Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kim & Kris Kardashians' Business of Fashion.

By Laura Medina

It's a smart move for the rejuvenated Westfield Century City Mall to team up with fashion newsletter, Business of Fashion to attract the local Beverly Hills fashionistas.

They invited Kim and Kris Kardashian.

Kim was proud that she used her resources and access to help a wrongly convicted woman out of prison and gain her freedom.

Kris said her first client as manager was her then-husband, Bruce Jenner and booking him on motivational speaking tour, in order to fed their growing family.

This afternoon was full of advice tidbits from this social media family.

Each Kardashian/Jenner kid is a spoke under the Kardashian umbrella, literally going about their own way and business.

Big sister Kim is impressed by Kylie's makeup business.

Being so predominate on social media and dealing with trolls, Kim suggest you have to judge the appropriate the time and place with the right response.

A Monday afternoon with the Kardashians.

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