Friday, March 26, 2010

Los Angeles, Always Something Up Its Sleeves

By Laura Medina

* Dolce Vita Runway Show

*ABS Runway Show

*Watch entire RAW 7 Show

Bonus: Mikey Koffman proposal

Raw 7's Alpine Cardigan and Sweater Mini Dress/Tunic

This scriber senses most folks are just dying to shed their winter layers for something lighter and brighter for Spring and impending Summer.

However, for the fashion-forward tribes, it is never too late to get the jump start on what's going to be sizzling for Autumn and Winter, to beat everyone to the chase.

The most subtle innovations or trends for Fall/Winter is applying traditional feminine ruching and smocking to traditional male utilitarian/military streetwear for everyday wear.

Since women like and admire the functional chic of the military and some tolerate the discomfortable of squeezing their bust and ribs in the straight male bodice cut in order to enjoy the styling, the warmth, the multiple pockets, and the durable cotton canvas covering, Raw 7 knows better.
By simply lifting the smocking and ruching of the empire waist off the stereotypical girly-girl babydoll tops and camisoles then inserting it underneath a woman's bustline then adding kick pleats in the back.
This new silhouette is comfortable enough to relax and breathe; roomy to move and sway and empire waist emphasizes what is good about a woman's physique, the hourglass figure, without menswear constrictions.

Hits from LA Fashion Weekend's second night.

Raw 7 did the same empire waist on the black leather motorcross jacket so it will pair well with their edgy, empire waist tees and sweaters. A woman retains what is good about male-centric functionality while accomodating her curves and fit. This is the next evolution in streetwear.

There was also an Eighties Redux with Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel-inspired sparkly blazers and box jackets, decked with black leather leggings as second skin.

For something cozy, Los Angeles-based, Hollywood-catering Raw 7 did something unexpected-Alpine Wear in knits, sweaters, scarves, and cardigans for both women and men.

Raw 7's Alpine Wear for Men

Gray Matters

Raw 7 busts another stereotype about Los Angeles, the young dandies out there do want to spiffy up.
Whether they aspire to be dapper "Mad Men's" Don Draper or the suave stud "Agent 007/James Bond" Sean Connery, there were a plenty of bow ties fluttering about on the catwalk.
Young men in their twenties are shielding their torsos in gray flannel vests and ties while adding the streetwear arnsel of fingerless gloves/mitts, studded leather cuffs, and heavy metal gothic gear chains are the new pocket watches.
Taking a riff from Robert Downey's street smart "Sherlock Holmes," it's the new Victorian Gent.
LA Fashion Weekend's Executive producer, Mikey Koffman proposing to her girlfriend, Ashley

Instead of the usual Hollywood brouhaha of hip hop artists and dancers, Los Angeles Fashion Weekend ringmaster, Mikey Koffman stepped on stage, asked her girlfriend, Ashley, to step out.

On her hands and knees, Mikey simply, sincerely, and sweetly asked Ashley to marry her.

She said, "Yes."

Media Alert! Media Alert!

This is not only a triumphant demostration of civil rights for the twentith-first century. It is not only a turning point in Mikey's and Ashley's lives but a scene for a potential reality show for a network that laid claim to the pioneering, "The L-Word." Watching a swarm of top-notch camera crews following each and every of Mikey's moves, this is something we all should keep our eyes out for in Fall.

Stay tuned and watch this historical proposal,

Like this scriber said, Hollywood always has something up its sleeve.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

By Laura Medina

Stefano Tonchi, "W" Magazine's new Editor-In-Chief with his friend,Tom Ford.

The commands of Conde Naste have been patiently watching the former editor of "Self," "L’Uomo Vogue," and "Esquire," steadily and consistently transform a little Style section of The New York Times Sunday Magazine into a cultural and style bible, T Magazine. That rare upscale but decadent treat of a glossy that successfully buck the recession.

Those folks at Conde Naste's "W" Magazine decided to swoop right in and snatch Stefano as their new Editor-In-Chief this morning. With "W"'s ad sales down 50%, they sense it was time for a change.

