Monday, July 30, 2012

What Stella McCartney, Hermes, Emporio Armani, & The Moods of Norways are doing for London Olympics 2012

By Laura Medina

"GB" Pride on the world stage for the next two weeks.

For a true fashionista, who practices yogilates to keep her physique lean and svelte, it shouldn't as a surprise that Stella McCartney and Adidas has designed the entire British Olympic Team's uniform for every sport it is competing in, from track & field, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, fencing, biking, swimming to beach volleyball.

To tell you the truth, Stella McCartney has always designed activewear for Adidas for a good eight years.  Right before the London Olympics, she just opened her own Stella McCartney for Adidas Activewear shop in May.

Environmental as fitness-minded, she is proud to say she used recycled plastic bottles into sweat-wick fabric for the British Olympic uniforms.

Heavy wool jersey knits from "Chariots of Fire," this is not.  This new and real Brit for the 21st Century.
Emporio Armani for the Italian Olympic Team.

Other countries are showing their national pride beyond flag-waving and traditional costume grab.

Nope, these are jackets, blazers, and cardigans that these Olympians will want to wear in real life.

Blazers are replacing flag-waving as national pride.

Emporio Armani's Italian uniforms appear to be traditional navy blue blazers, Italian Olympic Committee logo in silver on the breast, teamed with classic trousers, and a light blue cotton shirt for both women and men.  However, appearance is deceiving.  The fabric is the much more difficult to cut and sew cotton jersey, easier for movement and comfort, perfect for the sporty Olympians...and perfect for the sporty girl and guy about town.

Both the women and men may share the same navy blazer in jersey and a crisp light blue button-down shirt but the men accessorize their outfit with a tie while women dapper it up with a scarf.  Plus, the women's blazer has two buttons.

The men get lace-up suede wingtips in blues.

Emporio Armani also tossed in packable single-breasted blue nylon rain jacket, and a light blue pique polo shirt that is also embellished with the embroidered Italian Olympic Commitee logo.

The navy blazer is the standard stand-by.

Hermes used it as the uniform for the French Olympic Equestrian Team.
The usually, fun-loving Moods of Norway got dignified for the Norwegian Olympic Team by providing them with a serious but reliable navy blue blazer with satin lapel and witty patterned trims and "go-to-gold" lining in Olympic colors.  These color-happy or color-mad Norwegians punch it up with red trousers that go well with the more casual but no less dress gray and white striped cardigan.

Yes, yes...this scribe has heard about the Ralph Lauren snafu but wants folks out that there are other brands showing their national pride and some of them you can wear yourself straight into Fall and Winter without looking you just came off the track.

As this scribe has mentioned before...if it is good enough for an Olympian, is it good enough for us mere mortals.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympian Skincare...and Makeup!

By Laura Medina
This scribe has the London Olympics on the brain, can't avoid.  This epitome of health and discipline only comes once every 4 years.

Hard to comprehend but this beauty-loving fashionable foodie was and is a health fanatic who equates good, healthy skin with good health.

The women Olympians are just as skincare and beauty conscious, if not more so, due to the fact whatever they put on their faces better not clog, smear, burn, or run off.  Anything that irritates impedes performance.

Swimmers, both male and female, practice hair removal to make their skin and body more streamlined in the water for faster speed.

If anyone read Allure Magazine's July 2012 issue, the U.S. Olympic Beach Volleyball stars, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh equate good grooming with performance enhancement and good skincare with good skin protection and nourishment.  One less thing they worry, the more they can focus on the game.

No matter how frivilous it appears, whatever skincare or makeup these Olympians (Beach Volleyball, Track & Field, and/or Synchronized Swimming) use, it has to be at the highest form of functionality. 

In other words, if it's good enough for an Olympian, it's good enough for us mere mortals.

While reading last month's issue of Allure Magazine, this scribe was relieved that Olympian...and mom of two toddlers, Kerri Walsh uses COOLA Plant UV Sunscreen SPF 20 just like this clean-scrubbed scribe.
Don't be surprised if you see COOLA on screen within a few days from London.

