-host, Louise is modeling a cream and black Naples pump in Toast.  The shoe collection is rich in architectural construction in luxurious materials in a vivid color palette.

In fact, this journalist-turned-tv host has been setting Hollywood ablaze.  This is her in a Ted Baker Attavia Maxi Dress with festive floral print in a light weight fabric for hosting duties at the Cotton 24-Hour Runway Show in Miami.

Here she is in Robert Rodriguez for Gemfields And W Magazine celebrating the launch Of Gemfields' New Brand Ambassador at West Hollywood's SoHo House...

Then, she's in BCBG MAX AZRIA Spring 2013 Runway dress with a BCBG MAX AZRIA harness for Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection.

For this past Golden Globes, Louise is holding a Farbod Barsum Leela Clutch in Bronze Ostrich Leg. 

Louise attending Rebecca Taylor's Fall 2012 Collection during New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Shows back in September of last year.

It's apparent Louise's star is rising since she's in the current issue of "Allure" Magazine where, as one of the hottest taste-makers, was given a task of making pajamas street-worthy chic, go to to read how she does it.

Louise is also in this month's issue of "New Beauty" Magazine (which happens to own a store inside Fred Segal Santa Monica) where she doles her own beauty tips and hints...

How would you describe your anti-aging philosophy?I'm open to trying new products. I think at-home peels and facials are incredible nowadays and will hopefully completely eliminate the need for facial surgery.
What are your secrets to such great skin?I'm strict about always washing off my makeup and applying serum, eye cream and night cream before bed. I also exfoliate about three times a week.
Is there anyone you would describe as your beauty inspiration?I'm an eyebrows girl, so the late 80s images of Brooke Shields and Yasmin Le Bon were—and still are— a massive inspiration. I cannot live without my eyebrow pencil!
What are some of your must-have products?Maybelline Great Lash Mascara—I have used it forever and it just works. Maybelline FIT Me! Foundation—it's thin enough to not clog pores and has SPF in it too, which is very important. Benefit Erase Paste gets rid of my under-eye circles when I'm tired. Luzern Pure Cosmeceuticals serum is great for making the skin gleam and DNA Phyto Collagen Night Creme is like a drink of water for my skin.
What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?The face is not a Christmas tree. Decorate either the lips or eyes, not both.
What beauty advice would you offer to others?Learn how to apply false lashes; it completely opens up the face.
What are some of your favorite hair-care products?Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo is great to get bed-head second-day hair, Bumble and bumble Surf Spray (my fiancĂ© steals it from me) and Suave Professionals shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair very thick and shiny, which I love.  
How do you stay in such great shape?I am probably not as fit as I should be! I try to take a reformer Pilates class a few times a week and in the winter I love to ski as much as possible. I like to eat a lot, but I do like to eat healthily. For breakfast I love crunchy organic peanut butter on pumpernickel toast. Lunch is usually a shrimp or chicken salad and I'll make turkey burgers, a vegetable curry or fish and green ‘veg’ for dinner. 
What foods are your weaknesses?Dim-sum, frozen yogurt, gin and tonics.

If you want to know about this British beauty rising up Hollywood's style ranks, go read about her on AOL' StyleList...

 Louise Roe’s Best Red Carpet Looks:

     Louise Roe’s Style Icons:

        Louise Roe’s Beauty Secrets:

         Louise Roe’s Winter Sun & Vacation Must-Haves:

       Louise Roe’s Favorite Beauty Steals:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

April 14th, Katie Young for Target

 By Laura Medina

Keeping it fresh, keeping it on the cutting edge, and keeping their fellow mass retailers on their toes, Target is rolling its next Limited Edition Designer Series, Katie Young for Target.

Who's Katie Young?  Any fashionista, stylista, or glitterati ought know,  Katie Young was ranked as the #1 Stylist in Hollywood in The Hollywood Reporter's Top 25 Stylists in its first fashion edition issue a year ago.

Not for a former minion of Anna Wintour.  Working as a Vogue staffer, Katie had no choice but to work with publicists and actress.  After styling the first cover of Teen Vogue, it served as a launching pad for her present job, stylist to the stars.  She proved her mettle when she dressed the very expecting Natalie Portman in that red-rose-on-pink Viktor & Rolf gown at last year's Golden Globes for "Black Swan."  Katie became Michelle William's go-to red carpet stylist by decking her in: an orange silk-and-organza Louis Vuitton for Oscar night; a dramatic petal-pink Dior couture gown at My Week With Marilyn’s Paris premiere; a custom midnight-blue long-sleeve gown by Jason Wu at the Globes.  It was Katie realized Michelle Williams was better off as a blonde version of an Audrey Hepburn-gamine than a Va-Voom Marilyn vamp.

