Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Kentucky Derby's latest cocktail, Chambord Fleur De Lis

By Laura Medina

The “Pink Carpet”
Another rite of Spring is the Kentucky Derby and it's accompany event, the Kentucky Oaks. Chambord releases a tall, cool cocktail for the races that can be enjoy all through Spring and Summer soirees until Labor Day.

Fashion, fun, and cocktails make up the excitement surrounding the Kentucky Derby® and this year is no different. Part of festivities is the Chambord First Lady of Fashion contest and the newly created cocktail, the Chambord Fleur De Lis™ which will be served at Churchill Downs® during the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks®.

The Kentucky Oaks is Friday, April 30 and is the companion event held the day before the Kentucky Derby for 3-year-old fillies. The Kentucky Oaks, which is attended annually by more than 100,000 people, has become a “Pink Out” day in support of breast cancer awareness and attendees are encouraged to wear pink. The Chambord First Lady of Fashion contest will be held on Kentucky Oaks day and is open to women who want to showcase their Oaks style.

Through its title sponsorship of the Chambord First Lady of Fashion contest, Chambord will continue its support of breast cancer charities through its “Pink Your Drink” program. In addition to its support throughout the year, Chambord will make a donation to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength – a $10 donation will be made for the first 250 contestants to enter the Chambord First Lady of Fashion contest.

“We are so excited to be the title sponsor of the First Lady of Fashion contest,” said Josh Hayes, Chambord Brand Manager. “Our ‘Pink Your Drink’ program throughout the year revolves around raising funds and awareness for breast cancer, so it was natural to tie into this very fashionable occasion for such a great cause.”

Entrants will be judged on the “Pink Carpet” on how fashionably they incorporate pink into their ensemble. The competition will take place at Gate 10 of Churchill Downs at the conclusion of Race 5 (approximately 12:45 p.m. EDT) with the top 10 finalists showcased in the Aristides Garden on Bravo TV. The contest winner will receive an all-expense VIP trip for two to IMG Fashion Week in New York City. For more details on the Chambord First Lady of Fashion contest visit: www.KentuckyOaks.com.

To add to the festivities this year, Chambord is introducing the Chambord Fleur De Lis cocktail. Although the drink will be served at Churchill Downs as part of the main event, the Chambord Fleur De Lis is a refreshing cocktail option for entertaining guests at home during the big race. With a rich pink color and flavors of fresh berry and citrus, the Chambord Fleur De Lis is a way to bring a piece of the Oaks and Derby to your guests.

CHAMBORD Fleur De Lis™
3/4 oz Finlandia® Vodka
2 oz lemonade
1 oz cranberry juice
Squeeze of lemon
Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into a tall glass. Garnish with a lemon twist and a black raspberry.
With it's feminine forte, Fleur De Lis can be a fresh alternative to the over-worked Cosmopolitian.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rocco Gaglioti of Fashion News Live picks the best of LA Fashion Weekend

By Laura Medina
The host and Executive Producer of Fashion News Live, Rocco Gaglioti, has worked and lived in the world's fashion capitals as a model and photographer then translated that experience in a jet-setting but in-depth tv news show spotlighting trend-breaking runway shows and interviewing designers. Once in awhile, joking it up with celebrities on the red carpet.
As a respected fashion journalist and the style expert for the Dr. Phil show, he was kind enough to offer, out of his busy schedule, the best picks of LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios.
Here are the highlights from his show he was sweet enough to share with The Arriviste.
Rocco interviewing Civil Society Clothing's designer, Brad Schwartz.
Rocco asks Civil Society Clothing's designer, Brad Schwartz, how he feels about his runway show being presented at Sunset Gower...
Brad Schwartz of Civil Society Clothing: "I’m really excited. It feels amazing. I put a lot of work into it to make this happen. It’s not just me. I have a fanastastic team behind me. I’m also looking forward to getting this thing over with because it’s been a weight on my head for quite a bit. It’s been keeping me up at night for a bit. I feel really blessed and privileged to be here."

Rocco: "Now, tell me about the brand. I really want to know the fabrics that you used this season."

Brad: "The brand is straight up for every guy. It’s not demographic specific. It’s not genre specific. There are guys who are rock n’ rollers who love it. There are guys are in hip hop who love it. There are guys who are preppy who love it. As far as fabrications goes, we do really simple, interesting organic fabrics and some really complex, cool synthetic things as well.
I’m wearing a cotton nylon stainless steel."