We both love that this sunscreen is as healthy as it is high-performance, packed with nothing weird aloe, cucumber, algae, and strawberry extracts working together to nourish, repair, and hydrate.  Algae and Strawberry extracts also contribute organic plant UV protection. Red raspberry seed oil is a natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory.  The fish oils of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids moisturizes the skin.

For additional protection, she might be spraying on COOLA Sport SPF 45 Moisturizer on her body because this sweat-resistant formula is good enough for life guards.

The raspberry and avocado in COOLA LIPLUX SPF 30 Balm hydrates and nourishes chapped lips while the UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection and natural phyto-protectors shield them.

Ms. Walsh simply stated that COOLA is good enough for the family, both her and the kids use it. 

Sunscreen isn't the only skincare cornering the Olympics, athletes are human too.  After sweating it out and coated in grit, dirt, and sand, they want to be clean and refreshed too.

Since they really get dirty more than the average person, the cleansing products have to be ultra-effective and efficient.  They save lounging around in the spa after the Olympics.  They also travel for meets and lugging tons of bulky body products doesn't sound fun.

O.R.G. Skincare Organic Mineral Peel Sprays for Face and Body squeezes luxurious but time-consuming traditional Korean spa ingredients of Licore Root Extract, Milk Thistle, Omega 3, Vitamin A & B1, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed, and Grapefruit Seed into one easy to carry spray bottle.

The captain of the U.S. Olympic Women's Indoor Volleyball Team, Lindsey Berg fell in love with this potent but gentle spray-on exfoliator during the ESPY Awards.  Now, she took both the Body and Face sprays to London.

All you have to do after sweating out, either on court, out on the field, or under the hot lights, is pump and spray this liquid exfoliate, rub with a dry cloth then watch the residue, ok crud, rub right off.

The Licore Root Extract fades away the sun spots you got from performing outside.  The Milk Thistle softens the wrinkles you develope from squinting under the sun.  The skin oil-like Jojoba Seed and Aloe Vera heal parched, sun-burnt skin.

O.R.G. Skincare Organic Mineral Peel Face and Body Sprays are multi-taskers which Olympians need.  They erase the crud while improving the skin, more room in the locker and the duffle bag. 

Ok, skincare comes first and foremost in Olympic appearance but what about sports that require makeup?

The Aqualillies performing in waterproof Tarte Cosmetics, any other day for them.

Yes, yes...laugh at this scribe all you want...until you hit the pool and force to "dance" underwater for a good three minutes.  This is what synchronized swimmers, such as the Aqualillies, do, especially at the Olympics.

Doing aquatic acrobats, under and over water is tough enough but to look graceful and glamorously groomed, like a classic Hollywood starlet, is difficult.

Hair and makeup has to stay in place.  The vibrant eye makeup and lips have to stay put but be gentle and nourishing to the skin.  This isn't Esther William's Vasoline and Jell-O of yore anymore.  This is where cosmetic technology is put to the test.

The Aqualillies love Tarte Cosmetic's waterproof makeup.  Finding waterproof face cosmetics is rare and this is what makes Tarte unique.  Their waterproof Amazonian Clay in the Matte Bronzer (use for contouring) and Smooth Operator Concealer is unique.  In that, Amazonian Clay is what it keeps their face makeup waterproof and opaque enough to cover flaws, shape the face, yet nourishes the skin without being tacky or heavy.  You'll find Amazonian Clay in their cream eyeshadows and liners too.

In fact, it is much more common to find waterproof eye makeup.  Make Up For Ever Cream Eyeshadows and liners are the de riguer cosmetics for Miami Swim Week, happening right now.

The founder of Make Up For Ever concocted the line after French Olympic swimmer and friend, Muriel Hermine, complained she can't find good quality makeup to wear under water. This started this slow, simmering trend for waterproof makeup.

