Monday, June 25, 2018

Nicole Lynel's The Big Payback, Disco Diva is an Empowered Goddess...

By Laura Medina

Empowered by her mom, back in the Seventies and influenced by sexy yet powerful Foxy Brown and disco divas, such as Donna Summer and Diana Ross fluttering at Studio 54, affordable haute couture, Nicole Lynel, launch her sold-out hit collection "The Big Payback" when Ocean's 8 debut.  It's all about being unapologetically female and being female can be independent and powerful all at the same time.

As soon as this fashion presentation took over the mid-century "Mad Men" Richard Neutra's The Lew House, "The Big Payback" affordable and very wearable sequin collection sold-out.

Yes, Nicole Lynel is making "The Big Payback."

Like a mirage, it was a magical night up in the Hollywood Hills.  Then like a mirage, the evening, the fashion presentation and runway show, poof-it all disappeared as soon as the collection sold-out.

Yep, Nicole Lynel is a boss lady.

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