Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Queen's Diamon Jubliee Style

Aruna Seth's Jubliee Shoe
By Laura Medina

This past year has been a triple threat of "Cool Britannia."

Will's and Kate's marriage launched this a year ago.

Now, it is time, June 5th, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 60th year on the throne. One of the world's longest ruling monarch.

Around the corner is the London Olympic on July 27th...for the third time.

Yes. We all got the point. This was meant to be...Cool Britannia, the third time coming.

Making a splash during this past recent Awards Season in Los Angeles to dip its toes in the American market, the decadent shoe brand, Aruna Seth created this very special, limited edition "Jubliee Shoe." A blue wedge with an Union Jack heel that is entirely dipped in Swarvoski crystals is valued at $4,800. The unadorned blue wedge with Union Jack bow coated in Swarvoski crytals is valued at $1,000.

Only 10 pairs created for Harrod's to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 60th Diamond Jubliee. A true and unique British collection.

The following "Cool Britannia" items are just as indulgent but at more attainable prices.

With a play on "Britannia," Space NK releases its fourth fragrance collection of its "Beautannia" series. Spotlighting singularly British beauty and heritage, this bath and body range evokes seaside scent of the traditional British beach resort where the British go for a holiday, Brighton.

Sea moss, orris, grapefruit, neroli and a tease of cooling mint on sun-kissed skin represent the shimmering seas and hypnotic hedonism.

A misty, floral whirlpool offsets a final earthy green backdrop of musk, amber and vetiver are the jagged rocks and smooth pebbles. Brighton will be available in Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Cream, Bath Oil, Candle, Soap and cosmetic & toiletry bags.

It is Brighton, in a bottle and a jar, an indulgent souvenir, bringing it into your own bath room.

Elemis is a leading luxury British spa and skincare brand favored by as many as 6.5 million spa-goers per year in Britain. The successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge technology has enabled Elemis to bring to market some of the most influential anti-aging products and professional spa-therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.

Remember, prep the skin before beautifying it.
Lipstick Queen, Poppy King, represent the colors of the Union Jack. The blood red is the blue. The Medium red is the red while the peach is the white of the flag.

Nails Inc. is celebrating their British heritage with these red, white and blue shades, especially for the Queen’s Jubilee. Alternate shades on each finger or create miniature Union Jacks, the ultimate tribute to the Queen.

· St. James – classic blue red

· Floral Street – opaque white

· Baker Street – cobalt blue

Price: $9.50 each, Available at Sephora and

The sentiments are well-felt...not everybody can go to London and party with the Queen or participate in the London Olympics.

Still, this is British thoughtfulness, what we Americans call "hospitality," to bring a little bit of Britannia to your home...all within a reasonable budget.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kara Larick's Winning Design for NBC's "Fashion Star"

By Laura Medina
Left, Kara Laricks, the winner. Right, Caprice Willard.

What is the winning pattern for NBC's "Fashion Star," Kara Laricks?

In a phone interview, Macy's West Coast Buyer and "Fashion Star" judge, Caprice Willard, explains the winning formula.

Kara knew the Macy's customer, what she is looking for and what she is willing to pay.  Most importantly, Ms. Willard noticed that Kara did not lose or surrendered her personality in order to please the judges.  She kept her identity yet managed to translate her personality into each store's market and consumer.

That is the problem Ms. Willard saw during the contest, either the contestant was willing to give away her or his personality to win or did not consider the store's customer.

Kara did a very difficult balancing act.  She kept her personality in each collection, letting people know it is her; yet her collections fit each store's brand identity.  A hard feat. 

As the West Coast buyer and Vice President /RPM for Women's Apparel for Macy's, Ms. Willard said that, for a chain of department stores, the products have to be the best possible quality for the Macy's shopper, yet within the right price point and be accessible.

Kara won the competition with her winning collection for Macy's.  It was built on the solid foundation of "day to night," "office to cocktail" everyday wear for the career girl.

Her first ensemble is the retro classic, the tie-front blouse paired with slouchy trousers.  She commented this entire collection has a running theme of menswear inspiration in feminine tailoring. 

For this tie blouse and slouchy pants pairing, Kara said you can slip on a slinky pair of high heels then you're ready for cocktails directly from the office.