The Daily Front Row and numerous publishing blogs have been swirling rumors, tips, and wink-wink hints for weeks, culminating into the confirmination of Stefano Tonchi as the brand new Chief Editor of "W" and a sea of changes for the magazine.

With the shift in leadership, comes an expectation of a fresh persona for "W," hoping that Mr. Tonchi will sprinkle his magical magazine dust on it as he did with "T." This reflects the physical move of the offices from 750 Third Avenue to 1166 Sixth Avenue.

According to the New York Times, he wants to make it less rarified, more accessible, marking the publication's switch from industry-insider trade only rag of Fairchild Publications to the more mass market publications of Conde Nast.

With Stefano, comes some rich luggage that he accumulated over the years: Miuccia of Prada, Dontella Versace, Italian Vogue editor, Carla Sozza, Karl Lagerfeld, Ann Demeulemeester, Alber Elbaz, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Giambattista Valli and Stefano Pilati, French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld, Narciso Rodriguez, Tom Ford, and Rachel Zoe, adding more ammo to the already almighty Conde Nast.

He rides the right social circuit, matching culturati audiences with influential movers and shakers, connecting the dots between Art Basel Miami to the Golden Globes, swinging between the art world and Hollywood.

With the switch in jobs, according to Daily Front Row, comes a new set of bigger and better benefits, from respectable, mid-level perks to privileges that helps him live up to the image of an Editor-In-Chief:

Then: A newspaper salary

Now: A Si-financed mortgage

Then: Press trips to Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week

Now: Ski weekends in Gstaad with Antoine Arnault

Then: Expensing taxis, experiencing whiplash

Now: A sparkling Mercedes-Benz, a uniformed driver who takes turns slowly
Then: The Ritz (standard room next to Robert Burke)

Now: The Ritz (one-bedroom suite next to Anna)
Then: Front-row at Max Azria

Now: Front-row at Max Azria
Then: Windowless office with sliding glass doors, approximately 15" x 10"

Now: Palatial 500 square-foot space with a full flush of windows looking over 3rd Avenue

Then: Brioni at wholesale

Now: Thom Browne at retail.

Ugly Betty No More!

America Ferrera posing in Milly's Spring 2010 Jumpsuit. The runway version.

Sure, it hurts our favorite fictional intellectual is going off the air this Spring.

But, since Spring is a season of renewal, it is about time the real America Ferrera blooms as she really is, a strikingly stylish young woman who is hip on the freshest trend right now.

At the "How to Train Your Dragon" premiere, Ms. Ferrera emerges out of the "Ugly Betty" Suarez cocoon then flowers in a black, strapless, chic, but easy to wear Milly Raw Silk Barkcloth Strapless Jumpsuit.

This jaunty outfit can be have right now at Bergdorf Goodman for $395 or you can get it at, launching this week.

Wave that bright red and green poncho good-bye.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gen Art Fashion Alumni, Parade of LA's Fashion Stars

By Laura Medina

*Jeffrey Sebelia and his Muse in action

*Rami Kashou, Jeffrey Sebelia, and Jared Gold

* Jeffrey, Jared, Elmer Ave., and Rami on the red carpet

Jeffrey Sebelia's Grace Jones-inspired muse...

Whoever said Hollywood is all about skin and titilation, has never actually know and meet Los Angeles' true fashion designers.

Peek a Boo, Mr. Sebelia's version of Lady Gaga...

Since the City of Angeles is bursting with fashion craftsmanship, not just style, it is far easier to honor this constellation of fashion star on their very own red carpet in the heart of Hollywood, the Tropicana at the historical Roosevelt Hotel.

Jeffrey Sebelia and Grace Jones-inspired muse posing at the poolside.

Since throwing a full-length runway for each and all of Gen Art Fashion Alumni is too daunting a prospect, Gen Art honors them by spooling out the red carpet.

Jeffrey and Muse striking a pose before stepping out on the red carpet.

It is a showcase where this organization can proudly display the constellation of fashion design stars that they discovered, guided, and watched as they shoot off into the stratosphere of national and international recognization.

