Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Juntos Sneakers Feel Good To Be Good.

 By Laura Medina

When interviewing Juntos Sneakers' Mauricio Laniado, that Ben Affleck's and Matt Damon's
homage to Air Jordans, the movie, "Air" just came out when Mauricio is doing promotions for his Juntos.

Mauricio commented the book, "Shoe Dog" about Nike's Phil Knight, is the basis for him and Elias Becker to start a sneaker company.

Elias Becker, tennis legend Boris Becker's son, has been living in Southern Florida for a good twenty years.  This is where Mauricio met his childhood friend and business partner. Elias' godfather is rocker, Lenny Kravitz.

Mauricio noticed that Elias has this knack for color and pattern and textile coordinating.  With the usual Gen-X/Millennial thing for upscale streetwear/urbanwear and haute couture sneakers, the two friends figure why not start their own shoe company.

But, it's all about timing and what's important.

This is where Juntos came in.  With Millennial/Gen-Z's ecological-thinking, "Why do good while feeling good while looking good?"

When you buy a pair of Juntos sneakers, they make an education backpack filled with crucial school supplies is donated to a student in need through our non-profit partner Style Saves.

Actually, a pair of Juntos sneakers are pretty healthy as they are sustainable.

Juntos upper, sock liner and insole are crafted from single origin Huacaya Alpaca fleece, sourced from the Mazar Wildlife Reserve in the ecuadorian highlands. Hypoallergenic and 20% finer than human hair, they spin our alpaca wool into ultra soft, light, moisture-wicking and temperature regulating hugs for your feet.

Crafted from coconut fiber their insole padding molds seamlessly to the shape of your feet while providing maximum breathability and insulation. Made from 100% non-toxic material.  
Their insoles leverage existing waste residue from coconut harvesting.

Their silky soft knit shoe lining is created from Banana Tree fibers harvested in the lowlands of central ecuador. It’s Antimicrobial, strong and absorbent properties make each step a pleasure.

Their sneakers don't stink.

Naturally contouring, durable and springy, their sugarcane midsole features the worlds’ greenest EVA material.

Their flexible toecap and laces lived their former lives as lowley single use plastic, but now help to protect the planet with each step you take.

Again, Mauricio's and Elias' Juntos Sneakers don't stink.  They just make the world a better place, while being comfortable, stylish and doing good.

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