Monday, February 6, 2017

There's a Boom at Boomtown Brewery.

By Laura Medina

There was a boom in Downtown Los Angeles' Northeast quadrant, in what was usual, a desolate industrial zone...with a tons of space.

Boomtown Brewery's grand opening was the "boom" gentrificating a no-man's land into an multi-generational hipster hub, an hub so hip that it welcomes anyone, as long you like fresh, flowing craft beer from the tap.

Knowing this is Los Angeles and the eastern parts of Los Angeles was the birthplace of the movie industry as we know it, Boomtown Brewery harkens back to the past while humorously jabbing at entertainment industry starter jobs with titled-beers, such as:
Working Title, Ingenue, Personal Assistant, and Limelight.

Working Title is their biggest hit.  It's a light, gulp-able, fruity wheat ale, brewed with pilsner and wheat malt, rolled oats, and hopped with 007 hops.  Then, it's further fermented with passionfruit, mango, pineapple, and apricot.

Seeping in similar vein, Limelight IPA has more of a bite due to the citrus, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops, flavored with guava, grapefruit, and stone fruit.

Personal Assistant is an hybrid ale, part Hoppy American Pale Ale and part Belgian Golden Ale.

Typical of its name, Ingenue is an easy gulp but classy blonde ale of Belgian Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, and Rolled Oats.

Obviously, especially if you transplant an East Coaster or a space-starved New Yorker, Boomtown Brewery took advantage of the generous acreage to build a fully-functional, top-tier craft beers in an industrial zone, safe for manufacturing.  It just happens to be next door to Downtown Los Angele's revitalized high-rise condos and luxury lofts, all within walking distance.  As an hipster said, the neighborhood improved for the better.

Boy, did Boomtown Brewery took the space to the maximum.  There is room for: life-sized chess board game, a pool table, a ping-pong table, a foosball game, and a lounge living room where you can sit back and relax with our pint of foamy beer.  The lounge living room doubles as an art gallery...with still enough room for a dance space.

Boomtown will have every label designed by local artists, as well as furnishings, fixtures, and structures. 

Boomtown sees itself as a community space, where people can gather to enjoy beer, games, to express themselves creatively, and to hang with like-minded people. 

As for food to fuel up and soak up, at the grand opening, North Hollywood's (or "NoHo" for local residents) Federal Bar did a pop-up booth, serving their no-fail mainstays: Dirty Chips, huge, fluffy preztels, of course, a big, messy burger, garlic fries, and a vegan hot dog, paying attention to the locales.

Being this is Downtown Los Angeles, Boomtown Brewery is open and friendly to food trucks, as much needed support.

Speaking of support, Floyd's Barbershop for Men and Women, showed up in their own truck, providing fresh trims.

Boomtown Brewery may pay respect to Los Angele's historical start as a boom town, being populated then settled by dreamers and do-ers with big dreams and goals, but it's revitalizing the old into something new for today's dreamers, do-ers, drivers, and achievers.

To prove they are friendly as they are of the present, Boomtown Brewery is more than welcomed to help you throw and host events, hosting a variety of events ranging from live music shows to gallery showings, benefits, block parties, bicycle rides, art galleries, dj sets, bands, weddings or whatever your heart desires.

Reach them at 700 Jackson St Los Angeles, CA 90012,, Thursday 5pm-12am, Friday. 4pm-1am, Saturday. 12pm-1am, Sunday. 12pm-12am

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