Rocco: "There’s even a stainless steel stitch. When you move it with the light, you can see it."

Division E's Victoria Benmoshe talking with Rocco.
Victoria of Division E: "Yes, I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm anxious. Get to get it done already."
Rocco: "I want to know your inspiration this season , the color palette."
Victoria of Division E: "We’re showing Fall right now so the inspiration is warm, dark, mysterious. A lot of black, gray tones, dark to light. A hint of color. Plum. Soft blue. But keeps it really, really subtle, monotone, and deep. "

Victoria with her children.

Victoria: "For inspiration, from daily life. Getting frustrated from the lack of really awesome clothes to wear. So actually, I create stuff that I want to wear. Because I’m a business woman. I’m a mother. I like to be sexy. I like to comfortable. There’s really not a lot out there. Something I can dress up and go out in."

Division E's chic, edgy but easy separates for the hip, busy woman on the go.

Victoria:"I am the customer. I design for myself. I created Division E for me. "

Rocco chatting with Beautiful White Trash's Nikki Lund.

The majority of designers may had been dealing with the case of the willie nellies and jitters but not Beautiful White Trash's Nikki Lund. She's thrilled.
Nikki Lund: "She’s not nervous but excited."
Not so trashy Beautiful White Trash ensemble.

Nikki Lund: "3 different tiers for 3 different types of women. Everyone has that playful, silly but sexy degree of White Trash Beauty in them. Inspiration-strength of a woman. Love Black. For Fall 2010, black is the new black. Geometric shapes. Strong Suiting for Women. Interpretation of men’s clothings. Lost of materials. Zippers. Hardware with soft silhouette. Juxtaposition of the soft and the hard."

"Twilight"s Nikki Reed, astonished they both speak Greek and how she escapes to the south of Greece to chill out away from the public's glare and fame.

It's not all fashion all the time, Rocco jokes it up with "The Girls Next Door" Bridget Marquardt and manages to get the scoop on her limited edition of jewelry she's going release next month in May.

Rocco, The Arriviste, wants to thank you for lending a helping and informative hand in recapping the hits out of LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower.

If you want to watch this dashing man getting to know industry heavy hitters in NY and LA, watch him at Fashion News Live.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Day has Arrived. Zac Posen for Target

By Laura Medina

*The Gia Coppola video of The Likes performing in Zac Posen for Target


*Zac Posen Demonstrating the many ways to wear the collection.


The Likes channeling early Beatles and the Velvet Underground in Zac Posen for Target.

In a very informative video provided by New York Magazine, Harriet May Powell, New York Magazine's fashion director, asked Zac Posen why, after many years, he decided to design a limited edition capsule for Target.

He responded it was all about waiting for the right moment and the right environment to doing a collaboration with the upscale mass retailer. Paraphasing his answer, it was holding out for the proper time to release the best collection he can do for women. Yet, he realized that the customer has changed and so has the times. With those factors mixed in, Mr. Posen senses now is the time to team up with Target.

Ms. Powell was really astonished that Mr. Posen didn't sacrifice innovative tailoring and creative styling. Mr. Posen, "I'm a quality fanatic."

Target gave him the liberty to use their trademark red as a Pantone for one of the swimsuits and the most expensive item in the collection, a Eighties-influenced, washed leather motorcycle jacket at $199.99. He calls it "The Michael J."

The Snap Tape Dress and a spot of Mr. Posen demostrating many ways to style it.

Being aware of the current economy and the mindset of the Target clientele, he wants to make sure he puts a lot of bang for the most minimal of bucks allowed. This is where he's creativity, schooling, and experience come into play. And playfulness is what keeps this collection going, he wants a girl to have fun with her clothing.

With the Snap Tape Dress, Zac commented, “This is trust in a girl’s own creativity. Snap and Drape. Button and Bustle. Makes a nice satisfying noise. You get a lot. You get pailettes. You get evening.”

The multiple of looks is mind-boggling. With little snap buttons here and there, you never have to send this dress to the tailor for slight alterations. You can adjust the waistline or the neckline or move the hemline up or down. It is like a Legos toy of a dress.

Left, Zac removing Tulle over skirt. Middle, the whole 2 in 1 Dress. Right, Dress in action.

