Monday, October 25, 2021

French Gin, G'Vine Gin, From Cognac.

 By Laura Medina

The founder's son talked about how this wine grape gin came about, when his dad started gathering grape flowers to make gin twenty years ago.  Something so unheard of before, that the cops questioned his dad, "Is he collecting flowers to make perfume for L'Oreal?"

No. He was a cognac distiller switching to make gin in French wine country.

His G'Vine Gin is now one of the most popular gin brands in Spain, one of the biggest gin guzzlers.

G'Vine Gin is a wine grape-based gin made with juniper.  Gin can be made with anything, as long it includes juniper.

Los Angeles-based sommelier concocting that night's orange-essence martini.

G'Vine Gin is like the gin version of Ciroc.  Wine grape sweet and thick yet so easy to gulp, on ice.

Gin is trending this year, such as Spain's Nordes' Gin,

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Magellan Jets and IYC Partner Up, Open a Southern Californian Post, Then Throw A Fall-Winter 2021 Mini Chervo Fashion Show.

 By Laura Medina

Stefanos Makrymichailos, president of IYC, operator of the world’s largest charter yacht fleet, mentioned that Los Angeles and Beverly Hills make up 35% to 45% of their accounts.

It took a long time to set foot here, with Magellan Jets, but they finally set up an office in Southern California. 

Private travel has seen an unprecedented rise in volume this year, and private aviation in particular is set for its busiest quarter in history. That’s why Magellan Jets, the leader in private aviation solutions, and IYC, operator of the world’s largest charter yacht fleet, are strongly encouraging private travelers to get their winter getaways booked as soon as possible—and teaming up to entice them with top Caribbean destinations that showcase the best the region has to offer.


Magellan Jets and IYC have been building their partnership over the past two years, focused on creating seamless, exclusive, and unforgettable travel experiences for their clients. Through Magellan, guests have access to over 50 bucket-list destinations, 15 countries, 20 private islands, 450 private villas, 125 yachts, and 25 luxury hotels. Through IYC, they have the benefit of a luxurious vessel, breathtaking destination, and bespoke itinerary waiting for them, no matter what corner of the world they choose to explore. Turning to the Caribbean, which travelers typically visit between November and April, Magellan and IYC are featuring five destinations that are perfect for escaping the cold, gloomy winter weather:


The US Virgin Islands - The US Virgin Islands are a paradise of white sands and blue seas teeming with colorful marine life—and sophisticated dining and shopping opportunities on land. The island of St. John is a protected national park ideal for hiking and snorkeling. With stunning trails, lush vegetation, and beautiful beaches, it is a must-see, and traveling there by private charter yacht is the best way to beat the crowds.


The British Virgin Islands -  Here, the temperature rarely dips below 78°F, which makes these islands a great remedy for the winter blues. BVI offers hundreds of options for sailing, filled with countless coves, reefs, and stunning beaches. The largest island, Tortola, is perfect for adventure-seekers, with breathtaking Sage Mountain overflowing with exotic birds and hiking trails. Guests can even tour sugar plantations and rum distilleries to get a true taste of island life.


St Barts – This island is perhaps the most exclusive in the entire Caribbean. Offering the very best in gastronomy, parties, shopping, regattas, beaches, and more, Saint Barthélemy (better known as St. Barts) is a true paradise. Streets lined with designer boutiques give guests the chance to literally shop ‘til they drop, and the local nightlife is something of legend. Around New Year’s Eve, the island brims with exclusive parties and celebrity faces. After chartering around the islands, guests can spend a night on land with a luxury villa from Magellan Jets’ partners at St. Barths Properties.


St. Maarten – This intriguing island has two distinct personalities, owing to its split French and Dutch ownership. Guests here can experience that vibrant mixture of cultures, which is more than matched by the island’s diverse scenery. Packed with vibrant nightlife, lively casinos, enchanting carnivals, and gourmet cuisine, the island is sure to please any palate. Begin your trip in Simpson Bay, a sheltered lagoon that plays host to the most luxurious superyachts.


St. Vincent and The Grenadines –Private locations, volcanic landscapes, and stunning reefs define these islands, known as a legendary sailing destination. It’s known as the “critter capital of the Caribbean”—whether guests choose to dive or snorkel, they will encounter diverse marine life like seahorses, octopi, frogfish, and manta rays. Visit Kingstown on the largest island, and explore the other 30 islands’ endless beaches and upmarket boutiques.


Wherever travelers choose to go to escape the winter blues this year, IYC and Magellan have them covered. Both companies look forward to bringing their guests exclusive experiences with the highest degree of service excellence.