Rami Kashou and his muse

This parade showcases each designer's greatest hits from their current collection.

Rami with his muse chatting with reporters.

This red carpet not only extols the virtue of Gen Art's mission in discovering, guiding, providing talent much needed experience and exposure but busting the stereotype that Los Angeles is all about exposing skin in the name of being trendy.

Rami Kashou exhibit the tradition of Old Hollywood Glamour in his timeless strapless black gown.

Elmer Ave.'s Victorian Dandy menswear for women.
Jonny, Bravo's "Fashion Show" contestant, with his Elmer Ave. cohorts proved a woman doesn't have to expose a whole lot of skin to display femininity or drown in girlish frilliness.
By mashing up their interest in Victorian/Edwardian clothes and using Hollywood's tradition in whipping period costume, they showcase womanly curves, not girlish skinniness, in deft tailoring and a clever invention of a corset/vest/bustier, with a smudge of goth-punk.
Historical elegance is the key to true Los Angeles style.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bebe Spring 2010 Extravangza Flies into Spring

By Laura Medina

*To watch Aerialist, Burlesque Troupe, Dancing Stilt Walkers, and a Rock Concert, all performing in Bebe's latest, watch

To see the entire clothes, from Pastels & Prints through Pin Up Girl to Rock n' Roll, watch

CW's "90210's" Jessica Lowndes

Hosted by CW's "90210's" Jessica Lowndes, organized by Matters On Design (MOD), sponsored by Kia and Elle Magazine, Bebe's Spring 2010 Fashion Extravangza ignited Spring with a bang.

Actually, it's a will of good gesture to Bebe's loyal shoppers at The Grove, West Hollywood's outdoor mall.

They laid out a red carpet as the catwalk with a sound stage at one end, next to The Park.

People were mesmerized by a plucky aerialist acrobat twirling above their heads, signaling the start of the show.

The first segment of the runway show was the Prints and Pastel line.

The pastel garments suggest an easier, looser fit to relax during Summer's humidity and heat.

Bold florals pack a punch.

The Zodiac Show's Burlesque Dance Troupe doing The Charleston.

To truly see the clothes in action, Bebe lent an unexpected surprise-the vaudeville perfomers from The Zodiac Show, as intermission for the models, really pushes the collection to its limits.

Cute tops with ribbed knit midriff inserts keeps it sexy and slender without pulling or falling out of place.

Ruffle mini-skirts flounce with the skips and the beats.

The Summer White cotton bustiers keep the goods suggesting, not exposing.

Pink Ruched Satin Cocktail Dress in the Pin Up Girl Line.

It was fitting that a retro burlesque troupe kicked off the second segment, The Pin Up Girl Line of satiny sirens in Old Hollywood Glamour gowns and cocktail dress.

Stilt Dancers doing the Paso Doble.

This fashion extravangza celebrates what is California apparel excels in-comfortable but stylish knits that keep everything in place and the tradition of Hollywood talent and glamour.

Yes, Virginia, there is arts and culture in Hollywood; and Bebe brought it out of the old Studio System then brought them out on stage for everyone to enjoy and gasp.

The Zodiac Show's stilt dancers really pushes the art of stilt walking and Bebe's bustiers and cocktail dresses to their limits.

They tangoed, Paso Dobled, twirled, twisted, lifted, and grooved in the brand's separates and dresses, showcasing the durability in its stitch and seams and construction.

If they can survive tangoing stilt dancers, they can do fine in the night club.

After that jaw-dropping performance, things become more comfortable, more causal but no less chic with the Rock and Roll Line.

May be inspired by Late Seventies' Lower East Side New Wave, by the likes of Blondie, but they're the new classics.

Timeless black and white striped tees paired with sleek black leggings, ballet flats for Spring then boots for Fall.

Draped one-shoulder jersey dress with neon tights.

The v-neck black tee stretch into a Little Black Dress, another closet staple.

A rock duet and rock guitarist capped off that night's activities, blasting Bebe Spring 2010 into the atmosphere.

What a way to launch a new season.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vintage Rocker Chick

By Laura Medina

Cavortress-Southern Belles gone bad.

