Thursday, June 14, 2018

Making Better Dads then Treating Them For Being Great Dads By Making Them Great Men First...Then, You Treat Them.

By Laura Medina

Women, young and old, especially young, aren't the only ones bemoaning the quality of young men coming up in the world. Hello "douchebags?"

Elder, mature, established real men are deeply concerned by the shoddy treatment towards and irresponsible, abusive behavior by young men, who use their biological physiology for  self-destructive behavior and abusive, degrading, and destructive behavior towards women and children and others who are incapable for defending themselves.  This also reflects men's downward spiral in the job market and pursuing higher education to better themselves positively.

Established psychotherapist, counsellor, and life coach, Gunter Swoboda has witnessed and treated troubled men, young and old, in how to man up without hurting others in the process.

More than anything, Gunter wants men to use their power for good use and positive construction for helping, defending, protecting, and supporting those who need and appreciate the help and the gifts that comes with being a man.

Gunter is a trend-setter in this new trend of men utilizing their natural gifts, stepping up to the plate where being a gentleman is being a real man who doesn't victimized others to improve a frail state of ego.  This new trend of being a real gentleman, is backlash towards  the "douchebag" trend, unfortunately accepted in mainstream society of "boys being boys."

Gunter doesn't want "boys."  He wants men; and he's willing to show them how.

As an avid surfer, he uses surfing metaphors in how to easily navigate today's waters and societal waves in how to still be a good man in an ever-changing world.  One doesn't have to lose one's masculinity to surf the waves of change.  One doesn't have to be a male chauvinistic pig to retain a masculinity.

There are many kinds of masculinity.

If you order "Making Good Men Great" this Father's Day weekend, you'll get either a signed sticker sent to them to affix inside their book or a 10 minute Skype or FaceTime with the man himself, Gunter Swoboda, when you need it the most.

Alrighty, now that you're a great dad because you became a great man, it's time to treat you
on Father's Day with what you really want,..and it's practical.

A sturdy classic bike with a basket full of Italian Peroni Beer on Father's Day?!

Why not?!  It's a gift that he wants to keep on giving.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Italy’s No.1 premium beer, is unveiling its first-ever collaboration with coveted fashion bike brand, Martone Cycling Co. This limited edition “Martone for Peroni” bike was revealed in May and doubles both as a functioning, versatile lifestyle essential and as a coveted design item turned collector’s piece.

The Martone for Peroni bike was designed to conjure daydreams of a quintessential Italian summertime, of afternoons spent leisurely pedaling through the countryside, with a picnic in your bike basket and the sun on your back. There is a European sensibility to the design and usefulness of each Martone bike, aligning perfectly with the fashionable Italian lifestyle represented by Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

“Who doesn’t daydream about warm Italian summers? Both Martone Cycling and Peroni evoke ideas of carefree, light-hearted luxury – where for a moment, we set aside our troubles and get lost in happiness,” said Martone Cycling creator Lorenzo Martone. “My family is of Italian lineage, so this partnership makes me happy in my soul. It feels like a celebration of the good life and a reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures. In the end, that’s all that matters.”

Pulling inspiration from the luxurious, nonchalant undertones of Federico Fellini’s masterpiece “La Dolce Vita,” the 50-cm step-through Martone for Peroni bike is outfitted with an architectural basket perfect for carrying a picnic bursting with Italian noshes, such as Peroni and fresh cheeses, or olives and cured meats. The clean white frame is accented by Peroni’s signature blue in the rubber wheel treads and seat, and a more translucent blue is seen in the Lucite pedals. A pop of red accents the classic design in the handlebar grips and in Martone’s signature red chain.

“Peroni embodies the understated style and impeccable quality that Italy is celebrated for in all that we do,” said David Schmid, Peroni U.S. marketing director. “That’s why we’re so thrilled to partner with Martone, another brand that beautifully represents the best of the Italian lifestyle and shares our commitment to craftsmanship. Through this collaboration, we’ll bring a little taste of the easy and subtly sophisticated Italian summer to America.”

The limited edition collector’s bikes will be available for purchase exclusively in the U.S. through beginning June 6.

In addition, a special sweepstakes giveaway will run from May 2 through August 31 for U.S. residents 21 and older to win one of these designer pieces. No purchase necessary. For official rules and details, including how to enter, visit Void where prohibited.  

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