Another bang for your bucks outfit is what Mr. Posen calls the "2 in 1 Dress."

It is a tulle over skirt wrapped over the classic strapless Little Black Dress in washed Duchess Satin that you can button on and off in the back. It comes in the de rigueur black, a festive Target red, and a subversive navy blue.

Another Eighties-inspired garment is the Safety Pin Dress. Mr. Posen is proud to say this is the first gown designed for Target's GO Collection. In punchy pink, he makes it seem so tropical for the Summer.

The bronze glamourous swimsuit is the first time Mr. Posen has ever did a swimwear capsule. He calls it "his Esther Williams." A throwback when swimwear was elegant.

Those lucky celebrities. They have the jumpstart on the collection. Here's Nick Hilton modeling Zac's Tiger Stripe Dress while Dakota Fanning rocked his Tuxedo Blazer while pushing her break-through movie, "The Runaways."

Elizabeth "Z" Berg strumming in Zac Posen for Target Tuxedo Shirt.

"The Like," the power pop girl band paid homage to The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" and Andy Warhol's "Velvet Underground" for their "Fair Game" video.

Mr. Posen asks his pal, Ms. Gia Coppola (Sofia's sister) to specially direct a fashion video displaying the clothes in action. She, in turned, asks her old high school friends, The Like, to model the collecton in a video. They were happy to oblige.

In a black and white montage, the band is dressing and primping into the clothes. As the actual video begins, it is full-colored, flashing Mod in strobe lights, reminiscing Sixities early music videos.

The lead guitarist/vocalist, Elizabeth "Z" Berg, channels Edie Sedgewick in Zac's Tuxedo Shirt.

Laena Geronimo, bassist, does George Harrison in Zac Posen Floral Floral Dress.

As for his first, hopefully not the last, collaboration with Target, he quoted as he as saying, "When you are on your own creative journey, there are many different paths to explore and I am only 29."

He demonstrated that with his multiple Snap Tape Dress and his 2 In 1 Dress, he managed to bring haute couture craftsmanship to the masses. Very well thought-out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Refresh, Renew with Alo Sport

By Laura Medina

Alo Sport celebrating Earth Day, April 22nd

For those looking forward to honoring Earth Day doing sun salutations on recycled, sweat-absorbing yoga mats or out on the grass under the sun (hopefully the sun will come out) or taking in the fresh air through hiking or skipping through the beach sand. Perhaps, take the time soaking in the scene biking from city, over the bridge, to the beach.

Yes, Earth Day makes a good excuse for a holiday. You can do all those things in one day and night in Alo without breaking a sweat or changing outfits.

It's lightweight, breatheable functionality and shape-retaining stretch are apparent but Alo makes sure each and every one of it's pieces is fashionable enough to be worn as stylish streetwear.

Make its yoga leggings as your skinny jeans alternative. Looks dashingly hip with knee-high vegan boots. It's healthy as it's frugal as it's functional as it is fashion-forward. Top your jeans with its tailored track jacket. Slip a lightweight Spring sweater over the crop, wide-legged, karate-inspired pants.

This is a very holistic way to maxing out your wardrobe.

Alo passes the love through practice. In their solar powered HQ, the garment manufacturing mitigate carbon emissions, use reclaimed and recycled materials while integrating with ecological fibrics in a sustainable office environment while passing this knowledge along to you so you can “define your green.”

Go to http://www.alosport.com/ then type in “aloearthday2010” at checkout for 30% off site-wide at Alosport.com.

If you're in San Francisco, you can celebrate at Alo's trunk shows:

4/20 Bay Club - Financial District
555 California Street
Concourse Level
San Francisco, CA 94104
11AM – 2PM, 5PM - 7:30PM

4/21 Bay Club - Marin
220 Corte Madera Town Center
Corte Madera, CA 94925
9AM – 12PM

4/22 Courtside Club - Los Gatos
14675 Winchester Blvd.
Los Gatos, CA 95030
9AM – 1PM

4/23 Pacific Athletic Club
200 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065
8:30AM – 1PM

4/24 Bay Club - SF
150 Greenwich Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
9AM – 12PM


Hit your nearby Nordstorm. Not only do you and Mother Earth feel good inside, you two will look better outside.