Today's fun-loving and fashion-hip Southern belles desire hot contemporary clothes that are cool as them. These girls are ready to rip that constricting stereotype of the cotton shift dress into shred.

You can rock out with these girls this upcoming Friday, March 12th at the W Hotel's hipster-focus, Aloft Hotel at 4875 Tanger Outlet Boulevard, North Charleston, SC 29418-6950.
The cocktail party warm things up at 7:30pm then the runway show will kick into high gear at 9:30pm. This open-to-the-public and free-of-charge event is a special sneak peek of designer Julie Wheat's sizzling Spring 2010 Collection before she takes it on the road to Las Vegas' 13th annual ‘Viva Las Vegas’ fashion show in early April. That will be the first time a South of the Mason Dixon Line company is being shown at the event.

These fashion-forward separates and outfits are as high craftsmanship as they are budget-friendly. Think of Cavortress as the love niece of Fiftie's Pin-Up Queen, Bettie Paige and Kat Von D, the tough-chic tattoo queen of Hollywood.

Despite the vintage fabric and the limited edition, these approachable clothes are at an accessible price range between $30 and $300.

If you make it to Friday's show, you'll get fresh pickings at the collection that night or you can ponder the choices then purchase later at the website,

This quintessential Americana with the rockabilly flair comes from original made-from scratch -bolt to hanger, with help from Mary Labberton of Javelina.

Friday night's guests will be treated to a demure yet daring pinup style in both ready to wear and swimwear, fit to make a splash in Summer.

For those trekking out for a taste of true Southern style, you can reserve a room for a reasonable $79 to fully experience real Southern arts and culture. In addition to the party, the show, attendees can watch a Scott Parsons live graffiti installation in Aloft’s courtyard and check out artwork by local Eye Level Art talents: Christopher Dotson, Julio Cotto, and Brian Bustos.
Witness Cavortress, perhaps get a vintage, first edition Cavortress piece before she takes off to Vegas and the world.

Dalia MacPhee brings the Red Carpet to the Prom

By Laura Medina

Did watching the Oscars last night already has you or the young lady in your life dreaming about the dance, the prom, the debutant season, the wedding parties around the corner, wishing how you can knock everyone's socks off in a couture gown just like your favorite celebrity?

Dalia MacPhee comes to the rescue.

She knows the importance of coming out and arriving into society. It's equally important for women everywhere as it is for these actresses, who were dreamers not so long ago.

She brings the heavenly metallics, ruffles, and sweetheart necklines, one of a kind beading, alluring details, and rich fabric blends in lush fabrics and quality craftsmanship at approachable prices which are a fraction of the cost of the haute couture originals.

A Dalia MacPhee creation

The line’s impressive craftsmanship comes at an affordable price point of $150 to $400, a small price to pay for glamour.

Each style in the collection retails for under $400, and is now available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom locations nationwide.

The young lady in your life will make you proud if she becomes the belle of the ball, the mother can also be glamourous in a Dalia MacPhee gown. With a simple addition of a matching jacket, her red carpet creation becomes a smashing outfit for nupitals. Remove the jacket, you can become the queen of the evening like Meryl Streep or Helena Mirren without the hefty price tag.

Dalia MacPhee brings the lightening of haute couture to earth so mortal women can become Hollywood goddesses themselves.

Why let the Hollywood starlets have all the fun?

Living like Alice in Wonderland, Liberty of London at Target

By Laura Medina

Black & Yellow Floral Print Trench, Shift Dress with Tote and Black/White Tiered Ruffle Dress

Liberty of London is bringing British Bohemian for spring at Target on Sunday, March 14th.
If you were awestruck by "Alice In Wonderland" fashion-forward Victorian and you left with a taste for hyper-real tea and cake and vivid florals in bold primary colors, Liberty of London is here to satisfy your sweet tooth.

This comprehensive collection sweeps across tableware, gifts, gardening, rainy day wear, complimentary mommy and kid wear and menswear and Spring/Summer parties wear.