If the price of high performance makeup gives you the hives, don't sweat.

Aimée Mullins, the 1996 Paralympics double leg amputee, loves L'Oreal's Infallible Eye Shadow because it's blendable and endurable under the heat...and it is cheap at $8 a pop.

Off-Duty, Kerri Walsh told Allure Magazine (July 2012) that Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 changed her life.

Olympians, such as British Track & Field star, Jessica Ennis, prove you can be both athletic and feminine.  Avid rower, such as Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is also a good example.

Dana Karlson of Sky Living HD, wrote that London Olympic's style is "Sport Chic" since eyes from all over the world are watching them.  Jessica said knowing she looks good gives her that confidence boost.

According to Caroline Barnes, Max Factor's make-up artist and UK ambassador, the official Olympic makeup is about well-being, offering a natural and fresh face with a healthy glow."

Since Max Factor Cosmetics is no longer sold in the United States, the general idea is building upon a tinted sunscreen, define the eyes with waterproof shadow, eyeliner, and mascara, contour the cheekbones with waterproof or non-clogging bronzer then highlight the cheeks with rosy Amazonian Clay powder blush or gel then finish the lips with a rosy tint base then top them off with a pampering lip balm strong in SPF or slick on SPF enforced lip gloss or lipstick.

This high-performance healthy glow is tough enough for a woman on the go or a mom on a mission.

As this scribe mentioned before, if it's good enough for an Olympian, it's good enough for us mere mortals.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hog Wild & Strawberry Fields Forever, Angeleno Magazine's Restaurant Awards

By Laura Medina

While the fashion season rests and recharges as designers panicky preps for September's New York Fashion Week,  the so-called doldrum months are being dotted by multiple food festivals and fetes feeding a subset of the super-stylish.

Believe it or not, not all fashionistas and stylistas are anoxeric club kids or starving starlets.  Those who support the luxury business-good times, bad times (God Bless their hearts)-are on a constant prowl for anything of style and good taste.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that the courses are portion-controlled friendly.

Literally fueling on low-calorie, high-protein and portion-controlled tapas and nibbles then refreshing on antioxidant/organic/fruit cocktails for next month's "fashion marathon," the super-stylish sample of what is best dishes from the best restaurants at Angeleno Magazine's Restaurant Awards.

Less stuffy awards show, more roaming, grazing, and swanning, the established-in-the know enjoyed the fine sea breezes, the well-tempered sunshine, and the spacious front yard of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows.  It's Santa Monica's answer to the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Fairmont's own Chef Ray Garcia of Fig Restaurant served a Cuban Pig Roast, the whole hog and all.

The fine, hot gentlemen of speakeasy bar-cum-olde school barbershop, Culver City's Blind Barber, served up what women are always searching for, a refreshing Strawberry Fields Cocktail, that women quaffed with abandonment.  Blind Barber proves it is a prime spot where the men primp for the ladies.

There had been numerous upcoming restaurants posting booths at this food festival but the ones with the longest-line or those that have run-out of food, proved who are winners.

"New World" cuisine for the new 21st-century.  Peruvian cuisine is coming into its own, standing on its own feet, and gaining respect.

Beverly Hills' Picca Peru (picca is Peruvian for "nibbles") had jaded tongues queuing for a new type of BBQ, seabass roasted on a skewer, drenched in rocoto leche de tigre and choclo, sprinkled with fried sweet potato noodles.

New World ingredients done Olde World Style.

Another run-away hit was a classic done hip, Plan Check Kitchen's Chef Ernesto Uchimura's Smokey Buttermilk Fried Chicken.  With hints of smoke and spices, drooling foodies were biting in crunchy and juicy chicken breasts dressed in sweet potato puree.  It's the food version of Southners reinventing themselves hip in the LA.  It was the only booth that run out of, that's something.