The second piece is Kara's favorite silhouette, the A-Line Dress.  Again, she calls this "day to night" and incorporated menswear details.  Chest pockets on the front.  Welt pockets on the back.

The third piece is a singular halter-neck romper with a racerback.  She said that, this is all a girl needs to buy.  For her, the simple silhouette is sexy.  She added menswear details, such as the belt and cuffed shorts on the bottom.  For day, Kara suggested throwing on a blazer at the office then removing it at night for that carefree but sexy look during Summer.

This is how Kara Laricks won "Fashion Star," temper the sexiness with menswear-inspired details for the office during the day.  Soften it up with simple but feminine silhouettes and fabrics for night.  These give the working girl double the leverage in her wardrobe and double the size of her wallet.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kimora Lee’s Shinto Clinical, Medical Grade. Women-Tested.

By Laura Medina

Kimora Lee holding her raved about "Micro Manage" Microdermabrasion Scrub.

After Baby Phat and her fragrance line, at this point in her life, Kimora Lee feel like it is about time she shares her beauty wisdom and experience with the masses, Shinto Clinical.

"I’ve been a model for 25 years. First, I started as a model for Chanel. By the time, I was 12, 13, I was on the runway."

"It’s really about being at a point in my life where so many people send me their things, their products, …I tried everything on the market. I tried stuff that costs hundreds of dollars to stuff that are super cheap, super simple remedies that cost nothing on the market."

"I feel like I feel skincare is a natural expertise, having brought on so many things I learned in my career (as a model, tv personality, designer),…time both behind as a designer and in front of the camera as a model and personality."
Having been a supermodel then a tv personality and designer, Kimora had the privilege of trying every beauty product underneath the sun,...
"It’s really about being at a point in my life where so many people send me their things, their products, …I tried everything on the market.  I tried stuff that costs hundreds of dollars to stuff that are super cheap, super simple remedies that cost nothing on the market."
Now, that Kimora is a busy business woman and mom on-the-go with her oldest entering the teen years, she needs quick and effective quality skincare that tackles the fine lines and blotches of aging while it gives back, improving the skin.
"I wanted to have something that delivers on that promise. I have tried products that had over-promised then under-delivered. I wanted to put out something that under-promised that over-delivered."

Delving into skincare is a natural progression for her.

Part of Kimora Lee's Shinto Clinical Skincare.

The entire line is about anti-aging and anti-inflammation based on beta glucan mushroom and her patented OMEGAPEARL-18®, Shinto Clinical’s proprietary complex of lightening and anti-aging ingredients.

It’s about East meets West.  The concept is nothing new but her approach is new because she wants quality products with quality ingredients to be accessible and down to earth to the everyday woman.  In spite of the traditional Asian ingredients, it’s not Asian.  It’s for everybody.
It is the best of Eastern ingredients with pearl powder, Wakame kelp, Beta Glucan Mushroom, and Omega 3,6,9 Fish Oils, combined with Western Science. 
Kimora added that before anyone launch their product on QVC, like she is about to,she advised that the shopping network has very high standards, "Beauty and QVC is all about your standards and your testing.  What went into it.  The clinicals are very real and tested." 
"Sure, people can walk into a drugstore and buy that $5 cream that promises to fight wrinkles. The real question is that as you continue to use it, does it continue to work?  Remember, my line is a treatment line." 
"When you put it on, it continues to work.  The 'Wash Away The Years' cleanser or my line is treatment-based line, after you’re done washing it off, the peptides continue to work.  The peptides and the ingredients are constantly being absorbed into your skin for ultimate hydration and feeding the skin. So, you’re combating the aging process, combating inflammation and dehydration, which are the number one signs of aging.  A scientific base with centuries-old botanicals."
During the clinical trials, her moisture cream puts in 400% moisture into your skin.  Shinto Clinical is about scientific methods applied to ancient medicine to create a cutting edge line. For people who do want to eat fish to keep their supple, Kimora imparts omega 3, 6, 9 fish oil in her cream then uses real Japanese Cherry Blossoms essence for a light scent.
Even though she spent her years modeling, designing, and traveling, she still consider herself "a girl from St. Louis, Missouri," and truly wants the everyday woman to experience the same high-end luxury products that she enjoyed over the years but making them attainable at a reasonable price without stinting on quality.