Black & White Keyhole Halter Jumpsuit and Yellow Floral Romper with Pink Lace Trim

The English love for gardening is blooming all over the place in whimsical floral prints in quirky, dandyish colors.

Liberty of London for Target pays tribute to the British pre-hippies, The Bloomsbury Group and the original British Hippy Chic designers, Biba and Ossie Clark.

Blue & Purple Pleated Halter Dress and Blue & Purple Tankini with Boyshort

The Bloomsbury Group aesthetic for its anti-Victorian/Edwardian preference of the corset-free, easy, loose drapey and billowy construction in light, airy, breathable fabrics makes this collection instantaneous likeable during the sticky, humid Dog Days of Summer.

But don't forget, it's still British in heart and soul. Liberty put a total head-to-toe floral prim and proper tailored outfit in matching trench coat, sleeveless shift dress with matching tote bag. A lady still needs something fitting for the garden party.

Britain also has a tradition for being adventurous, free-wheeling global travelers with the taste for the exotic and the craving for the sun and surf.

The black and white floral jumpsuit looks at home strutting around the sidewalks as it does slinking around a yacht. A smashing choice for the beach party. The backyard picnic or an American BBQ wouldn't be lonely with an adorable short romper in yellow floral chiffon with pink lace trim.

For a complete holiday, a matching blue and purple wardrobe works. The tankini and boyshort by the pool for day then the pleated halter dress for a night out.

Men's Floral Spring Dress Shirts

Don't let the men in your life feel left out. Give him something special like these wacky but fun floral summer shirts.

Childrenwear and Baby Wear

Liberty of London for Target was thoughtful enough to think about "Mommy and me" wear where mom can dress her mini-me in complimentary floral mini-maxi dress and smocks for baby and toddler-all at a reasonable price.

Floral Piggy Bank and Pink/White Flower Print Bike

If your dresser and closet are cramped full already, this wide-ranging assemblage has plenty of homeware and gifts to dress up your living, dining room, kitchen, and tool shed.

If you really want to be practical and environmental ethical, you can ride around on this pink floral but sturdy bike around town.

Gardening Tool Set

What's the use in honoring the earth if you're not tending to it?

Liberty of London passes on the British past time of gardening, matching your contemporary walk-about outfit. Watering cans, pink floral pruner, trowel, and cultivator makes a well-dressed gardener.

Afternoon Tea Set

After working up a sweat cultivating your garden and finally watching your berries come to full-bloom, it will be nice if you can reward yourself or a couple of friends with the fruits of your labor.

In fact, no garden party or a relaxing, rewarding weekend would not be complete unless it has a proper tea set. Liberty of London for Target has something for the cabinet, the cupboards, and the dining room or the breakfast nook. You can serve finger sandwiches, tea cakes, and scone on melamine two-tier dessert trays while brewing tea in matching ceramic tea pots.

Liberty of London for Target is that rare limited edition collaboration that encompasses a seasonal but comprehensive lifestyle. Not only do folks what to represent the ethos but putting it in practice, making it widely available and accessible at fair price points.

Very polite and considerate indeed.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stylish Chocolates for the Kardashians

By Laura Medina

Kim Kardashian picked the Chocolate-Covered Orange Peels
Fashionable patterns and designs transcend beyond clothes. They migrate into the hearts of celebrities' sweet tooth. As this writer's dad said, "Not only does it has to taste good. It must look good."
This tradition has started in the Fifties when Compartes Chocolatier catered plump dried fruits coated in chocolate to Frank Sinatra. Third generation chocolatier, Jonathan Grahm, pushed it into the twentieth-first century with electic, international flavors dressed in punchy patterns and bold designs personifying the globe-trotting spices and texture with some remixed Americana classics.
A new generation of celebrities discovered Compartes, ranging from Marcia Cross and Harrison Ford to the Kardashian women.
In throwing a party for one of their show's executive producer, the girls provide party favors and enjoyed some chocolates while shopping.
Kim Kardashian went with the Compartes classic, candied orange peels drenched in chocolate.

