Thursday, May 24, 2018

FOX is Bringing "PHENOMS" Soccer's Hottest & Freshest Stars to a Bigger Audience, on the Road to the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, Starting This Friday at 8pm ET/PT.

By Laura Medina
Minnie Driver is a soccer fan.

FOX network's, FOX Sport,...again FOX network's cream of the crop, Peter Rice, 21st Century Fox and Chairman & CEO of FOX Networks Group and his fellow FOX network colleagues are soccer fanatics.

Believe it or not, uber-chef, Gordon Ramsay and actress Minnie Driver, are soccer fans.

Gordon Ramsay shows his love for the sport by narrating the behind-the-scenes of soccer's rising young stars who are on the edge of being legendary, the potential next David Beckham or Pele.

Unlike most sports documentaries, done in a cut & dry film documentary and only aired on cable sports channels or streaming networks, FOX is going to air this mini-series on its regular television network/channel to the greater public, not exposed or aware of soccer.

By taking an intimate approach and discovering these "PHENOMS," hence the name "PHENOMS," FOX discover, spotlight, and trace these young men's journey from newly signed ingenues to the hottest hotties on the field.  Storytelling as education to a new and bigger audience.

“Phenoms”, a new 5-part soccer documentary miniseries that premieres May 25 on Fox . . “Phenoms” chronicles the achievements and struggles of 22 global rising stars, many of whom will be playing at the World Cup that kicks off in Russia on June 14.

Dutch Mario Melchiot, ex-English Premier League team Chelsea and "PHENOMS" executive producer, used his wise and trained eye to pick and document the steady rise to the top then the sky-rocketing fame and the road to World Cup 2018 in Moscow.

The behind-the-scenes spotlight what it takes to be a soccer star, when coaches and talent scouts spot them young as tweens then how glamorous and what a big business it is being a soccer star.

FOX picked these athletes who were just signed at age 17 or 19 in 2014 or have yet to be signed but are already on the radar.  Why?  "PHENOMS" is also a coming of age mini-series when ordinary kids become adults with lucrative contracts and the trappings of fame and fortune and the pressure to win...or be down-graded or be dumped.

FOX's "PHENOMS" will premiere tomorrow night, airing the first episode "Attackers" and "Defenders" on Friday, May 25th at 8pm ET/PT.

Episode 3 "Goalkeepers" airs Friday, June 1st at 9pm ET/PT, ahead of the finale on June 8th, when Episodes 4 and 5, "Playmakers" and "Creators" will air back-to-back at 8pm  and 9pm ET/PT.

The full schedule re-airs on FS1.

Soccer's fresh new rock stars.

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