Thursday, June 7, 2018

Aloha Poke Co.'s Surfer Chow is Beauty Food and It's Fun to Chow Down On.

By Laura Medina

Cool, literally during Summer, and hip doesn't have to be snobby and healthy doesn't have to be raw and skimpy.

What is poke?

Aloha Poke Company is bringing sushi-grade fish to the masses in approaching salad bowls and in bag of Frito Chips.

Yep, you heard right, the home-down sushi-grade poke in a Fritos Chip in the Frito Bag.  A creamy, crunchy combination, blended and while paying homage to Texas' jalapeno peppers and Volcano chili and ponzo mayonnaise.  A healthy and fulfilling and fun munchie for late-night or at a festival or fair.

That's the thing about Aloha Poke Company.  It's all about taking something very intricate and very traditional and very strict, time-consuming, hand-rolling sushi then having hungry Hawaiian surfers who want something healthy and fresh without the fuss.  They basically dump the sushi fish and the accompanying sushi ingredients of seaweed, fish roe, sliced vegetables, and steamed rice into a bowl then chow down, instead waiting hours for delicate, dainty hand rolls to be rolled for hours.  It's approachable sushi.

Those sushi-grade fish, aka poke, has taken hold, here in trendy, healthy Los Angeles, for the past three years now.

Angelenos want something fresh, clean, healthy protein to keep them fueled, fat-free and rich in collagen.  A poke bowl is accessorized with anti0xidant rich vegetables.  More oomph to the system.

Aloha Poke Company carries antioxidant peach tea by Tea of a Kind.

After setting your taste buds on fire with the jalapeno peppers and Spicy Aioli, Volcano chili and ponzo mayonnaise, and traditional sushi condiment, wasabi, you can customized your poke from scratch or adjust the existing poke bowls to your likings.

To quench your tongue,  you can skip the jalapeno peppers and ask for the absolutely hydrating name-sake Aloha Bowl with pineapple and cucumber with any sushi-grade poke fish of your choice or tofu then ask for extra sprinkling of tobiko, accessible and traditional sushi caviar for extra bursts of hydration and crunch.

If crunch is your choice of fun, they can toss in Maui Onion chips on anything you order.

Good doesn't have to be snobby.

Pro-surfer and Hawaiian Laird Hamilton says aloha to hello to good-bye and everything in-between.  Aloha Poke Company welcomes to all at anytime.

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