"The package design is beautiful. The product design. If you put a couple of zeroes behind the prices, this would be a crazy, high-end line.  But, we can give our consumers a quality line in a quality package in a price range that they can afford.  Affordable beauty. Affordable luxury.  Affordable luxury at reasonable prices."

The people raving Shinto Clinicals are the women already using it.  Women are already stealing Kimora's Micro Manage Microdermabrasion Scrub because the Cucumber, Eucalyptus, and Aloe Vera heal and soothe the skin as the medical-grade oxided crystals erase the lines, the zit pits, and blemishes away.  Kimora saves you a trip and money to the doctor's office. 
Karen Meena, the Vice President and Head Buyer for Ron Robinson, was very impressed with the line, enough to sell it at Ron Robinson Apothia.  She loves the line. She used Micro Manage then had it stolen by another girlfriend.
"You know, we at Ron Robinson Apothia, test out every line before they sell it.  My other girlfriends didn’t know it was Kimora’s line."  “Like I said, we try everything. It is so effective.  So, high quality at a great price. There’s nothing like it that we have. “  You know that anything that Kimora is going to put her name is going to be pretty.  It’s gonna  smell and looks pretty.  She has the best of everything.”  I love it that you bring in at a great price.  Because I test everything that we have, my friends are saying ‘What are you using?’ Ok, test, this is Kimora’s new line.  I let her test it and she wouldn’t give it back.”

Through a network of girlfriends, Shinto Clinical has proven to be a keeper.  As in, Kimora knows her stuff.

Shinto Clinical is medical-grade Asian skincare refined by Western technology then tested by women and hurried mom-approved.

She is launching her Shinto Clinical Skincare Line at Ron Robinson Apothia, Nordstorm's, and on QVC.
"I feel like at this time in my life, being my age, as you know, a working mom, a busy woman on the go, I need a skincare line that works for me and also works overtime for me, meaning it’s a treatment-boost line. As in when I wash it off then go to bed, it keeps on working.   The ingredients keep on working, as you fall asleep, they keep on fighting those fine lines.  They don’t wash away.  This is not a cosmetic, as in when you wash off the blush, the pink is gone. This effect stays and improves as you use it.  That’s the scientific –backing behind the line."

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Give Your Mommy a Real Treat...The Manhattan Cocktail Classic Tour with Manicure

By Laura Medina

For all my ladies already in the Big Apple or those visiting Manhattan this weekend and for those where "Mother's Day" doesn't register on the radar or for the moms who seriously need a cocktail to carry on, here's a marvelous treat , the 2012 Manhattan Cocktail Classic, a 5 day and night gourmet cocktail festival happening right night now all over Manhattan, until May 15th. 

Ok, in "lay woman" terms it is a super chic bar crawl-turned-city tour highlighting the best drinks at the best bars and restaurants that Manhattan can offer.

More of a fun treasurer hunt and considering the size of the tour, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic is party festival, part fete, part conference, and part cocktail party, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic is an annual celebration of cocktails and culture.  With over 100 events sprawled across 5 boroughs over 5 days, think of this as a culinary, cultural excursion discovering new drinks that best represents each locale while breaking out of your olde routine and olde neighborhood.  This is a treasure hunt of cocktail extravaganza.

For the mommy and daddy burnt out on brunch...and the screaming toddlers, yearning for their "double-income, no kids" days, you can treat her to a "Sex and the City" nights or a "Carrie and Mr. Big" night where you have every reason to camp the kids with the babysitter then you and the Mrs. can paint the town hitting those cocktail spots.

Speaking of painting the town red, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic has teamed up with China Glaze Nail Polish to offer something extra nice for the ladies, the "Cocktail Nail" Manicure.

Any excuse for girlfriends to come together post-Mother's Day, during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, 20 top salons around New York City are offering 12 custom-designed China Glaze Cocktail Nails manicures using classic China Glaze shades. 

Each salon and manicure highlights highlights the three nails on the fingers with which a lady naturally holds her cocktail (thumb, index and middle finger on the right hand) with one eye-catching shade while all other nails are painted a complimentary shade.

The multi-colored and hued manicures are inspired and compliment the cocktails highlighted on the tour...