Khloe likes the Love Nuts
The girls headed over for the new revamped Americana classics. Khloe shared crunchy Love Nuts with her sisters, caramelized nuts coated in milk chocolate then dusted in cocoa powder.

Kourtney is a fan of the Honey Peanut Butter Sea Salt Truffles

Kourtney loves the gooey, chewy Honey Peanut Butter with crunchy Sea Salt Truffles.

Mom Kris is obsessed with the milk chocolate sea salt caramels.

Their mom, Kris Jenner, is preferred the more timeless Sea Salt Caramels dressed in milk chocolate.

Despite the image of the weight-conscious celebrity, they, once in awhile, do treat themselves...and they usually head to Compartes.

Silver Spoon Oscar Gifting Event for the Red Cross

By Laura Medina

Up close and personal of the companies at the gifting event.

Gifting suites preceding to award shows have been giving a bad rap for a few years, being slapped with the derogatory label of "swag."

There is a rhyme and a reason behind these gifting events leading up to award shows, especially the Oscars, the biggest red carpet in the world. This is not a greedy "free-for-all."

Once it hits a person they got invited to the biggest red carpet in the world and the accompanying soirees, she or he realizes they need the best styling and pampering products to get them camera ready in a flash, literally in front of thousands of flashbulbs and television cameras, in two days flat.

Silver Spoon, the premiere gifting event company, makes sure a charity benefits from all this glamour; and companies that want to cater to celebrities have to have products that can help a star get camera-ready in a snap.

The charity benefiting from this is the Red Cross raising funds for Haitian Relief, probably for Chilean and other earthquake victims.

Before you set foot, a Red Cross representative politely asks for a donation of any amount. Once you donate, welcome to the Gifting Suites. This sly way of charity works. Silver Spoon and the Red Cross raised over $25,000 for the Red Cross Katrina Relief fund five years ago. After you give, the world is your oyster-as long it's appropriate to your figure, your skin tone, and complexion. gifting lounge.

A gifting event is a great venue for a new company to introduce themselves to the world; and their team of representatives are on hand to personally consult an individual, one-on-one, to match her or his skincare needs to the right soiree with the right products.

Making the rounds of celebrations through throngs of paparazzi until midnight can take a toll on anyone's face. is here to help. They have an array of serums to lift those under-eye bags and plump those lines, facial creams to refresh, and shower gels to wash away last night's hangover. is so innovative that their web site wouldn't be up and running until April. But, this gives you enough time to learn and enter their Oscar Celebrity Gift Bag Competition. The winner will win a goody gift worthy of an Oscar nominee.

Michael Rady of "Melrose Place" and "The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants"

Nick Hudson of assisted "Melrose Place's" Michael Rady in finding the right cleanser for his complexion.

Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash checked out KooKoon Silk Bedding's hypooallergenic luxury bedding.

Television and movie actress and "Jericho" star, Ashley Scott
Charleston native and actress, Ashley Scott, enjoyed the gifting suite inspecting the home decor lounges with her new family. After becoming a new mother, she also checked out what has to offer for a young mom.

Cargo Cosmetics on Location to get ready for Blu-Ray and High Definition TV
Now, let's get back to the business of getting red carpet ready. Once your face is prepped, let's move onto the makeup. Specifically made for Blu-Ray and HD TV, new Cargo Cosmetics are there to mask any flaws, blemishes, and lines while nourishing the skin with vitamins. In fact, their Waterproof Blush is the sweat-proof blush of "Dancing with the Stars." Getting ready for the close-up.

LashFood Eyelash Conditioner

To polish off the whole package, LashFood can enhance your lashes for those extreme close-ups on the red carpet.

Differating from the mascara pack, LashFood focuses on feeding the eyelashes, making them stronger, longer, and fuller through soy, panthenol, arginine, and biotin instead of loading up on oil and dyes.

In hindsight, gifting events aren't only a fun way to raise funds for charity but a great venue to spot new products that the everyday person can use. You don't have to be a celebrity to enjoy these products. If it's good enough for the Oscars, it's good enough for your night-out, your ceremony, your own evening event, and psst, perhaps a reunion.