Since it's Fall and people are chomping at the bits to go travel, Magellan Jets and IYC threw a mini fashion show with Chervo's Fall Winter 2021 collection...

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

How's Your Saturday Night? From SU Magazine Cover Release Runway Show to Beauty School Dropout.

 By Laura Medina

Los Angeles Fashion Week is emerging out of the ashes from COVID-19 quarantine.

The sure sign of it was SU Magazine's Cover Release party and runway show at Avalon in Hollywood.

Sean Combs' son, Christian Combs and Brody Jenner DJed as the models strut their stuff on the catwalk.

The evening started with SU Magazine's Cover Release party and fashion show but it ended with Beauty School Dropout at Winston House.

Despite their alternative-punk meets glitter rock image, they're pretty welcoming, friendly guys who invited this rock nerd scribe to go relax and chill with their friends and families while the band gets ready for their performance.

Once Beauty School Dropout hits the stage, the Gen-Z and Millennial audience jumped into a mosh pit.

That's how rocking and slamming Beauty School Dropout is.

Beauty School Dropout is a fresh drop of fresh blood that alternative rock needs.

Beauty School Dropout may be fresh enough to just formed a year ago, but they have experience as a previous incarnation as Strangefaces.

That means, with fresh energy meets on-the-floor experience, Beauty School Dropout is ready to rock.

Los Angeles-based three-piece BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT (BSD) deliver a seamless mixture of pop, alt-rock, punk and hip-hop with unbridled energy on their debut EP BOYS DO CRYreleased last Friday, October 8. The EP was executive produced by 4x Grammy Award-winning producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance) and Fever 333 vocalist Jason Aalon Butler, who also guests on the new single “I Love It,” which was officially added to SiriusXM Octane today (10/12), having initially premiered it on 10/7. Singles from BOYS DO CRY are also currently featured on several popular official streaming rock playlists from Spotify (‘Rock Hard,’ ‘Alt Scene,’ ‘FORYOU,’ ‘New Noise,’ ‘Rock This’) and Apple Music (‘Breaking Hard Rock,’ ‘New In Rock’).
The band--formed in 2020 by vocalist Cole Hutzler and bassist Brent Burdett, following the dissolve of their former alt-rock band Strangefaces, along with producer and guitarist Bardo--celebrated BOYS DO CRY’s release with a fiery sold-out hometown show at Winston House in Venice on Saturday night, 10/9. This marks their third sold-out Los Angeles show in the past year, with previous shows including Haven House (6/4) and Harvard & Stone (6/30). Earlier this year BSD were seen on a 22-date tour across the U.S. with Royal & The Serpents and Pvris, which they documented in the rousing music for their brazen single “Starphucker” featuring Royal & The Serpents. Watch it HERE.
BSD have developed a fervent fanbase garnered from their TikTok channel where they have over 900K views and are known for their series of videos covering current mainstream pop singles with their own ‘renegade rock’ take. The band’s cover of Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name) was even reposted by Lil Nas X himself on his social media pages. They’ve also attracted the attention of fellow notable musicians including Paris Jackson, Nessa Barrett and Loren Grey.
BOYS DO CRY Track Listing:
1.   Slipping Away
2.   Coming Down
3.   I Love It (feat. Jason Aalon)
4.   Starphucker (feat. Royal & The Serpent) – WATCH
5.   Demons
Stream BOYS DO CRY online at:

Monday, October 11, 2021

Scrub Clean with Nudestix's Lemon-Aid Detox & Glow Micro-Peel after Getting Down & Dirty at Red Bull's "Dance Your Style" Competition.

By Laura Medina

After spending a whole afternoon covering Red Bull's Dance Your Style competition in dusty, hot, Indian Summer in a Downtown Los Angeles, coated in pollution, you gotta scrub your skin clean.


The Lemon-Aid Detox & Glow Micro-Peel is a skin clarifying at-home chemical peel that detoxifies the pores of excess oil, dirt and pollution while visibly rejuvenating skin tone and texture - powered by enzymatic peeling action of papain along with the renewal properties of apple and pomegranate extracts. This skin superhero is also formulated with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and Lemon Peel Oil brightens skin for a radiant, youthful glow.

First, you spread the pollution and dead skin exfoliator then scrub them away clean.  Your pores can breathe...