China Glaze® Classic: Purple Panic neon crème with a splash of Full Spectrum chroma glitter

Piña Colada: Sun Worshipper orange neon complimented by Electric Pineapple crème

Bloody Mary: Love Marilyn 3D glitter paired with Hey Sailor crème

White Russian: Golden Meringue crème mixed with Stellar glitter

Mojito: Goddess glitter and Re-Fresh Mint crème

Martini: Icicle with Luxe & Lush flaky top coat

Take advantage of this culinary and cultural excursion and explore the great Big Apple, discover new recipes, new neighborhoods, and new place while collecting all sorts of fun manicure.

Instead of the usual suspects of flower and brunch, give your mama a real treat that makes her the queen that she is.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Quick Mommy Makeup & Gifts

By Laura Medina

For all the selfishless acts moms have done for us, Mother's Day is payback for her.

We know in our hearts, in reality, in her heart, she knows deep inside this Sunday is the one and only day she has every right to be pampered and spoiled.

With Century City's Bloomingdale's help, you don't have to wait until adulthood to spoil her rotten.  In a kind gesture,  Bloomingdale's has teamed up, again, with Downtown Women's Center to promote their MADE by DWC Merchandise.

The Downtown Women's Center helps shatter that painful, humiliating cycle of abuse, poverty, and homelessness by providing safety, shelter, arts and crafting with retail management training, store merchandising expertise, and product development skills, so that these women can establish and provide themselves with a productive, self-reliant future. 

Honoring Mother's Day, Century City's Bloomingdale's has set up a DWC pop-up shop where even actual kids still in elementary, junior high, and shot even, high school, can afford to buy $5 all-natural soy candles and $7.50 beautifully fragrant soaps for their mommies.
For the more mature children, they can buy their wise moms handcrafted diaries, journals, and memo pads for $16 where she can jot down wise motherly advice and experiences to pass onto the next generation.


Each and every penny from the DWC pop-up shop goes back into supporting this women's shelter and for better lives.

If you want something more exquisite and extravagant...but still with heart and soul...or you need a "Make-up Mother's Day" gift that will last through-out Summer, Bloomingdale's in Century City is gradually releasing a few Space NK items, celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Julibee and the London Olympics. 

Starting on the left, Space NK developed In Peace Eau de Parfum, infused with the top notes of Pimento and Freesia, wafting down to a middle notes of French Iris, soft Mimosa and creamy suede then releasing to the bottom notes of  White Musk, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean.   

10% of net profits from the sale of each bottle will go directly to Women for Women International, supporting women war survivors in assisting them rebuilding their lives, learn vocational skills, and promoting peaceful communities.  For every 44 bottles sold at Space NK, the company will be sponsoring one woman through the full year-long program.

In the middle, is Space NK's Beautannia “Brighton.”  Play on "Beauty" and "Britanna," Space NK explores the beauty of Britain while using fragrance as travelogue.  Their current stop is Brighton, the seaside resort where Brits traditionally go for a "holiday."  The Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Cream, Bath Oil, Candle, Soap and cosmetic & toiletry bags collection evoke an esoteric mix of sea moss and orris dance playfully with grapefruit, neroli and a tease of cooling mint on sun-kissed skin. A misty, floral whirlpool offsets a final earthy green backdrop of musk, amber and vetiver. 

On the right, Space NK brings back the Lipstick Queen, Poppy King, celebrating the American woman in her Liptropolis.  Volume 1 in her new Lipstick Library series, This storybook collectible trio of three lipsticks is inspired by the women of Manhattan. Soho (the fashionable red), Central Park (the refined peach) and Upper East (the elegant nude) makes up your mom's Summer lipstick wardrobe.

Space NK exclusive, Rococo Rock & Royal  Red, White, & Blue Trio nail polishes created by Rococo founders and sisters Ange & Vernice Walker, is a wise Summer investment.  They celebrate both the Queen’s Jubilee and London Olympics and a great and quick patriotic the Fourth of July treat.  This is something your mom can swipe through-out the whole Summer season.

The cosmetic line's namesake, Susan Posnick.

If your mother is more down-to-earth and honest, let's face it, she wants makeup she can use.

This is where veteran makeup artist, Susan Posnick, comes in.  She is the one of the forerunners in mineral cosmetics, cosmetics with sunblock, and powdered sunblock...and ones infused with antioxidants and vitamins.  After almost losing her face to skin cancer ten years ago, Susan knew she had to do something.  She was one of the pioneers in developing a powder foundation that doubles as a light and refreshing sunblock in a travel-ready and ecologically refillable tube with a brush.