She even styled Jason Wu for Target a year ago (this scribe should snapped up that trench coat).

Being ranked as the Number Uno Hollywood Stylist, Katie Young quickly morphed into a demi-media darling among the fashion set, suddenly besieged by the fashionista/stylista media pack.

During an interview, she simply said on a tv show, that her dream was to bring that red carpet magic to the real woman.  By simply asking, her wish came true.  "My friends at Target called and said,“You want to do this? We didn’t know you wanted to do this!” And so we had a meeting and it all came to this."

Sticking to her New York Fashion industry roots, Katie said this Target always start with inspiration boards for each outfit or item.  No different from what she does for her celebrity clients.  "I do inspiration boards for almost everything. It’s the bones of a project for me. I’m a very visual person, so it helps me create sort of a map or a guide or a blueprint."

In fact, Katie makes this suggestion to anyone who wants or needs to become her or his own stylist,...

 "The thing that I think is most important when you’re figuring out what you’re going
to wear for evening is to find a picture of yourself that you like. And see why it was
good was the silhouette good on you? Was the color good on you? Were you just
particularly happy? Did you have lipstick on? And pin that up on your closet. And
remember what was good about that and look for that again and combine that with an image that you aspire to. You know it’s really fun to tell a story and to play with clothes in that way. And I think inspiration boards make that possible."
That being said, let these sneak peek inspiration pics be your inspiration boards.  Target describes the Katie Young Collection as "edgy, yet sophisticated; modern and versatile."  Katie translated the red carpet/premiere look into accessible special occasion outfits and stand-alone pieces such these super cute cocktail dresses (above) that can go "NYLA," NY to LA, just like those jet-setting starlets on a publicity movie tour.
The following are setting trends for Spring and Summer... 

Who says the maxi dress has been all hippy and "granola;" and eveningwear has to be stiffy and stuffy; and Spring/Summer has to be "girly, preppy, and conservative?"

Katie instilled her own cutting edge, urbane, bi-coastal style into her namesake Target collection for that A-List look.

The trend for this Spring/Summer...the elegant maxi dress in satin weave or starry prints against a midnight black backdrop or a quick, easy "tuxedo" jumpsuit, sharp enough to stretch these outfits into Fall and Winter, what a great wardrobe investment.


Another trend is the return of the Ninties' bodysuit in daring sheer overlays.  You can go daring by wearing these hip printed bodysuits as tops when these hip but classic blazers discreetly cover the nipples or be sensible and wear a flesh-toned camisole under them to make them really wearable.  Katie used these bodysuits as accessories to give these strapless dresses or one-shoulder dresses that extra edge.

With everything priced under $100, (thank you Katie and Target) you can either be hip as Katie or as elegant as your favorite red carpet celebrity.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Derek Lam for Kohl's DesigNation

 By Laura Medina

St. Patrick's Day marks the arrival of sunny, well-tempered Spring here in L.A. but drab, sleet-frosted New York, craving for some sunshine, has already jumped the gun when Derek Lam officially debut his new moderate-priced line for Kohl's, "Derek Lam for DesigNation," (Kohl's answer to Target's Limited Edition Designer Collection.) on this morning's "Good Morning America."

Derek went on a "research vacation" in contemporary Rio de Janeiro for a fresh take and inspiration for his Kohl's collection.

During the day, he walks in the park, soaking up the vibrant graffiti and street art, eating up the eye candy in modern museums and art galleries then fueling on modern Brazilian cuisine so he can dance the night away in the nightclubs.

Using all his senses, Derek distill his experiences in the rich, primary color palettes in prints reflective of the florals and the street art of Rio for Kohl's DesigNation Spring 2013. 

The key words guiding him through the design development are: color, life, city, modern, timeless, clubs, and museums.  Adding all these up, the real Rio de Janeiro for the modern woman.
He managed to infuse his modern and clean but feminine and refined aesthetic with ingredients of samba of a jungle beat city.

What Derek really likes is that he can give the majority of women designer quality at an affordable price. 

Here are some tips in how to incorporate his new Spring Collection into real life, which going to hit Kohl's and this pretty soon, April 5th...