Monday, April 19, 2010

DailyCandy's sample sale site, Swirl.com

By Laura Medina

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent
Now that you have the Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes over the weekend, you can complete the look by going to DailyCandy's new sample sale site, Swirl. com starting today.
The DailyCandy favorite, her clothes are 65% off.
The trend-fun site has grown from just spotlighting emerging designers and trends to selling them at the deep, deep discount.
Swirl.com is an extremely well-edited sample sale experience offering remarkable discounts (up to 80%).
For all you Cynthia Vincent fans, you can satisfy your cravings even more.
After today's Vincent sale, Olsenhaus starts Tuesday April 20th and Dogeared starts Thursday April 22nd.
If you can't stand ropey clogs and hospital-styled Crocs for Earth Day, pick something more fashion-forward from the vegan-friendly Olsenhaus teetering, two-toned heels to paint-splatter wedges, they're the perfect merger of high-class chic and earthbound conscientiousness.
On sale 40% off, it's wallet-easy too.

Good Vibrations on Earth Day, April 22nd

By Laura Medina

Divine Wear Separates

If the arriving Earth Day, this Thursday, April 22nd, makes you think of granola, dull dirt colors, rough-hewn sack cloths and has you making pieties in order to honor Mother Earth. Get that of your mind.

Face this ecological holiday with Spring, celebrating renewal, flowers, fresh air, and running your toes in the lush green grass in soft, comfortable clothes that are easy on the skin without depriving oneself of style.

Divine Wear Jumpsuit
Explore this vast country or your own city from forest to beach by jumping into this lightweight, airy, anti-bacterial bamboo/cotton jumpsuit. As an anti-bacterial fiber, bamboo not only cuts down on gray laundry water but reduces the time doing laundry. Now, go out and have fun without worries.

If you're in the more traditional mode of Spring Cleaning and you have to recycle more than usual on Earth Day. Why replace the old with the new then get rewarded for it.
For six straight days, H&M will run a donations program where folks can drop off “gently worn” kids’ clothes in any H&M store carrying children's clothes, from Earth Day to April 28th.
The donations program, “Clothes For Kids” support the Boys and Girls Club in local communities across the United States.
For each donation, will receive a coupon for 20% OFF their next H&M Kids purchase.
The coupon is valid through May 12th and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
Earth Day special on Gilt Group for the Audubon Group and The Nature Conservancy.
More good viberations coming your way.
Go to Gilt Group on Earth Day and get your hands on Loomstate, Matt & Nat, Leigh & Luca, Dr. Hauschka and EDUN to support National Audubon Society and the Nature Conservancy.

All items in the Gilt ‘Gift Tab’ will be green friendly, including organic totes and handbags, eco-friendly tees, soy candles, recycled scarves and Earth friendly make-up.
The biggest item on sale within the Gilt ‘Gift Tab’ is gifting trees through American Forests; it’s a dollar per tree, with bundles selling at $15, $50, and $100.
Now, you can get a bunch of yummy and wholesome earthy-friendly clothes and skincare without harming the earth and you still have a fresh closet and a fresh face to celebrate Spring.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get Your Head & Toes Ready for Spring/Summer, Eugenia Kim & Cynthia Vincent for Target

By Laura Medina

Top, Fedora in Tan with Flower Appliqués $16.99

Hat Designer, Eugenia Kim

Bottom, Straw Fedora in Green with Black/White Trim $16.

Left, Belted Engineer Cap in Tan $14.99 Right, Straw Sun Hat in Tan with Blue Trim $19.99

This informer knows that everyone is in a tizzy jonesing about Zac Posen for Target that will land in stores and online, next Sunday, April 25th.

However, don't forget about these equally hip designers supplying the accessories to perk up your Spring and Summer closets. Sometimes, the best things in life are the little things that make or break an outfit.

Don't let these limited edition collections fly underneath the radar, this Sunday, April 18th.

Who had thought having a lousy hair day and being jobless would led to a stylish millinery career?

Bond 07 in Noho and Selima Optique in Soho noticed her red guinea-feathered cloche that

she made in millinery class at the Parsons School of Design. Eugenia just wanted something resembling hair to keep her bald head warm would get her first two accounts with Bond 07 and Selima Optique? Then a month later, Barneys gave her the major break she needed.

Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, and "Gossip Girls" Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Gwen Stafani, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Fergi, Hugh Jackman, and Ne-Yo became fans as she steadily built her business.

Now, she wants the public to share what these celebrities have been keeping for years.

