Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Staying Cool & Chic on Happy July the 4th!

By Laura Medina

Beach party bingo or down-home backyard BBQ...in a heat wave, we are all in the mood for some casual, not sloppy, patriotic, not tacky July the 4th Summer sweat-free cover-ups and sun dresses and casual classics we can gradually add into our closets...on a sweat-free budget.

There is nothing like a Brit showing Independence Love than British New York fashion expert, Jacqui Stafford showing us Yanks how to be stylish, sans sweating out the details.

She has tips for all body types.

For those lucky (or frustrated) stick-thin, straight up-and-down, you can't go wrong with the All-American Denim Jacket above.  Jacqui adoringly nicknamed you, "The Lipstick."

Jacqui knows not everybody is built perfectly and July the 4th is the time to feast in the middle of Summer, formality be gone.

Here, she offers a maxi bohemian skirt with a stretch waistband so you can kick back with freshly grilled burgers, steak, lobster, crab, and beer at the beach bake or the backyard grill with a pool.

Since the most of you all will at the pool, this maxi skirt is a great pool side and beach cover-up.

Can't go wrong with timeless, border-less nautical stripe in black and white in a Summer-friendly tank top.

This closet classic is very forgiving for those small on top and wide in the bottom, pair with a lightweight linen, stretch dark skinny denim makes you even sleeker.  This scribe swears you will still be rocking this come Fall when you top this tank with a dark blazer.

For those blessed with a Fifties' "Mad Men" womanly physique and you fretting you can't find anything trendy, modern, and spot-on and the actual vintage dresses do not your real physique, have no fear.  You can rock that retro-sque sun dress that is slightly more dressier than a relaxed caftan or maxi.  You'll fit for a proper garden party...do save this number when the occasion arrives.

For those who want to de-emphasize your hourglass figure, go fashion-forward trendy, this simple sleeveless silk blouse in perky polka dots emphasizes the perkiness while the loose but straight-forward button-down tailoring in breathe-able silk makes it a great Summer staple.

Remember, Jacqui Stafford's style mantra, "You don't have to be rich and skinny to be fabulous."

Following that, here are a couple of affordable styles from Kohl's and Sear's Kardashian Kollection.

The striped v-neck, cap-sleeved tee-shirt dress and white capri jeans by Jennifer Lopez and Rock n' Republic red blouse and "Stars & Stripes" cut-off denim shorts are great for the dock and the pier.

Call It Spring's pumps and sandals and clutches are quickie chic.

These are at Kohl's right now.

Want to save extra dough so you can have the picnic, the BBQ, and the clam bake of your dreams...but you still want to look appropriate?

Sear's Kardashian Kollection offers the everyday gal fashionable basics at basic prices.

Their dresses range from evening poolside cocktail to White Party.  Their tees are comfy on a sweltering afternoon for ice cream and smoothies.  Their skinny jeans are figure-friendly.

The Kardashian Kollections Bikinis are adorably cute, not skanky.

Their Hollywood-sque totes and satchels are the best Summer time investments because they still look great into Fall.

If you want a basic but chic boating essential, this hoodie is patriotic, not kitschy.

If you're the host or the hostess, you're in charge of food, booze, and decoration.  Basically, you volunteered to be an event planner for the afternoon.

Instant tying linens, from Hen House Linens, onto backs of chairs and as a table cloth is quick, easy, and cheap.  If you want to be extra fancy, you can accessorize with napkin rings and dinner napkins as the finishing touches.

Dressed, checked. Accessorized, checked. Food, checked. Booze, checked. Grill, checked. Seaweed, checked. Boat, checked. Grill, checked. Beach permit, checked.

Go celebrate the 4th of July!

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