Be Pretty

Celebrate spring and feel pretty in feminine pieces, including a variety of versatile dress styles perfect for every occasion from the work week to weekend outings. With geometric stripes, jungle-inspired shirt dresses and flowing maxi dresses, the Derek Lam for DesigNation collection brings the spirit of Rio in fun, carefree dresses, great for warmer weather.
  • Work Week:
    A sleek, yet relaxed silhouette is key this spring for dresses and perfect for the workplace. These pieces are appropriate for the office, but will also let your personality shine through. Try the Scarf Dress ($60), Button-Down Shirt Dress ($70) or Slant Pocket Bra Dress ($70) for easy and stylish looks, while layering a cardigan or blazer for endless options.
  • Weekend Wear:
    For a more casual spring look, try the V-Neck Gathered Dress ($60), the Shawl Neck Bubble Dress ($64) or the Fitted Boat Neck Dress ($70) which are comfortable, but fashion-forward. These pieces are chic enough to be worn from day-to-night by slipping on a pair of high heeled pumps or adding statement jewelry to transform the mood of the outfit.

Sorbets & Brights

Adding color to wardrobes helps to confirm that spring is here and bright and bold hues are everywhere this season. From muted sorbet colors to vivid blues and greens, the Derek Lam for DesigNation collection offers a large palette of hues for any mood.
  • Muted Tones
    Light pinks, grays and creams are seen throughout the spring collection in soft, silky draped pieces, bubble hems and button-down shirts. Try the Draped Neckline Dress ($54), Tab Collared Top ($48) or Long Draw String Skirt ($54) to embrace these simply understated colors.
  • Bold Beauty
    The bold and the beautiful! Feel electric and alive in vibrant colors this spring. No matter the weather, these vivid shades will brighten any day and create a confident look. Try the Asymmetrical Seam Skirt ($54), Slant Pocket Pant ($54) or Fitted Sweetheart Dress ($60).

Bold Prints & Patterns

Inspired by the spirit of Rio de Janeiro, Derek Lam introduces bold prints and unique textures in his spring DesigNation collection. Rio's vibrant culture and style comes to life through the printed pieces and patterns.
  • Mix & Match
    Pair prints, knits, and colors to create an effortless yet fashion-forward look. From printed Drawstring Shorts ($48) and a Knit Basic Tank Top ($40) to a Loose Boatneck Tee ($44) and a Bomber jacket ($70), fashion can come to life through texture and design.
  • Pattern Play
    Make a statement this spring with bold graphic patterns. Wearing prints in the same color tones and different geometric designed pieces brings excitement to playing with patterns. A bold print is the perfect way to push your fashion limits. Try the Drawstring Waist Darted Dress ($60), the Darted Crewneck Top ($40), Tab Collared Tunic ($48), or Scarf Dress ($60).

Statement Pieces

Invest in some great statement pieces that will instantly make you feel beautiful and confident for the spring season. These pieces walk the line of comfort and will push your style to feel free and poised in an outfit that looks right off the runway, but is budget-friendly.
  • Statement pieces are interesting and eye-catching wardrobe items that reflect your personality. Step into the V-Neck Maxi Dress ($88), Bra Jumpsuit ($88) or Shirred Shoulder Tunic ($60) to pull off a sleek, sexy look. These pieces seemed designed with your favorite celebrity in mind, yet are available to all women for less with Derek Lam for DesigNation.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eva & Paris, the Best of LA Fashion Week

 By Laura Medina

Los Angeles Fashion Week Fever, the Fall 2013 Edition, must be gradually catching on.

After the demise of IMG's LA Fashion Week, a few have taken on the mantle and formed their own runway shows and fetes which are sprouting up like mushrooms.

This scribe handpicked the best of the crop for you so you can sit back and relax.

Out Magazine and Macy's ignited LA Fashion Week's Opening Party and runway show in the heart of the "Big, Blue Whale's" lobby, the Pacific Design Center, smacked dabbed in the middle of Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.

Los Angeles' fashion luminaries as such Mikey Koffman, the impresario behind LA Fashion Weekend at the historical Sunset & Gower, and various celebrities from film, music, and the media: Lorielle New (actress); the girl group, Blush; Jai Rodriguez, Bruce Vilanch, comedy writer & "Hollywood Squares" alumni; and Paris Hilton.