Of course, liqour sponsors sprinkle the food fest landspace or the grounds, but Jeff Laub & Gents, of Blind Barber, had women sipping Strawberry Fields cocktails out of their hands.

Coolhaus was a surprise shocker, pushing the envelope of what it means to be an ice cream.

Okay, bacon is the new dessert.  The bacon bits are meat's answer to butter toffee bits in Coolhaus' Bacon Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream. It's the one on the right.

The Fried Chicken n' Waffle Ice Cream was testing people's taste buds.  Fried Batter Crumbs in a maple syrup ribbon of vanilla ice cream, on the left, was pushing the boundaries.

Dispelling the notion that foodies are fatties and not fashionable, look at these Cocktail Chic hotties posing next to the Audis.  At these upscale foodie events, resort chic set the standard.

Angeleno Magazine's Restaurant Awards is not the only food fest nor is it the end all and be all of LA's Food Season.

It is part of a series of super-chic food feasts during late Summer.  Angeleno Magazine's Restaurant Awards will team up with Theory, linking the passage from Food Season to Fashion Season.

It came after the prelude dinner for the LuckyRice Asian Food Festival which will hit Culver City full-throttle at Helms Bakery on August 4th, which will lead up to the biggest foodie fest of them all, LA's Food & Wine Festival, a three-days feast highlighting the City of Angels' numerous neighborhood restaurants and cuisine.

Angeleno Magazine's Restaurant Awards was just a nibble for the premiere of LuckyRice Asian Food Festival and LA Food Festival.

We are in the heat of the Foodie Season.

Monday, July 23, 2012

$5 a Pop and Just as Good as Dior and Chanel, Essence Cosmetics

By Laura Medina

Essence Cosmetics at the Teen Choice Awards Gifting Lounge.

After spending the whole Summer deciding who's "hot" and who's "not," the Teen Choice Awards arrived last night on Sunday.

To celebrate who's "hot," the end of Summer Vacation, and the approaching school year, the Teen Choice Awards Gifting Lounge catered to the award show attendees and host for their very first important event, that is also friendly to the kids' environmental concerns, the moms, and their wallets.

The cast of "Dance Moms" were excited when they encountered the Essence Cosmetic stand.  It has everything both the girls and the moms need, not only for the big awards night but for everyday, running errands, coaching, and etc...on camera.

The "girls," the moms and the daughters both squeal with delight when they found out they can replenish and restock their makeup kits for only $5 a pop!

The guests and press are really impressed that this European brand, Essence Cosmetics, is made in the same factory as the more upscale and "adult" Chanel and Dior cosmetics.

Why so "budget-approachable?"  Essence Cosmetics skips the fancy packaging, keeps it simple and sleek, and passes the savings, without skimping on quality, onto the consumer, mom and daughter.

No wonder the moms of "Dance Moms" were just as excited as their daughters, adult quality at tween prices. 

This scribe loves a good "pick-me-up" makeover.  At the Essence Cosmetics makeup table, their makeup artists applies and describes the Essence Cosmetics' "All Ages" Look.

Once your skincare routine is established and settled.  Sunscreen folks.  First, sculpture the cheekbones with Matte Bronzing Powder from the brand's Sun Club line.  Judging on your hair color and skin tone, the Bronzer is split into Brunettes with Darker Complexions and Blondes with Fair Complexions.  If you sniff it, you will catch a whiff of coconut for Summer.

Second, highlight the cheekbones' peaks with finger-tip friendly Silky Touch Blush.  For the makeup newbie, the makeup artists say you can swipe your finger(s) from the compact to cheek then blend.  For a more subtle look, you can take the time to blend with a brush.

Third, gloss your lips with this fun "Tint It! ColorChanging" Lip Gloss.  Fun to watch.  Fun to use.  It smells like grape.  If you pick the blue gloss, watch it change from blue to pink in minutes.  Sure, the shine will wear off but the pink tint will stay off until you scrub it off.