Target is partnering with Kim to launch its first ever limited-time-only hat collection, Eugenia Kim for Target.

Affordable, on-trend hats inspired by Havana, Cuba in a variety of styles are embellished with Kim’s unique details and special hardware for a collection that is both fashionable and functional and frugal.

These sunny caps and bonnets will bloom from Sunday, April 18th then fade away on Sunday, June 13th.

Cynthia Vincent

Bottom, Strappy Flats with Gold Studs in White $24.88

Left, Wedges in Multicolor Print $29.99 Right, Ballet Flats in Multicolor Print $24.99

Classic, feminine, fresh, well-conceived, impeccably crafted, timeless garments, Cynthia Vincent, of Twelfth Street, had expanded to shoes in 2003.

Created out of the designer’s innate love of shoes and the desire to offer her customer high quality, beautifully designed footwear at prices comparable to her collection, the launch was a success.

Just as the clothing received immediate attention, so did Cynthia’s heels, gladiators and ballerina flats. Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Richie and Liv Tyler are but a few of Twelfth Street’s devout shoe shoppers.

The Cynthia Vincent for Target line offers an updated twist on Vincent’s classic and renowned footwear silhouettes, at a remarkable price. This exclusive footwear collection brings wedges, ballet flats and gladiator sandals at guilt-free prices to a broader audience.

Springing up as the same time as Eugenia Kim Hat Collection for Target on Sunday, April 18th, Cynthia Vincent will last until July 1st.

Like fresh, seasonal fruits, you better get these fresh fashion before they get snatched up.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makeup with Attitude, “The Runaways”

By Laura Medina

For you want to watch the tutorials, hit Cherie Curie's look, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bx5v_mbRPg&feature=related for the glam look or hit Joan Jett's rocker eyes on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L1rXYFpifY&feature=related to get that classic, messy, smudgy look. Both are by Makeup Forever.

Left, Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett. Right, Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie.
When the official Joan Jett/Cherie Currie biopic, "The Runaways," released a month ago, it ushered in an unexpected rush of Gen Y-ers experimenting with colors they haven't seen in their lifetime.
For them and the Baby Boom Generation who did the first time around, this aggressive makeup stands for freedom of expression, liberation, and feminist assertiveness. This unabashed makeup is for strong individuals.
During the mid-Seventies or when times are dreary, people just want to have fun with their Glam/Disco makeup.
The color revivial arrived just in time.
"The Runaways'" head makeup artist, Robin Mathews, showcases the color and techniques that are bringing the rush back in makeup.
For folks dulled by the "natural makeup" of the past twenty to fifteen years, now it's time to jumpstart your powders, cremes, and glosses.

Since Makeup Forever supplied the film, you can easily pluck the items from them but any of the latest and boldest makeup, especially the finely-milled ones, packed with pigment, for high-definition tv will do.

Step One: Sweeping Brown Eye Shadow on Upper Lid, left and right.

The colors and shadows of Joan Jett are pretty classic and timeless. Tons of standard black and medium tone browns that a plenty of women already have in their makeup stash. To get that edgy but tough bad girl look, it’s all about technique than buying a whole new makeup. If you swish and swipe enough, you can give your existing, basic flesh-tone, staid eye makeup a new flair.

In fact, this blurry swirl of basic black and brown are the same eye makeup that Ms. Jett still wears to this day. Follow these steps and you’ll never go wrong with a classic.

Step 1: Brown Eye Shadow. No hard edges. Blend and fade out to infinity.

Line Lower Lid with tons of Black Eyeliner.

Step2: Black Aqua Eye Pencil. Generous heaping under the entire lower eye rim then do the same to the upper rim.

Step3: Take a small, flat-edged eye shadow brush and smudge around upper rim then stroke and smudge the lower eye rim. Don’t have to be neat. Remember, the messier it is, the more “Rock n’ Roll” it is. If you swipe too much of your eyeliner. Reline with the black aqua eye pencil.

Too much is never enough for impact and durability, sweating under the klieg lights. For the Rock n’ Roll Glam-Punk ‘70’s, it’s all about excess. Glam makeup was about all theatrical makeup to make you stand out to the nosebleed seats as much as it is rebellion and sexual assertiveness and expression.

Take a bigger, fluffier brush or makeup sponge then brush off the fallen excess shadow to make your peepers pop.