The amazing thing about having Macy's as one of the backers for their fashion show with Out Magazine, is that whatever outfit you see and like, there is a pop-up shop carrying those clothes, ready for purchase.

Talk about direct to buyer.

Fred Segal hosted a tennis table match with professional players to celebrate Raf Simons for Fred Perry.
Yes, that Raf Simons who used to design for Jil Sander and now designs for Christian Dior.  His collaboration for Fred Perry...yes, that Fred Perry tennis/polo his seventh collection for Fred Perry.  It's called "the Laurel Wreath" Collection.  He incorporate a place dart at the bust for a better fit (also makes it a better fit for girlfriends to steal since it fits the female torso so well) and interchangeable collars that you can unbotton and botton with single or double collars.  How's that for popping your collar?!

He also pump new blood into the collection with a hot leopard spot prints, oversized hounds-tooth and floral prints, and pattern blocking.

To remind people how Fred Perry shirt came to be, Fred Segal hosted an exciting and fun table tennis match with LA's top tennis table professionals so folks can watch the tennis shirts in full action, the full stretch and comfort for three hours of play.  Even Ron Robinson, the namesake himself, joined in.  Think of this as an old-fashion interactive fashion video...old fashion but a down-home classic.

"The Bachelor" Christopher Harrison teamed up with Brit/LA designer, Christopher Wicks to launch line of slim fit (this is the key word for menswear instead of "tailored"), relaxed jackets and slacks, pattered woven shirts and layering polos for "DaVinci of California by Chris Harrison."  Basically, it's Mr. Wicks' expertise and technical skills inspired by Mr. Harrison's style taste.

Another Kris had joined them for the launch...Kris Kardashian.

The high point of the social wave of LA Fashion Week was Eva Mendes for Vogue Eyewear, the hottest, the most desirable, and the most exclusive LA Fashion Week ticket in town..;and it wasn't even associated with LA Fashion Week.

Comfortably ensconced up in the Trousdale Estates of Beverly Hills, this party toasted Eve Mendes as the spokesperson for Vogue Eyewear.  It was candy-colored and candy-coated fete decorated with the line's current eyeglasses and shades where people played nighttime croquette.

Behind the scenes at Style Week LA.
Amidst the sexy chaos and the dizzy networking and camera-hogging, people tend to forget it is about the clothes, the craftsmanship, and the intricate artisanship that goes into making trend-busting clothes then changes the course of fashion.

The serious, hard-core fashionistas, the culturati, the stylistas, and the serious photographers had been gathering at St.Vibiana, one of LA's oldest Catholic church that has re-risen from the ashes as a stately marble of an arts and performance venue, fitting for a pretty serious and somber vibe currently running in this recent LA Fashion Week.

Michael Cinco's flair for the theatrical brought the house down as the finale of Style Week LA.

Whether he was influenced by ABC's "Once Upon A Time" or the two latest Cinderella movies, this 21st-century twist on medieval had Los Angelenos' jaw dropping.

The normally boisterous Angelenos were hushing down interrupters as jet-beaded, black laced ballgowns regally marched down the catwalk.  "Aaahhhs" and "ooohhhs" were the only sounds heard when Cinco's ombre-red and black hooded evening gown with the ruffle tiers marched down the catwalk.  This is what the Grammys were talking can do shock value without flashing the skin.  Mr. Cinco's hooded ombre ruffle gown looked inspired by Tarsem Singh, the ground-breaking music video director and the director of "The Cell."  Shoot, even fashionistas say this collection is Alexander McQueen-sque but it is a good influence.

The judicious usage of old-fashion flesh-toned beige pantyhose nylon to give the illusion of exposed peek-a-boos and cut-outs and overlays set the classy suggestiveness.  This subtle sensuality was what Edwardian (yes, it's the "Downton Abbey" influence again) was aiming for without advanced knits.

Haute Couture need not to be impractical.  Michael Cinco's two-in-one dresses, above, hint at the allure and mystery...and the exoticism of a hoodie-turned-shawl-skirt train mini-dress.  Again, this is what the Grammys were talking about in the making of the new dress codes: exotic, alluring, and artistic, not trashy.

Michael Cinco's alluring show, Mike Vensel's intellectualism runway show, and Jen Awad's matured black velvet and white lace show reflected the maturity of the people being Style Week LA, Concept, and LA Fashion Week.  It matured out (but not away) from the industry mainstay of denim and warm weather sportswear; and the city's best designers (and textile designers) are bursting out like a black swan.  Sure, the parties still keep on running but the runway shows and the audience have grown up, gotten serious, and are demanding respect.