Gifting lounges and suites are a great launching pad for new products and new brands.  The Teen Choice Awards Gifting Lounge is no exception. 

For Fall, Essence Cosmetics debut their Quad Eyeshadow, complementary 4 colors kits of eyeliners, color, contour, and highlight.  Eye makeup is where the women are separated from the girls.

According to the makeup artist, women tend to stick to the simple, no-failure classics whereas the girls tend or want to go all-out creative in color and patterns.

For a classic look that is "All-Age" appropriate, the artist rimmed the eyes with black from XOXO Quad Eyeshadow Kit, deepen the crease with purple then open up the lid and the browbone with 2 shades of gray.

"I Love Extreme" Mascara makes your lashes bold with minimal eye makeup.

You tie it all together with quick buffs of Mosaic Powder for a more polish appearance.

At $5 an item and with minimal effort, this "All-Ages" Look is a classic approach from tween to twenty.


Essence Cosmetics wasn't the only brand making its debut.  Organic home products, Rebel Green got the "green" thumbs up from Kevin Szabo.  Something for the whole family.

eMPerfumes, for "emPowerment," found fans with TBS' Teala Dunn of "Are We There Yet?" and Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing" Josh Altman.  Despite the yummy frangrance of strawberry and vanilla, eMPerfumes donate 5% of the annual profits to charities battling domestic violence and human trafficking.  The numerous celebrites...and their moms like the essence of that. 

You'll be amazed to what you'll discover at the gifting lounge.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheers! 8 Course Tasty Tidbits to LuckyRice Food Fest LA

By Laura Medina

Left, Colonial Gin & Tonic. Right, Formosa Martini.

This recently slushed and flushed scribe can't believe this eight course sampler is a prelude to the upcoming LuckyRice Asian Food Festival in Los Angeles, this speak-easy of a preview dinner was a warm-up to Dita Von Teese's/Aqualillies performance at the Beverly Hills Hotel two days later.

Whereas Dita's and the Aqualillies were soaked with Cointreau sponsoring, Bombay Sapphire Gin used this LuckyRice teaser dinner to test drive its newest incarnation, Bombay Sapphire East and "My Father's Office" Chef Sang Yoon's latest resturant extension,  Lukshon.  It is conveniently built next door to his second "My Father's Office" branch in Culver City's Helms Bakery.

Think of this as an "appetizer" to the real full-course party when the LuckyRice Asian Food Festival makes its Los Angeles stop on its tour on August 4th.

Bombay Sapphire East and the organizers call this intimate dinner a "night market."

For this thristy and hungry scribe, it is more of a tasting lab where the city's influential taste-makers sip the new Asian-flavored Bombay Sapphire East Gin cocktail, infused with Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese black peppercorn.  Proving it is a tasting lab, the riesling wine is poured out of big beaker glasses as pitchers, keeping the dinner wet.

This spicy duo added a kick to the Colonial G&T with the added slice of Fever Tree Tonic and made the Formosa Martini sharper to the Lillet Blanc, the atomized Mishiu Tou, garnished with ginger pearl onion.

The servings may be snack-sized but the length of 8 courses was enough to fill one's belly.

The starter Hawaiian Butterfish Crudo is misleading light yet soft enough to melt in one's mouth.

The Tea Leaf Salad is a fun crunch of a coleslaw, no mayonnaise weighing it down.  The marcona almonds and peanuts make it snappy and light.  Not your grandma's coleslaw.  Like this scribe, the Tea Leaf Salad is a fun, healthy fusion of Spanish marcona almonds and All-American cabbage, done Asian.

Things get heavy and deep soon after when the succulent BBQ Spicy Chicken Pops arrive.

Yes, the Spicy Chicken Pops are satisfying but this scribble scriber is a seafood saveur.  Imagine this fashionable foodie's delight when one of the diners mentioned he doesn't eat crabs, this salivating scribe was more than happy to finish the Maryland Fried Soft Shell Crab for him.