  • Lemon Peel Oil: Brightens skin and provides re-energizing scent
  • Papaya Extract: Rich in papain, an enzyme that chemically exfoliates to remove dead skin cells
  • Apple & Pomegranate Fruit Extracts: Powerful antioxidants and contains natural malic acid (AHA) as a gentle skin exfoliant that cleans and brightens skin
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: Extremely stable oil-soluble Vitamin C that reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and brightens skin
  • Niacinamide: Minimizes the appearance of large pores, improves the look of uneven skin tone, softens the appearance of fine lines, and brightens dull skin
Refresh then renew.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Dr. J's Natural Celebrates PCA BioScience's Break Through in COVID-19.

 By Laura Medina

On the evening of September 30, 2021, local business and government officials, celebrities, influencers and media joined renowned medical researcher and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lanny Johnson and clinical pharmacist Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen at the special gala red carpet event “Dr. J’s Natural and PCA BioScience Present The Science of Protocatechuate (PCA),”  held at AnQi Bistro in Costa Mesa, California.

At the gala, Dr. Johnson, who traveled from his home in Michigan for the event, and Orange County-based Dr. Nguyen introduced the powerful science behind PCA (protocatechuic acid).  Made of natural ingredients, Dr. Johnson holds 18 US Patents that are backed by credible, evidence-based science. The medical literature and research disclose that PCA has many potential health and wellness benefits, including anti-aging, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic (broad spectrum) properties.

Independent laboratory evidence has shown that PCA inactivated COVID-19 upon physical contact immediately and up to 24 hours on US Patents 17 and 18 that were approved in March and in August 2021. Dr. Nguyen, who licensed Dr. Johnson’s patents holds the exclusive license to utilize the multiple-patented ingredient in the formulation and creation of PCA-based nutraceutical and cosmeceuticals products under the banner of her company Dr. J’s Natural.

The COVID19 virus resides in moisture, i.e. small droplets on hard surfaces, in the air 

and within humans or other animals.  They travel the nasopharynx to the target organ, 

the moist lungs. 

Vaccines are the present-day best means of defense by causing the body to increase 

But, would it be nice if we simply spray it away clean, like a disinfectant?

This patented drug is called protocatechuic acid or PCA for short and has 

been issued an US patent # 10,959,969 on March 30, 2021; Methods of treating 

SARS Cov-2 virus with protocatechuic acid.

PCA’s mode of action is unique.  The target is the virus itself.  

This is feasible due to the unique physical shape of PCA’s sharp spear-like protrusions.  These protrusions that break through the thin coating on the SARS V-2 virus exposing the proteins within, thereby inactivating the virus.  Note the word inactivate is used and not killing as the virus is not a living organism.

Polarized light photomicrograph 10X magnification of PCA crystal with 
sharp spear-like protrusions as shown after spraying PCA alcohol solution on glass surface.
PCA's molecular shards cut and puncture through mucus glob encasing the COVID-19 virus.
Dr. J's Natural has an exclusive on PCA.

To celebrate the joint effort and collaboration, Dr. J's Natural threw a glamourous evening 
including red-carpet arrivals, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, 
and a delicious dinner featuring AnQi’s popular, award-winning dishes, that are 
the fans 'favorites of:  
Lobster Dumpling with Crème fraîche                          

The now California Classic, Garlic Noodle with Shrimp                                                 

Fall off the bone, Waygu Beef Loin resting on a bed of cheddar potato puree and roasted vegetables.

Finale, Chocolate Mousse Bomb with Crushed Candied Hazelnuts resting on Raspberry

That Dr. J's Natural Gin Punch with Dr. J's Natural botanical ingredients is the new healthier Long Island Ice Tea, packed with so much antioxidants that the more you drink, the healthier you get...

Deliciously Healthy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Due to Popular Demand, Nudestix is Still Here Until Wednesday, October 6th at 8211 Melrose.

 By Laura Medina

Under COVID-19 crowd contamination control, Nudestix send a contest where the local winners win an address, location, and time for the opening of their first pop-up shop, last Saturday.

It was meant to be an one-off.

Due to the fact it was a contest to attend, the opening was a civilized, composed, and calm enough opening that they encourage walkers by to drop in to check them out and swatch and swipe the makeup and skincare on their hands.

Perhaps, took a break on Sunday but they're back open due to popular demand, at  8211 Melrose Ave. from 10am to 6pm, this past Monday until tomorrow, Wednesday, October 6th.

Whenever you have time or in the neighborhood, Nudestix pop-up shop is open, calm, collected, and welcoming until it closes at 6pm on Wednesday, October 6th.

Do overs and second chances.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Germany is Ready for Tourism

 By Laura Medina

Like most countries, Germany is gradually opening to a wander-lusting world.

Germany is bursting with spas, chocolate, and cheese.  Don't you know, Germany has vineyards and wineries.

Germany is ready to greet you.