Something More than Beer, St. Patty's Day cocktails

By Laura Medina

Does guzzling endless rounds of beer, much less green beer, makes you want to run?

Well, you're an adult now.  Here are some St. Patrick Day's cocktails that will attract a real Irish man.

St. Patty’s Day Spruce

2 oz. Vikingfjord 80 Proof Vodka
2 Dashes of Bitter Truth Celery Bitters
Cucumber Spruce
Fever Tree Tonic Water

Instructions: Pour in two ounces of Vikingfjord vodka and top with tonic water. Add two dashes of celery bitters. Fill glass with ice. Squeeze in one lime wedge and discard. Garnish with cucumber spruce.  

This is what Carrie Bradshaw would be drinking today, not taking a swig straight out of a bottle...or a can.


2 oz. Vikingfjord Apple Vodka
1.5 oz. Sour Apple Liquor
2 Teaspoons Fresh Lemon Juice.
Instructions: Add ingredients to martini glass, garnish with green apple slice.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Luck of the Irish, Emerald...the Color of 2013

By Laura Medina

You'll be glad to know there are many ways to wear green and a whole lot of opportunities to wear it.

Emerald, the jewel-toned shade of green, is the color of the year for 2013.

Because of this, there are sly and subtle way to "show your Irish" in nail polishes, eyeshadows, and hair streaks that will wash out on the day-after.

Kiss those days of pinning a clover cut of cheap construction paper-goodbye!

Say "hello" to nifty nail polishes and bold emeralds. 

StreekersGreen, $11.95 available at
Using an advanced liquid technology, Streekers instantly deposits bold, vibrant color that can be applied over mousse or styling gel. A revolution in temporary hair color, Streekers highlights wash out only when you want them out. The sleek, sponge-tip applicator guarantees flawless coverage and ultimate control for expertly-applied streaks.
Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream ShadowNeptune, $19 available at
An advanced formula developed specifically for the studio to deliver a bold, striking look that stays put for up to 15 hours. With just one swipe, this ultra-creamy shadow deposits vibrant, budge-proof color that lasts from the first click of the camera up until the final frame.  
Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation PrimerAdjust, $38 available at
Only really just green in spirit, this miracle product is color-correcting, wrinkle-reducing, and dark-spot-defying! Create a perfect canvas for foundation application and even out skin tone with this silky, lightweight blend of antioxidants and vitamins A & E.
 NYC New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust in Aquamarine Sparkle. Richly pigmented eye shadow with an alluring, pearlescent finish. Accentuate eyes with the newly relaunched Sparkle Eye Dust from NYC New York Color, a dangerously dazzling eye illuminator. Featuring a new, improved formula that delivers more intense color and luminescent pearl shimmer, this radiant eye dust makes it easy to achieve a stunning eye look. The revamped applicator ensures effortless, precise application for a truly eye-opening effect. 

 Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Jungle Gem, Please Sea Me

NYC New York Color HD Trio Eyeshadow in West Vintage

ABOUT: High definition shades for high-impact eyes. Packed with pigment, these high-payoff, long-lasting shadows keep you HD-ready from uptown cocktails to late-night loft parties.  Technophobes have nothing to fear—each palette features a beauty manual that reveals how to coordinate the trio of shades, highlighting which color goes where and how to apply. Each shadow glides on smoothly, illuminating lids with luxurious, velvety color in a soft, silky texture.


Rimmel London ScandalEyes Shadow Sticks in Gossip Green achieve a high-impact, glam eye look in a flash with this silky creamy eye shadow stick. Whether you’re looking to create a subtly seductive look or turn up the drama with smoldering eyes, the new ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Stick goes on smoothly for a sexy effect. Featuring a chubby tip applicator for easy application, the ultra-soft, blendable formula glides on easily for instant colour impact. The high-shine, luminous finish enhances eyes for a flirty, sultry effect.

 Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Green Park.
The boldest eyeshadow pigments you’ve ever seen, packed with multi-reflective pigments, each intense, vibrant eyeshadow shade coats lids in dazzling color. The dual-use shadows work wet or dry, allowing you to customize your color. Impervious to creases and smudging, the ultra-glam shadows last up to ten hours, taking you from daytime pretty to nighttime knockout.