Chef  Yoon's uses a different batter and spices for his fried crabs at his "My Father's Office" outposts.  At his Asian eatery, Lukshon, the batter is flavored with sambal kacang, nuoc mam gastrique, and peanuts.

Towards the finishing line, this fashionable, full foodie traded a platter of Flank Steak Bao sandwiches in steam buns to the seafood-aversive diner, in exchange, for that big platter of whole Fried Soft Shell Crab.

The home plate of desserts were getting close when Chef Yoon throws in two curveballs of Hunan Chicken Rice and Bhutanese Red Rice simmered in lamb bacon.

Alright, the yellow Chicken Rice is comfort food stewed in traditional, thrifty chicken gizzard, heart, and fat, tossed with fried chicken skin...but it isn't everyday you see Red Bhutanesse Rice sauteed in lamb bacon.

Oh boy, with a burst belly, this sugar-loving scribe was so relieved to shot glasses of dessert.

If this 8 course dinner is considered just a precusor of what to come for the full-fest of the LuckyRice Asian Food Festival in a couple of weeks, it is time to hit the treadmill to make room for more!

A "tapas tasting" fit for an empress.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dita Von Teese & the Aqualillies, "Hooray for Beverly Hills Hotel's 100th Birthday!"

By Laura Medina
Photos by Charley Gallay/WireImage

The Beverly Hills Hotel, a.k.a., "The Pink Palace," was never a ordinary hotel.

Usually, it is the town or the city that arrives first then the hotel settles in, not so with "The Pink Palace."

The Beverly Hills Hotel came before the City of Beverly Hills. 

Opening on May 12, 1912 by the Anderson Family, the Beverly Hills Hotel is the vestige of the now-bygone Hollywood Hotel (the shopping/media/Dolby Theater complex, Hollywood & Highland now stands in its spot.).  Within two years, by 1914, the sterling standards uphold by "The Pink Palace" holding a post office, a primary school, and a now-extinct polo field, the legendary hotel attracted enough folks, that it formed the City of Bevery Hills.  The Beverly Hills Hotel gave birth to the constantly glamorous City of Beverly Hills, on 1914, where Hollywood stars built homes nearby so they can use the hotel's amenities. 

To celebrate the hotel's 100th Centennial, "The Pink Palace" graciously opens its poolside to the locals, the public, and the tourists for a two-months long elegant soiree every Friday night.

From 6pm until 8pm, folks are welcomed to order dinner at the Cafe Cabana, order a couple of the specially-concocted Cointreau Cocktails for the hotel only, and watch the Esther Williams-que synchronize swimming troupe, "The Aqualillies" perform a water ballet every Friday night at 7pm. 

Beforehand, be crooned by Frank Sintara-impersonator, Luca Ellis at 6pm.

Watch the Aqualillies poolside
The Summer Soiree officially "splashed" this past Wednesday with classy burlesque performance artist, Dita Von Teese and the Aqualillies.

As the brand ambassador of Cointreau, Dita welcomed the soiree happily sponsored by Cointreau, making it an "Orange Summer" at "The Pink Palace."

Dita Von Teese's appearance is actually a two-parter.  For the "Cointreau Carpet" and reception, she dazzled everyone in the noon day sun in a stunning Jenny Packham white chiffon, floor-length gown with floral appliques and dripping in crystals.

Mind you, her appearance and later burlesque performance celebriting The Beverly Hills Hotel's 100th Birthday and the Summer Soiree Series was an once-in-a-lifetime performance.

Her special routine, a homage to the bon vivant Dallas socialite and namesake of the Margarita Cocktail, Margarita Sames, attracts Young Hollywood and global tastemakers such as:  Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied, Mary-Louise Parker, Marisa Tomei, Ken Paves, Daft Punk (sans helmets), Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Carly Chaikin, Aimee Garcia, Ellen von Unwerth, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark.

"Weeds" star, Mary Louise Parker stood on her cabana chair just to watch the Aqualillies first then Dita's performance.    