Her first invention, the COLORFLO mineral foundation, started it all and formed the basis of her entire safe, healthy, and protective mineral cosmetic line. 

Susan Posnick Cosmetics developed a cult following among the jet-setting celebrity young moms globe-trotting the world with their own tykes or just car-pooling from school to karate class.  A hot, young mom calls this, "mommy makeup."  Another one coined it, "dashboard makeup," where she stash it on the dashboard then swipe it on her and the kids.

Her multi-use ColorMe blush and eyeshadow comes with a nifty lid with a buffer on one side and a mirror on the other.  Pat, pat, dab, dab.

Susan Posnick's ColorEssential Lipstick contains Paracress, a sustainable South African plant with antioxidant properties that continually rehydrates the lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  In other words, the more you smack your lips together, the more her lipsticks keep your lips moist.  What a money and time saver.

With this cornucopia of gifts and makeup from $6 to $64, there is always something for someone's mom.

There are no longer any excuses to not treating her to something.

Monday, May 7, 2012

From Brentwood's Scoop NYC, Cameron Silver says "Hi" to "Heal the Bay"s Nikki Reed & Philip Treacy at the Britweek Design Awards

By Laura Medina

Cameron Silver waves "Hi!" from Brentwood's Scoop NYC.  Britweek honors fascinating milliner, Philip Treacy.  Nikki Reed decorates her own tote bag to "Heal the Bay."

For the "Slow Season," it sure doesn't feel like it.

Three big, exclusive events happened one after another.  Let's start with the first.

Left, Cameron Silver. Middle, E!'s Marc Malkin. Right, screenwriter, Stephen Gaghan.

Wednesday, a bang went off in Brentwood. Los Angeles' first outpost of Scoop NYC has launched, attracting Los Angeles socialites-cum-designers, high society, fashionistas, intelligentsia, and expatriate New Yorkers nesting in Brentwood welcomed Scoop NYC with an open-heart.

Screenwriter of "Traffic" and "Syriana," Stephen Gaghan was a Brentwood poster boy. He is the epitome of Brentwood Man style...stylish not staid.  Dashing pieces in classic navy blue and white that are both classic and functional.  He was really honored that he was noted for his Brentwood style, commenting his wife just woke him up from his nap.  His navy cardigan is really comfy as it is fashionable.

During the launch party, Mr. Gaghan was seriously in the market, shopping for more navy and white parkas and shirts.

The next night, Thursday night, Nikki Reed played hostess to the ecological charity, "Heal the Bay."

In lieu of banning plastic bags choking up the beaches, Nikki and celebrities decorated their own shopping tote bags, designed by George, Gina, & Lucy.

Fred Segal Empathetic of Santa Monica set up each decorating table as a treasure hunt, where crafters had to hunt for memory sticks, luggage tags, fabric markers, studs, and trinkets to trick out their tote bags.

Interior/Furniture Designer, Christopher Guy, Philip Treacy, & Interior Designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

What folks do not know is this past week was Britweek, where grateful Brits pay their respects to the opportunities and the embrace that California has gave them to their art and culture and helping them become successful as stars in their pursuits and endeavors.

The organizers behind Britweek calls this where British talent meets California opportunities.

From polo matches in Orange County to highly esteemed thespians in Hollywood to even more talent up in San Francisco, the British show their love to the state then California returns it.

Hollywood legends, such as "Bat Man"s Catwoman a.k.a. Julie Newmar, were in awe of British nobility, such as Lady Kinvara Balfour and famed milliner, Philip Treacy, the man discovered and heralded by the late, great Isabela Blow; and the man behind the fascinator to British celebrities and the British Royal family.

Having and saving Philip Treacy as the highlight of the Britweek Design Award as judge was pulled together by fashion editor, Lady Kinvara Balfour.

What everybody came out for was the parade of plumage, panache, and birds of paradise strutting about in Mr. Treacy's hats and fascinators in whimsical, not silly, tailored coat dresses and blazers with tall collar ruffs, carrying on the British tradition of bespoken its best and fierce.

What is really spectacular is Mr. Treacy's daft hands framing the face through positioning of feathers, horns, seashell, and plumage on one swell swoop and a couple of wires and elastic bands.  He went beyond that and made a bat wing mask elegant, what a regal Halloween investment.

