Monday, April 28, 2008

Sweet & Tart
By Laura Medina

April 28, 2008

What begun as a simple act to feed a growing family, Jamie Feingold of TART, accidentally tapped into what the jet-setting woman wants-an easy-breezy get-up of stretch Modal pieces that hugs and moves with the body. They’re also a snatch to travel. Just roll up into a ball then go.
The current crop from TART has this sexy, easy Seventies vibe for the woman on the go. The muse or muses can be the original “Charlie’s Angels, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett , and Kate Jackson, a.k.a. “Kelly Garrett, Jill Monroe, and Sabrina Duncan.”

TART’s head designer, Rebecca Rich, with help from Jamie’s wife, Dana, basically reinterpreted mid-Seventies’ classics such as the keyhole, wide leg jumpsuit, the harem pants, and the bandana.

Jamie can’t sing enough praises about Modal, that stretch jersey knit fabric that gives that particular ease of drape and softness that TART’s fans want so much, making it a wardrobe staple. Customers love the elegant drapability and the comfortable sexy fit that molds around the body that they can spot a TART piece in a store. Jamie was pleasantly surprised by that!

Dana uses her own busy lifestyle in a warm, sunny climate, as criteria for TART. She maybe a mom of four children but she’s still hip-and fit enough to wear comfy but fun and sexy clothes that can keep up with her active routine, taking her from school to cocktail in one day. She also wants those same outfits to relaxing enough to lounge around and unwind after a long, hard day, whether it be the veranda or poolside.

Jamie may say he captured the essence of the “LA Girl,” but he unknowingly captured the understanding of stylish, busy women running around in hot, humid climates from Houston to Miami. He described the typical “TART Woman” who’s proud of her body because she works hard at it. Dashing around a lot doing errands and running a business while taking care of her family, she needs comfy, not frumpy, and sexy clothes to show off her body without getting in the way. This is ideal travel clothes during Sunny Spring and Sultry Summer, for the fashion-forward traveler. A “pack-up and go” attire that fits into a carry-on, wrinkle-free.

They called their growth long and slow but they’re already in Nordstorm and Neiman Marcus. Along the journey, they found out what women want and need.

Because they made Modal stretch jersey the cornerstone of their company, they can easily adapt and develop new outfits to any trend while retaining their signature easy drape and stretch body contouring and roving flexibility for a functional sensibility and timeless wear, making TART a wardrobe classic.

As for catching the zeitgeist of the modern woman in four years, TART tries to exploit for all it’s worth!” But, they want to prove TART isn’t a mere flash-in-a-pan.

Eventually, they may want to progress into menswear, using Jamie as a role model. A timeless attire consisting of quality tees, button-down shirts, and tailored denim and leather jackets with leather shoes that can travel as well as their women’s collection.

Before he can move onto menswear, the key to any success, Jamie learned from a very wise man, is to focus on one thing then become an expert in that one thing. They want to concentrate on the ladies first.

They want to stay a long time.