This new generation of a movie colony waited in great anticipation for Ms.Von Teese; but they got an unexpected kick watching the fun-loving Aqualillies doing their "water ballet."  This usually cultured audience, "oohed and awed" as the Aqualillies swam, twirled, dived, and flipped in Cointreau Orange high-waisted, modest but chic, 1950's bikinis with parasols. 

They exposed a new generation to what synchronize swimming used to be, a grand movie extragranza and mainstay during the 1940's.  It wasn't just an Olympic sport.  It is just another form of dancing...but in water, under and over.

The ever-elegant Ms. Von Teese opened her performance, waltzing with two of her performers from her tour, "Strip, Strip, Hooray." 

This performance was based on Margarita Sames, inventing the Margarita in her Acapulco Cliffside hacienda, for her decadent parties. 

The simple set was Mexican Tropical with two brightly-colored, pheasant-feathered fans in a beautiful peacock hue.
Ms. Von Teese wore a second Jenny Packham, created especially for this burlesque routine.  

First, she peeled off a cream ivory, satin bolero jacket and a matching long skirt. It wouldn't be a "striptease," if she didn't teased the audience in a mini-skirt that she suddenly whisked away to reveal a rainbow fringed bra and skirt in Swarovski crystals...all designed by Jenny Packham just for Dita and this performance. 

The finale was Dita baring it all in a transparent, flesh-toned bikini with a black Swarovski crystal fig leaf (a crystal bottom) and delicate, white Swarovski crystal starfishes over the nipples, doing the classic finale fan dance.

Yes, you're bummed out you missed out on this once-in-a lifetime performance by Ms. Von Teese but the Aqualillies will be performing that exact same water ballet routine, that Dita, Natalie Portman, Mary Louise Parker, and Daft Punk had enjoyed, for the next two months.

Starting on Friday the 13th until August 14th, the on-set of Fall, the Aqualillies, Luca Ellis, and those yummy, limited-edition Cointreau Cocktails will be there every Friday night from 6pm until 8pm.

Can't think of a perfect time to escape the gritty New York heat and the sticky Southern summers then chill poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel, being entertained by this "only-in-Beverly Hills" Aqualilliles, live in person, when YouTube videos don't do them justice.

Open to the public, open to the locals, open to the family (Dita only appeared and performed once, this past Wednesday and never more),  the Beverly Hills Hotel welcomes you all on its 100th Birthday.

If you can't physically escaped to Beverly Hills this Summer, you can recreate the Cointreau Cocktails in the privacy of your own home...

Cointreau, Lime & Soda:

2 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. fresh lime juice
Club soda
Combine all ingredients over ice in a highball glass. Stir briefly.

Original Margarita:

1 oz. Cointreau
2 oz. blanco tequila
1 oz.fresh lime juice
Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and add ice. Shake and strain into a Margarita glass.

Sunset Margarita:

1 oz. Cointreau
2 oz. watermelon-infused blanco tequila
1 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. homemade raspberry syrup
Shaken and Served over fresh rocks with a salted rim. Garnish with a lime wheel and mint sprig.

Cointreau Cobbler:

1 oz. Cointreau
3 oz. Amontillado Sherry
3 orange slices
Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Shake and strain over crushed ice in metal cup. Garnish with fresh fruit: blackberry, raspberry, sliced strawberry and orange, and mint.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flying, Driving, Tanning, or Partying, All in Smashbox Shades of Fame

By Laura Medina

Whether you're moving to a new place with new people or being a Summer Socialite during the Festival Circuit, you still can't mess with Transportation Security Administration.

How to pack all your multiple looks for all sorts of different events while making room for your skincare?

Smashbox's Shades of Fame Eye Palette packs all in.  The Gold cream eyeshadow acts as all-over highlighter while the punchy Sherbert Eyeshadow makes a quickie blush and matte lip color.

This socializing and schmoozing scribe survived on this one eyeshadow palette for 3 weeks of business, side-tripping, sunning, and socializing.