Step4: *Take the same brown eye shadow you did for your upper eye lid and trace it over your already blacken lower eye rim. This ombre effect pulls the eye for more attention and attraction. You see two different but similar colors helping the eye pop.

Step5: Eye Lash Curling. Lifts all the upper lashes. Prepping for the mascara.

Step6: Stroke the mascara on top of the upper lashes. Then, scissoring up, under the upper lashes. Coating the upper lashes over and under.

Cherie Currie Makeup:

Ok, you may, not have to, buy new eyeshadows and liners. But, that’s where the fun part comes in. Breaking from the tried and true but tired basic beige, brown, and black, as “The Runaway’s” David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust-influenced lead singer, Cherie (Dakota Fanning) has to stand out. In comes the glitter and flash-and color! If you already have a navy blue or a deep sea ocean blue and some shimmering powder/cream beige/brown eyeshadow or multiple, it’s time to break them out.

Robin calls this a “blue-and-gold smoky eye,” a classic technique with new colors.
As “The Runaways’” front woman, Cherie has to be the glamourous disco mirror/Ziggy to Joan’s tough but true rocker turned punker.
Cherie was all about “sparkly and glittery.”

Again, it’s all about placement and technique. Let’s Robin Mathews show you how.
With basic deep blue and glimmering beige or bronze, you don’t have to be blonde like Dakota or Cherie, anyone can wear this glam slam combo.
Step1: Stroke a sparkling, starry copper/ bronze/beige powder/cream from the inner eye corner then stopping midway in the middle of the upper eye lid, blending into an Isosceles triangle.

Step2: The same black aqua eye liner then stroke it back and forth, left and right, rimming the lower eye lid as closely as possible from inner corner to outer corner, without infecting your eyeball.

Step3: With the same aqua liner, smudge the outer lower rim for a more fluid, blended look.

Step4: With really deep blue/navy eye shadow, tap the excess, then fill in the mid-to-outer corner of the upper eye lid, filling in the missing Isosceles triangle for depth. Light in the inside. Dark on the outside for highlight and depth. With eye shadow this deep and rich, trace a little bit onto the upper rim and stroke slightly into the crease for depth.

Step5: Free of shadow, take the same flat, wide eye shadow brush and blend, blend on the upper lid. Then with the same deep blue shadow, take a smaller, tighter eyeliner brush, dip it in the shadow and trace over the existing aqua liner to make it smokey.

Step6: Curl the lashes.

Step7: Stroke the black mascara down, on top of the top lash. Up and out to elongate the eye.
Actually, the eyeliner approach is easier than it sounds. For that authentic ‘70’s rimmed eye, Ms. Mathews gave a little history lesson, back then no one lined their inner eye rim back then. This is a recent development. In those days, people just trace the edge of their eyelids, never going inside, with a thick swatch of dark or bold colors. If the risk of eye infection makes you nervous, ahem like this scribe, just do what they did in the past, just line the outside of the lids without coloring the inner eyelid.

While watching “The Runaways,” you’ll notice how bold and strong and define the blush was in the mid-Seventies. It was all about contouring but the all-natural flesh-toned beige, brown, and bronze had surrendered to the flamboyant hot flash colors of raging red, fevered pinks, and outlandish orange. They weren’t ashame of color.

If you want a bold streak of color without the old school heavy grease and oil, today’s high definition technology makes blush lighter and healthier yet bolder thanks to LCD and HD TV.
In fact, one tiny squirt of Makeup Forever’s HD Crème Blush is so pigment intense yet whipped light like a mousse, a little goes a long, long way. If there’s enough left over, you can dab and tap all over your lips for a bold but matte, matching lips.

Ok, as the official makeup of “The Runaways” movie, this is the same blush Robin used on Kristen and Dakota.

How to get that bold, streak of blush.

Back then, women (sometimes, some men) hollowed or accentuate their cheekbones by heavily stroking a thick, wide swarth of blush directly underneath the bone. First, it started with skin-friendly warm browns, peaches and apricots to highlight the popular-back-then tanned look. Along the way, thanks to British Glam Rock and Disco, it morphed into really bold reds, powerful purples, feverish fuchsia, and hot pinks.

According to Robin, when “The Runaways” were girls (they ranged from 15 to 17 for god’s sake), they trained themselves by placing a piece of paper to their skin and put their blush on against the paper to make the harsh line; this is how they brought out the cheekbone and accentuated it. For that confident blush, do not blend.