Now, it is time for this scribe about town to have her afternoon tea and chill until the next event.

Carry on.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kelly Killoren Bensimon knows what's really to be "Hot!"

By Laura Medina

On the day before her birthday, it is a honor to speak with Kelly Killoren Bensimon , one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of New York,” on her recent self-improvement book, “I Can Make You Hot!”

Before that, she was well-known as an Elle Magazine model.

What people very rarely know is that she was a Literature and Writing major juggling her modeling career at Columbia University who grew up as a competitive swimmer in the Midwest.

After experiencing an overwhelming positive feedback from being a “The Real Housewives of New York” star then being besieged by fans and viewers asking about her fashion, makeup, health, and beauty to the point she had to put out lifestyle videos in hyperspace, she felt it was time to encapsulate everything into a tidy but meaty book that make any woman desirable in her own skin, “I Can Make You Hot!”

The basis of her lifestyle book is based on her Midwestern upbringing and her childhood years swimming competitively and how they carried over into her presence as a mother of two daughters and a busy lifestyle expert/style author and columnist.

Particularly as a mom, she wants young girls to respect their bodies through health and nutrition and exercise. But as a former model, she wants women to relax a little bit and enjoy life in order to treat your body and brain well. Kelly spells “diet” as “die” with a “t.” Recounting her modeling years, she commented on the difficulties on subsisting on extreme dieting for quick weight loss and how it affected her mentality and job, concluding that all-or-nothing dieting doesn’t do anyone good in the end.

Living a well-balanced life does. For relief to readers everywhere, she even tossed in a quick and easy and very affordable cocktail recipe where you can shake Crystal Light, water, and a shot of vodka for a low-calorie vodka shot with a hint of vitamins and flavor. No guilt here.

She even respects her cravings for Gummi bears and jelly beans, bringing her back to the days when her swim coach used to feed her powdered Jell-O as an energy boost before meets. But, she does make up for it by being a food dehydrator junkie, making all-natural chewy dried berries and fruit for her and the kids to snack on.

Once the cravings are fulfilled and done, she goes into listing delicious but clean-burning recipes that fuel the body with necessary protein and carbohydrates.

“Treat your body as a Ferrari, not as a rental car.”

What is really insightful is how she dealt with her own insecurities and the pressure of being on a reality television show. Kelly Killoren Bensimon is human, too.

Reaching back to what her swim coach has told her, “Swim Your Own Race.” Compete against yourself; make yourself the best that you can be but never against others. That’s pointless.

Boomeranging back to being a mother, she remembered the stress of losing “those ten pounds” as an emerging model at sixteen. Sixteen year-olds have enough drama as it is. The last thing they need is to worry about dropping “those ten pounds.” Writing this book is about self-esteem and protecting one’s body image against society’s exceptions. She noticed that every guy she been with never cared about “those ten pounds.” These men paid attention to her spirits and interests. This is what Kelly wants her readers to know, to be “hot” is to enjoy life, pursue your interests, work with your body, and live life well. To men, this is “hot.”

Improving your life or making yourself hot is a life-long journey.

Whether she used her insecurity comparing herself to Madonna as an incentive to kick her butt into shape after having her child or letting go of the stress then enjoying the ride as a reality television star, Kelly always finds a silver lining in all of them. Being a reality television star is a great platform to build her endeavors.

As for dealing with jealous people, on and off the screen, Kelly gives her heart-to-heart talk, “People are jealous of your work, your work ethic. People are jealous of you because they find you to be interesting and so have others.” Tying all this up, Kelly simply suggests enjoy your success and just enjoy the ride.

She has a unique take on vanity. Not of the narcissism kind but of self-protection from those with ulterior motives …

“Vanity is that shield against bad people. You may have fun with them but they’ll still gonna hurt you.” For her, vanity is pursuing your interests and drive while finding some genuine friends that can support you through the rough patches.

Kelly calls herself a Midwestern girl with loads of integrity who doesn’t tolerate insincere people very well.

Being a Midwestern girl with compassion never hurts either. She was concerned when she learned this writer underwent dental surgery yet was thrilled that this writer used the recuperating time reading her book from front to back, twice.

“I Can Make You Hot!” is not a “die-t” book but a self-improvement blueprint to make yourself the best that you can be.