Smashbox's Shades of Fame Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set adds texture and effect while keeping your lips dewy, not sticky.

For an everyday, running errands look, sweep Honey Eyeshadow from upper eye rim, thru the lid then up to the brow bone.  Nude Eyeshadow in the crease adds depth.  Rimming the upper eye lid with Mocha Eyeliner defines the peepers.

Sherbert Eyeshadow is the de facto blush and sometimes lip color.  For matte but moist lips, tap Sherbert Eyeshadow over clean, dry lips then smooth over some lip balm.

Want to take advantage of Summer and go effortlessly from beach during the afternoon then to the ballet/cabaret/opera at night, in a wink and blink, swipe Gold cream eyeshadow all over the eyes.

Rim the eye lids with by tap-tap-tap Safari (Forest Green) Eyeshadow for depth and for contrast, making those eyes pop out.

Good ole Sherbert as blush then brush a thicker layer of Sherbert Eyeshadow over the lips then top with lip gloss for a sultry, evening look.

Just Wanna Have Fun...and hit the road?  The Light and Bright Look cheers it all up.

We're using Sherbert Eyeshadow all over.  Using Honey Eyeshadow as an all-over eyeshadow base from eye rim to brow bone, tapping Sherbert Eyeshadow in the center of the eye lid makes your peepers pop.

Continue to tap Sherbert Eyeshadow over the cheeks then the lips.

Line the eyes with Bronze Eyeshadow to make them defined and bigger.  Gloss the lips with Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss in Hibiscus.

This is a really peachy/rosy glow on the go.

Ok. Done with your holiday? Refreshed and recharged and ready for that board meeting and ready to face the world on a tight schedule.  You can roll directly from the tarmac to the biz with this soft and subdued look.

Swipe Bliss Eyeshadow from rim to brow bone as a softening base.  Nude Eyeshadow all over the upper eye lid then line the lids with Bronze Eyeshadow for those subdued but serious eyes. 

Lightly pat reliable Sherbert Eyeshadow over the cheeks then swipe Papaya Lip Gloss so you can face the world.

This subdued look is so subtle that people will never guessed you beach-hopped during the day then swan around the social circuit at night.

You can pack a lot of looks in Smashbox Shades of Fame Eye Palette.  Think of this purse/carry-on friendly compact as the makeup version of the Little Wrap Dress, sunning in the day then stunning at night.

Monday, July 2, 2012

All-American Beauty

By Laura Medina

Ameriophiles, the French lifestyle/art/fashion publishing house, Assouline, is continuing their love affair with American cultures and fashionable influences with their American series.

Nothing more timely than American Fashion Travel, where an international crop of fashion designers note which American spot is their favorite and why.

American Beauty pays homage to how uniquely, home-grown American Beauties, such as Lauren Bush, influence beauty worldwide.

Assouline's latest American addition is Ivy League, how America's elite universities sprang Preppy Style.

Speaking of All-American Preppy Style, here are some updated versions that goes beyond celebrating July the 4th on the beach.

In good ole American Preppy Style, these outfits last well into early Fall, the office, and next Spring.  All in patriotic colors.

Want something traditional and funky all at once?  Can't go wrong with red cowgirl boots to toughen up  a girly outfit or dress up appropriate jean cut-offs or a pair of lean, mean riding/skinny jeans.

Even the Brits love a good holiday.  Founded by a veteran British makeup artist, Blushington is celebrating its gratitude with a soft sale on selected cosmetics and items for one week starting July the 4th until the 11th.

If you bring a friend, both of you will get a free makeup application, can't think of a better way to enjoy the uniquely American and Califorian Sunset Plaza.

Enjoying Blushington with a makeup sale and a makeover, that is influenced by Assouline's American Beauty, is a soft and easy start to Fall with a stylish wardrobe in All-American colors that doesn't scream "American tourist."

Now, that's American Beauty.