With the break-through multiple crèmes and gels, dot, dot, and dot on the cheekbone edge then blend together laterally and stroke down for that bold, diagonal streak look.

For Joan Jett, she just do the eyes sans the blush and lips whereas Cherie Currie went all out.
With Jett’s easier look, you can do the deep but natural beige and brown for the sunken cheek and no-lipstick appearance.

With Cherie’s, it fun for clubbing and socializing at the soirees.

Since it’s all about smudging, with Summer’s sweat, it’s easier done than said.
This makeup isn’t for the no-makeup, naturalistic wimps. This was and is the makeup for riot grrls, rocker chicks who kick ass, bone-crushing roller babes, and folks who want to be theatrical. This is assertive color for assertive people. Shrinking violets need not apply, literally.
It's the best makeup for Summer, the sweatier the better.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Catherine Malandrino Resort & Pre-Spring Sample Sale

By Laura Medina

Transitional Collections tend to be overlooked, awkwardedly wedged between heavy Winter Collection and the airy Summer Collection.

But for year-around gear that will carry you gracefully from mildly cool to pleasantly sunny, typical So Cal climate, you can't go wrong with Resort/Pre-Spring Wear.

Starting this Thursday until Sunday, April 18th , the Catherine Malandrino boutiques on La Cienega Boulevard and Sunset Plaza are putting their Resort Wear on deep discount, 70% off, for four days only.

You can tell from this electic collection, there are Spring/Summer-friendly pieces that can simply be turned into an early Fall or a cool Spring night ensemble by tossing on a trench or a jacket.

Through the flexiblity of switching between cool Spring nights and early Fall days in summeresque embroidered cotton tunics and printed chiffon and slinky satins for hot Summer nights, Resort is a great way to stretch your wardrobe budget year-around.
By way of her training at Emanuel Ugaro and studying Madame Vionnet, Catherine's draping and pleating keeps it modern yet timeless. Wise investment items that will be become great vintage pieces. She allows a woman to embrace her feminine without losing her individuality.
Take advantage of the 70% off sale, then you'll be able to build a whole, new wardrobe. White parties and upscale beach soirees cropping up, you can really impress folks in Catherine Malandrino. You'll have women-and men asking where you get that?!

Dash Around in Zac Posen for Target, "Ugly Betty Shades," and Norma Kamali Trench for Walmart while checking out Norma Kamali Swim on your IPad

By Laura Medina

Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater in Jee Vice Fabulous Shades in Ugly Betty episode, “London Calling”.
This could obviously be a glamourous travel article, a globe-trotting ensemble armoring you in weather-defensive sunglasses in a reliable trench coat while packing your carry-on with beach-to-bar swimwear and a cocktail/sundress.
But, these pieces go beyond that.
This article is chuck full of sneak peeks while mixing your highs and lows at accessible Target and Walmart.
Even though you wouldn't find this at either of those massive, big box retailers, in the almost next-t0-last episode of "Ugly Betty," "London Calling," Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) shields her glaze in a pair of timeless Jee Vice sunglasses in "Fabulous."

Zac Posen for Target Sailor Dress in Animal Print
As the second jet-setting celebrity to debut Zac Posen for Target, Nicky Hilton flashed her New Wave tiger stripes in an $35 Animal Print Zac Posen for Target Sailor Dress at Nylon magazine’s 11th Anniversary Party with sister Paris Hilton at Trousdale in LA.
However, the rockin' "The Runaways" star, Dakota Fanning beat her to the punch by wearing Zac Posen for Target Tuxedo Jacket while promoting the film.

$35 Norma Kamali Trench Coat at Walmart.
You can still run from home to party to airport in this very affordable, very sensible Norma Kamali Trench Coat. Travel and Leisure Magazine voted this the best trench back in February 2009. You can get it for $35 at Walmart.

Norma Kamali's new IPad swimware catalogue in Interview Magazine's new app.

Wondering what to do with your new IPad?
Fiddling with it in the cab or waiting gate at the airport, you can download Norma Kamali's new swimwear catalogue/lookbook in Interview Magazine's new app. It starts with her normally more expensive line then flows into her Walmart collections that are downright cute.
These key pieces are like Lego blocks for any woman's wardrobe, that can be built upon and interchange seamlessly while keeping your wallet solid.